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Sydney, 25.11.2004 13:52

Five year anniversary of Indymedia! Film Nite

Nationwide Minute’s Silence in Memory of Women murdered in Ireland takes place on International Day

Ireland, 25.11.2004 13:50

107 Women Murdered in 108 Months: Women's Aid Report Today, to mark International Day Against Violence against Women, Women's Aid is holding a minute’s silence outside the Dail in memory of the 107 women murdered in Ireland in the last 108 months. While groups nationwide are holding vigils locally around the country, Women’s Aid is marking the commemoration of the murders against the backdrop of a giant ‘In Memoriam’ card outside the Dáil, with each murdered woman represented by a white lily. ...

An Post workers demonstrate outside a meeting of An Post Board of Directors in the GPO this morning

Ireland, 25.11.2004 13:45

About 100 An Post workers demonstrated outside a meeting of the An Post Board of Directors in the GPO this morning. The Communications Workers Union (CWU) were highlighting current dissatisfaction in SDS,loss of jobs etc. Members of the Civil Public & Service Union (CPSU) also participated in this morning's protest and the CPSU banner was also there as we were publicising the lack of payment of Sus.Progress (2 phases now worth 5%!) and related problems. There are a number of good media reports on this including Newstalk 106 RTE and 98FM ...

The Contracting Newspaper Industry

Ireland, 25.11.2004 12:58

Newspapers are losing circulation and influence as alternative media channels grow. However, the rise of free newspapers is also a challenge to traditional newspaper empires. ...


LA, 25.11.2004 12:31


Limerick City Manager to abolish Waiver system for bins

Ireland, 25.11.2004 12:19

On the order of the Attorney General More signs of Fianna Fails new brand of Socialism? ...

electronic activism in support of world development

Ireland, 25.11.2004 11:46

Irish Government lobbied to honour their commitments to the world's poorest email campaign underway to lobby government to honour their commitments to the world's poorest. ...

This is for cyclists and city lovers

Ireland, 25.11.2004 10:09

Lone Twin present 'To The Dogs' at Project Arts Centre 24th to 27th November 2004 at 6.30pm (running time 30 mins) For four days Gregg Whelan and Gary Winters of Lone Twin will take to the streets of Dublin on two small folding bikes. Attempting to cover the entire city, they'll begin their daily journey from Project to return that evening and deliver a thirty minute dispatch from that day's riding; stories of a city at work, rest and play, stories of the brave, the humble and the puncture repair kit. ...

Den Of Thieves

Ireland, 25.11.2004 09:39

Why Annan must resign. U.N. secretary general Kofi Annan should either resign, if he is honorable, or be removed, if he is not. The mild-mannered Annan may not himself be corrupt. But he has presided over no less than the largest corruption scandal in the history of the world, Oil for Food. Never has the U.N. been more disrespectable or useless. Moreover, Annan's response to the scandal has been inadequate to the point of disgrace. That he still holds his post is testament to the culture of impunity that pervades the organization. ...


Brasil, 25.11.2004 09:38

Após três meses, assassinato de moradores de rua permanece sem esclarecimento

Rocky road ahead for McCreevy

Ireland, 25.11.2004 09:25

European trade unions challenge Internal Market Directive Charlie McCreevy is coming under increasing pressure to drop the controversial Directive on Services in the Internal Market. The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers and the European Federation of Public Service Unions have called a demonstration in Brussels on Thursday Nov. 25, on the occasion of the meeting of the EU Competitiveness Council, in opposition to the Directive. ...

Open Rescue

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.11.2004 08:54

Open Rescue in East Bay


Colombia, 25.11.2004 07:19

Entrevista con Richard Stallman

Critical Moment #7 now available

Michigan, 25.11.2004 07:18

The November/December issue of Critical Moment is now available and can be picked in storefronts and community spaces throughout Southeast Michigan. The new issue is the seventh issue of the Ann Arbor-based political journal and focuses on the theme of "Palestine." CM #7 features articles on historical and contemporary issues of the Israel/Palestine conflict. Articles deal with topics such as the apartheid wall, the question of Israel & colonialism, the lives of Mizrahi Jews in Israel, the "forgotten" occupied territory of the Golan Heights, Ann Arbor's Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends, Palestinian lesbian organizing, the future beyond Yasser Arafat, and more.

