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&quot;Occupy Wall Street&quot; -- Strategy For Expansion

NYC, 13.11.2011 08:49

In the 60's, we "shut down" all sorts of buildings. Now, a new proposal by Mitchel Cohen says: "Let's occupy and Open'm Up!"

The One Percent Turns the Class War into a Generational War

NYC, 13.11.2011 08:49

The cost of making social security solvent for 75 years amounts to 0.58 of the GDP. The cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan amounts to 3 times that much. The cost of transferring wealth to the top 1% over the past 30 years is 6% of the GDP, 10 times as much as the social security cost. But it is only the shortfall in Social Security that the media want us to see as a crisis.

Ocupa Rio subverte showmício de Sérgio Cabral na Cinelândia

Brasil, 13.11.2011 08:48

Relato da Ocupa Rio

Calling everyone - defend Occupy Portland this Saturday!

Portland, 13.11.2011 01:30

The Mayor is announcing that he will evict the occupation using force this Saturday. Let the Mayor know that he doesn't get to decide what happens here - the 99% do!

The violence being threatened against the occupation is the same violence used to evict people from their homes, the same violence used to drive out the poor and working class through the process of gentrification, the same violence that is used daily by the city and police to protect the interests of the 1% at the expense of the 99%. The fear mongering that has been occurring over the past week has been intentional, to alienate the occupation from it's supporters.

This Saturday, we need everyone who supports the right of the occupiers to exist, who opposes police violence, everyone who thinks that this moment in time is too important to give up on - we need all of you at the occupation on Saturday night. They hope to control us through fear - through fear of violence, fear of arrest. We must say that we will not be afraid anymore. That we will not be bullied into submission. For everyone who supports freedom and self-determination, this is your moment to act in defense of those values. All out to the occupation this Saturday! These moments don't happen often, this may be our last opportunity to come together as a people and challenge the powers that be - we can't let it go without a fight.

Long live the Portland Commune!

Video: Statement in Response to Portland Occupy Eviction

Portland, 13.11.2011 01:30

Press Conference in front of City Hall regarding recent announcement by Mayor Sam Adams to evict Occupy Portland from the parks at 12:00 midnight on Saturday, November 12th.

Organized by Oregon Working Families, the event featured speakers from Veterans for Peace, Faith Communities, and from Unions, among others. Speakers vowed their support for the occupation and promised to stand with the Occupation during the upcoming eviction. People are already arriving in Portland from Seattle and the Bay area in solidarity Video is about 15 minutes in length. The audio was in portions somewhat compromised due to traffic noises, especially the helicopters hovering over the Occupied parks.

Statement In Response to Occupy Eviction

Addressing OP website's anti-anarchist agenda

Portland, 13.11.2011 01:30

The Occupy Portland website has gone out of its way time and time again to vilify anarchists and anyone else who dares to be so insolent as to promote or practice basic self-defense. How can we combat this fear-mongering and divisiveness?

For example, in a recent article on the website about how the media team really, really insists that the occupation adhere to their particular brand of 'non-violence,' they denounced the very idea that they might be appealing to such known trouble-makers as anarchists as a means of bolstering defense for the occupation. The implications are as obvious as they are offensive, especially considering, as many have pointed out, that much of the occupation is built on firmly anarchistic foundations, and that anarchists have played crucial roles in organizing and maintaining the occupation.

For a well written piece on how Occupy Oakland draws from anarchist inspiration, as does our own occupation, see here:

Belittling the Occupy Movement

Portland, 13.11.2011 01:30

Recently it has come to my attention that the global Occupations are being blamed for the disorderly behavior that is taking place at many of our protest sites. This is understandable, given that the power structure is hell bent on discrediting us by any means at their disposal. It is also laughable.

The problems we are facing were not created by us, but we deign to shed light on them and so we are blamed for them. The truth is, every person at our protest is there because the system is broken. If there were no occupations, the number of people experiencing homelessness would remain unchanged. If there were no occupations, there would remain on American streets over a million runaway youth.


