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Brasil, 16.06.2012 20:04

voluntarix cmi

Transmisión especial

Argentina, 16.06.2012 18:48

Juicio a la fumigación en FM Zumba la Turba

Truth Sought in South San Francisco Police Killing of 15 Year Old Derrick Gaines

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.06.2012 08:16

On June 12th, family members held a memorial for Derrick Gaines, a 15 year old who was shot and killed by an officer with the South San Francisco Police Department on the evening of June 5th. Police claim that Gaines, who was walking with a friend near an Arco gas station, was engaging in "suspicious behavior".

Acuerdo sobre prisionero político NGC

Puerto Rico, 16.06.2012 02:22

Llegan a acuerdo sobre caso de Norberto González Claudio

(VIDEO) Chairman Fred Hampton Jr Speech at Law and Disorder 2012

Portland, 16.06.2012 01:59

It was an honor to be able to film Chairman Fred Hampton Jr speak at the 2012 Law and Disorder Conference in Portland, OR. In case you are not familiar, Chairman Fred is the son of the late Black Panther Party spokesman Fred Hampton who was assassinated by the Chicago Police in 1969. Fred Jr's mother Deborah Johnson was eight and a half months pregnant with him at the time of his fathers murder. If this is news to you, we urge you to google how the police/FBI raid that took Hamptons life went down. Although the whole story is extremely disheartening, its wonderful to know that Chairman Fred Jr is alive and following his fathers legacy. [video 45.min]

Fred Hampton Jr is the founder, and chairman Prisoners Of Conscience Committee / Black Panther Party Cubs (POCC/BPPC).

"The Prisoners of Conscience Committee was founded by Chairman Fred Hampton,Jr. during his nine years of incarceration. "[The POCC] was literally birthed from behind enemy lines, its birth canal was the concentration camps, its umbilical cords are the prison chains." The P.O.C.C. is an international organization which engages in revolutionary work throughout the United States and abroad. The P.O.C.C. empowers communities through their own programs and through coalition building with other revolutionary peoples and organizations."


Occupy the Pride!

Portland, 16.06.2012 01:59

Several alternative-Pride autonomous actions are planned worldwide and in Portland over the weekend to counter the commercialization and usurpation of the annual Stonewall memorial by the corporate interests.

Occupy The Pride worldwide call to action - local events

Saturday, June 16, 1 p.m.-2:30 p.m.: Pride sign-making picnic at the Couch Park (find us near the Couch Park sign at the southeastern corner of the park), NW Glisan Street at NW 19th Avenue. Make signs for Dyke March and/or Occupride. Some cardboards and markers provided; bring anything else you may need.

Sunday, June 17, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.: Occupy The Pride Portland - Parade-Watching Picnic and Community Outreach Action at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park between Ash and Pine Streets (on the open parkland between the Pride NW festival and Saturday Market). This is mostly for visibility and presence. We engage in conversation only when people approach us. Bring your favorite Occupy signs or banners, musical instruments, games, picnic stuff to share, etc.

Saturday, June 23, 3 p.m.-6 p.m.: Occupy The Pride Portland - Summer Solstice Community Assembly at Ladd Circle, SE Ladd Avenue at Harrison Street (in the middle of the Ladd's Addition between Hawthorne and Division). Network, connect and organize for future actions in a less confrontational setting as we also celebrate the arrival of summer! We also thought this would be a great idea as many people could not make it to the Sunday, June 17 Occupride due to other involvements. Moving the main Occupride action to another day would ensure a bigger turnout.

Saturday, July 7, Occupy The Pride Vancouver, Washington (maybe) at Esther Short Park, this would be a low-key visibility and dialogue action like the one on June 17 in Portland.

Other events and actions: [...]

