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FRSC Benefit w/ Utah Phillips, The Devil Makes Three, Keith Greeninger and Faith Petric

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.11.2004 23:30

Come enjoy the music of legendary folk musician Utah Phillips in concert with Keith Greeninger and Faith Petric, along with the bootstomping sounds of The Devil Makes Three, an all-acoustic trio from Santa Cruz, at a benefit for Free Radio Santa Cruz. The event will take place on Friday, December 10th at 7:30 pm at the Rio Theatre, 1205 Soquel Avenue.

Audio PSAs: [ 1 - 2 ]

gano la UNCo

Argentina, 27.11.2004 23:25

Sábado 27 de Noviembre 2004 | DESPUES DE UN MES DE TOMA ESTUDIANTIL EN LA U.N.Co.
La lucha de Comahue venció a la LES

gano la lucha en comahue

Argentina, 27.11.2004 23:22

Sábado 27 de Noviembre 2004 | DESPUES DE UN MES DE TOMA ESTUDIANTIL EN LA U.N.Co.
La lucha de Comahue venció a la LES

gano comahue

Argentina, 27.11.2004 23:20

Sábado 27 de Noviembre 2004 | DESPUES DE UN MES DE TOMA ESTUDIANTIL EN LA U.N.Co.
La lucha de Comahue venció a la LES

gano la lucha en comahue

Argentina, 27.11.2004 23:20

Sábado 27 de Noviembre 2004 | DESPUES DE UN MES DE TOMA ESTUDIANTIL EN LA U.N.Co.
La lucha de Comahue venció a la LES

gano comahue

Argentina, 27.11.2004 23:19

Sábado 27 de Noviembre 2004 | DESPUES DE UN MES DE TOMA ESTUDIANTIL EN LA U.N.Co.
La lucha de Comahue venció a la LES

gano comahue

Argentina, 27.11.2004 23:17

Sábado 27 de Noviembre 2004 | DESPUES DE UN MES DE TOMA ESTUDIANTIL EN LA U.N.Co.
La lucha de Comahue venció a la LES

gano comahue

Argentina, 27.11.2004 23:15

Sábado 27 de Noviembre 2004 | DESPUES DE UN MES DE TOMA ESTUDIANTIL EN LA U.N.Co.
La lucha de Comahue venció a la LES

Fur Free Friday-Report Back

Portland, 27.11.2004 23:02

Friday was a very eventful day. I first attended the Fur Free Friday Rally. We chanted and marched, people and dogs, to each place that sold fur and Matt Rossell from In Defense of Animals would speak about his experiences when he actually worked at fur farms and saw with his own eyes the torturing and abuse that goes on behind all the glamour of fur coats, fur trim etc. One dog at the protest was wearing a shirt that said something like, "I don't wear people"!

I saw a woman standing over on the sidewalk that had fur trim on the hood of her coat. I gave her a flier and then turned around to a woman who was criticizing me for bothering the woman with the fur trim. I got in a discussion with her as she told me she does not kill animals for fur, but she has found animals already dead and took the fur off of them to make into coats. She told me that if she was here with her fur coat that everyone would attack her. That was a very interesting conversation.

David Solnit

Houston, 27.11.2004 22:56

Globalize Liberation in Houston

Comunicado Urgente

santiago, 27.11.2004 22:13

Por un periodismo realmente independiente: crítica a Indymedia.

no violencia mujer

Argentina, 27.11.2004 21:23

Jueves 25 de Noviembre de 2004 | cientos de personas lo conmemoraron en La Plata
Movilización por el día de la no violencia hacia las mujeres

Angel Raich Goes to Supreme Court on November 29th

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.11.2004 20:11

Medicinal Marijuana to Go Before Supreme Court

Seven people arrested at the Randall Shelter tonight.

DC, 27.11.2004 19:47

This is an update about some of the events from the occupation of the Randall Shelter today.


