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Manifesto contra a postura do Ministério das Cidades nas remoções em todo o Brasil

CMI Brasil, 11.06.2012 06:07


Charges Dismissed Against September 8th BART Arrestees

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.06.2012 08:12

On September 8th, 2011, BART police mass arrested close to thirty people, including Indybay reporter Dave Id, inside the Powell Street BART station during a protest against BART police. Protesters and journalists alike were handcuffed for hours and charged with violating California Penal Code Section 369i. On June 4th, the case was heard in open court and charges were dismissed against fourteen defendants represented by the NLG. It is unknown if other arrestees sought independent counsel, paid a fine for the infraction, had their charges dismissed, or if their charges remain pending.

Santa Cruz Eleven Update: The Steamroller Slouches Into Summer

Santa Cruz, CA, 09.06.2012 07:18

On Friday, June 8th, five of the Santa Cruz Eleven had preliminary hearing dates set by visiting Judge Stephen Sillman. Additionally, Brent Adams got a new public defender, attorney Lisa K. McCamey. Charges have been refiled against Franklin Alcantara and Cameron Laurendeau, and they have a new preliminary hearing scheduled for July 23rd.

Santa Cruz Pride 2012: Life Gets Better Together

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.06.2012 06:49

On Sunday, June 3rd, the Diversity Center of Santa Cruz presented the 38th annual Santa Cruz Pride demonstration, which featured a march and rally with thousands of people on Pacific Avenue. Some of the many featured speakers and performers included representatives of the Diversity Center, John Laird, who was the first openly gay mayor when he took over the mayoralty of the city of Santa Cruz in 1983, and cheer squads from San Francisco, Sacramento and Folsom.

El boliche fue clausurado

Argentina, 08.06.2012 09:05

Pre-Trial Update on the Davis Dozen

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.06.2012 07:48

In a courtroom packed full of supporters at the Yolo County Courthouse in Woodland, California, all twelve defendants, known as both the "Davis Dozen" and the "Banker's Dozen", pleaded not guilty at their arraignment on May 10th. They also rejected a plea deal offered by the Assistant District, calling the charges against them "a sham." On Friday, June 1st, the Davis Dozen returned to the Yolo County Courthouse for a pre-trial conference. A June 1st pre-trial conference was brief, and a date was set for another pre-trial conference to file motions on Friday, June 22nd.

after the eviction

DC, 07.06.2012 23:36

When we woke up on Monday morning, we had our eyes focused on pressuring Chase and Freddie Mac into negotiating a modification for Ms. Harris' mortgage. As a crowd began to rally at the DC offices of Freddie Mac, Ms. Harris and team of Occupy Our Homes DC members began a sit-in at the Chase modifitcation office. For more than two hours, Ms. Harris waited to meet with a manager. Chase called the police on OOHDC members, escorted us out of the building, and put the rest of the building on lockdown. Nearly 30 people rallied outside until Ms. Harris emerged to explain that Chase claimed no responsibility and that it's all in Freddie Mac's hands. We left, vowing to plan our next step in the campaign.

Protect Columbia River from Liquified Natural Gas

Portland, 07.06.2012 19:27

<b><u>Oregon Liquified Natural Gas to Hold Open House About LNG Export Plans</u></b>
Hello Everyone: As we've anticipated for some time, Oregon Liquified Natural Gas is ramping up its promotion of a plan to export LNG through Oregon. Oregon LNG refers to its project as "bi-directional," but we all know that Oregon LNG's new proposal is a clear bait-and-switch. In 2004, Oregon LNG argued that Oregon needed to import LNG from overseas. Now, Oregon LNG intends to export huge volumes of natural gas to Asian markets through rural Warrenton, Oregon, and our Columbia River.
On Tuesday, June 12th, Oregon LNG plans to hold an Open House in Warrenton, Oregon to discuss its plans. This Open House is not a FERC hearing. FERC does not plan to attend. Rather, Oregon LNG will likely use this Open House to promote its terminal and pipeline in one-on-one conversations with attendees. We encourage people to attend, to wear your red "NO LNG" shirt, to ask tough questions about LNG exports, and to inform your neighbors and friends about the threat that Oregon LNG poses to Clatsop County. Together, we can send a strong message that the people of Clatsop County, who successfully defeated Bradwood LNG, are ready and willing to fight Oregon LNG's export proposal.
<b><u>What:</u> Oregon LNG Open House
<br><u>When</u>: Tuesday, June 12th, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
<br>Where:</u> Gateway Masonic Lodge #175, 66 SW 4th Avenue, Warrenton, Oregon
<br><u>Who</u>: Oregon LNG is holding this Open House. It is not a formal hearing or a FERC event.
<br><u>Why</u>: <i>We should attend to be a visible presence of opposition. Oregon LNG is trying to pull a quick bait-and-switch and flip its project from import to export. While the Open House is being orchestrated by Oregon LNG, we can use the opportunity to talk to our friends, neighbors and attendees to get more people informed and engaged.</i></b>
<u>Looking Ahead:</u> <a href=" Columbia">">Columbia Riverkeeper</a> and <a href=" Columbia-Pacific">">Columbia-Pacific Common Sense</a> will be holding our own informational meetings in late June, once we have more tangible information about Oregon LNG's new proposal. Stay tuned for more information about our event.
<a href="">"></a>
<br>Posted at <a href="  Censored" href="">Censored">link to News</a>

