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Photos/Videos:Occupy Boston March In Solidarity With Occupy Oakland

Boston, 09.11.2011 01:19

Boston-Nov. 2, 2011: Hundreds of Occupy activists marched through downtown Boston in solidarity with Occupy Oakland and against police brutality. more photos: video(corporate humour from "Vermin Supreme"): video of march:

Boston Anarchist Bookfair (November 11-13)

Boston, 09.11.2011 01:19

Boston Anarchists have become a favorite scapegoat of Mayor Menino and the chief of the Boston Police Department. Come see what all the fuss is about in a weekend of resistance to authoritarianism, oppression, and capitalism! We will host workshops, presentations and vendors from all over New England and the U.S. In addition, we will present the first ever Boston Anarchist Film Festival! You don't have to be an anarchist to attend-- this event is about sharing, listening and collaboration. Come explore the possibilities of collective liberation!

Comenzó juicio a policía bonaerense acusado de intento de abuso sexual e intento de asesinato

Argentina, 08.11.2011 22:39

Justicia para Romina Benavidez

Comenzó juicio a policía bonaerense acusado de intento de abuso sexual e intento de asesinato

Argentina, 08.11.2011 22:39

Justicia para Romina Benavidez

Relato sobre a ação policial na USP no dia 8 de novembro de 2011.

Brasil, 08.11.2011 21:14


Passengers on boats to Gaza beaten, denied visits by lawyers, access to family

DC, 08.11.2011 18:06

The take over of the Tahrir and the Saoirse was violent and dangerous. Despite very clear protests from the occupants of the two boats that they did not want to be taken to Israel, they were forcibly removed from the boats in a violent manner. The whole take over took about 3 hours. Many of those on the Canadian boat were beaten. Information is emerging that Israeli armed forces tactics in confronting the non-violent activists have been violent and dangerous reports a call received directly from Israeli prison. This despite claims from the IDF spokesperson that "every precaution will be taken for the safety of the activists."

Fundraiser for Occupy pdx Tues 11/8 @ the Bagdad

Portland, 08.11.2011 16:40

Silent Auction/Insurrectionary Comedy/Movie, at the Bagdad, 3712 SE Hawthorne. $10. Auction@ 6, comedy @ 8, "The People Speak" @10

All money goes to Occupy Portland, from the entire night...
To whom it may concern, we can be reached at


Todos/as de olho na nova ocupação cultural do Rio: risco de desalojo ilegal!

CMI Brasil, 08.11.2011 03:47


Police Attack Occupy Riverside: 11 Arrested, Police Brutality Reported

LA, 08.11.2011 01:19

RIVERSIDE (CA) - Sunday, November 6, 2011 - Approximately 25 police in riot gear raided the peaceful encampment of Occupy Riverside yesterday afternoon. They dismantled and confiscated tents to the jeers of the demonstrators. The booth set up for the People's Kitchen and the media table were consolidated in the center of the plaza, and, in attempt to defend these stations and personal belongings, occupiers linked arms and formed a human chain around them.

In total 11 were arrested. There are many reports of police violence during the arrests; Many people were slammed to the ground, had their faced smashed into the concrete, and had the knees of officers applied to their necks and heads.

Reports from the Newswire:

Programa especial en Red

Argentina, 08.11.2011 00:37

En defensa del agua, la tierra y los bienes comunes

Bank Transfer Day: Accounts Closed, Money Transferred, Credit Cards Destroyed.

LA, 07.11.2011 23:55

LOS ANGELES, November 5, 20011 - Saturday morning, fifty fours stories down from the top floor at the Wells Fargo skyscraper, a vigorous crowd protested and marched through the banking district of downtown Los Angeles. The protest was part of a nationwide day of action called "Bank Transfer Day". A coordinated action to move funds from large multi-national institutions to credit unions and smaller community banks.

