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Ocupa Rio: 'venham à praça debater!'

CMI Brasil, 04.11.2011 16:58


Rádio Várzea é atacada pelo Grupo Bandeirantes!

CMI Brasil, 04.11.2011 16:17

Septima semana de conflicto

Argentina, 04.11.2011 16:03

L@s trabajadores/as de la salud, continuan con su lucha


NYC, 04.11.2011 12:41

The humble and simple community of El Barrio, NYC opens its arms to all the good-hearted people of Occupy Wall St. and invites them to join us in our corner of the world for an evening of dialogue. We will share our stories of resistance and memories of victory, as we bring to life our dreams of a world of justice, dignity, and democracy.


Colombia, 04.11.2011 07:51


Colombia, 04.11.2011 07:09

Sigue la demanda contra la AEE

Puerto Rico, 04.11.2011 04:05

Continúa recogido de firmas para unirse a demanda contra la AEE

16 años de las Explosiones en Río Tercero

Argentina, 03.11.2011 18:15

Gaza-Bound Humanitarian Flotilla Reaches International Waters

DC, 03.11.2011 14:38

US House Effort to Turn International Solidarity Into Terrorism Draws Sharp Criticism from Human Rights Group

Agnelo Queiroz Manda Prender Todxs Xs Apoiadorxs do Santuário dos Pajés para Garantir a Destruição dos Indícios da Ocupação Tradicional dos Tapuya Fulni-o

CMI Brasil, 03.11.2011 13:20


Wagenplatz Zomia bedroht

Germany, 03.11.2011 13:07

Am 4.11.2011 jährt sich nicht nur die Räumung des Wagenplatzes Bambule in Hamburg zum 9. mal, es ist auch der Beginn der Räumungsverfügung für den neuen Bauwagenplatz Zomia. Der seit fast einem Jahr in Wilhelmsburg ansässige Bauwagenplatz soll seine Fläche räumen, weil Bezirksamtsleiter Schreiber das so will.

Videos: Mobi-Video | Graswurzel.TV bei der Besetzung
Artikel: Erster Tag von Zomia vor einem Jahr | Seit Schill nix gelernt?

Wagenplatz Zomia-Blog | Zomia-Twitter | Karte Wilhelmsburg |

Tag X SMS-Verteiler: "zomia go" an die Nummer 0177-4917162

Gaza-Bound Humanitarian Flotilla Reaches International Waters

NYC, 03.11.2011 12:17

November 2, 2011 - Two boats carrying twenty-seven human rights activists from five countries, including the United States, have made it to international waters and are headed to Gaza. Today, the flotilla set sail unannounced from Turkey with the aim of ending the siege and isolation of Gaza. The boats are carrying letters from people in the United States to the people of Gaza, as well as medicine. This latest attempt comes less than six months after the “Stay Human Flotilla” was detained and sabotaged in Greece by local port authorities in response to mounting pressure from the United States and Israel.

Police brandish heavy weapons at student siege of Sallie Mae

DC, 03.11.2011 05:16

On October 28, students joined forces with Occupy DC for a protest against crippling student loan debt. What was intended as an entry to Sallie Mae's offices for a discussion about crippling student debt bogged down into an arm-locked siege of the entire building after police arrived first. One of the cops brandished a giant pepper spray canister the size of a large fire extinguisher. Video of the siege including the cop with the mega pepper sprayer

Affordable housing and Jack Evans conflict of interest

DC, 03.11.2011 05:16

Affordable housing is a term used to describe dwelling units whose total housing costs are deemed "affordable" to those that have a median income. Although the term is often applied to rental housing that is within the financial means of those in the lower income ranges of a geographical area, the concept is applicable to both renters and purchasers in all income ranges. This article focuses on the affordability of owner-occupied and private rental housing as social housing is a specialized tenure. Please listen to attached program The Latino Media Collective Wednesdays from 7:00pm-8:00pm WPFW 89.3 FM


Rogue Valley, 03.11.2011 05:16

We are the 99% and we can remain silent no longer.