Docentes piqueteros

Argentina, 25.11.2004 06:55

En Orán también se corta la ruta

Bail Hearing For Tre Arrow

Portland, 25.11.2004 05:50

Tre has another bail hearing on Friday Dec 3rd. It will be held at the Court House, address 800 Smithe St, (corner of Smithe and Howe). Folks can also enter from Robson St. The courtroom assignments are posted near both main entrances on bulletin boards. Look for the name Scarpitti. The hearing starts at 10:00 am pacific time and is open to the public. Tre would love to see as many of you there as can make it. Please come and show your support! For those of you who cannot attend, please send your loving energy and light for a positive ruling that Tre be released on bail! read more >>

[ Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund ]

Update on Jeff 'Free' Luers' legal appeal

Portland, 25.11.2004 05:45

Finally, we have some news to share with you about the status of Jeff's appeal. It's not great but for everyone that has wondered, here it is. As you can see, this process is remarkably slow and the end is nowhere in sight. read more >>

[ Free 'Free' Now! ]

Estudantes da FLUP contra videovigilância

Portugal, 25.11.2004 05:01

Estudantes da FLUP contra videovigilância

Después de... ¿Y ahora qué?

santiago, 25.11.2004 04:31

Después de... ¿Y ahora qué?

La dignidad de las mariposas

Argentina, 25.11.2004 03:33

Jueves 25 de Noviembre de 2004
La dignidad de las Mariposas

La dignidad de las mariposas

Argentina, 25.11.2004 03:32

La dignidad de las Mariposas

From the Newswires

Perth, 25.11.2004 02:53

BAXTER: Asylum Seekers Clash With Guards

From the Newswires

Perth, 25.11.2004 02:53

BAXTER: Asylum Seekers Clash With Guards

Halliburton Plans Export of Great Lakes Water to Iraq

Michigan, 25.11.2004 02:16

Halliburton is planning to divert water from the already-endangered Great Lakes watershed in order to cover up its ineptitude in rebuilding the Iraqi water infrastructure. In addition to the letter below being circulated by the Sweetwater Alliance in Detroit, DIRECT ACTION must be taken to stop this dangerous attempt at exploitation of our natural resources. The people of Michigan must block all efforts by corporations to drain our lakes for profit! DO NOT ALLOW THE SAGINAW PLANT TO START PRODUCTION!

Empowering The Truth

Ireland, 25.11.2004 02:01

Why we need to reclaim the corporate media I took out the sandwiches from my lunchbox in the canteen at work the other day as the rest of my mates sat down beside me with their trays from the hot counter. You see I’ve been eating from my lunch box ever since Sodexho took over running the canteen, because I read an article saying that Sodexho took over the contracts for the all the canteens in the NHS over in England, and all the staff lost their NHS jobs and became lower paid Sodexho employees with fewer rights. ...

“In five years, social forums have changed the political landscape. But passion is not enough”.

Ireland, 25.11.2004 01:39

Two successfully organised Irish Social Forums later, and now where do we stand? Already a debate has begun amongst those involved in the current organising structures around the future direction and vision of the Irish Social Forum process. This discussion is to be continued this Saturday, Nov 27th. ...

oil drilling

Victoria, 25.11.2004 01:05

Stop Oil Drilling Campaign Begins

GAA needs to take a long hard look at itself

Ireland, 25.11.2004 01:05

The launch of the Cumann na Fuiseoige GAA Club in Twinbrook has raised a few eyebrows in the wider community. ...

Similarities Between Ukrainian and US Elections

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.11.2004 23:45

Exit Polls Didn't Match Results. Conclusion, Vote Fraud

'take a hint move out'.......

Ireland, 24.11.2004 23:32

A student told a permanent working class holyland resident. After a recent spotlight programme highlighting some of the anti social behaviour practised by some students in the holylands, students organised a protest in the holylands to tell their mummies and daddies no we're not really misbehaving going wild and spending your money on E's and booze. ...


Brasil, 24.11.2004 21:36

25 de novembro: dia internacional da NÃO violência contra as mulheres

PSU Students Storm President's Office In Protest of MasterCard IDs

Portland, 24.11.2004 20:57

Hundreds of students gathered in the Park Blocks November 23, finally storming President Bernstein's office in protest of the university's decision to replace campus identification with debit cards carrying MasterCard logos. Bearing signs with slogans like "I am not a profit margin," students remained in Bernstein's office for more than an hour, spilling out into the halls and loudly demanding that PSU break its contract with HigherOne, the Connecticut bank supplying the cards.