A 2 años de los asesinatos de Diego, Nino y Sergio

Argentina, 16.06.2012 01:55

Jornada contra la impunidad y la represión policial en Bariloche


Argentina, 16.06.2012 01:55

Silvia Suppo: ordenaron al juez investigar la causa política del crimen


Argentina, 16.06.2012 01:55

Silvia Suppo: Ordenaron al juez investigar la causa política del crimen

Posición del Partido Comunista de PR sobre las elecciones generales y el plebiscito

Puerto Rico, 16.06.2012 00:39

Posición del Partido Comunista de PR sobre las elecciones generales y el plebiscito

Nefasta decisión nombramiento de José Ortiz

Puerto Rico, 16.06.2012 00:39

Nefasta decisión nombramiento de José Ortiz

NCM: Puerto Rico: País productor de votos imaginarios

Puerto Rico, 16.06.2012 00:39

Puerto Rico: País productor de votos imaginarios

DC statehood supporters strut DC flag tattoos at DC Flag Day event

DC, 15.06.2012 22:57

On the evening of June 14, regarded as "flag day" by the US government, DC statehood activists occupied Dupont Circle without a permit under the DC flag. Many of the speakers-and many in the audience-showed off DC flag tattoos. Video-Wearers of DC flag tattoos strut their stuff Local copy of the video for anyone having trouble downloading the file from Liveleak

Referéndum derecho a salud

Puerto Rico, 15.06.2012 21:16

Exigen que se eleve a rango constitucional el derecho y acceso a la salud

Escuelas bilingües

Puerto Rico, 15.06.2012 21:16

Educación en inglés provocará caos en escuelas públicas

Argentina, 15.06.2012 17:27

Juicio a la fumigación en Bo. Ituzaingó: Día Cuatro


Argentina, 15.06.2012 08:56

Carta de los maestros de Rodrigo Simonetti

A una semana del crimen

Argentina, 15.06.2012 07:14

July Delegation to Venezuela: Food Sovereignty, Human Rights, and Community Power

NYC, 15.06.2012 03:18

We will examine issues of land reform, urban agriculture, rural development, fishing rights, and food sovereignty within a dynamic political context. Venezuela is an outstanding example of a country that strives to ensure its citizens’ right to food while bolstering its domestic agriculture sector, with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture. We will also explore other areas of social transformation, including education, healthcare, and direct citizen participation in the political process. Plus trips to beaches, parks, and other sites of interest.

Confiscation of my musical instrument yesterday

Portland, 14.06.2012 23:54

While Playing music at 10th and Yamhill I was ticketed for noise,without a warning,and had my musical equipment confiscated by authorities.

Playing in Portland 11 years, without having escalated to this level of conflict. Seeking feedback, wise council. Looking for resolution. I don't know when or if I will get my property back. Any suggestions,or insights, contact me. Thank you.

Sit-in Protest To Reverse Closures of Oakland Public Schools

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.06.2012 21:46

On June 15th, after the last day of school, Oakland parents and teachers will sit in at Lakeview Elementary demanding that the district keep all neighborhood schools open. Supporters write: "We know the money exists, but still they insist on closing flatland schools serving predominantly black and brown children. We say no more excuses! We're keeping the schools open the last way left to us, by sitting-in. But we cannot do this alone. We need your support!"

Argentina, 14.06.2012 20:28

Juicio a la fumigación en Bo. Ituzaingó: Día Tres

No Badge for Johannes Mehserle

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.06.2012 20:03

On June 8th, the Court of Appeal of the State of California, First Appellate District in San Francisco, ruled that Mehserle's conviction should not be overturned. While the Involuntary Manslaughter conviction was considered grossly unjust, far too lenient and an affront to East Bay residents all too familiar with police violence against communities of color, the denial of Mehserle's appeal comes as something of a relief for Oscar Grant's family and the Oakland community. The conviction prevents Mehserle from ever wearing a badge and a gun again.

Ogoni activists at Nigerian Embassy demand cleanup of sHell's oil spills

DC, 14.06.2012 16:10

On the 13th of June, members of Nigeria's Ogoni indigenous nation living in the DC area showed up at the Nigerian Embassy to demand that the government of Nigeria and sHell clean up the oil that they have been spilling on Ogoni land since before 1960.

Video: &quot;Solidarity With Quebec Students&quot; Action With Speech By Montreal Native 6.11.12

Portland, 14.06.2012 15:47

StreetNews Report
On 6.11.12, a protest rally was held at Pioneer Square in solidarity with Canadian students who are protesting extreme tuition hikes and interest rate increases in Universities across Canada.

What an inspiring action presented by Occupy Portland in Portlands' living room, Pioneer Square. Around 250 people showed up for the Facebook event created to bring solidarity with the students in Canada who are protesting in the thousands for education reform, as tuition rate increases are three times ours and interest rates are insane. This local rally showed the world and Canada that we are in support of the universal mission to lower the cost of higher education and increase the worth of degrees to actually make the academic investment worth it.

