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Mansoor Hassan Must Stay

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

An investigative journalist and NUJ member, Mansoor Hassan fled Pakistan two years ago. There as joint editor of an Urdu language magazine Crime, he exposed corruption and criminal activities amongst the business community and within the political establishment itself.After implicating a senior politician in an honour killing Mansoor was shot at and his house was burned down. He exposed a company owned by the Minister of Agriculture that sold adulterated pesticides and substandard cottonseed to farmers, which led to his being beaten up and his family threatened by the secret services and the police. A known criminal shot at Mansoor after he wrote an article about him.But the UK government, while accepting that Mansoor had been subjected threatened, attacked and shot at, described these experiences merely as “anxiety” and claimed that he would be “perfectly safe somewhere else in Pakistan” and that he was “not at any on-going risk”.In Manchester Mansoor has worked as a volunteer with the British Red Cross and a refugee orientation programme.Reports: Mansoor Hassan and Family Defence Campaign | Stop the deportation of Mansoor Hassan and family

How I knew Arafat had died - Palestine diary

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

I knew Arafat had finally (officially at least) died when the 1st mosque call of Thursday morning didn't end. As usual it began around 4am but on Thursday it continued until 12 noon. Partly in denial and partial in early morning confusion I dragged myself out of bed as usual and began walking down to the main street. I passed Ream – my land lady. Ream didn’t offer her usual recognition. Her black figure walked passed quickly; she was in a hurry to mourn. The streets looked strange. They were filled only with an unusual atmosphere. The shop doors were all shut and firmly locked, hiding the usual colour and vibrancy of Beit Sahour, while turning the beautiful stone walls of the old city into a metal corridor... -Extract of a diary from Bex Tyrer from Oxford, writing from Beit Sahour, Palestine) [read full report ]

Victory for Iraq Pillage Protestors, case closed as Prosecution runs scared

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

On tuesday the 23rd of November almost 7 months since human rights activists Ewa Jasiewicz and Pennie Quinton were charged with aggravated trespass for entering the Iraq Procurement conference,a major contract signing event attended by the Iraq interim government ministers and Brian Wilson, Blair's envoy for reconstruction in Iraq held in London last April. In what was unquestionably a political decision by the CPS both women have been fully aqquited and awarded costs, despite a strong case against the protestors who managed to disrupt the conference when they unfurled banners and informed conference attendees that their order of business was infact nothing less then the pillage of Iraq and therefore illegal under the 1907 Hague regulations and the Geneva conventions.
The women's defense argued that they could not be charged with aggravated trespass, 'the of disruption of a lawful event' as infact the Iraq Procurement conference was unlawful as it was facilitating the pillage of Iraq which was under occupation by the US and the UK at the time of their action. Naomi Klein who was to have been a key witness at the trial attended a press conference at the NUJ on wednesday the 24th of November to speak about the implications of the CPS's decision in relation to this first attempt to put the Pillage of Iraq on trial.
See also Fallujah Eyewitness Newswire article (27th Nov).

Resisting the G8 summit 2005: meeting 7.30 pm Thursday 2nd December

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

Resisting the G8 summit 2005: meeting 7.30 pm Thursday 2nd December, Holy Trinity Church, Boar Lane, City Centre, Leeds.Called by Leeds ARC/ Leeds University Social Forum/ Leeds Mayday Group/ Green Action/ Underground Resistance (Leeds)/ Leeds Peaceniks/ CIRCA (clandestine insurgent rebel clown army) and Leeds/Bradford Indymedia.[Report]

Cambridge University Debates Full Fees

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

The University of Cambridge has now made policy to charge the full amount of fees (around £3000 per year) starting in 2006. A debate followed in the Senate house, where it was (mildly) criticised by accedemics and the student union.A report from the Council on the arrangements for University Composition Fees from 2006-07 is available along with some discussion here.Highlights of the discussion (probably also happening in a University near you) can be read by clicking the Full Story link...

