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El agente naranja de la soja

Argentina, 01.07.2012 03:03

Un antecedente al juicio a las fumigaciones en barrio Ituzaingó


Argentina, 01.07.2012 03:03

Un antecedente al juicio a las fumigaciones en barrio Ituzaingó


Argentina, 30.06.2012 14:17

Moyano, Cristina y el movimiento obrero


Argentina, 30.06.2012 14:17

Moyano, Cristina y el movimiento obrero


Argentina, 30.06.2012 14:17

Moyano, Cristina y el movimiento obrero

Travesía Admirable: 29 de junio

Puerto Rico, 30.06.2012 03:22

Naufragia Tito Kayak en aguas de Bequia

Ilegal el Gasoducto

Puerto Rico, 30.06.2012 03:22

Cuerpo de Ingenieros cómplices de la ilegalidad del gasoducto

Трагическая неделя в Парагвае

Belarus, 30.06.2012 00:06


Нажмите, чтобы увеличить

Президент Парагвая неделю назад был освобожден от своей должности путем импичмента, экспресс-процесса, продлившегося всего 24 часа. Этот маневр стоит рассматривать как обратный ход демократического процесса, начатого в 2008 году. Различные социальные движения протестуют перед зданием Конгресса и по всей стране.

Этот заговор политических партий Парагвая выглядит как последний шаг в процессе политической дестабилизации страны, начавшейся с резни в Куругуати 15 июня этого года.

Факты, поступившие из Куругуати, свидетельствуют о высоком уровне заговора и действиях оппозиции. Резня, возникшая во время полицейской операции в лагере безземельных крестьян, унесла 17 жизней (11 крестьян и 6 полицейских) и 80 раненных. Арестовано 54 человека; им предъявлены очень серьезные обвинения.

Мы попытаемся объяснить цепочку событий, начиная с резни в Куругуати и заканчивая импичментом Луго.

Предпосылки событий в Куругуати

Департамент Каниндею…

Video: Cindy Sheehan: Revolution. A Love Story - plus David Rovics music set

Portland, 29.06.2012 16:40

Cindy is on a book tour and spoke in Portland on 6.23.12 at the First Unitarian Church. David Rovics played a few songs before she spoke...To a full room of listeners in Portland Oregon, Cindy Sheehan shares about her life, friends and recent travels.

Her new book is titled: Revolution: A Love Story.
Its about her recent trip to Venezuela and what she learned.

The 2 separate videos from this event on 6/23/12 are listed below:

Cindy Sheehan (1 hr 24 min video)

David Rovics (20 min video)

Fighting for the Soul of the Carpenter's Union

Portland, 29.06.2012 16:40

All working people should pay attention to the egregious assault on union democracy happening in the Carpenters Union's Pacific North West Regional Council, which covers all the Carpenter's Locals in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, and Montana.

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters has a proud history and should take immediate action to overturn a recent Regional Council decision that disciplined innocent, union-dedicated Carpenters with fines and a loss of membership privileges.

Video: Justice For Janitors - Rally, Speeches and March 6.15.12

Portland, 29.06.2012 16:40

Hundreds of Janitors, workers, union members, city leaders and citizens all joined together on 6/15 in Terry Schrunk Plaza to demand "Justice for Janitors with a Living Wages, and Health Care Benefits...
Organized by SEIU [Local 49] a rally to demand living wages, health care, and sick days for ALL janitors in PDX.