DC, 27.11.2004 18:29

Documents obtained by this author show that the New York City Police Department used Pier 57 as the primary point of processing and detention of arrestees during the Republican National Convention, despite the fact that the written agreement between the NYPD and the Hudson River Park Trust (HRPT) -- controlling authority over the Chelsea Piers and Pier 57 -- allowed for the pier’s use only as a secondary facility for these purposes. The utilization of the pier on one certain date also seems to have violated the written agreement. At this time, it seems that use of the pier may have taken place without the issuance of any Certificate of Occupancy from the New York City Department of Buildings, which appears to be in violation of city regulations, according to knowledgeable sources connected to this story. DOCUMENTS SHOW PIER 57 CONTAINED ASBESTOS, LEAD CONTAMINATION AND FIRE HAZARDS; HRPT AWARE OF CONTAMINATION PRIOR TO USE OF PIER TO DETAIN PROTESTORS

Internationale Niet Winkel dag

Netherlands, 27.11.2004 17:58

Zaterdag 27 november is de dertiende internationale Niet Winkeldag."Buy Nothing Day" onstond 13 jaar geleden in Canada. Ook op verschillende plaatsen in Nederland worden acties georganiseerd. De acties konden op heel wat sympathie rekenen bij de mensen op straat.

De bewustmakingscampagnes rond overconsumptie lijken in Nederland alvast hun vruchten af te werpen, volgens een onderzoek zal dit jaar 35% minder geld uitgegeven worden aan Sinterklaas en kerstgeschenken.

In Amsterdam en Arnhem wordt gratis eten uitgedeeld. Ook De Wereld Is Niet Te Koop verwijst in haar adbusting actie in Amsterdam, naast het NSF ook naar de Niet Winkeldag.

[ Video:1 | 2 |Foto's: 1 | 2 |"Koop Niets"|"Omslag"|"Adbusters"|feature 2003]

ABC's 20/20 got it wrong with Matthew Shepard story

Portland, 27.11.2004 17:45

20-20 tonight devoted its entire hour to an "investigation" purporting to show that hate/homophobia had nothing to do with Matt Shepard's murder. 20-20 co-host Elizabeth Vargas conducted prison interviews with Matt's killers, who now repudiate their own defense at trial which was that the killing was motivated by "gay panic" after Matt made unwanted sexual advances, and claim that in reality the only motive was robbery. Various third parties made on-camera statements in "support" of this revised version of events, and claimed among other things that Matt Shepard was a dealer and user of methamphetamine who was the victim of a drugs-and-money-related robbery gone bad.

It's never surprising to find there are other sides to a story, but what bothers me about this is 20-20's hard sell that the Matt Shepard Story as we know it is a myth, a total fabrication, and that the self-serving claims made in the unconvincing interviews they aired are the reality.


related, at Madison IMC: [ ABC's 20/20 Got it Wrong in Matthew Shepard Piece ]

Review: Philip Roth's 'The Plot Against America'

Portland, 27.11.2004 17:29

'The Plot Against America' is about what might have happened if the anti-war aviator Charles Lindbergh had stood against Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940 and won the presidency: the US government negotiates with Nazi Germany and persecutes Jews, including Philip Roth's family. Before Pearl Harbor, there was a conservative isolationist movement in the USA consisting of Americans who didn't see why they should die in wars between European powers. Roosevelt did see why, and he won the 1940 election and pushed America into war.

This novel tries to convince us that 'War is Peace'. Roosevelt, the man who supported Britain's declaration of war on Germany by supplying her with guns, who provoked the Japanese, who used every trick in the book to drag a reluctant America into a massacre, is tarted up as a good guy, whereas Lindbergh, who wanted to keep America out of the war, is an accomplice of Nazi aggression.

Continuing the Discussion of Gino Perente and the National Labor Federation

Portland, 27.11.2004 17:18

On December 7, 2002, an anonymous letter was posted on Portland IndyMedia about Gino Perente and the National Labor Federation, decrying the organization as a "cult". One cannot dismiss the appeal of the so-called "National Labor Federation" by simply saying it was a "cult."

