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Athens, 19.02.2012 20:29


Mais uma reintegração de posse na usp

CMI Brasil, 19.02.2012 19:16

Luta na USP

State of Human Rights in the District of Columbia as a Human Rights City

DC, 19.02.2012 19:09

Utilizing the criteria offered by human rights law and practice, we have developed the following Human Rights Report Card for elected officials of the District of Columbia, as well as those in the private sector whose actions have a significant impact on public policy decisions. The grades are intended as both a measure of progress in different areas of human rights practice and as identification of areas where more must be accomplished before the District can be in any sense considered a Human Rights City. District Government and Elected Officials Promotion of Self-Determination and Statehood for DC - B+ Poverty reduction and income equality - F Welfare of Children - F Access to Affordable Housing and Ending Homelessness - F Budgetary and Tax Priorities - D Human Rights Education - C Public Education - D DC Criminal Enforcement System - D Health - C Immigration - A Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation - A Discrimination on the basis of race - D Discrimination on the basis of gender - D Report (pdf)

Stop the Coal Train Banner Drop

Portland, 19.02.2012 18:17

Today at approximately 1:30 PM, members of No Coal Eugene dropped a banner reading "STOP THE COAL TRAIN" from the parking garage on 10th and Oak in Eugene, Oregon. This action was done in solidarity with Rocky Mountain Powershift and to bring attention to the coal trains proposed to run through Eugene.

In October 2011, the Port of Coos Bay signed a contract with an anonymous company to ship coal out of the harbor. Coal will be coming from the Powder River Basin in Montana through several cities, including Eugene, to be exported out of Coos Bay to Asian markets. An estimated 15,000 tons of uncovered coal will be on every train. The Sightline Institute estimates that 500 lbs to a ton of coal can escape from a single loaded car. With one or two trains coming through Eugene everyday, Eugenians will be inhaling an unsafe amount of coal dust.
No Coal Eugene is in opposition to the coal trains for three reasons:

two animal rights activists arrested because of NIO website

Portland, 19.02.2012 18:17

reposted from green is the new red website:

Two activists with the animal rights group "Negotiation Is Over" (NIO) have been arrested at a protest in Florida. Group founder Camille Marino was arrested on an out of state warrant, and is awaiting extradition to Michigan.

In Michigan, NIO is campaigning against an animal experimenter at Wayne State University named Donal O'Leary, who uses dogs in heart experiments. One of the dogs, the Dalmation pictured above named Queenie, was forced to run on a treadmill with a device implanted in her heart, catheters protruding from her body, and open wounds leaking fluids. Doctors have urged the federal government to investigate O'Leary's violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

[Grécia] Querem colocar o Indymedia Atenas de joelhos!

Brasil, 19.02.2012 18:17

agência de notícias anarquistas-ana

Mientras el gremio &quot;negocia&quot; con el gobierno

Argentina, 19.02.2012 17:39

2012: Salario docente en picada

City Settles 2003 Antiwar Class Action Lawsuit for $6.2 Million

United States, 19.02.2012 13:16

Victory!Attorneys representing some 700 arrestees and detainees in the famed March 20, 2003 antiwar protest on Chicago's Lake Shore Drive announced that they have won a multi-million dollar settlement with the City of Chicago over the illegal crackdown of that protest by the Chicago Police that night.

It is a win nearly nine years in the making -- first to get all charges against Chicago peace protesters dismissed, then to wait three years before achieving class certification of the lawsuit (Vodak v. City of Chicago), then to fend off a spurious police countersuit, then to appeal a summary judgment in 2010 dismissing the lawsuit altogether, finally winning an appeal in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals affirming the protesters' rights and restoring the suit.

