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Media Reform meeting this Saturday

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 15.12.2004 17:54

Collective Media Action this Saturday

Sacramento Protest Against Black Box Voting

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.12.2004 17:13

Code Pink, the Ranging Grannies, and even some delegates were on hand as a crowd of young, old, and in between marched from US Senator Barbara Boxers office at the Federal building, to the state capitol where the CA electoral delegates were meeting with "black boxes" in hand. A couple of delegates (Chuck & Diania) actually addressed the crowd and said that they too were disgusted at the blatant computer vote fraud, and voter disenfranchisement in this last "election". They also stated that they were going to try to talk the other delegates into refusing to cast their votes until the Ohio recount had been done. For pictures and report, go here .


Sydney, 15.12.2004 16:03

Peace, Civil Liberties, Intimidation and Harassment in Parramatta

Video Activism

Melbourne, 15.12.2004 13:50

Oceania Indymedia Newsreal 2 now online

Autonomous spaces in 2004

United Kingdom, 15.12.2004 13:00

This last year has been a pretty active and productive year for the
social centres movement in the UK...

At the begining of the year, the Wombles occupied 93 Fortess Rd
for several months before moving into the ex-Grand Banks
in Tufnell Park. Both occupations saw successfully resistance against
eviction and were highly successful and popular. After eviction
in August the wombles took a break to concentrate on the 'Beyond
ESF event' but they'll be back in 2005.
Perhaps also to return in 2005, Use Your Loaf,
an ex-bakery in Deptford which had been occupied as a centre for social solidarity since summer 2002, but was finally
evicted in September. Currently without a building, the collective
has remained active and are having a xmas party this coming Friday.

Also having a party on the Friday 17th AND Saturday 18th Dec, the
'rampART' in East London. The building opened around six months ago and has been host to a wide variety of political and cultural events.
To celebrate and raise funds to cover bills, there is a two day
festival with bands, workshops, DJs, fashion show, VJs, films etc. Full details on

In Birmingham, a disused
nursey was occupied and is now on the verge of possible eviction.
Last week saw resistance against eviction (see photo) and we await

enjoyed a series of three short lived squatted social centres using the name OCSET.
All were quickly evicted but there will certainly be another openned in 2005.

Olentzero llega con un compañero: consumismo!!

Euskal Herria, 15.12.2004 11:23

Un año más por estas fechas llegan momentos de estar en familia, el paso a un año nuevo, pero también llega la mayor época consumista en un mundo consumista como el nuestro. El viejo carbonero Olentzero ya no baja del monte para beber y cantar sino que llega simplemente como reclamo publicitario.

En estas fechas todo es opulencia y despilfarro. Despilfarro energético y de recursos naturales que nos conduce a su esquilmación y a nuestra propia explotación. Un claro ejemplo de esto es la explotación extensiva o acuicultura del langostino tropical. "Rodolfo langostino" tiene un costo mayor del que pagamos cuando lo ponemos en nuestras mesas en estás fechas.

En las últimas fechas se han dado diversas acciones que caminan hacia la construcción de una sociedad menos consumista (Protesta en la apertura del centro comercial Zubiarte, Concurso contrapublicitario 2004, V. Azoka Antikapitalista en Durango, 28 noviembre: Día sin compra).

Protest to be held against Michigan banks who aid Israel Defense Forces

Michigan, 15.12.2004 07:17

Five Southeastern Michigan area banks (Standard Federal, Bank One, Comerica, National City and Huntington Bank) were listed as "generous sponsors" of "Michigan Friends of the IDF [Israeli Defense Forces]" in a recent full-page ad in the Detroit Jewish News (10/22/04). We have confirmed that each of these banks contributed to “Michigan Friends of the IDF.” They have explained/justified their action as possible “bad judgment” carried out by “minor bank functionaries”. They have refused, however, to repudiate the ad or to take any public corrective measures. While we recognize that some of these banks, especially Comerica, have made contributions to organizations which work to mitigate the suffering in the Middle East, we believe that any donations which lead to supporting the Israeli military are egregious errors which only encourage further abuse of human rights and justice in this volatile part of the world. They must be confronted and cannot be allowed to stand.

