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Dan Siegel Announces &quot;Radical&quot; Agenda If Elected Mayor of Oakland

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.01.2014 03:54

Civil rights attorney Dan Siegel announced his candidacy for mayor of Oakland on January 9. Siegel spelled out an ambitious agenda focused on social and economic justice which includes a $15 minimum wage, public schools to develop into community centers, neighborhood gardens to flourish throughout the city, Oakland police to stop abusing citizens, and the Domain Awareness Center to be shut down.

Pedrada na vitrine da ciência: voluntário publica livro sobre o CMI-Brasil

CMI Brasil, 15.01.2014 03:10


Save the Environment, One Napkin at a Time

Santa Cruz, CA, 14.01.2014 03:56

Robin Moore / Save Upper Campus writes: We're bombarded daily with slogans and images promoting conservation, urging us to be green, and informing us of UC Santa Cruz's leadership in the field of sustainability. Meanwhile, UCSC is proposing to build on 240 acres of the undeveloped Upper Campus, removing redwood forest, mixed evergreen forest, and northern maritime chaparral in order to construct new buildings, roads, and parking lots.

Close Gitmo activists march on, invade Museum of American History

DC, 13.01.2014 04:08

The 11th of January was the 12th anniversary of the opening of Guantanimo Bay. Half the time it has been open has been after Obama's broken promise to close this hellhole forever. Video of the protest intercut with video from Gitmo

Another World is necessary. A guest editorial

United Kingdom, 13.01.2014 03:56

The continued existence of Indymedia uk is worrying. Real questions need to be asked, and answered!

Kommt jetzt die Klobürstenrevolution?

Germany, 13.01.2014 03:55

Eine Demonstration mit mehr als 10.000 Regimegegnern in der Hauptstadt der Republik Hronz wird von den Sicherheitskräften aufgerieben, anschließend kommt es zu Unruhen rund ums Hafenviertel. Mehr als 500 Menschen werden verletzt, zum Teil schwer. Die Sicherheitskräfte, deren Konzept zur Eindämmung der Unruhen bisher schlicht versagte, ruft den Notstand aus, beruft sich dabei auf terroristische Anschläge gegen repräsentative Gebäude und Sicherheitskräfte. Präsident Schillz steht hinter seinen Beamten und deren Forderungen nach Schusswaffengebrauch. Dabei wird pikant, dass der letzte terroristische Anschlag komplett Erfunden wurde.

Rock Creek deer slaughter draws protest on coldest night in decades

DC, 12.01.2014 04:08

At about 8 PM, an animal rights activist driving on Oregon Ave spotted Park Rangers and cops on the Rock Creek side. A park ranger said they were there to kill deer-and within 3 hours animal rights activists were out with a banner and whistles to warn off the deer. Video of the Jan 6 deer kill protest

MD Residents march on Annapolis against fracking and gas export

DC, 12.01.2014 04:08

On the 8th of January, in still bitter cold, the Sierra Club, Chesapeake Earth First! and over 100 MD residents marched on Annapolis. They were demanding a legislative moratorium on gas fracking in MD, and the rejection of Dominion's proposal for LNG export out of Cove Point in Calvert County. Video from the Annapolis fracking/Cove Point actions

Label the FDA projects labels, videos on FDA headquarters

DC, 12.01.2014 04:08

Michael Taylor at the FDA used to work at Monsanto, so its no wonder that the US refuses to mandate labelling of unpopular genetically-modified foods. On the 10th of January, activists from Occupy Monsanto showed up at the FDA's headquarters to label the FDA as a GMO biohazard, since they would not themselves act on labelling. Short video of Label the FDA

Carta de Oscar a su hija Clarissa al cumplir 71 años

Puerto Rico, 12.01.2014 04:08

Carta de Oscar a su hija Clarissa al cumplir 71 años


Boston, 12.01.2014 04:07

Originally published by Transnational Institute The Transnational Institute hosted in Amsterdam a European strategy meeting in October which brought together different European social movements on the front lines of resistance against the neoliberal E.U. austerity regime. Austerity, privatization and attacks on social rights, imposed by the European Commission, have become a reality for people across Europe. While there have been many impressive struggles at the national level - especially in Southern Europe - European coordination is still weak apart from sporadic days of joint action. In recent years European social movements have organized numerous meetings to analyze the situation. However, it also became clear that European social movements required a common strategy. Following the results of the E.U. economic governance assembly organized in the Alter Summit in Greece in June, the Amsterdam strategy meeting was called to coordinate European struggles against the Troika's imposition of neoliberal policies under the new E.U. economic governance regime.

