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Report back from Portland's J20 Anti-Inauguration spokescouncil

Portland, 08.12.2004 17:32

The meeting was attended by 2 dozen people, ranging in age from high-school students to seniors and everything in between. There was numerous unaffiliated people, as well as representatives from local high schools, Students for Unity at PSU, the Industrial Workers of the World, Code Pink, forest activist groups, Radical Women, Reclaming Pagan Cluster, Jobs with Justice, United for Peace and Justice, Veterans for Peace, Peace and Justice Works.

Motivated by our strong affinities (detesting Bush) everyone from labor to environmentalists, students to elders, and Dean enthusiasts to anarchists worked admirably together! At the meeting we set up something of a "spokescouncil" model (like the spokes on a wheel), with two primary planning groups, and a of variety of satellite groups and projects.

An initial flyer [pdf] [jpg] is now available!
Next meeting big planning meeting is on Wednesday December 15 (location TBA soon).

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[ J20 PDX I Counter-Inaugural ]

New state bill would allow voters second choice

Boston, 08.12.2004 17:13

A bill proposing to repeal the Commonwealth's ban on "cross endorsement" voting was filed in the House of Representatives on December 1. It is titled "An Act Providing Voters with More Ballot Choices." Lifting the ban would allow two political parties to nominate and vote for the same candidate. This type of voting helps minor parties to build their strength, while avoiding the common pitfalls of the winner-take-all, two-party system. Supporters of a minor political party's platform are often reluctant to waste their vote on a candidate with no chance of winning - or in a close vote - inadvertently defeating the major party candidate who more nearly shares their views.

Candlelight vigil at city hall in support of the Community Stabilization Act

Boston, 08.12.2004 06:28

Despite the cold wind and dripping rain, over 60 people gathered outside City Hall on Tuesday night for a candlelight vigil organized by City Life/Vida Urbana in support of the Community Stabilization Act (CSA), which the city council will vote on, Wednesday. The CSA would provide protections for tenants against rent gouging and unfair evictions by empowering elderly, disabled and low-income tenants to protest rent increases of over five percent. All other tenants would be given the right to protest rent increases of over ten percent. The bill would also provide protection against foreclosure for small homeowners.

Big Victory for Blue River Face Tree-Sitters

Portland, 08.12.2004 06:06

Activists working to protect ancient forests within the Blue River Face Timber Sale in the Mckenzie Ranger District of the Willamette National Forest have been informed the US Forest Service and Rosboro Lumber have reached an agreement to drop units 5d and 3d from the sale. Unit 5d is where tree-sitters have been occupying a stand of massive old-growth trees in an effort to call attention to Forest Service policys in the district. Unit 3a is at this point the only unit remaining in the sale.

The offical reason the Forest Service is giving for the dropped units is unit 5d would not be cost effective to log because helicopters would have been required for yarding and it was deemed not profitable. They are saying unit 3d was dropped because steep slope skyline yarding would have caused adverse impacts.

Mckenzie Watershed Guardians must ask the question: Why is the Forest Service suddenly concerned about steep slopes and erosion when we have been telling them for the last 3 years that Blue River Face Timber Sale is an environmental nightmare?

[ read the full article... ]
Previous Features: [ Ecodefense Update: Blue River Face Tree-sit is now Blue River Face Tree Village (11/13/2004) I Occupation of Blue River Face Timber Sale continues (10/10/2004) I all stories ]

Racist Flyer Outreach Contest

Portland, 08.12.2004 06:00

A racist group, the Tualatin Valley Skins, will be trying to distribute 10,000 flyers of racist material for their "Flyer Outreach Contest." This group has flyered Portland, Eugene, Tualatin, Sherwood, Tigard and Beaverton. It has been reported that they have also disrtibuted bags of candy with their hate literature outside people's doorsteps to try and attract young people.

