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Presos Politicos

Peru, 29.12.2004 19:12


SE Asia

Victoria, 29.12.2004 17:21

Relief Donations Needed NOW

Asian Tsunami Hails Ecological Collapse

Madison, 29.12.2004 14:10

Rising seas, coastal development, over-population and loss of mangroves and coral reefs make such natural disasters more likely and deadly

Activists with MOUNTAIN JUSTICE SUMMER! call for Emergency Action to Save Appalachia

Tennessee, 29.12.2004 08:31

There is an ecological manmade disaster of geologic proportions occurring in the rolling mountains of the southern Appalachians, its called mountain range -- or mountain top -– removal. It is the ultimate in theft of a people's heritage -- the destruction of watersheds -- and the annihilation of one of the most diverse places on earth. And the perpetrators are turning it into the biological equivalent of a parking lot. The theft of our mountains is escalating as the coal companies strive to outdo one another in their orgy of destruction.

California's Ban on Gay Marriage Has Its Day in Court

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.12.2004 07:01

12/29/2004: The City and County of San Francisco and twelve same-sex couples who were married in San Francisco in February of 2004 have taken the State of California to court over the state's anti-gay marriage law. This suit seeks to overturn that that law by showing that the current law of the State of California violates the spirit of the State Constitution, which is the highest authority in California. Read more | Equality California Reports from Court: 12/22/2004 Reports | 12/23/2004

Californians to Have Expanded Domestic Partner Benefits

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.12.2004 06:42

12/16/2004: In 2003, Governor Gray Davis signed AB 205, which provides registered domestic partners with nearly all the rights, benefits, and responsibilities granted to spouses under state law. The new law takes effect after January 1st, 2005. Domestic Partner rights have come a long way since the first domestic partner law was signed in California in 1999, establishing a registry, giving registered domestic partners the right to visit each other in the hospital, and giving domestic partner benefits for certain state employees. Read more In addition to SB 205, the California Insurance Equality Act, Assembly Bill 2208, prohibits insurance providers from issuing policies or plans that treat registered domestic partners and married spouses differently.

G8 to Meet in Scotland

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.12.2004 06:02

The G8, or group of eight most powerful nations in the world, will hold its annual summit in Perthshire, Scotland from July 6th-8th, 2005. Protesters have already been planning for months- the Dissent Network is calling for an international planning meeting in Germany on the Saturday 26th and 27th of February. The Peoples' Global Action Conference in Europe is calling for a global day of action on Wednesday, July 6th, 2005.

StreetLevel TV Screens First Episode of the New Year

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.12.2004 04:15

Episode 9 of StreetLevel TV comes to the Bay Area on Friday, January 7th. StreetLevel TV is a monthly, independent, local news and current events show, produced by the women of Radical Transmissions, and airing in San Francisco on Channel 29 and Berkeley on Channel 28. They screen monthly at Artist's Television Access in San Francisco. This month's screening will give a post-election tally and coverage on Votergate, in addition to a profile of local domestic workers and a look at the current controversy surrounding the programming changes and firings at the Castro Theater. Look for trailers from upcoming independent films, along with coverage of your local supervisors, coverage of the anti-war movement, music and witty commentary - they try, at least.

Federal Judge denies legal plea from local National Guardsman seeking to resist &quot;stop loss&quot; draft

Portland, 29.12.2004 01:35

Former Oregon National Guardsman Emiliano Santiago learned earlier this year that the government might seek to extend his service in the Guard past his contract, which was due to expire in June. Now the government says it wants to deploy him to Afghanistan involuntarily. Santiago is suing in Federal Court, arguing that the government is violating its contract with him and imposing a great hardship on himself and his family.

The judge ruled against Santiago, holding that the government would face a "hardship" if it were forced to honor the contract. Members of the public attempting to witness the legal proceedings were turned away by federal marshalls and not allowed to enter the courthouse building.

'Marian' adds: The case started promptly at 1:30 p.m. It was one of the most intense 63 minutes I have ever spent. From 1:15 when the courtroom doors opened on the 12th floor, until about 2:40, when the crowded elevator arrived back on the ground floor, not a word was spoken by the people in the courtroom, other than those engaged in the court proceedings.