Richmond Battles Banksters to Save Homeowners from Foreclosure

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.01.2014 03:55

The City of Richmond, California voted to continue its groundbreaking effort to save resident homeowners from foreclosure on December 17, 2013. The City Council voted 4 to 2 in favor of moving forward with its plan to use its right of eminent domain to protect homeowners and to "prioritize those neighborhoods that have been particularly hard hit by the housing crisis." Before the meeting began, approximately seventy-five supporters of Richmond's initiative rallied in front of Richmond City Hall.

&quot;Cops and Condos Go Hand in Hand&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.01.2014 03:55

FireWorks newspaper writes: Recently [in San Francisco], business owners have pushed to "Clean Up The Plaza." ...developers have announced a new condo project at 16th [and Mission]. The developers need the police to sweep away the poor, while capitalism throws out thousands through evictions, high rents, and poor paying jobs... On January 1, people marched and rallied in San Francisco against the "Take Back the Plaza" campaign organized by wealthy business owners.


Portland, 12.01.2014 03:42

Support Portland teachers and students in their efforts towards quality and equity in education by rallying at the Portland School Board meeting on Monday, January 13.

Rally in support of Portland teachers and students
Coordinated by Portland Student Union and Portland Teachers Solidarity Campaign

Monday, January 13
School Administration Building, 501 N. Dixon, Portland
Rally at 5:30 p.m.
March into School Board meeting at 6:00 p.m.

Please also contact the School Board at demanding:
1. Smaller class sizes and workloads;
2. Wrap-around support services;
3. Rich curriculum in every school;
4. No school closures;
5. Less standardized testing; and
6. More academic freedom.

The Shortwave Report 01/03/14 Listen Globally!

Portland, 12.01.2014 03:42


A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. With times, frequencies, and websites for listening at home. 3 files- Highest quality broadcast, regular broadcast, and slow-modem streaming.

The latest Shortwave Report (January 3) is up at the website in 3 forms- (new) HIGHEST QUALITY (128kb)(27MB), broadcast quality (16MB), and quickdownload or streaming form (6MB) (28:59) Links at page bottom (If you have access to Audioport there is a highest quality version posted up there {35MB}

NEW PODCAST!!!- feed: (128kb Highest Quality)

This week's show features stories from NHK World Radio Japan, Radio Havana Cuba, Radio Deutsche-Welle, the Voice of Russia, and Spanish National Radio.
From JAPAN- Nuclear officials in Japan say that no nuclear power plants are likely to be restarted in the near future. The Japanese government plans to revise its policy for the burial of nuclear waste due to public distrust. The US government wants to accelerate stalled negotiations on the Trans Pacific Partnership free trade agreement.
From CUBA- Despite widespread cutbacks in US government spending for vital services and workers benefits, the funding for the military-industrial complex will remain untouched in the new year. A US political commentator says that CIA assassination drone strikes are a violation of international law and are war crimes. There are new clashes in Egypt between students and government security forces.
From GERMANY- In Egypt a natural gas pipeline was attacked, and more Muslim Brotherhood leaders and some al-Jazeera journalists were arrested. Saudi Arabia will give Lebanon $3billion to strengthen its armed forces. France has a new law that makes companies pay 75% tax on annual salaries over a million dollars. The UN warned of possible famine in the Central african Republic. In Ukraine protests continue against President Yanukovych. The Russian city of Volgograd was hit by two suicide bombers, though no one has claimed responsibility.
From RUSSIA- Excerpts from an interview with British MP George Galloway about the expansion of NATO and 20 years of US invasions of sovereign nations, beginning with Iraq and ending with Libya.
From SPAIN- More details on the bombings in Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad, near the site for the upcoming Winter Olympics. Jailed members of the Basque revolutionary group ETA said that they will recognize Spain's criminal justice system and acknowledge the pain their activities have caused in the past 4 decades. A press review on the Spanish government's activities to prevent the region of Catalonia from separateing from the federal government.


