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Activists Lockdown outside the ODFW Headquarters

Portland, 27.09.2011 22:43

Salem, OR - On Tuesday, September 27th at 10:00am, activists from the Animal Defense League put the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife on lockdown, blocking all entrances and locking themselves to doors with bike locks. The Animal Defense League is demanding an end to the agency's program of wolf persecution and extermination.

Late last week, the ODFW announced plans to cull two more wolves from the Imnaha pack, reducing the pack size down to only two. One of the two wolves to be killed will be the pack's alpha male. This will leave only the alpha female and her young pup born earlier this year.

The state's wolf recovery goal calls for four breeding pairs, producing two pups who survive at least a year, for three consecutive years. Yet, this plan of action will take out one of the only known breeding pairs in the state, as it is not known whether the other two packs are breeding.

The ODFW has been managing wolves in Eastern Oregon since spring, when the Fish and Wildlife Service controversially delisted the wolves as an Endangered Species in the Northern Rockies. Since then, the ODFW has already killed three wolves.

For more information, please visit:

[Breaking News 9.27.11 12:07PM] 2 activists were arrested at the ODFW Headquarters[.] Jail support needed for Justin Kay and Stephanie Taylor.
[PIMC Link]

Problemas en la pa

Argentina, 27.09.2011 20:51

problemas en la pagina

Abstención ante elecciones 2012

Puerto Rico, 27.09.2011 04:14

A pocos meses de iniciarse el año electoral: Abstención y lucha de masas

David Rovics Live at the Flying Squirrel; Oct 1st!

Rochester, 27.09.2011 03:44

David Rovics Live!
Saturday, October 1
8 pm
The Flying Squirrel Community Space
285 Clarissa St., Rochester NY

David Rovics, folk songwriter and talented musician, will take the Flying Squirrel Community Space stage in what Amy Goodman calls "the musical version of Democracy Now.”

Nota de apoio à companheira Márcia Honorato, ameaçada de morte por policiais militares

Brasil, 27.09.2011 01:20

Rede contra a Violência

Boston Protests Racist Execution Of Troy Davis-video/photos

Boston, 27.09.2011 00:06

About 100 anti-death penalty activists held a rally in Copley Square, Boston-to condemn the murder of Troy Davis by the state of Georgia yesterday, Sept. 21.

Troy Davis' final letter to his supporters

Boston, 27.09.2011 00:06

Published Sep 23, 2011

Rally to End the Wolf Witch Hunt!

Portland, 26.09.2011 16:30

Tuesday, September 27 · 10:00am - 12:00pm

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
3406 Cherry Avenue NE
Salem, OR 97303

ATTENTION!: The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is planning on killing two more wolves from the Imnaha pack because of supposed livestock predation. This would reduce the pack size down to only two wolves! It would leave only the alpha female and a pup born in spring. This is could effectively destroy the pack altogether.

The ODFW is responding to pressure from the state's ranching and livestock industries, not sound science or ecological knowledge. Under the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan, ODFW kills wolves after chronic livestock depredation. It has clearly become policy to slaughter wolves in this state. The ODFW needs to be held accountable! The Department of Fish and Wildlife is facade of an organization. It has become nothing more than a puppet for the livestock and ranching industries. We need to hold these corrupt agencies accountable. We need to demand justice for the wolves!!

Contact ADL,, if you want to help with last-minute carpool organizing. If you can offer a ride, please post on the event wall. If you need a ride, please ask for one on the event wall. We will see you there!


7 de Setembro - Marcha Contra a Corrupção Leva Mais de 40 mil Pessoas às Ruas de Brasília

CMI Brasil, 26.09.2011 13:32


Romas sem Teto, perseguidos na França

CMI Brasil, 26.09.2011 13:32


Bahia - Quilombo da Escada - Comunidade incendiada - É preciso apoio urgente!

CMI Brasil, 26.09.2011 13:32

Agir é preciso!

Rádio Muda 4 X 1 PF + Anatel (Ditatura Brasileira das Mídias Comerciais)

CMI Brasil, 26.09.2011 13:32


(DF) Reitoria da UNB é ocupada

CMI Brasil, 26.09.2011 13:32


Onde está Julio Lopez?