Gobierno incita a que tiren a matar

Puerto Rico, 07.06.2012 18:29

Superintendente y Gobernador apoyan que ciudadanía tire a matar

Grand jury cooperator in San Francisco

Portland, 07.06.2012 18:24

Active grand jury in San Francisco. At least 4 have been subpoenaed, with one known cooperator. Otessa Crandell has cooperated with the most recent grand jury witch-hunt, claiming to investigate an arson in Santa Cruz, CA that was never claimed by underground groups. The grand jury in reality is just harrassing local vegans. She doesn't deny her cooperation. She claims that she gave them nothing of substance, and they just asked about phone numbers from her cell phone call logs. It's unknown what they actually asked, and how this information will be used the federal prosecutors.

Cooperating with the FBI, in their guilt by association witch-hunts, is unacceptable. We need to support grand jury resistors, unify them, and help them resist together. Let's organize events that de-mystify the grand jury process.

Portland Fruit Tree Project Volunteer Opportunity: Become a Harvest Leader!

Portland, 07.06.2012 18:24

Join the Portland Fruit Tree Project in preventing waste, building community, and making fresh fruit available to neighbors in need...

As a Harvest Leader, you will co-lead group harvesting events in your neighborhood! It's a fun way to meet your neighbors and help make locally grown produce available to all.

Harvest Leader Overview: Harvest Leader Responsibilities:
- Attend Harvest Leader training (Thursday July 12th, 5pm - 9pm, or Saturday, July 21st, 10am-4pm)
- Co-lead at least 5 harvesting parties in the 2012 Harvest Season (July-November)
- Oversee harvest participants, coordinate logistics, and facilitate introductions, safety talk and wrap-up during harvesting parties.
- Coordinate delivery of 50% of harvested fruit to a local food pantry
- Keep thorough records
- Attend mid-season Harvest Leader meeting (Wednesday, August 29th, 6:00-7:30pm)
- Complete year-end survey and report (December)
- Celebrate! Attend year-end celebration and volunteer appreciation event in December 2012 (optional).

Applications are due Friday, June 29th.
phone: 503-284-6106

Actividades por la Libertad de los Presxs de Corral de Bustos

Argentina, 07.06.2012 18:20

Actividades por la Libertad de los Presxs de Corral de Bustos

Referéndum 19 de agosto

Puerto Rico, 07.06.2012 07:23

Ateneo insta a votar No y No en Referéndum

US Marshalls violently evict 917 MD ave NE as Occupy defends home

DC, 07.06.2012 07:22

On the 5th of June, Occupy Our Homes received word that US Marshalls were going to evict Dawn Butler from 917 MD Ave NE between 8 AM and noon. Occupiers mobilized to defend the home, suceeded in delaying the eviction-but were met by a mixed team of DC Police and US Marshalls, including a backup team armed with automatic weapons. Video recorded live just after 10:30AM

Tiananmen Square revisionism, East and West

NYC, 07.06.2012 07:18

The official US hand-wringing is all for public consumption. On June 4, 1989, China's rulers proved to the world that they were willing to slaughter their own citizens in the interests of "stability." They were rewarded with massive investment.

Joy of Resistance highlights pushbacks against women's rights Wednesday 9 p.m.

NYC, 07.06.2012 07:18

Joy of Resistance: Multicultural Feminist Radio returns to the airwaves of WBAI from 9 to 10 p.m. when it presents "May Feminist Roundup: The Pushback on Women's Rights and the Feminist Fightback."