Kristen Christian is a Los Angles Gallery owner and former B of A customer who started the revolt on her facebook page. Her page that states the case for using credit unions and small non investment banks while punishing the larger banks for their behavior since 2008 and before. She originally sent the her page out to 500 friends and now has 28,000 nationwide supporters. Some demonstrators cut up their credit cards in protest. Reports from the newswire:


Athens, 07.11.2011 22:45

Τα ψέματα τελείωσαν!

Oakland General Strike a Success, but Cops Seriously Injure another Vet

Portland, 07.11.2011 17:28

In response to severe violence carried out by the city government of Oakland on October 25th, much of the city of Oakland was shut down on November 2nd and successful mass protests took to the streets. By conservative estimates 50,000 people demonstrated. Protesters included many union people wearing their union shirts as well as students. Marches included a morning march, a noon march on the banks, an anti-capitalist march, and a march of over 10,000 people that shut down the Port of Oakland with a mass picket honored by members of ILWU Local 10.

It was an overwhelming response against the police violence carried out under Democrat Mayor Jean Quan's administration that attempted to shut down the peaceful Occupy Oakland protest on October 25th with severe violence. Many people were injured by the cops and one protester, Scott Olsen, an Iraq War veteran and member of Iraq War Veterans Against the War, was hit in the head by a projectile fired by the cops at close range. The injury knocked him out with a fractured skull and has caused severe damaged to the speech center of his brain making him no longer able to speak.

A second veteran has now been seriously injured by the police on November 2nd. This time it was Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran Kayvan Sabehgi whose spleen was ruptured due to a brutal beating by cops.

This an article of Liberation News, Subscribe Free

Chicago Independent TV in November: Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Chicago, Afghanistan War Anniversary Protest

Chicago, 07.11.2011 05:07

The November 2011 episode of Chicago Independent Television includes segments direct from the scenes of Occupy Wall Street in New York and Occupy Chicago in the Windy City, as well as with a recent protest for peace in Chicago on the tenth anniversary of the U.S. war in Afghanistan.

Read more about Episode 72 | CIMC TV Podcast | CIMC Video Page | CITV on YouTube | CITV on Free Speech TV | CITV on iTunes

Citizen takes Rochester Police Accountability to the Federal government

Rochester, 07.11.2011 03:36

Theodore Loria, who successfully sued the Rochester police department and the city of Rochester four separate times in federal court in the 1990's for violating his civil rights, he has 5th lawsuit pending for violation of his civil rights and will be filing his 6th lawsuit on Monday Nov. 7 against the RPD and city of Rochester, again for civil rights violations. Mr Loria decided that after the numerous times his civil rights have been violated and hearing from others about the RPD's behavior and misconduct, he needed to do something different to help the Rochester community, so in his 6th lawsuit he is asking for something different from his other lawsuits.

28 People Arrested at 73 Precinct-Rally &amp; Civil Disobedience in Brownsville

NYC, 07.11.2011 02:25

New York, NY, November 2, 2011: -- A successful, peaceful civil disobedience action which included many from the Brooklyn community of Brownsville joining activists from the Stop Mass Incarceration Network occurred on Tuesday, November 1. Twenty-eight people were arrested in front of the 73rd Precinct and taken to the 77th Precinct for processing. Carl Dix was the last person released in a prolonged, punitive processing at approximately 2:50 AM.

#OccupyIreland, 6 camps and building... Dublin, Cork, Galway, Belfast, Waterford...Letterkenny..

Ireland, 07.11.2011 00:46

OccupyIreland network is giving hope where previou ...

Anonymous Outs Embezzlement From Occupy Portland

Portland, 06.11.2011 21:19

Individuals on the Finance Committee at Occupy Portland were able to take control the protest's domain name and and associate email addresses late Tuesday evening. Additionally, in a somewhat ironic twist, these individuals formed a (non-profit) corporation to which they transferred all of the money which had been collected for the movement through kind dona...tions from our community.