I met Gino Perente in 1972 when he, and Polly Gardner, and Mary Seeber (all dead now), and Elizabeth Logan (where is she?) regularly came by one of the Red Balloon Collective suites in the dorms at SUNY Stony Brook, and we'd have all-night sessions.


original story: [ Authoritarian 'cult' organizing at portland universities (Dec. 7, 2002) ]

Ocupación Toba

Argentina, 27.11.2004 16:29

La comunidad toba de Rosario no aguanta más

Ocupación Toba

Argentina, 27.11.2004 16:24

La comunidad toba de Rosario no aguanta más

Buy Nothing Campaign: Phase One

Rogue Valley, 27.11.2004 14:42

Ashland protesters hit the rogue valley mall and were swiftly stiffled, but this is just the beginning.


Brasil, 27.11.2004 11:34

ANATEL é ocupada em Porto Alegre


Brasil, 27.11.2004 11:27

CMI de Barcelona agora também em esperanto

virinoj (eo)

Barcelona, 27.11.2004 10:39

Dum la politikistoj parolas, ni mortas

Malgraŭ ke la perfortoj kontraŭ virinoj daŭre kreskas, ke ili estas la unua morto-kialo por virinoj de 16- ĝis 44-jaraj kaj ke 25% de la virinoj suferas ilin, nek la Eŭropa Konstitucio, nek la Hispana Ŝtato per sia Integra Leĝo kontraŭ la perforto al virinoj rekte kontraŭas la problemon. Ĝis kiam la sama historio? Ni ĉiuj konas okazojn hejme, surstrate, en alternativaj ejoj, en laborejo, en la karcero, en milito ktp. La justico emas esti indulga kaj la oficiala kono ne volas akcepti evidenton.

Sed ni ne forgesu, ke homo ne estas venkenda malamiko, ni daŭre devos batali kaj instrui :: Barcelono : [25Nov] Manifestacio +0+ [26Nov] Video-Debato pri perforto kontaŭ virinoj +0+ [24-26Nov] Debattagoj pri virinoj kaj perforto +0+ [26-28Nov] Renkontiĝo de viroj kaj virinoj por egaleco +0+ [25Nov] Mobilizo en El Chocó (Kolombio) +0+ Dosiero +0+ Analizo +0+ aktivismo +0+ ligiloj pri rilatoj inter seksoj +0+ Pri interseksaj rilatoj, sekso kaj virinoj +0+ Perforto, seksa identeco kaj sano +0+ kiel ni samseksemulinoj vivas perforton? +0+ Virecoj, perforto kaj paco +0+ Sekso kaj amaj rilatoj. Ni estu honestaj

+infoj :: >>>virinoj + amaskomunikiloj + agendo

koruptado (eo)

Barcelona, 27.11.2004 10:38

Ni vidas la torturon, ni scias pri la torturo, ni batalas kontraŭ la torturo

Hispanujo estis kondamnita en Strasburgo, ĉar ĝi ne enketis pri la torturo, malgraŭ ĝiaj klopodoj prisilenti la faktojn. La razio de 1992 jam trovis eĥon en Amnestio Internacia kaj oni okazigis diversajn prezentojn por vidigi kaj denunci la misuzon de potenco. La ekzisto de la kontraŭterorisma leĝo kaj la reĝimo FIES, favoras la opakecon, malantaŭ kiu oni kaŝas diverstipajn mistraktojn. La maniero, per kiu oni arestas kaj senkomunikigas dum pli ol 72 horoj, la izoligo, la misktraktoj en la prizonoj kaj la dispelo de geprizonuloj ankaŭ indikas la ekziston de torturo. Same la arestitoj de 1992, la junuloj el Torà, kiel la politikaj prizonuloj, ĉu sendependistoj ĉu anarkiistoj,...kaj ankaŭ la socialaj prizonuloj, kiel la marokaj arestitoj, ĝis la ĵusaj arestitoj de L'Hospitalet. Ili ĉiuj denuncis torturadon. Entute la afero montras la senpunitecon, sub kiu agadas kelkaj politikistoj, juĝistoj, policanoj kaj prizonaj funkciuloj. Tiu ĉi kondamno kuraĝigas la homojn daŭre denunci kaj agadi cele al la elradikigo de torturo.