Athens, 12.11.2011 16:00

Εκδήλωση - Συζήτηση για το athens imc μεταφέρεται στο Αυτόνομο

Varones Contra el Patriarcado

Puerto Rico, 12.11.2011 06:19

Entrevista al colectivo "Varones contra el patriarcado"


Athens, 12.11.2011 04:24

Ούτε στη Νίκαια, Ούτε πουθενά

Proyecto para quitarle fondos al Ateneo

Puerto Rico, 12.11.2011 03:47

¡Gobierno quiere cerrar el Ateneo!

Se ahogan 8 confinados

Puerto Rico, 12.11.2011 03:47

Exigen investiguen las muertes de los ocho confinados ahogados

Sin aval el Gasoducto

Puerto Rico, 12.11.2011 03:47

Cuerpo de Ingenieros desmiente a Fortuño

Contra Delfinario de San Juan

Puerto Rico, 12.11.2011 03:12

Llaman al país a oponerse al Delfinario de San Juan y a asistir a manifestación

Educamos se reúne con Secretario de Educación

Puerto Rico, 12.11.2011 03:12

Plantean medidas para mejorar la educación

Día del veterano 2011

Puerto Rico, 12.11.2011 03:12

El 11 de noviembre conmemoramos el Día del Veterano

Suspensiones a líderes estudiantiles en la UPR

Puerto Rico, 12.11.2011 02:38

Suspenden y expulsan a líderes estudiantiles en la UPR


Colombia, 11.11.2011 20:54


UC-PD Silence Free Speech at Occupy Berkeley

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.11.2011 18:28

Students at UC Berkeley walked out of classes to protest budget cuts and rising tuition, and to support the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. The rally protested economic inequality and its impact on students, the poor and the young -- in the words of the occupy movement, a protest by the 99% of the people who are exploited by a system that only benefits the top 1%. Later that night, students were beaten by police batons as they tried to set up tents in Sproul Plaza, and six students and an assistant professor were arrested. Students continued to occupy the plaza without tents, however.

Pedalaço em defesa da reserva de Jacarema: 15/11

Brasil, 11.11.2011 16:18

Vila Velha/ES

Portland, 11.11.2011 14:52

This is an 8 part video set from Occupy Jamison Park midnight to 3 am on 10/30/11. It shows the protesters sitting / standing peacefully in Jamison park. It show the police come in and using force, controlling the parks like gun toting thugs<BR>

<b><a href=" ">Part 1. "Make No Arrests A Moment of Peace"</a></b><BR><BR>
<b><a href=" ">Part 2. "You're Breaking The Law - Turn Your Camera On"</a></b><BR.><BR>
<b><a href=" ">Part 3. "Don't Poop in Our Park - We Are Here For You"</a></b><BR><BR>
<b><a href=" ">Part 4. "Shame On You - The Horses" </a></b><BR><BR>
<b><a href=" ">Part 5. "Public Property - Who Are You Protecting" </a></b><BR><BR>
<b><a href=" ">Part 6. "We Don't Have Guns - Riot Team in Park" </a></b><BR><BR>
<b><a href=" ">Part 7. "Why is the Police Filming - Move Back A Foot" </a></b><BR><BR>
<b><a href=" ">Part 8. "27 Arrested - Livestream on Computer" </a></b><BR><BR>

I will be filming on Saturday evening ...when this insanity starts again as police bring guns back into the park. <BR>
As the title states... "we don't have guns" <BR>
As the mayor said when this first started... the police can use desecration, regarding to arrest or not. <BR>
So now he wants to see the arrests.... I think that's a bad decision ...and the wrong decision <BR><BR>