Action against five Southeast Michigan banks over their support of Israeli military
TIME: Friday, December 17, 2004, 3:30-5:00 PM
PLACE: Main Street, between Huron and Washington, downtown Ann Arbor, MI
CONTACT PERSON: William Thomson (734) 668-8479, wthomson (nospam)

Recent coverage: ADC protests IDF sponsorship by Michigan banks | Palestine is still the issue in Ann Arbor

Walk for Life Comes to San Francisco on January 22nd

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.12.2004 06:40

January 22nd, 2005 will be the the 32nd anniversary of the Roe v Wade, the court decision that legalized abortion in the United States. "Walk for Life West Coast", a city-wide anti-choice event, is also scheduled for that date. Last year, women nationwide celebrated the first "I'm not sorry I had an abortion day". Pro-chouce activists feel that it's time to do it again. Elizabeth Creely says, "it's clear that women (and men) who have had abortions need to continue to defend our right to reproduce on our own terms." Walk for Life says, "Come together and walk 2 scenic miles along San Francisco's waterfront--from Justin Herman Plaza to the Marina Green. Get involved! Help to make this a real statement for Life to the West Coast. Make this a fun weekend in San Francisco!"

A Re-Invitation to the San Diego Community

San Diego, 15.12.2004 04:46

The San Diego Independent Media Center (SDIMC) is a grassroots organization committed to using media production and distribution as a tool for promoting social and economic justice in San Diego County. It is our goal to give voice to those people under-represented in the mainstream media. We intend to illuminate and analyze local and global issues that are affected by the increasing corporate domination of American society and the subsequent erosion of democracy. We seek to generate alternatives to the current biases in the corporate media and to contribute to the development of an equitable and sustainable society.

We fully recognize that to achieve these goals, it is essential to work closely with the San Diego activist community. Because the corporate media operates under a veneer of objectivity, subjects and persons, if covered at all, are actually presented in an "as told by the media" manner. We will work with and within movements for social justice in San Diego to support them in the telling of their own stories, which will further the goals of those movements.

Further, we fully recognize that the goal of representing people who are under-represented can only be accomplished in a just way by having members of under-represented communities in our organization, creating media and participating in our decision making process.

Burglary in Southeast

Portland, 15.12.2004 02:48

Last week the Oregonian ran a cover story about the rash of burglaries plaguing SE Portland. At the time that the story ran, I noticed that the map of the city, which featured orange dots at the sites of recent burglaries, featured no dots within a five-block radius of my house. I had about one week's worth of gloating before, apparently, somebody else also noticed there were no dots in my 'hood, and decided to do something about it.

Yesterday noon, my partner and I stepped out for some errands. We returned about 45 minutes later and brought our groceries inside. A few minutes later I decided to put some items in the freezer in the garage. The doorknob was troublesome(?). I opened the door and noticed the back door open. Whoops, I thought, I left it open earlier. Then I noticed the splintered wood and the garage shelves emptied onto the floor. And the twisted doorknob on the outside of the house door. And the flashlight left on the floor. And my back gate swinging open in the breeze. "Sweetie, we've been robbed," I shouted, "Call the police."

Circle A Radio Now Archived on pdx imc

Portland, 15.12.2004 02:16

Circle A Radio collective broadcasts worldwide voices of resistance. We view our work as a tool for organizing, spreading information and providing a structure for complex analysis in order to inspire action. We strive to present information in a historical context drawing from the experiences of political prisoners, the indigenous sovereignty movement, immigrants in the United States, gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered communities, Pan-Africanists, and individuals confronting capitalism, globalization, neo-liberalism, racism, police brutality and all systems of control. We support cultures based on sustainability and mutual aid. We reject the principles of hierarchy and privilege and promote equality.

Circle A Radio, the twice-monthly anarcha-feminist program on KBOO (90.7) has shows archived on PDX IMC!

add your comments...
[ Circle A Radio ] [ portland imc web radio ]

Citing Proposal 2 uncertainty, Granholm shelves DP benefits for state workers

Michigan, 15.12.2004 02:11

LANSING - Dec. 2, email lists and phone lines erupted with the news that the State Employer's office had decided to drop domestic partner benefits from state employee contracts that had already been negotiated and agreed to by the state and several unions. The worst fears of Proposal 2's many opponents, that it would deny or take away vital health insurance benefits for same-gender partners and their children, seemed on its way to being realized.


Colombia, 14.12.2004 23:23

Fracasó la reforma tributaria,
represalias contra la inversión social


Colombia, 14.12.2004 23:05

Piden suspensión de cultivos de palma africana en el Chocó

Stone Cold Busted! Corruption in Oregon Department of Transportation

Portland, 14.12.2004 21:09

Stone Cold Busted! Richard Becerra and Ray Udey, who both worked in the Hood River area; David Glerup, who worked in Burns; and Tom Butler, who worked in Astoria are the 4 Oregon transportation workers have left their jobs in the wake of a kickback investigation, and dozens more are being questioned, state officials acknowledged Monday.