Several people spoke at the rally, including Gary Rusk from the national organization Commercial Alert and several students. Debit cards were publicly destroyed, to great cheers from the audience.

[ read the full article... ]
previous features: MasterCard Student IDs Incite Boycott and Walkout I Portland State Outsources Financial Aid I [ Community Journal ]

&quot;Kneeling on his head&quot;

Ireland, 24.11.2004 20:50

Anger at "heavy-handed" manner of security man's apprehension of boy. Members of the public last night expressed outrage at the "heavy-handed" manner in which a security man at one of Dublin's leading department stores apprehended a young boy. ...


Uruguay, 24.11.2004 20:32

Violencia explota contra sin-tierras

Spartacist statement in defence of Mary Kelly

Ireland, 24.11.2004 19:50

Hands off Mary Kelly! Drop the charges now! US/Britain our of Iraq now! UN stay out! For class struggle against the capitalist rulers at home! ...


Maritimes, 24.11.2004 19:33



The Stone of Fál, a King and Queen, the March to Save the Tara-Skyrne Valley

Ireland, 24.11.2004 19:33

March for Tara-Skryne Valley - Saturday, 27 November March for Tara-Skryne Valley - Saturday, 27 November 2004 - beginning at 1.30pm at The Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square, Dublin then march to Wood Quay ...

Glorifying the Europeans, it accepts the oppression of people of color

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.11.2004 19:29

Rethinking the Thanksgiving Holiday

Tara - N3 - Widen The Road Instead. Traffic, Cars and Peak Oil.

Ireland, 24.11.2004 18:12

'Lovely graph' sez Wag, 'but what does it all mean? The tolled Motorway through the Tara and Skryne Valley should not be built for two main reasons. 1) It will destroy our heritage and 2) it will soon become a White Elephant. Instead, Dunshaughlin, Navan and Kells should be bypassed and the existing N3 road should be widened. This would be more than sufficient to deal with the traffic. The National Roads Authority (NRA) forecasts for the traffic levels and the total number of cars in Ireland are flawed because they do not take into account the looming issue of Peak Oil. The growth for the number of cars is based on the rising population, GNP and a rising car per capita rate. This was a reasonable assumption up to now, but Peak Oil changes everything and this continued growth is very unlikely to come to pass. In the image with this comment is a graph of the historic number of registered cars in Ireland for 1976 - 2001 in green and the NRA forecasted number for 2006 - 2041 in bl ...

Justice for Palestine: The wall must fall protests

United Kingdom, 24.11.2004 18:06

November 9th to 16th saw the 2nd International Week against the Apartheid

Wall , with actions throughout the

including a number of events in the UK.

These included a blockade of the Hayes, Middlesex

premises of
Israel's national exporter of fresh produce. Activists erected a
cage at the entrance to the factory, and a barrier at
the exit, stopping all collections and deliveries for 8 hours, at
an estimated cost of 30k - 40k to the company.

Seven activists were arrested and charged with Aggravated
Trespass and Section 69 of the The Criminal Justice and
Public Order Act 1994. They plan to use the court case to
challenge the legality of trade with a company that deals
in settlement goods, especially in light of the International
Court of Justice Ruling which ruled that countries have an
obligation not to not to render aid or assistance in maintaining
the situation created by the construction of the wall.

Protests at Band Aid Whitewashing Poverty Issues

United Kingdom, 24.11.2004 18:06

On the 14th November outside the recording studios in Hampstead where "Do They Know It's Christmas" - Band AID, was being re-recorded, demonstrations took place by protesters arguing that Band Aid is a screen "whitewashing the real issues behind world poverty". Shouts of 'real aid, not band aid', 'don't whitewash Africa' and boo's were audiable over the screams of fans and onlookers. One protester was arrested while handing out leaflets explaining the reasons for the protest - [read full report].

Protesters from the Dissent! Network, organising against the G8 summit next July, argue that the song is obnoxious, patronising and out of date with the real situation in Africa.