I don't want to film anybody getting hurt<BR><BR>

Solidarity = Love

Dispatch From The Southern Front

United States, 11.11.2011 13:19

This is the latest dispatch from the Southern Front in the Occupy Movement.  On Saturday, November 5th, Occupy Atlanta tried to re-take Troy Davis Park in order to continue their efforts to shine a light on economic injustice and poverty in Atlanta and around Georgia.  That light had little chance to shine since the Atlanta Police and SWAT team again closed the park and shut down Peachtree Street along side Troy Davis Park.  Beginning that night and continuing through Sunday, 25 people were arrested including three journalists, and one college professor.  Atlanta Police arrested three people with such force that they required medical attention before being taken to jail.  There are no reports of any police officers being hurt, threatened, harmed, or injured.  And there were no reports of vandelism by any one involved with Occupy Atlanta.  That is to say 25 people arrested and zero reports of any violence. read more & video

Past Features: 11/7: Videos of Occupy Atlanta Police-Motorcycle Incident and more | 11/6: We the People Re-Occupy (and get attacked by the APD) | 10/27: Atlanta Police Evict Occupy Atlanta | 10/26: Troy Davis Park is seized; re-occupation planned soon

Related: Police Attack Occupy Riverside: 11 Arrested, Police Brutality Reported

11 listopada - relacja na żywo

Poland, 11.11.2011 10:23

Porozumienie 11 Listopada zaprasza na blokady tzw. "Marszu Niepodległości", organizowanego przez znane z dyskryminacyjnych wypowiedzi środowiska ultraprawicowe. Poniżej relacja na żywo.

Occupy Rochester Wins 24 hour access to Washington Square Park

Rochester, 11.11.2011 05:26

Occupy Rochester won a major victory Thursday night when the City of Rochester granted Occupy Rochester 24 hour access to Washington Square Park.
The Contact which was drawn up with the help of the NYCLU, allows tents, banners, and amplified sound. The city does have the ability to withdraw the permission after 2 months if it can show the conditions of the contract weren't met by the occupiers

Mayor Richards and Police Cheif Sheppard attended General Assembly, Thursday around 6:30pm, to sign the contract.

Jack Spula, a longtime Rochester Activist and supporter of the Occupy Movement was at Washington Square park during the General Assembly "I think the city did the right thing, I feel there is something building between officials and the grassroots in terms of aims of this movement. We're actually shaking the foundations of things and people are listening.."

Contract Text on

QUE VIVAN LOS ESTUDIANTES! Un ejemplo de dignidad

Colombia, 11.11.2011 04:28

QUE VIVAN LOS ESTUDIANTES! Un ejemplo de dignidad

Vecinos del Barrio el Olvido

Argentina, 11.11.2011 03:46

Vecinos del barrio El Olvido

People's Cinema

Portland, 11.11.2011 02:18

Unfortunately the People's Cinema is on hold for the time being until we can find a new projector to use.... If you have any projector available for us to use two or three times a week from 10PM to midnight send an email to and we can try to work something out.


Occupy Portland Camp Survey Results!

Portland, 11.11.2011 02:18

URGENT: Occupy Portland Survey Results Complete! And the Results may surprise you... Two strategies were used to distribute the survey. a total of 545 people filled out the survey.

Overall it feels safe to visit the Occupy Camp.
Yes 322 people (76%)
No 103 people (24%)

The percentage of people saying that it feels safe to visit the camp is quite high, and this should not be ignored by city residents, public officials, or members of the media. We also asked survey respondents to list the three most important, positive things that have been created by the Occupy Portland camp and movement. By far, the most common responses to this question were that the camp has brought a wide variety of people together, allowed for sustained interactions between these people, and allowed for a sense of community and solidarity to emerge. Many respondents also report that the camp and the wider movement have brought public attention to issues like economic injustice, poverty, and homelessness. A lot of people responding to the survey said something like "These problems are usually swept under the table, but now they are visible have to be dealt with." Finally, a number of respondents who said they are homeless said that they feel safer in the camp than they would if they were sleeping in other parts of Portland. Many survey respondents encourage non-profits and city officials to reach out to vulnerable people in the camp, and provide on-the-spot services, rather than using the presence of homeless citizens as a reason to criticize the camp.

