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Egyptian and Internationals Protest at Gateway to Sinai

United Kingdom, 13.12.2004 21:30

Two hundred Egyptian activists and fifty from Europe were prevented
from reaching Egyptian Rafah by security forces at Bahlouza, the
entry to North Sinai yesterday. The group was accompanying hundreds
of tons of relief supplies for the people of Rafah collected by the
Egyptian Popular committee in support of the Palestinian Intifada.
While the food and blankets were allowed to reach the border at
Rafah, the solidarity demonstration planed for Rafah was held in the
middle of the desert underneath the welcome arch of North Sinai.

5 go mad in Egypt - The tenth of Ramadan

United Kingdom, 13.12.2004 21:30

A group of London and Brighton based activists are in Egypt for the convoy to the Rafah organised by the Egyptian Popular Committee for solidarity with the Palestinian Uprising. Over the next few weeks expect a number of reports on the sights and sounds that we come across. In this one, we visit destitute workers with asbestosis occupying their former employers factory in the City of 'The tenth of Ramadan", about an hour out of cairo.


Barcelona, 13.12.2004 21:10

Se ha muerto el chico apuñalado por un fascista durante las fiestas de Gràcia

Noticias anteriores ::: 21set Carta explicando que en Roger seguía en coma :: 16set Entidades de Gràcia denuncian la puesta en libertat del agresor :: 26 set Carta abierta al movimiento antifa>/a>:::detenido el asesino de Roger

23 de diciembre : Manifestación Antifascista : Adéu Roger

+info :: >>>antifeixisme


Barcelona, 13.12.2004 21:06

S'ha mort el noi apunyalat per un feixista durant les festes de Gràcia

Notícies anteriors ::: 21set Carta explicant que en Roger seguia en coma :: 16set Entitats de Gràcia denuncien la posada en llibertat de l'agressor :: 26 set Carta oberta al moviment antifa :::últimes notícies: detingut l'assassí del Roger

23 de desembre : Manifestació Antifeixista : Adéu Roger

+info :: >>>antifeixisme

Report-back from &quot;You Stole My Vote&quot; rally

Portland, 13.12.2004 20:50

Attended by approximately 300-350 people, the protest featured speakers and music. Speakers included Pete Hamer, Oregon State Coordinator of 51 Capital March; Elizebeth Atly, of Portland Code Pink and Johnny Marie of Actions Speak Portland. The mike was then turned over for anyone who wanted to speak, including a 13 year old young lady and a phone relay from Portland with information from a press release concerning events in Ohio.

A commenter adds: Channel 6 had a brief account on their 5pm news, saying there were "dozens" of protesters... a quick shot of the crowd ... a smirking news reporter. Pretty disappointing, not even a serious attempt to research what the rally was about or that it was nationwide. No interviews with attendees.


PHOTOS: [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]

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George W. Bush's America: A National Nightmare?

Baltimore, 13.12.2004 20:11

The “Intelligence Bill,” or S. 2845, was passed by the Congress, on Dec. 9, 2004, with little or no public input. Pushed by the ultra Iraqi War Hawk, Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (D-CT), it creates the foundation for a national ID card. Bail can easily be denied to anyone charged with a terrorist offense. The power of Homeland Security bureaucrats to place an activist on “Watch” or “No Fly” lists have also been greatly enhanced by this police state scheme.

Activists protest illegal weapons produced by BAE Systems

New Hampshire, 13.12.2004 19:39

Activists vigiled for 30 hours this past weekend in protest of Depleted Uranium and other illegal weapons being produced by BAE Systems in Nashua, NH

IMC Maritimes Editorial Policy

Maritimes, 13.12.2004 19:03

IMC Maritimes Editorial Policy
Get involved in helping define how YOUR IMC operates.

Jornadas Pachamerikanas

Puerto Rico, 13.12.2004 16:39

Jornadas Pachamerikanas: Resistencia Cultural en México, Colombia, Québec y Venezuela


Argentina, 13.12.2004 15:16

Lunes 6 de diciembre de 2004 | LA PLATA: FERIADO DE CARNAVAL
Por panzas llenas y corazones contentos

Seymour Hersh: Bush Wins, What Happens?

DC, 13.12.2004 11:07

In a talk given September 19, 2004, Hersh predicts the Bush "victory" and warns what a second administration will entail. The talk was sponsored by the Washington bookstore Politics and Prose. Video Real video; 48 min. 350kbps.

