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Update from the Protest Committee for the January 20th Anti-inauguration Day of Action

Portland, 04.01.2005 08:12

We are developing a vision for a protest, a peaceful protest, a loving protest, and a protest rich in resistance. We have a route, we are working on permits, for a march that will take us through the city and allow us to speak and witness those institutions which are most threatening to the good life that we would all like to live. We are looking for speakers, ones who can speak from the heart on issues they care about, at stops along the way. details >>

[ J20 - Anti-Inauguration Day of Action website ]

From the Perry Center struggle: &quot;A Night On the Picket Line&quot;

Portland, 04.01.2005 08:08

On November 29, 2004, approximately 60 mental health workers in Portland, OR. went on strike against the Parry Center, a subsidiary of Trillium Inc. While Trillium is bent on destroying the union, the workers are striking for quality care and therapy for the Parry Center's approximately 38 severely emotionally disturbed children. The Parry Center is a long-term residential treatment facility.

I spent last Saturday night on the picket line, where about 60 mental health care workers are striking the Parry Center, allegedly an inpatient treatment center for about 36 pretty mentally disturbed kids, ages eight through 14 years old. I use the word "allegedly" quite specifically, because whether the Parry Center is a treatment center, as its managers allege or is something else, is exactly what this strike is about.

I got hooked into doing some picket duty through the familiar route. The union on strike is SEIU Local 503, my old union, and home of most of my friends. So a friend asked me what I was doing on Saturday night, and could I help picket? I said, "Sure!" (the American Saturday night party scene is vastly over-rated anyway.)


previous feature stories: [ Parry Center protest at ODS building downtown (12/17/04) | Update on the Parry Center Strike, Day 11 (12/11/04) | Call for Support for Parry Center Strike; Photos from Monday's actions (12/1/04) | Day 2 of the Parry Center Strike (11/30/04) | Group of Concerned Citizens Occupies Parry Center Offices (11/29/04) ]

Cry Justice Conference, Jan. 8 and 9, 2005 (Updated Info!)

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 04.01.2005 06:01

A conference on activism, organizing and civil liberties. Green Party Presidential Candidate David Cobb to open conference and participate in secure elections panel. Many speakers and workshops!

Free Speech Caravan Coming to Tennessee January 16-17th

Tennessee, 04.01.2005 05:28

#media_2307;left#Zero hour is fast approaching for the coast-to-coast Free Speech Zone USA caravan, which will leave Ashland Jan. 9 and arrive in Washington, D.C. for the national January 20 counter-inaugural demonstration. Support has been growing across the route, with especially warm welcomes from Flagstaff, Arizona and West Memphis, Tennessee, where the travellers expect to be greeted by local activists and peace groups.

Serra da Carregueira ameaçada

Portugal, 04.01.2005 02:49

Serra da Carregueira ameaçada

Health Writers on the Air -- November 25, 2004

Madison, 04.01.2005 02:45

Our theme for this show is thanks -- to the health care workers, the activists, the dissidents, and the protesters -- who live and struggle for peace and justice. Each piece in tonight's show is framed by music from the School of Americas Protest in Fort Benning, Georgia. We begin with a commentary on domestic outhorities at our national games and Halloween parties. There is good news from a local bargainer from SEIU 1199 health cara workers. A report from Public Citizen gives frightening information about the safety of our SUV vehicles, and we end with a remembrance of the 1979 Greensboro Massacre. This show first aired on November 25, 2004 on WORT, 89.9 fm in Madison, WI. Time 28:36,

Health Writers on the Air -- October 28, 2004

Madison, 04.01.2005 02:14

This special Halloween show starts with a scary story on the flu vaccine. Health Care plans from both presidential candidates are critiqued. A new health care information sharing program begins in a local barber shop, and we finish with a memoriam to Elizabeth Kubla Ross. This show first aired on October 28, 2004 on WORT, 89.9fm in Madison, WI. Time 28:28.