CMI Brasil, 26.09.2011 13:32


Convite para atividade de um ano e seis meses do Squat Toren

CMI Brasil, 26.09.2011 13:32


PULGA LIBRE!!! ANATEL faz invasão ilegal e PF rouba transmissor

CMI Brasil, 26.09.2011 13:32

Pulguerrilheiros - rádio Livre, reforma agrária do ar

Marcha Fora Lacerda

CMI Brasil, 26.09.2011 13:32


(SP) Debate em preparação do Tribunal Popular da Terra

CMI Brasil, 26.09.2011 13:32

Violência do Estado

ALF - Ataque incendiário ao biotério central da UFSC

CMI Brasil, 26.09.2011 13:32

Luta pela liberdade dos animais não humanos

Somos Troy Davis

CMI Brasil, 26.09.2011 13:32


CMI Brasil, 26.09.2011 13:32

Festival de Brasília Assume Erro e Filme Sagrada Terra Especulada Será Exibido

CMI Brasil, 26.09.2011 13:32


Atos contra o coronelismo eletrônico e as remoções de pessoas e vozes dia 28/9

CMI Brasil, 26.09.2011 13:32

Reforma Agrária no Ar

Injusta Pena de Muerte Troy Davis

Puerto Rico, 26.09.2011 00:44

Injusticia por asesinato de Troy Davis en Georgia

Chicago Peace Activists Gearing Up for 10th Anniversary Afghanistan War Protest

Chicago, 25.09.2011 23:19

Chicago peace activists under the banner for Chicago Mass Action are organizing the Midwest Regional March for Peace. The rally and march, to be held at the intersection of Michigan and Congress on Saturday, October 8, 2011, at 12pm CT, marks ten years since the start of the U.S. war and occupation in Afghanistan, launched in the wake of 9/11.

When the war in Afghanistan was announced, some 800 activists marched in protest in downtown Chicago in October 2001 when the war in Afghanistan was announced. In the build-up to the events on October 8, 2011, a variety of peace actions across the Chicago area are being organized.

Concierto de Yanni en El Morro

Puerto Rico, 25.09.2011 21:31

Yanni, Lucé y el sueño de un capricho de verano

Estudiantes bajan bandera de EEUU en la UPR

Puerto Rico, 25.09.2011 20:53

Comando Capá Prieto

Contra antena en Orocovis

Puerto Rico, 25.09.2011 20:15

Orocoveños se oponen rotundamente a instalación de antena en su comunidad


Athens, 25.09.2011 19:26

Κατάληψη στην ΝΕΤ από φοιτητές

Major police assault on Occupy Wall Street, 100 arrests and orange net used

NYC, 25.09.2011 09:24

On September 24, the NYPD attacked Occupy Wall st protesters with unprecedented force. It began with the arrests of four people, one for taking pictures. Matters soon escalated to the RNC 2004 level, with orange "Freedom Fence" being used to mass arrest a group of women and 80 to 100 reported arrests. Read More from | Short video clip of aggressive cops but no arrests | Video of police attacks | Video of orange "Freedom Fence" in use to trap women | Video Interviews about today's violence and arrests

More Coverage: Sept24: Saturday 24 Sept 2011 marks the second week of the occupation! | Sept23: Photos of the ongoing Occupation of Wall Street | Sept22: Occupy Wall Street Protesters and Troy Davis Protesters Have Converged on 1st Pct.

