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Argentina, 12.01.2012 01:08

“Mientras sigamos luchando ellos seguirán presentes”


Argentina, 11.01.2012 22:04

La UAC alerta y en lucha frente a la avanzada represiva y militarista y en repudio a la Ley Antiterrorista

Banda armada con amparo policial asesina en Escobar

Argentina, 11.01.2012 22:04

Urgente: asesinan a compañera del FOL

I Encontro por uma Educação Libertária

Brasil, 11.01.2012 21:19

educacao libertaria

Sábado (14): Churrasção diferenciando versão 'cracolândia'- Chega de dor e sofrimento na Luz!

Brasil, 11.01.2012 21:19

Coletivo Dar

Churrascão da gente diferenciada, versão cracolândia

Brasil, 11.01.2012 20:46

Coletivo Dar

Occupy DC, Occupy Baltimore sucessfully defend home from foreclosure

DC, 11.01.2012 20:20

Today(Jan 10), members of Occupy DC travelled to Baltimore to assist Occupy Baltimore activists in the sucessful direct action defense of the home of Lila Kara from foreclosure eviction, which legally had to happen before noon today. She is a victim of predatory lending by Deutche Bank, which held her mortage until the foreclosed.

Policia age com truculência contra manifestantes em Teresina, mas #contraoaumento resiste

Brasil, 11.01.2012 14:45


Magdeburg 2012: Naziaufmarsch verhindern!

Germany, 11.01.2012 13:06

Am 14. Januar 2012 wollen wieder hunderte Nazis zum 13. Mal unter dem Motto "Ehrenhaftes Gedenken statt Anpassung an den Zeitgeist!" durch Magdeburg marschieren. Dabei ist der Aufmarsch, die erste Gelegenheit im neuen Jahr für die Nazis aus dem ganzen Bundesgebiet, sich zu treffen und ihre Ideologie zu propagieren. Grund dafür ist die Bombardierung der Stadt im Zweiten Weltkrieg. Neben Magdeburg ist es auch in Dresden, Dessau oder Lübeck mittlerweile alljährliche Routine geworden, dass die Faschisten mit ihren sogenannten "Trauermärschen" aktiv Geschichtsrevisionstische Positionen in die Gesellschaft tragen wollen. Dabei leugnen diese die deutsche Kriegsschuld, stellen die faschistischen Täter als Opfer dar, setzen alliierte Angriffe mit deutschen Verbrechen gleich und erklären sich als die Opfer. So werden z.B. die Luftangriffe auf Magdeburg und Dresden als „Bombenholocaust“ bezeichnet und damit die Verbrechen Nazideutschlands relativiert und geleugnet. Des Weiteren werden die deutschen Angriffe auf Polen und Frankreich als Akte der „Notwehr“ umgedeutet. Die Vernichtung von Juden, Sinti und Roma und Gegner des faschistischen Regimes in den Konzentrationslagern wird vehement bestritten. Dem gilt es endlich ein Ende zu setzen!

Gegen den Naziaufmarsch wird bundesweit mobilisiert. Am 14. Januar 2012 findet neben den Blockaden auch eine antifaschistische Demonstration statt, die sich gegen den Aufmarsch der Nazis und Geschichtsrevisionismus richtet. Treffpunkt ist um 10:00 Uhr am Hauptbahnhof!

Ігар Аліневіч пра СІЗА КДБ

Belarus, 11.01.2012 07:11

У лісце з турмы да сястры Ігар Аліневіч апісаў здзекі за кратамі.

«…Пасля Плошчы пачаўся масавы прэс. У СІЗА нагналі карнікаў у масках. Пастаянна раўлі, рэгулярныя шмоны. Гэта душыла волю. Пасля Новага года збілі тройчы за непадпарадкаванне зневажальным загадам. Ініцыятарам гэтай «творчасці» стаў начальнік СІЗА КДБ Арлоў, — мяркуе палітвязень Аліневіч.

— Забралі ТБ. Пасля вярнулі, але круцілі перадачы пра ўсялякую містыку, чачэнцаў, жыдамасонскую змову і іншае. Гэта моцна ціснула на псіхіку, але глядзець — абавязкова.