An ODOT spokesperson said, "Stone Cold Chemicals cold-called government entities to sell cleaning and office products at inflated prices and then offered gratuities of 8 (percent) to 10 percent of the total chemical purchases,"

ODOT also said, "We became aware of it in the fall of 2003 and started looking at our records, and then informed Oregon State Police that we thought there might be something going on,"

Stone Cold Chemicals has been the target of numerous bribery investigations across the country since 2002.

Hit and Run This Morning, North Portland

Portland, 14.12.2004 21:06

Around 8:30 this morning, a new silver car smashed into a parked car in front of the Nu-Rite Way Market, on Mississippi Avenue. The Nu-Rite Way market is one of the two minority owned businesses left on Mississippi Avenue, their rent has recently been raised and their business isnt picking up with the new additions to the neighbourhood. I went in there around 9 am and asked what had happened outside.

The proprietors son told me that the silver car, which was still on the road, smashed into a parked car in front of the business, and he heard a loud noise, and looked outside. He assured me that he saw two white people get out of the silver car and run south on Mississippi, towards downtown.

From the Newswire

Manila, 14.12.2004 20:38

Environmentalists to Defensor: scrap disastrous DENR Order 2003-30

Bush's Giuliani-sidekick Kerik hit by links to Mafia, bribery, infidelity, arrest warrants

Portland, 14.12.2004 20:23

...story reported Friday evening just before Bernard Kerik withdrew his name as Bush's HLS nominee. Bernard Kerik has been hit by allegations about his connections to the Mafia, as the White House scrambles... --- The company, Interstate Industrial, hired Mr Kerik's close friend Lawrence Ray, the best man at Mr Kerik's wedding, to help with its licensing problems. --- Mr Ray said on Sunday that he gave Mr Kerik more than $US7000 in gifts while he was commissioner of corrections and later of the Police Department. The gifts were first reported in the New York Daily News. --- ...serving as New York City corrections commissioner, Mr Kerik spoke to the city's Trade Waste Commission ***on behalf of that close friend*** who paid him the money who was helping a company suspected of Mob connections try to get a licence from the city,... Mr Kerik and one of the owners of Interstate, Frank DiTommaso, acknowledge they were friends... --- ...[despite the bribe] in January New York City regulators recommended denying the licence, citing what they said were the company's known ties to organised crime known over many years.

HIMC Radio Show - December, 2004 - KPFT, 90.1FM, Pacifica

Houston, 14.12.2004 19:45

Links to recent broadcasts of the Monday night HIMC Radio show on KPFT

Temporary Down Time, Now Fixed

San Diego, 14.12.2004 19:26

We were experiencing some unscheduled down time due to a hardware failure since Wednesday, Dec 8th. The problem was caused by an old hard drive in our web server that stopped functioning. We are back online now and fully functional. If you would like to help us avoid this sort of down time in the future, please donate computer hardware or funds for new hardware!

You can donate funds by clicking the "Make a Donation" button in the left hand corner. You can donate hardware by contacting us at .


Barcelona, 14.12.2004 19:15

Don't put our lives in the Insecurity we call "Precariousness" or "Precarity"

La precariedad it has many faces and it affects all of us to greater or lesser degree as we are women , immigrants , students , workers ... We are all precarious and as precarious beings we decide we rebel Many company closures because of moving location compound this Amongst other things, what companies look for is maximum production minimal costs . be it or not location moving one of the causes of the precarity of our lives, the trade union leadership also help make us precarious, in as much as mostly they can not control events such as Phillips or the workers of parks and gardens .

For all this and more the network against the closure of companies and precariousness "precarity" has prepared some seminars witha series of acts and actions from the 2nd to the 12th of december:

:::Decentralised Actions:::

[1 dic] Intern teachers of Catalonia Strike ==>[video], [following the strike] [2 dic] Sant Andreu ::: Sants y Gràcia ::: Clot-Poblenou ::: Elx y Elda ::: Granollers ::: UAB [3 dic] Ribes [Other days] Tarragona:::Cornellà

[9 dic] 19h demo in the centre, starting at Portal de l'Àngel to the Fomento [10 and 11 dec] Meet at Cocheras de Sants [12 dic] 12h Concentration in pl St Jaume.