The event stated with speakers and speeches from community organizers and working janitors. It was followed by speeches by the mayor and county commissioners. Then the 300+ rally took to the streets (I mean the sidewalks) ... over 4 blocks long the line stretched with family's & janitors & community members walking in solidarity

VIDEOS: PART 1 (rally & Interview)- 3.min PART 2 (speeches) - 17.min PART 3 (march through downtown) - 12.min


Using the TPP to Renegotiate and Expand NAFTA

Portland, 29.06.2012 16:40

"Trade deals such as NAFTA and now the TPP are being used to smuggle through a new set of transnational corporate rights, trapping nations in a web of treaties that further trump their own laws. All too often, these agreements fail to deliver on the promise of prosperity and only serve to accelerate the path towards economic enslavement. Globalization has meant sacrificing self-sufficiency and sovereignty for foreign dependency which is a sure path to world government." Both Canada and Mexico have been invited to join the U.S., along with other countries already engaged in negotiations which will deepen trade and economic ties within the Asia-Pacific region. Such a deal would surpass NAFTA in size and scope. The U.S. led talks which have been criticized for their secretive nature, could be used to update aspects of existing trade pacts among member nations. This would provide the perfect opportunity for a backdoor renegotiation of NAFTA without officially having to open it back up.

NO TO THE DRONE WARS! Local Events Friday and Saturday

Portland, 29.06.2012 16:40

On Friday, June 29, there will be a "No U.S. War on Syria -- No to the Drone Wars! rally and march at Pioneer Courthouse Square, starting at 5:00 p.m. There will also be two opportunities to hear Medea Benjamin, CodePink activist and author, speak about her new book, DRONE WARFARE: KILLING BY REMOTE CONTROL: one at 7:00 p.m. on Friday at the Peace House in Northeast Portland; another between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Saturday at St. Francis Dining Hal in Southeast Portland.

Friday, June 29
Speaker: Medea Benjamin, CodePink activist and author
7:00 p.m. - (approximately) 9:00 p.m.
Peace House, 2116 N.E. 18th (at Tillamook), Portland

Saturday, June 30
Speaker: Medea Benjamin, CodePink activist and author
Book talk and entertainment
4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
St. Francis Dining Hall, 330 S.E. 11th Avenue, Portland

At both events, books will be available for purchase. Donations gratefully accepted.

No Nukes NW Action! &quot;Shut Down, Not Meltdown!&quot;

Portland, 29.06.2012 16:40

On Friday, June 22, 2012, at 3:00 p.m., I organized the No Nukes NW Action "Shut Down, Not Meltdown" at the Consulate General of Japan in Portland OR at the Wells Fargo Center. A rally and Die-In took place simultaneously on that date and time, with coordinated actions along the west coast, including Los Angeles CA, and San Francisco CA, as well as in Japan and internationally.

En Villa La Maternidad

Argentina, 29.06.2012 15:15

Inauguración de la Biblioteca Popular Heraldo Eslava

Graduación UPR 2012

Puerto Rico, 29.06.2012 07:21

UPR: Estudiantes graduados denuncian atropello a Educación Pública y ratifican compromiso lucha

O Papel do Direito nas Lutas Sociais - palestra, debate e experiências compartilhadas

CMI Brasil, 29.06.2012 02:11

Direito Social

Fundraiser for Desiree Foster of Santa Cruz Eleven

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.06.2012 21:41

A support event for Desiree Foster of the Santa Cruz Eleven will be held on Sunday, July 1st. India Joze restaurant and Supporters of the Santa Cruz Eleven are hosting the community gathering to bring awareness to the SC-11, and to help out Desire Foster who is experiencing financial hardships. At 19 years of age, she's the youngest of the SC-11, who have all been charged with two felonies and two misdemeanors. Desiree is caring for her mother, who was diagnosed with cancer.

HCAO response to Supreme Court ruling on ACA mandate

Rogue Valley, 28.06.2012 20:51

The following press release is forwarded by Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice. It can also be seen at this website

June 28, 2012
For immediate release
Contact: Joanne Cvar, Chair HCAO Communications 541 563 3615
Mike Huntington, MD, HCAO president;, 541-745-5635 (H) 541 829 1182 (C)

HCAO response to Supreme Court ruling on ACA mandate
Health Care for All Oregon welcomes the survival of important patient protections and rights under today’s Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act. These protections include the ban on refusal of coverage for pre-existing conditions, the required full coverage of limited basic primary care, and the extension of coverage of adult children under parental insurance through age 25. These elements move the human right to health care in the U.S. forward.

