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South Africa, 26.11.2004 10:15

Rather in jail than homeless

Buy Nothing Day in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 26.11.2004 09:52

This Friday. November 26th. The "Biggest Shopping Day of the Year" Tell your friends, allies, neighbors, and family:

Buy Nothing Day is happening in Santa Cruz!!

I imagine some of you will want to be part of another Buy Nothing Day. Downtown, Art & Revolution are meeting at 1:30 at the Farmer's Market Lot (by toadal fitness). Capitola Mall will be a favorite spot, too.

Free Radio Santa Cruz will be "webcasting" all day as part of the Critical Mass Radio Network. Listen to broadcasts from Portland, LA, SF, NYC, SD, and from 2-4 PM all networked stations will be broadcasting FRSC's stream over the people's airwaves. The day's programming will be focused on "COLONIAL HOLIDAYs". Stay "tuned" to

[ CRITICAL MASS BIKE RIDE (buy nothing day edition) I Fourth Critical Mass Radio Network Broadcast ]

Media News Group Electio Fraud Blackout

San Diego, 26.11.2004 09:38

Media News Group owns 85+ media properties including at least 44 in California. This article attempts to find their reasons for blacking out information on election fraud in the United States while covering it in other countries.

Iran Comes Clean

Ireland, 26.11.2004 09:37

Iran Claims Plutonium Needed as Food (2004-11-25) -- Iran today announced that the plutonium it is allowed to produce under a recent agreement with France, Germany and Britain, is strictly reserved for human consumption. ...

Three Years and Counting

Ireland, 26.11.2004 09:24

The U.S. has not suffered a major attack since September 2001. Why? The September 11 attacks still reverberate profoundly. Of that, there is no better indication than George W. Bush's decisive reelection. For all the trendy talk about "values voters," the campaign was run principally on national-security issues, and the president won a surprisingly large majority. The nation was convinced that he had a superior handle on how to keep us safe. ...

Ocupación toba

Argentina, 26.11.2004 08:10

Viernes 26 de Noviembre 2004 | LUEGO QUE PROTAGONIZARAN UNA TOMA
Gobierno de Rosario promete tierras a comunidad toba

Updates about the reopening of the Randall Shelter

DC, 26.11.2004 07:49

I just got back home from the Randall Shelter, where spent most of my day, on and off, doing support from outside. I have some updates about interactions with the police, media, and our supporters.

Iraqi Student Suspended After Photo with Irish President

Ireland, 26.11.2004 06:43

An Iraqi student has been suspended from her school in Dublin after she had her photograph taken with the Irish President, Mrs Mary McAleese. The principal, Mr Danny Cussen has defended the action, saying it was a disciplinary matter for the school only, and denied it was because of the students nationality. However, he told her "You can't touch the President'."" ...

Liberaron a ferroviarios

Argentina, 26.11.2004 06:22

Liberaron a ferroviarios detenidos

Represión en Catamarca y en Castelar

Argentina, 26.11.2004 06:20

Jueves 25 de Noviembre 2004 | REPRESIÓN EN CATAMARCA Y EN CASTELAR
Detenidos y heridos por pelear por trabajo

Liberan a ferroviarios

Argentina, 26.11.2004 05:59

Liberaron a ferroviarios detenidos

Liberaron a ferroviarios

Argentina, 26.11.2004 05:46

Liberaron a los ferroviarios detenidos

no violencia a las mujeres

Argentina, 26.11.2004 05:08

Jueves 25 de Noviembre de 2004 | cientos de personas lo conmemoraron en La Plata
Movilizacion por el día de la no violencia hacia las mujeres

Racial double standard for serial murderers

Madison, 26.11.2004 05:07

Letter on the Sawyer Country shootings published in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, Marshfield News Herald, Lakeland Times, and other Wisconsin newspapers.