Contaminar es delito

Argentina, 07.06.2012 07:14

Juicio a las Fumigaciones

Supporters of Right to Vote on Desal Turn in Petitions at Santa Cruz City Hall

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.06.2012 06:49

On May 29th, community members involved with the Right to Vote on Desal petition drive rallied at City Hall and turned in 2,003 petitions with the signatures of 8,717 Santa Cruz water citizens to the City Clerk, who now has 30 days to complete the signature verification process. 5,500 verified signatures is the requirement to move forward, which is 15% of registered city voters, and if that number is reached, citizens will have a chance to decide if construction of the proposed desalination plant will proceed.

Rally at the School Board to defeat the Knudsen Plan

United States, 07.06.2012 06:33

The Philadelphia School Reform Commission wants to impose a really awful plan that will make private contractors rich, but won't do much to help Philadelphia's students. The plan could very well do grave harm to, if not spell the end of public education in Philadelphia.

Read More | Multi.lectical has photos.

Community Town Hall Meeting After Killer Cop Faces No Charges

United States, 07.06.2012 06:33

"He went back to work today and this mama will never see her son alive again." --Mawuli Davis

The day after the grand jury decision not to indict  "Machine Gun" Luther Lewis, the officer who fatally shot 19-year-old Arriston Waiters, a meeting was held at Sakofa Church. The crowd of 40-50 filled the pews and responded enthusiastically with shouts like "that's right" and "teach" to those who addressed the crowd.  Speakers included Reverend Love, Reverend Derrick Rice, Jimoke from NCOBRA, Senator Vincent Fort, lawyer Mawuli Davis, AB Jahad, Reverend Dale Foster, and Reverend Derrick Boazman.  Arriston Waiters' mother Frieda and his Stepfather Russel also spoke.

Reverend Love said "the fight is not over" and encouraged nonpartisan voter registration and education, saying "where there is a police problem there is a mayor problem and a city council problem." read more

Pictured: this is an image of "Machine Gun" Luther Lewis from a report by channel 2.

Related from PhillyIMC: Police Abuse Witness Network (PAWN) Certification Training Held

June 11 Circus in Eugene

Portland, 05.06.2012 15:41

Int'l Day of Solidarity with Ecoprisoners Eric McDavid and Marie Mason

On June 11 (at 11 am) we are going to hold a circus at the new federal courthouse in Eugene to mock the federal courts, to show that, "If justice is a circus, all of us are clowns." There will be jugglers, fire-breathers, stilts, music, lots of clowns and other performers. Come dressed as a clown judge or a clown cop!

BACKGROUND: June 11th began as an international day of solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoner Jeff "Free" Luers in 2004. At the time, Jeff was serving 22+ years. After years of struggle, Jeff and his legal team won a reduction in his sentence and he was released from prison in December 2009. But in the years intervening Jeff's arrest and release, the FBI had carried out a series of indictments and arrests in an attempt to devastate the radical environmental and anarchist communities. Two of the people caught up in this maelstrom of repression were Eric McDavid and Marie Mason... Marie Mason and Eric McDavid share the unfortunate distinction of having the longest standing sentences of any environmental prisoners in the United States. Please join us in an international day of solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, and other long-term anarchist prisoners on every June 11th.

Free Marie and Eric! Free all prisoners!

Occupy invades Chase JP Morgan, stops another foreclosure

DC, 05.06.2012 14:21

On the 4th of June, Occupy Our Homes staged a multi-pronged invasion of the loan modification office of JP Morgan Chase. One group, including retired DC EMT/Paramedic Deborah Harris walked into the office to demand that Chase and Freddie Mac cease and desist efforts to foreclose on her home. Another protested in the office, and a third contingent covered them by storming the lobby after marching over from Freddie Mac. Video of the protests, civil disobediances and lobby invasion

Olympia Police Station Attacked in Solidarity with St. Louis M24 Arrestees

Portland, 05.06.2012 07:18

Dearest St. Louis rebels, Hearing of the recent beatings and torture you endured while refusing the compliance your captors demanded is both beautiful and terrifying. More than anything, the image of repulsive swine punching in your face, holding a knives to your throats, choking you, and generally having a field day with your bodies derives an engulfing inferno of rage and malice; our mouths water for revenge.