Refugee Rights

Perth, 13.12.2004 10:51

Crisis in Detention: Baxter Iranians start second week of hungerstrike

SF/Oakland Protest AIPAC on Monday, Dec. 13th

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.12.2004 09:03

12/12/2004: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which works to convince Congress to help fund the Israeli military is holding two Bay Area events on Monday. AIPAC is part of why the US gives over $3 billion in tax dollars to Israel each year. The FBI is currently investigating AIPAC for its alleged role in an espionage case. Protest organizers are asking for people to call local and state politicians and ask them to boycott AIPAC's luncheon in San Francisco and/or the dinner in Oakland.

SF/Oakland Protest AIPAC on Monday, Dec. 13th

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.12.2004 07:42

12/12/2004: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which is arguably one of the most powerful political lobby organizations in the US, is holding two Bay Area events on Monday. AIPAC works to convince Congress to fund the Israeli military. Judging from the over $3 billion in tax dollars that the US invests in Israel per year, it is a wildly successful lobby. If Americans Knew says that the U.S. gives $15,139,178 per day to the Israeli government and military and $568,744 per day to Palestinian NGO’s, and that 0 Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians, while 4,170 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel since September 29, 2000. The FBI is investigating AIPAC for its alleged role in an espionage case. Protest organizers are asking for people to call local and state politicians and ask them to boycott AIPAC's luncheon in San Francisco and/or the dinner in Oakland.

Oppose East Burnside Home Depot/Target Tonight

Portland, 13.12.2004 07:32

  • MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2004, 5 PM
  • Public Workshop to gather input from presentations of Burnside Bridgehead Developer Proposals
  • State of Oregon Bldg
  • 800 NE Oregon, Rm 140
Wouldn't that be awful if there was a giant Home Depot or Target right in the middle of Portland? Folks driving by on the freeway would see it and sigh the sort of sigh that monoculture produces all over the place.

Well if we don't speak up, this vision will become a reality. They want to build a Home Depot or a Target on the east end of the Burnside Bridge, just a few blocks from locally owned Hippo Hardware. With enough public support, however, we could influence the planning comission to instead build a complex of locally owned businesses.


previous:[ The Start of the Battle over the "Burnside Bridgehead" ]

A Letter of Apology to the People of Iraq

Tennessee, 13.12.2004 06:53

A letter of apology to the Iraqi people from a Vietnam Army medic who cared for some of the most severely injured men, women, children and babies from both sides of that conflict in 1970 and 71. My arms have held the dead of war, and I understand the catastrophic toll in the present and the impact it will have on future generations. This is my personal sobering apology, and it may or may not reflect some of the feelings of the other 49 percent of Americans who voted for an anti-war candidate.

vo v. hefflin

Houston, 13.12.2004 06:52

Republican Cites Voter Fraud

Italien: Proze� gegen Sud Ribelle

Germany, 13.12.2004 04:28

Im Kontext des G8-Gipfels von Genua und dem Sozialforum in Neapel l�uft seit 2 Jahren eine juristische Untersuchung gegen das Netzwerk "Sud Ribelle" (Rebellischer S�den) in Kalabrien. Nach mehreren Vorverhandlungen begann am 2. Dez. 2004 in Cosenza der Proze� gegen 13 Aktivisten; die Anklage lautet u.a. auf "Subversion", auf Bildung einer subversiven Vereinigung mit dem Ziel, die wirtschaftliche Ordnung des Staates gewaltsam umst�rzen zu wollen.
Unterdessen kommen jetzt 28 Polizisten kommen vor Gericht, die w�hrend des G8-Gipfels in Genua an dem �berfall auf Diaz-Schule beteiligt waren (mehr).

[Indymedia Italien |]

Saturday, Dec. 18 - Send an Anti-War Message for the Holidays

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 13.12.2004 04:28

Send an Anti-War Message for the Holidays! Say NO to the War in Iraq- Bring the Troops Home Now!

Behind Wisconsin's hunting tragedy

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 13.12.2004 04:27

While many details of the Chai Soua Vang case are still unclear, the incident has put a spotlight on the issues of racism and national oppression, class division and property ownership, and the hunting culture in rural Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Black death in custody

darwin, 13.12.2004 03:48

Right to 'riot'

The high cost of channel deepening in Melbourne

Melbourne, 13.12.2004 03:40

Dredging a disaster: Port Phillip Bay Channel Deepening

Acção Global

Portugal, 13.12.2004 03:06

Acção Global

Los derechos humanos en la Argentina

Argentina, 13.12.2004 01:49

Domingo 12 de Diciembre 2004 | EL ESTADO ASESINA UNA PERSONA CADA 55 HORAS
Los derechos humanos en la Argentina

Gary Webb Found Dead in Home

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.12.2004 01:35

12/12/2004: Gary Webb, an investigative journalist, author, and recent legislative staffer, was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head Friday in an "apparent suicide" in his suburban Sacramento home. He was 49 years old. He had been a staff writer for the San Jose Mercury News from 1989 to 1997, he exposed freeway retrofitting problems in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, and also wrote stories about the Department of Motor Vehicles' computer software fiascos. He had also been a Guest Editor for NarcoNews.

