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Movimiento LGBT y Balance 2004

Peru, 22.12.2004 02:26


Balance 2004 del movimiento LGBT

Peru, 22.12.2004 02:24

Balance 2004 del movimiento LGBT

Gary Webb's death confirmed as a suicide by investigator Michael Ruppert

Portland, 21.12.2004 21:35

Ruppert [whom i have enormous respect for] has made a very compelling case that webb's death was indeed a suicide. i didn't want to believe it, but there is little doubt left in my mind. read ruppert's notes from the above link yourself, and you decide. ruppert makes some very valid points about alex jones and john hankey, and the "high standards" that we should hold ourselves to when trying to understand "the truth". ruppert writes:

"This is a time for all of us who are activists, professional investigator and journalists on the internet to distinguish and separate ourselves from those who do not employ professional standards for their investigation and reporting. These standards are used to make what is consumed by a sometimes too-trusting readership trustworthy and useful. It is a matter of love and honor for those who read what we write.

Just as the dishonest mainstream media distances itself from those of us who use this powerful medium out of fear, it is time for those of us who care about getting it right to draw an unmistakable line between ourselves and the internet "trailer trash" who detract from the very, very difficult job that Gary Webb gave his life for: Telling the truth, getting it right and proving it in a way that can be trusted... No matter what the cost.

This is what Gary Webb taught us."

indeed webb's most important lesson might be the one brought on by his death itself: that we need to always question our assumptions, always seek the truth no matter what we "wish" were so, and use our courage to guide us.


previous: [ Gary Webb, exposer of CIA complicity in cocaine trade, found dead at home (Dec. 13, 2004) ]

related: [ Alex Jones' Rebuttal To Allegations Made By Michael Ruppert Concerning Gary Webb's Death ]

VIDEO: In honor of Webb's legacy of "authentic journalism," GNN [Guerrilla News Network] presents this exclusive interview, in which Webb discusses Dark Alliance, the media maelstrom, and the story's historical importance. The video was produced by a team of GNN's video students at the School of Authentic Journalism 2002 seminar in Merida, Mexico. [ watch it ]

Supporters gather on a frigid afternoon for second &quot;Save Our Democracy Rally&quot;

Tennessee, 21.12.2004 18:24

Dozens of supporters of "Save Our Democracy" gathered again Sunday in the frigid air to demand an accountable electoral process. Even though temperatures were well below freezing and windchill was below zero, over one hundred supporters of democracy stood outside for the second Sunday in a row for almost two hours to share stories and listen to speakers and to demand fair and accountable elections. Participants listened to speakers from the Green Party, Libertarian Party and Constitution Party as well as representatives of various other consitutuencies in Tennessee.

Votergate is in full swing, nationally and at home

San Diego, 21.12.2004 18:16

Thursday Dec. 23, 2004 2:00PM
202 'C' Street San Diego Downtown Civic Center Plaza.
Come out and support the 5,000+ voters that have been disinfranchised by a bubble. More than 5,000 voters can't be ignored!
From the Voters for Donna Frye and the Supporters of Democracy

The evidence is mounting that this election, just as the last one, had been stolen. What makes this one even more stunning is the brazen nature in which it had been stolen. Add to this the nature of how it had been stolen, with the possible use of manipulated machines as well as the silence from the media and the leadership of the Democratic Party. Many observers have noted the common feeling that the democratic process is slipping away right in front of us.

FBI E-Mail Refers to Presidential Order Authorizing Inhumane Interrogation Techniques

Urbana-Champaign, 21.12.2004 18:10

Newly Obtained FBI Records Call Defense Department’s Methods "Torture," Express Concerns Over "Cover-Up" That May Leave FBI "Holding the Bag" for Abuses

&quot;Stop Loss&quot; case of Oregon National Guardsman to be heard in Federal Court in Portland, Dec. 28

Portland, 21.12.2004 17:47

On Tuesday, December 28th, at 1:30 p.m. in the Federal Courthouse (3rd and Salmon), Courtroom 12A, a hearing will be held on an Oregon National Guard Soldier's challenge to the Army's policy requiring extended military service for deployment to Afghanistan.

A lawsuit has been filed by Steven Goldberg, on behalf of the National Lawyers Guild's Military Law Task Force, on behalf of Emiliano Santiago, a member of the Oregon Army National Guard stationed in Pendleton, Oregon This suit challenges a stop loss order that requires the reservist to remain in the military beyond the term of his enlistment for duty in Afghanistan.