Last night a police station was attacked to both lift your spirits and aid the healing of the trauma that was likely inflicted on you while in their clutches. This was also done in effort to encourage other devious plots in your honor. May the coming week (and beyond) be filled with calculated, vindictive, and well executed revenge.

Reposted from:pugetsoundanarchists
Mainstream media report | Reportback from St. Louis arrestees | Another police precinct attacked in Atlanta

Portland Veterans for Peace gather on Memorial Day

Portland, 05.06.2012 07:18

Portland Chapter 72 of Veterans for Peace gathered at Peace Memorial Park to honor those who died whilst serving in the Armed Forces. Peace was written in chalk in the languages of countries where U.S. Led conflict has occurred. Portland, OR, 05/28/2012.


No Oak Grove Walmart!!!

Portland, 05.06.2012 07:18

Portland Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," this evening will feature a discussion with citizens who are opposing a Walmart grocery store at the previous location of GI Joe's on McLoughlin Blvd.
List of 15 more stores currently planned for the greater Portland area.

NOGWAL: No Oak Grove Walmart</>

NOGWAL: A community-wide effort to build a better Oak Grove. We are your neighbors who say, No Walmart! Not here. Not now. We love Oak Grove and the vision of the MAP* plan that our community has developed over the last three years.

Our concern stems from what we have learned about the effects Walmart makes on local communities, their labor practices, their gender discrimination, ruthless business practices, their environmental policies - and their disregard for the plans our community developed over the last three years.


Never Alone Tour for Eric McDavid, Marie Mason &amp; long-term anarchist prisoners (VIDEO)

Portland, 05.06.2012 07:18

This past April we were able to meet up with the folks doing the 'Never Alone tour for Eric McDavid, Marie Mason & long-term anarchist prisoners'. We were really excited about this tour, as we believe prisoner solidarity and support should be the core of any movement of resistance. Since we like to film and make videos for all of you to watch, share and use as a resource, we offered to film the Eugene, OR tour stop for them so it could be put online. Here is a little background info explaining what the tour is about.

This tour is part of the collaboration for International Day of Solidarity for Long-term Anarchist Prisoners, June 11.

El Juicio a la Fumigación

Argentina, 05.06.2012 07:14

La causa

Fue el viernes en la Facultad de Periodismo y Comunicación Social

Argentina, 05.06.2012 07:14

Calle 13 recibió el premio Rodolfo Walsh

La Plata

Argentina, 05.06.2012 07:14

Calle 13 recibió el Premio Rodolfo Walsh

May Day in Santa Cruz: Creating an Ongoing Network of Solidarity

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.06.2012 06:49

May Day in downtown Santa Cruz this year saw a wide variety of community members coming together and rallying to honor the global struggles of the worker. On the morning of May 1st, students at UC Santa Cruz supported AFSCME local 3299 union members at the university, and then later in the day marched downtown where a group of community members, populated largely with people active with Occupy Santa Cruz, met them on Mission Street after themselves marching up Pacific Avenue.

Oakland Marches in Solidarity with Montréal &quot;Infinite Strike&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.06.2012 06:49

The students of Quebec have taken a struggle against tuition hikes and mobilized hundreds of thousands against austerity and state repression. What began as a one-week university student strike has widened into an anti-capitalist revolt against universities, banks and police in what many are calling a general and indefinite social strike. In the face of state repression, the students of Montreal have returned to the streets night after night for over 100 days. On June 1st, an evening march was held in Oakland to show solidarity with the student struggle to the north.

Agenda Junio 2012

Argentina, 03.06.2012 04:53

Alerta en Tinogasta por posible desalojo al bloqueo de la ruta 60

Argentina, 03.06.2012 03:29

Judicialización o represion como respuesta a las luchas

Pueblos defendiendo sus territorios

Argentina, 03.06.2012 03:29

Judicialización o represion como respuesta a las luchas

En defensa de la Vida en Neuquen

Argentina, 02.06.2012 23:20

Referéndum antiminero en Loncopué

Jornada por la salida de tropas de Haití

Puerto Rico, 02.06.2012 19:21

Puerto Rico se une a jornada de solidaridad por la salida de las tropas de Haití

Mensaje de Los Cinco a Oscar

Puerto Rico, 02.06.2012 17:58

Oscar López a 31 años de su injusta cárcel: Mensaje de Los Cinco

San Pedro: Science Center Endangered/Tongva Village Site

LA, 02.06.2012 04:58

Jacob Gutierrez, a Tongva, has a lot on his plate right now. The last science center in the LA Unified School District is "on the chopping block" due to budget cuts in education. (LAUSD originally had six.) This facility has been a resource for everyone in the community, especially children. It contains several gardens, consisting of over 80 native plants and fruit trees. Native wildlife is drawn there, including blue butterflies. There are also over 150 animals that children can visit, all rescues. Oftentimes they have been confiscated by the U.S. Government at the southern border and would have been killed were it not for the Center.

