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Video de Unión de Trabajadores de Cervecería

Puerto Rico, 19.10.2011 04:48

Mensaje de la Unión de Trabajadores de Cervecera de Puerto Rico

Vista para recurso de Mandamus

Puerto Rico, 19.10.2011 04:05

UPR: Ordenan Vista para determinar recurso de Mandamus sobre Documentos Públicos

Señor Comandante: ¡Sírvase felicitarlos! -Una ejecución extrajudicial-

Colombia, 18.10.2011 23:21

Señor Comandante: ¡Sírvase felicitarlos! -Una ejecución extrajudicial-

Señor Comandante: ¡Sírvase felicitarlos! -Una ejecución extrajudicial-

Colombia, 18.10.2011 22:40

Señor Comandante: ¡Sírvase felicitarlos! -Una ejecución extrajudicial-


Athens, 18.10.2011 20:34

Αν όχι τώρα, πότε; Αν οχι εμείς, ποιός;

Mars Hill Mega-Church Welcome Wagon

Portland, 18.10.2011 19:55

On Sunday October 16th, a group of 20-30 antifascists and allies gathered at SE 32nd Avenue and Taylor Street to oppose the opening of Mars Hill's Portland branch. Demonstrators carried banners with statements of support for the LGBTQ community and maintained a presence in front of the church throughout the service. As church attendees exited the building, demonstrators held a dance party with the aid of a portable sound system and chanted, "Homophobes get out of here! Pro-Choice! Pro-Queer!"

Malik Rahim to speak in Portland

Portland, 18.10.2011 19:55

Environmental, peace and community activist Malik Rahim to speak at the First Unitarian Church Oct. 18th from 7 to 9 p.m.

I hope you recognize the name because Malik Rahim is a noted peace activist, community organizer, and a moving speaker on environmental issues. In 2008, Rahim was honored as a recipient of the Thomas Merton Award. There are a number of videos on the Internet which feature Malik - I hope you'll take a few minutes to watch one. Here's a link to one:

In 2006, Rahim announced plans to run for mayor of New Orleans, but did not appear on the ballot. In July 2008, Rahim filed to run for Louisiana's 2nd congressional district seat of the U.S. House of Representatives as a Green Party candidate. He ran against Democratic incumbent William J. Jefferson, Republican candidate Joseph Cao, and Libertarian Party candidate Gregory Kahn. Cao won; Rahim finished third in the four candidate field receiving 2.8% of the vote

Proyecto de privatización la reforma de la ley 30

Colombia, 18.10.2011 16:08

Proyecto de privatización la reforma de la ley 30

No al Proyecto de Reforma Ley30 !

Colombia, 18.10.2011 16:08

No al Proyecto de Reforma Ley30 !

Educacion gratuita para todos! No a la ley 30, no a la reforma neoliberal de Santos!

Colombia, 18.10.2011 16:08

Educacion gratuita para todos! No a la ley 30, no a la reforma neoliberal de Santos!

Celebrate the Life and Work of Milton Rogovin with his son, Mark Rogovin

Rochester, 18.10.2011 13:21

On Friday October 21, 2011 at 7:30pm the Flying Squirrel and Rochester Indy Media will host an evening to celebrate the life and work of Milton Rogovin with his son Mark Rogovin.

The evening will include the screening of the film "The Rich Have Their Own Photographers" followed by a chance for a discussion and Q & A's with Mark Rogovin.

In 1957, Milton Rogovin was declared “The Top Communist in Buffalo”. In reality, he was an optometrist active registering Black voters. Refusing to be silenced, he found a new political voice, a camera.

Through his photographs, Rogovin depicts the extreme inequalities that exist and conveys that message through beautiful works of art. But for Rogovin, his prints are his protests, his only concern is the continuing fight for social justice.

Link: Milton Rogovin: Social Documentary Photographer

FUPI repudia a Ángel Rosa

Puerto Rico, 18.10.2011 13:06

Aseguran que Ángel Rosa es más de lo mismo

Video Campamento Playas pa'l Pueblo

Puerto Rico, 18.10.2011 13:06

Campamento Playas Pa'l Pueblo: Compañeros de Lucha

Comité de mujeres contra violencia machista a estudiantes

Puerto Rico, 18.10.2011 13:06

Comité de Acción de Mujeres se solidariza con estudiantes víctimas de violencia machista

Student loan justice - Discharge the Debt rally

Portland, 18.10.2011 05:35

Around 100 people gathered to protest outside the US Bankruptcy Court on SW 5th Ave and SW Salmon in Downtown Portland to demand full dischargability of all student loans in bankruptcy. Portland, OR, USA, 17/10/11.

According to a press release from the organizers;

"We demand that all student loans be fully dischargeable in bankruptcy court. Because the wealthy have their business and personal debts canceled when they declare bankruptcy. Because when the poor seek to have their debts canceled, they're told that student loan debt is non-dischargeable for life. We seek the total abolition of bankruptcy discrimination against the poor and working classes.

