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Living wage advocates rally as DC Council votes, fails to override LRAA veto

DC, 19.09.2013 04:06

On the 17th of September, supporters of the Large Retailer Accountability Act gathered in front of the Wilson Builoing for an attempt to stiffen councilmember's backbones. Video clips of the speakers

Georgia Mayor on Immigration Reform Bill

DC, 19.09.2013 04:06

The Latino Media Collective Thursdays from 1:00pm-2:00pm WPFW 89.3 FM, Washington Immigration in Georgia

Narco policias, incendios y transgénicos

Argentina, 19.09.2013 03:53

De La Sota Nunca Mas

Esperando la Primavera

Argentina, 19.09.2013 03:53

Nacerán flores no transgénicas


Argentina, 18.09.2013 03:53

Bariloche: Liberaron a los cinco imputados por los saqueos

Independent Media (Mexico City) take the floor in their own defense

Portland, 18.09.2013 03:39

On September 11, these independent media collectives [from Mexico City] spoke at a press conference to tell what they experienced that day, denounce the alarming scenario of repression that exists in the city under Miguel Mancera, defend their comrades facing charges, and defend their journalism that has been denigrated both in the mainstream media and the 23rd misdemeanor courtroom of judge Fausto Favela Ayala; it's no exaggeration to say that the independent media themselves are on trial.

Published on September 16, 2013 in Mexico City, Oaxaca
[reposted from here]

When they took to the streets to support the struggle of dissident schoolteachers last September 1, more than twenty people were grabbed by the Mexico City riot police and jailed unjustly, including Estela Morales of Regeneración Radio, Pável Alejandro Primo of Multimedios Cronopios and Gustavo Ruiz Lizárraga of the SubVersiones Autonomous Communications Agency, who were arrested as they documented police abuses.

In moderating the press conference, SubVersiones reporter Rafael Camacho pointed out that even though arbitrary detentions and irregularities have been documented in the cases, the judge continues to compound the excesses. "We presented videos showing the innocence of Gustavo Ruiz, but the judge disregarded them while accepting the statements of cops who failed to present evidence, photos, videos, or anything at all indicating Gustavo's guilt. . . And furthermore, they're still inventing charges."

First Community Picket in Support of Marisol and Norma

Portland, 18.09.2013 03:39

Come join Marisol, Norma and Portland Solidarity Network this Saturday 9/21/13 from 12:30-3 for our first picket against Fubonn. We will be meeting in the parking lot of USA Pawn and Jewelry, 8001 SE Powell BLVD

(please make an effort to meet here so we can march in mass) and marching to Fubonn, 2850 SE 82nd Ave shortly after. This is a kid friendly event and we encourage you to bring as many people as possible. Refreshments will be available.

Rain or Shine.

SP - O Comitê de ''Boas Vindas&quot; à Expo 2020 convoca para jornada de luta contra o Megaevento

CMI Brasil, 18.09.2013 03:09


Desobediencia Civil por Oscar López en la Cárcel Federal

Puerto Rico, 17.09.2013 04:05

Desobediencia Civil por Oscar López en la Cárcel Federal

Fiestas de Comunidad Blondet

Puerto Rico, 17.09.2013 04:05

Fiestas para Mariana Bracetti en Blondet

Cordoba Arde

Argentina, 17.09.2013 03:53

“Hay una falta de planificación, no solo de la temática del fuego, sino de los bosques...”


Argentina, 17.09.2013 03:53

Los lápices eran de colores


Argentina, 17.09.2013 03:53

Bariloche: Liberaron a los cinco imputados por los saqueos


Argentina, 17.09.2013 03:53

Bariloche: Liberaron a los cinco imputados por los saqueos

Córdoba Arde

Argentina, 17.09.2013 03:53

“Hay una falta de planificación, no solo de la temática del fuego, sino de los bosques...”

Californians Vigilant in Opposition to War

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.09.2013 03:51

As the U.S. government marched towards war with Syria in late August, anti-war groups and activists across the state responded with two weeks of emergency demonstrations. The ANSWER Coalition organized a series of protests, and actions were planned for the offices of Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer. Events were also held at well known anti-war protest locations such as Peace Crossroads in San Jose and on Ocean Street in Santa Cruz.

Video: Portland Protest Ringling Brothers Circus

Portland, 16.09.2013 03:40

Interviews with several Portlanders protesting animal cruelty for profit and entertainment. This protest was on Thursday evening, the first of four days that the circus was in town.

