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Argentina, 04.10.2011 04:48


Argentina, 04.10.2011 04:48

Ledesma manda

Argentina, 04.10.2011 04:48


Argentina, 04.10.2011 04:48

Liberan al asesino de Lopez

Argentina, 04.10.2011 04:48


Argentina, 04.10.2011 04:48

Festival Patagonia

Argentina, 04.10.2011 04:48

Contra Benetton

Argentina, 04.10.2011 04:48

Pascual libre

Argentina, 04.10.2011 04:48


Argentina, 04.10.2011 04:48

Masivo reclamo de libertad para Rubén "Pollo" Sobrero


Argentina, 04.10.2011 04:48

Masivo reclamo de libertad para el delegado ferroviario "Pollo" Sobrero

“Stop the Machine! – Create a New World!”

Rogue Valley, 04.10.2011 03:43

There will be an occupation on October 6th, beginning at 3pm in the Ashland, Orrgon downtown plaza in solidarity with a national occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C. The occupation is focused on speaking out against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and more generally, subversion of a global system which perpetuates those conflicts. Participants are encouraged to sign a pledge which reads,

“I pledge that on October 6, 2011, I will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with my brothers and sisters around the world, who will be occupying parks, plazas and financial centers in opposition to the illegal occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and the economic exploitation that plagues most of the world. Locally, we will occupy the Downtown Plaza in Ashland, Oregon, to show our unity to create a better world. The 6th begins a new day in the United States and the world. The people will not stand silent any longer. The time has come to resist.”

Video: Discussion of Wall Street Occupation

Portland, 04.10.2011 03:32

In this 1/2 hour interview, Sandy and Mindy discuss their reasons for traveling to New York and risking arrest in order to participate in an ongoing Occupation of Wall Street. They both articulate their motivations very clearly, explaining why they, and many people in this country, have had enough with the current social conditions assaulting the poor and middle class.

Excerpt from the weekly Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," featuring an interview with two people traveling across the country to participate in the Occupation of Wall Street.

Discussion of Wall Street Occupation


Colombia, 04.10.2011 00:02

Suicídios na UFPE: muito tabu, pouca solução

Brasil, 03.10.2011 23:59

Discussão necessária

Suicídios na UFPE: muito tabu, pouca solução

Brasil, 03.10.2011 23:16

Discussão necessária

Suicídios na UFPE: muito tabu, pouca solução

Brasil, 03.10.2011 23:16

Discussão necessária

Opinión sobre escuela de Aguada

Puerto Rico, 03.10.2011 22:52

¿Es que hemos perdido la razón?

Hinkley Blockaded: No New Nuclear Power!

United Kingdom, 03.10.2011 22:10

More than 200 people, mostly from the south-west but with representation from across the country and as far afield as Belgium and Germany, successfully sealed off the main entrance to Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset on the morning of Monday 3 October in opposition to EDF Energy's plans to build two new mega-reactors on the site.

Blockaders were joined by a theatrical troupe who enacted a nuclear disaster scenario, while Seize the Day provided a musical backdrop to the event. 206 helium balloons were released to represent the number of days since the Fukushima meltdown. The balloons will be tracked, to show which areas of the West Country would be worst affected by a nuclear disaster at Hinkley (and hopefully to prevent wildlife from suffering the harm which can be caused by deflated balloons).

By lunchtime the blockade was still in place, with participants reporting a 'great festival feel... Dancing, singing and chanting.' One arrest has been reported so far, of a protester found in possession of a craft knife while walking along a footpath.

Recent newswire articles on Hinkley: Blockaders begin mass protest | Radio interview with Ornella Saibene | Anti-nuclear march through Bridgwater | Hinkley Pre-blockade press release | Announcement by Stop New Nuclear |

Related articles: French anti-nuclear camp in November | Nuclear accident in France: 1 | 2 | Previous feature: Don't buy the lie | Other links: Stop New Nuclear |

Feature: Alle artikelen over de 1 oktober kraakdemo in Amsterdam

Netherlands, 03.10.2011 21:35

Hieronder staan links naar alle artikelen die de afgelopen dagen op Indymedia zijn verschenen over de demonstratie in Amsterdam. Op één oktober demonstreerde een grote groep mensen tegen het kraakverbod dat één jaar geleden in ging. Tijdens deze actie op het Spui trad de politie hardhandig op en werden er zeventien mensen gearresteerd. Momenteel zitten er nog mensen vast.


Colombia, 03.10.2011 21:33

Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.1 FM Seeks New Location for Broadcasting

Santa Cruz, CA, 03.10.2011 21:28

Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.1 FM, a pirate radio station celebrating 16 years of unlicensed broadcasting, was recently shutdown by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The commercial-free, community station continues to air on the internet 24/7 at while programmers search for a new home to host the transmitter and antennae.

