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Occupy Congress blockades steps of Rayburn Building, enters Longworth building

DC, 19.01.2012 00:29

At about 4PM on the 17th of January, Occupy Congress atttempted to march into the Rayburn building but was forced back outside. Shortly therafter, some of the protesters managed to enter the Longworth, though they were limited to passing through the checkpoints individually to do so. Video of the House Office Builing actions and street march afterwards Warning-donwload this now, Liveleak says they will have to close if SOPA passes!

Occupy Congress seizes Supreme Court steps, then forces White House security lock down

DC, 19.01.2012 00:29

At about 7PM on the 17th of January, Occupy Congress did something I have never seen a protest accomplish before: They took over the iconic steps of the Supreme Court building, with one report saying some reached the doors. There were no reports of anyone getting inside. Video of the Supreme Court and White House actions Note: Download this now, if SOPA passes Liveleak expects to be shut down!

VIDEO: Sleep is a Human Right - Metal at City Hall Homeless Vigil 1.5.12

Portland, 18.01.2012 17:43

I stop by the vigil for Houseless folks that is going on 24-7 in front of Portland City Hall. Here is a short video/conversation I had with "Metal" who was sitting at the vigil table. This was filmed around noon on Thursday 1.5.11. in front of Portland City Hall.

[13:44 minute video clip]

Metal tells me what is happening with regards to this vigil for houseless people outside of city halls front doors. He tells me about his involvement the vigil, which began after Occupy Portland protesters was evicted from the parks across the street. The most current post on this topic about the City Hall Vigil is on FB and can be found on this link


Native Oregonian Robina Suwol Makes a Difference Protecting Health &amp; the Environment

Portland, 18.01.2012 17:43

Founder of California Safe Schools increases environmental awareness through recyling program; California Safe Schools, a leader in the environmental health and environmental justice movement continues their recycling efforts while earning free technology, recreational equipment or cash by participating in the Funding Factory Recycling Program. California Safe School Coalition was the force behind Los Angeles Unified School District groundbreaking Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Policy, whose preamble includes the "Precautionary Principle". IPM uses low risk methods to eradicate pests. This policy led to California's Healthy Schools Act of 2000, and has become a model for school districts and communities internationally.

Companies interested in demonstrating a commitment to education and the environment can participate free of charge in the Funding Factory Business Support Program. Funding Factory will send each supporting business FREE prepaid shipping labels for the return of collected cartridges and cell phones. Funding Factory has provided over $20 million in funding to schools and groups across the country since its inception in 1997. For more information, visit, or call, toll-free, 1.888.883.8237.

17 Rabbits Returned to Hipster Meat School in Portland

Portland, 18.01.2012 17:43

From Animal Liberation Frontline

PDX Meat Collective butchers reclaim "stolen" rabbits

Overnight on January 8th, news broke on the "Portland Meat Collective" website that somewhere between 18 and 23 rabbits had disappeared from the backyard of one of their "instructors" the day before they were to be killed as part of a self-butchery class. Nearly a week passed without any further news or claim of responsibility. Then, in a tragic development Friday, January 13th, news came that the rabbits had been located and returned to the school to be killed.

We can only hope rescuers locate the new location of the rabbits, and deliver them to freedom for the second time.

The story so far...

Occupy Belfast seizes bank building

Portland, 18.01.2012 17:43

The UK's Occupy protesters have occupied the vacant building of Bank of Ireland in Belfast city centre, Northern Ireland, media reports said. Bank of Ireland is one of the Irish banks rescued from collapse by billions of euros from the Republic's taxpayers. The Royal Avenue branch near to the Belfast Telegraph newspaper has been closed for several years. Some of the demonstrators had occupied the top floor and draped anti-capitalist banners over the exterior, the report said.

"Occupy Belfast have taken control of the Bank of Ireland on Royal Avenue in opposition to soaring homelessness, lack of affordable social housing and home repossessions", said a statement from the anti-capitalist demonstrators. Stating that they hoped for the "building of a housing campaign", the protesters added: "Banks take our houses so we take their buildings. This is a repossession for the community!"