United Kingdom, 04.01.2005 00:30

At the end of last year activists from UK Indymedia spent a month in Mexico. A country where the gap between rich a poor is higher than ever and extreme poverty is evident everywhere. However in the southern states of Oaxaca and Chiapas we encountered some truly inspiring tales of indiginous resistance.In Oaxaca CIPO-RFM are organising direct action against the polititions and institutions that oppress them. They organise through democratic assemblies and maintain a CIPO PROTEST CAMP which has been attacked by the authorities. The state repression against them has recently increased though they remain defiant and should hopefully be speaking at UK events this February. In neighbouring Chiapas we visited the Zapatista Caracol of Oventic . Here we interviewed the Zapatistas about their present situation. It is now exactly 11 years since the 1994 uprising, we were shown some of their more impressive achievements including the health service and education systems that they have installed for local people. They are presently appealing for international assistance for the Oventic.

Humala Ocupa Comisaria

Peru, 04.01.2005 00:18

La estupidez de la pistola

Manhattan DA Launches Investigation Into &quot;False RNC Testimony&quot;

NYC, 03.01.2005 22:53

In the first jury trial stemming from the mass arrests at the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City, video and photographic evidence showed that police testimony in the case appeared to have been entirely fabricated. Judge Gerald Harris granted a motion to dismiss all charges against Dennis Kyne on December 16th, 2004, after the defendant’s attorneys produced the evidence contradicting statements made by NYPD officer Matthew Wohl while under oath.

Ha�prediger, Schleuser, Top-Gef�hrder

Germany, 03.01.2005 18:34

Die Folgen des neuen Zuwanderungsgesetzes
Zum 01. Januar 2004 trat in Deutschland das neue Zuwanderungsgesetz in Kraft. Dieses tr�gt stark repressive Z�ge. Neben Einreise-, Aufenthalts- und Arbeitsrecht der Ausl�nderinnen und Ausl�nder in Deutschland enth�lt das neue Gesetz (PDF) auch ein juristisches Regelwerk zum sogenannten Kampf gegen den Terrorismus.
Eine Ausweisung aus Deutschland kann nun auch anhand einer tatsachengest�tzten Gefahrenprognose angeordnet werden.

Sami in Palestine: Not Depressed

Portland, 03.01.2005 15:40

Thanks once again for all the letters of support and encouragement. I think about you all quite frequently. This is just a short communique to address the concern or should I say rather the assumption that many of you have expressed that I must be finding it very difficult to be happy given the horrifying political climate of my surroundings. Let me please begin by assuring you that I am doing quite well. If I am depressed at all it is because I have to leave this land in less than 12 days.

Yes, the occupation fills me with a heart-wrenching guttural rage that makes my face twist up involuntarily if I think about it too much. Yes, sometimes I feel like an angst-ridden adolescent, crushed under the weight of the helplessness that I feel towards this madness, this sadistic arbitrary cruelty that I am powerless to stop, wanting to scream until I am hoarse and skin is stained red with hot tears, wanting beat my fists against the wall until they bleed. Yep, the occupation sucks, and it gives you sick, drowning feeling if you let it, but so does everything, if you let it, because I have known that feeling for years. Certainly, I find the political climate inside the United States no less horrifying, and no less aggravating. My palms have known the crescent-shaped fingernail imprints of exasperation for a long time, but you just can't walk around that way forever. The Palestinians don't(and certainly the soldiers don't, they let their tasteless Israeli techno ring loud and clear from every mountainside). You still have to live life.

[ Sami in Palestine: All Updates ]

Viaje vigiado e com os seus passos controlados

Portugal, 03.01.2005 13:45

Viaje vigiado e com os seus passos controlados

Over 200 turn out to Demand that San Diego Count Every Vote

San Diego, 03.01.2005 08:08

An energetic, diverse crowd of over 200 people turned out Sunday to demand that every vote be counted, in the Mayoral and Presidential elections. One speaker mentioned how he had volunteered for the recount and for ballots containing only an X or a check for Dick Murphy, the votes were counted and filled in by vote counters, while for the 5,547 votes containing the name "Donna Frye" and no bubble, the votes were not counted. Dick Murphy's victory was with a margin of 2,108 votes.