Portland, 12.01.2014 03:42

Sisters of the Road's 2014 Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration will be part of a West Coast-wide weekend of Action and Resistance coordinated by the Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP) Coalition, calling attention to the wide-spread discriminatory and criminalizing practices against the poor and unhoused community members in our cities, towns and our state and to mobilize our community and partner organizations to pass a Homeless Bill of Rights to protect the basis civil and human rights of poor and socially-excluded communities.

Friday, January 17
in honor of the life, work and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Sponsored by Sisters of the Road Cafe and Right to Survive/Right2DreamToo
Free! Donations gratefully accepted.

10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. -- Drop by Sisters of the Road Cafe (133 N.W. Sixth) to celebrate with food, music, theatre/arts and speeches by leaders from the Sisters' community, labor and grassroots organizations.

2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. -- March to Right2DreamToo (319 W. Burnside) and then to City Hall. (It is anticipated that the City Hall rally will be at 3:00 p.m.)

Portland, 12.01.2014 03:42

Jefferson students showed everyone today how a great walk out looks like. Full of passion, energy, determination, spirit and guts, they walked out of Jefferson High School around noon today, taking over one lane of Killingsworth. Police cars soon appeared and followed them, but fortunately, the cops remained in their cars and didn't intervene.

Jefferson students showed everyone today how a great walk out looks like. Full of passion, energy, determination, spirit and guts, they walked out of Jefferson High School around noon today, taking over one lane of Killingsworth. Police cars soon appeared and followed them, but fortunately, the cops remained in their cars and didn't intervene. Many motorists honked and waved in support of the students. For more photos, here's the link: Jefferson students showed everyone today how a great walk out looks like. Full of passion, energy, determination, spirit and guts, they walked out of Jefferson High School around noon today, taking over one lane of Killingsworth. Police cars soon appeared and followed them, but fortunately, the cops remained in their cars and didn't intervene.

[Related Video Post]
Students demonstrate their passion for education and descry the lack of progress made during contract negotiations between the teachers union and Portland Public Schools. They walk out to support their teachers and demand access to the education all children deserve.

VIDEO: Jefferson High Student Walk Out

Native American Cemetery in Danger

LA, 12.01.2014 03:42

Huntington Beach: The sacred site of Bolsa Chica (aka: Puvungna East)--or rather, what's left of it--is again in serious jeopardy. The 9,000+ year-old burial site will be the subject of a hearing on January 8, 2014. A developer is seeking to have it rezoned from Open Space to low-density Residential.

Bolsa Chica is known for, among other things, its ancient cogged stones (found nowhere else in the world except Chile). The area has already been developed extensively, with 174+ ancestors and thousands of ceremonial objects and other items removed.

The Coastal Commission hearing will be in San Diego at 9am; however, free bus rides from Huntington Beach will be provided to those who RSVP. Supporters are also encouraged to write to the Coastal Commission.

Further details: Rezoning of the Ridge in Huntington Beach by Johnk

This video describes the site and its history (though a bit dated in some ways): The Bolsa Chica Project

See the Bolsa Chica Land Trust for more historic and environmental information.

Discussion on American Indian Airwaves (KPFK) with Rebecca Robles of the Acjachemem (online for 90 days)

Protesting Xavier Becerra's Support of TPP

LA, 12.01.2014 03:42

Through street theater (coming soon to streaming video) and protest a message was sent to Congressman Xavier Becerra (District 34) lambasting his support of fast tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership (a secretive trade agreement described by Lauren Steiner as "NAFTA on steroids").

Some of Becerra's constituents had hoped to speak with a representative in his office. However, they were told by police that permission must first be obtained the the building's owner, the Chamber of Commerce. Steiner emphasized the irony that police--our public servants, ostensibly--where taking orders from private commerce. Permission was never granted . A field deputy for Becerra was reached via cell phone but claimed to be too busy to talk/listen.

We then proceeded to the LA Times, which has failed to scrutinize the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and were met with hostility and smugness. At least a few employees entering and leaving the building expressed interest in the issue and even asked for flyers.

Story and pictures: Protesting Xavier Becerra's Support of TPP by RP

Mais uma Violência contra as Ocupações

CMI Brasil, 12.01.2014 03:10

Luta por Moradia

Contra a impunidade!

CMI Brasil, 12.01.2014 03:10

Johni, Presente!