Students have no credit history when they enter college and seek to finance their education with student loans. No one will lend money on such a risky venture. This is the argument for a federal guarantee of student loans. It brings lenders to the table. But because there is no credit history on which the loans are made, student loans are not part of the credit markets. They are part of a modern system of indentured servitude.

We demand an end to the student loan industry. We demand a 100% grant-based system for funding education instead. We demand that all debts be treated equally in bankruptcy courts. We demand bankruptcy discharge of all debts for rich and poor alike. [...]

MLDM fecha avenidas contra os impactos das obras da Copa2014 em Fortaleza

CMI Brasil, 18.10.2011 03:58

COPA 2014

26 de outubro - Dia Nacional de Luta do Passe Livre

CMI Brasil, 18.10.2011 03:58


Finalizo el ENM XXI

Argentina, 18.10.2011 03:03

26 años de debates y luchas

Right2know march demanding labels on GMO foods arrives at White House

DC, 17.10.2011 22:07

On October 16, the Right2know march, which set out on foot from New York, arrived at the White House to demand that President Obama keep his campaign promise to require labels on all food products containing genetically-modified ingredients. Video of the White House post-march rally plus an interview

Occupy Movement Spreading Throughout Southern California Region

LA, 17.10.2011 19:16

LOS ANGELES, October 17, 2011 - This past Saturday, October 15th was the day of coordinated worldwide actions in support of the Occupy Movement. Over the weekend more encampments began forming in cities throughout Southern California. In Los Angeles Robert Stuart Lowden reports: An eclectic crowd marched thru downtown starting at Pershing Square surging thru the financial district and on down to the occupied lawn of Los Angles city hall. Cries of "Make the banks pay" and "Banks Got Bailed out We Got Sold out" rang throughout the march.

Demonstrations also took place in Riverside, San Diego, Orange County, Santa Barbara and Long Beach.

In San Diego Mark Conlan reports: Despite attacks by police wielding pepper spray and Mace, confiscation of their possession and a series of threats to evict them forcibly from the Civic Center Plaza, over 1,000 members and supporters of Occupy San Diego reclaimed their downtown space

In Riverside Rockero reports: Just under 100 people of conscience successfully held the pedestrian walkway of the downtown mall, despite police threats of arrest for those determined to sleep in the public thoroughfare.

Reports from the Newswire: We are the 99% World Day of Awareness is a Peaceful Peak for Los Angeles, Set 1, Set 2, Set 3 by Robert Stuart Lowden | Pix of Occupy LA by Rick Panna | Occupy San Diego Draws Thousands Downtown Oct. 15 by Mark Gabrish Conlan | Occupy Riverside Official Launch October 15, 2011 by Rockero


Oost-Vlaanderen, 17.10.2011 18:26

"De Beweging", terug van weggeweest?

Occupy Portland endorses Discharge the Debt Rally!

Portland, 17.10.2011 16:38

At last night's General Assembly there was nearly unanimous support for endorsing the Discharge the Debt Rally organized by Student Loan Justice Portland.

The protest will occur on Monday, October 17th, at 12 noon in front of the US Bankruptcy Court located at the corner of SW 5th Ave and SW Salmon.


Video de marcha de FMPR

Puerto Rico, 17.10.2011 12:11

Marcha Magisterial contra las Charter


Argentina, 17.10.2011 08:31

De Plaza Tahrir a Times Square, manifestaciones en más de mil ciudades


Argentina, 17.10.2011 08:31

De Plaza Tahrir a Times Square, manifestaciones en más de mil ciudades

Malgasto de dinero de la AEE

Puerto Rico, 17.10.2011 04:37

Servicio de Pesca y Vida Silvestre le cuesta millones de dólares a la AEE

Video/Photos-Verizon Workers Unite With Occupy Boston

Boston, 17.10.2011 04:25

10/13/2011:Verizon workers joined with Occupy Boston in a union rally/march for a fair contract: video of the rally speakers and then the march: photos:

Anti-War Protest Fills Boston's Streets-video/photos

Boston, 17.10.2011 04:25

Oct.15--Thousands of anti-war protesters march through downtown Boston to protest the 10th anniv. of the Afghanistan war: video of march: photos:

Ouvidoria da EBC admite que Agência Brasil reproduziu &quot;mito da interferência&quot;

Brasil, 16.10.2011 19:52

Coronelismo Eletrônico

Occupy - Uprising and Native American Prophecy

DC, 16.10.2011 18:11

Kandi Mossett, an enrolled member of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nations located on the Fort Berthold Reservation within the state of North Dakota, graduated from the University of North Dakota's Earth Systems Science and Policy Program in December of 2006 and now holds a Masters degree in Environmental Management. She has works with the Indigenous Environmental Network Video

Martin Luther King Jr. World Wide Rise-Up - Occupy.

