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The Rise of the Peaceful Streets Project and Police Accountability Summit

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

In the early hours of New Year’s Day, 2012, I pulled into the 7-11 on W 10th and Lamar to refuel the truck I was driving. I was the designated driver that night, and I was sober. While fueling up, my passenger and I observed a DUI stop in progress, with a woman standing in the cold without a jacket, in high heels performing a field sobriety test. As one cop, Patrick Oborski, was administering the test, we saw the other cop, Robert Snider, walk up to the passenger side of the car and engage the female passenger in a conversation. The woman was clearly no threat to anyone, and we saw no reason to become involved in the situation. As we were preparing to leave, we heard a chilling scream from the female passenger, and turned in time to see Snider violently yanking the female passenger out of the vehicle. Then we observed Oborski join in on the abuse. My friend and I both immediately reached for our phones to try to take photos of the abuse, and when the female passenger saw us, she cried out to us begging us to record the assault.

Full Story by Antonio Bueheler |

&quot;We can end AIDS&quot; marches end in White House arrests

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

On the 24th of July, five separate elements of the "We Can End AIDS" march converged on the White House after marching to separate targets. About a dozen people were arrested at the White House after tying medicine pouched and dollar bills to the White House fence, then sitting down. Related: Reportback from AIDS march on Washington earlier in the week

Chevron Fire in Richmond Sends Hundreds to Hospitals

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

Richmond, California residents have long battled with the massive oil company Chevron which maintains a large refinery on the city's western edge. On August 6th, a fire at the Chevron refinery in Richmond send huge plumes of smoke and toxic chemicals into the air and hundreds of residents to local hospitals. The next day, Urban Tilth held a press conference and protest at the Richmond Civic Center to hold Chevron accountable for the release of dangerous contaminants into the air, as well as the potential loss of thousands of pounds of food. Later the same evening, Chevron itself held what it billed as a community town hall. Hundreds of residents showed up to protest. Produce that was likely ruined due the fire was dumped on the stage where Chevron representatives sat.

Jim Turpin on The Myth of American Exceptionalism

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

On July 13, 2012 Jim Turpin spoke on KOOP's Rag Radio. In his Rag Blog article on "American Exceptionalism," Turpin points out that the United States is number one in the world in military spending with troop presence in over 150 countries; has record levels of hunger, poverty and unemployment; has seen the rise of an Orwellian national security state; and has experienced "obscene accumulation of wealth by a corporate plutocracy" -- with record corporate profits while middle-class American families have "lost a staggering 39% of their net worth."

Caravan for Peace begins journey across US to oppose drug war

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

SAN DIEGO and LOS ANGELES - Poet and mourning father Javier Sicilia, in the next phase of his crusade against the corrupt Mexican government, the narcos, and the United States, which has financed the worldwide war on drugs, has embarked on a nationwide Caravana por la Paz ("Caravan for Peace"). The caravan will stop in twenty cities en route to Washington DC, where it will arrive on September 22. Summary, with links: Caravan for Peace begins journey across US to oppose drug war by

Oakland Activists Liberate Shuttered Library

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

An abandoned historic building in Oakland was unveiled on the morning of August 13th as the Victor Martinez Community Library. The building was one of seven library branch casualties of budget cuts in the late seventies, and since then it has mostly sat empty. On the first day of the re-opening, donations of books poured in and area children helped to start a community garden in a side lot. In less than 15 hours, however, OPD raided the Community Library. The next morning, activists re-opened the library on the sidewalk in front of the building and it has been growing since.

Two Weeks of Actions, Workshops Planned for RNC

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

The Republican National Convention is set to meet in Tampa on August 27th-30th. The Democratic National Convention is meeting in Charlotte days later: September 4th – 6th. Fifty million dollars has been allocated to both cities for “security” during the conventions. As usual, these conventions will be met by demonstrators who call for putting people and the planet before politics.

