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Para que el río no calle y un pueblo no muera

Argentina, 17.12.2004 04:11

Viernes 17 de Diciembre de 2004
Para que el río no calle y un pueblo no muera

Itoiz em Alerta Máximo

Portugal, 17.12.2004 03:54

Itoiz em Alerta Máximo

Public Transit Fare Hikes and Service Cuts coming soon

Pittsburgh, 17.12.2004 03:31

Public Transit Fare Hikes, Service Cuts and Lay-Offs to start on February 1st

&quot;All We Want for Christmas is Justice&quot;

Chicago, 17.12.2004 02:57

logoSpecial Prosecutor Edward Egan was assigned in April 2002 to investigate the allegations of Chicago police torture at the hands of former Cmdr. Jon Burge and his detectives. Burge and company are accused of torturing more than 100 African American men on the South Side of Chicago. They used electroshock, suffocation, and severe beatings to coerce confessions. The Death Row 10, who were sentenced to death based on these tortured confessions, are among Burge�s victims. Four of the Death Row 10 were pardoned by former Gov. Ryan in 2003, but the rest continue to serve life sentences.
While Burge was fired from the police department in 1993, neither Burge nor any of his sadistic ring of detectives ever faced prosecution. The Special Prosecutor could change this. Attached is a letter written by members of the Death Row 10 and police torture victims calling on the Special Prosecutor to charge the officers involved and to name and charge those who knew of the torture and asking for relief in their cases. The Special Prosecutor's report is expected to be released soon. A delegation of family members and supporters will deliver this letter to the Special Prosecutors office Tuesday....[Read, Sign, Circulate] | [Download Letter]
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Refugee Rights - Baxter

darwin, 17.12.2004 02:17

Solidarity Request from Iranian Hunger Strikers in Baxter - HELP

Rev. Tim McDonald and Atlanta Faith-based Leaders to Deliver Petition to Israeli Consul

Atlanta, 17.12.2004 02:02

On Monday, December 13th, 2004, several community and religious leaders delivered a petition calling on the State of Israel to dismantle the Apartheid Wall currently being built in the West Bank. The delegation was headed by community figures including Rev. Tim McDonald (CBC), Rev. Don Edwards (ECAPC), Sara Humphrey (JHAH), Joe Parko (AFSC) among several others. The petition has been endorsed by numerous religious communities, organizations committed to justice and human rights, and individuals of conscience throughout the city.


Athens, 17.12.2004 01:47

Οι φασίστες δολοφονούν...

Holyoke citizens group offers alternative proposal to privatization of wastewater treatment plant

Boston, 17.12.2004 00:25

A local resident’s group, Holyoke Citizens for Open Government (HCOG), will present a proposal to the Board of Public Works at their meeting on 12/16/04, 5:30pm at 63 Canal St., Holyoke. The proposal is for a public-public partnership as an alternative to privatizing the Berkshire Street Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Man arrested for advising friend of rights sues police

Michigan, 17.12.2004 00:06

DETROIT – December 14, 2004 - The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan filed a federal lawsuit today on behalf of a young man who was unconstitutionally arrested simply because he told his friend that he had the right to decline to answer questions.

“In this country, citizens should not have to fear arrest or that the police will invade their home simply because they advise friends of their constitutional rights,” said Kary Moss, director of ACLU of Michigan.

Sean King, a resident of Brooklyn, Michigan was visiting a friend in December 2002 when he saw that the doors and trunk of another friend’s parked car were open. When he went outside to see what was happening, he found Columbia Township police officer Kevin Ambs searching the car. He asked the officer what he was doing and Ambs told him to go back into the house or he would face arrest for hindering an investigation. King went into the house and Officer Ambs followed.

Rally in Support of Pablo Paredes!

San Diego, 16.12.2004 23:39

On December 6th, 3rd class Petty Officer Pablo Paredes stood resolutely on the pier of the 32nd street naval base in San Diego, as his ship the USS Bonhomme Richard, left for Iraq without him.

Saturday, December 18, 1 PM

GI Resister in San Diego In front of the Federal Building(corner of Ash and Broadway Downtown SD)

To contribute to Pablo\'s support please go to

For more info about Pablo Paredes check out:

Support Committee for Pablo Paredes

Stop wapenleveranties aan Indonesie!