Invitation-Only Meeting Held to Promote a Desalination Plant in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 03.10.2011 20:49

Alex Darocy writes: Public officials from the past and present filed into the Museum of Art and History Monday night [September 19] as Mike Rotkin and Cynthia Mathews, describing themselves as part of "the Sustainable Water Coalition," hosted a private, invite-only informational meeting in support of the proposed desalination plant project. The desal project, which so far has cost $6 million dollars to be studied, has been aggressively promoted by officials, and this private meeting has brought up issues of governmental transparency. This meeting punctuates a new era of suspicion concerning local politicians: during the planning of the desal project there have been conflicts of interest, including the selection of the URS Corporation to author the EIR [Environmental Impact Report], as well as recent ethics violations on the part of city officials.

Marcha por la libertad a los trabajadores ferroviarios

Argentina, 03.10.2011 20:22

"Los ferroviarios no queman trenes"

BTL:Is the Wall Street Occupation a Spark that Can Ignite a New U.S. Economic Justice Movement?

United States, 03.10.2011 16:57

Interview with Chris Hedges, author of "The World As It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress", conducted by Scott Harris. Related: Occupy Philadelphia by Nik Zalensky | Rage Against Wall Street Crooks by Stephen Lendman

Occupy Chicago Efforts Mark One Week, Join 130+ Other U.S. Cities

Chicago, 03.10.2011 13:22

It began as a call in July 2011 by the magazine Adbusters to hold powerful business interests on Wall Street to account, and drawing on inspiration from the famed 2011 grassroots protests across the Middle East. But the mantle has been taken up by grassroots activists in New York City to forge an ongoing occupation outside of Wall Street and throughout New York City. The effort in its first two weeks has spurred a national movement with sibling efforts in at least 130 other cities, including Chicago.

Occupy Chicago, merely a week old, has already drawn hundreds of grassroots protesters, who "march…each day…After an hour long general assembly meeting, demonstrators headed through the financial district, Millennium Park, the Magnificent Mile and back to base camp to once more spread messages of solidarity, positivity and persistence in the face of a political system that’s left 99% of Americans without a real voice in governance…While it may be young and still trying to get organized, the movement to Occupy America is growing and cohering. And though many went home after Saturday’s march, more than a hundred stayed to continue organizing and evangelizing, with no plans to leave until they feel their job is done." Read more: Dancing with the Dispossessed - One Week into Occupy Chicago

Additional Coverage: Lessons Learned from Occupy Wall Street | Five Things that Occupy Wall Street Did Right | Occupy Chicago Entering Day 6 | Protestors Occupy Chicago in Solidarity with Occupy Wall St NY | An American Spring is Possible

Outside Resources: Think Progress; NY Times' Andrew Ross Sorking Sneers at Occupy Wall Street | Protests Work Better with Specific Demands | Occupy Wall Street Makes Its Own Media

Social Media Resources: Tumblr | Twitter | Live Video Stream

Video/photoessay-Occupy Boston Day 3

Boston, 03.10.2011 09:32

Boston, Mass.-Dewey Sq.-Oct. 2, 2011: Anti-corporate greed protesters settled into the 3rd day of occupying Boston's financial district. VIDEO: MORE PHOTOS:

Videos and Pictures From the Honk! Parade

Boston, 03.10.2011 09:32

The Honk! Festival parade this year saw a festive collection of radical marching bands, street performers, and activist groups march through Somerville and Cambridge. VIDEO:


Colombia, 03.10.2011 03:54

The American Revolution is underway, #occupywallstreet takes it to the belly of the beast

Ireland, 03.10.2011 00:51

This is the US Fall responding to the Arab Spring ...

Rest In Power! Troy Davis Memorial Rally: Washington, D.C.

DC, 02.10.2011 21:11

The DC Day of Remembrance for Troy Davis

Campaña para objetar factura de luz

Puerto Rico, 02.10.2011 18:35

Cómo objetar su factura de la AEE

Carta de Alexis Massol a Obama

Puerto Rico, 02.10.2011 18:35

Premio Goldman del Ambiente advierte a Obama para que detenga el gasoducto

Campaña de Dominicana 4% para la educación

Puerto Rico, 02.10.2011 18:35

Desde Puerto Rico, solidaridad por el 4% para la educación en República Dominicana

[SP] Ato 02/10: &quot;Massacre do Carandiru - 19 anos - Jamais esquecer para que não se repita&quot;

Brasil, 02.10.2011 18:23

Mães de Maio

Hacia un nuevo Lares

Puerto Rico, 02.10.2011 17:54

Lares y los aguacates

Occupy Eugene Public Awareness Event!