Informative interviews with people of conscience who protest the treatment of animals for profit and entertainment. These animals lead a miserable life. Some of the most cruel treatment are abusive training practices, long confinement in rail cars and separation from family life.

In attendance were members from Portland Animal Liberation (PAL) and In Defense of Animals, as well as several who attended as individuals.

Protest Event Facebook Page

Portland Protests Circus

Occupy bike swarm blocks private mail truck

Portland, 16.09.2013 03:40

Occupy Portland's bike swarm joined "postal protectors" to block a private mail truck leaving the Mt. Hood Distribution Center (US Postal Service) September 7th, demanding that postal management stop subcontracting the trucking of "the people's mail." Claiming concerns about safety, cost and corruption, the blockaders left after police ordered them to disperse. No arrests were made.

Occupy Portland's bike swarm joined "postal protectors" to block a private mail truck leaving the Mt. Hood Distribution Center (US Postal Service) September 7th, demanding that postal management stop subcontracting the trucking of "the people's mail." Claiming concerns about safety, cost and corruption, the blockaders left after police ordered them to disperse. No arrests were made.

"Postal truckers are losing work to a bankrupt, fly-by-night outfit, Dill Star Route Inc, in a corrupt, no-bid deal with local USPS management," declared Jamie Partridge, a blockader and retired postal worker. "We intend to stop this attack on family wage, union jobs."

Calling themselves "postal protectors for the 99%," the protesters included retired postal workers, a small business person, seniors, a teacher, an immigrant worker and a teamster, all of whom declared themselves impacted by postal privatization.

Chanting "We'll be back!" the "protectors" vowed to further interfere with private mail transport, if postal management did not reverse the subcontracting. The group has blocked or interrupted Dill Star mail trucks four times this summer - with people, with a car and today with bikes. [...]
Postal workers have seen their wages cut by 25% for new hires. Bottom-tier Postal Support Employees (truckers and clerks) and Mail Handler Assistants now make less in wages and benefits than the non-postal, non-union sub-contract workers.

The postal service is not broke. Subcontracting work is unnecessary and costly. However, the agenda of corporate America, their friends in Congress and in postal management, according to the CPWU, is to cripple the USPS, to soften it up for union busting and privatization. The USPS is a $65 billion annual business with over $100 billion surplus in its pension and retiree health benefit funds, over 30,000 post offices and 200,000 vehicles. Postal activists claim that America is being confronted with a huge transfer of public wealth to for-profit, private corporations.

homepage: homepage:

AFL-CIO 2013 Immigration Press Conf /&quot;Comprehensive Immigration Bill&quot; Challenged

LA, 15.09.2013 03:52

At the AFL-CIO 2013 convention on Los Angeles on September 10, 2013 a press conference was called on immigration and SB 744. Speakers discussed the attack on immigrant workers and answered questions that have been raised about SB 744 immigration "reform" bill that the AFL-CIO is supporting. The new executive vice president of the AFL-CIO Tefere Gebre was interviewed and also discussed his views on the efforts by President Obama to attack and bomb Syria. Also the director of the national Taxi Workers Alliance Bhairavi Desai talked about the conditions facing cab drivers and other issues as well.

Coverage, photos, and links: AFL-CIO 2013 Immigration Press Conf & The "Comprehensive Immigration Bill" Challenged by Labor Video Project

Two of the 'Walmart 60' Picket Salinas Walmart Store

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.09.2013 03:51

On August 17, two members of the 'Walmart 60' picketed the Salinas Walmart store. They and their supporters continue to ask that members of Wallmart's Board of Directors reinstate the more than 60 workers, known as the Walmart 60, who were fired after protesting working conditions at the retail giant. A number of recent events protesting working conditions at Walmarts in the greater Bay Area lead up to a march in San Francisco on September 5 as part of a national day of action in support of the striking workers who lost their jobs.

Dylan Greiner Removed as SC Clean Team Admin After Arrest

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.09.2013 03:51

Dylan Greiner was removed as an administrator of the Santa Cruz Clean Team's Facebook group shortly after he was arrested. Greiner first became a public figure involved with community safety organizations Take Back Santa Cruz and the Clean Team in 2012 when he uploaded a video to YouTube showing drug paraphernalia on Cowell's Beach in Santa Cruz.