Адвакатаў не пускалі да канца следства. Бліжэй да лютага 2011 пачалося ўзмацненне жорсткасці. Прымушалі голым стаяць на падлозе, без мэты прысядаць, некаторых клалі проста тварам.

Але самае жорсткае — бег з рэчамі і матрацам па калідорах і лесвіцах. Я ў выніку плюнуў і адмовіўся: вырашыў «ускрыцца», каб паехаць у бальнічку. Але начальнік «прахаваў» усё, бо ў іх у камерах відэаназіранне і [сочаць] псіхолагі, якія рэгулююць узровень ціску на чалавека. У выніку…

PM agride aluno na USP

Brasil, 11.01.2012 03:24

Police Raids on Occupy Squats

United Kingdom, 10.01.2012 22:50

As UK occupations squat more buildings the police, many of whom have criminal records, are flouting the law to harass protesters, the Lords are debating making squatting residential buildings illegal, the government plans to make hundreds of thousands homeless and Occupy LSX is threatened with eviction.

On 8th January 2012 40-50 police officers raided the Railton Hotel, next to the train station in Lancaster, which had been squatted by Occupy Lancaster the day before. At approximately 8.15 pm, the police used a battering ram to break through the front door. Once they had gained entry, the police arrested the four occupants who were inside at the time. The Occupiers secured the building legally, and displayed notices of Section 6 of the Criminal Law Act 1977 on the exterior of the building, but the police paid no heed to the law and Occupy Lancaster are now seeking legal advice.

Also on 8th January undercover police arrested 3 occupiers at Occupy Liverpool on suspicion of possession; none were found to be in possession of "controlled substances". Twenty or so police then surrounded the occupied building stating that it was a crime scene and laid siege to it for 3 hours. Like Occupy Lancaster a Section 6 notice was displayed but the police acted as as if squatting was already illegal.

Later this month Occupy Sheffield will be hosting a national occupy conference in the squatted Citadel of Hope.

Newswire: Eviction - Press Release: 9/1/12 from Occupy Lancaster! | Legal help required | Police Harass Occupy Liverpool at Legal Squat | Police raid on Occupy Lancaster | Occupy Sheffield Statement on the occupation of the Citadel Of Hope | Salvation Army Citadel Occupied and renamed Citadel Of Hope

Links: Occupy Lancaster | Occupy Liverpool | Occupy Sheffield | Occupy LSX | Squatters' Action for Secure Homes


Argentina, 10.01.2012 19:54

Los hechos de violencia no cesan

Chacho Liempe

Argentina, 10.01.2012 19:17

Victor Tolaba

Argentina, 10.01.2012 19:17

Chile y Paragay

Argentina, 10.01.2012 19:17

Siguen ataques a comuneros

Argentina, 10.01.2012 19:17

Portland, 10.01.2012 16:57

Our insanity continues.

Roberto and I were out among the people who try to do some good for others, working for justice or just letting people know that the wars are still going on in the Middle East [...]

We were on the Hawthorne Bridge about 4:00 PM [...]

About 11 in the morning we were at the Governor Hotel over on 11th Avenue to protest the exclusion of all candidates [...]

The other meeting we went to was a Labor Committee that is attempting to submit a people's budget to the City Council [...]

Almost forgot, went to a council meeting [...]

Resistência e Luta na Favela do Moinho

Brasil, 10.01.2012 16:20


The Feds put Islam on trial

Portland, 10.01.2012 15:43

January 3, 2012: IN THE same week that Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), sending it to Barack Obama to enshrine into law a provision allowing indefinite military detention of U.S. citizens, a federal jury in Boston delivered a guilty verdict against Dr. Tarek Mehanna, a Muslim American pharmacist charged with material support for terrorism. Coming in the wake of other Muslims around the country who have been arrested, accused of supporting terrorism, and locked up for long sentences, the December 20 guilty verdict against Mehanna on seven counts was a shocking and chilling reminder to his growing number of supporters and advocates that the "war on terror" has been putting Islam on trial for years.

