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Colombia, 02.12.2004 22:08

La libertad de actuar con solidaridad social

29 de noviembre

Colombia, 02.12.2004 21:59

29 de noviembre:
gran demostración
por la seguridad alimentaria y la soberanía nacional

Human Rights Peace Demonstration to be held in Detroit on Dec. 10

Michigan, 02.12.2004 21:53

In honor of International Human Righs Day a demonsration for peace and social justice will be held beginning at the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel from 4:00-6:00 p.m.

"Stop the Destruction of Iraq, Bring the Troops Home"
Demonstration Against the War Honoring International Human Rights Day

Thursday, November 25, 2004 at the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel Entrance, Jefferson at Randolph, Downtown 4:00-6:00 p.m.
March Thru Downtown at 6:00 p.m.

The Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice (MECAWI) is Calling for a Demonstration on International Human Rights Day, Dec. 10

Sacramento City Council Votes Against Parade Rule

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.12.2004 21:39

Tuesday evening, by a unanimous vote, the Sacramento City Council repealed in it's entirety the portion of the Parade Ordinance banning the innocent possession of everyday items at public gatherings that has been in place since last summer's WTO/Ag meeting in Sacramento. The ordinance puts resistrictions on gatherings of people protesting, and what items that they can have on them by labeling various items "weapons". Report here.

Bay Area Residents Protest over UCSF Vivisection

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.12.2004 20:48

Reunión en el Barrio Toba

Argentina, 02.12.2004 20:04

Un ratito con los tobas de Travesía y Almafuerte

Alan Graf's Press Conference Speech rebutted

Portland, 02.12.2004 19:29

Alan Graf's speech, copied to Indymedia, is full of misrepresentations. The plain fact is that the suit failed miserably to accomplish anything of real or lasting value.

The plaintiffs, with the exception of Lloyd Marbet, were satisifed with a cash payment and no changes in the Police Department policies and practices, nor were the guilty parties punished in any way. The litigants settled by using the tax payer's money and calling it done. Tax payer money isn't the problem; police brutality and poor decision making is the problem. This suit in no way effects either of the two. In fact, it simply reinforces the City position that it can buy its way out of any problem, and that criminal actions by City employees can be ignored.

Comment: No, the real problem we have is that people would rather whine than act creatively and intelligently, and sling mud and pick nits with the people who are already doing so. Have a little vision! Let me offer you a very realistic scenario how this judgment can be very useful: [ more comments ]

Books To Oregon Prisoners Grand Opening At Reflections Bookstore

Portland, 02.12.2004 19:00

The Grand Opening of a new community-oriented education project, Books to Oregon Prisoners (BtOP), will be happening on Saturday Dec 11th at the newly re-opened Reflections Mirror-Image Bookstore, at 330 N. Killingsworth, noon-4 pm. At the grand opening, members of the community can come in and order books to send to their friends and family members incarcerated in Oregon state prisons.

Until now, the only way to send books to people incarcerated in Oregon state prisons was by ordering them online through or For many working class people, this option is out of the picture. BtOP has solicited donations of brand new books from book publishers and distributors, and for a $5 suggested donation, anyone can select two books from our catalog and we will send them to an incarcerated friend or family member.

The Grand Opening of Reflections features an art show by former Black Panther Billy X, on Saturday December 4th at 6 pm.


Community Radio

Sydney, 02.12.2004 18:59

2SER Management agrees to talk

Santa Cruz: Detenidos en desalojo de planta Petrolera

Argentina, 02.12.2004 18:56

Jueves 2 de Diciembre 2004 | LUCHA POR LA REINCORPORACION
Santa Cruz: Detenidos en desalojo de planta Petrolera

Conferencia Mapuche

Argentina, 02.12.2004 18:53

Marionetas coloridas y emergencias mapuche

Katz and Council humbled, but unapologetic about $300k A22 settlement

Portland, 02.12.2004 18:50

So, if you go to, you can access the video archives of City Council meetings. Click on "Portland City Council 12-1-04 9:30AM" and you get to see, as the first item on the agenda, the Council discussing the $300k settlement for protesters injured by police during the A22 Bush Protest and March 20 Iraq War Protest.