Great speeches were given by students and former students who were heavily affected by the debt they incurred while attending school. A contest was held to see who had the highest student debt, and a woman with 111,0000 dollars of debt took the crown. The frustration was seen in the faces of the many that decided to get up, grab the bull horn and tell their story. A visiting student from Montreal Canada just happened to be in Portland and spoke of how appreciative he is of all the solidarity that Portland is bringing to this issue.

Video Link:

Quebec Student Solidarity Action - Portland Oregon

Building Bridges Radio: NYC Rally Opposes Racially Based Marijuana Arrests

NYC, 14.06.2012 10:44

Mayor Bloomberg now presides over the largest initiative in the country to arrest young men of color on false marijuana possession charges — an outcome of the controversial stop-and-frisk practices conducted by NYPD. Evoking Charles Dickens’ famous novel, protestors declared that biased policing practices under Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly were creating A Tale of Two Cities. One is for white residents where marijuana possession was decriminalized in 1977, where they are seldom stopped and frisked, and mothers do not fear that their children will be unlawfully rounded up by the police. The other New York is for the hundreds of thousands of people of color who are stopped even though the overwhelming majority of them are innocent of any wrongdoing; tens of thousands are illegally searched, falsely charged, arrested and incarcerated for marijuana possession (even though it’s not a crime in New York); and mothers live in fear of the police unlawfully snatching their children off the streets. Underscoring the two city theme at the end of the rally, about a dozen young white people blocked the entrance to NYPD headquarters exposing themselves to arrest by police as they denounced the racially biased police practices – the police refused to arrest them!

Listen here:

Building Bridges Radio is aired over WBAI Radio on Mondays from 7-8 pm EST and syndicated to over 45 broadcast and internet radio stations in the US and Canada

Deborah Harris, 5 others arrested disrupting JP Morgan Chase testimony in Congress

DC, 13.06.2012 22:13

On the 13th of June, CEO Jamie Dillon of JP Morgan Chase appeared before Congress to explain the over $2 billion dollars his bank lost gambling on Wall Street like so many games of dice. He got an unexpected surprise as protesters disrupted the hearing and heckled him in person, demanding an end to foreclosures by JP Morgan Chase. Youtube video of the protest

Interview with protester who confronted Wells Fargo at Pride festival

DC, 13.06.2012 20:51

On the 10th of June, activists dressed as pirates confronted Wells Fargo's installation at the Pride Festival. They demanded freedom for CeCe Donalds, a Trans woman held in a private prison funded by Wells Fargo.

Argentina, 13.06.2012 19:24

Juicio a la fumigación en Bo. Ituzaingó: Día Dos

La Plata

Argentina, 13.06.2012 15:21

Jóvenes fueron golpeados por patovicas

WNU #1132: Honduran Land Dispute Partially Settled

NYC, 13.06.2012 12:43

Honduran president Lobo] described the land dispute as “a problem that was generated by an error in other administrations in which men and women of the countryside were allowed to sell their lands, in a period which an agrarian counter-reform took place. An error was committed, which needs to be corrected.”

3rd request to City Council

Portland, 13.06.2012 07:18

Keep the pressure on the City Council for human compassion

Third Request For Human Contact Tuesday, June 12, 2012

**"These are the times that try men's souls," a quote from my favorite founding father, Thomas Paine.

This action by Cameron Whitten is becoming echoes of whispers of long ago conversations in a small tavern where dreams were shared and revolution feared. You can almost hear Paine lecturing those who would listen about dignity, equality and hope for the future. If you look close you may see Adams rolling his eyes and thinking, "Does Tom ever stop and think that he may get all of us arrested by talking about over-throwing the British, I wish him to be more careful, less violent."

Cameron is not careful, he speaks the truth to anyone who will listen, he is a fighter, just like Thomas Paine, he does not like smooth politicians like Adams, or Jefferson.

Mr. Whitten has only three demands, and he tells people who pass him that they are simple demands for the beginning of a new era of compassion for the everyday people among us. He does not want to over tax the people in power, he does not want to confuse the political system, so only 3 demands are shouted from the curb, or said softly at night when the rain comes:

1. "For City Commissioner *dan saltzman, withdraw the fines [...]
2. " For City Council to propose a housing levy measure [...]
3. "For Sheriff Daniel Staton to issue a 1 year moratorium [...]