The Tualatin Valley Skins will be distributing racist literature in Portland on Jan.8, 2005. They will be meeting at Gabriel Park SW 45 & Vermont at 1:00pm. Are there any Anti-Racist groups/people that are or would be intersted in organizing to counter this event????? If anyone has any suggestions, group contacts, or info, email me


As Global Warming Threat Grows, Individuals Can Make A Difference

Madison, 08.12.2004 05:10

We are concerned the Bush administration has been ignoring sound science in deciding not to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and other sources. The recently released Arctic Climate Impact Assessment concluded that there is indeed a very real threat of more rapid global warming in the coming decades, due mainly to the buildup of billions of tons of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The Bush administration rejected the Kyoto Protocol, which would have required the United States to reduce by 2008 our annual greenhouse gas emissions to levels 7 percent below our 1990 emissions.

Protest Against Environmental Effects Of Victoria's Secret Catalogs

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.12.2004 04:37

12/2/2004: On Thursday December 2nd, activists gathered near Union Square to protest the environment consequences of the mass mailing of Victoria's Secret catalogs. While claiming to be a good corporate citizen, the owner of the lingerie chain, Limited Brands, sends out over 395 million Victoria's Secret catalogs per year. Nearly all of the catalogs are produced with un-recycled paper, with some of the paper coming from endangered forests such as Canada's boreal forest.

Dec. 9 (Thurs.) Your chance to fight monopoly control of the media

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 08.12.2004 04:01

Primer for Dec. 9th town hall meeting and Hamline's Sundin Hall, 7-11 pm.

Cry Justice! Conference

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 08.12.2004 04:00

Cry Justice! is a hands-on activism conference organized to provide tools and analysis for resistance under four more years of the current neo-conservative administration. The first conference in October 2003 was well-received and featured nationally recognized speakers as well as workshops covering a wide variety of activist issues. This January 2005 Cry Justice! returns to provide up-to-date information and hands-on training in response to the new challenges we face both nationally and locally. The two-day event will be filled with educational opportunities, coalition building, fun, art, and celebration of community.

Meeting about Inauguration Protests

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 08.12.2004 03:58

For those planning on, interested in or wondering about attending the counter-inaugural protest in Washington D.C. on January 20th.

Presos Anti-COLONiales Libres

Puerto Rico, 08.12.2004 03:54

VENEZUELA: Salen en Libertad Presos Anti-COLONiales, Pero Sigue el Juicio

Bhopal 20 anos depois

Portugal, 08.12.2004 01:49

Bhopal 20 anos depois

População de Paço de Arcos contra urbanização

Portugal, 08.12.2004 01:32

População de Paço de Arcos contra urbanização

US Charged With War Crimes As Humanitarian Crisis In Iraq Worsens

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.12.2004 00:39

12/7/2004 The Center for Constitutional Rights is preparing to launch a war crimes case in Germany against senior US administration officials for their role in the torture of Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison. While the US claimed that the situation at Abu Ghraib was an isolated incident, new pictures are now emerging showing Navy SEALs engaging in similar behavior.

Sat Dec 11 Radical Conference/Encuentro

San Diego, 08.12.2004 00:36


Encuentro Radical/Radical Conference
Sábado/Saturday, 11 DIC/DEC 2004
City College, San Diego

Resistencia Estudiantil's "Resistence Movements" will be hosting a forum open to the public regarding issues confronting progressive and Leftist movements in their struggle against right-wing, neo-conservative incursions against rights and freedoms in both the domestic and international arenas. Attendants will be able to meet fellow activists concerned about US foreign and domestic policy and to help develop a more informed and politically active Leftist movement in San Diego.

Rightwing mythologies of crime and policing

Portland, 07.12.2004 23:25

There is a widespread public perception in the US that violent crime is rampant and only the bold and dangerous work of police officers is protecting us from it. This perception is largely unsupported by facts. Perception of crime and danger has increased while actual incidence of crime has decreased. Sensationalistic media are to blame. The resulting public perception feeds would-be totalitarians in business and government.

12/8 - Protest Against Toxic PG&amp;E Power Plant and Environmental Racism

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.12.2004 23:08

For more than sixty years, Bayview Hunters Point and Potrero Hill have suffered the ill effects of pollution from two of the oldest power plants in the state. Residents of Southeast San Francisco are hospitalized for asthma, cognitive heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, and emphysema at three times the statewide average.