Occupy protests have been held across the world, with the most high-profile demonstrations taking place outside Wall Street in New York and St. Paul's Cathedral in London. In Belfast a small band of Occupy activists have been camped out for the last few months on Writer's Square facing onto St Anne's Cathedral in Donegall Street.

Action Alert: Waive the Fines on Right 2 Dream Too!

Portland, 18.01.2012 17:43

The City says Right 2 Dream Too (R2DToo) must comply with Recreational Campground Ordinances or pay a $641.30 fine every month. R2DToo is NOT a recreational campground. It provides emergency shelter for dozens of people every night (at no cost to the City).

Three ways YOU can help:
1. Take ONE MINUTE to contact Commissioner Dan Saltzman.
Tell him you support Right 2 Dream Too. Waive the fines. Lift the camping ban.
Telephone: (503) 823-4151

2. Take ONE HOUR and join R2DToo on
Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
City Hall, S.W. Fourth and Madison Avenues, Portland

3. Keep this thought for the rest of your life:

[ Related: Street Roots coverage, Nov 2011 | Right2Survive coverage Oct 2011 ]

Occupy Our Homes! Occupy 702 Vermont St., East New York!

NYC, 18.01.2012 17:08

The ongoing East New York Occupied Foreclosed House is crucial for a neighborhood ravaged by foreclosure crisis. When a community takes over a boarded up eyesore of the economic warfare being waged by the 1%, and turns it into a safe livable shelter for the homeless. People Powered organization rather than profit.

Una niña de 11 años abusada espera orden judicial para interrumpir embarazo

Argentina, 18.01.2012 16:36

¡Basta de Revictimización!

Una niña de 11 años abusada espera orden judicial para interrumpir embarazo

Argentina, 18.01.2012 16:36

¡Basta de Revictimización!


Athens, 18.01.2012 11:47

Η λογοκρισία (και) στο Internet, προπομπός του γενικευμένου ολοκληρωτισμού

ACTION ALERT: Transfer Mumia Abu-Jamal to General Population!

United States, 18.01.2012 11:38

Last month, following the Philadelphia DA's decision to not hold a new sentencing hearing, Mumia Abu-Jamal was transferred to SCI Mahanoy, in Frackville, PA, where he as since been held in "Administrative Custody." His present conditions are actually worse than they were on death row at SCI Greene. Please join us in our call for Mumia to be immediately transferred into general population.

For more information, please visit and

In the Shadow of Indefinite Detention - Guantanamo Year 10

DC, 17.01.2012 23:18

"In the Shadow of Indefinite Detention" a play about those still incarcerated in the Guantanamo Bay Prison Complex was first performed by the Bread & Puppet Theater. Then adapted by Ken Srdjak for this performance in front of the White House, in January of 2012 the 10th university that the "special" U.S. territory in Cuba, was being used as a prison for "special prisoners" caught up in the unending "War on Terrorism." The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) requires mandatory military custody for suspects linked to al-Qaeda or its affiliates - meet some of them and examine the evidence. The base was originally meant to be used as a refueling and watering station for the United States Navy. Video

Guantanamo Bay Turns Ten: Former Soldier Discusses the “Detention Camps”

DC, 17.01.2012 23:18

Daniel Lakemacher spent six months at Guantanamo as a psychiatric technician with the Navy. “I was very excited about being in the Navy initially,” he told me in a 2010 interview that aired on Pacifica Radio’s DC station, WPFW. But his time at Guantanamo caused him to become a conscientious objector. “I can easily say that Gitmo is the most hate-filled place I have ever experienced,” Lakemacher wrote at his site, Lakemacher discussed the forced feedings, Forced Cell Extractions, as well as the great extent the military goes to dehumanize the detainees at Guantanamo, which he referred to as “detention camps”. Audio and More

Foto-reportaje: Conmemoran el 39 aniversario del derecho al aborto

Puerto Rico, 17.01.2012 01:58

Conmemoran el 39 aniversario del derecho al aborto

Happy Birthday, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

NYC, 16.01.2012 15:07

"... Most nations are deceived about themselves. Rationalizations and the incessant search for scapegoats are the psychological cataracts that blind us to our sins. But the day has passed for our superficial patriotism. He who lives with untruth lives in spiritual slavery."

