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Repressão à Manifestação Contra Aumento de Passagem em Teresina

CMI Brasil, 09.09.2011 19:07


12 Grupos de teatro ameaçados de morte marcharam ontem em Bogotá

CMI Brasil, 09.09.2011 19:07


Carabineiros chilenos assassinam um estudante de 16 anos

CMI Brasil, 09.09.2011 19:07


Primavera nos dentes em Teresina - &quot;o povo se uniu e a tarifa reduziu&quot;

CMI Brasil, 09.09.2011 19:07


Tentativa de censura no clássico de Florianópolis

CMI Brasil, 09.09.2011 19:07


Lançado Documentário de Longa Metragem sobre o Santuário dos Pajés e a Luta contra o Setor Noroeste

CMI Brasil, 09.09.2011 19:07


Rechazo del Proyecto San Jorge en Mendoza

Argentina, 26.08.2011 23:37

El agua vale más que el oro, ahora más que nunca

BU Attempting to Bypass Biolab Safety Review

Boston, 26.08.2011 19:25

At BU’s invitation, plaintiffs in the lawsuits against the BU Bio-Terror Lab and their counsel met yesterday with representatives of BU and their attorneys to hear details of BU's proposed waiver request. In their Aug. 12 press release, BU stated that, if granted, the waiver would enable them to operate the level 1 and 2 labs and to begin the permitting process for the Level 3 lab. Though BU claims the Risk Assessment will be “reviewed and considered” for the level 3 labs, what we learned yesterday is that BU intends to circumvent the requirement that the state review the Risk Assessment of the level 3 labs.

KBOO Benefit with Michael Ruppert

Portland, 26.08.2011 19:24

Michael Ruppert, author of "Crossing the Rubicon", "Confronting Collapse" and the subject of the documentary "Truth and Lies of 9-11" will be in Portland, OR on September 11th. This will be a benefit for KBOO Community Radio. Michael's lecture is titled "No Time to Focus on the Past, We Must Focus on the Crisis of Industrial Civilization and the Emergence of Post-Petroleum Human"

When: 9/11/2011 @ 7PM, doors at 6PM
Where: First Unitarian Church's Main Sanctuary @ 1011 SW 12th Ave Portland, OR
Cost: $10 Advance & $15 at the door. Advance tickets can be bought at:

Tar Sands Megaload Solidarity Actions Prompt Six Arrests

Portland, 26.08.2011 19:24

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Early on Friday morning, August 26, over one hundred and fifty people blocked a 414,000-pound, 208-foot long tar sands processing plant module at a major Moscow, Idaho, intersection for up to 45 minutes. While a half dozen protesters sat in the Third and Washington street crosswalk in front of the massive ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil shipment, scores of community members and newly returned college students stood in the streets, angrily chanting and waving signs. Protesters who stopped the shipment also expressed solidarity with Keystone XL and Northern Gateway pipeline permitting opponents in the Plains states, British Columbia, and at daily, ongoing sit-ins at the White House gates in Washington DC.

Last October, thirty-four modules up to thirty feet high had been shipped and barged to the Port of Lewiston, where they were stranded and reduced in size after a series of four lawsuits diverted movement of the locally-termed "megaloads" away from ExxonMobil's nominally preferred route, the Highway 12 wild and scenic river corridor. Last night proved one more instance of ever more meaningful and effective rallies in the Northwest that work to divest our dependence on the dirty oil derived from tar sands development.
Other news about the protest:
(From activists:) <a href=" " href="">">link to Idaho Residents Arrested Blocking Tar Sands Megaloads Bound for Alberta</a>
(From local media:) <a href=""Four arrested at megaload protest in Moscow
Moscow Pullman Daily News, August 26, 2011</a>

<p><a href="">"></a>

North Anna Nuclear Plant crisis: Quake, lake dropping, hurricane approaching

Portland, 26.08.2011 19:24

This information was broadcast this morning on KBOO 90.7FM Portland "Press**Watch/The News You're Not Supposed to Know."

