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HOTEL DESALOJADO y otras noticias

Argentina, 16.05.2012 19:42

Más de una semana viviendo en la calle.

Represión en Tinogasta

Argentina, 16.05.2012 18:17

Megamineria por la fuerza.

Provincia de Bs As

Argentina, 16.05.2012 16:52


Argentina, 16.05.2012 16:52

Más de una semana viviendo en la calle.

Referéndum para limitar la Fianza

Puerto Rico, 15.05.2012 21:31

Alejandro García Padilla en sorpresivo golpe a la democracia

Le cambian el nombre al Capitolio

Puerto Rico, 15.05.2012 20:06

Pepeté exige más seriedad en la legislatura

Denuncian aumento de casos de cáncer en zonas donde se fumiga

Argentina, 15.05.2012 19:57

El cáncer como primera causa de muerte

Инсайдер рассказывает почему Анонимус &quot;может быть самой влиятельной организацией на Земле&quot;

Belarus, 15.05.2012 16:04

Представляем вам интервью взятое Катрин Сольем у одного из активистов движения Анонимус, который находится сейчас в бегах где-то в Канаде. Кристофер Дайон, он же Коммандер Х.

Катрин Сольем: Если смотреть на Анонимусов исключительно как на армию хакеров, насколько вы сильны?

Кристофер Дайон: Анонимус чем-то похож на здорового ребенка в школе, у которого были большие проблемы с чувством собственного достоинства, пока в один из дней он не ударил кого-то в лицо и понял: “Твою же ж мать, я действительно силен!”. Борьба с сaентологами стала этим ударом в лицо, когда Анонимусы стали осознавать свою невероятную силу. В этот момент возникает хороший аргумент, который допускает, что мы являемся самой влиятельной организацией на Земле. Сегодня весь мир функционирует за счет информации. Наш мир контролируется и работает на маленьких невидимых единичка и нулях, перемещающихся по воздуху и кабелю вокруг нас.

Insiste gobernador en Gasoducto

Puerto Rico, 15.05.2012 03:04

Gana tiempo Fortuño e insiste en el gasoducto

La Plata

Argentina, 14.05.2012 17:01

Municipalidad desaloja a feriantes de Parque Saavedra

Columbia University Restricts Campus Access For Obama's May 14, 2012 Speech

NYC, 14.05.2012 08:38

Barnard College president and Goldman Sachs board member Debora Spar invited 2012 Democratic presidential candidate Obama to speak at Barnard College's May 14, 2012 graduation ceremony on Columbia's Campus. And the Columbia administration (whose board of trustees includes Goldman Sachs Bank USA CEO Esta Stecher as a vice-chairperson) now is restricting public access and protester access to Columbia's campus during Obama's campaign speech at the Barnard commencement ceremony.

Hoy se reunen con el Municipio

Argentina, 14.05.2012 08:34

Municipalidad desaloja a feriantes de Parque Saavedra

Foto-reportaje : La Hermandad paraliza sistema UPR

Puerto Rico, 14.05.2012 00:19

La Hermandad paraliza sistema UPR

Simpósio Internacional em Tecnopolítica

Brasil, 13.05.2012 22:20

Grupo de Estudos Saravá

Aula-Debate: Ocupações Públicas e a Construção de um Movimento Autônomo

CMI Brasil, 13.05.2012 20:11

#12M #15M de São Paulo

(SP) Famílias com idosos, portadores de deficiência e crianças serão colocadas na rua

CMI Brasil, 13.05.2012 18:47

Luta pela Moradia

Mountaintop activists in West Virginia under attack -- need support!

DC, 13.05.2012 18:38

Two incidents - a break-in/robbery and a drive-by rock-throwing indicate the need for immediate support for the hardworking, steadfast environmental activists trying to save the Appalachian mountains in West Virginia

Mayor 1% blinks: Emanuel restores nurses' NATO protest permit

United States, 13.05.2012 16:25

In a stunning display of the power of popular outrage, the City of Chicago has reversed its revocation of the protest permit for National Nurses United. The group received permission from the City months ago to stage a mass rally for economic justice on the eve of the NATO summit, only to have that permit suddenly cancelled earlier this week. Today, the City blinked, reversing the move to try to kettle the nurses in Grant Park far from the planned Daley Plaza rally site -- after the nurses and their supporters refused to back down.