Culturas: La Noche que vino el Diablo

Puerto Rico, 26.11.2004 05:06

Culturas: La Noche que vino el Diablo

Culturas: La Noche que vino el Diablo

Puerto Rico, 26.11.2004 05:04

Culturas: La Noche que vino el Diablo

Community Supported Agriculture Sprouts in Fernvale

Tennessee, 26.11.2004 03:23

In a time when rural communities in Tennessee and across the world are in danger of being "developed" into ill-planned, mismanaged and environmentally destructive suburban areas, people are beginning to band together in order to save the land and the slow paced rural way of life they love.

Bin Tax to be voted on - place your money

Ireland, 26.11.2004 02:47

Odds on outcome of bin tax estimates vote 1/2 deferred for a week or more 3/1 passed with amendment that removes bin tax - (5/1 amendment is govt rates, 10/1 hotel room tax, 15/1 others) 4/1 passed with only Independents and SF against 4/1 passed: Ind, SF, some labour against (1/2 on Labour use of abstentions) 4/1 passed: Ind, some labour, some SF against (1/7 on SF use of abstentions) 10/1 defeated - labour, sf, ind against 5/1 defeated - labour, ind, SF and some FF / FG against 50/1 defeated - FF solid against 100/1 defeated - some FG against and FF solid against ...

No más violencia contra la mujer

Puerto Rico, 26.11.2004 01:00

Mujeres y hombres pintan mural en conmemoración al Día de No Más Violencia Contra la Mujer

No más violencia contra la mujer

Puerto Rico, 26.11.2004 00:54

Mujeres y hombres pintan mural en conmemoración al Día de No Más Violencia Contra la Mujer

No más violencia contra la mujer

Puerto Rico, 26.11.2004 00:46

Mujeres y hombres pintan mural en conmemoración al Día de No Más Violencia Contra la Mujer

Fayetteville High School Unites Against Bigots

Arkansas, 26.11.2004 00:39

Fred Phelp's Baptist Congregation showed up on Thursday to protest the Fayetteville High School Gay Straight Alliance on Thursday.They numbered a little over ten. Hundreds of students and community members poured onto the lawn of the school to counterprotest, proving that nothing can unite a community like an ignorant bigot. The crowd was very loud and someone from the back of the crowd threw some projectiles at the bigots. One woman reported being hit wiht a rock and a corporate reporter was struck with a plastic bottle. BMONK has compiled an excellent short video of the afternoon.

Represión a protesta de ferroviarios y piqueteros

Argentina, 25.11.2004 23:28

Jueves 25 de Noviembre 2004 | REPRESIÓN EN CATAMARCA Y EN CASTELAR
Detenidos y heridos por pelear por trabajo

Cobertura minuto a minuto.

santiago, 25.11.2004 23:15

Violenta represión a marcha estudiantil contra la APEC.

Después de... ¿Y ahora qué?

santiago, 25.11.2004 23:12

Después de... ¿Y ahora qué?

Update: Emergency Planning to Unwelcome Bush to Maritimes

Maritimes, 25.11.2004 22:15


UPDATE: Meetings being held across Canada for actions in Hali, Ottawa, and other cities.

Buy Nothing Day Marks the Beginning of Season of Consumers' Resistance

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.11.2004 21:54

Sheep to Take to the Streets to Expose Consumerism on Day After Thanksgiving

Fur Free Friday Rally and Walk

Portland, 25.11.2004 21:52

Millions of animals are trapped, drowned, and beaten to death in the wild each year. Others are confined to wire cages, enduring extremes of temperature, lack of veterinary care, and being killed by poisoning, neck breaking, or anal or vaginal electrocution.

  • When: Friday, November 26th
  • Where: SW 10th and Yamhill
  • Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Over the past decade, the campaign to stop the bloody fur trade has been enormously successful. The habit of wearing fur has been exposed and stigmatized as blatant animal cruelty. But despite our gains, we are now at a critical juncture. Young celebrities and designers are flaunting animal skins as coats and trim once again, and the public is being swayed.