The North Anna nuclear plants 1 & 2 are facing a triple threat: a reactor trip due to the 5.8 earthquake, a loss of available coolant water in the adjoining Anna Lake, and the approaching Hurricane Irene. The water temperature in the Atlantic off Charleston, South Carolina, is at 93.7 and ranges in the mid-eighties nearby, according to the National Oceanographic data Center maintained by NOAA. This could bode poorly for the region and bring the possibility of sudden hurricane strengthening as Hurricane Irene approaches the US East Coast near South Carolina. As with any hurricane this year, the question is whether global warming will produce another monster. Current CO2 levels are at 392.39 as the hurricane approaches the region where nuclear power plants are still offline from the 5.8 magnitude earthquake earlier this week.

Violence against the transgender community

DC, 26.08.2011 13:25

What has been going on recently in DC. Based upon the Metropolitan Police Department’s statistics, antitrans bias crimes make up about 14% of all hate crimes each year-murder of Lashai Mclean in July**Is there a pattern in neighborhoods where these crimes are occurring the most? Spike in hate crimes against transgendered people "people who identified as transgender or people of color were 2 times more likely to experience hate violence involving assault or discrimination as non-transgender white individuals….this data also shows that being both transgender and a person of color increases the risk of violence and of murder." Please listen to our interview with Sadie Vashti, member of the DC Trans Coalition (DCTC) The Latino Media Collective Wednesdays from 7:00pm-8:00pm WPFW 89.3 FM

Militares llegan después de la tormenta

Puerto Rico, 26.08.2011 06:54

Movilizados Leones Negros al noreste del Caribe

Inundación en el Caño

Puerto Rico, 26.08.2011 06:54

Urge darle prioridad al dragado del Caño Martín Peña

Vigilia Filiberto Ojeda Ríos

Puerto Rico, 26.08.2011 06:14

Septo vigésima primera Vigilia por la Dignidad Filiberto Ojeda Ríos

Privatizan playa en Río Grande

Puerto Rico, 26.08.2011 06:14

Cierre ilegal de la playa de Coco Beach

Vuelos de PR a Cuba

Puerto Rico, 26.08.2011 06:14

Comité de Solidaridad con Cuba se expresa sobre vuelos Charter

TX arrested at Tar Sands in DC

Houston, 25.08.2011 17:06

Gulf Coast Activists Arrested at Arrested at Tar Sands Action in DC


Argentina, 25.08.2011 14:17

Артема Прокопенко перевели в отряд

Belarus, 25.08.2011 13:56

Артема Прокопенко, осужденного на 7 лет лишения свободы за атаку на бобруйское отделение КГБ перевели из карантина в отряд. Новый адрес:213004, Могилевская обл., г.Шклов ИК-17, отряд №15. Артем нуждается в вашей подержке!

Naziaufmarsch und Widerstand in Dortmund

Germany, 25.08.2011 12:57

Am 3. September wollen in Dortmund Neonazis Aufmarschieren. Antifaschist_innen rufen zu Blockaden, Demonstrationen und Aktionen im Vorfeld aus. Dieser Artikel soll einen Überblick über die Geschichte des Aufmarschs, der Gegenproteste sowie die aktuelle Situation mit den geplanten Aktionen in Dortmund geben.

A un año de la huelga de la LMI de Cidra

Puerto Rico, 25.08.2011 05:17

Luis Muñoz Iglesias de Cidra: Anécdotas de una victoria

2011 2nd Annual Jefferson State Music Fest

Rogue Valley, 25.08.2011 04:33

2011 2nd Annual Jefferson State Music Festival and Hemp Expo August 26 – 27
3833 Holland Loop Road Cave Junction, Oregon – Jefferson State, Cascadia

Media Contact Erik ------ email = jsmusicfest [AT] – and - PHONE 541-659-3549

Mission Statement:
Jefferson State Music Festival and Hemp Expo is founded on the belief that through awareness, education, and the cooperation and coordination of citizens and public officials, many complex social issues can be mitigated.

Objective and Purpose:
To host a world class music event that provides outlets for cannabis advocates to educate the public on the many potential benefits and uses of the cannabis plant. This includes religious, medicinal,
industrial, agricultural, economic, environmental, and other practical applications.

Perfil de más afectadas por huracanes

Puerto Rico, 25.08.2011 03:53

Mujeres pobres y negras las más afectadas por los fenómenos atmosféricos

Carta aberta da plenária do movimento LGBT de São Paulo

CMI Brasil, 25.08.2011 01:22


Convite Lançamento do Livro Grundrisse de Karl Marx em Fortaleza

CMI Brasil, 25.08.2011 01:22

Marcha Fora Ricardo Teixeira!