In Tampa, a Food Not Bombs World Gathering precedes the convention. Food Not Bombs chapters will be convening in preparation to feed the thousands of expected protesters coming for the convention, but will also be hosting workshops, skillshares, concerts and actions, including an action against weapons manufacturer Raytheon. For a complete list of scheduled events at the Food Not Bombs Gathering click here.

Actions during the convention include a March on the RNC, March for Our Lives, Roving Radical Dance Party, Really Really Free Market, and Fix Shit Up @ the RNC day. Earth First has also put out a call for eco actions during the RNC to highlight environmental destruction and devastation. To see all scheduled events visit ResistRNC’s events page. Immediately following the convention, many plan to caravan to Charlotte to Occupy the DNC.

Coverage from Indybay: Surveillance Cameras, New Laws, Security Fences, and 3500 Police in Place for 2012 RNC

The Secret Scheme To Sabotage Abu-Jamal's Appeal Rights

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

Mumia Abu-Jamal, the internationally recognized American political prisoner, thwarted a Philadelphia judge’s secretive court order that could have eliminated his future appeal rights when he filed a last- minute motion on August 23rd challenging that order sentencing him to life-without-parole.

Most supporters and detractors of Abu-Jamal had been expecting the formal conversion of his controversial death sentence to life-without-parole in the wake of a federal appeals court’s second and final rejection of requests from Philadelphia prosecutors to keep Abu-Jamal on death row back in April 2011. What was unexpected by Abu-Jamal supporters were the procedures surrounding the secretive court order, which appears to have violated a number of Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure.

Police Lie to Create Case Against Student They Injured in UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

On August 10th, Thomas Matzat and supporters appeared before the Yolo County District Court for a pre-trial hearing. Thomas is being charged with five counts of felony vandalism, fourteen counts of misdemeanor vandalism, and one misdemeanor charge for "possessing a marking substance with the intent to commit vandalism". At the hearing, Thomas' pro bono legal team provided evidence that police lied about security footage used to identify him.

Champaign Housing Authority Considers Demolishing a Third Black Neighborhood

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

A protest was held before the board meeting of the Housing Authority of Champaign County (HACC) on Thursday, August 23, 2012 by those questioning plans to demolish Bristol Place, a largely African American neighborhood on the North End in Champaign. This comes on the heels of the demolition two public housing units, Dunbar Court and Joann Dorsey Homes, also largely comprised of black residents. Local authorities have ambitions of eliminating all signs of poverty, while failing to address the basic needs of those less fortunate.

OurDC leads massive march against &quot;Romney Economy&quot; and blocks 14th and U

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

August 31, 2012 — As Mitt Romney was saying "we own this county," Our DC was either marching to or blocking the intersections of 14th st and U st NW. This was where a street party erupted in 2008 on election night when the results were in-and something else might have happened if the GOP had stolen the election again. Read More & Pics | Video of the march and blockade | Code Pink activists assaulted after disrupting Romney's acceptance speech

Related: Rochester: Demonstrators Gather Outside Local RNC Headquarters

Running Down the Walls 2012

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

Throughout the US and Canada, chapters of the Anarchist Black Cross Federation held simultaneous runs to raise funds for the needs of political prisoners and prisoners of war, as well as to continue to chip away at the system that massively incarcerates impoverished people and colonized people worldwide. Runs were also held at four prisons.

In Los Angeles, the event drew about thirty runners to MacArthur Park. There they joined members of Revolutionary Autonomous Communities who were present for the weekly food program, danzantes from Danza Cuauhtémoc, in attendance to bless the run, and supporters from the radical community throughout Southern California.

The over $1000 raised was split between ABC to replenish the warchest and RAC to support its ongoing mutual aid and organizing efforts. Full story: Running Down the Walls 2012 by Rockero, photos by Lane Farnham

Hamja Ahsan &amp; Aviva Stahl: Do US Prisons Violate European Human Rights Law?