Santiago is ordered to return to service on January 3. This hearing is to seek an order to keep him in the country while he challenges the deployment.

&quot;Stop Loss&quot; case of Oregon National Guardsman to be heard, 12/28 1:30pm at Fed. Courthouse

Portland, 21.12.2004 17:46

This was passed on to me from Peace and Justice Works. Can somebody please call the federal courthouse to confirm that this is on? This is a REALLY important front in anti-war activism. They cannot continue this war if nobody is willing to go!

BlackBox: Toxic Fish, Iraq, and Outsourcing

Michigan, 21.12.2004 17:37

BlackBox Radio airs today at 6PM on WCBN-FM (88.3FM in Ann Arbor). BlackBox Radio is produced in the studios of WCBN and can be heard every Tuesday from 6:00-6:30PM. It is also be available for download from the MichiganIMC.

On this week's show: Flame retardants in your food, Juan Cole and "What's Next for Iraq," corporate outsourcing, and more local, national, and international news.

BlackBox Radio is an all-volunteer group comprised of students and non-students from the Ann Arbor area. There are opportunities to get involved in many ways, including research, field recording, interviewing, audio editing, and more.

Listen to the show! [high quality (27.36MB) | lower quality (17.10MB)]

To send feedback or learn more, email radio AT

Homelessness In Eugene and Portland

Portland, 21.12.2004 17:28

As I was coming home tonight I spotted a cart in front of Key Bank. I pulled into the parking lot; I could see a mist of warm steam rising up and meeting the cold night air. It's damn chilly out there tonight. The thermometer across the street from where the homeless person and his dog lay sleeping in the cart read 35 degrees.

What a telling juxtaposition; a homeless person occupying the sidewalk on the property of a financial institution, a very appropriate symbol for where the U.S. economy is going.

Really, I felt bad just taking a couple of photos and then leaving. I am never sure what to do. I give to Food for Lane County when I can and participate in local food drives. Rarely do I hand out money on the street though. I know that it is not my place to judge where the money goes, but I've never felt good about supporting an alcohol or drug habit. I worked in the field of addiction for several years and have seen the ravages of that.

read the full article...
EUGENE HOMELESSNESS: [ City of Eugene on Homelessness I Food For Lane County I White Bird Clinic I Eugene Homeless Shelters I What Homeless Problem? (2002) I Eugene Homeless Community Organizer Brutalized!!! (2002) ]

PORTLAND HOMELESSNESS: [ Sisters of the Road Cafe I Street Roots I Dignity Village I Outside IN I Portland Homeless Shelters I Homeless Crisis in Portland Briefly Invades Live Television During Storm Coverage (1/04) I Jody's guide to homelessness (2002) ]

[ more stories by peace rebel girl I pdx imc homelessness page ]

The first known hypothermia death this season happened last night. We desperatly need your help!

DC, 21.12.2004 17:23

I called the central morgue today and asked if any homeless or unidentified people had died last night. Someone had. They were likely homeless and on the street.

AFSCME Local 3700 Files Unfair Labor Practice Charge Against UI Stall Tactic

Urbana-Champaign, 21.12.2004 17:18

"On average, we make just one thousand dollars a year more than the custodial staff. The employees that mow the grass make three thousand a year more than we do." Dorinda Miller, President of AFSCME Local 3700 said, "We don’t begrudge any worker a decent wage, we just want to make sure our predominantly female staff are equally compensated for the skills and knowledge they are required to have, not paid less because they are females."


Colombia, 21.12.2004 17:03

¿Detención o Secuestro?

Nueva seccion ALCA / TLC

Peru, 21.12.2004 16:48

Tenemos Nueva seccion ALCA / TLC ! !

Kelly speaks from Israeli prison after first week

Madison, 21.12.2004 12:44

Today marks the seventh day of my illegal imprisonment in Israeli jails. During this week I have been moved 3 times: most recently to Tsochar prison, 10 km from the Gaza Strip. I have been interrogated by the Ministry of the Interior, Police, Shabak and finally a 'judge', employed full-time at the deportation prison. Repeatedly I asked for my charges, my rights, and access to a lawyer but each time I was met with a blank stare.