The speakers also talked about how the bubble law is a state law that's being used to override local law, and how the city council has the ability to "become a judge" and count every vote. Also, a petition was passed around for the local election and also to demand that Barbara Boxer be the one Senator to contest the electoral college vote which is to be certified on January 6th. A number of members of the House of Representatives have agreed to help contest the vote, but no Senator has come forward, just as in 2000.

More info at | Contest The

Call for Gas Boycott in Support of Immigrants' Rights

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.01.2005 07:54

The Mexican American Political Association (MAPA) and other organizations have called for people to observe "Dark Mondays" and not purchase gasoline one day a week in an economic boycott that targets the energy industry in California. The boycott of Monday purchases at gas stations in California is intended to raise awareness of immigrant rights struggles in this state. Organizers say that because energy prices fluctuate so much relative to demand, it should be fairly simple to ascertain the effectiveness of this action. The Monday gas boycott is planned to last through 2005, "until the state of California becomes a hospitable state to immigrants and permits driver's licenses to persons irrespective of their immigration status."

masacre en cromagnon

Argentina, 03.01.2005 07:25

"Por los sueños que se hundieron acá"

Coast 2 Coast Caravan

DC, 03.01.2005 07:14

An unprecidented moment is upon all of our shoulders, will you stand beside me and bear your share of the struggle?

Masacre cromagnon parte 2

Argentina, 03.01.2005 05:58

Lunes 3 de Enero de 2005 | Marcharon ayer con sonido de cacerolas
1500 personas exigieron que renuncie Ibarra

Workers Resistance

Manila, 03.01.2005 03:22

Electronic Civil Disobedience And Solidarity for Gelmart Workers

Refugee Rights

Perth, 03.01.2005 01:59

Refugee Family Forcibly Deported - Bakhtiyaris Sent To Pakistan

At The Peace Rally

San Diego, 02.01.2005 23:26

A guy at the Peace Rally who didn’t even know I was a writer handed me a four-by-five-inch leaflet and said,

“Write about your experience today and post it on our website. I encourage all writers who have lost their creativity, to begin writing.”

How did he know that my creativity hadn’t been challenged for sometime now?

How did he know that I have not felt the urge to write about anything since the experience in New York left me as empty as the giant hole left by the events of 9/11? With a president not elected by the majority, having destroyed what little faith I had left in this country; with a nation full of couch clones eager to believe the stupidest of lies from an obviously corrupt administration; upon seeing my home state of California – having been the last bastion of democracy in the U.S. – sabotaged by a right-wing-funded, bad acting, Nazi superhero, it has been difficult to muster any creativity to write, compose music, or enjoy any other artistic endeavor I normally peacefully pursue.

Thoughts About 'An Invisible Soldier.'

NYC, 02.01.2005 21:53

Inspired by John Tarleton's story on the "invisible soldier" Herold Noel, a reader writes to the Open Newswire: "Noel's experience makes me recall what I watched my father go through---my dad knew he was the one who helped to calculate where and when a bomb would be dropped or an attack made; I can't imagine why anyone would want to or think that is okay to do, but I understand why people go to war. I hope Noel gets help and that his family find peace and reunite because it breaks my heart knowing there are so many people like Noel and others who kind of 'lose it all' when vets come home, whether that be a month or ten years after they are back. It doesn't go away---but with help, it can get better." Read the original story


Barcelona, 02.01.2005 20:53

Boicot: _Made in CIRE_

Hace poco el CIRE (Centre d'Iniciatives per a la Reinserció) era un intermediario para vender el trabajo de los presos y las presas a empresas externas. Ahora la empresa pública de la Generalitat que se encarga de sacar provecho de los talleres de las cárceles de Catalunya ha empezado una nueva iniciativa de diseño, fabricación y comercialización proprias: Made in CIRE. El primer producto de esta línea es la "bossa catalana". Con un discurso hipócrita en el que se habla de las penas privativas de libertad no como fin, sino como un medio e instrumento pedagógico, el CIRE intenta consolidarse como monopolio del trabajo en las prisones, aprovechándose de la mano de obra barata y sometida.