Past Features: Sept21: OCCUPY WALL STREET! OCCUPY YOUR HEART! | Sept20: Police attack Occupy Wall street, 5 arrested, two wounded, one critical | Sept18: Thousands occupy Wall Street against wealthy banksters

Congreso Nacional de tierras, territorios y soberanias

Colombia, 25.09.2011 03:06

Congreso Nacional de tierras, territorios y soberanias

Congreso Nacional de tierras, territorios y soberanias

Colombia, 25.09.2011 03:06

Congreso Nacional de tierras, territorios y soberanias

LIVE: Video from the Occupy Wall Street Action

NYC, 25.09.2011 00:36

Saturday 24 Sept 2011 marks the second week of the occupation! See live video at - come down and support the occupation of the home of global capitalism. More Coverage: Sept23: Photos of the ongoing Occupation of Wall Street | Sept22:

Dale Farm: Injunction remains for now

United Kingdom, 24.09.2011 18:30

The legality of the eviction notices served by Basildon Council on Dale Farm residents was challenged by the Travellers in the High Court on Friday. Once the arguments had been heard, including an application by Basildon Council for the scaffolding at the entrance to the site to be removed, the Judge Mr Justice Edwards-Stuart said that there would not be a ruling before Monday 26 September. Late in the day it was reported that the injunction to restrain bailiffs from starting any clearance or eviction of the site would stand in its current form until at least 4pm Monday. A later report indicated that the judge may further extend the injunction into the middle of next week or beyond if necessary. In the meantime, applications are being prepared for judicial review of the eviction, which could lead to further delay of a final decision. Basildon Council has already set aside £18 million for th. However, with the current stalemate reported to be costing the council over £1 million per day, the total cost is likely to have increased by some £8 million by Monday and will continue to rise during any further delay. With a bit of luck they'll run out of money before the eviction is allowed to go ahead.

Supporters are needed both at the High Court on Monday and at Dale Farm now and for the duration. Contact for more information or see Save Dale Farm.

Recent newswire articles: Injunction extended to Monday | NET climbers at Dale Farm | Experiences of a legal observer | Travellers and Supporters open up Dale Farm | High Court 23 September | Re Dispatches: The Fight for Dale Farm | Keep stinging them in the pocket | Dale Farm wins reprieve | Last minute injunction | BBC censorship shame | Call out to activists | Bailiff's dirty tricks | Photos from Dale Farm march and demo 1 | 2 | Eviction Update

Features: Dale Farm locks on against eviction | Resist the Dale Farm Eviction

Other links: Save Dale Farm | The Advocacy Project: Dale Farm

My First Execution

United States, 24.09.2011 10:27

I just got home from my first execution.  Tonight, the state of Georgia executed Troy Davis.  He was pronounced dead at 11:08 Pm EST.  Today, September 21st, is also "International Peace Day".  I usually produce  videos of events in Atlanta, and that will be forthcoming.  But what I saw happen today was a complete failure of the justice system.  I interviewed many people today, and all of them seem to feel that our system of courts, and appeals, and checks and balances, are failing to do what they are supposed to.  Instead, the justice system is now functioning to PREVENT any form of self examination, any determination of wrong decisions, any examination of new evidence or new witnesses.  In the Troy Davis case, the police coerce and intimidate witnesses, the D.A

Sentencian boricua por ayudar a Cuba

Puerto Rico, 23.09.2011 22:39

Puertorriqueña Ana Belém Montes sentenciada 25 años de cárcel por informar a Cuba

Respuesta de columna del Dr. Ríos Maury

Puerto Rico, 23.09.2011 22:39

En defensa de Machado: Respuesta al Dr. Héctor Ríos Maury

UC Berkeley's Tolman Hall Occupied

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.09.2011 19:55

On September 22nd at UC Berkeley, between 100 and 200 students marched from a rally at noon in front of Sproul Hall and entered Tolman Hall to protest against austerity measures cutting public education throughout the state of California. Demonstrators entered the lobby of the building only to be met police batons and pepper spray. Police claim that pepper spray was used in response to someone grabbing a magazine clip from one of the officers, but at least one witness says that these were two separate events, and that the magazine clip was only found later after a police officer dropped it. Students were able to take a hold of room 2308 and other parts of the first floor through the afternoon and into the evening until the police evicted them from the building. Two protesters were arrested and remain in jail.

The morning after: the art of leadership &amp; the fight for justice--outrage role?