Chicagoland Premieres &quot;The Other Side of AIDS&quot;

Chicago, 21.12.2004 08:13

logoTHE OTHER SIDE OF AIDS confronts many of the questions that remain unanswered after more than 20 years of research. Through interviews with scientists, testimonials from HIV-positives and historic footage, the movie chronicles the HIV-AIDS debate from it's beginning in a 1984 press conference to the present regimen of "life-saving" drugs. THE OTHER SIDE OF AIDS was produced and directed by filmmaker, Robin Scovill, whose wife, Christine Maggiore tested HIV-positive in 1992. Maggiore, author of What if Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong? is director of Alive and Well AIDS Alternatives, an internet-based non-profit information agency. [Go to article and film schedule]

xarxa i llibertat (ca)

Barcelona, 21.12.2004 06:45

En joc el programari lliure

>> Aprovarà il·legalment el Consell de Ministres de la UE la directiva de patents de programari? <<

Fa centenars d'anys no existia el concepte de el "copyright" però si l'inventor de la roda hagués patentat la seua creació prohibint a tot el món usar-la, tu -a dia d'avui- no podries tenir un monopatí, una bicicleta o un cotxe, perquè necessiten rodes per a caminar. Jugar amb les patents és jugar amb la propietat de les idees. Qualsevol treball artísitic ja siga música o imatge o vídeo, o qualsevol document científic o d'investigació, o una obra literària, etc... és considerat com cultura, i la cultura deu estar a l'abast de tothom. Al camp de la cultura tecnològica, empreses desenvolupadores de programari propietari usen "copyright" per a llevar-li la llibertat de coneixement als usuaris; nosaltres ens neguem a aquesta pràctica anti-cultura, i en canvi usem els drets reservats per a garantir-los la seua total llibertat. Per això és que invertim el nom, convertint els drets reservats "copyright" en "copyleft", perquè partim de la base que les idees no tenen propietari.

:: info oficial a la web de FFII + informació a caliu ::

Documents interessants :: Llicència dels documents de Indymedia Barcelona + Programari lliure versus Programari Propietari + reflexions sobre els drets d'autor + Sobre el copyleft i els drets d'autor + El copyleft explicat als xiquets, per Wu Ming + Et regalo un llibre: "Sobre programari lliure"

+info en secció xarxa i llibertat

net and freedom (en)

Barcelona, 21.12.2004 06:45

Free Software in danger

>> Will the EU Ministers Council approve the programing patens directive? <<

For hundreds of years, the concept of "copyright" didn't exist, but if the inventor of the wheel had patented his creation prohibiting all from using it, you today, would not be able to have a unicycle, a bike or a car, because we need wheels "to go". Playing with patents is playing with the property of ideas. What ever type of artistic work; music, image or video, or whatever scientific or investigative document, or a literary work, et cetera... is considered as culture, and culture must be available to all. In the field of technological culture, companies develop software property using `copyright' to take the liberty of knowledge from the users; we denounce this anti-cultural practise, and rather we use reserved rights to guarantee their total liberty. For this we invert the noun, converting the reserved rights of "copyright" for "copyleft", because we share the base notion that ideas have no owner.

:: oficial info oficial on the FFII's web + information of caliu ::

Interesting documents :: The licenses of the documents of Indymedia Barcelona + Free Sofware versus Private Software + reflection on author rights + On copyleft and author rights + copyleft explained to kids, by Wu Ming + I give you a present the book : "On free software"

+info en sección network and liberty

reto kaj libero (eo)

Barcelona, 21.12.2004 06:45

Ni riskas la liberan programaron

>> Ĉu nelegxe akceptos la ministro-konsilio de EU la direktivon pri programadaj patentoj? <<

Antaŭ kelkaj jarcentoj la koncepto “kopirajto” tute ne ekzistis. Se la inventinto de la rado estus patentinta sian novaĵon malpermesante al ĉiuj uzi ĝin, hodiaŭ ci ne rajtus havi rultabulon, biciklon aŭ aŭton, ĉar ili bezonas radojn por ruli. Ludi per patentoj estas ludi per ide-proprieto.
Kiu ajn arta laboro, same muziko, bildo aŭ video, aŭ kiu ajn scienca aŭ reserĉada dokumento, aŭ literatura verko, ktp... estas rigardata kiel kulturaĵo, kaj kulturaĵoj devas esti atingeblaj de ĉiuj.
En la kampo de teĥnologia kulturo, entreprenoj kreantaj kopirajtan programaron uzas la koncepton "kopirajton" por preni al utiligantoj kono-liberecon; ni rifuzas tiun kontraŭkulturan agadon kaj, tute male, uzas "kopirajton" por garantii al ili tutplenan liberecon. Pro tio ni inversigas la nomon, kaj iĝas rezervitan kopirajton (angle: "copyright") senrezerva kopieblo (angle: "copyleft") ĉar ni kredas, ke ideoj ne havas posedantojn.