- MLK, "Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam," April 4, 2007


Athens, 16.01.2012 11:00

Στην επίθεση των αφεντικών να προτάξουμε την ταξική αλληλεγγύη και τον κοινό αγώνα!

Mantienen vivo el Gasoducto

Puerto Rico, 16.01.2012 03:25

"La tranquilla está en Fortaleza”

FMPR: comienzo semestre enero 2012

Puerto Rico, 16.01.2012 03:25

Federación de Maestros exige justicia salarial

(Tefé) 1º FMLE - Festival de Mídias Livres na Educação (relato)

CMI Brasil, 16.01.2012 02:55

Voz da Ilha

Lucha contra molinos de Santa Isabel

Puerto Rico, 16.01.2012 02:48

Peligro en la agricultura de Santa Isabel Puerto Rico

Transmisione n Defensa del Famatina

Argentina, 16.01.2012 00:19

We Will Not Forget

Portland, 15.01.2012 22:19

DC PDX Jan. 1, 2012 Statement: We take this day to remember Oscar Grant, executed by Oakland police in the early morning of New Year's Day, face down, hands cuffed behind his back, while dozens of people filmed...

We take this day to remember Aaron Campbell, shot in the back a few days after Oscar Grant by Portland police. Called in supposedly to stop Aaron from killing himself, the police saw this young Black man as nothing but a threat. Not as a son, a brother, a human whose brother had died earlier that day, a human who needed support and care. From Aaron, we learn we must create community resources and institutions to address the scars caused by this system, and they must exist outside of the system. Any movement that relies on this system for change is a movement that will ultimately reproduce the oppression they seek to eradicate.

We take this day to remember Keaton Otis, pulled over by Portland police for "looking like a gangster." We remember he was tazed and then shot while in the driver's seat of his car...

We take this day to remember the countless names we don't know of those who have suffered and continue to suffer from police violence. Too often these are people of color, youth, sex workers, women, queer and trans folks, undocumented folks and immigrants/refugees, poor and houseless people and those who live at these categories' crossroads. The intersections of these identities mean people live in the place where nightstick meets flesh. From all these brave survivors, we learn we are always at risk, we are always vulnerable - we exist in the crosshairs. We see all of these murders by police, and the use of police violence as a whole, as a continuation of colonization.

William Singletary, 65, Courageous Witness of Mumia's Innocence

Portland, 15.01.2012 21:44

"I learned from William Singletary's wife, Jeannette, that he died this morning. Bill was a courageous man who lived fighting to make the truth known that Mumia is innocent in the shooting death of police officer Daniel Faulkner. For that Bill suffered severe personal and financial consequences. I've known Bill since June 1990 when he came forward with his eyewitness testimony for Mumia and as a witness at the PCRA hearing in 1995, when I was co-counsel for Mumia." -Rachel Wolkenstein

For more information on what you can work for Mumia's freedom::

This is an article of Liberation News, subscribe free:

О последних вызовах в милицию

Belarus, 15.01.2012 21:27

Коллективу Анархического Черного Креста стали известны факты недавней активности сотрудников правоохранительных органов. В частности, некоторых людей вызывали на “беседы”, а в отдельных случаях даже давали заполнить анкеты на предмет причастности к анархистскому движению и участию в анархистских инициативах.

К сожалению, сам факт того, что люди по-прежнему ходят на подобные беседы, говорит о слабом понимании этими людьми специфики работы органов. Казалось бы, осень 2010 года должна была научить многих из нас, что стоит делать и чего не стоит. За этот год было несчетное количество обсуждений того, как стоит поступать в той или иной ситуации. Но, несмотря на все эти усилия, люди продолжают с ослиным упорством наступать на одни и те же грабли.