Solidara tendumado por la du junuloj el L'Hospitalet

Aliaj rilataj infoj:::Informo UN:::Denunco de AI silentigita:::12 jaroj sen Pedro:::Hispanujo: demokratia aŭ torturanta ŝtato?:::Manifestacio kontraŭ la kataluna polico en Berga:::Seksa perfortado kiel torturo :::Lastaj torturoj en Bilbo :::18a de decembro Marŝo de torĉoj:::memmortigoj en la prizonoj:::Gvidilo por memdefendo:::Izoligo en la prizono de Ávila

+infoj::rescat + desdedentro + alerta solidària + >>>kriminaligo + >>>koruptado

Right to protest

darwin, 27.11.2004 09:13

Time on his side: big win for Napatistas

Right to protest

darwin, 27.11.2004 09:13

Time on his side: big win for Napatistas

Rogers staffer &amp;quot;shoots&amp;quot; anti-war protesters

Michigan, 27.11.2004 07:04

LANSING- A group of about 30 anti-war protesters marched a cold and rainy mile from the state Capitol to Rep. Mike Rogers’ office Friday [Nov. 19] to make their voices heard, but instead all they got was a locked door and their pictures taken by a member of Rogers’ staff.

Stuart Pigler smiled at protesters while taking snapshots of individual demonstrators through the side and front windows from inside the locked office. When later asked why he was taking pictures, Pigler refused to comment, referring inquiries to Rogers’ press secretary in Washington.

Bayer Abandons GM crops in India and UK

San Diego, 27.11.2004 06:47

15th Nov: In an admission of immense significance to the entire genetic engineering industry, Bayer Crop Science has conceded to Greenpeace India that all of its projects on genetically engineered crops in India have been "discontinued"

Indymedia UK Newswire story | Bayer/Greenpeace Letters | GreenPeace Statement


Colombia, 27.11.2004 06:01

Entrevista con Luis Alberto Panecio, vocero de la comunidad Embera Katio

Report-backs from Buy Nothing Day

Portland, 27.11.2004 05:58

Today, as planned, we met at Lloyd Center at ten o' clock, and a few people had signs and costumes, I saw our group on the news, but I think I was inside the mall at the time. At this point, a few of us had signs and/or costumes, and then a few of us split into groups of two or three people, and we put little info sheets about issues such as sweatshop labor in the pockets of clothing in stores like The Gap, Sears, Hot Topic, Old Navy, etc. Then we passed out leaflets on the way out. Apparently, the other one or two groups that had gotten in (some couldn't, because of security) were kicked out, but we were never approached by any security, and we left via the entrance that the policeman was guarding, so he was kinda confused. Then some people with buy nothing day shopping carts showed up (there are pictures of this in the other article) and after singing some more of our buy nothing day carrols, we took the max downtown, to pioneer place. A few of us got in, and were promptly kicked out, but, by the time I got there, there was a security official with a video camera standing at the door who videotaped me and told us that the mall is private property, and that he would arrest me if I came into the store. read more >>I Was At Wal-Mart
I was at the Walmart on 82nd and Holgate with my sign that said "Boycott Walmart. Supoort real local jobs" I was there walking around on sidewalks around Walmart and the Eastport Plaza in which it is located. The manager came out and told me to leave. I didnt. 10 minutes later a security guard who claimed to represent the Eastport Plaza and told me to leave as well or he would have to call the cops. THe security guard was nice about it and said he hated Walmart and wished "someone would nuke the place" read more >>The scene in Roseburg, Oregon
It's kinda hard being down here on Buy Nothing Day. My folks of course think I am a nut anyway, and told me they had to get gas and milk and blah blah and off they went. So, I went for a short drive too (Roseburg, OR is pretty easy to cover quickly, takes longer to drive to from my folks' place than all the way thru town) looking for ANY kind of peace action (all the strip malls etc were jammed of course), and guess what I found- Peacniks! No lie, right in the middle of one of the redneckiest parts of the state... read more >>

previous Buy Nothing Day reports: [ 11/29/2002 | 11/24/2001 | 11/24/2000 ]