OCCUPY PEACE -- Armistice Day Commemoration tomorrow

Portland, 11.11.2011 02:18

Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72, will be gathering at Pioneer Courthouse Square for their seventh annual commemoration of this solemn day. The public is invited to help commemorate this day "...with thanksgiving, prayer and exercises designd to perpetuate peace through good will and mutual understanding between nations...."

Armistice Day (Veterans' Day, Remembrance Day) Commemoration
Friday, November 11
Pioneer Courthouse Square, downtown Portland
11:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, it became "All quiet on the Western Front." An armistice signed at six o'clock that morning took effect and brought a ceasefire to the "War to End All Wars." Since that fateful day, most nations which fought in that conflict observe Armistice Day. Unfortunately, the horrors of World War I were to be outdone by those of World War II and to honor the sacrifices of the veterans who fought in it, Armistice Day was changed to Veterans Day in 1954. While it is fitting and proper to honor all veterans for their service, it is a shame that the original intent of November 11 has become lost to the militarization and commercialization of this important date.

UC Santa Cruz Students Join Occupy Movement with &quot;Occupy Education&quot; Protest

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.11.2011 18:03

On November 9th, over 300 students at the University of California, Santa Cruz joined various local workers' union members and Occupy Santa Cruz protesters for "Occupy Education," a protest against corporations and corruption in education. Protesters gathered at noon for a rally on the UC campus before taking to the streets. The group marched down Bay and Mission streets and blocked several major streets in Santa Cruz.


Argentina, 10.11.2011 17:23

Debate sobre su inscontitucionalidad

Alerta Geral no Santuário dos Pajés

Brasil, 10.11.2011 13:21


Marcha por salarios y en defensa de la salud pública

Argentina, 10.11.2011 04:16


Colombia, 10.11.2011 03:41

Building Bridges Radio: Unemployment Insurance Cuts and Goldman Sachs Arrests

NYC, 10.11.2011 00:15

Unraveling the Unemployment Insurance Lifeline with George Wentworth, Staff Attorney, National Employment Law Project. PLUS: OWS Protesters including Pulitzer Prize winning author Christopher Hedges arrested at Goldman Sachs headquarters in NYC as they chant “Crooks & Thieves, Protected By Police! The Criminals Are Inside!"

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report, National Edition. Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg. To Download or listen to this 27:25 minute program, go to our website

♡ Create Community ~ Occupy Ashland ♡

Rogue Valley, 09.11.2011 23:04

A 3-day weekend of activities to occupy the plaza for peace, justice, workshops, music, and more.
Create Community ~ Occupy Ashland
Ashland Downtown Plaza
November 11th-12th-13th
Occupy Ashland, Rogue Valley Veterans for Peace, Jackson County Fuel Commission, Cascade-Siskiyou Free Skool, and Peace House will be sponsoring.

Ocupação em Santa Tereza convida para ato de solidariedade agora!

CMI Brasil, 09.11.2011 22:31


11.11.11-Occupy Your Bicycle &amp; Ride to the G.A.

Portland, 09.11.2011 20:52

5:45 this Friday afternoon we'll be rolling from Col. Summers park to the Occupy Portland General Assembly. G.A. is the soul and brains of the movement. It's the best way to learn more and about what's going on.

Bring warm clothes and a cushion (newspapers also work for sitting). You are encouraged to decorate with American flags in honor of Veterans Day and to help remind folks that human power and citizen involvement/protest are patriotic actions.

If there is time before assembly (and the mood strikes) let's sing some songs of freedom and protest. Bring a guitar or other musical instrument.

Hope to see you there.

Acciones directas del mes de Septiembre

Argentina, 09.11.2011 20:19

Acciones directas del mes de Septiembre

De New York a la Cañada: Postales de una Córdoba Policializada

Argentina, 09.11.2011 20:19

Debate sobre el Código de Faltas

Estimated 12,000 surround White House to protest Keystone XL pipeline

DC, 09.11.2011 14:24

On the 6th of November, an estimated 12,000 people surrounded the White House, all the way around and at least three deep, demanding that President Obama deny the permit for the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline to cross the US-Canadian border. Video of tar sands protesters surrounding the White House

Glimpses of a possible future

United Kingdom, 09.11.2011 14:16

Several empty buildings in Oxford have recently been opened as squatted social centres. In August an empty industrial workshop on Randolph Street was squatted. After several "Free Uni" events (sharing skills and ideas), community meals, film and info-nights the court process provided only a short delay and then eviction. The building now remains unused.