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

An important ruling is expected early in September from the European Court of Human Rights, regarding whether or not US prisons respect human rights enough for the UK to extradite ‘war on terror' suspects to the US. We interview activist/journalist Aviva Stahl from alongside Hamja Ahsan, the brother of Talha Ahsan, one of the appellants that will be seriously affected by the September ruling, imprisoned since 2006.

DREAMers confront Sheriff Baca on Deportations, 6 arrested

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

Thursday, September 6, 2012, LOS ANGELES — While other immigrant rights organizations were getting bogged down in DACA paperwork1--many of them charging for the service--the DREAMers, never content to rest on their laurels despite their enormous accomplishment, realized the necessity of advancing the movement. Over ten years of organizing has made them masters of political strategy, timing being their forte. And last Thursday was no exception.

While the nation's attention was on the farcical Democratic National Convention, with the party of the donkey pandering to Latinx voters by taking credit for the deferred action policy for DREAM-eligible youth, the deportations continue. One of the main ways the undocumented are deported is out of county jails, where they are held when accused of minor offenses, and deported even prior to having been convicted. And while Joe Arpaio may be today's answer to Bull Connor and a perpetual thorn in the side of justice movements for his outspoken racism, Los Angeles County's Sheriff Lee Baca has deported many more people than Maricopa's, (about half of the 80,000 deported from California this year) and has done so much more quietly.

Full story: DREAMers confront Sheriff Baca on Deportations, 6 arrested by Rockero

It's a Beautiful Day to Live in Bayview

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

On August 19, the Idriss Stelley Foundation (ISF) and the Kenneth Harding Jr. Foundation teamed up with POOR Magazine and Peoples Community Medics for a day of solidarity in Bayview/Hunter's Point in order to bring attention to the issue of the police accountability movement.

Pictured: An alter in memory of Idriss Stelley, who was murdered by SFPD at the Sony Metreon Theater June 12, 2001 at only 23-years-old.

Chicago Teachers Union goes on strike in do-or-die showdown

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

In a bold, inspiring, historic, widely-publicized, and risky move, the Chicago Teachers Union, has gone on strike over a host of issues, including compensation, job security, evaluation procedures, and sufficient classroom resources (including air conditioning in the summer).

The strike could be argued as inevitable, given the galvanizing forces on each side: a progressive leadership at the Chicago Teachers Union, and a neoliberal cookie-cutter Chicago Public Schools district which favors non-union charter schools. The strike is unquestionably a big gamble -- if the union wins, they provide a badly needed shot-in-the-arm for public education and for the labor movement. If the establishment wins, they hasten the decline of both public education and dissident labor, spurring further the underway dissolution of middle-class education. The strike has so far garnered support from the public and from union solidarity efforts.

More Chicago Indymedia Links: Chicago Teachers v. Rahm Emanuel | Chicago: America's Epicenter of Resistance | Facebook Photo Album: Rally to support CTU Strike

Additional Links: In These Times: Chicago Teachers Strike Headache for Democrats | Robbie Abed's Personal Blog - Chicago Teachers Union Strike: The Real Story | Reuters: Negotiators optimistic Chicago teachers' strike may end soon | Teachers' Leader in Chicago Strike Shows Her Edge | Think Progress: How Illinois' Flawed Funding System Shortchanges Chicago's Students

Victory at Hot and Crusty

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

New York's low-wage workers continue to organize

"This is a historic victory for low-wage and immigrant workers and would not have been possible without the grassroots organizing of the Laundry Workers Center and a broad coalition of support, including Occupy Wall Street, various labor unions, workers centers and community-based organizations."

Background: Sept 2 – Struggle Erupts at Hot and Crusty

Occupy DC disrupts Trans Pacific Partnership trade talks

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

On the 12th of September, anti-Globalization and Occupy activists disrupted the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP trade globalization talks. The highly secretive negotiations were being conducted at the Lansdowne Resort in Virginia. Read More & Pics | Video from inside the talks

Chicago Teachers Union strike ends, but concerns remain

United States, 02.05.2013 17:49

On Tuesday, September 18th, the Chicago Teachers Union House of Delegates voted 98 percent to 2 percent to end its nine-day-long strike, the first CTU strike in 25 years. The proposed deal includes a marked salary increase for teachers and the right for teachers to make their own lesson plans. The deal also excludes the threatened elimination of merit pay, lanes (achievement for advanced degrees) and steps (achievement for experience). When asked on Democracy Now! if the CTU won this strike, CTU president Karen Lewis responded: "Absolutely".