FUPI arremete contra Reforma de Luis Fortuño y contra Guardsmark

Puerto Rico, 18.02.2012 22:19

FUPI arremete contra Reforma de Luis Fortuño y contra Guardsmark

ENLACE: Junta Asesora reclama fondos para viabilizar el dragado del Caño Martín Peña

Puerto Rico, 18.02.2012 22:19

ENLACE: Junta Asesora reclama fondos para viabilizar el dragado del Caño Martín Peña

NCM: Foros protegen inmunidades y secretos de Estado

Puerto Rico, 18.02.2012 22:19

Foros protegen inmunidades y secretos de Estado

San Sebastián: Continúa la lucha

Puerto Rico, 18.02.2012 21:46

San Sebastián: Continúa la lucha

Mensaje del Presidente de la UTIER en las asambleas regionales camino a la negociación

Puerto Rico, 18.02.2012 21:08

Mensaje del Presidente de la UTIER en las asambleas regionales camino a la negociación

Una Vida de Lucha, Agustín de Jesús Montero

Puerto Rico, 18.02.2012 21:08

Una Vida de Lucha, Agustín de Jesús Montero

Брестские футбольные хулиганы-неофашисты под прикрытием милиции устроили облаву на антифашистов

Belarus, 18.02.2012 20:39

18 февраля в брестском клубе “Портал” произошла драка антифашистов с наци-хулиганами “Динамо Бреста” из футбольной группировки “Без Мозгов”.

Несколько антифашистов праздновали там день рождение. В клуб ворвалось около 25 нацистов из группировки “Без Мозгов” и подошли к ребятам со словами: “Отсюда вы не выйдете”. Парни позвонили своим знакомым, чтобы те их забрали. И когда их друзья подъехали, попытались выйти на улицу. Нацисты напали на них около выхода из клуба.

Возглавляли нападение такие хорошо известные личности как Гордовский Антон со своим братом. Они проходят в качестве подозреваемых по еще не завершенному делу, когда в районе Речица порезали двух мужчин.

Материал по теме:;;;

Вскоре, после начала драки, появилась милиция и попыталась схватить нескольких антифашистов. В данной ситуации…

escucha zumba la turba

Argentina, 18.02.2012 17:50

escucha zumba la turba

Belo Monte: sem opções, famílias são enxotadas com indenizações mínimas

CMI Brasil, 18.02.2012 13:20

Xingu Vivo


Athens, 18.02.2012 00:07

Θα μας βρείτε μπροστά σας!

Piracicaba - Violência da PM em ações na periferia gera revolta

Brasil, 17.02.2012 23:53


Bairro Dandara (BH) e Pinheirinho (SJC)

Brasil, 17.02.2012 23:53

Mateus Coutinho**

(RS) Mirante do Morro Santa Tereza: Prefeitura e Zaffari planejam permuta

Brasil, 17.02.2012 23:53

Paulo Muzell

(SP) Ato dos Juristas em defesa das famílias do Pinheirinho

Brasil, 17.02.2012 23:53

Sindicato dos Advogados de São Paulo

Fotos Abertura Exposição/Ocupação Rádio Arte - Memórias e Resistências

CMI Brasil, 17.02.2012 21:42

Os Aparecidos Políticos

Grécia, a receita infalível para destruir um país

CMI Brasil, 17.02.2012 21:42

Marco Aurélio Weissheimer (CartaMaior)

(RJ) Parece que não há nada que impeça a SMH de violar direitos humanos

CMI Brasil, 17.02.2012 21:42

Fórum Comunitário do Porto do Rio

Atlântico Sul: do colonialismo do século 19 ao imperialismo do século 20

CMI Brasil, 17.02.2012 21:42

Rina Bertaccini*

Big Coal has big plans for the Pacific Northwest

Portland, 17.02.2012 21:23

Seeing a waning domestic market for their poisonous product, Big Coal has set its sights on the Asian market, with Washington and Oregon set to be the transfer and staging areas for this environmentally disastrous scheme. Environmentalists should do whatever must be done to thwart vast coal exports from being moved across Washington to the tune of (12) mile-long trains a day before being put on ships docked on the lower reaches of the scenic Columbia River for its trip to Asia. Coal export from Washington and Oregon, two of the cleanest states in the nation, should never be permitted.

Washington and Oregon have only one operating coal-fired power plant each and those plants are slated to be permanently closed not later than 2020 and 2025 respectively.

These closures would make the Pacific Northwest the cleanest corner of the United States in terms of the poisons of coal smoke pollution and its effect on men and the natural environment.

Clearly, the coal is coming unless citizens of Washington and Oregon turn up the heat on their elected officials and raise more hell than their typically erudite and quietly logical style dictates.

The opposition is ruthless. The opposition is well-heeled. The opposition is determined to export 80 million or more tons of coal across Washington and down the Columbia River Gorge to the Pacific each year unless people waken to the threat and take whatever action is necessary to derail this coal train juggernaut that threatens to destroy our home and lifestyle.