UPDATE: Mother and 8 year old Son free from Oakington 'Prison'

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

MON 13th December UPDATE: Miguel and Lina were released a few days ago... An 8 year old child and his mother who had been aggressively removed from their home in Bristol and were then held at a secure facility outside Gatwick airport have been moved to Oakington and are facing imminent deportation to Colombia. The mother was strip searched and left in her bra and knickers under the full gaze of male police officers before being allowed to pack one small bag of their personal belongings.Miguel, 8 years old, is a much loved member of the St Nicholas of Tolentine RC primary school. His first action after detention was to write a letter apologising for his absence and is still looking forward to and practising for his tap dance routine at the school’s Christmas show on 13th December.Lina & Miguel began the Fast Track legal farce on Saturday 4th December in the afternoon, theoretically a 7 day process where their entire case is heard, judged and appealed in a week. Oakington has a near perfect record in rejecting cases heard this way, and deporting immediately.Read more on Bristol Indymedia: In Prison - In YOUR name | Merry Xmas Miguel

Indymedia FBI Party: Thanks to Everybody!

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

Thank You... ... to all the people and groups who joined forces to throw an indymedia party last saturday. It was the best birthday present ever - and the funds go towards our new server. Thanks to Everybody and see you at the next party! Report & pics [1 | 2]

No bad women, no bad children, just bad laws

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

Most people believe sex workers should not be criminalised. "Paying the Price", the first review of the prostitution laws for 50 years, hides the impact of the prostitution laws on women's and children's safety, protection and welfare, and makes way for more criminalisation. Sex workers and others discuss a response. See Paying the price of criminalisation - A response to the government consultation paper on prostitution by the English Collective of Prostitutes.International Conference on prostitution, Saturday 4 December 9.30 - 6 pm St Mary's Church, Eversholt St.See the full agenda and speakers and there is more info at prostitutescollective.netBackground info: Sex workers & other Soho residents demand protection not eviction | Reclaim the Night | The International Union of Sex Workers

Bhopal: 20 years on

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

The Bhopal Disaster of 1984 killed thousands of people in the Indian city of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. It was caused by the accidental release of forty tons of methyl isocyanate (MIC) from a Union Carbide pesticide plant located in the heart of the city. This event remains the worst industrial disaster in history with significant injuries to at least 50,000 people.The MIC leak began shortly after midnight on December 3, 1984. The vapors killed more than 2,000 people outright and injured anywhere from 150,000 to 600,000 others, some 6,000 of whom would later die from their injuries.To commemorate the lives lost in the disaster Sheffield Indymedia has arranged for a screening of the film Bhopal Express to be shown at 6:30pm Sunday 5th December at The Showroom Cinema in Sheffield with all proceeds from the film to be donated to the Bhopal Medical Appeal.Indymedia India has a number of articles about the disaster: Fast for clean up of Bhopal Factory Site | Cloud over Bhopal | Students at 60 Colleges on Five Continents Demand JusticeSee also: Wikipedia: Bhopal Disaster | Website of the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal | Website of Students for Bhopal, the student network for justice in Bhopal

Sherwood Forest Camp Evicted

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

After over 14 months spent protecting a village green from illegal destruction protesters in Sherwood forest were evicted on 6th December 2004 after the Police turned up without warning at 8am.They had been protesting against the unnecessary destruction of an area of woodland and grassland, which is recognised for its conservation importance; the developers (Bellway Homes) and the Mansfield District Council are seeking to build an unnecessary, and ill-placed, road junction across the Green.The trees were evicted quite fast [photos], and the tunnels were also evicted by the end of the day.No notice was given that the evictions were to take place and the Under-Sheriff of Nottingham (whose ultimately in charge of evictions in the area) told the protesters only last week, that there would not be an eviction while legal cases were still outstanding.For background info: Previous stories on Sherwood camp with photos: 1 | 2 | 3

Indymedia FBI Party: Thanks to Everybody!

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

Thank You... ... to all the people and groups who joined forces to throw an Indymedia party last Saturday. It was the best birthday present ever - and the funds go towards our new server. Thanks to everybody and see you at the next party! Report & pics [1 | 2]

Buy Nothing Day

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

Saturday the 27th November was buy nothing day, and to celebrate, a bunch of people from the Manchester based "do summat collective" got together to encourage people to think about consumerism. They made and distributes a zine and also gave tips on how to get stuff for free in manchester. A free shop was set up - with food and plenty of cakes, as well as free clothes and toysThe folks involved said they were surprised at how well it went. Families, old couples, kids and youths all came and had some cake, or took some clothes and a flyer or zine.... and within just one and a half hours everything, including the actual clothes rail, had gone.There was some more fun and frolicks as people played anti-consumer games in a number of shops - from hide and seek in selfridges - to stuck in the mud in diesel.... Reclaiming consumer space and having some fun.Report|BuyNothing Christmas|Trade Free Zone Declared In Cambridge!