Многие из тех, с кем беседовали представители органов, аргументируют свою явку по вызову тем, что, по их мнению, для них так будет лучше. Подобные заявления ставят под вопрос вообще любое коллективное взаимодействие. Возможн,о сотрудники КГБ или…

Chris Hedges at Freedom Plaza (Complete)

DC, 15.01.2012 21:16

Chris Hedges is an American journalist, author, and war correspondent, specializing in American and Middle Eastern politics and societies. He discusses his book "Death of the Liberal Class" and the destruction of critical culture, which flourished before World War One but destroyed soon afterwards. Video

Liberating Dr. King! The L’s Coming Mixtape: Real King, Real Politics, Real Beats w Sese

DC, 15.01.2012 19:31

Scoop up my man’s mixtape, The L’s Coming: Liberating Dr. King from DJ Sese, and rolled to the studio. We added some Boondocks and a tribute to our fallen comrade Marcus Grimes, wrapped it up with the Godfather, Mr. Tom Porter, and kept it moving! Dr. King and his truly radical ideas got the attention and love they deserve and so rarely get. DJ Sese: The L's Coming mixtape

Trabajadores de Crown Cork ratifican importante Convenio Colectivo

Puerto Rico, 15.01.2012 18:54

Trabajadores de Crown Cork ratifican importante Convenio Colectivo

Brigada Cuba 2012

Puerto Rico, 15.01.2012 18:54

Pa' Cuba en el 2012 con la Brigada Juan Rius Rivera

MLK Events This Monday in Portland

Portland, 15.01.2012 18:45

There are a number of events celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose birthday is being celebrated this Monday, January 16. SISTERS OF THE ROAD 19th MLK MARCH AND RALLY OCCUPY THE DREAM! 11:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. March starts at noon. KEEP ALIVE THE DREAM! 27th Anniversary Tribute 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Highland Christian Center, 7600 N.E. Glisan, Portland Aired live on KBOO 90.7 FM. OCCUPY JUSTICE: A Morale Booster for the Occupy Movement 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. The Alberta Rose Theatre, 3000 N.E. Alberta Street, Portland

HEEND: Mensaje durante natalicio de Hostos

Puerto Rico, 15.01.2012 18:19

HEEND: Mensaje durante natalicio de Eugenio María de Hostos

Comienzo de nuevo semestre escolar- enero 2012

Puerto Rico, 15.01.2012 18:19

Denuncian nuevas fallas en educación

Ocupan la Oficina del Inspector General de Permisos

Puerto Rico, 15.01.2012 17:46

Ocupan la Oficina del Inspector General de Permisos

Transmison en Defensa de los Bienes conunes

Argentina, 15.01.2012 16:32

Legalize Bared Feet - They Are Holy! Occupy Cottage Grove Library

Portland, 15.01.2012 16:28

Bare foot entry barred in the Cottage Grove public library. why is this, and so many other places? It seems nothing more than a prejudice, or fear of a liability. The bare foot is typically cleaner than a shoe; for a lot of people this is a serious health and comfort issue. We have been stonewalled and threatened with police action. To people who habitually walk barefoot though, the most compelling reason to change this policy is that wearing shoes temporarily seriously affects skin and causes cracking to the otherwise impervious toughened soul. For these reasons, we are walking peacefully to make conference with those in charge. This issue, trivial to some, represents freedom to us.