Justicia por la moma

Argentina, 03.11.2011 04:31

Justicia por la moma

Reacción Minh decisión de la UNESCO incorporar a Palestina

Puerto Rico, 03.11.2011 03:20

Saludan decisión de la UNESCO de aprobar la incorporación de Palestina

A reforzar lucha contra gasoducto

Puerto Rico, 03.11.2011 03:20

Convocan a junte de pueblo para reforzar la lucha contra el gasoducto

Jueves de corte y movilizacion en la salud

Argentina, 03.11.2011 03:15

CGE repudia recorte masivo de cursos

Puerto Rico, 03.11.2011 02:46

Consejo General de Estudiantes repudia el recorte masivo de cursos y secciones disponibles

Occupy LA Enters its Second Month

LA, 03.11.2011 02:36

As the Occupy LA camp approached its one-month mark, various issues are being addressed: Participants have been discussing how to create balance between revolution and partying, how to make the camp more engaging and inviting for passersby, and what to do if the Mayor/City Council decide the camp is no longer welcomed. Many of these issues were recently discussed on Uprising Radio.

The numerous issues being addressed at the occupation, besides the 1%, which affects everything, include legalizing marijuana, the continued dangers of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy, chem trails, impact of the war economy on Americans, and environmentally-sane lifestyles. New signs are being created all the time at the camp.

Photos: Pictures of Occupy L.A. (Oct. 24, 2011) R of the Northeast L.A. Radical Neighbors

Meanwhile, indigenous people around the country are calling on the Occupy movements to represent and support first people's wishes and views. A poster seen at various demonstrations points out that "Wall St. is on occupied Algonquin land." Recently, "Occupy Albuquerque" has been renamed to "(Un)Occupy Albuquerque".

Here in LA (known as Yangna to the Tongva people), the emphasis has been placed on trying to get Occupy LA to support the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. The US, of course, is among the few countries that voted against it (along with Australia, Canada, and New Zealand). (Although, here in California, San Luis Obispo Country officially recognized it last August 9. More here. Poltical prisoner Leonard Peltier has also been emphasized, both here and on Wall Street.

An issue very close to home is the desecration of Tongva burials at La Placita (aka: La Plaza), and there has been talk of having a march to there from Occupy LA.

Article: Report: The Indigenous Committee at Occupy LA by RP

In Riverside, the occupation that began on October 15 remains vibrant and strong with a reported 60 people participating in daily actions and about 30 camping. There has been a demonstration at a local Wal*Mart and solidarity with the people of Oakland in the wake of the massive police brutality there. One incident of police brutality has been reported in Riverside.

Reports and pictures by Rockero: Update from Occupy Riverside Day 12 Riverside Womyn of Color for Decolonization Spearhead Oakland Solidarity Rally | Video: Occupy Riverside disrupts auction of WWII vet's foreclosed home by Occupy Riverside


Argentina, 02.11.2011 23:14



Argentina, 02.11.2011 23:14


Continúan las manifestaciones contra la reforma de la ley 30

Colombia, 02.11.2011 17:35

Continúan las manifestaciones contra la reforma de la ley 30

Continúan las manifestaciones contra la reforma de la ley 30

Colombia, 02.11.2011 17:35

Continúan las manifestaciones contra la reforma de la ley 30

General Strike - No Business As Usual November 2nd

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.11.2011 15:01

Occupy Oakland continues to kick through the boundaries of what was previously thought possible, upping the ante of what it means to resist against corporate greed and state oppression. Just one day after a hundred people were arrested, two encampments were physically smashed to the ground, and a thousand supporters were attacked by police with chemical weapons and projectiles in a manner that shocked the conscience of the nation, Occupy Oakland collectively took the audacious and ambitious step of calling for the first General Strike in America in sixty-five years.

New Yorkers head to DC Sunday, Joining Thousands to Protest Keystone Pipeline

NYC, 02.11.2011 14:55

On Sunday, November 6, hundreds of New Yorkers will board chartered busses and head to Washington DC where they will join thousands from around the country in the latest escalation of protests against the Keystone XL Pipeline (Tar Sands Pipeline). The group will circle the White House, and hold signs which quote President Obama's 2008 Campaign Pledges to end our reliance on fossil fuels and combat climate change.

NYC Labor Against the War 11.1: OWS Report: All Out With Oakland on 11/2

NYC, 02.11.2011 14:55

“We call for a general strike around the country, and around the world, because we know that the wealth of the 1 percent is produced by the work of the 99 percent.”