[31Dic] Barcelona : Ni més presxs, ni més presons Jaen : Jornada de Lucha Anti-carcelaria [13GEN05] Barcelona : Jornades Antirepresives a la UAB

+info:: >>>criminalización

Portland Police waste taxpayer money for Critical Mass

Portland, 02.01.2005 20:52

It's New Year's Eve. Thousands of motorists are preparing to operate heavy machinery under the influence of alcohol. Portland Police are busy harassing cyclists. Due to heavy rains, blowing winds, and cold temperatures, Critical Mass turnout for December Critical Mass was even smaller than years of police harassment have made it. Despite only 5 riders meeting at North Park blocks, PoPo had a large presence.

At 5:55PM, there were 5 officers on bicycles; 2 officers on motorcycles; 1 cruiser with 1 officer; 2 undercover cars, one with 1 officer, one with 2. So a total of 11 officers, and 5 expensive automobiles "guarding" the public from 5 sodden but spirited cyclists preparing for "Critical" Mass. The Camaro Cruiser followed the mass for two blocks and then turned off to pursue other matters (perhaps even public safety, but no prior evidence suggests this).

A few blocks later the mass informed a taxi that it was driving without lights on, then continued for a merry and unpoliced ride of downtown and then onto the eastside, with shouts of "We're not blocking traffic, We are traffic!" and "If you love you're car, Set it free!", picking up 2 more riders early on for a grand size of 7(!).

[ read more ]
[ Past Critical Mass Stories, aka 'The Good Ole Days' ]


Barcelona, 02.01.2005 20:51

Boicot: _Made in CIRE_

Fa poc el CIRE (Centre d'Iniciatives per a la Reinserció) era un intermediari per vendre la feina dels presos i les preses a empreses externes. Ara l'empresa pública de la Generalitat que s'encarrega de treure'n profit dels tallers de les presons de Catalunya ha començat una nova iniciativa de disseny, fabricació i comercialització pròpia: Made in CIRE. El primer producte d'aquesta línia és la "bossa catalana". Amb un discurs hipòcrita en el que es parla de les penes privatives de llibertat no com a fi, sinó a mitjà i instrument pedagògic, el CIRE intenta consolidar-se com a monopoli de la feina a les presons, aprofitant-se de la mà d'obra barata i sotmesa.

[31Dic] Barcelona : Ni més presxs, ni més presons Jaen : Jornada de lluita Anti-carcelària [13GEN05] Barcelona : Jornades Antirepressives a la UAB

+info:: >>>criminalització

Dark Mondays Call for Economic Boycott in Support of Immigrants' Rights

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.01.2005 19:13

A boycott of Monday purchases at gas stations in California was started in December of 2004 to raise awareness of immigrant rights struggles in this state. The Mexican American Political Association (MAPA) and other organizations have called for people to observe "Dark Mondays" and not purchase gasoline one day a week in an economic boycott, which targets the energy industry throughout California and in any state where the message is well received. Organizers say that because the energy industry is the most-watched industry in terms of the ups and downs of the market because of how it reflects such aspects as prices, supply, and consumption, it is a relatively simple way to ascertain the effectiveness of a boycott.

LPFM coming to the Rogue

Rogue Valley, 02.01.2005 16:36

Winter Solstice, 21.12, shortest day of the year, the FCC grants a license to build a brand new citizen owned and operated LPFM (Low Power Frequency Modulation) radio station here in the Rogue Valley. Community members are now charged to vision the perfect venue to broadcast, communicate,and determine day to day operations.