[Followup: The 'principle agitator' chose the route of civil disobedience, refused to put on his shoes. Cops were called, arrested him and charged him with trespassing! $5000 in potential fine and they say they are going to keep him until court (arraignment or trial, not sure)... Other barefoot people, having dealt with this? There is no health code to claim ground of course, but they are apparently allowed to make policy unilaterally. Question is, can they enforce this policy legally? ]

"" - letters written to/from health departments in the U.S. confirming that being barefoot does not violate health and safety codes in many U.S. states

NATO/G8 Chicago updates: Protest permits approved (sort of); Protest ordinances revised (barely)

Chicago, 13.01.2012 23:23

From the newswire: "Activists with the Coalition Against the NATO and G8 War & Poverty Agenda (CANG8) this afternoon received a permit from the City of Chicago for a Saturday, May 19 march from Daley Plaza to McCormick Place, site of the NATO / G8 summits to be held May 19-21." But the permit includes an "escape clause" which would allow the Secret Service to nullify the permits. Read more

Also, Mayor Emanuel's "sit down and shut up" anti-protester ordinances have taken a beating in public opinion, so he revised it. But the revisions, despite claims from the Mayor's office to be substantial, appear upon review to be little more than cosmetic. Only a small number of changes — a reduced increase of fines, and elimination of the marshal requirement — appear in the update. The remaining restrictions — including the redefinition of "resisting arrest", onerous insurance requirements, requiring a week's advance notice, and stringent requirements on Chicago sidewalks — all remain in place. Read more

Ten years of Guantánamo. Ten years too long. Bring the British residents home.

United Kingdom, 13.01.2012 18:28

In the days leading up to 11 January 2012, the tenth anniversary of the opening of Guantánamo Bay detention centre, Guantánamo prisoners held a three day hunger strike and protest. Beyond the prison walls, the event has been marked with many days of action in the US, Britain and elsewhere around the world. Protesters call for the closure of Guantánamo and the release of the 171 people still incarcerated there without trial. 50 people held a ten day fast, took part in actions in and around Washington DC during this time and supported defendants in a court case which, bizarrely, had been brought by the State using the (misspelt) name of Shaker Aamer, the last British resident detained at Guantánamo: Shakir Ami vs the US. The anniversary demo in DC on 11 January was the largest ever, involving 171 participants in orange jumpsuits and many hundreds of others, so large it split into groups and marched to the Supreme Court, Congress and the Department of Justice [and back to the White House - check for confirmation of this]. The following day, 37 people in orange jumpsuits and with a full size cage were arrested in front of the White House while protesting against Obama's support for the National Defence Authorization Act, which effectively cancels Obama's promise to shut Guantánamo.

British solidarity actions demanded the release of Shaker Aamer, the closure of Guantánamo and bore witness to torture and other human rights abuses perpetrated there. Events included a rally in Trafalgar Square, a press conference at the Frontline Club, panel discussion at Conway Hall with numerous speakers including former detainees, a screening of the film 'Death in Camp Delta' about a detainee who died in Guantánamo, petition presented to the US Embassy calling for Obama to keep his promise to shut down Guantánamo and a vigil in Haringey during the morning rush hour. In Ireland, protesters held a vigil outside the US Embassy at Ballsbridge and handed a letter to the Ambassador Dan Rooney.

On Tuesday 14th February 2012, the last remaining British resident in Guantanamo, Shaker Aamer will have been in Guantanamo for ten years. The appalling conditions under which he continues to be held were eloquently described by his lawyer Clive Stafford Smith at the Remembrance meeting on Wednesday. Campaigners intend to mark the anniversary by staging a Guantanamo Chain Gang outside the US Embassy calling for him to be returned home to his family. Cage Prisoners believe that his testimony is vital in any investigation of British complicity in torture, and he is surely entitled to return to his home and the family he hasn't seen for ten years as he has been cleared of any wrong doing.

The LGC also maintains that the British government should seek the return to the UK of former British resident Ahmed Belbacha, an Algerian national who lived in Bournemouth from 1999 to 2001. He was cleared for release by the US military in 2007. Mr Belbacha fears for his life if forcibly returned to Algeria (an injunction currently prevents this), and remains at Guantánamo awaiting the offer of a safe home.