Voices With Vision 2012-06-26 on Prisons, Justice and Mental Health Services in DC

DC, 28.06.2012 17:27

Voices With Vision is A News magazine mixing news, interviews, analysis, songs and music. In today's show: +BREAKING NEWS-US Supreme Court passes clauses of what many call the Arizona 'anti-immigrant' law +Luke Kuhn interviews an activist part of a rally calling on Ecuador to grant assylum to Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks. +Netfa Freeman interviews Dr. Melissa Neal of the Justice Policy Institute (JPI) and Ayize Sabater of MOMIES tlc about JPI's newly released report, "Mindful of the Consequences: How Improving the Mental Health of D.C. Youth Benefits the District." Followed by a lecture by Dr. Joy DeGruy, author of "Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome." +Bryan Stevenson, an inspiring human rights lawyer talks on on

Resolución Conjunta del Senado 1053

Puerto Rico, 28.06.2012 15:48

Senado ordena UPR transferir 50 cuerdas de Estación Experimental Agrícola a Municipio de Gurabo

Abuso contra deambulante en Centro Médico

Puerto Rico, 28.06.2012 14:04

Policías golpean a deambulante por tocar guitarra

A desinformação midiática e o golpe da Monsanto

Brasil, 28.06.2012 05:19

Agenda Junio 2012

Argentina, 27.06.2012 19:51

Travesía Admirable: 26 de junio

Puerto Rico, 27.06.2012 17:36

Tito Kayak sale hoy de la isla de Granada

Elecciones 2012: Abstención electoral

Puerto Rico, 27.06.2012 17:36

Sobre la abstención electoral

Travesía Admirable: 27 de junio

Puerto Rico, 27.06.2012 17:36

Con nuevos bríos la odisea por Oscar López

Help Stop Coal Shipments Down the Gorge

Portland, 27.06.2012 17:11

Want to help stop Big Coal's plans to ship Wyoming/Montana coal through the Columbia Gorge by barge/rail - especially through North/Northeast Portland en route to Port of St. Helens for Asian markets?

Come to a meeting Wednesday, June 27 from 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. at 8325 N. Central in St. Johns, sponsored by the CAAC (Community Alliance Against Coal), and Columbia Riverkeeper. You can also join cyclists heading there in the Pedalpalooza Ride. The eight-mile route departs from 1821 SE Ankeny at 5:30 p.m.

Big Coal plans to run eight trains (120-125 gondolas) daily through North/Northeast Portland (and then run the empties back through the same neighborhood). Coal trains through PDX bound for export terminals on the river threaten to pollute air, transportation, climate future, and the area's economy... Its dust off the coal trains will coat houses, cars, yards over a 1.5 mile-range from the train tracks. Coal dust brings black-lung disease, mercury poisoning, asthma, adverse impact on eyes, and cancer. Promises by the shippers to spray surfactant on the open rail cars to keep it from blowing enroute to coal terminals mean using a highly toxic substance (usually coal slurry). A major drawback from coal use whether in the U.S. or Asia is a major contribution to climate change (global warming). In selling it to Asian markets, coal use there will blow-back to the West Coast through the atmosphere, but also contribute to warming as well as the diseases and ailments listed above.

Las audiencias se reanudarán el 18 de julio

Argentina, 27.06.2012 17:07

Se amplió la causa contra Parra

“De Duhalde a Cristina hay 10 años de impunidad”

Argentina, 27.06.2012 17:07

En las calles de Córdoba, Darío y Maxi no estuvieron solos

Entrevista a Tito Kayak

Puerto Rico, 27.06.2012 16:14

Tito Kayak desde Granada

Vulture Funds in NYC-- Jubilee USA Network

NYC, 27.06.2012 13:09

Legislation in New York State Assembly and Senate, if passed, would have allowed Vulture Funds to take advantage of poor countries

WASHINGTON, DC – Two pieces of legislation to promote Vulture Funds in the New York State Legislature, A7967 and S3767 were killed after New York constituents and faith groups were led by Jubilee USA Network and American Jewish World Service in opposition to both Bills.