Portland, 02.10.2011 17:46

From 11-2 today in the heart of downtown Eugene, folks in solidarity with the ongoing Wall street protests in NYC gathered to hand out information and talk with Saturday Market attendees. Occupy Wallstreet protesters in New York City are protesting issues including the 2008 bank bailouts, foreclosures and high unemployment in the United States.

Occupy Eugene started as a facebook page only a few days ago and now has close to 800 members. Local events are being planned for this coming Thursday, October 6th, as a show of solidarity with Occupy Portland and with the rest of the country. The next meeting of the Occupy Eugene General Assembly (which is a gathering of interested people) will be:

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 5pm
University of Oregon
EMU Amphitheater (outside)
1585 East 13th Avenue, Eugene, OR

For information on cities participating nationally and internationally check out-
New York City -
find us on facebook Occupy Eugene

Momentum Builds on Second Day of Occupation

Boston, 02.10.2011 14:08

Occupy Boston's occupation of Dewey Square continued into a second day, with about twice as many protesters staying overnight as on Friday.

National Day of Action Against Atos 30/09

United Kingdom, 02.10.2011 10:35

On Friday 30th September, several towns and cities saw actions as part of the National Day of Action Against ATOS. ATOS is the private company which conducts assessments of sick and disabled people via the Work Capability Assessment. The assessment is controversial and is said to have caused major distress to those forced to undergo it. The General Medical Council and other professional bodies are dealing with numerous complaints about staff who carry out the assessments. For those deemed "fit to work" by ATOS, appeal success rates are high, with 40 percent success for claimants without legal support, and rising to seventy percent for those who are supported by advisors.

Some of the reported actions took place in Glasgow, Oxford, Birmingham, Brighton and Nottingham, where two people were arrested after the protest entered the ATOS offices. Police were unable to find adapted transport for the wheelchair user they arrested, and had to process him on the street.

In London activists targetted the BMJ Trade fair where ATOS were seeking to recruit staff at the Islington Design Centre.

From the newswires:
Atos Kills: Blood and Bandages at Atos Origin | Atos Origin vs the internet | ATOS & Harrington's indifference | Atos Origin Recruitment Event Disrupted

External links:
National Protest Against benefits Cuts | Black Triangle Campaign | Brighton Benefits Campaign | Disabled People Against Cuts | ATOS: Notes on a Neoliberal Scandal

Across the Nation, Demonstrators Fight to Save the U.S. Postal System

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.10.2011 08:20

On September 27th, thousands of members of the four employee unions of the United States Postal Service joined forces with allies and community members to send a message to the nation and its Congress. All around the country, protesters demonstrated against proposals to close thousands of post offices, eliminate Saturday deliveries, lay off workers, cut postal workers' pay, and end collective bargaining rights.

Pictures and Video From Honk! Festival

Boston, 02.10.2011 06:27

Radical marching bands from all over the country gathered in Somerville this weekend for the sixth annual Honk! Festival. VIDEO:

Hundreds Show Up for Occupy Portland Meeting Tonight

Portland, 02.10.2011 02:45

Hundreds showed up (300?)
Group discussions delegations of sub committies and organizing ideas were heard and agreed upon

The exact location was not announced of where the "occupation" will take place, until the day of the event

The OCCUPY PORTLAND protest will start at noon on 0ct 6 at waterfront park

There were 2 uniformed police officer in the crowd who casualy stood around and even got drawn in to a Q n A with a sub group.

One of the Facebook group pages:



Portland Wiki:


PDX LiveStream:

#occupyportland #occupypdx

Report From the First Night of the Occupation

Boston, 01.10.2011 16:11

Occupy Boston kicked off their occupation of Boston's financial district in fine style yesterday evening, with hundreds converging on Dewey Square to protest the continued domination of their lives by a small unaccountable handful of bankers and plutocrats. Video:

banner con reproductor de radio

Argentina, 01.10.2011 15:04

No a la Megamineria

Argentina, 01.10.2011 13:53

Nuevamente las Asambleas Riojanas se manifestaran en las calles

Right to the City Protest Draws Thousands, 24 Arrested

Boston, 01.10.2011 08:29

3,000 marchers descended on the Bank of America building at 100 Federal Street yesterday in a protest against BoA's predatory lending practices and home foreclosures. Video:

Movilización frente al Ministerio de Desarrollo Social.

Argentina, 01.10.2011 03:19


Movilización frente al Ministerio de Desarrollo Social.

Argentina, 01.10.2011 03:19


resumen de noticias

Argentina, 01.10.2011 02:43

Movilización frente al Ministerio de Desarrollo Social

Argentina, 01.10.2011 02:43


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