It was as silent as a tomb.


previous: [ "Stop Loss" case of Oregon National Guardsman to be heard, 12/28 1:30pm at Fed. Courthouse (12/21/04) ]

Public turned away from hearing challenging federal &quot;stop-loss&quot;

Portland, 29.12.2004 01:35

Former Oregon National Guardsman Emiliano Santiago's challenge to the federal government's attempt to pressgang him into involuntary service in Afghanistan after his enlistment contract expired (a so-called "Stop-Loss" order) was heard in downtown Portland federal court today. The judge ruled against Santiago, holding that the government would face a "hardship" if it were forced to honor the contract. Members of the public attempting to witness the legal proceedings were turned away by federal marshalls and not allowed to enter the courthouse building.


Arizona, 28.12.2004 23:54

AZCRC Member Detained for Fliering

Kerry joins Cobb's request to preserve evidence in Ohio recount

Portland, 28.12.2004 21:22

The Motion filed by Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb last week, asking a Federal Court to preserve a wide range of evidence to ensure the integrity of the Ohio recount, was officially supported by the Kerry-Edwards campaign today.

"We welcome Senator Kerry's belated interest in ensuring the integrity of the Ohio recount. This effort, initiated by the Green and Libertarian presidential candidates, has been focusing on the integrity of the election process and not on the outcome. In order to trust the election results, we have to trust the process. All presidential candidates, including George W. Bush, who are committed to an open and accountable voting system should demand an investigation into an election clouded by serious allegations of fraud and suppression," said [Blair] Bobier [Media Director for the Cobb-LaMarche campaign].

read more >>New Mexico recount goes back to courtAttorneys for Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb will file a Notice of Appeal on Tuesday from a District Court decision which rejected Cobb's request to start the New Mexico recount without paying the entire cost of it in advance. Last week the New Mexico Supreme Court declined to hear the case. Since the Supreme Court did not rule on the merits of the case, it can be heard by the New Mexico Court of Appeals.

The Notice will be filed on behalf of Cobb and Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik who are both seeking a recount of New Mexico's presidential vote. The candidates paid the state a deposit of over $100,000, and say that New Mexico law does not require that the entire amount of the recount be paid in advance.

"We believe the law is on our side and look forward to a full recount of the presidential vote. There are still many unanswered questions about provisional ballots, missing votes and the integrity of voting machines which don't produce a paper trail. The people of New Mexico deserve to know that their votes will be counted fairly and accurately," said Cobb.


Billionaires for Bush Re-Coronation Inaugural Ball

DC, 28.12.2004 19:56

All dressed up, but can't get into the Inaugural Balls? The Billionaires for Bush Re-Coronation Ball will help you survive the second Bush administration.

Reclamando espacios comunes

Puerto Rico, 28.12.2004 19:40

Culturas: La pared es nuestra

Dollars, Cents, and Tsunamis

NYC, 28.12.2004 19:38

Just a few days after reports first surfaced that the Bush administration would ask Congress for an additonal $80 billion in funding for the war in Iraq, the US came under fire for its pledge of $15 million in response to the unprecedented disaster in Asia. More than 44,000 people are reported dead, many of them children. Disease could double the death toll.

So far, the Iraq war has cost the United States $147 billion; the additional appropriation would bring the cost to $227 billion. The $15 million pledged to help Tsunami recovery efforts represent .007% of the amount so far spent on Iraq.

Costs for President Bush's inauguration will be between $30 and $40 million, not including security costs.

In an interview today on NBC, Colin Powell noted that "clearly, the United States will be a major contributor to this international effort." He declined to say whether the amount would reach $1 billion (still only .4% of the amount spent on Iraq).

Also see: "Natural Disaster, Unnatural Response."

