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[Radio Cordel Libertario]16/02–21:10Re da Grécia AO VIVO na Cordel Liberta

CMI Brasil, 15.02.2012 01:00

Radio Cordel Libertário

No War on Iran! march photos, Feb. 12 in Portland

Portland, 14.02.2012 21:05

A decent turnout for Occupy Portland's "No War on Iran!" rally & march today in downtown Portland. How many US cities have held a similar event? Not many, I'd guess.

We will probably have more of these marches before long.

"No More War! Feed the Poor!"

"No More War!! Feed the Poor!!"

Video: Courage to Resist and Saving Private Manning

Portland, 14.02.2012 21:05

Recent presentation by Jeff Paterson, Director of the veterans support group, Courage to Resist.
Jeff discusses briefly his personal story and many others veterans which led to the founding of Courage to Resist before then speaking at length about the case of Bradley Manning.

This report back consists of two clips.

In the first clip, Jeff discusses his story and the stories of other veterans who stood up and out against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, many of which served prison time for their beliefs.

This clip is about 10 minutes in length.
Courage to Resist

In the second clip, which is about 44 minutes in length, [...]
Saving Private Manning

Drei Tage der Wut

Germany, 14.02.2012 15:21

"Drei Tage der Wut", so wurden die Aktionstage gegen die brutalen Sparmaßnahmen der nicht gewählten griechischen Regierung genannt und es besteht durchaus die Möglichkeit, daß sie nach dem Wochenende weiter an Schärfe gewinnen werden. Im ganzen Land kommt es dazu noch zu Besetzungen von Rathäusern. Fakultäten, etc. und mindestens 1500 Gefangene beteiligen sich an den Kämpfen, außerdem finden in mehreren Orten wilde Streiks und Betriebsbesetzungen statt. Allein in Iraklion auf Kreta demonstrierten 15.000 Menschen.

2. Tag | Ticker Athen am 12.2.2012

Jornada Nacional contra la megamineria

Argentina, 14.02.2012 15:18

International Day of Solidarity with Leonard Peltier

LA, 14.02.2012 04:32

Saturday February 4, 2012 was an international day of solidarity for political prisoner Leonard Peltier. A call was put out for demonstrations in front of federal buildings world-wide. Such an event occurred here in Los Angeles in the proximity of the downtown Federal Building and was well-attended. Leonard Peltier, who has been wrongfully imprisoned for 35 years, has received little exposure in the mainstream media. (Although, good documentaries have been made about him.)

"He's been in prison for over 30 years for a crime that he did not commit; his health is extremely bad," said Corine Fairbanks of AIM (American Indian Movement) Southern Cal, who was involved in two of the three events on February 4. "It was wonderful to see people going out of their way to participate in these events. I believe we definitely need to continue to educate people, especially young people, as to who Leonard Peltier is. I think there's a concentrated effort made by various governments for us to forget who he is. When I say educate, I'm saying that people need to be aware of not only who he is and the sacrifice he and his family have made being that he's a prisoner of war, but people also need to put more pressure on President Obama, put more pressure on the U.S. government for his release."

The charges against Peltier have been deemed illegitimate by Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, and many others. Peltier has received six Nobel Peace Prize nominations. His activism includes selling his paintings, proceeds of which have benefited the Lakota people.

Story and photos: International Day of Solidarity with Leonard Peltier: Clemency Now! by RP, photos by Isabel Avila

Marcha Nacional contra el Gasoducto

Puerto Rico, 14.02.2012 00:52

Marcha Nacional: Puerto Rico firme contra el gasoducto

Unlike Mayor, AIDS Activists Face Serious Sentences for Civil Disobedience

DC, 13.02.2012 20:12

Last year, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray went to jail when he and forty others committed an act of civil disobedience outside the U.S. Capitol in order to highlight the District of Columbia’s inability to spend its own tax dollars as it chooses. Also on that day, April 11, a dozen activists were arrested outside the office of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who proposed cuts to HIV/AIDS funding, as well as to the District’s needle exchange program. The group which included Mayor Gray and six sitting D.C. councilmembers has received light sentences, mostly amounting to no more than $50 fines. The HIV/AIDS activists, however, are facing more serious charges. Audio