Video: Portland Human Rights Commission Meeting 9.4.13

Portland, 15.09.2013 03:40

The monthly meeting of the Portland Human Rights Commission
A 2.5 hour meeting on local issues
This meeting had a presentation from Sisters of the road
The public gets 3 minutes to comment about concerning issues

The latest HRC meeting was video recorded and now posted on PIMC:
"Portland Human Rights Commission Meeting 9 4 13" [Video 2hr 36 minutes]

The HRCommission is made up from volunteers who meet publicly on the first Wednesday of the month at 4pm on the 5th floor of the Common Wealth Building at 421 SW 6th Avenue Suite 500 Portland, OR 97201 <Google map>

In this meeting [19:35 in the video timeline] Sisters of the Road gave a special 30 minute presentation around the ideas of the Western Regional Advocacy Project, "Without Housing". The website has more information. Their known slogan is "House Keys Not Handcuffs". They handed out a thick packet of info {"Without Housing"} which Michael from "Sisters" said would soon be made into a "slide show".

Banner Drop by Emerald Valley Anti-Racists

Portland, 15.09.2013 03:40

Anti-racist response to white supremacist banner in Eugene, Oregon

At 6am Friday morning, September 13, 2013, the Emerald Valley Anti-Racists dropped a banner over the side of the parking garage at Olive St. and 7th St. in Eugene, in solidarity with people of color and all oppressed people in the Eugene/Springfield area. This banner was dropped in response to a white supremacist banner dropped on the I-5 pedestrian bridge with an image of an iron cross and the words "Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.'' With this response we want to acknowledge those who may have experienced fear, anger, confusion, or felt threatened in any way for their physical or emotional safety. We chose a strong image and words because we are filled with rage, disgust and a deep sadness that we live in a world filled with violent white supremacy, disgusting racism and tragic systems of oppression that threaten to destroy us all. We will never be silent to this sort of behavior.
Text reads:

Fight the racists
hunt them down
kick the nazis
out of town

Portland Copwatch 20 years in PDX

Portland, 15.09.2013 03:40

20 years of Portland Cop Watching in this Portland Area

Celebrating and moving forward. Portland Copwatch (PCW) is a grassroots group promoting police accountability through citizen action. Portland Cowpatch, originally known as POPSG* was formed as a project of Peace and Justice Works (formerly Portland Peaceworks) in June, 1992.

Portland Cop Watch PCW has been for 20 years keeping an eye, cameras and their legal trained eye on what the Portland police have been doing, and then sharing updates and reports in their quarterly newsletters.

Current issue #60 is available [only in print at this moment], at various locations (my favorite is the Red & Black cafe) and the current issue #60 is available by snail mail subscription (private) contact PCW for subscription.

Usually the latest issue goes "online a few months after the printed issue. These "Peoples Police Report" newsletters go out four times a year. August 22 was the latest day, and one of the days for new information from PCW to go out to subscribers and limited newsstands.

Check the website for the latest available online issues here:

RJ - Dilma autoriza desapropriação da Ocupação Quilombo das Guerreiras

CMI Brasil, 15.09.2013 03:09

Pela Moradia

Carta do MPL-SP - Sobre a escalada repressiva

CMI Brasil, 15.09.2013 03:09


Funk the War invades Union Station

DC, 14.09.2013 04:06

On the 12th of September, DC area antiwar activists held the first "Funk the War" in years. (video tomorrow)

Cordoba Arde

Argentina, 14.09.2013 03:54

“Hay una falta de planificación, no solo de la temática del fuego, sino de los bosques...”

Free Nestora Salgado!

DC, 13.09.2013 04:05

Nestora Salgado has been wrongfully incarcerated in high security detention center of El Rincon, Nayarit, for crimes she did not commit. She is an activist of Human Rights Indigenous people and she organized Community police to defend themself the organized crime. She denounced robbery of evidence that ended in two assassinations and new evidence has surfaced that shows public officials linked with Drugs Trafficking. Nestora Salgado is innocent and the Government of United States and Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, should take action to release her from prison immediately. The Latino Media Collective Thursdays from 1:00pm-2:00pm WPFW 89.3 FM, Washington

LaFayette Park/White House Vigil Shut Down Forever?

DC, 13.09.2013 04:05

US Park Police shut down the anti-nuke vigil held by Concepcion and Thomas for over 32 years.

SP - 14, 17 e 22 de setembro - Cine Protesta no evento 300 anos de Cinema

CMI Brasil, 13.09.2013 03:09

Cine Protesta!

PAWS Brigade Strikes Capitol Hill!

DC, 12.09.2013 04:04

War stinks... and so do its supporters!