Asesinan a dos travestis

Argentina, 13.12.2004 01:21

Domingo 12 de Dicimebre de 2004
Asesinan a dos travestis

Gary Webb Found Dead in Home

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.12.2004 21:33

12/12/2004: Gary Webb, an investigative journalist, author, and recent legislative staffer, was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head Friday in an "apparent suicide" in his suburban Sacramento home. He was 49 years old. He had been a staff writer for the San Jose Mercury News from 1989 to 1997, he exposed freeway retrofitting problems in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, and also wrote stories about the Department of Motor Vehicles' computer software fiascos. He had also been a Guest Editor for NarcoNews.

Los derechos humanos en la Argentina

Argentina, 12.12.2004 21:18

Domingo 12 de Diciembre 2004 | EL ESTADO ASESINA UNA PERSONA CADA 55 HORAS
Los derechos humanos en la Argentina


Euskal Herria, 12.12.2004 20:30


Desde siempre ha habido una gran cantidad de razones para oponerse al proyecto de Itoitz pues además de destruir la naturaleza, vaciar nuestros bolsillos para llenar los suyos, reírse de su propia ilegalidad, perseguir y encarcelar a sus oponentes... ahora también nos amenaza de muerte.

A pesar de ello el pantano de Itoitz sigue subiendo. Los técnicos que en los últimos años han estudiado el proyecto nos han ido advirtiendo de los diferentes riesgos que conlleva. Son riesgos concretos y numerados que en estos últimos meses están haciéndose realidad ante nuestros ojos y nos ponen a tod@s en alerta sobre el peligro que corremos miles de personas.

Se van cumpliendo las advertencias y no nos lo dice el Gobierno; nos lo dicen las diferentes grietas que están abriéndose en el centro de la presa por las que se cuela una gran cantidad de agua que está siendo achicada constantemente mediante motobombas; nos lo dicen los deslizamientos de laderas que se vienen produciendo durante las pruebas de llenado; nos lo dicen los desagües obstruidos que hacen al pantano incontrolable... y por si todo esto fuera poco nos lo dicen los continuos terremotos que el llenado del pantano provoca. ¿Qué más hace falta para detener las pruebas de llenado y vaciar lo embalsado?

Terremotos | ¿Por qué ocurren estos terremotos? | Coordinadora: "Por seguridad, Itoiz stop" | Solidaridad en Zaragoza | "Itoiz, porlanezko gezurra" | Cronología 1984-2003 | SOLIDARI@S CON ITOIZ

Bettering Belmont Billboards

Portland, 12.12.2004 18:44

Was driving along Belmont and happened to notice a billboard around 28th or so. What a great opportunity to try out my fancy new cellphone with photo capability!

Obviously this message is more important than the usual billboard garbage from the fascists at Clear Channel. I figure this billboard improvement is likely true. I was surprised to learn that 50% of NYC residents believe that Bush and Crew consciously allowed 911 to happen for their own dark purposes.

When some monopolistic dictatorial company like Clear Channel has managed to swindle control of all the billboard space in Portland, then it is inevitable that people will fight back against their dominating control. I would enjoy seeing a new clear channel billboard improved every single day.

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[ portland indymedia 9/11 investigation page ]


South Africa, 12.12.2004 18:38

Anti-privatisation activist jailed for resisting pre-paid meters

Something to Ponder in the Days Leading Up To Dec. 22nd

Portland, 12.12.2004 18:06

On December 22nd, the Portland City Council will once again meet to decide whether to re-certify the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force (PJTTF). When you go to protest this violation of our constitutional rights, be armed with the knowledge that JTTFs all over the country have been exposed for blatantly spying on political and environmental activists and critics of the government.