Historico juicio en Córdoba

Argentina, 13.06.2012 03:32

Juicio a la fumigación en Bo. Ituzaingó: Día Uno

Argentina, 12.06.2012 19:27

Juicio a la fumigación en Bo. Ituzaingó: Día Uno

Carmel Becomes Center of Conflict in Monterey Bay Hotel Industry

Santa Cruz, CA, 12.06.2012 03:57

Hotel workers, community members, and friends gathered on June 7 for the "Carmel Hotel Workers Rising March" which was organized by Unite Here! Local 483, and focused on La Playa Hotel and the Pine Inn in Carmel. Community members have held a number of demonstrations protesting the Pine Inn's elimination of all dependents (42 people) from medical insurance coverage, as well as La Playa Hotel's refusal to commit to re-hire workers who lost their jobs when the hotel recently changed ownership.

Occupy &quot;People's Assembly&quot; draws over 100 people

DC, 11.06.2012 22:33

In the aftermath of the Feb 4 raid on McPherson Square and subsequent developments, some people have thought Occupy DC was dying out. The Washington Examiner in particular was making this claim. On June 10, Occupy DC held a "People's Assembly" in a chuch basement, only to find that they were lucky to get everyone inside the packed room.

Pitch A Tent II--the Houseless Strike Back

Portland, 11.06.2012 15:35

The Grand Floral Parade will never be the same again, thanks to Right to Survive (R2S) and houseless activists. This is the second year that R2S, an organization led by houseless and previously houseless people, put out a call for "Pitch A Tent II?The Houseless Strike Back." Together with folks from Right 2 Dream Too (R2DToo), they invited friends and supporters to pitch tents with the houseless along the parade route downtown to protest against the city's ordinance, which allows people to put up tents for 1 day for the parade, but criminalizes setting up tents for survival for the rest of the year.

Ibrahim Mubarak, co-founder of R2S, R2DToo and Dignity Village, wanted this year's action to put pressure on city officials, who continue to drag their feet on the houseless issue. He made clear that this action shows how the city prosecutes houseless people who try to erect shelters for themselves, but the ultimate goal of R2S is to get folks off the street and into a designated area where they can be safe and take care of one another. He hopes that this action will bring awareness that there is a homeless crisis in Portland and nationwide. He said, "The city needs to "sit down at the table with us and come up with solutions that will put a dent in the houseless situation."

Mubarak talked about Right 2 Dream Too, which provides a safe place for about 90 people to camp every night on NW 4th and Burnside, as one of the solutions. R2DToo wants to expand housing for 300 people per night, as more and more people lose their jobs and homes due to the crippling economy. But instead of cooperating with them, or letting them continue to self-manage this space, the city is fining R2DToo $1,200 a month. He said that Dan Saltzman, who leads the Bureau of Development Services, has described it as "not a humanitarian issue; it's about zoning and codes." Mubarak pointed out that the city spent $3,400 for each "bike shelter" in the city, but won't budget a dime to provide more solutions for the houseless. He said that the houseless and their supporters are trying to build communities and shelters for themselves, where they can be autonomous and make decisions to maintain safety and human rights.

Related Links:[video - Jim L] | [post - Mobile T]

Palestinian Hunger Strikes Continue

Boston, 11.06.2012 15:28


Pride Parade brings LGBT presence back to Dupont Circle for a day

DC, 11.06.2012 14:17

On the 9th of June, the annual parade now called "Capitol Pride," brought out people as far as the eye could see around Dupont Circle. Again cops and politicians were allowed to lead a parade commemorating the military victory over the NYPD vice squad at Stonewall June 28,1969. This time at least, there were fewer blatant corporate floats. (video in a day or two)

Fallece compañero Juan Santiago

Puerto Rico, 11.06.2012 07:20

Fallece abogado y luchador por la independencia Juan Santiago

Chleba zamiast Igrzysk!

Poland, 11.06.2012 07:19

Blisko 1000 osób demonstrowało dziś w Poznaniu pod hasłem „Chleba zamiast igrzysk”. W proteście brali udział przedstawiciele i przedstawicielki różnych środowisk społeczno-politycznych z kilku miast. Celem było przedstawienie krytycznego stanowiska, dotyczącego organizacji Euro 2012 w Polsce oraz przełamanie monologu elit władzy, które próbują przedstawić Mistrzostwa jedynie w kategoriach własnego sukcesu.