Related: NATO media convergence center, resources for progressive civilian journalists | A church in the shadow of McCormick Place takes a stand for peace and civil liberties

Video: UTIER paraliza la AEE

Puerto Rico, 13.05.2012 07:23

UTIER paraliza la AEE

¿Transgénicos? No, Gracias

Puerto Rico, 13.05.2012 07:23

¿Transgénicos? No, Gracias

Hip Hop: Vladi Track 2

Puerto Rico, 13.05.2012 07:23

El Colectivo: País de Alicia

African American Attorney Couple Will Bring Suit Against NYPD for &quot;Copwatch&quot; Beating and Arrest

NYC, 13.05.2012 07:20

Evelyn and Michael Tarif Warren, who are both attorneys, were beaten and arrested on June 21, 2007 after objecting to the beating of a handcuffed young black man in their neighborhood, which is part of the 77th police precinct. The NYPD tried to convict them of criminal charges for the incident, but they fought and the charges were ultimately dismissed by the District Attorney's Office. Now the Warrens are bringing a federal suit against the NYPD for alleged violation of their civil rights. The case is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 14.

The Warrens have broad grassroots support — especially from the black and Muslim communities — in large part because of Mr. Warren's history handling high profile cases of police brutality. Among the more well known of his clients are Michael Stewart, Yvonne Smallwood, Veteran Black Panther Sadiki "Bro. Shep" Ojore Olugbala, and the five young Black teenagers falsely convicted of raping the white bank executive "the Central Park Jogger." He is currently representing Shaka Shakur, a community leader in Harlem and the Bronx.

The Warrens are being represented on Monday by civil rights attorney Jonathan Moore. Organizers are calling on people to pack the Brooklyn Federal Courtroom at 225 Cadman Plaza East. More details and directions here:

Grand Jury Subpoena in Oakland

Portland, 13.05.2012 07:20

Taken from our comrade Jose Palafox:

From the face of the Grand Jury Subpoena, it appears related to an animal rights action that took place in Santa Cruz in August of 2008. I believe this is a political repression and part of a government attempt to gather information on activists and the animal rights movement. I will be getting a lawyer and plan to exercise my rights to the fullest extent. The National Lawyers Guild in San Francisco can help people subpoenaed before Grand Juries.



Argentina, 13.05.2012 07:16

Medidas que incumben

Argentina, 13.05.2012 07:16

Histórico: Argentina tiene ley de Identidad de Género

Argentina, 13.05.2012 07:16

"Hoy el Congreso tuvo la posibilidad restituir nuestros derechos y dejar atrás el pasado de persecución, exclusión y olvido”

Agenda mayo 2012

Argentina, 13.05.2012 07:16

el Sábado 12 de mayo, pasarán todas estas cosas

Argentina, 13.05.2012 07:16

En el Ojo de la Tormenta

Tarek Mehanna Moved to New Federal Holding Facility, Audio of Sentencing Statement Released

Boston, 13.05.2012 07:11

The following statement was released today by the Tarek Mehanna Support Committee. 1) Early this morning an anonymously leaked audio recording of Tarek giving his statement at the sentencing hearing was made public and is now being circulated! 2) *Tarek has been transferred again. *Now he is in Manhattan at the MCC New York. We have no idea when he will be moved again. Chances are he will be placed in a federal prison, rather than these detention centers, very soon. Please pray for him and his family. Will keep you all posted. Expect mail sent earlier this week (to the MDC Brooklyn) to be returned. If you would like to send him mail at his current location, please do, but expect that he could be moved at any moment. Tarek Mehanna ID # 05315748 MCC NEW YORK METROPOLITAN CORRECTIONAL CENTER 150 PARK ROW NEW YORK, NY 10007 The full text of Tarek's statement follows.