[ Buy Nothing Day (on Adbusters website) ]

Who Stole the Soul: Thoughts on Ron Artest, the NBA and Race

Michigan, 27.11.2004 05:43

22 November 2004 - Detroit Pistons coach Larry Brown called the incident and ensuing attention a black eye for the National Basketball Association. I believe the ensuing attention says a lot about America's perception of men of color, especially Black men.

Anyone who loves basketball (and many who don't) watched Friday night's Indiana Pacers-Detroit Pistons war in disbelief. In the incident, Pacers' stars Ron Artest, Jermaine O'Neal and Stephen Jackson charged into the stands and violated a cardinal rule of professional athletes: the trio brawled with unruly Detroit fans. By Sunday night, images of players swinging at bystanders had been played over and over by the media, and NBA Commissioner David Stern announced Artest was suspended for the remainder of the season (73 games), while O'Neal and Jackson were barred from a total of 55 games between them.

toma unco

Argentina, 27.11.2004 05:16

Sábado 27 de noviembre | TERMINÓ LA TOMA DE LA UNCO
Victoria de los estudiantes!

Fallujah - Horrors

Victoria, 26.11.2004 22:21

Horrific scenes from the ashes of Fallujah

ABC's 20/20 Got it Wrong in Matthew Shepard Piece

Madison, 26.11.2004 21:52

A critique of the Friday, Nov. 26th episode of the ABC News show, 20/20, which claims that its story demonstrates that the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyoming was not a homophobia-based hate crime. The author bases his comments on a preview copy of the show he viewed in conjunction with an interview in Wednesday's WI State Journal. Note: He will be the guest on Madison talk radio station WXXM 92.1 at 5:15 pm on Friday, Nov. 26th, and will be part of a story airing on WKOW-TV's 10pm news that night.

Winter in July!

Ireland, 26.11.2004 19:26

JFK Asassination Game Released!!! A new computer game went on sale in the States on Monday : You are about to take part in the world’s first interactive reconstruction of John F. Kennedy’s assassination... ...

12 Hours of Carefully Coordinated Mayhem, Noon to Midnight

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.11.2004 19:23

Last Friday of the Month: Critical Mass Radio Network

12 Hours of Carefully Coordinated Mayhem, Noon to Midnight

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.11.2004 19:13

Last Friday of the Month: Critical Mass Radio Network

Iraq Dispatches: 'Unusual Weapons' Used in Fallujah

Ireland, 26.11.2004 18:59

- US- army uses phosphor and napalm in iraq - The U.S. military has used poison gas (created by burning white phosphor) and other non-conventional weapons against civilians in Fallujah, eyewitnesses report. ...

Critical Mass Radio Network on radioActive sanDiego

San Diego, 26.11.2004 18:49

This month's broadcast topic is COLONIAL HOLIDAY (in Cambodia)
regurgitation, and how to avoid buying anything ever again, ever.

Critical Mass Radio Network (CMRN) is a decentralized radio network composed of a constellation of independent community radio stations. The CMRN site provides the means for community radio stations to rebroadcast the CMRN signal over the FM band. The signal itself is composed of the radio stations that make up the network. We've organized according to Principles of Unity, and intend to further the growth of independent community based radio internationally, regardless of the broadcast medium.