Ashland man hiking to raise awareness of Wisconsin forests

Madison, 14.12.2004 19:04

Bill Hogseth is a Wisconsin hiker who wants to maintain the country's wilderness areas. He will be hiking the "Pacific Crest Trail" on the west coast beginning in April to raise awareness about Wisconsin's forests.

Activists Keep Heat on Foie Gras at Aqua

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.12.2004 19:01

Despite the upcoming ban that goes into effect in California in 2012, foie gras is still being served at Aqua and other restaurants in the bay area. Foie Gras is the forced feeding of ducks of high fat foods until their livers explode and the animals die. This is considered quite the tasty treat for upscale restaurant goers. Outside the restaurant In Defense of Animals members (IDA), showed a film of a chef who claims in a TV interview that the feeding tubes used to produce foie gras only broach the tips of the birds’ mouths. In the same video he then is shown by the interviewer graphic footage of what really happens when ducks have massive amounts of food being blasted down their throats. Read the rest of the report, and learn about how you can help the campaign. Email with further questions.

Experimentos clínicos del Imperio en la Isla

Puerto Rico, 14.12.2004 17:52

Animalitos de laboratorio: Los experimentos con niños en Puerto Rico

Experimentos clínicos del Imperio en la Isla

Puerto Rico, 14.12.2004 17:50

Animalitos de laboratorio: Los experimentos con niños en Puerto Rico

BlackBox Radio debuts today

Michigan, 14.12.2004 17:28

Today at 6PM, BlackBox Radio's first show will air on WCBN-FM (88.3FM in Ann Arbor). BlackBox Radio came out of the success of the Michigan Independent Media Center's N2 and N3 live radio coverage. BlackBox Radio is produced in the studios of WCBN and can be heard every Tuesday from 6:00-6:30PM. It will also be available for download from the MichiganIMC.

On this week's show: SAFE and divestment from Israel, Students Organizing for Labor and Economic Equality, the Protest Art Show, and the Men Against Violence Against Women Campaign.

BlackBox Radio is an all-volunteer group comprised of students and non-students from the Ann Arbor area. There are opportunities to get involved in many ways, including research, field recording, interviewing, audio editing, and more.

To send feedback or learn more, email mi-radio AT

51 Capitol

Houston, 14.12.2004 16:20

Voter Fraud Protest in Austin

Dec.13 Wilson Bldg video hilites

DC, 14.12.2004 14:32

Shake me down for the ball team, shake me down for the park! Housing and healthcare are under attack; DC is stabbing its poor in the back! Now our roots, roots, roots will be torn up, neighborhoods wasted again, while they tax, tax, tax us to death for a Big League Scam! RealVideo, 13:21

Emergency means now!

Maritimes, 14.12.2004 14:21

HCAP to rally for emergency shelter before end of 2004:
Emergency means now!

Hands off human rights act

Maritimes, 14.12.2004 14:17

FAPO to NB Government:
Hands off human rights act

U.S. at Odds with Rest-of-World on Fighting Global Warming

Madison, 14.12.2004 13:15

Delegates numbering 6,000 from 194 countries are meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina last week and this week to compare notes on the growing threat of global warming. The occasion is the "10th Conference of Parties" (COP-10) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Two issues dominating the conference are: (1) the ability of nations to adapt to a changing climate in the future, and (2) the progress of developed countries in reducing their nation's annual greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental ministers from 80 countries are expected to join the delegates on Wednesday this week and participate through to the closing of the conference.


Brasil, 14.12.2004 12:16

Manifestações pela redução da tarifa em Pelotas

gensan bombing

QC, 14.12.2004 10:20

GenSan Bombing Raises Concerns over Possible Rights Violations

Report-back from &quot;Burnside Bridgehead&quot; redevelopment workshop: Big Box stores out-of-favor

Portland, 14.12.2004 09:38

I attended the public workshop put on by the Portland Development Commission's "Burnside Bridgehead" Redevelopment Evaluation Committee Monday night. This two-hour event was an open house, featuring PDC staff and representatives from the three firms offering designs for the project. The "No Big Box Store" theme was running strongly among the citizen attendees, and the Portland Alliance of Worker Collectives (PAWC) issued a statement in favor of the single proposal (by Beam Construction & Management) that doesn't include one.

The room was crowded, with a constant line of newly arrived people at the check-in table the entire time I was there. I was encouraged to see that so many people in the area care about what happens in their city. How seriously the PDC takes citizen input is a question that remains to be answered, of course.