Video Active

Melbourne, 07.12.2004 22:55

Global Insights 5

Help Protect Civil Rights in Multnomah County

Portland, 07.12.2004 21:21

What: Multnomah County Resolution Expressing Commitment to Protect Civil Rights
Who: People who live, work, study, worship and travel in Multnomah County
When: December 9, 2004 - 9:30 to 10:30 AM
Where: 501 SE Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland
Action: Sign a letter of support as an individual, an organization, or come to the hearing.

Rod Coronado Indicted on Federal Conspiracy Charges

Portland, 07.12.2004 20:59

On December 2nd at 11:00am at the Evo A. DeConcini Federal Courthouse, federal prosecutors will formally indict Chuk'shon Earth First! (CEF!) activist Rod Coronado on conspiracy charges related to the local environmental group's interference with the hunt for mountain lions in Sabino Canyon last March. The indictment comes just seven days before Coronado was to stand trial for three lesser misdemeanor charges filed after his arrest in Sabino Canyon on March 26th. The new charge, "Conspiracy to Impede or Injure an Officer" carries a maximum penalty of six years in prison.

Coronado believes the indictment is in response to his continued organizing against AZGFD controversial policies such as the killing and removal of lions from the Coronado National Forest and the trophy hunting of sandhill cranes and desert bighorn sheep in southern Arizona.

Creative Obstruction to Te Aro Destruction

Aotearoa, 07.12.2004 20:53

Te Aro residents gathered in Buller St this afternoon and replaced the earth mercilessly overturned by Fulton Hogan as they attempted to start construction of the inner city 'bypass.' Shovels, buckets and eager hands were put to good use in a lighthearted and non-violent display of opposition to the start of road-building. The festivities were accompanied by lively drumming and toots from supportive motorists. Police arrived at the scene but no arrests were made and the group left peacefully. More creative resistance is planned for this Friday 10 December, with a march leaving from Civic Square at midday.

12/8 - Protest Against Toxic PG&amp;E Power Plant and Environmental Racism

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.12.2004 20:44

For more than sixty years, Bayview Hunters Point and Potrero Hill have suffered the ill effects of pollution from two of the oldest power plants in the state. Residents of Southeast San Francisco are hospitalized for asthma, cognitive heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, and emphysema at three times the statewide average.

Portland Police Find Stolen Bike

Portland, 07.12.2004 20:28

I just have to share the miraculous event of efficient portland policing I encountered this morning. I received a phone call from Dectective Carter about a stolen bike report I filed on 7/20/04. Many of you were there as support people during this trying time (special thanks to Kiku, Allison, and Marilee for keeping me well hydrated during the immediate fall out). Dectective Carter was calling with the glorious news that my bike was found!!! Yes, it's true, it showed up at Ace's Quick Cash and was reported to the Police department on 7/21/04 (one day after it was stolen). He apologized for taking so long to get back to me with this discovery.

Here's the best part. I have two options: 1) Retrieve the bike from Ace's and reimburse the store for what they paid the guy who stole it in the first place ($40) or 2) Wait for the district attorney to prosecute the case, assume the guy will be convicted, and get my bike back after he pays restitution to Ace's - estimated time for this procedure? 18 months!

HAITI: Why I was sacked: A former Levis´zone worker tells her story

Portland, 07.12.2004 20:21

Louissane still has a vivid picture in her mind of the infernal production line where she worked for almost ten months in the free trade zone located on the Dominican-Haitian border.

"The minimum wage was 432 gourdes (10.50 Euros/12 Dollars) a week. We had to work on production lines of 14 people. If we managed to finish 10,000 items, we could earn 900 gourdes (22 Euros/26 Dollars). But I never managed. It was impossible. At best, 6,000 or 7,000 items, no more."

Louissane witnessed threats of physical violence and verbal abuse on a daily basis "We were often pushed around while we were working. Some women were approached by men who wanted to 'have a chat' with them. They were threatened with dismissal if they didn't allow themselves to be taken advantage of."