Protesting Sea World at the Rose Parade

LA, 04.01.2014 03:43

For the last eight or so years, the Rose Parade has been the focus of activism on issues such as U.S. military aggression, calls for George W. Bush's impeachment, crimes by banksters, the endangered U.S. Constitution, China's oppression of Tibet, and this year a Sea World float (featuring "happy" orcas) was the target of animal rights activists. (According to the KPFK evening news (1-02-14) Wall Street was also depicted in an "unofficial" float entry near the beginning of the parade route. Discussion of it begins near the 30-minute mark.)

Nineteen animal rights activists were arrested for trying to block the Sea World float. Protesters at several locations along the route held up signs as the float past. The float was accompanied by police, some in riot gear, in areas where activists were known to be. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of leaflets were distributed to parade spectators.

Story and pictures: Protesting Sea World at the Rose Parade by R. Plesset

(Photo above courtesy of Nicolas Tomas.)

Trastocados los papeles en Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, 03.01.2014 04:09

Trastocados los papeles en Puerto Rico


Argentina, 03.01.2014 03:58

La deuda del Estado chileno y Endesa con los pehuenches de Ralco

Funcionarios presionaron y lograron su objetivo

Argentina, 03.01.2014 03:58

Familias mbyá guaraní abandonaron tierras reclamadas por el Hotel Hilton

&quot;Los más ricos están tratando de llevar a la sociedad hacia la destrucción&quot;

Argentina, 03.01.2014 03:58

Noam Chomsky destaca la resistencia indígena en la protección del planeta

Los Municipios incumplen una resolución de la Defensoría del Pueblo de la Nación

Argentina, 03.01.2014 03:58

Indígenas y vecinos piden que no se autoricen más emprendimientos sobre humedales


Argentina, 03.01.2014 03:58

Félix Díaz: “No se eligió, se llenaron urnas”

Reafirmación del derecho a la autoidentificación

Argentina, 03.01.2014 03:58

Consulta obligatoria: fallo de la Corte Suprema a favor de los pueblos originarios

A 20 años del levantamiento zapatista en México

Argentina, 03.01.2014 03:58

EZLN anuncia que globalizará su rebeldía

Sumario diciembre 2013

Argentina, 03.01.2014 03:58

Agenda Enero 2014

Argentina, 03.01.2014 03:58

Reafirmación del derecho a la autoidentificación

Argentina, 03.01.2014 03:58

Consulta obligatoria: fallo de la Corte Suprema a favor de los pueblos originarios

&quot;Bring Back Code Blue&quot; Stickers Spotted in Downtown Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 03.01.2014 03:57

At the end of December, stickers printed with the statement "Bring Back Code Blue! Santa Cruz, CA" were spotted in downtown Santa Cruz. Many residents remember the phrase "code blue" as a reference to when officers within the Santa Cruz Police Department organized a pattern of violent assaults on homeless or "street" people in the 1980s.

Lynne Stewart Coming Home

Boston, 02.01.2014 04:07

Lynne Stewart to be granted compassionate release.

La Playa Carmel Holiday Rally Becomes Annual Tradition at Hotel

Santa Cruz, CA, 02.01.2014 03:56

Community members continue to protest La Playa Carmel owner Sam Grossman's refusal to rehire the workers who were laid off in 2011 when the hotel was closed for a remodel. La Playa Carmel re-opened in 2012 and only three of the former workers, who were all union members, were hired back. At the holiday rally held on December 20, a former worker named Sergio said, "I miss working here. I worked for 23 Christmases in this restaurant, and the last three I haven't worked."

MOMS: A Mother's 40 Day Hunger Strike!

Portland, 02.01.2014 03:43

A Mother's 40 Day Hunger Strike! Culminating on Christmas Day!
by Cindi Fisher

Day 1of my Hunger Strike was and is dedicated to Seattle's Dominique Jamerson, age 23!
His court hearing is Tuesday, December 31, 2013. Please call today and leave a message. The contact info is below. It will take a Village Effort to Save Dominique Jamerson, age 23...Please Join Me!

Recent developments in Dominique's case, my son SIddharta Fisher's case, Hector ilias's case and other cases were key in catalyzing me to begin a Hunger Strike! It was a positive way to empower myself while channeling my outrage and also hopefully inspiring you to actively participate in being apart of the VIllage. Today's focus is on Dominique! It will take a Village Effort to Save Dominique Jamerson, age 23...Please Join Me!