Linda Meng, the City Attorney, is the first person to speak, and she reiterates that her office is recommending that the City settle for that amount. She also says she hopes this is the "last such case" in which protesters are able to band together and sue the City as a group. She alludes to "litigation strategies" her office has been developing to avoid this situation again, but demurs from discussing them "at this juncture", the implication seeming to be that such talk would be better behind closed doors. (That was my personal impression anyway).


related: [ Alan Graf's Press Conference Speech rebutted ]

Dejarían en Libertad a los presos del 31 de Agosto

Argentina, 02.12.2004 18:47

Jueves 2 de Diciembre 2004 | PRESOS POR LUCHAR
Dejarían en Libertad a los presos del 31 de Agosto

Hunger Strike By Indigenous Peoples At United Nations

Portland, 02.12.2004 18:40

Today, November 29th, 2004, at 11 am, we, Indigenous Peoples' delegates, declare a hunger strike and spiritual fast inside the United Nations Palais des Nations in Geneva, during this 3rd week of the 10th session of the Intersessional Working Group on the United Nations Draft Declaration for the Rights on Indigenous Peoples.

We, Indigenous peoples' delegates from different countries, undertake this action, with the support and solidarity of Indigenous Peoples and organizations from around the world, to call the world's attention to the continued attempts by some states, as well as this UN process itself, to weaken and undermine the Draft Declaration developed in the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations and adopted by the UN Subcommission for the Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities in 1994.

Read More...Western Shoshone protest war | Shundahai Network

Genocide By Omission: The arrogance and hubris of the Western medical establishment

Portland, 02.12.2004 18:38

Earlier this fall it was finally admitted by scientists and researchers at the university of Harvard Medical School in Cambridge Mass. that Linus Pauling was absolutely correct in his research and findings in the 1980's on the best way to combat AIDS. That way of course was to rebuild the immune system.

Pauling's credentials as a scientist are of the highest order yet when he presented his research on mega dose vitamin therapy and AIDS to the medical establishment in the United States and abroad in the 1980's the entire western health care industry went to work to discredit his findings. Creating rigged short-term studies produced in months to refute years of research the Pauling Institute carefully conducted.

Pauling and his fellow researchers had been under this onslaught from the Western medical establishment prior to their AIDS work.


[ Other articles by Lloyd Hart ]

Cuando la muerte es ley, la revuelta es legítima

Argentina, 02.12.2004 18:36

Cuando la muerte es ley, la revuelta es legítima

ADC Joins Nationwide Effort to Expose Possible Illegal FBI JTTF Spying on Political and Religious Groups

DC, 02.12.2004 18:31

Dec. 2, 2004, Washington, DC – Citing evidence that the FBI and local police are illegally spying on political, environmental and faith-based groups, today the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) joined the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in filing multiple Freedom of Information Act requests around the country to uncover who is being investigated and why.


Puerto Rico, 02.12.2004 18:04

El lado mojado del ALCA


Puerto Rico, 02.12.2004 18:01

El lado mojado del ALCA


Puerto Rico, 02.12.2004 18:00

El lado mojado del ALCA

Natal não é na FNAC

Portugal, 02.12.2004 17:59

Natal não é na FNAC

The EPA and Industry Team Up to Protect Profits in Florida Study, Leaving Children Behind

Arkansas, 02.12.2004 16:13

They call it CHEERS. The "Children’s Environmental Exposure Research Study" is a cooperative agreement between the Environmental Protection Agency and the American Chemical Council. The Chemical Council will provide $2.1 million of the $9 million dollar study—the rest coming from our federal government.

Snel geld verdienen in de media

Netherlands, 02.12.2004 14:05

commercieel initiatief

Portugal: relatório da Social Watch

Portugal, 02.12.2004 13:47

Portugal: relatório da Social Watch

Senator Norm Coleman: Former Persecutor Continues His Role

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 02.12.2004 11:46

Senator Coleman demands that UN Secretary General Kofi Annan resign his position for allegations of mishandling Iraqi Oil money on the same day that NBC reports the US, under President GW Bush, is guilty of the same offense.

Anti-War Activists Disrupt Victor Ashe Lecture at Polish University

Tennessee, 02.12.2004 08:27

Activists arrived at a public presentation given by former Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe to confront him about US military action and repression of human rights in Iraq. Victor Ashe, who is now the US ambassador to Poland, was George Bush's roomate at Yale and, like Bush, a cheerleader. Ashe has close personal ties to the current Bush administration having visited him many times at his ranch in Crawford, TX. Bush has often refrred to the "special relationship" Poland and the US have in fighting the war in Iraq.