The emails that were being used maintain contact the with the press, organize our online group discussions, and control the technical means of organization were all taken over by a handful of individuals that were able to get the passwords to these systems then lock everyone else out.

Unless restored immediately, is no longer affiliated with our protest or our movement. The Finance Committee members that have acted on their own will need to account for their own actions. We cannot state with certainty the amount of the donations that were taken in through the internet. We will use all means at our disposable to account for every dollar and make this transparent as soon as possible.

PPT repudia aumento de endoso al 7%

Puerto Rico, 06.11.2011 19:31

Pepeté repudia medida que aumenta requerimiento de endosos al 7 por ciento

J-23 denuncia plan de seguridad UPR-RP

Puerto Rico, 06.11.2011 19:31

J23-MAS denuncia ineficiencia en el plan de seguridad del Recinto de Río Piedras

Reseña del documental “Compañeros de Lucha”

Puerto Rico, 06.11.2011 19:31

Reseña del documental “Compañeros de Lucha”


Argentina, 06.11.2011 19:24

El hombre del mameluco

Reseña sobre conferencia de E. Villegas en PR

Puerto Rico, 06.11.2011 18:11

Defienden gestión gubernamental venezolana en defensa de la libertad de expresión

Comité Acción - Educación repudia cuota UHS

Puerto Rico, 06.11.2011 17:30

El Comité de Acción de Educación repudia la cuota de la UHS

Occupy Eugene moves to Washington Jefferson Park

Portland, 06.11.2011 03:26

Occupy Eugene relocated Saturday from U of O Millrace Park to large park area south most portion of Washington Jefferson park. This is a highly visible, central park which ODOT estimates 56,000 cars pass daily. Large encampment includes 30 foot tall geodetic dome, large tepee, a dozen or more group garage tents, and 50 to 100 private tents...

Occupy Eugene also sponsored a large and successful "bank transfer day" march Saturday through downtown banking area.

Video: Occupy Portland Splinter March Occupies Bridges

Portland, 06.11.2011 03:26

A splinter group takes possession of the Hawthorne Bridge, crossing over to Southeast Portland, taking Grand Avenue on their way to Occupy the Burnside Bridge before circling back to the park. I arrived at the march when a fair sized portion of the group decided to walk across the Hawthorne bridge. The bridge was closed off at the time, due to the march passing down SW 1st street.

On reaching Grand Avenue, the march took the entire northbound street and headed up to the Burnside bridge. The video stops at this point.
About 5 minutes in length.


Portland, 06.11.2011 02:47

Anarchist General Assembly

Saturday, November 12th 2011 at 3pm, at St Francis Dining Hall (330 Southeast 11th Avenue)

Food, Discussion, & Entertainment with local comrades and fellow-travelers.

Koch Bros Event Blockaded

DC, 06.11.2011 00:28

On the 5th of November, nearly 1,000 people from Occupy DC and a Guerilla Theater coalition blockaded nearly all exists from the Washington Convention Center as the Koch brothers-funded "Defending the American Dream" summit. A few motorists hit protesters with the cars, couple of protestors sent to the hospital and released; at least one arrest. Video-Lexus rams protesters, police arrest a protester instead of the driver Attack on #occupydc Protesters at Occupy Koch Brothers Action | Arrests | Dispatch from Occupy DC Videos | Traffic Cam


Argentina, 05.11.2011 23:39

Muerte de un peón rural: “Yo pido justicia, hay muchos casos como este en nuestro país”


Argentina, 05.11.2011 23:07

Muerte de un peón rural: “Yo pido justicia, hay muchos casos como este en nuestro país”

Fue anulado el dictamen de mayoría del proyecto de legalización/despenalización del aborto

Argentina, 05.11.2011 23:07

La lucha continúa

Fue anulado el dictamen de mayoría del proyecto de legalización/despenalización del aborto

Argentina, 05.11.2011 23:07

La lucha continúa

Sheffield Occupied!