:: oficiala info de la projekto FFII + info en caliu ::

Interesaj dokumentoj :: Kopirajtoj de la dokumentoj de Indymedia Barcelona + Libera programaro kontraŭ kopirajta programaro + pensoj pri aŭtorrajtoj + Pri la kopieblo kaj la aŭtorrajtoj + La kopieblo klarigita al infanoj, de Wu Ming + Mi donacas libron al vi: "Pri libera programaro"

+infoj en fako reto kaj libero

redes y libertad (es)

Barcelona, 21.12.2004 06:44

En juego el software libre

>> Aprobará ilegalmente el Consejo de Ministros de la UE la directova de patentes de programación? <<

Hace cientos de años no existía el concepto del "copyright" pero si el inventor de la rueda hubiese patentado su creación prohibiendo a todo el mundo usarla, tú -a día de hoy- no podrías tener un monopatín, una bicicleta o un coche, porque necesitan ruedas para andar. Jugar con las patentes es jugar con la propiedad de las ideas. Cualquier trabajo artísitico tipo música o imagen o vídeo, o cualquier documento científico o de investigación, o una obra literaria, etc... es considerado como cultura, y la cultura debe de estar al alcance de todxs. En el campo de la cultura tecnológica, empresas desarrolladoras de software propietario usan `copyright' para quitarle la libertad de conocimiento a los usuarios; nosotrxs nos negamos a esta práctica anti-cultura, y en cambio usamos los derechos reservados para garantizarles su total libertad. Por eso es que invertimos el nombre, convirtiendo los derechos reservados "copyright" en "copyleft", porque partimos de la base en que las ideas no tienen propietarix.

:: info oficial en la web de FFII + información en caliu ::

Documentos interesantes :: Licencia de los documentos de Indymedia Barcelona + Sofware Libre versus Software Propietario + reflexiones sobre los derechos de autor + Sobre el copyleft y derechos de autor + El copyleft explícado a los niños, por Wu Ming + Te regalo un libro: "Sobre software libre"

+info en sección red y libertad

CPP declares 10-day unilateral ceasefire

QC, 21.12.2004 06:30

CPP declares 10-day unilateral ceasefire

Αυτός ο όμηρος δεν απελευθερώθηκε!

Thessaloniki, 21.12.2004 05:29

Αυστηρότατη καταδίκη αντιρρησία συνείδησης

Portland's JTTF City Council Hearing Postponed AGAIN

Portland, 21.12.2004 04:36

Today, curious to find out anything new about the recent PJTTF hearing happening on the 22nd (this Wednesday!) I decided to go check out the city councils website at http://www.portlandonline and look at their agenda. As it turns out in a PDF file (... agenda item 1483) the hearing has been CANCELED!

Here is what is posted on their site: "1483 TIME CERTAIN: 10:30 AM - CANCELED. THIS ITEM WILL BE RESCHEDULED, DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED. Authorize Memorandum of Understanding and Reimbursement Agreement with the Portland Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to participate in the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force (Ordinance introduced by Mayor Katz")

I called Sue Parsons the Asst. Council Clerk at City Hall (e-mail: phone: 503 823-4085) to make sure the agenda had in fact been changed and was correct. As it turns out Sue says that the hearing was just canceled today (the 20th of December) and will most likely be put off until sometime in late January, but couldn't give me a date or time.

read the full article...
related articles: [ Something to Ponder in the Days Leading Up To Dec. 22nd I New PJTTF date and time (2004.11.02) I PJTTF Hearing Delayed Again by the FBI I PJTTF HEARING POSTPONED! (2004.10.28) I OPPOSE THE PJTTF- Nov. 3 I City Council to consider Joint Terrorism Task Force renewal, Wed. 11/3, 9:40 am I more articles ]

Is Racism is 'Business as Usual' at Kaiser NW?

Portland, 21.12.2004 04:23

At the Kaiser Center for Health Research although reported racist behavior of supervisors and decision-makers have been acknowledged by its direction, the organization readily expends unlimited finances to maintain a virtually all white professional level staff.

The author of this article has been inbroiled in a longstanding (albeit loosing) battle with this corporate giant who, rather than confront the reported perceptions of minority employees who havereported concerns of racist attitudes, actions and behaviors of its managers and supervisors, by even its Direction, it elects to spend countless thousands of dollars, hours and energy defending them - and in turn their racism.