[Blogosphere Coverage of the Disaster in South Asia] || [Aotearoa IMC Coverage] || [How to Help]
AP Photo

Reclamando espacios comunes

Puerto Rico, 28.12.2004 19:38

Culturas: La pared es nuestra

Astroturfing Ex-Clinton Flunkie hijacks CounterInaugural Protest Announcement

DC, 28.12.2004 14:57

Does David Lytel think he's Brian Becker? We'll his press release certainly reeks of the WWP tactic of jumping out in front of other's work by just taking credit for it at a press conference. Check out the info below, it's Lytel's press release. He's claiming he's in charge, he plugs his party. Wow, Penthouse tickets. You can bet Lytel will have a velvet rope and a guest list. Can you say "Night at the Roxy Part II"?

alia mondo eblas (eo)

Barcelona, 28.12.2004 14:36

Ni estas multe pli potencaj ol ni pensas

Hodiaŭ kaj nuntempe, ĉiam necesas interne kaj kolektive pensi pri la homaj rilatoj en niaj medioj, kaj vere, ĉar la vivmaniero al kiu puŝas nin kapitalismo, sub kiu ni ĉiuj vivas, kaŭzas, ke ni ne havu tempon pensi pri ĉi tiuj aferoj, nek kutimon fari tion.
Necesas paroli pli, debati pli, necesas pli da respekto, necesas asimili la diversajn mondovidojn, necesas asimili la imitatajn kondutojn kaj vidi la "miojn", kiuj apartenas al ni mem.
Ĉar se ekzistas io ververe universala por ĉiuj, tio estas, sendube, la bezono ami; sed en la hodiaŭaj tempoj ni estas kaptataj en unutona socio, kie oni pli valorigas havi, ŝajnigi, atingi... ol senti, ĝui kaj eksperimenti.

::: alia mondo estas ĉi tie, se vi volas :::
::: alia mondo estas ĉi tie, ŝprucanta el cindro :::
::: alia mondo estas ĉi tie, konstruata :::

P li da infoj en la fako >>> alia mondo eblas

another world (en)

Barcelona, 28.12.2004 14:31

We are much more powerful thank we think

Here and now, it is always necessary to think, individually and collectively, about human relations in our spaces. Indeed, the life style that capitalism forces upon us in which we are all submerged, is such that we have neither the time nor the habit of thinking about these things.
We need to speak more, we need debate more, we need to respect one another more, we need to assimilate the different world visions, we need to assimilate mimetic behaviors and to see the "I" that is part of ourselves.
Indeed, if something truly universal exists for all, this is doubtlessly the necessity of love, yet nowadays we are caught in a one-dimensional society which values possessions, achievement, success more than eeling, partaking, experiencing.

::: Another world is here, if you want it:::
::: Another world is here, resurrecting from its ashes :::
::: Another world is here, in the making :::

More info >>> Another world is possible.

otro mundo (es)

Barcelona, 28.12.2004 14:30

Somos mucho más poderosas de lo que nos pensamos

Hoy y ahora, siempre son necesarias reflexiones internas y colectivas sobre las relaciones humanas en nuestros espacios, y de verdad, porque el estilo de vida que nos provoca el capitalismo en el que estamos sumergidxs todas y todos, hace que no tengamos tiempo en pensar en estos temas, ni costumbre de hacerlo.
Es necesario hablar más, hace falta debatir más, hace falta respetarse más, hace falta asimilar las diferentes visiones del mundo, hace falta asimilar los comportamientos miméticos y ver el "yo" que forma parte de nosotrxs mismxs.
Porque si existe una cosa verdaderamente universal para todxs es, sin duda alguna, la necesidad del amor, pero hoy en día estamos atrapadxs en una sociedad monótona donde se valora más el tener, aparentar, consguir... que sentir, disfrutar y experimentar.