Министерство финансов выплатит 3,9 млн. компенсации за незаконные действия сотрудников милиции

Belarus, 02.05.2013 17:48

4 июля в суде фрунзенского района прошло заседание по гражданскому иску Трухановича Игоря о возмещении морального ущерба, возникшего в результате действий сотрудников МВД 8 октября 2011 года, когда на последнего был составлен административный протокол по статье 17.1 о том, что он якобы ругался матом в 7 часов утра находясь в гостях у своей сестры.

Судья фрунзенского р-на постановил взыскать с ответчика в лице Министерства Финансов сумму в 2 млн. рублей в качестве компенсации морального ущерба, а также 1,9 млн. рублей за расходы на защитника во время административного и гражданского дела.

Почему психическое здоровье является политическим вопросом

Belarus, 02.05.2013 17:48

Приводим вам перевод статьи Марка Фишера, опубликованной на сайте британской The Guardian несколько дней назад. Статья оперирует английскими реалиями, однако во многом можно обнаружить аналогии с ситуацией в Беларуси. В конце концов у нас также игнорируют проблему самоубийств, оставляя данный вопрос для врачей, опуская при этом социальный и экономический подтекст. При этом Беларусь является одним из лидеров по количеству самоубийств на душу населения (25.3 на каждые 100 000 человек – пятое место в мире). Хотелось бы также напомнить о том, что за последние несколько месяцев дважды в стране были совершены попытки самосоженния [1, 2], а совсем недавно за три дня пятеро минчан…

Богачи всего мира скрывают от налогов до 32 трлн долларов

Belarus, 02.05.2013 17:48

Объем средств, которые богачи всего мира держат на незадекларированных офшорных счетах, может достигать 32 трлн долл., подсчитал бывший главный экономист McKinsey&Co Джеймс Генри для международной неправительственной организации Tax Justice Networks. Из России с 1990 года на волне приватизации было выведено почти 800 млрд долл., свидетельствует исследование. Больше средств лишился только Китай — 1,2 трлн долл., правда, за последние сорок лет.

На «Гродно Азоте» рабочие не согласны с ухудшением условий труда

Belarus, 02.05.2013 17:48


Нажмите, чтобы увеличить

Ухудшение условий труда квалифицированных рабочих на химическом гиганте в Гродно вызвало недовольство людей. 50 человек вышли из официального профсоюза «Белхимпрофсоюз».

Около 200 сотрудников цеха аммиак-3 не подписали официальное предупреждение об изменении в условиях труда и настояли на вызове независимой комиссии для аттестации рабочих мест.

Около 900 человек получили предупреждение из отдела кадров, подписанное начальником отдела Ларисой Сыроваткиной. В случае отказа подписать документ их могут уволить.

В документе сказано, что с 1 августа 2012 года изменяются существенные условия труда согласно результатам проведенной аттестации рабочего места. В частности, работники лишаются дополнительного отпуска за работу с вредными и (или) опасными условиями труда в количестве 7 дней и доплаты за работу с вредными условиями труда в размере 852,74 рублей за час работы. Также людей предупредили о лишении доплаты за характер и специфику труда в размере…

В ФРГ обучались более 100 белорусских силовиков

Belarus, 02.05.2013 17:48

Кроме того, в Беларуси немецкие полицейские обучали 400 пограничников и милиционеров.

На протяжении нескольких лет немецкие полицейские проводили тренинги для белорусских коллег, сообщает Deutsche Welle со ссылкой на немецкую газету Der Tagesspiegel. Сотрудничество сузилось после президентских выборов 2010 года в Беларуси.