Acção Directa contra os transgénicos em Bilbau

Portugal, 21.12.2004 04:05

Acção Directa contra os transgénicos em Bilbau

19 y 20 en Rosario

Argentina, 21.12.2004 03:06

Martes 21 de Diciembre 2004 | A TRES AÑOS DE LA MASACRE DE DICIEMBRE
Rosario marchó por el fin de la impunidad

Independent Media Converges to Cover Bush Inauguration

DC, 21.12.2004 02:57

We are contacting you as an important member of the independent media community to ask you to participate in, support or promote independent media coverage of the upcoming presidential inauguration in January. From Jan. 10 through Jan. 24, independent media makers will converge in the nation’s capital to provide continuous coverage of the inauguration through video, photography, radio, print, and web postings. We are a group of independent media makers in Washington, DC that has formed to help facilitate and coordinate coverage of the inauguration. For more information, please visit our website at A list of our needs follows at the end of this letter, along with information on how to join out listserves. Information about specific media projects during the inauguration will be available on our website in the coming weeks.


Argentina, 21.12.2004 02:55

Martes 21 de Diciembre 2004 | A TRES AÑOS DE LA MASACRE DE DICIEMBRE
Rosario marchó por el fin de la impunidad

ceasefire 2004

QC, 21.12.2004 02:33

NDFP Rejects GRP Ceasefire Offer

State harassment of IMC continues, NYC-IMC files response

Michigan, 20.12.2004 23:46

The New York City Independent Media Center filed a response December 14 in United States District Court to a subpoena from the New York City Law Department.

The subpoena, part of a civil suit in which New York City is a defendant, demands voluminous information, including all of the Independent Media Center's news reporting, emails, internal documents, and web pages relating to the World Economic Forum.

As the NYC IMC detailed in its response, the request violates reporter's privilege by seeking information that is available through other sources and that is not highly relevant to the claim.

El crimen de filmar la represión en Palestina

Peru, 20.12.2004 23:28

El crimen de filmar la represión en Palestina

El crimen de filmar la represión en Palestina

Peru, 20.12.2004 23:23

El crimen de filmar la represión en Palestina

Global Warming

Sydney, 20.12.2004 21:38

Death of a Wild Land

spekulado (eo)

Barcelona, 20.12.2004 21:28

Nova okupista oficejo en Barcelono

18an dec>>La dom-okupista movado de Barcelono iniciatas projekton por helpi kaj instigi la homojn okupi domojn :: La dom-okupista movado volas malfermi oficejon en Barcelono (es) :: Komuniko de la Okupista Oficejo :: 15des>> Kunvoko
Plie :: 18an dec>>Nekonatoj bruligas la internon de lignaĵejo en la kvartalo La Sagrera por elpeli la luantojn :: Programado de kin-ciklo kontraŭ spekulado en Ateneu del Xino :: 17an dec>>Rektaj agoj solidare kun la okupista movado :: 16an dec>> Oni vakigas gaztetxe Sorgintxuloen en Bilbo

Rigardu ankaŭ la fakon >>> okupado kaj spekulado

The Crime of Filming Repression in Palestine

United Kingdom, 20.12.2004 21:00

Kelly Minio-Paluello (23), a community activist from the USA and a member of
Britain's National Union of Journalists, was brutally arrested by Israeli
Border Policemen while filming a peaceful demonstration on Tuesday outside
Ramallah, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. She is currently being held
in Hadera Detention Centre awaiting deportation. She has not been told why she
was arrested or when she will be deported or informed of her rights.

Censura a Ferrari

Argentina, 20.12.2004 19:52

Manifestación contra la censura de la Iglesia

tutmondigxo (eo)

Barcelona, 20.12.2004 19:36

Solidara buĝeto

Por ke efektiviĝu la promeso de antaŭ pli ol 10 jaroj dediĉi minimume 0,7% de la buĝeto al kooperado por la disvolvado, pluraj kolektivoj lanĉis alvokon por tendumi en avenuo Diagonal. Kvankam la polico dispelis la tendumadon kaj konfiskis tendojn kaj materialojn, por hodiaŭ oni alvokas al nova amasiĝo.