Several initiatives are now underway to re-write the lyrics - upload your own, or send lyrics or recorded mp3s to

Direct Action Against Environmental Destruction

United Kingdom, 24.11.2004 18:06

Roundup of recent actions and campaigns:

Ship Blocked Against Marine Quarrying: Ministers are planning to
give the go-ahead to strip clean a vitally important area of the English
Channel (the Median Deep - halfway between the Sussex coast and northern
France) by mining nearly 200 million tonnes of gravel from the seabed to
satisfy the house-building boom on the Southeast. The good news is that
residents of Sussex are not taking this lying down. On 11th November, the
latest in a series of actions against the dredging saw people using bicycle locks to close the Newhaven
Swing Bridge on the A259 in East Sussex, blocking the departure of a
Hanson dredging ship at high tide on Sunday.

Morecambe Bay Bridge Project - Directors Resign After Protests: Two
directors of a company planning to build a bridge across one of Britain's
last wildernesses, and most protected wildlife area, have resigned after
local protests. English Nature have expressed their opposition to the Bay
Bridge scheme, which is nevertheless being spun as a 'green bridge' because
of wave turbines that may be built at the same time. On 4th November,
local people with banners and drums stopped work at Renewables Northwest -
the General Manager there, Julian Carter was also a Director of BABC, the
company behind the bridge project - he resigned later that day [see report and background]. Protests also
took place at the Lancaster Environment Centre, whose Director Bill Davies
was also a Director of BABC [see report
and background] - he resigned a few days

Hastings Bypass Turns in Link Road: Anti-roads campaigners had
thought they had seen off the Hastings Bypass, but now part of the route
has been resurrected as the Bexhill Link Road. This scheme has some of the
worst environmental aspects of the original scheme ­ cutting through
ancient woodland and endangering wetland bird species. There’s a route walk
on Sunday 21st Nov [see
related news at Road Alert]

Save Coate Water Country Park from Development: On Saturday 13
November, local campaigners surrounded the lake at Coate Water
Country Park in Swindon with a chain of over a thousand cardboard
cut-out hands, each with someone's personal message of why Coate Water is
special to them. The campaigners are trying to save the park (a Site of
Special Scientific Interest) from the development plans of the local
council [see report and pics | Save Coate Campaign]

Residents Oppose Illegal Tree Felling: On Saturday 30th October hundreds of local
residents demonstrated in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, against illegal tree felling
at the Millpond site that took place on 19th October - then many residents
tried to obstruct the chainsaws - several residents were assaulted, and
although they stopped the chainsaws, many of the trees had been cut down
[see Pics 1, 2 | Background]

See also:
Western Bypass Gets Go Ahead
Scotland: Dump
protesters take direct action against landfill company
Oxford Friends of the
Earth oppose county rubbish incineration plans
Manchester Uni
students protest against tree trashing
"Esso-sponsored" Scientists @ the
Campaign Against Climate Change march

Case Against UK Dublin Mayday Protestors Thrown Out of Court

United Kingdom, 24.11.2004 18:06

A few days before the Mayday protests in Dublin earlier this year, 2 protestors from the UK, Polly and Joe, were arrested in the vicinity of a derelict building under suspicion of trespass. They were initially denied bail and and kept in jail for a full week. When they were granted bail, stringent conditions were attached, requiring them to surrender their passports, remain in the country instead of returning home and sign on in a police station every week. Polly and Joe had to remain in Ireland for seven months - finaly their court case took place on 10th November and all charges against them were thrown out by the Judge, not least beacuse no solid evidence could be presented by the prosecution [see reports 1, 2]. Thirty people were arrested during Mayday, many of whom still have to sign on at police stations and many of whom are still being dragged through the courts. Supporters say they were made victims of media sensationalism and made scapegoats by the State in an attempt to justify draconian and military tactics deployed during Mayday in Dublin. Related News: One of the four people who were surrounded by police and arrested at Kings Cross station [pics 1, 2] on Sunday Oct 17th on their way to the European Social Forum closing demonstration, walked free from court on Monday 17th Nov. The defendent returned from Greece to attend court, only to find the prosecution dropped the case, saying they would be providing no evidence to support the charges [see report].

Bayer Abandons GM crops in India and UK

United Kingdom, 24.11.2004 18:06

15th Nov: In an admission of immense significance to the entire genetic engineering
industry, Bayer Crop Science has conceded to Greenpeace India that
all of its projects on genetically engineered crops in India have been
"discontinued" [see newswire report |
Admission Letter (pdf) | Greenpeace

"We don't need genetically engineered crops to feed India," said a genetic
engineering campaigner for Greenpeace India. "Around the world, in fact,
the promises made by the genetic engineering industry have been
unfulfilled, whether of increasing crop yields or reducing pesticide use."