Activists Say Carlos Montes Trial is Political Repression

LA, 13.05.2012 06:51

Carlos Montes, longtime anti-war, Chicano rights and immigrant rights activist is facing multiple felony charges. The trial begins this Tuesday, May 15 the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Jess Sundin of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression says, "Carlos is the target of an FBI frame up."

Supporters are being asked to rally outside the Los Angeles courthouse and help to pack the courtroom this Tuesday, May 15, 2012, at 8:00 at the Criminal Courts Building, 13th floor, Department 100 210 West Temple Ave, downtown Los Angeles Full Story by Tracy Molm

Basta de Guerra: é hora de outra Política de Drogas para o Brasil

CMI Brasil, 13.05.2012 06:07

Marcha da Maconha SP

Frazer Family Supporters &quot;Evict&quot; DeKalb Co. Sheriff

United States, 11.05.2012 13:40

One week after Chris Frazer and her family was evicted, at 3:00 a.m., at gun point, by DeKalb Co. Sheriff Deputy's, supporters rallied at the Head Quarters of DeKalb County Sheriff, Thomas Brown. About 50 people from groups including local clergy, Occupy Atlanta, Peace and Justice groups, Anti Foreclosure groups, local politicians, and Occupy The Hood, stood along Memorial Dr. in Decatur, Ga. demanding justice for the Frazer family and an end to "Midnight Evictions". About half way through the rally, a van drove up and protesters dumped some of the many belongings of the Frazer family on the door step of Sheriff Brown. These were the same items that had been tossed into the street a week earlier. There was one arrest and one person ticketed for littering. This video report runs 23 minutes.

Long Time Passing: Mothers Speak About War and Terror

NYC, 11.05.2012 13:00

What do mothers and entire societies undergo when their offspring fight in wars? Social justice activist-journalist Susan Galleymore had the experience thrust upon her when she became a reluctant “military mother,” and made it her business to go forth, find out and publish her findings. Her book, Long Time Passing: Mothers Speak about War & Terror (Pluto Press, 2009, $20 US) is the ambitious, stunning result. | Mothers Speak Blog | Raising Sand Radio


TOMORROW! UPSET Uprising -- Occupy Education Funding

Portland, 11.05.2012 07:20

"A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom." (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)
UPSET Uprising -- Occupy Education Funding!
(UPSET = Underfunded Parents, Students, Educators, Together!)

Friday, May 11 (TOMORROW!)

3:30 p.m. -- March from Rose Quarter to Pioneer Courthouse Square
3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. -- Pre-event activities at Pioneer Courthouse Square
4:30 p.m. -- Rally with speakers and performances at Pioneer Courthouse Square

Spearheaded by a teacher and students at Grant High School, this is a mass demonstration and rally against education budget cuts which impact the future of our youth who are our future.

Gather at the Rose Quarter shortly before 3:30 p.m. for a march that begins at 3:30 p.m. The march will be across the Broadway Bridge, down Broadway to Pioneer Courthouse Square.

If you cannot march at 3:30 p.m. -- due to school, work, mobility or other life commitments -- please head directly to Pioneer Courthouse Square. Pre-event activities will take place between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. when the rally starts.

Roberto, Joe and the Oregon Progressive Party

Portland, 11.05.2012 07:20

President Obama coming out to call for equality of relationships when answering the question, should gays be allowed to marry was wonderful. The answer for me has always been yes, to see him join the 21st century is great; but let's not forget his short comings, he still thinks he can murder people anywhere in the world at his will. So, forgive me if I wait to celebrate his conversion to equality. I don't know what the lunatics will now say about him, but I will defend this position, because it is the correct position. When religious leaders try to say their god says this or that---look at them with a cautious eye, most of the time they lie. The more interesting thing that is going on, occupy is on the move again. They are looking at budgets and school funding, they are demanding people be allowed to return to their homes, they are challenging the status quo on every level and still want to do it their way. I say us old fogies who have fought the good fight for many years should get the hell out of the way and let the young learn and lead. I still fear that organizations will try, (and many have tried) to direct or overshadow the Occupation Movement. I have great respect for our big thinkers who have taken a step back and not criticized the people who are doing the good work, but stay near to help and support the new movement. Even the politicians are using words like equality, sharing, coming together; it is good.