Today, please call
1. Seattle's Chief Pros. Attorney, Daniel Satterberg 206-296-9000 and tell him to FREE DOMINIQUE JAMERSON!
2. Washington State Senator Patty Murray 206-553-0891 and leave a message: Tell her to Free Dominique Jamerson and investigate Washington State's Competency Restoration Process

You can read more on my website at:

Los Angeles NYE Noise Demo

LA, 02.01.2014 03:43

In response to the global call-out for New Years Eve noise demos at prisons, jails, and detention centers around the world, we are calling all rebels and opponents of the Prison-Industrial Complex to converge on the Metropolitan Detention Center in Downtown Los Angeles December 31st.

Rally at City Hall's North lawn 10PM

March to Metropolitan Detention Center

Bring noisemakers and banners!

Full announcement: Los Angeles NYE Noise Demo by LA Rebels

Emergency Services: Enabling Life for Homeless People

LA, 02.01.2014 03:43

It's cold, and Los Angeles is still the homeless capital of the United States. The costly and inhumane practice of using "quality of life" law enforcement to deal with homelessness in Los Angeles is no solution. It is part of the problem. Homeless numbers are on the rise and so are homeless deaths. The city is not developing the affordable housing required to address homelessness and is providing a shattering low number of emergency shelter beds. We the people need to help create safe zones and emergency services in order to save lives.

Full story and pictures: Emergency Services: Enabling Life for Homeless People by Peggy Lee Kennedy

Anti-Gentrification Bus Blockades Spread to Both Sides of the Bay

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.01.2014 03:54

San Francisco and Oakland residents are being evicted as a result of increasing housing costs caused in part by an influx of tech employees, many of whom are provided private buses by their employers to get to offices in the Silicon Valley. Activists first blocked a Google bus in the Mission District of San Francisco on December 9. On December 20, protesters blocked a Google bus at the MacArthur BART station and another at 7th and Adeline in West Oakland. In San Francisco, an Apple bus was blocked at 24th and Valencia Streets.

Christmas in Bethlehem

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.01.2014 03:54

Mazin Qumsiyeh writes: Christmas 2013 in Bethlehem is still a very special and meaningful time even under the brutal Israeli apartheid occupation. Nowhere is there an exhibit of "Occupation Art" shown in a "Peace Center" in front of a large Christmas tree in front of one of the holiest places in Christianity.... It is also a time to reflect on the real message of Jesus.... It is still a message of hope, peace, joy, justice, love, and harmony.... [Yet] on Christmas eve, Israeli forces also bombed Gaza killing at least two including a 3-year old girl and injuring others in her family.

Romerazo colegial

Puerto Rico, 31.12.2013 04:07

Romerazo colegial: Testimonio de un sancionado, 15 años después

Ley anti-gay en Uganda

Puerto Rico, 31.12.2013 04:07

¿Queremos que Puerto Rico siga los pasos de Uganda?

Maestros dicen no a la reforma de su retiro

Puerto Rico, 31.12.2013 04:07

Jornada de lucha del magisterio culmina con aires de Huelga

Pre-New Years Critical Mass reportback

DC, 30.12.2013 04:07

Critical Mass DC rode on the evening of December 27, getting a surprisingly good turnout for a winter ride. Critical Mass rides now depart Dupont Circle at about 8PM on the last Friday of every month. Video of the Dec 27 Critical Mass

&quot;Crisis energética&quot;: la continuidad neoliberal de los derechos básicos privatizados

Argentina, 28.12.2013 03:58

A oscuras

Memoria, Verdad y Justicia

Argentina, 28.12.2013 03:58

Un viaje hacia la coherencia y las convicciones con Norita Cortiñas

Memoria, Verdad y Justicia

Argentina, 28.12.2013 03:58

Un viaje hacia la coherencia y las convicciones con Norita Cortiñas

&quot;Crisis energética&quot;: la continuidad neoliberal de los derechos básicos privatizados

Argentina, 28.12.2013 03:58

A oscuras

Hundreds Served at Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs Holiday Meal

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.12.2013 03:54

On December 25, Christmas Day, Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs served a free vegan holiday meal to hundreds of community members outside of the downtown post office. Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry helped organize the meal, and he has reported that many of FNB groups across the country would be sharing vegan meals during the holidays this year in response to an increased need due to new cuts in food stamps and an extreme reduction of access to food during the holiday season.

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