On the newswire: We demand the truth about British involvement in torture | Anniversary demo in DC | 37 arrested at White House | Guantánamo Remembered event at Conway Hall | Campaigners demand Guantánamo closure | From Haringey to Washington DC: Close Guantánamo | Guantánamo prisoners' protest and hunger strike | former guard Brandon Neely on Gitmo | Schedule of anniversary events | Shut Gitmo: End 10 years of Shame Call-out | Report |

Audio reports: Guantánamo Remembered Event at Conway Hall - Introduction | former detainee Moazzam Begg | Attorney Michael Ratner | Vanessa Redgrave reads former detainee Murat Kurnaz | Human Rights lawyer Gareth Peirce | Former detainee Sami Al-Hajj | Human Rights lawyer Clive Stafford-Smith | Former detainee Omar Deghayes | Chair of Islamic Human Rights Commission Massoud Sadjareh | Three poems brought out of Guantánamo | Audio from DC rally

External links: Reprieve on Shaker Aamer | Ahmed Belbacha | Cage Prisoners | Witness Against Torture | Amnesty Report Guantánamo: A Decade of Damage to Human Rights | Human Rights Watch Guantánamo Ten Years On


Argentina, 13.01.2012 18:28

Casal se opone a resguardar los derechos de niños y niñas

Occupy Brings Foreclosure Defense Movement To Baltimore, Deutsch Bank Proceeds With Eviction

United States, 13.01.2012 18:11

The movement to physically stop evictions and foreclosures made its debut in Baltimore on Tuesday, January 10th outside of the West Baltimore home of Lila Kara. Nearly 100 people associated with Occupy Baltimore assembled early in the morning to stop a Deutsch Bank foreclosure order against her house. Those assembled included neighbors, some facing foreclosure themselves, and participants from Occupy Our Homes, a working group of Occupy Baltimore.

Though initially proclaiming victory after a no-show, Sheriff’s officers and a representative assumed to be with Deutsch Bank who refused to identify herself proceeded with the eviction process on Wednesday morning, arriving unannounced. Workers changed the locks on the property and took inventory of Kara’s belongings, while about 20 people assembled in protest.

I Vivencias Campesino-Urbana de Jóvenes en Córdoba

Argentina, 13.01.2012 16:47

I Encuentro Interdisciplinario de la Juventud Latinoamericana y Caribeña

I Vivencias Campesino-Urbana de Jóvenes en Córdoba

Argentina, 13.01.2012 16:47

I Encuentro Interdisciplinario de la Juventud Latinoamericana y Caribeña

Reminder-NYC: Come to WBAI benefit (cheap) Sat. 1/14, 2 pm

NYC, 13.01.2012 15:34

One Saturday afternoon per month, I've been organizing a gathering to benefit WBAI financially, but more important -- to pull our communities together and enjoy each other, excellent food, great music and radical politics in downtown Manhattan.

So come on down THIS SATURDAY AFTERNOON! The announcement (below) reflects some changes in the schedule.

Canudos é aqui, entre Salvador e Simões Filho, na Baia de Aratu.

Brasil, 13.01.2012 04:22

Luta Quilombola

Largest ever Gitmo protest demands Gitmo be CLOSED

DC, 13.01.2012 01:30

On the 10th anniversary of the opening of Guantanimo Bay, the largest protest ever held in the US against this hellhole demanded that it be closed. Cold rain could not deter this protest, as unlike Guantanimo Bay nobody had to worry about being waterboarded.It is being estimated that 800 people may have been in the march to the Supreme Court Video-The march to the Supreme Court and the speakers there

[Curitiba] Ocupa J13 completa 5 anos de vida!

Brasil, 12.01.2012 17:40


NYC, 12.01.2012 14:08

On going reoccupation underway!

From NewYorkCityRevolution: As of 10:30PM Tuesday, Over 200 people have poured into Liberty Plaza after NYCLU lawsuit.


Argentina, 12.01.2012 05:44

Casal se opone a resguardar los derechos de niños y niñas

Jornada Nacional en defensa del Famatina

Argentina, 12.01.2012 05:07

(SP) Pedido de ajuda da fábrica ocupada Flaskô

CMI Brasil, 12.01.2012 04:47



Argentina, 12.01.2012 01:43

“Mientras sigamos luchando ellos seguirán presentes”

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