Ten Arrested at 'Banned' Picket

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

Ten people were arrested in Manchester city centre at the weekly picket outside Marks and Spencers'. On the 27th November police informed protesters that the picket would be illegal under the Public Order Act anywhere other than the Peace Gardens.Defying the order, picketers began a moving protest outside the shop and were arrested alongside others who had ceased to actively protest, but were known to be 'part of the group'. Police have imposed bail conditions on some of those arrested on Saturday, although none of them have been charged with any offence.10 Arrested at 'Banned' Picket | Appeal to defend the right to protest | Ban on the Right to Protest

Anti-War Action In The Cabinet

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

On 23rd November, the Day of the Re-opening of Parliament in London, 4 activists did a series of theatrical die-ins to highlight what they call "the slaughter in Iraq"; they performed several die ins outside Downing Street, outside Parliament - and sensationaly, in yet another government security breah, .... INSIDE the Cabinet Office.Anti-War protesters made a mockery of Tony Blair's key election pledge of security by entering the government building just minutes after the Queen's speech had announced new measures to tackle terrorism. As the whole of Whitehall bristled with armed police, the protestors by-passed supposedly impenetrable security to gain access to the Cabinet Office, which has a direct underground link to No 10 Downing Street.

Embassy Action Against Icelandic Dam

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

On Friday 26 of November, a dozen people visited the Icelandic embassy in Knightsbridge, London, to disrupt its operation and express opposition to the Karahnjukar Hydropower Project in Iceland's Eastern Highlands. This scheme is the largest dam project in Iceland. It will be located near Vatnajoekull, Europe's largest glacier, and will dam and divert several glacial rivers. If constructed, it will consist of nine dams, three reservoirs, seven channels and 16 tunnels.Four activists got into the building, while others hung a banner and leafleted passers by. All the activists who entered the embassy where finally ejected and arrested along with another activist who locked on to the doors [Report].

No-Sweat: Hijacking The Brands

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

On sunday 28 of November, there was a curious demonstration at the finish line of the Nike Run London Race at London's Surrey Quays, as various space-hijackers, culture jammers and No Sweat campaigners came together to engage in a spot of coporate image sabotage.After spending an afternoon painting banners and customising clothing with Nike swooshes, the anti-corporate activists set off for the event. As the estimated 30,000 runners were arriving at the end of the race, the protesters stood next to the finish line whilst holding banners that read "Sweatshops ROCK!", "Child Labour is good for the economy!", "We need little hands to do the small stiching" and "Brand Your Kids". Another protester set up his very own Sweatshop, selling a spoof Nike perfume "Sweat".The Nike organisers were getting suitably annoyed by the protests, but there was little they could do as the finish line was in a public park, and as such it was public not private property. Read full report and photos.For more in depth info on Nike see NoSweat briefing.

Can Masdeu Solidarity

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

A Soladarity action with Can Masdeu occupied social centre in Barcelona, took place in London on Tuesday 30 November as activists blocked the entrance to the Spanish Embassy. [Video of the action and Audio (Eng) | Audio (Sp)] Court proceedings are underway once more in Barcelona to evict some thirty residents from their home, and over one hundred neighbours from their gardens and collective autonomous land, in order to sell the land to property developers. When the building was first occupied it was in a state of imminent collapse, it has taken three years of hard work and money to save the building.Previous attempts to prosecute the residents of Can Masdeu for occupying, utilising and renovating the building have failed. In May 2002 Can Masdeu squatters and their supporters resisted for a full week an eviction attempt. [See photos 1 | 2]

UK Indymedia website problems - an explanation

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

Quite a few of you will have noticed the decline in reliability and speed of publication over the past few weeks. Some people have contacted us to ask why we have 'hidden' or censored their articles. We haven't. It has been down to problems with the server. UK Indymedia Collectives are in urgent discussion about how to resolve this, and very soon we hope to have a faster, more robust server in place. In the meantime please keep posting, and bear with us if your post's appearance on the site is a little slow.

Brightening up the bricks

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

Beautiful street art is popping up all over Oxford. Here's a roundup of the latest pieces. Graffiti is easy (check out the sites below for ideas). Anyone can pick up a piece of chalk - express yourself! [photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | latest] [ stencils tutorial | OSI | Wooster collective | war graffiti ]

Convoy To Rafah Reports

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

A group of London and Brighton based activists are in Egypt for the convoy to the Rafah organised by the Egyptian Popular Committee for solidarity with the Palestinian Uprising. Over the next few weeks expect a number of reports on the sights and sounds that we come across. In this one, we visit destitute workers with asbestosis occupying their former employers factory in the City of "The Tenth of Ramadan", about an hour out of cairo.