Argentina, 02.11.2011 13:48

Recrudece el conflicto con l@s trabajadores/as de la Salud

Argentina, 02.11.2011 13:05

El aanuncio del gobierno de descuentos tensiono mas la situación

Luego de 74 años se debatió sobre aborto

Argentina, 02.11.2011 00:46

El congreso aprobó en comisión el proyecto de despenalización/legalización del aborto

Luego de 74 años se debatió sobre aborto

Argentina, 02.11.2011 00:46

El congreso aprobó en comisión el proyecto de despenalización/legalización del aborto

Marcha por el Aborto Legal, Seguro y Gratuito

Argentina, 01.11.2011 20:55

Marcha por el Aborto Legal, Seguro y Gratuito

One Arrested at Anti-Coal Zombie March Targeting Bank of America

Portland, 01.11.2011 16:17

Portland Rising Tide, a direct action environmental group confronting the root causes of climate change resurrected the first ever undead zombie army against coal. On Monday October 31st, the zombie army against coal marched from Occupy Portland at 3:00 PM to two Bank of America branches in downtown Portland. One protester, Tim Swenson, was arrested in the protest for allegedly putting red corn syrup on the exterior of the Bank of America on 2nd and Morrison. A spokes-zombie for Portland Rising Tide, David Osborn, stated, "The connections between Bank of America, coal and climate change are too strong to ignore and too devastating to our future to not act against. We call for the immediate release of Tim Swenson and for Bank of America, the true criminal, to be held to account for its actions."

Currently, the cities of Longview and Cherry Point, Washington, are facing proposals to export up to 140 million tons of coal annually. Six other ports across the Northwest are in talks with coal export companies. If constructed, the export terminals will bring up to 26 mile-long trains through the Columbia River gorge, releasing 500 pounds of coal dust per car. Bank of America is the highest lender to coal companies across the nation.

For more information visit:

Ato em defesa do Santuário dos Pajés, nesta terça-feira, 01 de novembro

Brasil, 01.11.2011 12:20


actividades previas a debate

Argentina, 01.11.2011 05:09

Ante el tratamiento en el Congreso ...

Opinión aprobación nuevo código penal

Puerto Rico, 01.11.2011 04:38

Senado condena aborto en 1er trimestre mientras se realiza experimento humano con mujeres

a la calle y al congreso

Argentina, 01.11.2011 04:31

Por Aborto Legal Seguro y Gratuito

a la calle y al congreso

Argentina, 01.11.2011 04:31

Por Aborto Legal Seguro y Gratuito

OSI repudia cuota en la UHS

Puerto Rico, 01.11.2011 03:57

OSI repudia cuota en la UHS

32 Arrests at Occupy Rochester

Rochester, 31.10.2011 18:53

Between 11:30 and 1:30am Friday night, Rochester Police Dept arrested 32 members of Occupy Rochester in Washington Square Park.

Dia 11 de novembro - marcha contra a corrupção em Tefé

Brasil, 31.10.2011 16:23


11 listopada: zaproszenie na blokady

Poland, 31.10.2011 12:01

Porozumienie 11 Listopada zaprasza na blokady

18th Annual Peace &amp; Unity March in Watsonville

Santa Cruz, CA, 31.10.2011 04:33

On October 29, the 18th Annual Peace & Unity March was held in Watsonville. The march was organized to honor victims of gang-related violence in Watsonville and to push for an end to the violence in the community. Sandino Gómez, historian for the Watsonville Brown Berets, recounted how the march began in 1994 to honor Jessica and Jorge Cortéz, 16 and 9 years old, who were gunned down because they had witnessed a gang-related crime. Gómez emphasized that "violence is not the solution" and that everyone present "must be part of the solution".

Scott Olsen Cannot Talk, General Strike Nov. 2nd!

DC, 31.10.2011 04:02

Key unions are on board and will shut down construction sites and the Port of Oakland

prueba banner

Argentina, 31.10.2011 03:20

En Córdoba

Argentina, 31.10.2011 03:20

III Encuentro Provincial contra la Represión Policial e Institucional

Report back 22 arrested

Portland, 30.10.2011 22:41

Breaking News blips of info
About 22 arrested
PIMC 3:30 police leave - 100 people take back the park chanting "Our Park!"

riot cops leaving loud chants from crowd "Shame! Shame!"

police van is back - a protester on crutches walks to get in van, another protester is lifted by arms into van - van leaves 3:23am

another protester is walked to police car from the park

PIMC: 1 protesters dragged to police car - 3 or 4 still left at 3:10

crowd is yelling loudly, around police van as it was leaving, horse cops present

PIMC police van is leaving full of arrested, Still a few laying in park ...police dragging one by one to police car at 3:05

PIMC: around 2 dozen just got arrested in Jamison Park 2:30 AM - Over 100 riot cops - hundres watch from sidewalk in solidarity [...]

Nuevos síndicos en la UPR

Puerto Rico, 30.10.2011 20:18

UPR: Rechazan candidatos a Junta de Síndicos por estar cercanos a corrupción

Derechos Humanos

Argentina, 30.10.2011 19:34

Resumen de Noticias

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