Hodiaŭ, la 20an, je la 19h amasiĝo en Palau Reial

+infoj :: >>>tutmondigo:: >>>Alia mondo::: >>>kriminaligo


Uruguay, 20.12.2004 18:47

No hubo conciliación

Stolen Election-Lost Democracy: Report From Ohio

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 20.12.2004 16:15

The evidence is mounting that this election, just as the last one, had been stolen. What makes this one even more stunning is the brazen nature in which it had been stolen. Add to this the nature of how it had been stolen, with the possible use of manipulated machines as well as the silence from the media and the leadership of the Democratic Party. Many observers have noted the common feeling that the democratic process is slipping away right in front of us. This is the second part of this Indy Media Journalist and Official Observer for the Green Party's David Cobb Re-count effort in Ohio.

Anti-War March and Rally in Minneapolis

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 20.12.2004 16:14

More than 100 persons braved temperatures in the teens to send an anti-war message in the Uptown area of Minneapolis. The Iraq war is going badly. Isn’t it about time for legislators to begin listening to members of the peace movement?


Barcelona, 20.12.2004 14:14

Presupuestos Solidarios

Para que se haga efectiva la promesa, de hace más de 10 años, de destinar un mínimo del 0.7% del presupuesto a Cooperación para el desarrollo varios colectivos han hecho una llamada para Acampar en la Diagonal. Aunque la policía ha desalojado la acampada y ha requisado tiendas y material para hoy lunes se ha convocado una nueva concentración .

Hoy dia 20 a las 19h Concentración en Palau Reial

+info :: >>>globalitzacio:: >>>Otro mundo::: >>>criminalizacion


Barcelona, 20.12.2004 14:07

Pressupostos Solidaris

Per tal que es faci efectiva la promesa de fa més de 10 anys de destinar un mínim del 0.7% del pressupost a Cooperació pel desenvolupament diversos col.lectius han fet una crida per Acampar a la Diagonal. Tot i que la policia va desallotjar l'acampada i que ha requisat tendes i material per avui s'ha convocat una nova concentració .

Avui dia 20 a les 19h Concentració a Palau Reial

+info :: >>>globalitzacio:: >>>Altre mon::: >>>criminalitzacio

Veille de Noël 2004

West Vlaanderen, 20.12.2004 12:32

Veille de Noël au centre fermé pour étrangers à Bruges

Kerstwake 2004

West Vlaanderen, 20.12.2004 12:28

Kerstwake aan het gesloten centrum "De Refuge" in Brugge

Votergate Campaign Visits Local Congressmember and Electoral College

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.12.2004 07:50

A gathering of people who are opposed to the "Votergate" scandal took place outside of the San Francisco office of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi on December 6th. While a delegation went into the building, there was an open mic outside of the Federal Building. Speakers exposed presidential candidate John Kerry's lack of action in support of counting all of the votes that were cast in November. Photos | Video: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


Perth, 20.12.2004 07:17

Australia's Secret Nuclear Ambitions Revealed

Four Indybay Photographers Show Photos

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.12.2004 07:07

Four Indybay photographers will be showing their work in a joint exposition at the Balazo Gallery in San Francisco, from December 27th, 2004 to January 12th, 2005. The gallery is located at 2811 Mission Street, at the corner with 24th Street, in San Francisco. There will be a closing party Friday, January 7th, starting at 8 p.m. Music at the party will be by Salinas-based band Rum and Rebellion. Meet the faces behind the cameras and do a good turn for a great gallery! More info

Apoyo a Leon Ferrari, contra cualquier tipo de censura

Argentina, 20.12.2004 05:28

emigrado (eo)

Barcelona, 20.12.2004 02:48

Solidareco kun la enmigrintoj malsat-strikantaj en Verneda

Ĉiutage ekde la 17a ĝis la 20a antaŭ la internigejo

NOVAĴOJ :: 16an dec>>Manifestacio kunvokita sabaton 18an antaŭ la internigejo de Verneda :: 14an dec>>Evolu-observado de la malsat-striko en Indymedia Madrido :: 13an dec>>Raporto de la situacio je la komenco de la striko :: vidu ankaŭ

Pliaj infoj :: migradoj

Hysteria Collective presenting Consent Workshop

Portland, 20.12.2004 01:16

Due to the large turnout at the last one, and ongoing requests we are going to do the consent workshop again. This time it will be in NE and will be a benefit for The Born In Flames Conference, no one will turned away for lack of funds, but bring what you can to help the confernece. The Born In Flames conference will be a 3-day conference about sexual assualt. It will be at PSU June 24-26, for more info you can e-mail them.

this workshop will cover what is consent and what it is NOT, ways to understand people's sign's for consent and ways to ask for consent, as well as figuring out ways to reach the ultimate in safe and healthy sex.

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