Read More...Past Haiti Stories: Haiti Alert - Illegal Arrest of Political Leaders | The Politics of Injustice in Haiti: The Cases of Auguste and Chamblain | Reportback form Haiti: Resistance and Repression Six Months After the Coup

AFTA-Delegierte am 1. Tag der Gespr�che mit Demonstration begr��t

Germany, 07.12.2004 20:14

TUCSON- �ber 200 Menschen zogen am Dienstag in einer Demonstration durch die Stra�en mit Ziel, Tucson Convention Center, um die 1.500 Delegierten aus S�damerika zu ermutigen, das Freihandelsabkommen der Andenl�nder nicht zu unterzeichnen.
Ein Mittagessen und Er�ffnungsreden l�uteten das 5-t�gige Event ein; sechs Gespr�chsrunden �ber das Handelsabkommen zwischen Kolumbien, Peru, Ecuador und den Vereinigten Staaten. Offiziell �berwacht Bolivien die Handelsgespr�che.
Anders als bei anderen Handelsabkommen diesen Kalibers, war die Anwesenheit von Sicherheitspersonal und Polizei sehr niedrig und erlaubte es den GegnerInnen des AFTA vor dem Convention Center direkt mit den Delegierten zu sprechen. Einzelpersonen repr�sentierten mehrere Menschenrechts- Arbeitsrechts-, Friedens und Umweltgruppen, und schrien ihre Botschaften auf englisch und spanisch den Delegierten entgegen, als sie aus den Gespr�chen kamen oder dazu stie�en.

Links und weitere Informationen �ber das Thema:
kleine Einf�hrung | Artikelbei GIB | Bericht bei Kolumbien aktuell | Plan Puebla Panama | | | | | FTAA IMC
Small World Radio Collective 106.9 FM Tucson, AZ - Piratenradio sendet Berichte �ber AFTA-Angelegenheiten.

Palestine is still the issue in Ann Arbor

Michigan, 07.12.2004 19:56

Palestine solidarity activism is on the rise in Ann Arbor. This activism is taking the form of protests and vigils, film screenings and other events, and debates across the editorial pages of The Michigan Daily, the widely distributed University of Michigan student newspaper.

Targeting War Profiteers

Sydney, 07.12.2004 19:19

Surprise party for Haliburton!

Governor Kulongoski's proposed budget threatens health care

Portland, 07.12.2004 18:07

On December 1 Governor Kulongoski presented his recommended budget for the 2005-07 biennium. In determining his priorities the Governor declared six Oregon principles, one of which is to have the basic health, food and shelter needs of Oregon's most vulnerable met. With the state facing a $1 billion deficit the Governor is in a tough position. He proposed continuing OHP coverage for most individual in OHP-plus, but cut dental and vision coverage for adults. The Governor did not put any general funds into OHP-Standard, leaving the program entirely supported by providers and federal matching funds. This means the program would continue to operate with a cap of 24,000. The 25,000 individuals that must be cut before July would not receive coverage, nor is there funding to provide health care to the 50,000 who have already lost coverage. The Governor also proposed reducing prescription drug costs by further managing the prescription usage of OHP enrollees. read more >>

[ Oregonians for Health Security ]

Portland police now hiring

Portland, 07.12.2004 18:03

The Portland police are hiring 70 new officers. Those can either be 70 more Scott McCollisters and Jason Serys, or 70 decent people. Folks, do you REALLY want to make a difference? How about becoming a cop? Flood their ranks with peaceful people that will not harass bike riders, shoot unarmed people and taser folks in the back. APPLY ONLINE!

We can change this, and make a pretty decent wage while we are at it. You would still have to do regular cop stuff, like arresting wife beaters and chasing people who drive too fast, but you could be the good cops we are always hearing about who don't pepper spray protestors and build nazi shrines.

Battle of Sherwood commences as Under-sheriff risks protestors lives

United Kingdom, 07.12.2004 14:30

After over 14 months spent protecting a village green from illegal destruction. Protesters in Sherwood forest are
facing the toughest day - Police turned up without warning at 8 this morning (6th December 2004) and started to evict them.

They had been protesting against the unnecessary destruction of an area of woodland and grassland, which is recognised
for its conservation importance; the developers (Bellway Homes) and the Mansfield District Council are seeking to
build an unnecessary, and ill-placed, road junction across the Green.

The trees were evicted quite fast , but there is a tunnel network that will take far longer. The tunnels are well
stocked and extremely well defended.

No notice was given that the evictions were to take place and the Under-Sheriff of Nottingham (whose ultimately in
charge of evictions in the area) told the protesters only last week, that there would not be an eviction while legal
cases were still outstanding.