On December 2, the ACLU filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests all over the county to expose this nest of vipers. According to an ACLU press release, they filed FOIA requests in 10 states (including Oregon) and the District of Columbia "seeking information about the FBI's use of Joint Terrorism Task Forces and local police to engage in political surveillance." Said the press release:

"The FOIAs seek two kinds of information: 1) the actual FBI files of groups and individuals targeted for speaking out or practicing their faith; 2) information about how the practices and funding structure of the task forces, known as JTTFs, are encouraging rampant and unwarranted spying."

read the full article...
[ more on ACLU FOIA Requests ] I [ more CatWoman stories ]

US Wahlen - Neuausz�hlung / Aktueller Stand

Germany, 12.12.2004 17:30

pResidential sElection

Auf Initiative verschiedener Gruppen und Einzelpersonen begann am Montag im Bundesstaat Ohio die erneute Ausz�hlung der Stimmen. Ohio war der wahlentscheidene Staat bei den Pr�sidentschaftswahlen '04, der G.W.Bush die wichtigen Wahlm�nnerstimmen einbrachte.
Nach Demonstrationen am Wochenende, finden in den n�chsten Tagen in den USA weitere Protestm�rsche und Demonstrationen statt. | T�gliche Updates zur Neuausz�hlung | Democracy Now
Fotos von den Demonstrationenam Samstag


Portugal, 12.12.2004 12:08


Stop privatization of wastewater in Holyoke

Boston, 12.12.2004 00:15

Open Letter to the Aquarion Company Attn: CEO Charles Firlotte. Dear Mr. Firlotte and Aquarion, Your subsidiary, the Aquarion Water Company of Massachusetts is the only bidder on a contract to design/build/operate the wastewater treatment facility and CSO abatement project in Holyoke, Massachusetts, where I would be one of your future ratepayers. Mr. Firlotte, your company appears to be an honorable institution, and I mean no disrespect when I say that many of us in Holyoke don’t want the company to come here. We’ve formed a group called the Holyoke Citizens for Open Government, and although the contract is nearing final approval, we are doing what we can to halt the process.

Tribunal de Estados Unidos ¡Fuera!

Puerto Rico, 11.12.2004 23:58

Colonia al desnudo

Tribunal de Estados Unidos, ¡Fuera!

Puerto Rico, 11.12.2004 23:57

Colonia al desnudo

Tribunal de Estados Unidos ¡Fuera!

Puerto Rico, 11.12.2004 23:56

Colonia al desnudo

Armonización independentista

Puerto Rico, 11.12.2004 23:47

¿De tal palo, tal astilla?

Armonización independentista

Puerto Rico, 11.12.2004 23:43

¿De tal palo, tal astilla?

Obstruction As Nuisance, Sit-Lie Law Before Council Next Wednesday!!!

Portland, 11.12.2004 22:57

The City of Portland is bringing the Obstruction as Nuisance ordinance back before the council next Wednesday at City Hall. Street roots has been reporting that the law was going to be brought back. According to the latest paper, the new law will ban sitting on the bus mall all together. Street roots thinks the law will target panhandlers on the bus mall. The law was declared unconstitutional last August after members of the Peace camp challenged the law.

Homeless activists say the law is used to target panhandlers, and move people experiencing homelessness from one place to another. The new law would essentially ban many other activities in the community... if it was like the last one. If you are standing in a group of 3 or more people on a sidewalk you are breaking the law. Activities that would include groups or lines of people in front of churches and bars may also be illegal if you sit or block some of the sidewalk.

Please spread the word, and come out and voice your displeasure about how the city is yet again punishing people experiencing homelessness, and others you dare to be different on Portland's sidewalks.

Howard Zinn Strategizes with Baltimore's Left

Baltimore, 11.12.2004 22:44

In an hour and a half seminar with 100 local activists, Professor Howard Zinn engagingly addressed his audience with witty and simply phrased responses to questions about progressive strategies of the left. Zinn’s carefully crafted, but easily understood opinions were enthusiastically received by an audience eager to learn from the veteran peace activist, world War II veteran, lecturer, writer and historian. This seminar preceeded Zinn's December 8th address at the Milton S. Eisenhower Symposium.

Unfounded Assumptions, Elections, and Propaganda

Tennessee, 11.12.2004 22:33

The US corporate media are very clever at how they manipulate public opinion. They continually use unfounded assumptions and then come to completely fallacious and asinine conclusions about world events. As an analogy, if one were to put garbage into a computer to analyze, one would then get garbage out. There exists a parade of so-called analysts, terrorism experts and military brass who constantly appear on US corporate television and reason from unfounded assumptions and naturally come to nonsensical conclusions. When reality blatantly contradicts their conclusions, as for instance, predictions about the success of operations in Iraq, they often reappear to spout even more nonsense in an attempt to redeem themselves. Notice that the corporate lackeys of the rich and powerful seldom have any guests who might challenge the veracity of their unfounded assumptions, or if they do, they have several opponents available with great lung power to shout them down. US corporate media spokespeople then have the unmitigated arrogance to claim that they are fair and balanced. There is a radio station in Los Angeles which has the audacity to say that it gives perspective, analysis, and answers on its world news segment. Considering that this segment lasts all of three minutes before being interrupted by a commercial, I really don't think they could analyze or answer anything of consequence. If it served the interests of power and privilege, their answer to 2 plus 2 could conceivably be five.