We, who are in the streets should stay, there seems to be help on the way. I like the idea that over 20 people have signed up to run for mayor of Portland, many are young and will be our leaders in the future, their ideas are wonderful and we should have listened to all of them. I do get irritated with entrenched organizations who exclude candidates on the basis of how much money the candidates raised; seems too calculated for me. We should make arrangements to hear all the candidates on an equal basis; there is that word equal again. I was very disappointed with the City Club, League of Women Voters and The Urban League, they along with others took the easy way out of setting up for debates, just the major candidates please on our stage--very short sighted. Even my Progressive and the Greens had some short comings, but we might do better in the general election--maybe!

On 5-16-2012 we will appear again in front of the City Council to present an argument concerning the use of Police Horses during demonstrations. We wish to have our wonderful horses retired to a good life working with children or maybe helping our veterans readjust from killing people in far off lands. The use of the horses by the cops during demonstrations has endangered our protesters and the horses. This will be a long fight but the cost of keeping the horses on board may be the very thing that cause them to be retired.

Video: Selected Speakers for the Recent Hanford Rally

Portland, 11.05.2012 07:20

Occupy Portland recently organized a Rally in Richland Washington, "speaking out directly against the failure of the cleanup at Hanford Nuclear Reservation..... raising the question: is enough being done to clean up the most contaminated site in America?"

Selected Speakers From Hanford Rally

"The purpose of the rally on April 15th, 2012 was to raise awareness about issues facing the Hanford Nuclear Facility. The Hanford site is an environmental disaster with the potential of becoming a catastrophe as large in scope as that of the Fukushima nuclear facility in Japan."

This video was produced for a taped segment of the local Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," and features almost a full hour of selected speakers from the event.

Besides a potent introduction by Mirian German, organizer with Occupy Portland, included are Indigenous speakers from the Walla Walla tribes, as well as Umi Hagitani from No Nukes Action in California; Bonnie Urfer, Wisconsin Nukewatch; long time antinuclear and peace activist, Sister Megan Rice; and Lori McMillan, a downwinder suffering from long exposure to radiation in the Tri-Cities area.

Also included are performances by local Spoken Word artist, Mic Crenshaw and the song, "Peace and Love," by local rock band Miriam's Well.


Puerto Rico, 11.05.2012 04:20

UPR: HEEND paraliza Recinto de Río Piedras

Climate Impact Day in Eagle Rock

LA, 11.05.2012 03:47

On May 5, demonstrations were held world-wide to draw attention to the dire consequences and continued threats of climate change. Here in Los Angeles, banners were displayed on freeways (pictures have been posted at Other local events happened in Pasadena; Arcadia; Palm Springs; San Diego; and in Eagle Rock, where 11 people participated in a climate vigil. Signs were displayed and flyers distributed.

Two of the participants (both residents of Eagle Rock) recently converted their homes to solar and were advocating it to passersby. The State of California still has financial incentives in place.

Story and pictures: Climate Impact Day in Eagle Rock by R of the Northeast LA Radical Neighbors

Apoyo de Obama a matrimonio del mismo sexo

Puerto Rico, 11.05.2012 02:55

Celebran apoyo de Obama a igualdad matrimonial

Carmelo Ruiz: Semillas del imperio

Puerto Rico, 11.05.2012 02:55

Semillas del imperio


Germany, 10.05.2012 13:39

Welche Krise? Warum sind Proteste nötig? Warum in Frankfurt? Warum gegen die EZB? Vom 16ten bis zum 19ten Mai finden Aktionstage in Frankfurt statt. Aus ganz Europa werden tausende Menschen erwartet die alle gemeinsam protestieren wollen, doch warum überhaupt?