[Radio Cordel Libertario] HOJE - 16/02 - 21:10 Relatos da Grécia AO VIVO

Brasil, 17.02.2012 21:22

Radio Cordel Libertário

Imobiliária devedora de IPTU quer despejar 700 famílias em Carapicuíba (SP)

Brasil, 17.02.2012 21:22

Fábio Nassif (Carta Maior)

[SP] Vídeo: Relatos sobre desalojo no Pinheirinho

Brasil, 17.02.2012 21:22

Fernando Knup

(Pará) Jornalista é alvo de 33 processos por denunciar grileiros

Brasil, 17.02.2012 21:22

Observatório de Imprensa

Sete anos do &quot;Sonho Real&quot;: até quando a impunidade?

Brasil, 17.02.2012 21:22

Frei Marcos Sassatelli

Protesto contra a Vale deixa um morto e vários feridos na Colômbia

Brasil, 17.02.2012 21:22

Justiça Global

Carta de Repúdio à tragédia na penitenciária de Comayagua em Honduras

Brasil, 17.02.2012 21:22


Republican Primary May Get More Interesting: Meet Candidate Walmart

DC, 17.02.2012 18:05

As Republican presidential hopefuls vie for their party’s nomination, one last-minute entry has gone largely overlooked despite his impressive right-wing credentials. “I’m more Republican than any of the candidates,” said Candidate Walmart, the first corporate person to run for president. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, which determined that corporations are people and entitled to constitutional rights, “we decided that it only made sense that we should actually have a corporation run for president,” he said. Candidate Walmart characterized his opponents as being too moderate. “Any of their promises, I can outdo them,” he told TheFightBack while dressed sharply in a jacket emblazoned with dollar signs. “Newt Gingrich wants to get rid of child labor laws. I say get rid of all labor laws.” more ||

Mega minería

Argentina, 17.02.2012 17:59

Nos podrán sacar todo menos la alegría

Argentina, 17.02.2012 00:33

Protesters turn back contractors, halt demolition at Wal-Mart site

DC, 16.02.2012 21:21

On the 16th of February, at 7 AM, protesters were on site at the former Curtis Chevrolet site, where Foulger-Pratt has demolished the historic "car barn" to start their Wal-Mart construction project. Due to the presence of protesters in the driveway, a Foulger-Pratt representative refused to unlock the gate, turning away several contractor trucks.


Athens, 16.02.2012 18:03

Προκλητική διαπόμπευση και τελικά προφυλάκιση συλληφθέντων της πορείας 12ης Φλεβάρη

Building Bridges Radio: NYC Police Kill Again; NYPD Anti-Islam Film Cover-Up

NYC, 16.02.2012 15:17

In 2011, at least 700,000 almost entirely African-American and Latinos in
New York were subjected to the NYPD’s unwarranted stop and frisks. Most
recently, the Mayor’s and his police department’s policies and practices
further resulted in the killing of an unarmed Rahmarley Graham, 18 years old
in his own home, and the vicious beating of Jatiek Reed and arrest on false
charges. The discriminatory policies and practices are the catalyst for the
frightening explosion in incarceration. And then for those dragnetted into the
criminal justice system, upon their release is the stigmatization and systemic
disenfranchisement from virtually all opportunities and benefits of the society
– this is the new “Jim Crow”.

Building Bridges is regularly broadcast live over WBAI, 99.5 FM in the N.Y.C on Mondays 7-8PM EST. It is networked to over 45 broadcast and internet radio stations in the US, Britain and Canada.

[B] Schokoladen Räumungsbedroht

Germany, 16.02.2012 13:08

Räumung für den 22.2. in Berlin angesetzt: Seit 2005 versucht Markus Friedrich, “Eigentümer” der Ackerstraße 169/170, die Nutzer_innen und Bewohner_innen des Hauses vor die Tür zu setzen – bisher allerdings vergebens. Jedoch scheiterten die letzten Berufungsverfahren gegen Friedrichs Räumungsklagen im Dezember und Januar.

dos noticias

Argentina, 16.02.2012 04:38


Argentina, 15.02.2012 20:15

Solidarity Demo with 75River Arrestees

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.02.2012 18:50

On February 7th, 11 people were criminally charged for an occupation which began on November 30th, 2011 of a former bank building, now owned by Wells Fargo, located at 75 River St. in Santa Cruz. The occupation was intended to turn the space into a community center hosting a slew of services the city does not offer. The accused are charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors, including conspiracy, trespass and vandalism. According to reports in the corporate media, more people may still be charged.