Barcelona, 11.12.2004 20:33

Ha mort el noi apunyalat per un feixista durant les festes de Gràcia >>>

Notícies anteriors>> 21sep-Carta explicant que el Roger seguía en coma :: 16sep-Entitats de Gràcia denuncien la posada en llibertat de l'agressor :: 26sep-Carta oberta al moviment antifa :: més info a la secció antifeixisme

Flandern, Belgien: Rechtsextremisten bekommen 1 Mio. Stimmen

Germany, 11.12.2004 18:19

Bei den letzten Regionalwahlen in Belgien bekam die rechtsextremistische Partei Vlaams Blok 1.000.000 Stimmen in Flandern. Belgien ist ein F�rderalstaat, bestehend aus 3 Regionen: Flandern, Br�ssel und Wallonien. In Belgien gibt es starke Spannungen zwischen der fl�mischen und wallonischen Volksgruppe. Vor diesem Hintergrund gewinnen radikale Parteien, die die Aufl�sung der F�rderation bef�rworten seit vielen Jahren an Bedeutung. Am 14.November 2004 hat sich der Vlaams Blok in Vlaams Belang umbenannt, um als "neue" Partei den Problemen, die aus einigen Gerichtsurteilen resultieren zu entgehen. In Flandern leben 5 bis 6 Mio Menschen, gesprochen wird Fl�misch, ein niederl�ndischer Dialekt.

Report on Media Consolidatiion forum Dec. 9

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 11.12.2004 18:00

A report on the wildly successful FCC hearing on media consolodation and localism. Over 100 people testified, and their unified voices said: NO MORE MEDIA CONCENTRATION! (read more...)

A Victory For Conscience and International Law: AlliantTech Peace Activists NOT GUILTY

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 11.12.2004 17:54

4 Peace activists found not guilty of criminal trespass at Alliant Tech, manufacturer of cluster bombs and depleted uranium weapons

Eureka and the fight for Civil Liberties

Melbourne, 11.12.2004 16:29

Treatment of David Hicks raised at Eureka Commemoration

End Mandatory Detention

Melbourne, 11.12.2004 08:42

Human Rights Day Protest stops traffic

Update on the Parry Center Strike, Day 11

Portland, 11.12.2004 07:33

As most of you know, the Parry Center for Children has been on strike since November 29.

Things are going as one would expect: lots of hours on the picket line and very little movement on the managment's part. Despite union-related support from the head of DHS, the AFL-CIO, multiple unions, the County Commissioners, and the Governor, Trillium continues to be obstinate. One might wonder why they are biting the hand that feeds them (the Commissioners will have more control of funding for places like Parry come January); the union has no answer for this. The only thing we know for sure is that they've spent more money on busting the union than it would have cost to give us our wage increases ... this is according to the UNION'S figures, not the CEO's grossly bloated $1.1m estimate.

Community support has been tremendous. We've received a couple of thousand dollars in donations, mostly from other locals and unions, which we are going to put towards paying for our workers' COBRA (public health insurance) payments. We've also received lots of Fred Meyer gift cards, hand warmers, plastic ponchos, and canned food. People have been randomly coming up and marching with us on the line. The community/union/activist support is wonderful, and we're extremely grateful for all their efforts!

read the full article...
Kids' Fesival of Lights For Rights
  • WHAT: International Human Rights Day
  • WHEN: Friday, Dec. 10th 5-6:30 p.m.
  • WHERE: 3415 SE Powell Blvd.
The workers at the Parry Center for Children have been on strike since Monday, Nov. 29. Parry Center workers provide 24-hour residential care to some of Oregon's most troubled children. We're fighting for worker rights, and for better quality of care for the children we serve and care about. We're taking a stand and working hard to improve our community. Come join them in support on Friday, Dec. 10 from 5-6:30 p.m. at the Kids' Festival of Lights for Rights, in honor of International Human Rights Day. read on...

previous stories: [ Community support is needed on the Parry Center picket line! I Parry Center Strike I Call Kim Scott and Demand Binding Arbitration to End This Strike I Call for Support for Parry Center Strike, Pics, and Report on Parry Center Rally I Parry Center, the striker's demands I Day 2 of the Parry Center Strike I Pictures from Parry Center Strike and Supporters' Building Occupation I Report from the Parry Center Strike I Breaking News: Group of Concerned Citizens Occupies Parry Center Offices I Portland Social Workers Go On Strike For Children ]

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