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Base Nato a Taranto

Indymedia Italia, 07.07.2004 07:18


Ley de acreditacion

IMC Santiago, 07.07.2004 06:31

Mi��rcoles 7 Julio

Estudiantes a la calle

Californians Support Sustainable Agriculture!

07.07.2004 03:42

Does John Kerry Really Support LGBTI Rights?

SF Bay Area Indymedia, 07.07.2004 03:41

John Kerry- The Right Candidate for LGBTI Communities?

Californians Support Sustainable Agriculture!

~Bradley, 07.07.2004 03:36

On March 6, 2004 residents of Mendocino county passed a measure banning the cultivation of Genetically Engineered (GE) crops -- also known as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) -- within their county. Mendocino county���s Measure H is being used as a model for at least seven other counties in California where local residents are well on their way to passing similar measures. Californians feel that local measures seeking to ban the cultivation of GE crops are critical steps to take in the promotion of economically and ecologically sustainable agriculture. California farms produce more than 350 varieties of crops and export more than any state in the US. Although California is recognized as a world leader in organic food production and sustainable agriculture, the world���s largest biotechnology companies are attempting to coerce GE crops onto California���s farms. Genetic engineering poses a significant risk to the environment, our food supply and the economic health of farmers. Alameda, Butte, Humboldt, Marin, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Sonoma counties of California are currently campaigning to ban cultivation of GE crops. The people behind these campaigns include farmers, gardeners, health professionals, chefs, business owners, teachers, local government officials, and environmentalists. For more information, please see the following GE Free Campaign websites: [ California I Alameda I Butte I Humboldt I Marin I Mendocino I San Luis Obispo I Santa Barbara I Sonoma ]

Prisoners still held in Guadalajara

SF Bay Area Indymedia, 07.07.2004 03:10

Prisoners still held in Guadalajara, International Community Called Upon to Help

Let's Talk About the Draft: Update

Candi Duke, 07.07.2004 01:44

The tides have turned in the past two weeks. Concern about reinstating the military draft is finding its way into the spotlight after percolating beneath the surface for months while most mainstream media and the press allowed the politicians to deflect and avoid pivotal points and thus maintain control over the 2004 Election Issues. Coverage is escalating, though. What was once heard as a whisper is now a clatter and could soon become a lion���s roar.

Sad Times for NH's Water

New Hampshire, 06.07.2004 23:23

Save Our Groundwater regrettfully announces that the state of NH issued a large groundwater withdrawal permit to USA Springs, Inc, despite years of protest, education, and general flat our resistance.

Ann Arbor to vote on marijuana decriminalization

Ari Paul / <a href="">Arbor Update</a>, 06.07.2004 22:24

Ann Arbor voters may decriminalize marijuana for medical use.

And, apparently, medical marijuana use is becoming popular. Even ���The United Methodist Church, the Union for Reform Judaism, the Progressive National Baptist Convention, the Episcopal Church, the Unitarian Universalist Association, the Presbyterian Church ( USA ), the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the United Church of Christ have made statements supporting the controlled use of marijuana for medical reasons.���

Add your comments at Arbor Update.

GKC Theaters Ban Fahrenheit 9/11

Mark Dahlquist, 06.07.2004 21:21

For political reasons, the GKC theater chain (owner of Champaign's Beverly Cinema) has refused to show Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11--showing the film on just one of the chain's 268 screens.

&quot;A Day for Tre&quot; Arrow!!!--Wed., July 7th

06.07.2004 20:09


Melbourne Indymedia, 06.07.2004 16:39

Kathleen (Katie) Ball - Disability and Equal Rights Activist

Nederlandse actvist wordt uitgewezen naar Zweden.