Just up the street is the site of Shwaanga (Ken Malloy Regional Park), one of the largest Tongva villages in pre-Spanish times, a site which has been suffering from pollution in recent centuries. In pre-European times, people would travel by boat from islands including Pimu (Catalina Island) and numerous inland communities via canoelike boats plying rivers, as well as different parts of the California coast. Among other things, Shwaanga was known for its fresh water. Now the water is heavily polluted and needs to be cleaned up.

Story and photos: San Pedro: Science Center Endangered/Tongva Village Site Revitalization by R. Plesset, Science Center photos by Isabel Avila

LAFCO to Vote on Motions Concerning Expansion of UC Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 02.06.2012 04:04

On Wednesday, June 6, the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) is set to vote on one of two motions that would approve the expansion of UC Santa Cruz while imposing conditions on the availability of water service to the Upper Campus. Community members have planned for a 5-mile walk after the meeting to the UCSC administration, and then to the forest, if a decision is reached permitting development in the Upper Campus.

En defensa de la Vida en Neuquen

Argentina, 01.06.2012 21:05

Referéndum antiminero en Loncopué

Alerta en Tinogasta por posible desalojo al bloqueo de la ruta 60

Argentina, 01.06.2012 21:05

Video statement by Start Loving, on death fast against fossil fuels at Canadian Embassy

DC, 01.06.2012 18:27

A man known as Start Loving has been on a death fast in front of the Canadian Embassy for the past 35 days as of May 29. A professional-looking video statement featuring his words and images of the coming fossil fueled catastrophe has been released on

Hundreds march against Wal-Mart coming to DC

DC, 01.06.2012 18:27

On the 31st of May, several hundred people marched from 801 NJ Ave, one of Wal-Marts proposed DC locations, to 701 8th st, where Wal-Mart has a DC lobbyng office. The march included a float protraying Mayor Gray and Wal-Mart in bed together, with a sign saying "someone's getting screwed." Video of the march and float protraying the Mayor in bed with Wal-Mart

&quot;En el Ojo de la Tormenta&quot; - Programa del 26/5/12

Argentina, 01.06.2012 16:57

&quot;queremos que nos dejen administrar nuestras propias tierras&quot;

Argentina, 01.06.2012 14:13

Soberanía Alimentaria

El diario del juicio a la contaminación

Argentina, 01.06.2012 14:13

Juicio a la Fumigación

(posteos y comentarios)

Argentina, 01.06.2012 14:13


Sweatfree Communities—Stop Global Sweatshops!

Rogue Valley, 01.06.2012 11:35

Dear Organizers, Leaders and Activists:

T-shirts for our causes should support the cause of empowering the workers who make the apparel!

As we order T-shirts for our progressive causes we can choose to make a real difference when we choose Alta Gracia.

Trabajadores Sociales contra Proyectos 2627 y 4002

Puerto Rico, 31.05.2012 16:56

Trabajadores Sociales dicen no a los Proyectos 2627 y 4002

Naziaufmarsch in Hamburg: Barmbek reloaded?

Germany, 31.05.2012 16:22

Vier Jahre ist es her, dass Nazis das letzte mal versucht haben, einen größeren Aufmarsch in Hamburg zu etablieren. Nun, am 2. Juni versuchen sie es erneut, diesesmal unter dem Titel "Tag der deutschen Zukunft". Unter dem Motto "Yes we Bam" wird bereits seit über einem Jahr sich auf dieses Ereignis vorbereitet.

Wichtige Links: | | Twitter | WAP-Ticker: | Convergence-Center
Mobi-Videos: Autonomes Bündnis | Jugendbündnis | Unsterbliche Hamburg | AufMUCKEn gegen Nazis | Nazi-Freie Zone | RSH

Info-Telefone: 1) 0152 05 6773 80 2) 0152 05 6846 84 Ermittlungsausschuss: 040-43278778
Radio: Freies Sender Kombinat FSK 93,0 Mhz

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