Information: Tel: 08708 080 080 or Fax: 08708 080 081 Email:

For background info:

Previous stories on Sherwood camp with photos:
1 |
2 |

Chapela to Teach His Last Class at UC Berkeley

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.12.2004 11:24

Come to Chapela's Last Class, Thursday 8:00 am

Chapela Teaches Last Class at UC Berkeley

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.12.2004 11:15

Come to Chapela's Last Class, Thursday 8:00 am

Whistleblower Exposes Conditions in San Jose Jail

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.12.2004 09:23

Nancy Rutherford is a licensed vocational nurse who worked dispensing medication to prisoners in the San Jose Main Jail. As she is a naturally empathetic person, she was criticized for not being callous enough with the prisoners. She has said there was little oversight of conditions for prisoners, and that mentally ill prisoners faced extraordinary difficulties in the jail environment. Unable to bear the brutality in the Jail and under pressure from corrections officers, she left her job after two months. She has now become an activist for the rights of the mentally ill. In this exclusive interview, Ms. Rutherford spoke with Indymedia reporter Peter Maiden. Read more

Whistleblower Exposes Conditions in San Jose Jail

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.12.2004 08:53

Nancy Rutherford is a licensed vocational nurse who worked dispensing medication to prisoners in the San Jose Main Jail. As she is a naturally empathetic person, she was criticized for not being callous enough with the prisoners. She has said there was little oversight of conditions for prisoners, and that mentally ill prisoners faced extraordinary difficulties in the jail environment. Unable to bear the brutality in the Jail and under pressure from corrections officers, she left her job after two months. She has now become an activist for the rights of the mentally ill. In this exclusive interview, Ms. Rutherford spoke with Indymedia reporter Peter Maiden. Read more

Lawsuit Challenges Stop-Loss Policy

DC, 07.12.2004 08:34

Lawyers representing US soldiers in Iraq and Kuwait filed a class-action lawsuit today to challenge the military's "stop-loss orders." Under stop-loss, members of the armed forces whose terms end or who retire can be forced to remain on active duty for an indefinite amount of time. A related policy allows recently discharged soldiers to be called back to duty. [shorter piece is news piece, longer one is speakers and a few questions answered at the press conference]

Dear Santa

DC, 07.12.2004 06:51

A letter to santa regarding housing.

Gravísimos hechos de represión policial en San Luis

Argentina, 07.12.2004 06:37

Martes 7 de Diciembre 2004 | TRES CASOS DE REPRESION E IMPUNIDAD
Gravísimos hechos de represión policial en San Luis

Liberan a todos los detenidos por la toma de planta petrolera en Santa Cruz

Argentina, 07.12.2004 06:30

Martes 7 de Diciembre 2004 | DEJAN SIN EFECTO EL PEDIDO DE CAPTURA
Liberan a los detenidos por toma de planta petrolera en Santa Cruz

children of color sacrificed in MPS school closing plan

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 07.12.2004 05:15

A different view on Mpls' bigoted approach to school closings

Mayor-elect Tom Potter speaks at BTA meeting

Portland, 07.12.2004 04:43

Mayor-Elect Tom Potter spoke tonight at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance's annual meeting/awards night. Also present were newly elected city commissioner Sam Adams, whom Tom asked to speak first, and the much admired former mayor Bud Clark (who did not speak). Clark, who used to ride his bike to work, was known for his accessibility as mayor, and is credited with helping to make Portland nationally known as a bike friendly city.

Potter pledged to continue to participate in rides around town with the community, and to prevail upon the police to work with the cycling community, including "elements of the cycling community that they currently do not understand," which was interpreted as a promising sign by those of us there concerned about Critical Mass.

Tom Potter Speaks at BTA Meeting

Portland, 07.12.2004 04:43

Mayor-Elect Tom Potter spoke at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance annual meeting tonight. Also present were several other bike-friendly local political luminaries, including former Mayor Bud Clark and newly elected Commissioner Sam Adams. Synopsis: basically a love-fest.