Netherlands, 16.12.2004 23:35

In meer dan 22 steden is er donderdag actiegevoerd tegen de levering en financiering van Nederlandse marine-schepen aan Indonesie.Nederland is een van die tien grootste wapen-exporteurs ter wereld. Uiteraard oogst dit veel kritiek van verschillende organisaties. Zij verzetten zich tegen de verkoop van wapens en wapenonderdelen aan landen die dit materiaal (kunnen) gebruiken voor mensenrechtenschendingen en oorlog. Alhoewel er wel een beleid is voor wapenverkoop komt het regelmatig voor dat deze onderdelen/wapens gebruikt worden bij conflicten.

A Letter to Erik Sten on the passage of the new &quot;Sit Lie&quot; Ordinance

Portland, 16.12.2004 22:04

I do not appreciate the passage of the new "Sit Lie" Ordinance and wrote a letter to Mr. Erik Sten voicing my disapproval and my reasons for it.

Well, Mr. Sten, I can't believe I thought you were different. But I hear on KBOO this morning that you and all the other city council members passed Ms. Katz' "emergency" measure and took a stand against the homeless again today.

I understand that you, because you work downtown, have to politely deny panhandlers every day, and I know how this must make you feel. I too had to turn down the "spare change?" question multiple times a day for years. It makes you feel a wee bit guilty, a wee bit used, a wee bit angry, a wee bit disgusted... But it's wrong to tell these people they can't do that, and it's wrong to tell people they can't hang out in a public right-of-way - even if it is all day in the same spot. These people do not block the sidewalks. They do not even prevent people in wheelchairs from getting around. They also do not prevent access to businesses. I've been downtown. No one has any trouble getting around.

read the full letter...

Oceania Indymedia Newsreal 2 now online

Aotearoa, 16.12.2004 21:43

The Oceania Indymedia Newsreal compiles short, critical documentaries focussing on social and environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific region. Bringing together stories from independent producers and community media collectives the Oceania ewsreal is distributed on VCD and online via the website.

The second edition includes pieces on the 2002 Woomera breakout, a critical look at the anniversary of East Timor's independence, the State of Emergency conference and action in Melbourne, corporate media ownership in New Zealand, forest destruction and protest in Tasmania and videos produced by workers organising in the factories of Jakarta.

Video Online : v2v | NGVision | Demand Media | Portland Indymedia


Victoria, 16.12.2004 21:23

Canadian web host shuts down anarchist parents' resource site


Victoria, 16.12.2004 21:23

Canadian web host shuts down anarchist parents' resource site

Sami in Palestine: Tulkram

Portland, 16.12.2004 20:06

Dec 12: I took a trip to Tulkarm, in the northwestern corner of the West Bank to see the effects of the occupation on the villages in that area. Tulkarm is located close to the Green Line, the 1967 boundary between the Palestinian territories and the state of Israel, and has been incredibly adversely affected by the building of the wall. The path of the wall, as I have mentioned many times, does not follow the Green Line, but zig-zags over the land, sometimes veering kilometers away from the Green Line, cutting off villages, and annexing people's land.

Dec 14.: We took a tour of led by a few Tulkarm activists and the School Health Officer, an articulate and well dressed young woman, of the poorest schools in the area. We brought lice shampoo from a Tulkarm organization for distribution in the schools. The first school we visited had 320 students from 1st to 3rd grades in 9 classrooms. The school was so overcrowded that some classrooms had as many as 46 students in them. The students sat two to a desk, with desks lined up in rows and along the walls. The school had no central heating, and therefore is very cold and damp in the winter, forcing the children to wear their coats inside the classroom. Many children come from very poor families, since many of their fathers are out of work, or have been killed or injured in the intifada. Taking these conditions into account, I am always impressed by how highly Palestine as a society values education, and how many students go on to receive a higher education.

read both entries...
[ Sami in Palestine: All Updates ]

Wisconsin Jews join national campaign to urge negotiated settlement of Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Madison, 16.12.2004 19:36

Despite the well-publicized debate in Madison over the Rafah sister-city resolution, over 100 Wisconsin Jews on both sides of the issue have joined forces as part of a national campaign urging the appointment of an internationally respected American envoy dedicated to facilitating the negotiated settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This proposal is laid out in an open letter from Brit Tzedek v'Shalom, the Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace, to President George W. Bush that was recently delivered to the White House.