Be your own journalist!

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

Oxford indymedia works on your contributions. That means you get to tell your own story, in your own words and in your own style. There are no 'experts' here to muffle, distort or ignore your voice, nobody to report your actions and experiences for you - on indymedia you D.I.Y. You don't have to register a username to publish here, nor will your article be screened by moderators before appearing online. We do have a set of editorial guidelines, and occasionally hide articles or comments which break them, but this is done after articles appear, so that the flow of information is not held up by bureaucracy. Even hidden articles are not completely deleted from the site; they disappear from the front page but can still be viewed on the view all posts page. So go on - take the plunge - publish your news! [ Need help to publish? | More about Indymedia | Get involved | Editorial Guidelines | View All Posts | Explanation of website problems ]

Egyptian and Internationals Protest at Gateway to Sinai

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

Two hundred Egyptian activists and fifty from Europe were prevented from reaching Egyptian Rafah by security forces at Bahlouza, the entry to North Sinai yesterday. The group was accompanying hundreds of tons of relief supplies for the people of Rafah collected by the Egyptian Popular committee in support of the Palestinian Intifada. While the food and blankets were allowed to reach the border at Rafah, the solidarity demonstration planed for Rafah was held in the middle of the desert underneath the welcome arch of North Sinai.

Against ID cards and the society of control

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

The UK government's plans to introduce identity cards were opposed on Saturday by the Cambridge No2ID group (more information) and the Cambridge Action Network. A stall and street theatre attracted sympathetic interest from passers-by, but hassle from a council 'City Warden' and baseless threats of violence by a shop security guards (report and pictures), an ironic outcome given that the campaigners intended to draw attention to potential abuses of power by the state.This use of identity information to control the population is also due to be used in Iraq. There are plans to use similar 'biometric' forms of identification (eye scans and DNA tests) in Fallujah, where the returning population are identified and forced to wear ID badges, before having to submit to control over their movements and forced labour. This world-wide society of control continues to be challenged in the UK (with a national call for direct action on January 28th) and in Cambridge (the next No2ID meeting will be on Thursday 16th December at 8pm in the Maypole).

Internationals Beaten and Palestinians Wounded

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

Internationals from the International Solidarity Movement and the International Women’s Peace Service today joined with Israeli peace activists to support the village of Bil’in in their second day of resistance to the construction of the Apartheid Wall. Approximately 150 men, women, and children from Bil’in walked onto their confiscated land and halted surveying work.Full feature on arrested filmmaker Kelly Minio-Paluello on Cambridge IMC

Autonomous Spaces in 2004

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

This last year has been a pretty active and productive year for the social centres movement in the UK...At the begining of the year, the Wombles occupied 93 Fortess Rd for several months before moving into the ex-Grand Banks in Tufnell Park. Both occupations saw successfully resistance against eviction and were highly successful and popular. After eviction in August the wombles took a break to concentrate on the 'Beyond ESF event' but they'll be back in 2005.Perhaps also to return in 2005, Use Your Loaf, an ex-bakery in Deptford which had been occupied as a centre for social solidarity since summer 2002, but was finally evicted in September. Currently without a building, the collective has remained active and are having a xmas party this coming Friday.Also having a party on the Friday 17th AND Saturday 18th Dec, the 'rampART' in East London [details] . The building opened around six months ago and has been host to a wide variety of political and cultural events. To celebrate and raise funds to cover bills, there is a two day festival with bands, workshops, DJs, fashion show, VJs, films etc. Full details on Birmingham, a disused nursey was occupied and is now on the verge of possible eviction. Last week saw resistance against eviction (see photo) and we await news. enjoyed a series of three short lived squatted social centres using the name OCSET. All were quickly evicted but there will certainly be another openned in 2005.

Liverpool - MerseyFin Benefit Gig

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

If not You, Who? If not Now, When?