&quot;Lloyd Marbet Is Not Alone&quot;: The Belmont Law Center writes about the $300k A22/Iraq War protests settlement

Portland, 07.12.2004 04:21

As you all know, Alan Graf, a number of other lawyers, and the NW Center for Constitutional Rights (Plaintiff's Lawyers) recently settled a civil rights lawsuit against the City of Portland for police brutality. As a result of that settlement, Alan on 2 December wrote a piece he posted here entitled "Fast Food Activism." The Belmont Law Center publishes here its response to that piece, and the settlement generally.

As you also may know, Paul Loney and Stu Sugarman, aka The Belmont Law Center, have been fighting for various lefty causes since attaining adulthood, in a variety of roles. Since 1992, they have been at the forefront of Green Party politics, run a state wide nonprofit environmental group, fought for legalization of marijuana, defended forests and the environment, and defended animal rights. The Belmont Law Center has defended or helped defend every forest protester, and then every Oregon protester, in criminal court since 1995.

We would like to make it clear upfront we are impressed with the commitment of time and energy by the Plaintiff's lawyers in this case. Only lawyers who have sued the cops and other governmental entities, as have we, can understand the immense amount of work that goes into prosecuting such a case.

In "Fast Food Activism," Alan writes "all of the Plaintiffs and lawyers, other than Lloyd, have committed to funding the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center, a project of the National Lawyers Guild." In fact, Paul and Stu are members of the legal team on this suit but have not committed to funding the NWCRC at this time.


Other settlement stories: [ Team of Activists and National Lawyers Guild Attorneys Bring City of Portland to its Knees (12/1/04) | Katz and Council humbled, but unapologetic about $300k A22 settlement (12/2/04) | Alan Graf's Press Conference Speech rebutted (12/2/04) | Fast Food Activism: Some thoughts from Alan Graf on the A-22 and Iraq war settlements (12/2/04) ]

Aug. 22, 2002 Bush protest: [ A22 action page | A22 archive page ]
Iraq invasion protest stories: [ Day X (Mar. 20, 2003) | Week of Bombing (Mar. 21-29, 2003) ]

Parlamento Europeu vota passaporte biométrico

Portugal, 07.12.2004 03:43

Parlamento Europeu vota passaporte biométrico

REC Rocked

Houston, 07.12.2004 02:59

Radical Encuentro Camp Wrap-up


Argentina, 07.12.2004 02:44

Lunes 6 de diciembre de 2004 | Marcha por el feriado de carnaval
Por panzas llenas y corazones contentos

Cultural Sabotage

Manila, 07.12.2004 02:43

"Did Someome said FOOD?!"

Cultural Sabotage

Manila, 07.12.2004 02:43

"Did Someome said FOOD?!"

LGBT Veterans Not Accepted During Military's Time of &quot;Need&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.12.2004 02:17

12/6/2004: The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN) filed a lawsuit today, Cook v. Rumsfeld, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts on behalf of twelve lesbian and gay veterans seeking re-instatement in the U.S. Armed Forces. The vets were all discharged under the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" ban on gay, lesbian and bisexual military personnel, and they all had served during the "war on terror." SLDN's executive director says, "'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' creates an unacceptable and unconstitutional second class citizenship for our men and women in uniform. Forcing gays into a federally imposed closet and firing them for telling the truth is blatantly wrong. This law robs our nation of the talents and skills of thousands at a time when we can ill- afford to lose a single service member in the war on terrorism." Extensive info on SLDN's website.

An Audio Interview with Jim Wallis, Convenor of Call To Renewal

Madison, 07.12.2004 02:12

Audio coverage of the the Rolling to Overcome Poverty Bus Tour and the need to broaden the national political debate to address issues of social justice and poverty. Features Jim Wallis, Convenor of Call To Renewal - a faith based movement to end poverty and Editor of Sojourners Magazine - a magazine of faith, politics & culture.

anarchists, the left, and saturday's demo

Boston, 07.12.2004 01:21

overall, it was a good time. this is important. there has been some feuding, disappointment, misplaced congratulations and other drama. this critique is based on my own opinions and observations as well as conversations with other participants in the anti-authoritarian contingent and breakaway. [Editor's note: Just to be clear, simply because the Boston IMC features a commentary like this doesn't mean that we endorse its contents. We base our decisions on criteria like the quality of writing and the importance of the issues it raises, issues we hope people will engage in dialogue about.]

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