DC, 16.10.2011 18:11

Martin Luther King's Jr. on the rising up of People all over the world through a Universal non-violent struggle to be to be free. Based upon MLK's Speech "I See The Promised Land" given April 3, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. This was his last speech before his assassination. This version of the speech was adapted and performed by Gregg Riley on the day before the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial in Washington, DC Video

STOP &quot;Stop &amp; Frisk”-All OUT Friday October 21

NYC, 16.10.2011 17:17

The NYPD is on pace to stop and frisk over 700,000 people in 2011! That's more than 1,900 people each and every day. More than 85%of those stopped and frisked are Black or Latino, and more than 90% of them were doing nothing wrong when the police stopped them.

We are launching a campaign to take the movement to stop it to a higher level on Friday, October 21st, and YOU NEED TO JOIN US!

Marcha Magisterial en vivo

Puerto Rico, 16.10.2011 14:01

Transmisión en vivo - Marcha Magisterial

End the Wars - Bring Our Dollars Home protest

Portland, 16.10.2011 09:48

Over 5,000 people marched through downtown Portland in a protest calling for an end to wars. After meeting at Shemansky Park the march headed to the 'Occupy' rally in Chapman Park, later meeting up again in Pioneer Square. Portland, Oregon, USA, 15/10/2011.


Stirring DC pirate radio coverage Occupy Wall Street's victory over eviction

NYC, 16.10.2011 07:50

WSQT Direct Action radio's October 14 broadcast in DC focussed on Occupy Wall Street, Occupy DC, and Stop the Machine. The outrageous attempt by Brookfield Properties to evict OWS did not stand, so at WSQT we ran this audio story to celebrate and educate our listeners.

Same audio hosted on DC Indymedia:

NYPD Spying on Muslim Students, Colleges Releasing Student Info Without Conscent

NYC, 16.10.2011 07:50

The Associate Press revealed this week the New York Police Department is sending undercover cops into the city's colleges to spy on Muslim students.

10.15 Occupy Wall Street Report: The Whole World Is Moving

NYC, 16.10.2011 07:50

‘Today we call the citizens of the world: let us globalise Tahrir Square! Let us globalise Puerta del Sol!’

Sabado 15 de Octubre/ Gran Peña Vecinal

Argentina, 15.10.2011 22:35

MST apoya marcha de FMPR

Puerto Rico, 15.10.2011 21:56

Socialistas respaldan Marcha del magisterio contra la privatización de las escuelas

15 de outubro – Unidos por uma mudança global

CMI Brasil, 15.10.2011 21:24


Call to Action: In Opposition of Mars Hill, Anti-Gay Megachurch

Portland, 15.10.2011 19:47

Last month Mars Hill--an evangelical megachurch with nine branches in Washington and one in New Mexico--postponed its first public meeting after a dance-in and kiss-in was organized by LGBTQ folks in Portland to protest the church's hateful message equating homosexuality with cancer. Mars Hill claimed the postponement was a result of parking concerns due to the Belmont Street Fair scheduled to take place the same day.

Let's show them they won't have a free pass to spread bigotry and hatred here in Portland! Spread the word!

Interview with participant in Union Station Flashmob

DC, 15.10.2011 15:20

On October 14, participants in both Stop the Machine and Occupy DC joined forces for a "flash mob" protest at Union Station Video interview with one participant in the flashmob

Occupy Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, 15.10.2011 02:50

Jóvenes socialistas hacen llamado a ocupar la "Milla de oro"

Jornada de actividades

Puerto Rico, 15.10.2011 02:50

Llamado a unirse a diversas actividades de protesta

UTIER en apoyo a jornada de protestas

Puerto Rico, 15.10.2011 02:50

UTIER participará en protestas del magisterio, comunidades y transportistas

Elecciones 2012: Luis Ángel Torres

Puerto Rico, 15.10.2011 02:11

Las Tribulaciones de(l) Pepito

FUPI ante problemas delictivos en UPR

Puerto Rico, 15.10.2011 02:11

Cuestionan eficacia de policías en el Recinto ante actos delictivos

Comité de Humanidades ante problema seguridad UPR

Puerto Rico, 15.10.2011 01:37

UPR: Consejo de Humanidades ante agresiones a compañeras estudiantes

Tijdlijn #globalchange

Netherlands, 15.10.2011 00:55

Morgen, 15 oktober, zijn er wereldwijd bijna 1000 bezettingen in meer dan tachtig landen onder de noemer #globalchange. De aanleiding hiervoor was deze oproep. In Nederland zijn er in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht en Maastricht bezettingen. Indymedia zal live verslag vanuit Utrecht, Den Haag en Amsterdam doen en tegerlijkertijd zal de redactie updates vanuit de hele wereld bundelen. Open deze post om verder te lezen.

Tijdlijn Nederland:
vanaf 10:30

OHSU's TORTUROUS DISCONNECT: Sponsoring the PSU Event Featuring Dr. Condoleezza Rice

Portland, 14.10.2011 22:52

This article appeared earlier today on I deeply appreciate their help getting out the word. And huge props to Mary Rose Lenore Eng and Joe Walsh, The Lone Vet, who are doing so much to raise awareness on this sorry episode in the annals of Portland State University & Oregon Health & Science University.

How can OHSU operate a renowned torture treatment center on one hand, and sponsor a local event featuring a former high government official who reportedly authorized torture on the other?

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