The fur industry has convinced the media that 'fur is back.' Join In Defense of Animals and bring your canine friend for a fun and educational, 1.5 mile walk in remembrance of the 40 million animals brutalized and killed by the fur industry each year. Help remind the public that fur is for the dogs and all the other fur-bearing critters; never for vanity!

[ read the full article... ]

Represión a protesta de ferroviarios

Argentina, 25.11.2004 21:52

Jueves 25 de Noviembre 2004 | REPRESIÓN EN CATAMARCA Y EN CASTELAR
Detenidos y heridos por pelear por trabajo

edukado (eo)

Barcelona, 25.11.2004 21:21

Indymedia Barcelono ankaŭ en esperanto

La asembleo de Indymedia Barcelono prezentas esperanton kiel novan lingvan eblecon por legi la novaĵojn de la centra kolumno kaj ĉion alian krom la novaĵoj de la dekstra kolumno. Esperanto estas sennacieca lingvo, ĝia hejmo estas la tuta mondo. Per ĝia uzado ni deziras kontribui al pli justa mondo, en kiu neniu, pro naskiĝo aŭ ekonomia nivelo, havu pli da eblecoj scipovi la superregantajn lingvojn; t.e., ni celas eviti diskriminacion pro lingvaj kialoj.

Kelkaj ligiloj al ĉi-tieaj paĝoj >>> La frukto de Lazaro-Ludoviko Zamenhof :: Kio vere estas Esperanto? Kiu estas ĝia celo? :: Esperanto en la Katalunaj Landoj :: Mallonga historio de esperanto per datoj :: Tiuj ĉi teranoj estas veraj suferemuloj :: Kie estas la mitoj?, kie estas la realaĵoj? :: Dulingvismo kaj konceptaj banalaĵoj :: Kiam pigreco vendas produktojn... ::: Tiu ĉi malkompetenta Eŭropa "Unio" estas farso.

+infoj :: Multlingva Informcentro pri la Internacia Lingvo + KEA (Kataluna Esperanto-Asocio) + Vikipedio en esperanto + Indymedia Brazilo + >>>instruado

education (en)

Barcelona, 25.11.2004 21:19

Barcelona Indymedia introduce the use of Esperanto

The assembly of Barcelona Indymedia introduces esperanto as a new linguistic option to read the news from the central column and everything other than the right column. Esperanto is a language without a state, its house is the World. With its use we want to contribute to build a fairer world, in a way that nobody, for any reason of birthplace or economic level, will have more oportunity to have access to a command of languages which are imposed. What this means is that we are looking to prevent discrimination for linguistic reasons.

More links on these sites >>> The fruit of Lázaro Luis Zamenhof :: What's really esperanto? what's its goal? :: Esperanto in Països Catalans (catalonian countries) :: Short factual history about Esperanto :: "These earthlings are authentic sufferers" :: What's the myth? What are the realities? :: Bilingüisme i foteses conceptuals (about bilingualism) :: When lazyness sells products... :: This incompetent European "Union" is a farce.

+info :: Multilingual place about Esperanto + K.E.A. (Kataluna Esperanto-Asocio) + Vikipedio in Esperanto + Brasil Indymedia + >>>education

The Take

Houston, 25.11.2004 21:19

Friday, December 3rd 8pm

Re-Membering Thanksgiving: Gloating and Gluttony Then and Now

DC, 25.11.2004 20:41

Body parts litter Falluja and US dinner tables. Complacent Christians gorge themselves without fear, safe from the threat of gay marriage. Thus, the conquest continues. But resistance is persistent. Separation is both cause and consequence of our problems. Solidarity -- with the earth, other animals, each other, and ourselves -- will save us.


DC, 25.11.2004 20:40

On Thursday, November 25, a group of advocates for the homeless began occupying a former homeless center at 75 I St, SW, Washington, DC. Both the Gales School Shelter and the Randall School Shelter have recently been closed seemingly as a part of the city administration's efforts to make the homeless invisible by sweeping them out of the downtown area.