06.07.2004 15:40

Maarten wordt uitgeleverd aan Zweden. Afgelopen donderdag ontving de 23-jarige fietsenmaker het definitieve besluit van minister Donner van Justitie. Op 29 juni 2004 besloot deze om Maarten aan de Zweedse justitie te overhandigen zonder zijn zaak inhoudelijk te bekijken. Om te protesteren tegen deze beslissing werd vrijdagavond in Amsterdam een manifestatie gehouden door verontwaardigde sympathisanten. Schrijver Geert Mak, zanger The Lau, Groenlinks-politica Kathelijne Buitenweg en Maartens moeder spraken de ruim honderd aanwezigen toe. Daarna liep iedereen achter de sambaband Rhythms of Resistance naar de Vrankrijk, waar Maarten zelf de tap bediende.

Citizens Demand Audits: Claim widespread election finance violations

Hamilton, 06.07.2004 15:17

In the first week of April we reported on apparent violations of the Municipal Elections Act by the campaign of Mayor Larry DiIanni. here: As we predicted, several citizens have taken the next step by making formal demands for audits of nine individuals who ran for office in the last municipal election. This sets in process a time line defined by the Act, which requires the Council to decide on the question of if audits will be held within one month. Should they decide against holding audits those who filed the initial requests are free to go to a judge and seek an order. Should an audit find that the law has been broken fines of up to $5,000 can be levied against individual contributors, and $25,000 against corporate donors. If it is found that the candidate was knowingly complicit they are to be removed from office, and prohibited from running again for 1 term. ���The most extensive filing was provided by Joanna Chapman (shown in photo). Chapman is a resident of Dundas, a former member of the Dundas Town Council, and presently the owner of "Chapman Books" on Cross St. in Dundas. She is well known to the local activist and environmental community

Civil Rights

06.07.2004 14:37

Terrorism Laws: ASIO, The Police & You


Melbourne Indymedia, 06.07.2004 13:33

ADI Weapons Plant: Rooting out A Homegrown Terror

July 3rd Protest: Now on Cable TV!

High Grade TV, 06.07.2004 12:30

Catch video footage from the rally on High Grade TV airing on Comcast (in Richmond, VA), Wednesday night from 9:00-10:00 p.m. on channel 6.


Belgrade Indymedia, 06.07.2004 10:32


RCNV terminates Infoshop's lease

Infoshop Collective, 06.07.2004 04:59

Today the recently opened Santa Cruz Anarchist Infoshop at 509 Broadway was served a one month notice of terminating our rental contract with the Resource Center for Nonviolence. This came as much of a surprise to us, because until today we have not received any warning or notice of complaints. In a scheduled meeting with an infoshop volunteer, Bob Fitch (RCNV property manager), handed over the letter and informed us that he was terminating our rental agreement and that it was not negotiable. He went on to list a series of complaints about our use of the space, claiming there were two pages of them (though he won't provide us with the list). Bob says that our presence in the space, and 'our smell' is interfering with his ability to rent the adjacent offices. He also explained that if his decision was challenged by a sit-down or occupation of the space, money for all the RCNV's legal fees would be charged to the individual who signed our lease. We are asking people to call/write Bob and the Resource Center for Nonviolence in support of us keeping the space here, though the situation doesn't look at all hopeful. If we are forced to vacate our space at 509 Broadway, we will do everything we can to start up again in a new location. Anyone who knows of a potential rental situation, or who could share space with us, please get in touch. see also: Announcing the Santa Cruz Anarchist Infoshop! Clairifications re: Infoshop & RCNV

MOMENT #5 Out Now!

Mike / MOMENT Collective, 06.07.2004 04:29

The new June-August 2004 issue of MOMENT Magazine has been released. The June-August 2004, which is the fifth issue of MOMENT, is centered around the theme of the "War at Home" and features articles on prision abolition, the drug war, the PATRIOT Act, and other issues, as well as original works of poetry.

Free copies of MOMENT can be picked up in storefronts throughout the Ann Arbor/Ypsi area. The MOMENT collective is working on expanding its distribution thoughout the Metro Detroit area, so you may find copies of the magazine there as well.

The enitre issue is also online at the MOMENT website.

MOMENT is a collectively run newsprint magazine. With a focus on social justice, diversity, and humanity, it aims to bring together activists and organizations involved in struggles against oppression, exploitation, and exclusion. Moment seeks to develop connections between local organizations and activists and to promote the convergence of local, national, and global currents of struggle.