Internationals Beaten and Palestinians Wounded

United Kingdom, 16.12.2004 19:30

Internationals from the International Solidarity Movement and the
International Women’s Peace Service today joined with Israeli peace
activists to support the village of Bil’in in their second day of
resistance to the construction of the Apartheid Wall. Approximately 150 men, women, and children from Bil’in walked onto their confiscated land and halted surveying work.

post-apocalyptic revolutionary logistics training

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.12.2004 18:59

We need a lot more meaning and freedom in our lives. More connection, more intrigue, and more adventure. Adventure Club is part of our effort to create more joy and more resistance. Adventure Club may not change the world, but for those who commit to try, it will make their world more interesting, exciting, and engaged.

[ download the AC handbill (.pdf) ]

Kelly Bornshlegel, Madison Activist, Arrested in West Bank

Madison, 16.12.2004 18:16

Journalist and community activist Kelly Bornshlegel (23, from Madison) was arrested brutally by Israeli Border Policemen while filming a peaceful demonstration on Tuesday outside Ramallah, Occupied Palestinian Territories. She is currently being held in Hadera Detention Centre awaiting deportation.

On Tuesday December 14, the people of Bil'in accompanied by international and Israeli activists and journalists marched peacefully against the construction of the illegal Israeli Apartheid Wall. The village of Bil'in, located west of Ramallah, has been told that three-quarters of its land will be confiscated and handed over to the neighbouring Israeli settlement during wall construction.

Anti-War / Peace March – Wausau, WI. – Sun 12/26 – Noon to 4pm

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 16.12.2004 17:33

The day after X-Mas, Sunday December 26th from Noon to 4pm there will be a march around the 400 Block – downtown Wausau, WI.

Happy Holidays from the Bush Administration

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 16.12.2004 17:33

Everybody everywhere is celebrating Christmas! OR ELSE!!

Candlelight Vigil to Save Tenncare

Tennessee, 16.12.2004 16:09

Enrollees, Reverend Victor Singletary, Providers Speak Up with Vigil 43 Candles will represent the 430,000 Lives of Tennesseans that will be put in jeopardy if TennCare is dismantled. The vigil will be a prayer to support Governor Bredesen to find a third way to save TennCare. The combination of the premiums that many TennCare enrollees pay, federal matching funds and several cost saving reforms that combined can make a difference and save TennCare. WHEN: Thursday, December 16th 5:25pm – 6:15pm WHERE: In front of TennCare Bureau, Corner of 8th & Church Avenue (Downtown Nashville)


Colombia, 16.12.2004 15:48

Sindicalismo eje fundamental en la lucha de resistencia

OHIO-The Crime Against Democracy

DC, 16.12.2004 15:33

Siskiyou Environmental Film Festival

Rogue Valley, 16.12.2004 15:17

4th Annual Siskiyou Environmental Film Festival
Ashland, Oregon
February 18-20th, 2005 (Friday-Sunday)
Havurah Sanctuary (185 Mountain St.)

"Bringing award-winning films from around the region and around the world"


Colombia, 16.12.2004 15:05

Deuda con la Humanidad:
Paramilitarismo de Estado en Colombia 1988-2003

Prótocolo de Quioto: Portugal não cumpre critérios

Portugal, 16.12.2004 14:51

Prótocolo de Quioto: Portugal não cumpre critérios

a 11 años del Santiagueñazo

Argentina, 16.12.2004 14:34

Jueves 16 de Diciembre 2004 | EL SANTIAGUEÑAZO
Jornadas marcadas con fuego

Cobb, Kerry add recount tampering to civil lawsuit against Ohio, Blackwell

Portland, 16.12.2004 14:22

The lawyers for Green presidential candidate David Cobb and Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik, along with Kerry-Edwards 2004 have added election tampering to a civil suit filed against the state of Ohio over problems with the state's recount, RAW STORY has learned.