::: otro mundo está aquí, si tu quieres:::
::: otro mundo está aquí, resurgiendo de las cenizas :::
::: otro mundo está aquí, construyéndose :::

M ás info en sección >>> otro mundo es posible

un altre món (ca)

Barcelona, 28.12.2004 14:24

Som molt més poderoses del que ens pensem

Avui i ara, sempre calen reflexions internes i col·lectives sobre les relacions humanes en els nostres espais, i és de veres, perque l'estil de vida que ens provoca el capitalisme en el que estem sumergits totes i tots fa que no tingam temps en pensar en aquestos temes, ni costum en fer-ho.
Cal parlar més, cal debatre més, cal respectar-se més, cal asimilar les diferents visions del món, cal asimilar els comportaments mimétics i veure el "jo" que forma part de nosaltres mateixes.
Perque si existeix una cosa verdaderament universal per a totxs és, sense dubte, la necessitat de l'amor, però avui en dia estem atrapats en una societat monótona on es valora molt més tenir, aparentar, aconseguir... que sentir, disfrutar i experimentar.

::: un altre món és aquí, si tu vols:::
::: un altre món és aquí, brollant d la cendra :::
::: un altre món és aquí, construint-se :::

M és info en secció >>> altre món és possible

kontraŭfaŝismo (eo)

Barcelona, 28.12.2004 13:56

Mortis la junulo ponardita de faŝisto dum la festoj de Gràcia

Antaŭaj novaĵoj ::: 21an sept Letero rakontanta, ke Roger daŭre komatas :: 16an sept Kolektivoj el la barcelona kvartalo Gràcia denuncas la liberigon de la agresulo :: 26an sept Malfermita letero al la kontraŭfaŝisma movado :::arestita la murdinto de Roger ::: 22an de decembro: Amasiĝo en Vilanova i la Geltrú

23an de decembro : Kontraŭfaŝisma Manifestacio : Adiaŭ Roger

+ da infoj :: kontraŭfaŝismo

Folgen des Seebebens im Indischen Ozean

Germany, 28.12.2004 13:40

36,946 Todesopfer und mehr als 50.000 Verletzte forderte ein Seebeben im Indischen Ozean, welches am 26. Dezember 2004 ausbrach. Mehrere Millionen verloren ihr Zuhause und Hab und Gut. Viele zehntausend Menschen werden noch vermisst. Um 01.58 Uhr mitteleurop�ischer Zeit erreichte es eine St�rke von 9,0 auf der Richterskala. Die �ber 30 Nachbeben erfolgten mit einer St�rke von 7,3.
Das Epizentrum lag vor der K�ste Sumatras. Die 6-10 Meter hohen mehrere hundert km langen Flutwellen des Bebens, auch Tsunamis (jap. Hafenwellen) verursachten katastrophale Sch�den in den K�stenregionen in Asien und Ostafrika.
Die Wellen erreichten Geschwindigkeiten von bis zu 800 km/h. Das Beben geh�rt zu den f�nf st�rksten, die jemals gemessen wurden. Besonders betroffen sind die Anrainerstaaten des Golf von Bengalen in S�dasien und S�dostasien. Stark betroffen sind Bangladesch, Indien, Indonesien, Kenia, Malaysia, die Malediven, Myanmar (Birma), Seychellen, Singapur, Somalia und R�union, Sri Lanka und Thailand. In S�dindien und an der K�ste Sri Lankas wurden ganze Ortschaften von den Flutwellen erfasst und zerst�rt. Die Inselgruppen Andamanen und Nikobaren sind vollst�ndig von der Au�enwelt abgeschnitten. In den betroffenen Regionen sind s�mtliche elektonischen Kommunikationswege noch immer abgeschnitten oder nicht betriebsf�hig. Hilsorganisationen bef�rchten die schnelle Ausbreitung von Seuchen wie Malaria und Magen-Darm-Erkrankungen. Da derartige Flutwellen in S�dostasien seit 120 Jahren nicht mehr aufgetreten sind, verf�gen die betroffenen L�nder �ber kein geeignetes Vorwarnsystem. Unter den Opfern sollen sich auch mindestens 11 Personen aus Deutschland befinden.

Salinas Public Libraries will Close in the New Year

Santa Cruz, CA, 28.12.2004 09:44

The three Salinas Public Libraries will close for an indefinite period of time soon after January 1, 2005. According to the website for the Salinas Public Libraries, these closures are part of the 9.2 million dollars in the service reductions incurred by the City of Salinas due to loss of revenues from the State of California, higher fees imposed by Monterey County, slower than expected economic recovery, and increased costs of employee health insurance and retirement benefits. Exact dates and details are to be determined.