Jerusalem Hosts World Pride 2005

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.12.2004 07:05

For centuries Jerusalem has been home to vibrant and diverse communities with ancient traditions. They have contributed to the city’s unique atmosphere as a cultural crossroads and inspiration for faith. World Pride will take place August 18-28th, 2005 in that ancient city.

Santa Cruz City Workers Poised to Strike

Santa Cruz, CA, 02.12.2004 06:44

About 500 Santa Cruz city workers, represented by SEIU Local 415, are poised to strike Friday at midnight when their contract expires.

According to Leslie Scanagatta, Local 415's chief spokesperson, rising costs of health care benefits, and low wages, are key issues on the bargaining table. She points out that city employees have twice agreed to a voluntarily wage freeze, to help the city get through a financial crunch, and haven't had a raise since April, 2002.

Irwin Young, human resources director for the City, said, "we've been working dilligently to reach an agreement." If an agreement isn't reached, he says, "we can continue to bargain, or the union then decides to take action."

Talks between the parties will continue on Thursday, and Friday, but Scanagatta says at this point, she's not hopeful. "Local 415 members spent the day making picket signs, and are prepared for the worst."

see also: SEIU Rank and File Revolt

Campaign launched to support the Lower Elwha Tribal Community in protecting the Tse-whit-zen Village

Portland, 02.12.2004 05:54

To repair the Hood Canal Bridge in Washington State the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), Washington State Department of Transportation (WADOT), the Army Corp of Engineers, and other governmental agencies determined that the site of the Tse-whit-zen Village was appropriate to construct a Graving Dock project to build replacement parts for the Hood Canal Bridge.

Wildcat Community Development, a not for profit grassroots community based organization, has launched a campaign in support of the Lower Elwha Tribal Community to protect the Tse-whit-zen Village. As of this time over 250 complete human remains, 700 partial remains, six longhouses, and over 5000 artifacts have been uncovered in the preliminary construction phase. It is time to say "enough is enough" to the actions of the State and Federal governments that seek to totally destroy this village by covering it with concrete and seawater.

The first step of this campaign was to launch an online petition. This will be followed up with website additions to include contact information for agency officials and other actions that will be taken to defend this village site and burial grounds from being totally destroyed to build Hood Canal replacement parts.

Council Vote on Prostitution Bill Delayed

DC, 02.12.2004 05:20

A planned vote on a bill that would further criminalize sex work in DC was delayed today, after members of the DC Ciy Council's Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Committee expressed concern for the bill's impact. (A better version of this article will be up soon hopefully...)

Call for Support for Parry Center Strike; Photos from Monday's actions

Portland, 02.12.2004 04:32

Despite the cold and threatening rain, a huge crowd estimated to be as large as 450 turned out to support striking Parry Center workers last night. Chants of "Put kids first!" and "No contract, no peace" echoed down Powell Boulevard as the long picket line snaked along the sidewalk during rush hour. Spirits were high as supporters and strikers came together on this first day of the Parry Center strike.

Community support is needed on the Parry Center picket line!
3415 SE Powell Blvd.
Anytime between 5 am and 11pm is great!
The best times are: 5 am - 9 am, 1pm - 4 pm, and evenings 7pm - 11pm.
Come down and lend your energy to Parry Center workers who are standing up for living wages and for children!read more >>

[ Day 2 of the Parry Center Strike (11/30/04) | Group of Concerned Citizens Occupies Parry Center Offices (11/29/04) ]

[ Jobs With Justice ]

Audios desde Tucson Contra el TLC

Peru, 02.12.2004 04:31

¡Radio online y Audios desde Tucson contra el TLC!