The suit, detailed here, alleges that a manufacturer of voting machines, Triad Election Systems, which serves 43 counties in the state, is tampering with the recount. It is unclear exactly what recourse the plaintiffs' seek; the filing adds on to an original suit to have the recount take place before Ohio electors meet, which failed in the courts. Green Party spokesman Blair Bobier did not respond to immediate calls for comment.


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Latin America Underground Film Fest

Sydney, 16.12.2004 13:53

Argentine Activist Video

Big Business Takes on Forest Activists

Melbourne, 16.12.2004 13:47

20 Gunns Salute for Tasmanian Environmentalists

Interwencja - Skłot ElektroMadonna w Częstochowie

Poland, 16.12.2004 13:22

Częstochowa. W sobotę rano (11.XII.2004) w trakcie imprezy muzycznej, na której mieli występować artyści z Francji, Niemiec, Austrii, na częstochowski skłot przy ul. Warszawskiej wtargnęła policja.

Desalojado el gaztetxe Sorgintxulo de Santutxu!

Euskal Herria, 16.12.2004 12:43

Hoy 16 de diciembre a las 9:30, la Ertzaintza y la Policía Municipal de Bilbao han desalojado Sorgintxulo, el gaztetxe del barrio Santutxu de Bilbao. Seis personas han pasado la noche dentro del gaztetxe, y cuando cinco de ellos se han ido a trabajar la policía a entrado en Sorgintxulo, cuando solo quedaba una persona. Han entrado hacia las 9:30 de la mañana, por el tejado (utilizando una grua), y han abierto la puerta desde dentro. Los ertzainaz han identificado a la persona que se encontraba dentro, y hacia las 10:35 le han dejado salir. No ha habido detenciones. Los del gaztetxe de Sorgintxulo han convocado una manifestación hoy a las 20:00.

En estos momentos, el edificio Karmelo (Sorgintxulo gaztetxea y la iglesia) está totalmente rodeada por la Ertzaina y los Municipales. La plaza Karmelo está "completamente tomada" por la Ertzaintza. Se está congregando un montón de gente en la plaza Karmelo. VEN TU TAMBIEN!

12:40 --> Acaba de comenzar una mani por las calles de Santutxu. ZATOZ!!!

Informazión en directo por frecuencia modulada:
irola FM 107.5 koska irratia FM 108

Interwencja - Skłot ElektroMadonna w Częstochowie

Poland, 16.12.2004 10:22

Częstochowa. W sobotę rano (11.XII.2004) w trakcie imprezy muzycznej, na
której mieli występować artyści z Francji, Niemiec, Austrii, na
częstochowski skłot przy ul. Warszawskiej wtargnęła policja.

KUB Commits To Improving Knoxville's Water Quality

Tennessee, 16.12.2004 08:20

On December 1st a settlement was reached between The Clean Water Network (TCWN) and Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) to help eliminate sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs)in the Knoxville area over a period of ten years. SSOs are caused when sewer lines, not being properly maintained to keep up with population increase in an area, become inadequate. in periods of heavy rainfall, the sewer pipes flood increasing the pressure and causing manholes to rise and release a mixture of raw sewage and rainwater.

Questions About Gary Webb's Death Abound

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.12.2004 07:26

12/15/2004: A Memorial Service for Gary Webb, the late investigative journalist, will be held in Sacramento on December 18th. Webb died as a result of two gunshot wounds to the head. A coroner determined that the cause of death was suicide, largely due to the presence of a suicide note. Some, however, wonder if Webb died of "Potential Witness Syndrome." However, his ex-wife said Tuesday that Webb had been distraught for some time over his inability to get a job at another major newspaper. 'The way he was acting it would be hard for me to believe it was anything but suicide.' Webb had reportedly paid for his own cremation earlier in the year. Apparently, he had sold his house last week, because he could no longer afford the mortgage, and was also upset that his motorcycle had been stolen. (More) Memorial Webpage for Gary Webb