Обыски у брестских антифашистов

Belarus, 02.05.2013 17:48


Нажмите, чтобы увеличить

6 сентября, в семь часов утра в Бресте сотрудники КГБ загрянули с обысками к четверым брестским антифашистам и гражданским активистам.

Были изъяты ноутбуки, компьютеры, флэшки, мобильники, литература. Причиной обыска послужило подозрение в подкладке 8 февраля 2012 года по Янке Купала 16/1 с 9.00 по 10.00, муляжа взрывчатого устройства в мусоном контейнере. Дело это ведет лейтенант Нестерук из следственного комитета Московского РОВД. Оно проходит по статье 339 ч.1. Но обыски проводили почему-то сотрудники КГБ. Троим парням вручили повестки в КГБ.

Во время обыска у одного активиста, один из сотрудников сделал намёк матери обыскиваемого, чтобы та “повлияла на изменение мировозрение своего сына”.

Упоминание в СМИ о муляже:
_Статья 339. Хулиганство.

Брошюра “Портреты на фоне решетки”

Belarus, 02.05.2013 17:48

Коллектив АЧК-Беларусь выпустил новую брошюры, в которой описываются некоторые аспекты биографии заключенных, а также размышления их близких и родных на различные темы. Брошюра поможет лучше узнать товарищей, которые попали в тюрьму из-за своих взглядов.

Текст брошюры подготовлен на основе статей, сделанных коллективом “Радио Свобода” около полугода назад. Мы благодарим их за проделанный труд.

&quot;Динь-дон! Ведьма мертва&quot; - к смерти Маргарет Тэтчер

Belarus, 02.05.2013 17:48

Маргарет Тэтчер, лидер Консервативной партии Великобритании с 1975 г. и премьер-министр Соединенного Королевства Великобритании и Северной Ирландии с 1979 по 1990 гг. наконец-таки умерла. Множество представителей рабочего класса, включая анархистов, по этому поводу весьма и весьма счастливы. С момента объявления данной новости 8 марта на улицах многих городов так называемого Соединенного Королевства стали проходить фестивали. Сейчас, в 2013 году, из-за ее “наследия” мир, в котором мы с вами живем, стал еще более опасным, угнетающим, полным неравентсва, нищеты и коррупции.


Click to enlarge

Чернобыльский Шлях 2013 - присоединяйся к анархистскому блоку!

Belarus, 02.05.2013 17:48


Пятница 26-го апреля 18:30
Площадка на Академии Наук рядом с кинотеатром “Октябрь”
Присоединяйся к анархистскому блоку!

Capriles Radonski, ¿cómo es el candidato que enfrenta a Chávez?

Venezuela, 02.05.2013 17:35

Es innegable que desde hace varios años, el Presidente Chávez representa a la corriente progresista latinoamericana, que levanta como estandarte la idea de la “revolución” pacífica, llena de elecciones, escaramuzas con el “imperio” y a la vez aliada de gobiernos tan anticomunistas como el de Irán. Chávez, es la figura latina que mejor representa lo que el marxismo puede intitular como el ala socialdemócrata del nacionalismo. El próximo 7 de octubre de 2012, Chávez va a optar por elegirse Presidente de Venezuela por tercera vez seguida y alargar los 13 años que lleva gobernando. En esta elección presidencial el chavismo se juega el proyecto entero, en una fecha que parece tener ganada; sin embargo, el candidato rival de la más pura derecha, conservadora y proestadounidense, tiene algo que decir…

Una candidatura al servicio de las luchas obreras y contra la polarización burguesa

Venezuela, 02.05.2013 17:35

Nota de A continuación publicamos el debate político suscitado entre Orlando Chirino y Osvaldo León Vargas, quien publicó un artículo referido a la candidatura de Chirino en el portal el pasado domingo 22 de julio. A continuación la respuesta de Orlando Chirino y más abajo el artículo escrito por Osvaldo León y publicado en

Violenta explosión en la Refinería Amuay

Venezuela, 02.05.2013 17:35

La inseguridad en la industria petrolera sigue cobrando vidas humanas .