United Kingdom, 05.11.2011 22:29

On 5th November a Occupy Sheffield camp was established outside Sheffield Cathedral (map). After discussing where to camp at a meeting on the steps of the City Hall it was agreed to set up camp at the Cathedral. Posters and flyers you can print, to spread the word, have been produced by the Sheffield Equality Group.

Following on from the start of Occupy Wall Street on 17th September 2001 there is now a global occupation movement and a growing number of occupations in the UK.

Occupy Sheffield has a web site, a StatusNet account, a Twitter account, a presence on Facebook, an email list and a wiki with a Wishlist for the camp.

Newswire: Sheffield Occupied!

UK Occupations: Bath | Birmingham | Bournemouth | Bradford | Brighton | Bristol | Cardiff | Edinburgh | Glasgow | Leeds | London Finsbury Square | London Stock Exchange | Newcastle | Norwich | Nottingham

16 More Arrested at Occupy Rochester

Rochester, 05.11.2011 19:37

On November 2, 2011, between 11:45 and 1:30am Wednesday night, Rochester Police Dept arrested 16 members of Occupy Rochester in Washington Square Park. Following Wednesday's rally the hundreds of workers, students and community members gathered into Washington Square park to occupy.

A crowd of roughly 150 gathered in Washington Square park to initiate the overnight Occupation in Solidarity with Oakland and Scott Olson!

Photos: from Bill Finan
Video: from thegreenkacheek on YouTube

Have video or photos? We'd love to present them in this feature! Email us at

Community Members Testify at Commission to Review and Reform the Civilian Review Process

Rochester, 05.11.2011 18:18

On October 20, 2011, community members converged on City Hall sometime around 6PM to listen and participate in Councilmember Adam McFadden's new commission to evaluate and potentially reform the procedures of the civilian review process.

The commission is made up of 15 people representing different parts of the community. Included are five cops of who at least three have troubled histories (Simmons shot and killed a woman—and was then promoted, Mazzeo was indicted on charges of torture and conspiracy to violate the civil rights of community members—and was elected president of the police union, and Malley—in more than one case—presided over internal investigations regarding cases involving his own conduct). All in all a pretty fishy commission.

Look out for Teddy Loria calling out Malley and Emily Good calling out Mazzeo. By the way, McFadden threatened to make the commission a private event disallowing community involvement, transparency, and accountability. Democracy is apparently a gift bestowed upon us by the leaders.

Prior to the commission meeting was a rally demanding police accountability for the murder of Hayden Blackman—a resident on Columbia Avenue.

Videos: Prior to the commission meeting: Rally Demanding Police Accountability for the Murder of Hayden Blackman | Oct. 20: Commission to Review and Reform the Civilian Review Process

Move your Money Day, Sat. Nov. 5 in Portland

Portland, 05.11.2011 17:51

Please join us at Terry Shrunk Plaza at 9:30 a.m. to open an account in a truly local bank or local credit union. These establishments are ready and waiting for those opening new accounts, with refreshments. Did you know that two-thirds of private bank deposits in the state of Oregon are held by just five Wall Street banks? If you are you still banking with the "too big to fail" banks that crashed our economy, it's time to bring your money home and start banking local. When it comes to moving your money, finding a truly local bank can be hard because so many banks and credit unions use slick marketing campaigns to makes themselves "look local".

However, we've done the research and we've built an online resource called Oregon Banks Local to find out how "local" the banks and credit unions in your neighborhood truly are.

The more people that begin to invest locally here in Oregon, the more of an impact we make on rebuilding Main Street Oregon. Let's start by banking with truly local banks and credits unions.

[ RELATED: Goldman Sachs Declares War on Community Bank, by Greg Palast ]

Sparks Will Fly on November 9th!