Merseyside Free Information Network is celebrating years of creating alternative media in Liverpool with a party to raise money for printing issue No 8.
The event will be held on Saturday Dec 18th , 8pm til 2am, at Mount Carmel Social Club, High Park St, Toxteth, Liverpool, L8, Admission £3

The crime of filming repression in Palestine

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

Kelly Minio-Paluello (23), a journalist and community activist from the USA, was brutally arrested by Israeli Border Policemen while filming a peaceful demonstration on Tuesday outside Ramallah, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories [press release]. She is currently being held in Hadera Detention Centre awaiting deportation. She has neither been told why or when she will be deported or informed of her rights. Earlier this year, Kelly and her husband Mika (a Cambridge activist whose reports from Palestine we have regularly featured) produced a film, documenting life in Balata Refugee Camp. Copies of the film are available from the Cambridge Indymedia collective.Kelly's arrest while filming the beating of a Palestinian by Israeli police comes only weeks after Palestian Authority presidential candidate Mustafa Barghouti was beaten by Israeli troops at one of the 703 Israeli checkpoints on Palestinian territory.[Text] [Audio][Video]Audio interview with Kelly in prison (Madison Indymedia): [mp3]Indymedia UK coverage of the demonstration in Bil’inUpdate: Kelly was deported on 24 December, and is now back in the USA.Other articles by Kelly and Mika on Indymedia Cambridge:[on Iraq solidarity demonstrations in Nablus | on collective punishment by the Israeli army | on the killing of a young Palestinian woman by an Israeli soldier | on being shot at by soldiers | on the struggle to reclaim bodies for funerals | several reports on the invasion of Nablus in late 2003 (one | two | three) | More of their posts...]See Full newswire report | Madison Indymedia [1] [2]

The Crime of Filming Repression in Palestine

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

Kelly Minio-Paluello (23), a community activist from the USA and a member of Britain's National Union of Journalists, was brutally arrested by Israeli Border Policemen while filming a peaceful demonstration on Tuesday outside Ramallah, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. She is currently being held in Hadera Detention Centre awaiting deportation. She has not been told why she was arrested or when she will be deported or informed of her rights.Update: Kelly was deported on 24 December, and is now back in the USA.

Brutality towards asylum seekers

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

At Oakington asylum seeker detention centre, near Cambridge, an Indian couple with a two year old child have been imprisoned for 54 days, and have been refused bail. The child has been ill, but because he is in detention has not been allowed to see a paediatrician. The family have been told that deportation is imminent. By the time they leave, they may have been imprisoned for 77 days. See [full report] [press release] [local press]. A recent Cambridge feature described how Lina Castanos, and her 8 year old son, Miguel were violently taken from their home at night, to be held first at Gatwick, and then at Oakington. While at Oakington, Miguel was refused a doctor for at least 24 hours when he became ill (Read more on Lina and Miguel's stay in prison).The Castanos family face fear and uncertainty, as to whether they will be deported to Columbia. While at Oakington, they thought deportation would occur soon, however they have now been told they can appeal. Despite the fact that several close family members have been killed by Columbian paramilitary authorities, they are left uncertain as to whether they can remain in the UK.Links:Cambridge [1] [2] [3] [4]Bristol [1] [2]

Rights &amp; Respect for UK Homeworkers!

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

On Saturday 11th December the Leeds No Sweat Group along with the National Group on Homeworking presented the Asda store in Pudsey with a Giant Christmas card asking them to improve Rights and Respect for UK Homeworkers. This was part of a national campaign of action outside stores over the country.

Activist who visited Sheffield now in Israeli Prison

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

Kelly, one of two activists who visited Sheffield in April to talk about Palestine and show a film, has now been imprisoned in Israel for filming.

Shed No Tears For Blunkett - 2

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

As home secretary, Blunkett's abuses of human rights and civil liberties have been staggering. He has introduced internment without trial for suspected foreign terrorists is introducing military camps for children, and barely a day would go by without him dreaming up another crackpot neo-fascist scheme to attack civil liberties, criminalize working-class communities, and put more and more people behind bars.


DC, 02.01.2005 03:39

-- wants them to stay alive.