Stagg says motorway route plan is 'cultural vandalism'

Ireland, 25.11.2004 20:35

The destruction of the Tara-Skryne valley was "cultural vandalism akin to ripping a knife through a Rembrandt", the Dáil was told during a bitter debate about the M3 motorway. ...

Did the Democrats consciously &quot;take a dive&quot;?

DC, 25.11.2004 19:38

I'm sure that there's a lot of folks out there who earn their living as journalists and by studying the political process who are way ahead of me on this, but I still feel compelled to ask: were the Democrats taking a dive in this last election? Yeah, I know I'm probably way wrong on this, but the question keeps nagging at me.

Chile Anti APEC

Puerto Rico, 25.11.2004 19:36

CHILE: Manifestación anti APEC y represión

First Amendment Project Sneak Preview!

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 25.11.2004 19:01

In cooperation with the Sundance Channel, Minnesota Film Arts' Bell Auditorium presents a sneak preview of three engaging new short films by prominent young American directors, all commissioned by the Sundance Channel for broadcast in December, and all centering around headline-grabbing lawsuits that involve the First Amendment.

Coroner: Arafat Died of Tilex Poisoning

Ireland, 25.11.2004 18:50

Concludes that Arafat was murdered The coroner for the Palestinian Authority today announced that former Chairman Yassir Arafat died from "acute Tilex poisoning," and blamed the CIA and Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service. ...


Barcelona, 25.11.2004 18:47

While the politicians talk, we die

Although gendered violence continues to increase, what is the main cause of death of women between 16 and 44 years old, and the 25% of women who suffer it, neither the European Constitution nor the Spanish state with the Llei Integral against gendered violence (law) actually faces this problem. How long will this story go on? All of us knew about the cases at home, on the street, in the alternative spaces, at work, in the prisons, at war, etc... Justice for abusers tends to be benevolent and the officials deny evidence.

Without forgetting that men aren't the enemy to beat, it will be necessary to continue fighting and educating :: Barcelona : [Nov 25th] Demonstration +0+ [Nov 26th] Video and discussion about gendered violence +0+ [Nov 24th-26th] Days of "Women and Violence" +0+ [Nov 26th-28th] Meeting of women and men for equality +0+ [Nov 25th] Action in Chocó (Colombia) +0+ Report +0+ Analysis +0+ Activism +0+ Links of gender +0+ About gender, sex and women +0+ Violence, sexual identity and health +0+ How we, lesbians, experience violence? +0+ Masculinity, violence and peace +0+ Sex and love relationships, be honest

+info :: >>>dones + media + agenda

Why Thanksgiving?

San Diego, 25.11.2004 18:41

Why does anyomne continue to legitimize the Thanksgiving holiday by celebrating it? Eating Tofurkey does not change what thanksgiving is truly a celebration of.

The first official "Day of Thanksgiving" was proclaimed in 1637 by Governor Winthrop. He did so to celebrate the safe return of men from Massachusetts who had gone to Mystic, Connecticut to participate in the massacre of over 700 Pequot women, children, and men.

David Horowitz speaks out at Georgetown.

Ireland, 25.11.2004 18:33

A reformed Marxist tells the unvarnished truth. This speech was given at Georgetown University on October 14, 2004 and broadcast on C-Span. ...

No Surrender!

Ireland, 25.11.2004 18:24

I was sceptical about a report on RTE recently - US troops "allegedly" (bases covered there) came under fire from "Iraqi insurgents" waving a white flag of surrender. Mmm. Something smells fishy. ...