United Kingdom, 05.11.2011 15:16

Fat Cat bosses from the eight largest construction businesses are seekingto further expand profit margins through moves that would see industry workers lose up to a third of their take home pay. The employers seek to withdraw from various agreements including the Joint Industrial Board (J.I.B.) agreement, and to impose new contracts which would downgrade safety and skill levels. Earlier this month, Balfour Beatty issued 1700 termination notices to workers, and began sacking those who took part in protests and refused to cross picket lines.

Rank and file electricians, calling themselves 'The Sparks' have challenged both their employers and the UNITE union by launching their own wildcat actions whilst remaining in the union. London actions to date include two blockades of Blackfriars station construction site, a picket outside Stratford's new Westfield Shopping Centre and most recently an attempt to blockade 110 Cannon Street, a site run by Gratte Brothers. On arrival the Sparks found that management had already closed the site, and headed for Cannon Street Tube where they held a short rally before marching to the #OccupyLSX camp outside St. Pauls. Outside of London actions have taken place at Sellafield, Grangemouth and Ratcliffe power stations, and Lindsey oil refinery.

Next Wednesday the Sparks will be joined by plumbers, and heating and ventilation engineers from across the country. They plan to assemble at the Shard near London Bridge at 11.30am before marching to the Blackfriars Station site and then on to parliament.

Also taking place on the day, will be the national demonstration against fees, cuts and privatisation which will bring together university, further education and school students from across the country to stage the biggest education protest in the capital since last December. Also planned is a mass walkout of schools, FE colleges and universities by students in support of the demo. The “March on the City” will see thousands descending on the streets of London, starting at the University of London Union, Malet Street through Trafalgar Square and up the Strand, before passing #OccupyLSX camp outside St. Pauls and ending at London Metropolitan University Moorgate campus next to the City of London, the heart of the financial capital. The day of protest is aimed at the government’s education reform bill which is a crude attempt to corporatise the education sector.

Upcoming Protests: National Construction Industry action | N9 Anarchist Bloc on the Student/Education demo

On the newswire: Sparks blockade Blackfriars station site | Siteworkers and OccupyLSX blockade Blackfriars | Latest London sparks protest | Electricians/Sparks Protest in Newcastle | Proposed Electricians Pay Cut Sparks Resistance | Manchester support the Sparks! | National Construction Industry action Nov 9th

Bank Transfer Day Saturday, be a part of it!

NYC, 05.11.2011 14:35

On Saturday November 5th, wherever you are, make history lovelies, be a star!
All out to move our money to small local community banks and/or credit unions, all at the same time, ka-POW!. Go to and type in your zip code to find wonderful listings in your area. I was prompted to enter my zip twice. Remember banks close early on Saturdays!

Proyecto Pro de vender espacios públicos

Argentina, 05.11.2011 12:54

La huerta no se vende

Proyecto Pro de vender espacios públicos

Argentina, 05.11.2011 12:18

La huerta no se vende

Flushing Out The Corporate Corruption: Occupy Government

United States, 05.11.2011 12:01

Months before the Occupy Wall Street movement captured attention, inspiring millions across America while alarming this nation's political/corporate class, they began fashioning plans to enable honest people to run for elected office. They worked many late night hours since this past spring creating a unique vehicle -- part grassroots initiative and part cutting-edge technology -- for countering the most corrupting force in American politics today: corporate dominance now controlling too many elected leaders on Capitol Hill. Read More by Linn Washington, Jr. |

Birmingham University Students Occupy Corporate Conference Centre

United Kingdom, 05.11.2011 11:03

On November 2nd there was a call-out for students and staff at the University of Birmingham to protest against tuition fees, cuts and privatisation. At 2pm they gathered under the University Clock tower to listen to speeches from several students about the effects the rise in tuition fees will have and the negative impacts of privatisation within education. There was concern that the Higher Education White Paper will force Universities to act more like private companies. The government argues that the introduction of competition into the sector will increase choice and quality of education for students. However many of the campaigners felt that this will create a US style model of a few elite, inaccessible universities and a large pool of underfunded poor institutions. There was also anger over the private sector-style pay rises received by the managers at the University. Last year, the Vice-Chancellor David Eastwood received an 11% pay rise increasing his pay to £392,0004. The money the University 'saved' by closing the entire Sociology Department was blown in one year on management pay rises.