Ozomatli Interview on Free Radio Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 14.12.2004 08:18

On 12-9-04 Ozomatli played a gig in Santa Cruz, CA and before the sound check Uli and Jiro from the band came down to the Free Radio Santa Cruz studio and did an interview with AC Sandino Segudno. Included are a few songs from previous and current albums.

Total time is 39 mintues 42 seconds and the file is 18 MB.

[ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 ]

Following the 'Guantanamo Bay Express'

Melbourne, 14.12.2004 06:35

Activists expose US Torture transportation

Lucha salarial en Subterraneos y contra los despidos en Bagley

Argentina, 14.12.2004 05:01

Martes 14 de Diciembre 2004 | SE EXPANDEN LAS LUCHAS
Lucha salarial en Subterraneos y contra los despidos en Bagley

Santa Protests Rapid Cash Payday Loan

Portland, 14.12.2004 04:44

I had a good time this past Saturday doing a one-santa-action at the new Rapid Cash payday loan and check cashing store at 39th and Powell, former site of Dunkin Donuts. Most Saturdays and Sundays a very obnoxious fuzzy Kangaroo mascot and sign waver ("Payday Loans here!") are posted in front of the store -- that public humiliation/exploitation/advertising annoyance combined with predatory, unjust business practices and a santa suit gathering dust caused me to take action.

Santa's arrival caused the Kangaroo and sign waver to scurry inside to talk to their managers who promptly had them lie low -- I found out later that no pay was docked from them. Support from drivers was fantastic -- nearly every other car gave me a thumbs up, laughing and honking their horn...based upon this reaction, I'd say there's very strong community support for more fair and just alternatives.

read the full article...
another photo

Como una llamarada

Argentina, 14.12.2004 04:27

Martes 14 de Diciembre de 2004
Como una llamarada

Luchas por el salario y contra los despidos

Argentina, 14.12.2004 04:22

Martes 14 de Diciembre| A pesar de los 100 de aumento, se expanden los conflictos
Por el salario en Subte y contra despidos en Bagley

Dropping dead on your doorstep

Santa Cruz, CA, 14.12.2004 04:18

HUFF activists have been lobbying for years to end the Sleeping Ban, but now that homeless people are dropping dead on the Mayor's front step, it it definitely time to act.

Luchas por el salario y contra los despidos

Argentina, 14.12.2004 04:17

Martes 14 de Diciembre| A pesar de los 100 de aumento, se expanden los conflictos
Por el salario en Subte y contra despidos en Bagley

Report from V.O.T.E. rally and the casting of votes by Oregon's Electors in Salem

Portland, 14.12.2004 03:46

At 11am, about 200 people gathered in Salem for a rally highlighting fraud and mistakes in the Presidential election. The Electors met at 12pm at a formal process in the state capitol witnessed by about 250 people.

I attended a rally today and spoke on behald of the Pacific Green Party. The crowd was about 100 people when the rally started and grew to about 200 just before noon when we went and witnessed Bill Bradbury oversee the Electoral Process.

There were tons of High School students around the capitol performing a holiday concert in the Rotunda so the place was pretty active. Corporate media was represented by a few radio and TV stations. OPB was there. KBOO too.



previous election fraud actions: [ Report-back from "You Stole My Vote" rally (12/12/04) | Report-back from Democracy Is Dying gathering (11/21/04) ]

Gary Webb, exposer of CIA complicity in cocaine trade, found dead at home

Portland, 14.12.2004 03:32

Gary Webb, whose work exposed CIA facillitated and protected drug-smuggling, was found dead in his home this Friday morning. His death has been called a suicide, as he apparently died from a gunshot to the head. Given the nature of his most contraversial work, one can forgive this writer for being suspicious as to whether or not Mr. Webb actually took his own life. The CIA, which was deeply embarrassed by Webb's series in the San Jose Mercury News back in 1996 is known for assassinating political opponents. With the Passage of the USA PATRIOT act, the CIA is now able to conduct such dirty business inside our borders.

Regardless of the circumstances of Mr. Webb's death, authentic, muckraking journalism has lost a true champion.


[ Dark Alliance: San Jose Mercury News Exposes CIA Complicity In Crack Epidemic | "Gary Webb Speaks": A Parascope special report ]

Tre Arrow: &quot;Alive and well from behind these walls and fences in B.C.&quot;

Portland, 14.12.2004 03:23

It is a harsh and saddening reality to ponder over the oppression and abuse that humyns (sic.) are subjected to by other humyns. Furthermore, humyns seem to not have any qualms about causing suffering towards our fellow animal friends and our only home, our sacred Earth Mother. Just like certain songs portray, as well as being the essential theme behind the star wars movies, there is an element of light in every one of us despite the darkness in our lives. This light burns bright in me and I am so greatful for the love and energy and support that is pulling forth.