Audio: Salinas City Concil Votes to Shutter Libraries

[ Salinas Public Library I Friends of the Salinas Public Library ]

noticias destacadas

Argentina, 28.12.2004 03:38


Argentina, 28.12.2004 03:20

Year of Funding Struggles for Chicago Public Access TV Ends with Victories

Chicago, 28.12.2004 03:11

logo CAN TV, the fleet of public access cable TV channels in Chicago, has spent 2004 in a funding fight for its future. The cable company RCN had defaulted on due payments to CAN TV, and an ordinance to change the funding structure for the network ran into difficulties both with the Mayor's office and later with Comcast.

But the fights however have paid off for CAN TV in the short term, as CAN TV has arrived at a contract with Comcast to provide for funding for the short term, and is on the verge of a financial settlement with RCN. The Chicago City Council also passed an ordinance directing both CAN TV and Chicago's cable companies to forge a long-term financial solution for CAN TV by December 1, 2006. Read more

Comunicado de prensa.

Uruguay, 28.12.2004 01:22

Indymedia Uruguay medio oficial del gobierno progresista

Mel &amp; Floyd, December 24, 2004

Madison, 28.12.2004 01:07

This week on Mel & Floyd... Floyd! The originial M&F duo are back with 50 foods you should eat before you die. (Have you tried the ice cream?) All that and much more that I can't quite remember on this week's edition of Mel & Floyd.

Fault Lines #7 Has Hit the Streets

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.12.2004 01:04

The December issue features a diversity of underground media coverage dealing with topics ranging from homelessness to Christian fundamentalism. Check out Dahr Jamail's dispatch from Falluja and the CorpWatch investigation into the world of Corporate organics. Other articles can be found on organizing the service industry and cross gender searches in california prisons. Sift through the latest dirt on Gavin Newsom, Iain Boal's always infuriating Crypto, a review of the collectively written novel Q, and lots of other IndyNews. If you want to get involved, public participation is always encouraged in this 100% volunteer Indybay collective project.

Portland City Council Restricts Single Beer Sale in N. Portland

Portland, 27.12.2004 23:35

PDX (by unanimous vote of the city council) is going to ask the state to restrict sales of single bottles of beer. In North Portland. Only. This is just my opinion, if you want facts there is a link to a recent Oregonian article. As usual, my typing and spelling sucks, get over it. Take this however you want, I personally think this smacks of racism along the lines of "we can't let them there colored people buy 40's because they is just gonna roll with the gangs and do drivebys and get all uppity."

Public drinking, let me throw my two cents in there. Have you ever noticed that in most of the country (not really in NoPo though), most anti-beer efforts are done by fundy churches that staunchly oppose gun control? Theye say "shooting people is already illegal, so we don't need extra laws that ban the guns, because guns can be used legally and you can not discriminate against the legal gun owners." Fine. Turnabout is fair fucking play, you should not be able to ban the sale of beer (even if just the singles) based on the suspicion that it might at some point be drunk illegally. Public drinking is ALREADY illegal, so making an extra law that will effect legal drinkers and infringe upon their 21st ammendment rights is wrong.

Especially if it appears that you are only doing it to black neighborhoods.

[ Other articles posted by Teddy Ruxpin (The Lousy Typist) ]

NYC Youth: Voice Your Visions for 2005!

NYC, 27.12.2004 21:59

Rise Up Radio, WBAI's only youth-produced show on youth activism, has set up a hotline to collect the wishes and hopes of NYC youth for the new year. A selection of wishes, dreams and demands will be featured on Rise Up Radio's New Year's Show: December 31, 2004 at 11AM on WBAI-NY 99.5FM

Madison Kipp - The Struggle for Clean Air (Rebroadcast)

Madison, 27.12.2004 18:42

Before she goes to bed, Anne Chacon puts a gas mask on her face. "The air gets so bad in here at night that it really hurts to breathe," she said. Chacon lives next to the Kipp factory. Chacon's gas mask protects most of these chemicals. "If I didn't have these I probably couldn't sleep at all." Chacon and other residents under the group Clean Air Madison are challenging Kipp and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in court. This riveting half hour episode examines closely a situation common to everybody in an industrial society.