New Yorkers to Senator Schumer - NO TAR SANDS PIPELINE

NYC, 13.02.2012 18:38

New Yorkers concerned about new efforts by GOP leaders in the US Senate to ‘fastrack’ approval of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline will march on Valentine’s Day to the Manhattan office of Sen. Chuck Schumer to urge him not to cave in to Oil Industry interests

Joy of Resistance three-hour special on Wednesday: &quot;Stories from Occupied America,&quot; &quot;We Always Resist&quot; &amp; JOR's greatest shows of 2011

NYC, 13.02.2012 18:38

To support the continuation of WBAI, listener supported non-commercial progressive radio—and feminist broadcasting at the station—Joy of Resistance, Multicultural Feminist radio @ WBAI will offer listeners three exciting premiums and and play excerpts from them. Wednesday's fund-drive Special, with "Stories from Occupied America," "We Always Resist" & JOR's greatest shows of 2011, can be heard at 99.5 FM and streams live at This 3-hour special will be hosted by Fran Luck, Maretta Short & Jasmine Burnett.

Community Members Unite to Stop FreshDirect’s Exploitation of the South Bronx

NYC, 13.02.2012 18:38

Community residents and activists will rally Tuesday, February 14th at 8:45 AM outside of 110 William Street, to demand that the board of the New York City Industrial Development Agency vote to block FreshDirect’s sweetheart deal in the Bronx.

Pese al amedrentamiento y el cerco mediatico

Argentina, 13.02.2012 02:15

Continua la resistencia en Andalga

Pese al amedrentamiento y el cerco mediatico

Argentina, 13.02.2012 02:15

Continua la resistencia en Andalgalá

Foto-reportaje: Estudiantes repudian brutalidad policiaca a un año de los eventos

Puerto Rico, 13.02.2012 01:06

Estudiantes repudian brutalidad policiaca a un año de los eventos

Boletín UJS Febrero 2012

Puerto Rico, 12.02.2012 19:14

Una Universidad Sin Futuro

War Is Not the Answer

Rogue Valley, 12.02.2012 16:29

Southern Oregon lobbies Senator Merkley to speak out for diplomacy with Iran. The U.S. has levied sanctions against Iran for over thirty years and the people have suffered. It is time for diplomacy. If not now, when?

Ruckus at the State Land Board Tuesday February 14

Portland, 12.02.2012 16:17

Will you be our valentine? In October, Governor Kitzhaber approved a plan that will nearly double the annual clear cut in the Elliott Rainforest, starting this year. On the 14th, the first land board meeting of 2012, the Governor will also approve the privatization of over 1,000 acres of public forest land in Southern Oregon. Privatization will leave the fate of sensitive wildlife in the hands of ravenous timber barons.

Cascadia Forest Defenders are heading to Salem on the 14th to confront the State Land Board--Governor Kitzhaber, Secretary of State Kate Brown, and Treasurer Ted Wheeler-- about their direct hand in the destruction of Oregon's public forests.

Tuesday Feb 14 7:30am until 12:00pm Oregon Department of State Lands Office, 775 Summer Street, Salem!

for more info visit
[ rides from Eugene and Portland being organized on facebook: ]


United States, 12.02.2012 07:58

Today, February 10th, 2012, Occupy Atlanta and Take Back the Block sat in at the Chase Bank located in the Edgewood Retail District. This action is part of a larger campaign against Chase Bank in getting the deed back from Chase to the Pittman family. Carmen Pittman, the granddaughter of the late Eloise Pittman, was arrested along with seven others. This was the first time--since the occupation movement shifted its focus to foreclosure--that a homeowner was involved in direct action. They are now known as the Chase Eight.

Eloise Pittman was given a predatory loan on a home that she and her family have lived in for over 50 years. She passed away in November, and her family is facing eviction. Since December 6th, 404 Glen Iris has been occupied in an effort to stop eviction. read more & video

Past Features:An Update and Call to Action from #GlenIris #OccupyAtlanta | The Pittman Family vs Chase Bank-Round 3


Argentina, 12.02.2012 05:42

Se cumplen 5 años de recuperacion del territorio,lucha y resistencia

&quot;Y si tocan a un herman@, nos tocan a tod@s&quot;

Argentina, 12.02.2012 03:39

Despues de la represión, vuelven los bloqueos

&quot;Y si tocan a un hermanx, nos tocan a todxs&quot;