Thank you everyone.

At this time what I need from you all is continued support in whatever capacity you are willing and able to contribute.


[ Official Tre Arrow website / legal defense ]

Bulldozer without Brakes

Portland, 14.12.2004 03:20

[This article originally published in: Freitag 49, 11/21/2004 is translated from the German by Marc Batko.] The republican election winners are enjoying their triumph. President George W. Bush consolidates his power. Whoever did not join a hundred-percent in the past four years must leave or voluntarily resign. Absolute loyalty seems to be the main criterion for a post in the second term. Colin Powell is gone. He had at least allowed the illusion to the friends of the US abroad that there was "another" voice in the government. Condoleezza Rice, the former security advisor who sang the loudest Amen in the hymn to the Iraq war, will be his heir. The Washington bulldozer now runs practically without any brakes.

Nostalgia was back in fashion last week when Bill Clinton opened his Presidential Library in the pouring rain in Arkansas. Even George W. Bush came and was full of praise for his predecessor in retirement. Clinton showed his appreciation. Bush was a "good man" like the defeated democratic candidate John Kerry. Kerry and Bush saw the world with different eyes. In Washington, Tom Daschle said goodbye. The leader of the democrats in the Senate defeated in the November 2 election appealed to his party to seek a "common center".


[ more articles/translations posted by Marc Batko to pdx indymedia | Marc Batko translations ]

Georgians Call for Exposure of Possible Election Fraud

Atlanta, 14.12.2004 00:59

#media_7608;left#As vote fraud questions in Ohio Heat Up, Atlantans protest at the State Capitol demanding a recount. Meanwhile Ohio's Republican Secretary of State locks down voting records drawing the ire of Democratic Congressman John Conyers and Senator John Kerry steps into controversy.


Urbana-Champaign, 14.12.2004 00:49

(Let’s Shed Some Light On It.) Terrell Layfield killed himself at the Champaign County jail on Saturday, December 4th. This was the third suicide that has taken place within the walls of the Champaign County Jail in the last 6 months -- this compared to an overall state count of approximately 8 or 9 suicides per year - in total – in all city and county jails in Illinois. In other words if statistics for this year hold true. Champaign County will have had 30% of all jail suicides in Illinois.


Urbana-Champaign, 14.12.2004 00:48

(Read: Three Jail Suicides in Champaign County -- for background) Hopefully part of the reason that Champaign County court system is so backed up, has been alleviated in the replacement of John Piland as states attorney. But the fact is, that it is backed up, and so, many of those who are being held in the Champaign County jail are people who are awaiting trial. They have not been found guilty. Those that are innocent and guilty alike are subject to days, months, and more in the Champaign County jail. The conditions at the jail are for those who are guilty and for those who are innocent --. primarily it is for those who are *poor.* Those who have money can pay their bond --which allows them to be released from jail pending their trial. In many ways conditions at the Champaign County jail are much harsher than those in the state and federal prisons. The conditions could be characterized as inhumane. At the least, they are much more confining than they need to be and certainly lead to problems that might exacerbate mental health deterioration and / or depression. Listen to Dec 13 IMCRadio News for this story with interviews with families of inmates.

Over 100 Gather at Tennessee State Capital to Save Democracy

Tennessee, 13.12.2004 22:27

Nashville, TN: More than 100 people gathered Sunday at the State Capital in Nashville, Tennessee to take part in the national, "Gathering to Save Our Democracy" organized locally by activist Bernie Ellis. Tennesseans concerned about this issue gathered beginning at noon and soon there were over 100 people demanding clear and accountable elections. Several speakers were confirmed ahead of time for the event including the State Coordinator for the Kerry/Edwards campaign. Participants were then allowed to speak their minds and many locals did get up to the mic to speak out. The corporate press was also invited and two television stations came to cover the event. Participants were asked to remember to wear orange (in solidarity with the Ukrainian people) and to bring signs. There was some orange at the event including a twelve foot long orange banner and many signs with slogans such as "I voted. Did it count?, Who won? Who knows?, Re-count the Votes, I voted. Did it matter?, A free and fair election???? and Let Every Vote Count!! Really!!" The protesters also participated in a live call-in from the gathering to a national radio program that was tracking similar events in state capitals across the country.

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