 Download an MP3 of the program (Dec 27th rebroadcast)
 Listen to the show in RealAudio

 Download an MP3 of the program (July 8th show)
 Listen to the show in RealAudio

America's Bad

Victoria, 27.12.2004 17:05

America's Bad Craziness

America's Bad

Victoria, 27.12.2004 17:05

America's Bad Craziness

tit for tat

QC, 27.12.2004 15:35

Sison-Akbayan Tit for Tat on Alleged CPP Hit List

Happy Revolutionary's Birthday

darwin, 27.12.2004 11:36

Happy Revolutionary's Birthday

From the Newswire

darwin, 27.12.2004 11:34

Happy Revolutionary\'s Birthday

DAAA Collective Expanding Social Programs

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.12.2004 08:58

Modesto's DAAA Collective is expanding it's various social programs due to the continued actions of various churches to drive homeless people out of Tower Park. Food Not Bombs will once again be feeding in Tower Park, and the collective will also be starting up Mutual Aid, a free clothes program once again. The local group is also helping to organize a Modesto protest against the inauguration of President Bush. More info here.

ACED resume ano prisional

Portugal, 27.12.2004 05:33

ACED resume ano prisional

ACED resume ano prisional

Portugal, 27.12.2004 05:25

ACED resume ano prisional

From the Frontlines: A 2004 Review From the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality

Michigan, 27.12.2004 05:06

The Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality presents an analysis of the current struggle against law-enforcement misconduct over the last year.

Since 1996 a core group of Detroit activists have been involved in the fight to end the growing epidemic of misconduct and brutality emanating from law-enforcement agencies throughout the city and the broader metropolitian area. This tradition dates back at least 60 or more years when the burgeoning population of African-American migrants began to radically change the demographic composition of the city.

Militaries Families Peace Delegation to Mid-East

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.12.2004 04:11

Interview with Amalia Avila Gonzalez, mother of Lance Cpl. Victor Gonzalez, a US marine from Pajaro, CA who was killed in action on October 13. Amalia is a member of a Code Pink delegation travelling to the Middle East from December 27, until January 4, to deliver humanitarian aid for refugees of the US military's invasion on Fallujah. Amalia decided to join the delegation at the last minute, and is paying the $2000 in travel expenses out of her own pocket. Amalia was kind enough to invite me in her home to speak about her sons life, and death, and her decision to travel with the delegation.

Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3

[ Code Pink WOMEN for PEACE I Code Pink blog ]

Tsunami compounds problems in Acheh

Aotearoa, 27.12.2004 04:00

The recent earthquake and massive tsunamis that have swept through South and South East Asia has killed thousands and left many more homeless.

Countries that are particularly affected are Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

NGOs around the world are preparing for a huge effort to help the people of these areas to recover and to prevent the situation from dramatically worsening through the spread of diseases in particular malaria, and diarrhoea.

One of the closest areas to the epicentre of the earthquake was war-torn Indonesian province Aceh in Northern Sumatra. The estimated death toll is rising rapidly and is currently believed to be at 5,000. Buildings including a major hotel the Kuala Tripa Hotel have collapsed. Roads and bridges have similarly been damaged.

The Acheh Support Group commented, “The massive damage caused by these natural disasters is very likely to be unnecessarily compounded by the Indonesian government’s banning of media and humanitarian organisations in Acheh. These bans are in place to hide the state’s systematic abuse of the Achehnese people since the latest all-out offensive began in 2003.”

Transcending Suffering Through Compassion

Portland, 27.12.2004 03:50

I had a dream a few weeks back where I was telling someone that I wanted to do car sharing. When I told a friend the idea she said that it would not work for her because it is too cumbersome to figure out who gets to have the car when since that would cut out her ability to go on a whim. That reminds me of something my father once said, 'that someone may just as well kill him if he could no longer drive'. We equate owning a vehicle and driving with freedom, so in essence, the military really is in Iraq fighting for our freedom.