CMI Brasil, 25.08.2011 01:22


Artista é processado por vídeo que critica aumento salarial de deputado

CMI Brasil, 25.08.2011 01:22

Porto Alegre

MTST - Nota oficial sobre a ocupação em Hortolandia

CMI Brasil, 25.08.2011 01:22


Carta contra a violência policial em Cachoeira (BA)

CMI Brasil, 25.08.2011 01:22


II Encontro: Cultura Livre e Capitalismo

CMI Brasil, 25.08.2011 01:22

Cultura Livre e Capitalismo

Santuário dos Pajés atacado por Emplavi e Brasal com escolta da PM e Terracap

CMI Brasil, 25.08.2011 01:22



CMI Brasil, 25.08.2011 01:22

Copa 2014

Movimento Passe Livre lança a campanha pela tarifa zero!

CMI Brasil, 25.08.2011 01:22


Nota da Comunidade Indígena Tapuya da Terra Indígena Santuário dos Pajés sobre a ação do GDF e TERRACAP no Santuário dos Pajés

CMI Brasil, 25.08.2011 01:22


20.08 - HOJE - Mobilização global contra Belo Monte

CMI Brasil, 25.08.2011 01:22


Xepa é Show! - Porque a Feira é Livre e o Rio é Rua

CMI Brasil, 25.08.2011 01:22


Chamado a Jornada de Luta - Secretaria do MST de Florianópolis-SC

CMI Brasil, 25.08.2011 01:22



CMI Brasil, 25.08.2011 01:22

Luta Indígena


Athens, 24.08.2011 19:20

Η δωρεάν παιδεία και το άσυλο καταργήθηκε με ακροδεξιό νομο

Community and Herbal Approaches to Disaster Situations

Portland, 24.08.2011 17:48

When disaster strikes, government response is often slow leaving victims without help for days. Preparing community members to coordinate a decentralized and plant-based response and recovery is vital. This is an introductory workshop that will provide learning and preparedness resources and suggestions for further education. We will share important stories from our trip to Haiti.
Visit our website to learn about our work in Haiti after the earthquake: <a href="">"></a>
<b>Sept. 10-11 --- 10AM - 5PM<br>
Tryon Community Farm</b><br>
Register separately for Saturday & Sunday by September 1 at Sliding-scale donation: $40-80.<br>
<a href="">"></a>

Video sobre la Ley de Música Autóctona

Puerto Rico, 24.08.2011 16:41

Diezmo: Enmiendas a Ley de Música Autóctona

Irene y el Gasoducto

Puerto Rico, 24.08.2011 14:43

Habla Irene sobre el gasoducto

NATO is Slaughtering Civilians Not Saving them in Tripoli Now

Ireland, 24.08.2011 07:40

NATO carrying out imperial ambitions of France, UK ...


Argentina, 24.08.2011 04:10

Crimen de Chocobar: la causa se eleva a juicio oral

Festival de Cine

Argentina, 24.08.2011 03:30

Causa Chocobar a juicio oral

Argentina, 24.08.2011 03:30

Why Western New Yorkers Should Occupy Wall Street on September 17th

NYC, 24.08.2011 01:21

Go "here" to the Facebook group for the WNY bus.

All of us have a reason to go to New York City on September 17th: to occupy Wall Street. As of October 2008, over two million quality jobs were outsourced between 2004 and now; racial economic disparities mirrored policing disparities; as of 2001 we have a 700 plus strong (and expensive) network of military bases and a Global War on Terror; and pollution has firmly established itself as a cause of disease among poor communities. This one action will not resolve all of these problems at once yet, like Egypt it will be a political breakthrough moment, or like in Spain tens of thousands of citizens did begin a direct-democratic process to build a new movement for social justice. Where the earlier alter-globalization (a.k.a. anti-globalization) movement left off, we will pick up the slack with a flourishing new movement of movements.

The demands are numerous and over reddit, facebook, twitter, and via email, activists and disenfranchised people are having a virtual assembly 24 hours a day to cite each abuse of this economic system. In this conversation, every progressive measure that is neccesarry to fix our county- and our world is on the table: ending corporate personhood, community control of localized economies, collecting corporate back taxes, community banking, progressive taxation, and a new deal-style stimulus plan. Read More at


Colombia, 24.08.2011 00:00


Colombia, 24.08.2011 00:00

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