Just say, &quot;No, Thank You!&quot; when you're offered turkey today

Portland, 25.11.2004 17:46

Over 300 million turkeys are killed every year in the United States, 40 million of them specifically for Thanksgiving. The majority of these are raised in factory farms where they are stacked in cages in windowless sheds where they can't live naturally (or happily) in any sense of the word. Often they cannot move, and many die in the conditions before they are fully grown. They are debeaked and declawed without anesthesia, making it difficult or even impossible for them to eat, and research shows that they feel the pain of this for the rest of their lives. Those who survive are fed until they are grotesquely obese and cannot stand because their skeletons are too weak from confinement. Over-burdened in this way, and trapped in close quarters with too little oxygen, many turkeys die when their hearts explode from the physical stress. read more >>Think that turkey looks appetizing? Think again.Turkeys and other poultry are often infected with salmonella and campylobacter bacteria from their unnatural living conditions, and deregulation of the industry means that more diseases are reaching the dinner table. Even if a particular bird is free of these bacteria at the point of purchase, it was most likely raised on a steady diet of antibiotics and chemical growth stimulants which are not good for human health. Additionally, working conditions in poultry factories are unpleasant and dangerous, and big business has blocked legislation that would grant workers relief. The turkeys lose, and the people lose. read more >>

More information: [ The Turkey Day | Save a Turkey | Turkeys Want to Be Friends, Not Food | Gruesome treatment of turkeys as exposed by PETA | Turkeys: Hooked on Drugs (Jim Hightower) | United Poultry Concerns, Inc. Turkey Brochure | Reviews of Karen Davis' Book "More Than a Meal" | At Our Mercy: The Eating of Animals | About Factory farms | Meat Is Murder (Resources) | VEGETARIAN FOOD SOURCES | United Poultry Concerns | Animal Liberation Front | portland indymedia animal rights news ]

Related: [ Why I Hate Thanksgiving | Thanksgiving some suprises? ]

&quot;Dia Sem Compras&quot; - 26 de Novembro

Portugal, 25.11.2004 17:34

"Dia Sem Compras" - 26 de Novembro

Buy Nothing Day Protest: Friday, Nov 26

Portland, 25.11.2004 16:58

The largest Buy Nothing Day Protest is being organized by a group not to be named. Plans are to surround the Lloyd Center Mall to help educate shoppers on the dangers of supporting a corporate-run world. On Friday, Nov. 26, starting at 9 am and running through 9 pm, protesters will be walking around the mall, playing instruments (as many as possible) and handing out pamphlets to would-be shoppers. We expect a few thousand people from all around the Northwest and other areas of the country. We want to shut down the mall for one day on the busiest day of the year.

"Luke" writes:
I am a part of the Portland Jammer group and we are also orginizing an event on BND. We wil be meeting at the lloyd center at 10am on friday. Later in the day ('round 12ish)we'll catch the max to the pioneer Place mall. We hope to at least bring 30-40 poeple (more if we cordinate actions with you). email me at tuffdharma(a)gmail(dot)com.


buy nothing critical mass
holy crap! critical mass conincides with the largest shopping day of the year for the united states. that can mean only one thing, a critical mass ride, on it's usual last friday of the month, 5:30 at the north park blocks, to help support buying nothing and going on a friendly ride of sorts. it's getting dark out early and cops have large chips on their shoulders so remember lights( white light in front, red light or red reflector in back)


24º Aniversário da Associação Terra Viva!

Portugal, 25.11.2004 16:44

24º Aniversário da Associação Terra Viva!

Morte suspeita na cadeia da PSP de Aveiro

Portugal, 25.11.2004 16:33

Morte suspeita na cadeia da PSP de Aveiro

Mardin'de yargısız infaz

Istanbul, 25.11.2004 16:01

Mardin'de yargısız infaz

Fan Rage in an Age of Political Apathy

Baltimore, 25.11.2004 15:46

Sport fans generating violence has a long history. The brawl at the game, between the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers, started by a fan tossing a cup of water on a player, is only the latest example. The Establishment doesn’t really give a good hoot about this ugly incident, since it only adds to the effects it seeks to manipulate the citizenry. If the fans get organized, however, and direct their venom at the Establishment, then watch out!

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