Holiday Anti-War Protests

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.01.2005 02:37

12/31/2004: Anti-war activists in the Bay area and Central Valley celebrated the holiday season by protesting the war in Iraq. In San Rafael on December 19th, several hundred protesters took part in a candelight vigil and march against the war. Video In San Francisco on December 22, the weekly Code Pink candlelight vigil against the war and occupation in Iraq joined forces with singers and musicians from War Resisters League West and Singing for Peace to present a program of anti-war and anti-war toy versions of familiar carols. Photos In Fresno on Christmas Day, Peace Fresno members participated in an anti-war demonstration at Shaw and Blackstone. Photos | Video

Holiday Anti-War Protests

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.01.2005 02:26

San Francisco: On Wednesday, December 22 2004, the weekly Code Pink candlelight vigil against the war and occupation in Iraq joined forces with singers and musicians from War Resisters League West and Singing for Peace to present a program of anti-war and anti-war toy versions of familiar carols.

Man In Black Marches Ahead Of First Night Parade With A Sign

Santa Cruz, CA, 02.01.2005 01:17

This year a group of Soldiers’ families was prevented from marching with a banner that would have listed the names and pictures of their loved ones who were in Iraq. This year also, a Man In Black (who typically dresses as Man In Black for Peace Friday at the corner of Ocean and Water from 4:30-5:30PM most Fridays) was excluded from the rear of the parade because he was carrying a sign that read “No More Depleted Uranium Weapons”.

Audio: CMRN: First Night Censorship?

Critical Mass: We Win!

NYC, 01.01.2005 23:57

(from the Open Newswire): "Hundreds ride on new years eve without incident - is the bullshit finally over? "Perhaps it was a fluke that happened because the cops were too busy fretting over possible terrorism or other trouble at times square (although it's not like that really stopped them at RNC), or perhaps the determination of nyc's cyclists to stand up for themselves & judge pauley's precedent-setting pro-cyclist rulings have finally gotten through to them. Either way, let's hope that new year's eve was a hint of things to come in 2005. December critical mass rolled deep with around 600-800 (my guess) participants, followed by an "intermission" party at the time's up! space and a later ride of 200 or so to central park to watch the fireworks from belvedere castle."

Protests This Week to Draw Attention to Electile Dysfunction

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.01.2005 22:29

The Votergate campaign continues as protesters in San Francisco this week will attempt to arouse their local senate member to raise her awareness of "electile dysfunction." There will be a Pro Democracy/Count Every Vote Rally on Monday, January 3rd from 12:00 Noon to 1:30 pm, at U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer's San Francisco Office, 1700 Montgomery St. Petitions signed by thousands of people who want Senator Boxer to challenge the results of the November 2, 2004 presidential election before Congress on January 6th will be presented to Boxer’s deputy at a meeting inside the office. Speakers at the rally will include long-time civil rights activist Dolores Huerta. There will also be a Verifygra Rally on Thursday, January 6th outside of Senator Boxer's San Francisco office, from 12:00 Noon to 1:30 pm. Read more on Indybay's Government and Elections Page

Long, Hard Voting Season to Culminate in Verifygra Rally

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.01.2005 21:46

After a long and hard election season, many pro-democracy activists didn't get any satisfaction from the widespread reports of vote fraud and inaccuracies nationwide. Votergate protesters are going to attempt to stimulate their local senator to attract her to the issue of "electile dysfunction" this week with a Pro Democracy/Count Every Vote Rally on Monday, January 3rd and a Verifygra Rally on Thursday, January 6th outside of Senator Barbara Boxer's San Francisco office. The rally will be from from 12:00 Noon to 1:30 pm at 1700 Montgomery St, near Chestnut and Embarcadero. Publicity materials state that VERIFYGRA was "tested and proven effective in Ukraine --- and now available in the United States" They are encouraging people to ask John Kerry and other Senators to get on Verifygra and stand up against the inadequate recount in Ohio, and ultimately, to refuse to certify the election on January 6th. Read more

Family deported to an uncertain future

Melbourne, 01.01.2005 21:43

Deported in the Dead of Night

San Franciscans to Protest Electile Dysfunction

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.01.2005 21:35

Votergate protesters in San Francisco are going to attempt to arouse their local senate member to raise awareness of "electile dysfunction" this week. There will be a "Pro Democracy/Count Every Vote Rally" on Monday, January 3rd from 12:00 Noon to 1:30 pm, at U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer's San Francisco Office, 1700 Montgomery St (near Chestnut & Embarcadero). Petitions signed by thousands of people who want Senator Boxer to challenge the results of the November 2, 2004 presidential election before Congress on January 6th will be presented to Boxer’s deputy at a meeting inside the office. Speakers at the rally will include long-time civil rights activist Dolores Huerta, as well as representatives of East Bay Votes, the Gray Panthers, U.S. Labor Against the War, the San Francisco Labor Council, and the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club. Read more. Rev. Jesse Jackson will also lead a rally on the 3rd to challenge the vote in Columbus, Ohio. There will be a Verifygra Rally at Senator Boxer's San Francisco office on Thursday, January 6th from 12:00 Noon to 1:30 pm.