Tarek's trial lasted nine weeks, but was the culmination of four years of FBI harassment, surveillance and intimidation against Mehanna from his days in pharmacy school. Islam was on trial from the first day, when the government aired the video of bin Laden. Judge George O'Toole's bias in favor of the government was evident. He allowed hundreds of photos and al-Qaeda videos into evidence that had nothing to do with Tarek, but rejected the defense's attempt to submit video clips of former President Ronald Reagan praising as freedom fighters the mujahideen who fought against the USSR invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s and were funded by the CIA.

Portland City Council Voting on Corporate Pershonhood Resolution

Portland, 10.01.2012 15:43

With input from many groups including Common Cause Oregon, Occupy Portland, Move to Amend, and Portland Alliance from Democracy, the resolution outlines key legal points and highlights public opposition to Citizens United
This Thursday (January 12) at 2:00 pm the Portland City Council will be voting on a resolution urging the Oregon congressional delegation to amend the U.S. Constitution to address corporate personhood and reverse the Citizens United decision.

read it here

Please plan to join us in the Council Chambers at City Hall at 1221 SW 4th Avenue (between 4th and 5th Avenue and Madison and Jefferson, enter on 4th Ave side) at 2:00 pm.

Can't make it on Thursday? Contact City Hall to express your support for this important resolution. Phone numbers and emails for members of the City Council.

Thanks for all you do.


Athens, 10.01.2012 12:52

Περικύκλωση και απειλή συλλήψεων σε αλληλέγγυους!

Palestinian village of Jayyous asks FIT &amp; Daphne Guinness to break with Leviev

NYC, 10.01.2012 11:22

Nonprofit organizations in the US like the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and individuals who care about human rights like Daphne Guinness have an obligation to support people’s right to live in dignity, and to support Jayyous’ families’ efforts to remain on their lands, instead of cooperating with Lev Leviev who steals our lands, and food in order to build illegal settlements. For the sake of our community, families and children, please do not help Lev Leviev to whitewash his illegal settlements on Jayyous’ farmland.

Petition to the President for a Referendum

Ireland, 10.01.2012 07:40

Government is trying to avoid a referendum A Uacht ...

Día de Reyes en Loíza

Puerto Rico, 10.01.2012 05:12

Llegaron los Reyes a Villa Cañona

Día de Reyes 2012

Puerto Rico, 09.01.2012 19:21

Inaguración de mural dedicado a Oscar López Rivera

Arresto de Camila Rodríguez

Puerto Rico, 09.01.2012 19:21

UPR: Convocan protesta contra medidas represivas a estudiante

Video: We Are The 99 Percent

Portland, 09.01.2012 17:54

A music video compilation from Occupy Portland 2011.
This is a montage of video and pictures from just some of the protesting at Occupy Portland last year.

WE ARE THE 99% music video

This is a 4 minute Music-Video from the Occupy Portland 2011 protests. The music is by File Transfer Protocol.

Scenes from Eviction night, Chase Bank protest, Bridge Crossing, The camp in the park, The streets and the police and protesters from various places in PDX.

Video: Rally Supporting Portland City Council Resolution to End Corporate Personhood

Portland, 09.01.2012 17:54

On Wednesday, January 4th,2012, the Portland Alliance for Democracy and Move to Amend Portland chapter and their allies rallied outside City Hall in Portland Oregon to support and strengthen the proposed city resolution supporting a federal constitutional amendment to End Corporate Personhood.
Rally to End Corporate Personhood

On January 12th at 2 PM, the city council has scheduled the official hearing on the resolution and will likely take a vote. So plan on being at this city council meeting, to offer support and/or to testify in favor of an improved resolution and to support allowing us all to vote by referring language to the ballot.

An excellent write up on this campaign

Obama Approves GE Corn: Agent Orange Herbicide Ingredient Would be Widely Used

Portland, 09.01.2012 17:54

WISCONSIN - January 4 - Over the holidays, the United States Department of Agriculture announced its approval of a novel strain of genetically engineered corn, developed by Monsanto, purportedly being "drought tolerant."