Undeterred, the social centre, known as "Plebs' College" due to the focus on free education, has re-opened on Union Street, with a multitude of weekly events. Again they are under threat of eviction from a landlord keen to demolish the place and build student flats. This space where people can gather, meet, organise and learn, as equals, free of the usual commercial or bureaucratic pressures, may be a glimpse of another society.

Meanwhile, the public occupations spreading in many countries are starting to challenge the economic system and may also evoke a freer and more equal society (though with much work still to do!).

For hints of a more brutal future, we can look at the recent eviction of Dale Farm: an entire community made homeless, while those who resist are kicked, tasered, batoned, pressured-pointed, or beaten, and the media continue their lies.

Which path we take could depend on the actions we all take in the next few years.

Occupy Seattle Fights Back

Portland, 09.11.2011 14:11

Yesterday, [Nov 1, 2011] in response to a call out to march on the banks in solidarity with Oakland, 100 people marched into the streets from the Occupy Seattle camp to Chase Bank down the street. Inside the building 5 people locked themselves to each other, shutting down the bank. Once it was clear that the occupiers were being forced out, people began to block the police van, sitting and laying in front it. In this moment, chaos began, perhaps a cop pushed someone, perhaps someone pushed a cop, it's unclear but once the occupiers were pushed inside the van, people began screaming louder, and pushing harder. Small skirmishes broke out between protestors and the police. Leading the pigs to release their first hit of pepperspray of the day. This only further motivated people. Within these moments, people were running around, pushing cops, helping their comrades from the ground and pulling them back from the police. Several people were dearrested in the process.

With this flow of energy, the protestors flooded into the street in front of Chase. People linked arms, pushed the cops back, while others engaged in small fights with the police. Many pigs were punched in the face or hit with bottles. More pepperspray flew. During this melee people pushed the cops and took the streets, eventually kicking the cops out.


The Future of the #Occupy Movement: Solidarity and Escalation

NYC, 09.11.2011 09:37

A month after it began with a few hundred people marching on Wall Street, the #Occupy movement has grown to include tens of thousands of participants throughout the country and has captured headlines around the world. If it has not yet succeeded beyond its wildest dreams, that’s only because its participants have dreamed big: imagining a sustained popular uprising that could force fundamental changes in our political and economic system—ones that could end corporate dominance and promote real democracy.

NYC Labor Against the War: 11.8 OWS Report: Call-Out for Solidarity

NYC, 09.11.2011 09:37

'A letter from Cairo to the Occupy/Decolonize movements & other solidarity movements: You can help us defend our revolution.'


Elecciones 2012: Luis Ángel (parte 2)

Puerto Rico, 09.11.2011 04:41

Las Tribulaciones... Parte 2 (2da contestación a Rafael Bernabe)

Educamos exige explicaciones sobre tutorías televisadas

Puerto Rico, 09.11.2011 04:41

Educamos exige explicaciones sobre tutorías televisadas

PPT denuncia intervenciones ilegales contra líder comunitario

Puerto Rico, 09.11.2011 04:41

Pepeté denuncia intervenciones ilegales de la policía contra líder comunitario

En memoria de quienes fueron allí víctimas de las formas más extremas de la crueldad humana. 26 años de los desaparecidos del Palacio de Justicia

Colombia, 09.11.2011 03:56

En memoria de quienes fueron allí víctimas de las formas más extremas de la crueldad humana. 26 años de los desaparecidos del Palacio de Justicia

Tantas Voces. Tantas Vidas

Argentina, 09.11.2011 03:14

Revista Edición especial por Julio Lopez

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