Upcoming Protest: N9 Anarchist Bloc on the Student/Education demo

From the Newsire: University of Birmingham Occupied! | Why we occupy, our statement | Photos from University occupation | VIDEO: University of Birmingham Occupation

Related Features: Political policing in Birmingham | Council House & universities occupied: students reject cuts and fees hike

Links:Defend Birmingham | YouTube video

Occupy Atlanta and Peachtree-Pine Taskforce for the Homeless Join Forces

United States, 05.11.2011 02:45

[On] October 28th, some occupiers from Atlanta escalated the campaign to saving the Peachtree-Pine Taskforce for the Homeless. The Taskforce is under pressure from the City of Atlanta, Central Atlanta Progress, Emory University and other corporate structures in the city who are trying to foreclose the shelter which sits in a very expensive area and is, ostensibly, very valuable real estate.

Over the past few weeks, the occupiers marched in solidarity with the residents at the shelter, including a march to the Emory Medical Hospital in Midtown which ended in protesters attempting to force their way into the administrative building and clashing with police.

Black Youth Beaten by Champaign Police

United States, 05.11.2011 02:45

It has been two years since Kiwane Carrington was killed by a Champaign police officer, but 18-year-old black youth, Calvin Miller, is still afraid of the police. So when a Champaign cop attempted to pull him over for no apparent reason, he panicked. He only wanted to get home that night.

“When they told me to stop,” Calvin said. “I stopped. He didn’t need to beat me in my head.” Calvin put his hands up over his head, but the cop kept beating him, injuring him on his forehead, eye, and jaw.

Calvin is also the son of local black activist Martel Miller, who has consistently appeared at city council meetings reporting on the brutality of the Champaign police. Read More | Update: Stand With Calvin Miller! Tuesday night at Champaign City Council


Argentina, 05.11.2011 01:32

El hombre del mameluco


Argentina, 05.11.2011 01:32

El hombre del mameluco

Occupy Santa Cruz Holds Demonstration in Support of the General Strike in Oakland

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.11.2011 21:44

In solidarity with the call by Occupy Oakland for a general strike, which was in response to the police violence in Oakland that resulted in the serious injury of Scott Olsen and others, Occupy Santa Cruz members called for a strike to be held in Santa Cruz on November 2nd. Suggestions to avoid work and or/school were made, and community members gathered at the county courthouse steps for a march and demonstration downtown.

Free Radio Santa Cruz is Back on the Air

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.11.2011 19:16

After an eviction from their previous transmitter site, Free Radio Santa Cruz has found a new site and restarted transmitting on 101.1 FM. The collectively run, anti-corporate, community supported station has been providing Santa Cruz with alternative programming to counter mainstream corporate and NPR stations since 1995. Uncle Dennis, a broadcast engineer for Free Radio Santa Cruz, is offering a class in radio engineering during the winter quarter of Free Skool Santa Cruz.

PG&amp;E Begins Removing 'Smart' Meters Due to Health Effects

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.11.2011 18:43

Santa Cruz, Calif. - Just as PG&E enters the final phase of its deployment of wireless "smart" meters in California, the largest of the state's Investor Owned Utilities (IOU's) has reversed course, quietly beginning to replace the 'smart' meters of those reporting health impacts with the old analog version. Consumer rights and health groups immediately seized on the news, demanding that millions of Californians unhappy with their new wireless meters get their analogs returned immediately at no cost.


Argentina, 04.11.2011 17:22

L@s trabajadores/as de la salud, continuan con su lucha

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