Mujeres Yukpas de la Sierra de Perijá:

Venezuela, 02.05.2013 17:35

Poema a la Mujer Yukpa

Secretario de gobernación de Guárico, Fernando Rivero, atentó contra la vida de un militante del PSL

Venezuela, 02.05.2013 17:35

El jueves, 13 de diciembre, en horas de la noche, el militante del Partido Socialismo y Libertad (PSL) Oswaldo Pacheco se encontraba cenando junto con amigos y allegados en un restaurant de la parroquia La Candelaria de la ciudad de Caracas. Sin mediar provocación alguna, y frente a numerosos testigos, el compañero Pacheco fue agredido por Fernando Rivero, militante del M-28 y el Psuv, quien le disparó, hiriéndolo de bala en las dos piernas.

No al juicio contra Homo et Natura y Provea

Venezuela, 02.05.2013 17:35

El próximo 7 de febrero se llevará a cabo un juicio contra Lusbi Portillo en representación de la organización Sociedad Homo Et Natura, y el Programa Venezolano de Educación-Acción en Derechos Humanos, Provea, defensores de los derechos humanos de los pueblos indígenas, por apoyar una protesta indígena Yukpa frente a la sede del Tribunal Supremo de Justicia (TSJ) en el año 2010.

Trechos de uma mensagem não respondida e não escrita, sobre internet, Google, Facebook, Skype e guerras

CMI Brasil, 02.05.2013 17:35

CMI - doze anos...

MTST-DF Faz Protesto e Ocupa Via no DF

CMI Brasil, 02.05.2013 17:35


Catálogo dos Aparecidos Políticos disponível para baixar

CMI Brasil, 02.05.2013 17:35

Direito à Memória, Justiça e Verdade


CMI Brasil, 02.05.2013 17:35

Índios Pitaguary

Atividade aberta do MPL: por um transporte sem catracas!

CMI Brasil, 02.05.2013 17:35


Feministas protestam no julgamento do New Hit

CMI Brasil, 02.05.2013 17:35


RJ - Abraço na Quilombo das Guerreiras (9/3 - 15h)

CMI Brasil, 02.05.2013 17:35

Luta pela Moradia

Curitiba - Flor da Palavra 2013

CMI Brasil, 02.05.2013 17:35

Flor da Palavra

SP - Ações criminosas do Governo do estado de São Paulo no Sítio São Francisco

CMI Brasil, 02.05.2013 17:35

Daniel Martins*

SC - E você, suportaria quanto? Reflexões sobre a reunião entre a Ocupação Contestado e a prefeita de São José.

CMI Brasil, 02.05.2013 17:35

Livia Monte, para

Bergoglio, o cardeal da &quot;guerra de Deus&quot; contra as liberdades civis

CMI Brasil, 02.05.2013 17:35

Indymedia Argentina

Ocupação da Reitoria da Udesc: Contra a privatização da Universidade Publica

CMI Brasil, 02.05.2013 17:35

CM"i" - Floripa

Grupo argentino realiza intercâmbio em Fortaleza na Semana do Golpe Militar

CMI Brasil, 02.05.2013 17:35

Direito à Memória, Justiça e Verdade


CMI Brasil, 02.05.2013 17:35

Rádio Cordel Libertário

Floripa - Semana de Arte Popular de 2 a 7 de abril na UFSC e UDESC.

CMI Brasil, 02.05.2013 17:35

Sapo - semana de arte popular


DC, 01.07.2012 03:31

Quito, Ecuador – On Wednesday, June 27, 2012, Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa, at a meeting with a delegation of SOA Watch, made the announcement that Ecuador is ceasing to send Ecuadoran soldiers to the School of the Americas (renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation). Ecuador joins Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina and Bolivia, who have pulled out of the SOA/ WHINSEC.

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