Anti-press release: Investigation of Portland Squat Evictions

Portland, 15.02.2012 16:54


An offensive division of eviction defense league is investigating the arrest of 5 squatters at vacant homes in Portland, OR on Feb 10th and 13th, 2012.

This counter-investigation has concluded the homes evicted were occupied in an effort to secure safer shelter. In the words of the evicted, the homes were "a better chance of survival." Evidence to the contrary does not support a claim that the homes were occupied to "victimize" the property owner, as stated by the Portland Police Bureau's weak investigation. The police make an injurious leap when referring to occupying as a form "victimizing" of the property owner. The elitist investigation was written to the advantage of capital, and victimizes and criminalizes the squatting. This mis-information would blame all those affected by the accumulation of capital, assisting the interests of property-owners at the expense of the houseless. Shelter is necessary for survival and needs no permission. Yet survival, unpermitted, is called the victimization of the rich. That is the downside-up perspective of Portland Police Bureau.

The counter-investigation has also noted that the motivation to "victimize" a property owner is highly unlikely and poorly constructed. [...]

Occupying the Immigration Debate

NYC, 15.02.2012 16:15

If there's one thing we should have learned from the events of the past year -- from the Wisconsin protests to the Occupy Wall Street movement -- it's that we no longer have to let the one percent dictate our agenda.

Responses to Chris Hedges

United States, 15.02.2012 02:21

On February 6, ran an aggressive attack on the black bloc element of the current occupy movements by Chris Hedges. The article, titled "The Cancer in Occupy" sparked indignation and dialogue across the country.

From NYC-IMC: I attended Chris Hedges' talk last night in Manhattan. In my view, 3/4 of his speech was absolutely fantastic. And then he talked about Occupy Oakland and the black bloc. Seth, Bill K (from Manhattan Greens list), and I talked with Hedges afterwards. Meeting with Chris Hedges by Mitchel Cohen

From DC-IMC: This is an important debate on Letters and Politics w/ Mitch Jeserich, KPFA, between Chris Hedges and Kristof Lopaur of Occupy Oakland, in response to Hedges article ... Both sides debate what appeals to a "broader audience" versus "alienating people." ... they both are trying to answer where to go from here, the role of the Democrats, thinking strategically. Audio of Debate

From the newswire: It should be no surprise that Hedges, a proponent of statist solutions, should slander anarchism as a philosophy. But, for some reason, it was a surprise to many on the Left who follow his work. Here’s why: Hedges’ Truthdig column titled, simply, “The Greeks Get It” (24 May 2010) showed a man then unafraid to take on rampant fascism, the insidious nature of capitalism, and the heavy hand of the police state. Hedging Our Bets on the Black Bloc: the Impotence of Mere Liberalism by Zakk Flash

More Responses: Violence Begets Defeat or Too Much Pacifism? by Michael Albert | Concerning the Violent Peace-Police by David Graeber

Related: Reflections from Monday night's Oakland solidarity march | The Need For Radicals To Say Goodbye To Occupy

Virginia On Path to Being First State With 'Personhood'

DC, 15.02.2012 01:30

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 14, 2012 House of Delegates Passes Sweeping Legislation Granting Constitutional Rights to Fertilized Eggs and Advances Mandatory Ultrasounds Today, the House of Delegates approved Delegate Bob Marshall’s (R-Prince William) so called "personhood” bill by a 66-32 vote. The bill’s intent is similar to the recently defeated Mississippi ballot amendment that voters rejected by 58%. H.B. 1 would ban birth control and abortion upon the overturning of any U.S. Supreme Court precedent that protects a women’s constitutional right to privacy.

Tucumán: 13 son los imputados por los hechos

Argentina, 15.02.2012 01:23

Juicio por la desaparación de Marita Verón

Tucumán: 13 son los imputados por los hechos

Argentina, 15.02.2012 01:23

Juicio por la desaparación de Marita Verón

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