Californians to Have Expanded Domestic Partner Benefits

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.12.2004 06:43

12/16/2004: In 2003, Governor Gray Davis signed AB 205, which provides registered domestic partners with nearly all the rights, benefits, and responsibilities granted to spouses under state law, and takes effect after January 1st, 2005. Domestic Partner rights have come a long way since the first domestic partner law was signed in California in 1999, establishing a registry, giving registered domestic partners the right to visit each other in the hospital, and giving domestic partner benefits for certain state employees. Read more In addition to SB 205, the California Insurance Equality Act, Assembly Bill 2208, prohibits insurance providers from issuing policies or plans that treat registered domestic partners and married spouses differently. More from NCLR

Génova: Carabinnieri vão a julgamento

Portugal, 16.12.2004 04:33

Génova: Carabinnieri vão a julgamento

Córdoba: Campesinos reclaman en tribunales el remate de un campo

Argentina, 16.12.2004 04:04

Jueves 16 de Diciembre de 2004
Córdoba: Campesinos reclaman en tribunales el remate de un campo

Exposing &quot;Victoria's Dirty Secret&quot;

Pittsburgh, 16.12.2004 03:51

Exposing "Victoria's Dirty Secret"

US Attorney Drops Civil Rights Case

Pittsburgh, 16.12.2004 03:29

US Attorney Drops Ellerbe Civil Rights Case

Reunión con Nación

Argentina, 16.12.2004 02:44

“Aún no sabemos cuál es el camino a seguir”

Reunión Toba con Nación

Argentina, 16.12.2004 01:41

“Aún no sabemos cuál es el camino a seguir”

El Agro contra el TLC

Peru, 16.12.2004 00:13

Gremios Agrarios contra el TLC

Indigenas Ocupan Oleoducto en la selva

Peru, 15.12.2004 23:50

Aguarunas ocupan Central de Petroperu en Loreto

Indigenous Women Weavers From Chiapas To Visit Portland

Portland, 15.12.2004 22:57

Co-op co-founder Celia Santiz Ruiz will speak how indigenous women have responded to economic impacts of free trade, militarization and crushing poverty that has hit the Mexican countryside following the implementation of the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Indigenous women in Chiapas suffer from a severe lack of access to primary education and economic opportunities. Chiapas rates dead last among the Mexican states in women's illiteracy, more than doubling the national average (28.9% Chiapas vs. 11.3% nationally). In indigenous communities, the number is closer to 60%. Traditional back-strap loom weaving is often the only profitable skill that Chiapaneca women wield.

Weaving cooperatives give women the chance to market their work at fairer prices than they would receive if selling individually. Co-ops like Jolom Mayaetik also offer women opportunities like access to education, comraderie, and space for protesting social and economic injustice.

The presentation includes a slideshow, Q&A, and beautiful cooperative-made weavings for viewing and sale! Free and open to the public.

Sexual Consent Workshop

Urbana-Champaign, 15.12.2004 19:22

i was wondering if there would be any interest for a sexual consent workshop in c-u. i am going to be in champaign from the 23 of this month thru jan 3, not a real popular time, as i would guess most everyone is out of town. but it's worth a shot. i am one of the facilitators for this workshop and would love to do it in c-u for obvious reasons. so, if anyone can think of a place to have this at or if you think people will attend or if you just want to know more about hysteria please email me.

Death toll for journalists is highest in decade

Pittsburgh, 15.12.2004 19:16

Death Toll for Journalists is Highest in Decade: We Shall Overcome, Say Filipino Journalists

Lessons from the snitching of Billy Cottrell by Jeff 'Free' Luers

Portland, 15.12.2004 18:33

November 17, 2004 will be remembered as another sad day for the Earth Liberation front and the radical activist community. On trial for the ELF action of torching SUVs in Southern California, William 'Billy' Cottrell took the witness stand in his defense.

Accused of more than $2.3 million dollars of property damage, I can imagine the fear Billy felt facing decades in prison. Many activists, past and present, remember that feeling all too well. For some it was our finest moment, if also most painful, as we stood before the state proud and unwavering.

Perhaps, the truest test of our warrior spirit can be found in the courtroom. Undoubtedly, our movement's defining moment will be how steadfast we stand when facing the full repression of the state.

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