Argentina, 11.02.2012 16:21

Despues de la represión, vuelven los bloqueos

Trade Justice Roadshow: Corporate Globalization &amp; the Trans-Pacific FTA

Portland, 11.02.2012 15:26

The Trans-Pacific FTA is being negotiated behind closed doors between a dozen countries throughout the Pacific Rim. Journalists, most Members of Congress and the people most likely to be impacted by these negotiations are barred from reviewing the U.S. proposals, but approximately 600 corporate lobbyists certified as official "citizen advisers" have regular access to both the negotiating documents and the negotiators. Join us as we learn more about this pact; about the impact of past trade deals on our communities; and to send a message to Senator Ron Wyden and other elected officials that we will not accept another business-as-usual trade pact that offshores jobs, reduces the tax base and puts a downward pressure on the wages and benefits of jobs that are left.

Sunday, 2/12 * 3:00 - 4:30pm Redmond, OR
Monday, 2/13 * 6:30 - 8:00pm Eugene, OR
Wednesday, 2/15 * 6:30 - 8:00pm Ashland, OR
Wednesday, 2/22 * 6:00 - 7:30pm Portland, OR
Thursday, 2/23 * 3:00 - 4:00pm Monmouth, OR
Thursday, 2/23 * 6:30 - 8:00pm Salem, OR

Help us promote these events on Facebook:
phone: 503) 736-9777

Cárceles: “Enseñar a ser libres en el encierro”

Argentina, 11.02.2012 14:52

Las cárceles ¿nos brindan seguridad? ¿Contemplan los derechos humanos?

Wall Street Excess and Main Street Distress: the Apple Connection

NYC, 11.02.2012 08:51

Ever since the beginning of the current global economic crisis, the focus of both critical analysis and public odium has been speculative capital. In the populist narrative, it was the breathtaking shenanigans of the banks in an atmosphere of deregulation that led to the economic collapse. The “financial economy,” characterized as parasitic and bad, was contrasted to the “real economy,” which was said to produce real goods and real value. Resources flowed into speculative activities in finance, resulting in a loss of dynamism in the real economy and eventually leading to credit cutoff at the height of the crisis, causing bankruptcies and massive layoffs.

Reflections from Monday night's Oakland solidarity march

Portland, 11.02.2012 08:51

From an arrestee:

On Monday night there was a march in Portland in solidarity with Occupy Oakland's call-out for a day of action against police brutality and arrests. The description for Portland's march specifically called for a respect for diversity of tactics including a black bloc and nonviolent direct action. Unfortunately the actual event proved much less tolerant to this diversity of tactics - people utilizing black bloc tactics were physically assaulted by other marchers on multiple occasions, and scapegoated for the 10 arrests the police made.

Prop 8 Ruled Unconstitutional

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.02.2012 05:38

California's Proposition 8 ban on same sex marriage was ruled unconstitutional by a three member panel of judges from the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. Judge Smith dissented. The panel majority stated that California voters violated the 14th Amendment of the Federal Constitution when voting for Prop 8. San Francisco's City Attorney stated that officials are getting ready and changing marriage forms, but that until the stay is lifted same sex couples in California still cannot marry.

Anti-Occupy legistlation introduced before the City Council

DC, 11.02.2012 04:25

The DC City Council has introduced legislation to criminalize all but the mildest forms of protest in DC. No doubt this is in response to rich lobbyists and the venues of things like the Alfalfa Club lobbying for relief from Occupy DC. A hearing will be held March 12 on the legislation.

CPAC Phase 1: fat cats, tents, an inside team, and baseball bats

DC, 11.02.2012 04:25

On the 10th of February, unions and Occupy protesters descended on the Wardman Park Marriot, where CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Committee, is meeting. An estimated 1,000 people showed up, with a giant "fast cat" balloon, Occupy tents-and the "Tax Dodgers" in baseball uniforms carrying baseball bats!

Economic Justice Now!

Rogue Valley, 11.02.2012 03:40

I've lived in Medford for almost exactly one year and the economic disparity among people is striking.

It's 2AM--Do you know where your police force is? Demanding ID's at Occupy Rochester

United States, 10.02.2012 23:17

In this 7 minute video, we meet Jacques and Paige, members of Occupy Rochester, describing police harassment after they and others were abruptly awaked by police who were asking for identification at 2AM on February 2, 2012. One occupier had the wherewithal to record some of the interaction.