[MOMENT website | pdf of MOMENT vol. 1, no. 5]

Una familia desalojada: los Qui��ones

Argentina Indymedia (( i )), 06.07.2004 03:29

06 de Julio 2004 - Santiago del Estero
Una familia desalojada: los Qui��ones

Una familia desalojada

Argentina Indymedia (( i )), 06.07.2004 03:03

06 de Julio 2004
Una familia desalojada: los Qui��ones

Colectivizar o conhecimento

05.07.2004 23:50

Colectivizar o conhecimento

AUDIO: Interview with a Logger @ Peanuts Sale

05.07.2004 19:31

sukob u keramici

Belgrade Indymedia, 05.07.2004 18:44

sukob u keramici

4 de julio contra la guerra

PR IMC, 05.07.2004 18:36

Sin tregua el reclamo puertorrique��o ante el militarismo y la guerra

4 de julio contra la guerra

PR IMC, 05.07.2004 18:35

Sin tregua el reclamo puertorrique��o ante el militarismo y la guerra

4 de julio contra la guerra

PR IMC, 05.07.2004 18:35

Sin tregua el reclamo puertorrique��o ante el militarismo y la guerra

razbijanje lagera

Belgrade Indymedia, 05.07.2004 17:24

razbijanje lagera u Italiji

tranzicija i kanjiza

Belgrade Indymedia, 05.07.2004 17:09

tranzicija i "keramika" iz kanjize

Sham sovereignty

QC IMC, 05.07.2004 16:31

Sham sovereignty

New Hampshire's Exploited Foreign Student Workers

Gilford Resident, 05.07.2004 16:08

Last year I had the pleasure of talking with many of the foreign student workers imported into the Lakes Region for the Summer. These students come from overseas, brought in by their employer/sponsors, to work during the Summer, helping local businesses meet the needs of the vacationers flocking to the region for this brief period upon which many of New Hampshire's small business's depend.

Logging begins at Upper Timber Sale, Mt. Hood National Forest

05.07.2004 11:23

Tobintaks goedgekeurd in de kamer

Indymedia West-Vlaanderen, 05.07.2004 09:31

Tobintaks goedgekeurd in de kamer

Rally to Save Our Wild Siskiyou Forests

05.07.2004 08:51

Local anti-war float takes home parade trophy

Ricky Baldwin, 05.07.2004 04:33

AWARE won third place in the non-professional category at Champaign County's annual Fourth of July parade. But even better was the audience response: overwhelmingly positive, enthusiastic in fact.

Acto en La Boca

Argentina Indymedia (( i )), 05.07.2004 04:11

S��bado 3 de Julio
Masivo acto por el Oso

Acto en La Boca

Argentina Indymedia (( i )), 05.07.2004 04:06

S��bado 3 de Julio
Masivo acto por el Oso

Acto en La Boca

Argentina Indymedia (( i )), 05.07.2004 04:01

S��bado 3 de Julio
Masivo acto por el Oso

@rtivism (en)

imc-barcelona, 05.07.2004 03:25

media wok :::::: calling for @rtivism >>>

::: Through collaborative art, we can all be a part of the process.
::: its usefulness is shown in the shared campaign against the forum, ParcCentralPark, fadaiat or urban boats.
::: We can share our knowledge of tech and different theories to produce artivism.

[11.07.04] 16:00h : 4th FORUMAT�� Parc de la Ciutadella

+info:: >>>@rtivism + media gallery

Channel X: The Rocket's Red Glare

Darrin Drda, 05.07.2004 00:04

This is a re-run.

Right-wing Moore/Carlyle Group Conspiracies Aside, F911 Success Surprises Everyone

sf-imc, 04.07.2004 21:39

Fahrenheit 911 Breaks All Box Office Expectations

Over 100 Demonstrate against War on Iraq; young Detroiters speak out

Fred David, 04.07.2004 18:00

Over one hundred people marched on Saturday, July 3, down Woodward Avenue in Detroit to protest against the continued war on Iraq, the US occupation, and the deaths of Iraqis and Americans.