WNU #1134: Could an “All-Out” Effort End Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic?

NYC, 27.06.2012 13:09

Piarroux expressed doubts about the vaccination campaign promoted in the US media. “[T]he vaccine that will be used is of mediocre effectiveness,” he said. “The protection afforded by this vaccine is a little above 50%. This is not a very effective vaccine.”

LAFCO Delays Decision on UC Santa Cruz Water Service Expansion

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.06.2012 23:44

It was standing room only in the county government center for the Santa Cruz LAFCO meeting on June 6th, where over 50 community members spoke before the commission in support of protecting the forest and open space of the UC Santa Cruz upper campus from future development.

Park Rangers block National Alliance of HUD Tenants from MLK Memorial

DC, 26.06.2012 21:10

On the 26th of June, the National Alliance of HUD Tenants(NAHT) intended to stage a rally at the MLK Memorial, only to be blocked by park rangers from passing the stone entrance. They were there to do the same kind of work on housing that Martin Luther King did, yet were prohibited from entering his memorial. (video coming)

Housing activists set one day tent city at Mt Pleasant and Lamont

DC, 26.06.2012 16:01

On June 24, housing activsts set up a tent city in the park at Mt Pleasant St and Lamont and used it for teach-ins. Mount Pleasant is a neighborhood under seige, with upscale newcomers who can afford outrageous rents or condo mortgages pushing out longstanding residents. They are especially pushing out Central American/South American Indigenous folks, so this is effectively an extension of the Indian Wars.


Argentina, 26.06.2012 06:16

Darío y Maxi no están solos


Argentina, 26.06.2012 06:16

Darío y Maxi no están solos


Argentina, 26.06.2012 06:16

Darío y Maxi no están solos

2nd Annual Boston Anarchist Bookfair Announcement

Boston, 26.06.2012 06:11

We are announcing Boston’s Second Annual Anarchist Bookfair (November 9-11, 2012). Hosted at Simmons College by the rad folks of the Progressive Librarians Guild, this bookfair will contain amazing organizations and publishers, workshops, and a return of our Anarchist Film Festival.

Tamale Festival Held at Springfield Grange in Pajaro Valley

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.06.2012 05:51

On Saturday, June 23rd, the Springfield Grange in Pájaro hosted the Festival of Tamales, a benefit for the Grange and Center for Farmworker Families. The menu featured delicious sweet and savory tamales, made with GMO-free masa from El Aguila Foods, including turkey and chile verde, sweet corn, and ollalieberry pecan praline. The tamales were made by local community members using recipes from El Salvador, Mexico, and the Monterey Bay Area.

Tomorrow! (Tuesday, June 26): KEEP NESTLE OUT OF THE GORGE Rally

Portland, 26.06.2012 03:12

Tuesday, June 26 (TOMORROW)
Terry Shrunk Plaza (S.W. Fourth and Madison, downtown Portland)
4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Stand in solidarity with a diverse coalition of groups and over 30,000 Oregonians who are demanding that Governor Kitzhaber protect our water from a Nestle water bottling plant in the scenic Columbia River Gorge. Join us for activities for all ages, music, special guest speakers, to add your own message to our banner and much more.

Guest speakers include:

Terry Swier, an activist involved with a group famous for fighting Nestle's damaging water bottling in Michigan;
Jeff Cogen, Multnomah County Chair;
Sister Brigid Baumann, a Sister of Sisters of the Holy Names;
and other locals from Cascade Locks and the Gorge who don't want Nestle bottling water in their backyard.


Portland, 25.06.2012 22:06

Salem, OR: Near 10:00 AM Cascadia Earth First! and Cascadia Forest Defenders converged at the Oregon State Capitol. Activists chained themselves together and staged a "die-in" in the offices of Ted Wheeler and Kate Brown while others climbed the building's flagpoles, hanging banners reading, "Oregon: For Sale by Kate Brown and Ted Wheeler" and "Defend Oregon, No Compromise, Earth First!"