Despite receiving nearly 45,000 public comments in opposition to this particular genetically engineered (GE) corn variety (and only 23 comments in favor), the Obama administration gave Monsanto the green light to release its newest GE corn variety freely into the environment and American food supply, without any governmental oversight or safety tracking.

[ Related: Bt Crops Failures & Hazards
| Super-Rice without GM ]

Chicago Raises Voices Against Mayor Emanuel's Anti-Protester Ordinance

Chicago, 09.01.2012 06:31

With Chicago slated to host the 2012 NATO/G8 summit in May 2012, Chicago officials are engaging in sabre-rattling against grassroots activists, first with wanton arrests admitted as "just practice for G8/NATO", and now with a proposed draconian rewrite of local Chicago laws involving public protest.

While the rewrite did get attention in Chicago's corporate media, aspects of it went little reported — like redefining "resisting arrest" to include passive resistance (like going limp), increasing the ranges of fines for violations, requiring $1 million dollars of liability insurance per protest, registering with the city at least a week in advance, and even imposing stringent requirements against protests on Chicago sidewalks.

Activists have raised the call to oppose this rewrite, with a forthcoming city council vote slated for January 18th. Read more

Stand in Solidarity with Tarek Mehanna

Boston, 09.01.2012 06:00

Rally to express your outrage at the unjust guilty verdict! When: Saturday January 21st, 2012 from 2-3:30pm. Where: The Gazebo on the Boston Common near Park Street This rally marks an important milestone in our support of Tarek and will include: 1. Written statement from Tarek 2. The Free Tarek Campaign road map, 2012: Next Steps 3. A number of speakers 4. Petition signature collecting

Family Demands Justice for Michael Nida II

LA, 09.01.2012 00:37

DOWNEY - Michael Nida was an unarmed, innocent man, who was gunned down at the hands of the Downey PD in an admitted case of mistaken identity. He was not a criminal; he was a loving husband and father of four. He was a union carpenter who worked hard to provide for his family, and also volunteered his time in his community as a coach for youth sports teams.

The Downey PD admits that they were pursuing Michael Nida because they thought that he was an armed robbery suspect. However, no non-lethal methods were used in apprehending him, and their police error resulted in his death. He was on a date with his wife and had briefly stopped at a gas station when he was shot and killed by an officer yielding an MP5 submachine gun.

The family and their supporters are asking for people to come and speak out at the next Downey City Council meeting this Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 7:30 p.m., located at 11111 Brookshire Avenue in Downey
Full article: Justice for Michael Nida II, Murdered October 22, 2011 by Downey Police by Lashonte Mayer & Lima Harris

Towards Occupying Everything

LA, 08.01.2012 23:59

[Editorial by The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest] Issue 8 of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest is out. Its forward, recently written but conceived in the afterglow of the 2009/2010 UC occupations looks into the broad strategy of occupying everything.

The chart shows how we editors understand how each writer's article functionalizes distrust/trust of institutionality in relationship to how much mediation they understand is useful in reflecting on the complexity of culture.

With increased institutionality, the work transforms from an isolated autonomous actor towards more socialized formations, be the formations consciously organized community groups or general mass cultures operating with less conscious collective arrangements.

With increased mediation, the project of sharing dreams, ideas, critiques and meaning goes from something very intimate (a kiss, a whisper or a slap in the face) to something that is milled through various representational machines.
Full article: Towards Occupying Everything by the editors of the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest

What should we do when someone is arrested during a protest?

NYC, 08.01.2012 04:23

Anybody knows what to do when it happend, and where do we help those arrested?

Workers at Kosher Food Producer Score Legal Victory for Equal Rights

NYC, 08.01.2012 04:23

Washington, DC- Immigrant workers organizing for justice at a Brooklyn-based producer and distributor of kosher food products have taken a big step forward in their campaign and achieved a legal victory for workers around the country.

NYC Labor Against the War: 01.07.12 OWS Report: Support the Longview Caravan

NYC, 08.01.2012 04:23

Just as the workers of the ILWU have stood in solidarity with Palestine, we stand with the workers of the ILWU in Longview, Oakland, and everywhere in their struggle to defend workers’ power and stop union-busting.