Blockupy-Homepage / Anreiseinfos-Busse / Veranstaltungen im Vorfeld / Aktionsbild Platzbesetzung / Aktionsbild Blockaden / Aktionskonsens Blockaden / Aktionsbild fluten / Infos Großdemo / Foto-Kampagne / EA-Aktionstage / Presselinks

Vorfeldberichte: Antifa gegen Blockupyverbot / Blockupy Frankfurt wird stattfinden, Punkt! / Blockupy-Proteste verboten! / Aufruf 3A / Aufruf antimilitaristisches Netzwerk / Frankfurt? fluten!

Washington Targets OWS

NYC, 10.05.2012 00:10

In March, the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) obtained heavily redacted Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requested documents. They showed federal agencies began "coordinated intelligence gathering and operations on" OWS last September. [...] Documents show its top officials "were preoccupied with the Occupy movement and have gone out of their way to project the appearance of an absence of federal involvement in the monitoring of and crackdown on Occupy."

On May 3, PCJF headlined, "DHS Releases More Documents on Occupy to PCJF." They reveal "massive (federal) nationwide" OWS monitoring and information sharing between DHS and local authorities. Related posts by Stephen Lendman: Occupy Wall Street's Act II |

WNU #1128: Latin American May 1 Demos Focus on Minimum Wage

NYC, 10.05.2012 00:10

...“They only remember the errors we committed, like establishing press censorship, which at this point I think was an error,” the late Tomás Borge said in an interview that he gave to the conservative daily La Prensa, which the FSLN government closed down temporarily in the 1980s.

South Bronx Council Members Urge Audit of Waterfront &amp; Moratorium on FreshDirect

NYC, 10.05.2012 00:10

South Bronx community residents and activists are excited about the recent letter signed by local City Council Members Melissa Mark-Viverito and Maria del Carmen Arroyo calling for a moratorium on any development on the South Bronx waterfront, including the controversial FreshDirect proposal.

Building Bridges Radio: May Day in New York City Part 1

NYC, 10.05.2012 00:10

Occupy with Building Bridges as we acknowledge the blood, sweat and
tears of workers, the workers who really create all the wealth and want it back. So, lock arms, unite and fight for the working class, for the 99%!

Building Bridges Radio — National Edition is syndicated to over 45 broadcast and internet radio stations.


Athens, 09.05.2012 17:58

Τον ναζισμό τον τσακίζεις... δεν τον ψηφίζεις!

Video: Two Speakers From Power Past Coal Event and a SHOUT OUT!

Portland, 09.05.2012 17:02

Two speakers from the Power Past Coal Rally: Lauren Goldberg, event moderator and an attorney for Columbia Riverkeeper; and Jeff Cogen, Chair of the Multnomah County Commission.

Power Past Coal Rally [9. min video]

Lauren Goldberg warned of the health and other consequences of "150 millions tons of coal per year being strip mined in Wyoming and Montana and coming through Washington and Oregon at 30 coal trains per day. These are uncovered coal trains, spewing coal dust and diesel pollution, a mile and a half long, every single day, 365 days of the year."

Speaking next, Jeff Cogen states that the proposals for six coal export terminals in Washington and Oregon would "turn the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area into the largest coal chute in the nation.............coal dust leaks off these trains in large quantities. PNSF railways says that each coal car leaks off 500 pounds of coal dust with each trip. And we're talk about 10's of thousands of coal cars going through our communities. This is nasty stuff!"
Just last week, Portland General Electric said they didn't want a coal terminal near one of their power plants because the coal dust is too dirty."

As several other people were there with video cameras taping the event, I'm giving a shout out, hoping that someone can provide me a copy of just that speech to air on Public Access television.
This message needs to get out to the widest possible audience.

Related Video PIMC post by Courtney
Robert Kennedy Jr. on the threat of coal in the Columbia basin

Paro de la UTIER: 9 de mayo 2012

Puerto Rico, 09.05.2012 00:19

Paro total en la Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica


Brasil, 08.05.2012 23:46

Mães de Maio

(SP) Transporte 24h: Por que só na Virada Cultural?

CMI Brasil, 08.05.2012 23:02


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