Garbage collectors in Mont. County strike over no heath care, immigration harassment

DC, 12.09.2013 04:04

On the 9th of September, over 50 sanitation workers employed by Potomac Disposal walked off the job. For demanding physical work they have been getting no health insurance and and as little as $60 a day for humping heavy trash cans into the trucks,

Gay Nazis for Jesus Invade Witch City

Boston, 12.09.2013 04:03

We wish we were kidding, but no. White-supremacist gay folk musician Douglas Pearce is touring the East Coast with his band Death in June. They're stopping in Salem of all places. At the Old Town Hall no less, a venue managed by fundamentalist Christian "liberal arts" school Gordon College. The show is scheduled for Thursday, September 19. More information about Pearce and Death in June can be found at


Argentina, 12.09.2013 03:52

Miles de hábeas corpus por Julio López


Argentina, 12.09.2013 03:51

Miles de hábeas corpus por Julio López

Syria Invasion Protested in Northeast L.A.

LA, 12.09.2013 03:50

On Monday evening, MoveOn called for vigils around the country against the threatened U.S. bombing of Syria. In Silver "Lake," the turnout was large--67 people were counted an hour into it (and by that time several had left). People of all ages participated. Unlike the demonstrations against invading Iraq in '02-'03, public response was overwhelmingly positive. The honking was almost non-stop at the busy intersection of Glendale and Silver Lake Boulevards and could be heard from blocks away. Also, there was media coverage by NBC and NPR. All four corners of the intersection were occupied.

The crowd was passionate. One participant made a trip to the west side to fetch a banner for this event. Due to the large turnout, the one-hour vigil (originally scheduled from 6-7) was extended by an additional half hour.

Additional actions were planned for the following day, September 10, in and in front of the office of Congressman Adam Schiff in Hollywood.

Photos and report: Silver "Lake" Protests Invasion of Syria by R. Plesset


Portland, 12.09.2013 03:38

There are a number of anti-war and social justice events taking place in Portland on Wednesday, September 11.

Wednesday, September 11

Part of an international day of action against drones
Rally and "die-in" "At noon, we will rally at City Hall. We will make as much noise as possible. Then at 3:00 p.m., we will die in a silent and powerful form of protest where we lie in a pile of bodies to symbolize the many innocent lives lost to murderous drone strikes.

Pioneer Courthouse Square
4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Sponsored by Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72


Candlelight vigil
Hawthorne Bridge
6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

NY Ave Wal-Mart CANCELLED after developer deal falls apart

DC, 11.09.2013 04:05

On the 6th of September,The Washington Post announced that the deal with developers to build a Wal-Mart on New York Ave has fallen apart. Related: Striking/fired Wal-Mart workers block MD 450 Video of Rt 450 blockade

Demonstrators gather at Capitol as Congress debates war

DC, 11.09.2013 04:05

On the 9th of September, three groups of protesters converged on the US Capitol. Code Pink is maintaining their presence until the vote. A pro-US intervention group and a pro-Assad group both marched to the Capitol as well.

International Anti Fascist Conference, Athens, Greece, October 5-6

Boston, 11.09.2013 04:04

Anti-fascist organizers call an international conference to address escalating violence by neo-Nazi groups such as Greece's Golden Dawn

Agenda Septiembre 2013

Argentina, 11.09.2013 03:53

Recife - A ditadura existe aqui e agora II

CMI Brasil, 11.09.2013 03:09

Recife Resiste

Nota de repúdio à ação policial na manifestação do 7 de setembro em Salvador

CMI Brasil, 11.09.2013 03:09


Desapropriações ocorridas no Pq. Taipas, devido ao Rodoanel Norte

CMI Brasil, 11.09.2013 03:09


Aldeia Guarani Jaraguá convoca

CMI Brasil, 09.09.2013 03:09

Por Acampa Sampa


Argentina, 08.09.2013 03:54

Panorama Informativo Nº 9

Solidarity faster Andres to demonstrate suffering of strikers at Gitmo

DC, 07.09.2013 04:06

Photos from the #closegitmo rally at the White House on September 6, 2013, with nasal tube feeding of #closegitmo solidarity faster Andres to demonstrate suffering of strikers at Gitmo:

What Can We Learn from 25 Years of Jobs with Justice?

Boston, 07.09.2013 04:05

It’s no secret that the last 30 years have seen a brutal corporate assault on U.S. workers. Incomes and union membership rates have plummeted, unemployment is soaring, and the two corporate parties have joined forces to go after our previously untouchable historic gains.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Knows Having A Heart For Justice Does Not Take Legs ..

Boston, 07.09.2013 04:05

Why Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is Not Sleeping Nights ... Balderdash to anyone saying Texas Governor Rick Perry's Demonic posse offered justice to Hank Skinner at his initial Trial !

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