Hours after the police harassed occupiers, the New York Civil Liberties Union released a statement demanding that the RPD cease their unconstitutional activities.

Video/Photos-Ralph Nader Speaks At Harvard Law School

Boston, 10.02.2012 21:45

Harvard Law School, Cambridge-Feb.8, 2012: Ralph Nader-consumer advocate, anti-war activist, presidential candidate, author-spoke at Harvard Law School w/ Bruce Fein on the subject of: "America's Lawless Empire: The Constitutional Crimes of Bush and Obama". video: photos: audio report by Chuck U.

La Comunidad Santa Rosa Leleque reafirmando su derecho ancestral

Argentina, 10.02.2012 20:46

14 de febrero del 2012 se cumpliran 5 años de recuperacion del territorio en Chubut

Balas de goma, gases, hostigamiento de bandas parapoliciales, intervención ilegal a medios comunitarios

Argentina, 10.02.2012 18:32

Catamarca y Tucumán: Violenta represión policial a la protesta social 


Argentina, 10.02.2012 17:13


NYC Events for February 10

NYC, 10.02.2012 13:42

For Friday, February 10, 2012

Unanimous Voice Opposes New Jail at Champaign County Board

United States, 10.02.2012 13:17

Another crowd of people showed up for a second week to oppose plans for expansion of the Champaign County jail. Several individuals spoke during public comment. Among them were:

Mikhail Lyubansky, who writes and teaches about restorative justice, said, "Jail is just one strategy, not the only one" to public safety and called on the County Board to look into alternatives to incarceration.

Peter Campbell of the GEO Solidarity Committee said, "To argue that we should expand a jail in order to treat prisoners better is perverse: any public official who makes this argument is trading on the lives of the most vulnerable in our community for their own political gain."

Chris Evans spoke about the history of the public safety quarter cent sales tax, passed by voters in 1998. The sales tax ought to be brough back to voters, he said.

Vecinxs resisten el intento de desalojo

Argentina, 10.02.2012 12:53

Urgente: Represión en Tinogasta.


Argentina, 10.02.2012 06:46

La policía tuvo que retroceder en el bloqueo en Tinogasta

Un pequeño triunfo en Tinogasta

Argentina, 10.02.2012 05:52

La policía retrocedió del corte en Tinogasta en Catamarca y se fueron a la comisaria.

Agenda marzo 2012

Argentina, 09.02.2012 21:58

Fueron liberadxs todxs lxs asambleistas detenidxs en Belén

Argentina, 09.02.2012 20:01


Jail! : An Insight Into Prison Life In Ireland, Namely Castlerea Prison, Co Roscommon.

Ireland, 09.02.2012 17:41

“Your letters have sparked riots in the maximum se ...

Belén, desalojo a asambleistas

Argentina, 09.02.2012 17:36

Jornada Nacional de lucha

Manaus - Empresa desaloja pequenos agricultores sob pretexto de crime ambiental

CMI Brasil, 09.02.2012 16:39

Luta para Moradia

Meeting with Chris Hedges

NYC, 09.02.2012 14:24

Chris Hedges has and continues to make very valuable historical critiques of both the Democratic and Republican parties. But his strategic options for Occupy Wall Street are fundamentally flawed. Here's why.

Chris Hedges and Kristof Lopaur, Occupy Oakland, Debate Black Bloc

DC, 09.02.2012 07:00

This is an important debate on Letters and Politics w/ Mitch Jeserich, KPFA, between Chris Hedges and Kristof Lopaur of Occupy Oakland, in response to Hedges article, "Black Bloc: The Cancer in Occupy" Audio of debate Both sides debate what appeals to a "broader audience" versus "alienating people." Some of this sounds familiar and was hashed out in previous anti-globalization debates re property damage and diversity of tactics. They appear to agree on how to look at "militancy". And they both are trying to answer where to go from here, the role of the Democrats, thinking strategically.

Conmemoración 9 de febrero 2011

Puerto Rico, 08.02.2012 23:19

Conmemorarán actos de violencia en la UPR

Realizaban un corte contra la actividad minera

Argentina, 08.02.2012 23:12

Urgente: Represión, detenciones y un joven desaparecido en Belén

Radio El Algarrobo

Argentina, 08.02.2012 23:12

Detenciones en Belen / Catamarca

Argentina, 08.02.2012 19:47

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