Pilgrims, America's early terrorists

Boston, 26.11.2004 17:43

In Jabella Iraq yesterday, American and British soldiers fought street-to-street, raiding homes, taking prisoners, and killing Iraqis in a new military offensive dubbed Operation Plymouth Rock. In Plymouth, at the rock itself, a crowd of close to four hundred Americans gathered beneath gray skies and a light sprinkling rain to commemorate the 35th National Day of Mourning, a tradition that aims to explode the myths that surround Thanksgiving. This year Iraq was held up as the latest example of European American’s continuing manifest destiny.

Call for Solidarity with the people of the Canary Islands

Ireland, 26.11.2004 17:41

We call for solidarity with this struggle, especially we address ourselves to social groups and collectives, we request that this support may arrive for the demonstration of the 27th. Please send your expressions of support with the mobilized citizens at yaestabien_asambleaportenerife (AT), specially of social groups (Workers' Committees, Unions, Voluntary Groups, Youth Organizations...) or as a private individual. Slainte. ...

Queens University boycott coke

Ireland, 26.11.2004 17:21

Queens University Student Councils meeting held on 25th 11th 04, passed the following motions: 1. This council opposes the war on Iraq and the war on terror, and calls for the immediate withdraw of all occupying forces in Iraq. 2. This council support the Colombian trade unions call for a worldwide boycott of Coca-Cola, ...

Victory for Iraq Pillage Protestors, case closed as Prosecution runs scared

United Kingdom, 26.11.2004 15:30

On tuesday the 23rd of November almost 7 months since human rights activists Ewa Jasiewicz and Pennie Quinton were charged with aggravated trespass for entering the Iraq Procurement conference,a major contract signing event attended by the Iraqi interim government ministers and Brian Wilson, Blair's envoy for reconstruction in Iraq held in London last April. In what was unquestionably a political decision by the CPS both women have been fully aqquited and awarded costs, despite a strong case against the protestors who managed to disrupt the conference when they unfurled banners and informed conference attendess that their order of business was infact nothing less then the pillage of Iraq and therefore illegal under the 1907 Hague regulations and the Geneva conventions.
The women's defense argued that they could not be charged with aggravated trespass, 'the of disruption of a lawful event' as infact the Iraqi Procurement conference was unlawful as it was facilitating the pillage of Iraq which was under occupation by the US and the UK at the time of their action. Naomi Klein who was to have been a key witness at the trial attended a press conference at the NUJ on wednesday the 24th of November to speak about the implications of the CPS's decision in relation to this first attempt to put the Pillage of Iraq on trial. read more

URGENT Pre-Budget Campaign Underway : Lobby Irish Government To Keep Their Development Aid Pledge

Ireland, 26.11.2004 14:56

Irish Government lobbied to honour their commitments to the world's poorest Email and telephone campaign underway to hold the Taoiseach and the government to their development aid commitments on budget day, Wednesday 1st December 2004. ...

RADIO ULSTER broadcasts criticism of revisionist historian Peter Hart

Ireland, 26.11.2004 13:44

Historian who refuses to respond on the spot! Irish historians Dr Brian Murphy and Meda Ryan aired their criticism of the evidence, based on anonymous sources, from Dr Peter Hart on the Kilmichael ambush. Based on copious research and new evidence, both Ryan and Murphy have produced detailed refutations of Hart. Hart’s suggestion that his critics have a "faith based" approach to history is insulting and lacks credibility. Hart refuses to debate on Indymedia (see link above) and has so far refrained from using any other forum to answer his critics. ...

Update: Emergency Planning to Unwelcome Bush to Maritimes

Maritimes, 26.11.2004 13:31


UPDATE: Meetings being held across Canada for actions in Hali, Ottawa, and other cities.


Colombia, 26.11.2004 12:20

La libertad de actuar con solidaridad social

Expo 2.008 in Zaragoza, NO

Ireland, 26.11.2004 11:17

In view of the media hush up about the opposition against the Expo 2008 in Zaragoza... Help us to stop Expo 2.008 ...

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