As of 1:00pm: There are 50 protesters onsite. The climbers of the flagpoles have been arrested descending into applause and leaving the banners to be removed by cherry pickers. The people locked down in the office of Kate Brown have had their support crew removed by police, who are currently bringing in extraction equipment and have hung a sheet in front of the window obscuring outside media and support. The activists inside of the office of Ted Wheeler have similarly been deprived of their support crew and shielded from view. The crowd cheers from outside of the office doors Chanting: " "Devastation and Exploitation Won't be Solved by Corporations"
"Earth First No Compromise We Fight for Water Earth and Sky"

Protesters are targeting Secretary of State Kate Brown and Treasurer Ted Wheeler - both members of the State Land Board - after passing a plan in October of last year that will nearly double the annual clearcut in the Elliott State Forest. Today's protest is an escalation in a series of protests calling on the Land Board to stop the clear cutting of ancient forests and to separate public school funding from state forest management. [...]

Cascadia Earth First! and Cascadia Forest Defenders demand:
No more clear cutting ancient forests.
Drop the 2011 implementation plan for the Elliott State Forest.
Separate our school funding from public land management.
No more privatization of public lands.
Earth First!

Sigue travesía admirable de Tito Kayak

Puerto Rico, 25.06.2012 17:41

Avanza Campaña Marítima por liberación de preso puertorriqueño

Estuvo 9 años, 4 meses y 1 día presa

Argentina, 25.06.2012 17:12

Romina Tejerina: ¡Libre!

Jujuy: Estuvo 9 años, 4 meses y 1 día presa

Argentina, 25.06.2012 17:12

Romina Tejerina: ¡Libre!

Co-op Annual Report: Board Candidates a Loss for Labor

Rogue Valley, 25.06.2012 15:56

(*Note from Rogue IMC volunteer: This is an ongoing saga about Union Busting illegally being conducted by the Ashland Food Co-op. The fiasco continues...)

The Co-op board has a duty to rein in the unlawful activities of their management staff. The National Labor Relations Board affirmed 13 unfair labor practice complaints and this is a MAJOR red flag that something is wrong.

It is certain that the co-op board would not tolerate theft by their General Manager and that accusations of sexual harassment or racism would be taken seriously. On the matter of violating labor laws and the rights of co-op workers, however, the board is painfully neglect in their

Read More to get the inside scoop-

a 10 años de la Masacre de Avellaneda

Argentina, 25.06.2012 15:27

Transmisión Especial

Protesters in jumpsuits and hoods march against American torture

DC, 25.06.2012 14:15

On the 24th of June, protesters demanding the abolition of torture and the closure of Guantanimo Bay and "black site" prisons marched from the US Capitol to the White House in orange jumpsuits and black hoods. (video tonight or tomorrow)

Building Bridges Radio: Workers of the Food Chain Unite

NYC, 25.06.2012 08:42

Workers and supporters of The Coalition of Immokalee Workers‘ Campaign for Fair Food at Chipotle and the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United‘s Dignity at Darden Campaign met at the Capital Grille restaurant on E. 42nd Street in NYC and then marched to a nearby Chipotle Restaurant for a boisterous joint demonstration against worker exploitation by these two large chain restaurants. Joining the protest were members of Local 1500, UFCW, the Brandworkers’ Flaum Appetizing campaign and Hot and Crusty Bakery workers, all celebrating organizing victories. The demonstration was the kick off to a daylong conference by 14 unions and workers centers throughout the country constituting the Food Chain Workers Alliance which is organizing the close to 20 million workers throughout the U.S. in the food system – on farms and in food processing and meatpacking plants, warehouses, grocery stores, restaurants and food service establishments.

Listen Here:

Building Bridges Radio is aired lived on WBAI 99.5 fm in the NYC area on Mondays from 7-8pm EST. It is syndicated weekly to 45 broadcast and internet radio stations in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain.

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