In conversation with another friend I was telling her that it sickens me that Iraqi children are being murdered so that I can drive. She tried to soften my loathing by saying that she feels bad too but that she must also remind herself that it is "their karma".

O.K., I'm sorry, but that line of thinking, regardless of how eastern or new age or whatever it may be, does not work for me. The "karma" of cause and effect is very real, action and reaction, blowback. But how can we say that the past life actions of a child in Iraq poise them at the end of the barrel of a soldiers rifle? Just because some holy man once declared this idea with regard to past life actions and karma we are now suppose to believe its veracity? I personally think that we use it as a way to assuage ourselves. If we can simply toss such horrific situations (as with what is happening in Iraq) into the karmic heap, we can go about our daily business as if it does not bother or concern us.

more ...

[ other contributions from peace rebel girl ]

Portland group in forefront of overturning Electoral College Vote on Jan. 6

Portland, 27.12.2004 03:30

Don't give up hope yet that Bush's coronation is inevitable, Folks!!! To update you on what's happening about overturning Ohio's Electors' vote on Jan. 6 in Congress, a Portland group that's part of the Multnomah County Democratic Central Committee--CleanVote--has been working on what happens next should members of the House and Senate agree that voting irregularities in that state are so prevalent that its 20 votes will not count. Without them, Bush hasn't won the election. In the 2000 presidential election, several House members contested the votes, but not one senator was willing to do the same--a scene familiar to anyone who has seen the film Fahrenheit 9/11. Senators told producer Michael Moore that "nobody asked them." That's not true this time! And you can join the barrage of letters being sent to Wyden/Smith or to senators such as Kerry, Edwards, Byrd, Kennedy, Boxer, et al. read more >>

related: [ Tell senators to take a stand Jan. 6 on presidential vote ]

Presidential Election 2004: Mock the VoteOhio's Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell and New Mexico's Democratic Governor Bill Richardson are two elected officials who seem to care little for the laws governing elections or the people who put them in office. Both Ohio and New Mexico had more than their share of problems on Election Day?problems with electronic voting machines, problems with provisional and absentee ballots and, in Ohio, numerous allegations of racially-based voter suppression and intimidation. That's why Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb has demanded a recount in these two states.

You'd think that public servants?responsible for administering elections and sworn to uphold the law?would want to get to the bottom of these allegations.

You'd be wrong.

read more >>Kerry Preparing Grounds to Unconcede?If you haven't been following John Kerry closely, get ready to hear of surprising developments. The vote-defrauded, potential president-in-waiting has just indicated through his lawyer that the validity of George Bush's reelection is no longer a given.

On 23 December, 2004 Kerry's lawyer confirmed to MSNBC's 'Countdown' that John Kerry will be seeking (likely on Monday 27 Dec.) to expedite court proceedings and secure evidence in an ongoing recount suit by the Green and Libertarian parties.


related: [ When recounts count | pdx indymedia sElection Fraud stories ]


Colombia, 27.12.2004 02:37

Petras v.s. Saramago

The CD review that isn't

Urbana-Champaign, 27.12.2004 00:13

The day that John Kerry conceded, I sat in a coffee shop, savoring the taste of espresso and the warmth of a sofa chair. Two tables away a college student ended a rather loud cell phone conversation (is there any other kind?) with a laugh, and then "Yeah, sore losers is what they are." He was, I surmised, referring to the demands for a recount in Ohio, the cries of foul play in our electoral system. It would have been very easy for me to dismiss him as too young to understand, duped by the corporate media, an indoctrinated sheep among sheep. But as I watched him sip his latte, I tried to imagine him as a friend, or a relative, or a co-worker. It was easy to despise him as a stranger, and much harder to imagine dismissing his words if they came from someone close to me.

Simon Domico

Colombia, 26.12.2004 22:53

Entrevista a Simon Domico, autoridad indígena de los Embera Katio

Francwa Sims: The Anacostia Diaries - On FreeMix Radio

DC, 26.12.2004 21:38

The author of the infamous Anacostia Diaries joins FreeMix Radio

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