CU Citizens for Peace and Justice Sees First Victory in New Year.

Urbana-Champaign, 01.01.2005 21:28

The new year has brought a change of policy at the Champaign County Jail. The Sheriff Department has changed the visiting policy, eliminating the 50 person maximum on the number of visitors allowed per visiting session. Activism works! Read all about it!

Sami in Palestine: Talluza

Portland, 01.01.2005 20:33

Talluza is a little village of about 1000 families situated on top of a rocky mountain overlooking stone terraced olive groves and smoky blue horizons, where the mosque speaker sends ghostly amplified praises echoing through villages nestled in red clay valleys. Talluza is a village where the sun shines on moss covered caves in decaying labyrinths of ancient cobblestone, where terra cotta flower boxes hang from wrought iron windows in sunlit alleys.

Where dirty green eyed boys walk like men in the streets and stooped old women with henna-red hair fill the doorways, and there is a donkey and a paint chipped bicycle tied to every post.

Talluza is also a village that has consistently suffered 24hr curfew and constant harassment at the hands of Israeli soldiers dispatched from a nearby military base. Where humvees race through the streets before dawn, where young girls are young girls are threatened at gunpoint, and young men disappear. Where schoolchildren are detained, and bread trucks are turned away. Talluza is a village occupied, and the villagers want to know why.

read moe...
[ Sami in Palestine: All Updates ]

People's Legislature Convenes January 4, 2005 at the Dane County Expo Center

Madison, 01.01.2005 18:31

"Wisconsin is not Wisconsin anymore. Our state's reputation for clean, open, responsible and progressive government has been badly soiled and is in danger of becoming a faded memory. Our democracy is in deep trouble." In reaching this conclusion, individuals attending the Fighting Bob Fest last summer spawned the idea of a "People's Legislature", which will meet for its first time Tuesday, January 4, in Madison. The idea was simple: What would the Legislature take up if the members represented their voting constituents instead of cash from constituents like Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, the Wisconsin Realtors Association, and the 803 registered lobbyists representing the highway contractors, the utilities, the insurance industry and the banks? They reached a consensus that a "People's Legislature" is needed in Wisconsin to ensure state government is returned to being "of, by and for" the people. Organizers are inviting all citizens of Wisconsin who believe their voice is not being heard at the Capitol and that the will of the people is being ignored by Wisconsin's political leaders.

A Family Farmer Wish List for 2005

Madison, 01.01.2005 17:24

Some realistic suggestions to help reclaim our food/farm system from agribusiness control in the coming year.


LA, 01.01.2005 15:26


Detroit labor activists call for people's unions

Michigan, 01.01.2005 14:36

Detroit--Dec. 30, 2004--Across the nation, in every work place and community, working people and professionals are rapidly losing benefits and jobs as a result of the new globalization of labor and injustice. At the same time, Bosses and CEO's are being awarded giant salaries, stock options, fat pensions and bonuses.

East Timor - neocolonialism

darwin, 01.01.2005 04:33

East Timor: New Law Aims to Stifle Political Dissent

Global Warming Wrap-up for 2004

Madison, 01.01.2005 03:54

In 2001, the the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) produced a three-volume report on global climate change, concluding there is new and stronger evidence that most of the warming observed over the last 50 years can be attributed to human activities, specifically to an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide and other "greenhouse gases". At the request of the White House, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) appointed a panel of scientists to address the issue and examine the validity of the IPCC report. That panel produced its own report, concluding "there is general agreement that the observed warming is real and particularly strong within the past 20 years" and "the changes observed over the last several decades are likely mostly due to human activities". 2004 produced a number of studies further reconfirming these observations, yet mainstream media and various fossil fuel industry front groups continue to argue global warming is a phenomenon of nature, that it's not a significant problem, and that individuals and groups who claim it's a problem are no more than environmental extremists using fear mongering tactics to scare people. They could be no further from the truth, as scientific study results from 2004 attest.

Mel &amp; Floyd, December 31, 2004

Madison, 01.01.2005 03:51

Mel & Floyd's New Year's Eve extravaganza coming at you. Enjoy the show!

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