Animal Rights

Perth, 02.12.2004 04:07

BAN SOW STALLS: WA Animal Rights Advocates Piggery Action

Animal Rights

Perth, 02.12.2004 04:07

BAN SOW STALLS: WA Animal Rights Advocates Piggery Action

Fouling planet earth

Melbourne, 02.12.2004 03:53

Species biodiversity under threat by human impact

Indymedia Celebrates 5 Years

Pittsburgh, 02.12.2004 02:20

Indymedia Celebrates 5 Years


Arizona, 02.12.2004 01:41

Tucson prepares to resist AFTA

Noticias destacadas

Argentina, 02.12.2004 01:15

3rd National Day of Solidarity with Muslim, Arab, and South Asian Immigrants

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.12.2004 23:50

On Friday February 20th, a roving mini-rally thru San Francisco today marked the Blue Triangle Network's third National Day of Solidarity with Muslim, Arab & South Asian Immigrants. These communities have been the targets of mass roundups, indefinite detentions, and secret hearings, leading to deportation through the selective enforcement of "Special Registration.“ Families have been torn apart, jobs and homes lost. Neighborhoods continue to be raided by INS officers, thousands are still detained over minor visa violations, and many people have fled the United States in fear of being persecuted. Following a press conference in Chinatown, the mini-rally stopped in the Tenderloin and the Mission (Photos).


Barcelona, 01.12.2004 23:32

Que no precaricen nuestras vidas

La precariedad tiene muchas caras y nos afecta a tod*s, en mayor o menor mesura, seamos mujeres, inmigrantes, estudiantes, trabajador*s... Todos y todas somos precarias y como precarias decidimos rebelarnos. El cierre de empresas a causa de las deslocalizaciones es una realidad contrastable. Entre otras muchas cosas, lo que las empresas buscan es máxima producción con mínimos gastos. Sea o no la deslocalización una de las causas de la precarización de nuestras vidas, las cúpulas sindicales también ayudan a precarizarlas, pese a que muchas veces no puedan controlar hechos como los de la Phillips o los trabajadores de parques y jardines.

Por todo esto y más, la xarxa contra el tancament d'empreses i la precarietat tiene preparadas unas jornadas con una serie de actos y acciones entre el 2 y el 12 de diciembre:

:::Acciones descentralizadas:::

[1 dic] href="">Huelga profesorado interino de Catalunya [2 dic] Sant Andreu:::Sants y Gràcia:::Elx y Elda [3 dic] Ribes [Otros dias] Tarragona:::Cornellà

[9 dic] 19h mani por el centro, a partir de Portal de l'Àngel hasta el Fomento [10 y 11 dic] Encuentro a las Cocheras de Sants [12 dic] 12h Concentración a pl St Jaume. Açò si voleu ho podem traure i afegir-ho quan es penge a CD.

+info :: >>>laboral

Team of Activists and National Lawyers Guild Attorneys Bring City of Portland to its Knees

Portland, 01.12.2004 23:27

Who's Streets? Our Streets!!!

So says the Portland Progressive Community as it takes to the streets time and time again to voice its vigorous dissent and dissatisfaction with the policies and practices of the Administration of George W. Bush--an administration that continues to torture prisoners, spit on the Bill of Rights, destroy the environment, lie to the American public, engage in an illegitimate war and exhibit a criminal disregard for the rule of law.

Despite how the police tried to portray the August 22, 2002 and March 2003 demonstrations as protestor riots, the truth has finally come out. It was the police acting in a criminal manner similar to the President they were attempting to protect. The actions of the Portland Police showed a blatant and criminal disregard for basic humanitarian principles and human rights in this town.

We won, the police state lost. Chalk a big one up for Portland's activist community.

This is the first time that we have seen any real police accountability in this town

Round two is next and we are ready.


[ A22 stories (Aug. 22, 2002 Bush protest) | Iraq invasion protest stories: Day X (Mar. 20, 2003) | Week of Bombing (Mar. 21-29, 2003) ]

laboral (ca)

Barcelona, 01.12.2004 23:27

Que no precaritzen les nostres vides

La precarietat té moltes cares i ens afecta a tot*s, en major o menor mesura, siguem dones, immigrants, estudiants, treballador*s... Tots i totes som precàries i com a precàries decidim rebel·lar-nos. El tancament d'empreses a causa de les deslocalitzacions és una realitat contrastable. Entre moltes altres coses, el que les empreses busquen és màxima producció amb mínimes despeses. Siga o no la deslocalització una de les causes de la precarització de les nostres vides, les cúpules sindicals també ajuden a precaritzar-les, malgrat que moltes vegades no poden controlar fets com els de la Phillips o els treballadors de parcs i jardins.