The crowd, a mix of young and old, African-American and white, Detroit and Ann Arbor, assembled on Martin Luther King Drive and Woodward and marched down Woodward to Grand Circus Park for a rally.

The spirited group was led by young Detroiters and the speakers at the rally were exclusively young people. They spoke eloquently against the war, against the suffering it is causing in Iraq, against the spurious reasons given by Bush and the Democrats for the war. They spoke for another world ��� a world without war, with justice and peace for all.

The demonstration was called by MECAWI, the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice and featured the Youth Group of MECAWI.

For more information please contact MECAWI at or at

North County Forum's 3rd Annual Alternative Independence Day and Activists Fair in Vista

sdimc, 04.07.2004 17:41

Activists from around the county will be meeting in Vista Monday July 5th to celebrate Independence day! The event promises to be fun and energetic with an outdoor stage featuring music and poetry, an indoor venue with speakers and political films and booths with literature, books, food, and local activist groups.

Activist Fair - 1pm to 6:30pm
Chalmers Johnson - 7pm
Where: Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 1600 Buena Vista Drive, in the Shadowridge section of Vista

For complete details CLICK HERE

New Hampshire's Exploited Foreign Student Workers

Gilford Resident, 04.07.2004 17:41

#media_4709;left# Last year I had the pleasure of talking with many of the foreign student workers imported into the Lakes Region for the Summer. These students come from overseas, brought in by their employer/sponsors, to work during the Summer, helping local businesses meet the needs of the vacationers flocking to the region for this brief period upon which many of New Hampshire's small business's depend. This year is no different and many of these students, each of whom has paid around one thousand dollars for transportation to our neck of the woods, are back again, hoping to earn enough money to get them through the school year back home. What most locals do not understand is how terribly exploited, underpaid and under-respected many of these student are. They can be found working in the local fast food outlets, super markets, gas stations and hotels. A few of these businesses treats these workers very well, but the vast majority exploit their eagerness to work and the difference in pay between their homelands and New Hampshire. The result of this exploitation is overwork, underpay and frustration.

Politisch Zelten in Europa

Germany, 04.07.2004 16:31

Auch wenn der Sommer bisher noch etwas auf sich warten l�sst ? es sind schon jetzt diverse M�glichkeiten angek�ndigt, ihn politisch korrekt zwischen Badesee, Diskussionsrunde und Aktionsplanung zu verbringen. Schon heute beginnt in Oberhausen ein Camp zur Erhaltung von Wagenpl�tzen. Und danach: Politischer Austausch auf der Attac-Sommerakademie, Kultur und Selbstverwaltung im Wendland, Bombenabwurfplatz in Brandenburg verhindern, Grenzen �ffnen auf einem der zahlreichen No-Border-Camps ... Spass kann auch Widerstand machen!

Wir haben eine kleine �bersicht �ber allerlei Camps, Aktionstage, Kongresse und Karawanen zusammengestellt, die in den n�chsten zwei Monaten besucht werden wollen. Nicht aufgef�hrt sind Veranstaltungen mit lokaler Zielgruppe, sowie Treffen von Parteijugendverb�nden etc. Es besteht auch kein Anspruch auf Vollst�ndigkeit. Bitte nutzt die Erg�nzungsfunktion, um auf weitere Camps und Aktionstage hinzuweisen.


Jason Guard, 04.07.2004 16:06

Today nearly a thousand people turned out to protest the war on Iraq in downtown Richmond. The crowd was spirited and diverse. Organizers with several progressive groups took turns at the mic rallying against the Bush administration's agenda of militarism, racism, greed and deceit (not to mention homophobia and Christian fundamentalism).


Indymedia Colombia, 04.07.2004 04:36

Invitaci��n a participar

Peace Fresno

sf-imc, 04.07.2004 03:44

A Visible Voice for Peace in Fresno

PDX Indymedia gets GreenPeace Ship Pre-Tour

04.07.2004 02:30

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