SchNEWS 818 - Serf's Up

United Kingdom, 11.06.2012 07:14

By now the glad tidings that ninety of her majesty's most loyal subjects were happy to celebrate 60 years of her reign by kipping under a bridge before a joyful thirteen hour shift of telling union-jack-sporting buffoons the way to the big river in the middle of London without being paid has been splashed all over the papers. But it's just the tip of the iceberg.

Links: Boycott Workfare | Solfed (workfare page) | IWW| Corporate Watch | SchNEWS

On the newswire: Liverpool Workfare Walk of Shame Occupies City Centre Exploiters| Mayday workfare demo shuts Oxford Street stores| Workfare actions around Birmingham in April| Workfare conference cancelled due to protest | Workfare Unravels | 'It's exploitation and it's repellent' | Tesco’s Secret Workfare Slaves | Demo shuts Westminster Tesco | GMB Union Promotes Workfare as Answer | DWP Locks Down FOI Responses | Legal Challenge to Government’s slave labour scheme

From Corporate Watch: Benefit claimant forced to accept Jubilee steward position for less than minimum wage | To pay or not to pay: Asda and Argos choose workfare over work | Regulating workfare (or not)| 'It's exploitation and it's repellent': Retailers, councils and charities benefiting from workfare | Unemployed people bullied into work

Take the flour back

United Kingdom, 11.06.2012 07:14

On 27th May at Rothamsted, Harpenden, Hertsfordshire, more than 400 growers, bakers and families from across England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Belgium marched against the return of open air GM field testing. Take the Flour Back linked arms with their European counterparts, notably France’s Volunteer Reapers and walked calmly towards the field of GM wheat before being stopped by police lines.

From the newswire: European activists link up to draw the line against GM| Final details| Take the Flour Back defend Direct Action on Newsnight| Open letter to Rothamsted| What is food sovereignty| Pull up the GM wheat, or we will, say growers| Meet-up point announced| Callout


From SchNEWS: If we stay there will be stubble|One man assault on GM crop trial in Hertfordshire|Flour to the people

Links: Take the flour back

Ley de identidad de género

Argentina, 11.06.2012 07:14

Primer día de trámites en el registro civil

Juicio a la fumigación

Argentina, 11.06.2012 07:14

Abogado ambientalista explica la causa

Ley de identidad de género

Argentina, 11.06.2012 07:14

Primer día de trámites en el registro civil

Anarchist Contingent at Pride Parade

Boston, 11.06.2012 07:09

Yesterday's Boston Gay Pride parade featured a small but vocal anarchist bloc, a refreshing contrast to the political campaigns and commercial sponsors that have come to dominate the event.

Occupy Fresno Legal Victory

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.06.2012 06:49

Occupy Fresno held a press conference on June 8th to discuss the settlement of its suit against Fresno County. It upholds the constitutional rights of freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. Fresno County will remove restrictive ordinances limiting the circulation of flyers, carrying of signs, and holding small gatherings in Courthouse Park. Those arrested will not face criminal charges. June 9th is the eight month anniversary at Fresno County Courthouse Park — the only known Occupy in the movement that has maintained a continuous 24-hour presence in its original location.

Supporters Pack Courtroom, Rally, and March to Free Chris

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.06.2012 06:49

Chris Morland of Occupy Oakland's Tactical Action Committee has been repeatedly targeted by police for his outspokenness on issues of economic injustices. He has helped to organize numerous actions around foreclosures and homelessness in Oakland. After a May 23rd "community meeting" called by Mayor Jean Quan and the Oakland Police Department to address the recent police murder of high school senior Alan Blueford, Chris was arrested and charged with felony assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon, the weapon being the bullhorn he was speaking through.

Autonomous Paths Converge in Cherán

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.06.2012 06:49

Around 500 people from 15 cities in Mexico and 11 countries in the world came together in the National Encounter of Autonomous Anti-Capitialist Resistance at the end of May 2012 to share experiences of autonomy and support the uprising and current process of self-government in Cherán, Michoacán. The Cherán K'eri uprising on April 15, 2011 and the process of self-government now underway in that community is, for many, a source of inspiration, a strong show of resistance to be defended, and an experience to learn from.

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