Per tot açò i més, la xarxa contra el tancament d'empreses i la precarietat té preparades unes jornades amb un seguit d'actes i accions entre el 2 i el 12 de desembre:

:::Accions descentralitzades:::

[1 des] Vaga professorat interí de Catalunya [2 des] Sant Andreu ::: Sants i Gràcia ::: Elx i Elda [3 des] Ribes [Altres dies] Tarragona ::: Cornellà

[9 des] 19h mani pel centre, a partir de Portal de l'Àngel i fins al Foment [10 i 11 des] Trobada a les Cotxeres de Sants [12 des] 12h Concentració a pl St Jaume.

+info :: >>>laboral

Goldfields rebellion still ruffles conservatives

Melbourne, 01.12.2004 21:34

Eureka 150 years: Howard snubs Australian history

Eugene Free School Starting

Portland, 01.12.2004 20:22

i am starting a free school in eugene & i already contacted dance teachers, martial arts teachers, bike shops, forest defenders, radical cheerleaders and crafty people i mostly just need a space to have it at. any ideas? if you want to do a work shop (anarchist theory,philosophy,herstory...)or help me organize email me at rollinthedirt at [ read or comment on the article... ]The Anarchist Free School is a volunteer-run, autonomous collective offering free courses, workshops and lectures that cover a wide range of topics. Education is a political act. By deepening our knowledge of ourselves and the world around us, sharing skills and exchanging experiences in an egalitarian, non-hierarchical setting free of prejudice, we challenge disempowering habits and broaden our awareness of alternatives to the inequalities of capitalist society.

The free school is a counter-community dedicated to effecting social change through the application of anarchist principles in every sphere of life.

Preliminary Accounts of Bush Visit: Day 1

Maritimes, 01.12.2004 19:28

Preliminary Accounts of Bush Visit: Day 1
Actions across Canada to condemn U.S. Prez

Las mujeres son las más afectadas por el sida

Argentina, 01.12.2004 19:19

Miércoles 1° de Dicimebre de 2004
Las mujeres son las más afectadas por el sida

The Miami Model screening at the Ché

San Diego, 01.12.2004 18:46

Come out for the Ché Café's all you can eat dinner on Thursday, December 2nd from 5:30-7:00pm and watch The Miami Model. San Diego Indymedia will be screening the film there. Members of the San Diego Indymedia collective participated in the Making of The Miami Model and will be present to talk about the making of the film.

Cal State Students Protest Arrest

San Diego, 01.12.2004 18:39

Some 30 Cal State San Marcos students walked across campus Thursday to deliver letters to the university police chief protesting what they called racially-motivated stops, citations and arrests by campus law enforcement.

Transit Cuts

Pittsburgh, 01.12.2004 18:14

PA Legislature adjourns, tells public transit riders to go to hell

Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb seeks Federal Court jurisdication in new Ohio case

Portland, 01.12.2004 18:11

Attorneys for Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb asked a federal court today to take jurisdiction of, and ultimately dissolve, a temporary restraining order issued by a Delaware County, Ohio judge attempting to prevent Cobb from seeking a recount of the presidential ballots cast in that county.

Cobb and Libertarian Michael Badnarik, who are jointly filing the recount demand, are named as defendants, along with their attorneys, in the restraining order sought by the Delaware County prosecuting attorney. The Delaware County judge issued the temporary restraining order without contacting or seeking any input from the candidates or their attorneys.

"This is an illegal and outrageous attempt to suppress our rights to participate in the democratic process. As a candidate, I have a right under Ohio law to demand a recount. If the Delaware County Board of Elections has a problem with that, they need to take it up with the Ohio legislature," said David Cobb.

read more >>Cobb & Badnarik file for recounts in New Mexico and NevadaDavid Cobb, the 2004 Green Party presidential candidate, today filed official requests for a recount of the presidential ballots cast in New Mexico and Nevada. As he did in Ohio, Cobb filed the requests jointly with Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik.

"The Green Party's dedication to protecting the integrity of the election process has led me to file for a recount in both New Mexico and Nevada. We want to ensure that every vote is counted and verify the accuracy of the electronic voting machines, particularly those which produce no paper trail," said David Cobb.


related: [ Collection of Green Letters to the Editor on Ohio Recount ]

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