This retreat follows other recent decisions that set Bayer back - on 9th
November Bayer Crop Science removed the last 2 GM crop varieties still in
the approval process for the UK National Seed List [see report]. Previously in March 2004, the
company announced they would be pulling out of GE crop research in the UK.
A few months later, in June, Bayer announced they would not pursue
commercialization of GE canola in Australia. Bayer's letter to Greenpeace
India following direct action against the company, concedes that research
into engineered cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, tomato and mustard seed has
all been halted.

"It is clear that popular resistance to genetic engineering is not
diminishing as the industry had hoped it would," said Doreen Stabinsky, GE
campaigner for Greenpeace International. "No matter what country we're
talking about, consumers are on the same page. They don't want to eat
genetically engineered food. That's good news for farmers and good news for
the environment."

For more see:
Indymedia UK Biotech Section |
Biotech IMC |
Genetics Action |

Seccion de foto

Argentina, 24.11.2004 17:49

Miercoles 24 de Noviembre 2004 | ACTUALIZACION DE LA SECCION

Central Valley Labor

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.11.2004 17:27

Health Care Workers Strike in Fresno and Madera

Central Valley Labor

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.11.2004 17:24

Labor Actions in Madera and Fresno

5 Jahre Indymedia - 5 Jahre Seattle

Germany, 24.11.2004 16:46

5 Jahre ist es nun schon her....Im Jahr 1999 wurde erstmals f�r die breite �ffentlichkeit im Norden eine globale Bewegung gegen die neoliberale Globalisierung sichtbar, die mit dem Aufstand der Zapatistas und den folgenden "Intergalaktischen Treffen" begann. 1999 schlossen sich in Seattle MedienaktivistInnen, HaktivistInnen, K�nstlerInnen und viele andere in einem "Independent Media Centre" (IMC) zusammen, um ein mediales Bild der Proteste in Seattle und anderswo aus Sicht der Aktivisten zu schaffen. Hunderte Freiwillige berichteten aus den Stra�en Seattles und von den Aktivit�ten um den "N30" weltweit, waren schneller und zuverl�ssiger als die Mainstream-Medien, zwangen die Beh�rden und Medien dazu, ihre falschen Darstellungen zur�ckzunehmen...
Zun�chst als tempor�res Medienzentrum gedacht, entstanden unter dem Eindruck des �berraschenden Erfolges von Indymedia und aus Anlass anderer Aktionstage, weitere Independent Media Centers in den USA und sp�ter in Kanada, Lateinamerika, Europa, Afrika und Asien. Heute existieren weltweit mehr als 160 lokale IMC's, weltweit nutzen inzwischen millionen Menschen Indymedia. In Deutschland entstand ein Indymedia im M�rz 2001 und wird heute t�glich von mehr als 10.000 Menschen genutzt.

Aus Anlass des Geburtstages fanden in Berlin, Potsdam, N�rnberg, Freiburg, Erfurt und Hamburg zahlreiche Veranstaltungen, Parties, Filmvorf�hrungen usw. statt. mehr:
Berichte: Messe | Party&Livestream
Videos: 1 | 2 | 3
Audio: Interview mit Christian Wahle zum MAG 04 Abschlussfilm Film "Der Flying Circus"

- Weitere Artikel zum Geburtstag: in der taz, bei ngo-online, im ND, in der Graswurzelrevolution, im Scheinschlag, bei phase1, bei Telepolis hier und hier, bei psychoglobal, bei Junge Presse Berlin, in der Jungen Welt
- Attac-AG gratuliert Indymedia
- Printausgabe aus Freiburg zum Indygeburtstag

ADC protests IDF sponsorship by Michigan banks

Michigan, 24.11.2004 16:06

In the past week, ADC Michigan and the ADC National Office have received numerous calls from concerned members, regarding five major Michigan banks that have recently publicized their sponsorship of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in the Detroit Jewish News. These banks include Bank One, Huntington National Bank, National City Bank, Comerica Bank and Standard Federal Bank. ADC has decided to act on behalf of these members and has vocalized its concern to each institution.


Argentina, 24.11.2004 15:45


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