NYC, 23.09.2011 17:08

Former US Presidential candidate and Georgia's Congresswoman McKinney ... "We must hone the skill of discernment. We must not give our vote to just anybody to occupy these positions of power. We must not allow "posers" to represent us. Posers are those who wear the jackets of authority, who are put in positions of power by us, but who do not engage in the artful use of that power on our behalf. Discerning who is friend and who is poser has been difficult. But, is being made more possible by the arrogance now of those who do not have the interests of the people at heart. They seem not to care that their "neanderthal" is showing...."

Day of Outrage following Troy Davis execution

Portland, 23.09.2011 17:08

A rally for Troy Davis was held at Portland State University at 4pm after he was executed on September 21st following conviction for killing an off-duty police officer Mark MacPhail on August 19 1989 in Savannah, Georgia. Later in the day around 75 people held a vigil opposite The Pioneer Courthouse in downtown Portland.


Participants from Rainbow Gathering Return to Gathering Site to Find Marie Hanson

Portland, 23.09.2011 17:08

Participants from Rainbow Gathering Return to Gathering Site to Find Marie Hanson
author: e-mail:
Search for missing grandmother, Marie Hanson, continues at site of Rainbow Gathering[.] Participants from Rainbow Gathering Return to Gathering Site to Find Marie Hanson[.]

On July 4, 2011, fifteen thousand people from across the United States and many international visitors gathered in Skookum Meadows near Mt. St. Helens to pray for world peace and the positive evolution of the planet. After the prayer, people cleaned up, packed up and went home. Everyone that is except for Marie Hanson.

Marie was last seen near Forest Service Road 32 and 150 around midnight on the night of July 7th. By early morning the next day, she had vanished into thin air leaving all her personal belongings behind. Many people suspect she may have gone to pee in the middle of the night and become lost in the woods or fallen off one of the many cliffs in the area.

In forty years of gathering, the gathering has never before lost someone like this and we are not giving up yet. On September 30 and October 1st, participants from the gathering will be heading back up to the site to engage in a grid search for Marie. We welcome all people who want to help Marie's children and grandchildren find the woman they love. We especially need local folks who know this area well.

For more info on the search, visit link to
Karin Zirk phone: 858-405-7503

Troy Davis Murdered, Innocence No Bar To Execution

Rochester, 23.09.2011 04:35

From NYC Indymedia: I’m sorry. The horrific news is that Troy Davis has been murdered in a government sanctioned lynching. This comes after over a four hour delay past the scheduled execution. In these moments, I find it difficult to say anything new, but I think the article I wrote a few days ago sums it up, so I'm resending it. In addition, I'm adding Troy Davis's words the day before his execution.

"The struggle for justice doesn't end with me. This struggle is for all the Troy Davises who came before me and all the ones who will come after me. I'm in good spirits and I'm prayerful and at peace. But I will not stop fighting until I've taken my last breath." Troy Davis

Ciudad agitada

Argentina, 23.09.2011 03:28


Argentina, 22.09.2011 23:36

Movilización al AFSCA con la consigna “Más derechos, menos obligaciones”

Desobedencia social / Resistencias - Economía

Athens, 22.09.2011 21:28

Que tengan los días de su abundancia contados

Medios comunitarios populares y alternativos

Argentina, 22.09.2011 21:25


6 años de impunidad, 6 años de ausencia, 6 años de injusticia 6 años se cumplen del asesinato de Jhony Silva a manos de los ESMAD en Cali

Colombia, 22.09.2011 20:42

6 años de impunidad, 6 años de ausencia, 6 años de injusticia 6 años se cumplen del asesinato de Jhony Silva a manos de los ESMAD en Cali

6 años de impunidad, 6 años de ausencia, 6 años de injusticia 6 años se cumplen del asesinato de Jhony Silva a manos de los ESMAD en Cali

Colombia, 22.09.2011 20:42

6 años de impunidad, 6 años de ausencia, 6 años de injusticia 6 años se cumplen del asesinato de Jhony Silva a manos de los ESMAD en Cali

Lanzamiento del Documental Amarillo

Colombia, 22.09.2011 17:08

Lanzamiento del Documental Amarillo

Marcha magisterial con las Charter

Puerto Rico, 22.09.2011 14:34

En pie de lucha la FMPR contra las Charter

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