Brasil, 08.01.2012 04:23



Athens, 08.01.2012 00:58

Έξω ο σφαγέας Εχούντ Μπάρακ! Καμιά συνεργασία με το κράτος του Ισραήλ!

Homenaje a patriotas

Puerto Rico, 07.01.2012 20:40

Jóvenes honran con parrandas a patriotas en navidad

Comunicado Ñeta

Puerto Rico, 07.01.2012 20:40

Asociación Ñeta apoya confinados que interesen beneficiarse de Programa Piloto

The 2011 Chicago Indymedia Year In Review

Chicago, 07.01.2012 09:26

Since 2003, Chicago Indymedia has compiled its annual collected list of links of articles, resources, and posts made to the Chicago Indymedia newswire for the annual Chicago Indymedia Year In Review. We are pleased to announce the 2011 Chicago Indymedia Year in Review, with more than 300 collected links.

Vecinos/as en pie de lucha por la vida

Argentina, 06.01.2012 14:20

La lucha contra la megamineria no se toma vacaciones

La lucha contra la megamineria no se toma vacaciónes

Argentina, 06.01.2012 14:20

Vecinos/as en pie de lucha por la vida

Bloomberg gives Tax $ to Private Tennis Club on Randall's Island

NYC, 06.01.2012 13:40

EAST HARLEM community leaders are furious about the proposed expansion of a $19 million private tennis center at Randall’s Island that is connected to tennis legend John McEnroe. Those leaders want to know why Mayor Bloomberg keeps handing barrels of money to the Randall’s Island Sports Foundation, the public-private group that manages the 256-acre park. Read More | Randalls Island Bulletin

Previous Features: Dec6: Tennis pro John McEnroe Confronted for Privatizing Randall's Island | Dec18: Randall’s Island Tennis Expansion FCRC Hearing Abruptly Canceled

Save Community Post Offices - Rally &amp; March Sunday Jan 8th 2pm

Portland, 06.01.2012 07:27

Save Saturday & Door-to-Door Mail Delivery

March & Rally
Downtown Portland Sunday, Jan. 8th, 2 - 3:30pm
Rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square
March to Main Post Office (NW Hoyt @ Broadway)

more info: National Association of Letter Carriers 82<, 503-493-5903
Sign the petition at:
American Postal Worker's Union

[ Related: Going Postal: What kind of nation won't fund a post office? ]

Save the San Francisco Peaks

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.01.2012 02:50

The Save the Peaks Coalition is fighting the United States Forest Service in a legal battle to protect children from hazardous endocrine disruptors and to protect the San Francisco Peaks sacred site in Arizona from desecration. On Monday, January 9th, 2012 The Save the Peaks Coalition et al vs. the United States Forest Service will be heard by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, CA. at 9:30am. The case argues that under the National Environmental Policy Act and the Administrative Procedure Act, the Forest Service failed to adequately consider the impacts associated with ingestion of snow made from reclaimed sewer water in its Environmental Impact Statement. Organizers are calling for a strong turn-out for a march and rally before the court hearing, and a welcoming reception will be held the previous day on January 8.

I Vivencias Campesino-Urbana de Jóvenes en Córdoba

Argentina, 05.01.2012 16:35

I Encuentro Interdisciplinario de la Juventud Latinoamericana y Caribeña


Argentina, 05.01.2012 14:48

Justicia para los pibes del Movimiento 26 de Junio

Join the Solidarity Caravan to Longview, Washington

Portland, 04.01.2012 23:07

ILWU rank and file, Occupies in Longview, Portland, Seattle, Oakland, LA and other West Coast Occupies are organizing to blockade a grain ship coming to Longview. This ship is intended to load scab cargo from the EGT terminal. The date won't be known until 3-4 days in advance, but is anticipated to be sometime in January.

Come hear Port shutdown organizers from Occupy Oakland speak alongside rank and file Longshore workers from Oakland and Longview about the significance of the Longview struggle, and what we can do when this grain shipment arrives!

Where: SEIU Local 503, 6401 SE Foster Road, Portland, Oregon

When: Thursday, January 5th, from 7-9pm

contact for more information

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