A Sessão do Porto da Audição Portuguesa do Tribunal Mundial sobre o Iraque

Portugal, 02.01.2005 12:40

A Sessão do Porto da Audição Portuguesa do Tribunal Mundial sobre o Iraque

Alterações climáticas: Portugal pode atingir 50% a mais de emissões em relação ao ano de 1990

Portugal, 02.01.2005 11:24

Alterações climáticas: Portugal pode atingir 50% a mais de emissões em relação ao ano de 1990


Istanbul, 02.01.2005 09:37

Bergama içme sularında arsenik

Genetik Eylem Ağı

Istanbul, 02.01.2005 09:37

San Fransisco: Genetik Mühendisliği Eylem Ağı Konferansı


Istanbul, 02.01.2005 09:35

ABD'nin "uyuşturucuyla" mücadele seferberliği ekolojik yıkıma neden oldu

Filistin - Kelly

Istanbul, 02.01.2005 09:26

Filistin'de film çekmek suç

Antimilitarizm: Vicdani Red Dayanışma Eylemi

Istanbul, 02.01.2005 09:18

Monastiriotis'le dayanışma


Istanbul, 02.01.2005 09:17

İsrail saldırılarının sonucu Gazze'de ölüm ve yıkım

Mardin'de yargısız infaz

Istanbul, 02.01.2005 09:17

Mardin'de yargısız infaz

Belçika: Tren durdurma

Istanbul, 02.01.2005 09:14

Belçika: Tren durduranlar suçlu bulundu

Mayınsız Bölge

Istanbul, 02.01.2005 09:13

Yüzleşiyoruz 1: Mayınsız Bölge

İzmir Vicdani Red

Istanbul, 02.01.2005 09:09

"Gerçek borcum barışı, sevgiyi ve kardeşliği savunmak"

The 2004 Chicago Indymedia Year In Review

Chicago, 02.01.2005 08:39

logo Chicago Indymedia serves as a news and information source for activists and organizers in the Chicago community working to further the causes of social justice and world peace. With the passing of one calendar year and the arrival of a new one, it's time to reflect on the efforts of the past calendar year. And so, Chicago Indymedia is proud to present its Year in Review for 2004.

A Possible Radical Childcare Solution

Portland, 02.01.2005 06:14

This article is an announcement of a need from the community in regards to affordable, reliable, safe, accountable, political chilcare with a suggestion for a solution.
Unfortunately, for many radicals children are not in their everyday consciousness. But for many people in and out side of radical circles children are both an everyday joy and burden. Many parents are expected to raise their children alone without help from any community, unless they wish to join a church. For families that must work to survive, childcare is a major source of frustration. Childcare can and often does dictate a family's budget and ability to hold a job. Affordable, reliable, and safe childcare is almost nonexistent and if you want a radical spin on their environment forget it.

UK taking over g8 presidency

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 06:00

As 2005 begins, the UK takes over the Presidency of the G8 in a flurry of media coverage about Aid, Trade, Debt and Climate Change, in advance of the G8 Summit scheduled for July 2005 in Scotland. Jan 1st was also the official launch of the Make Poverty History coalition campaign, which is part of a wider campaign - the Global Call to Action against Poverty (see also the UN listed initiatives around the Millennium Development Goals).The UK Government has recently launched it's official G8 website ( complete with the much criticised 'thistle' logo and a special message from Prime Minister Tony Blair ( (see alternative message from the PM).Tony Blair recently rejected the request from Italian Prime Minister Silio Berlusconi to convene a special G8 ministers meeting about aid for the Tsunami disaster (link to come), however several meetings in the Uk are planned before the G8 Summit, including a meeting of G8 Finance Ministers in London in February and another of G8 Justice and Home Affairs ministers in sheffield in June.The Assembly of the Social Movements at the European Social Forum in London Oct 04 stated in their declaration: "We oppose the G8’s self-assumed task of global government and neo-liberal policies, and therefore we pledge to mobilise massively on the occasion of the G8 summit in Scotland in July 2005".other links:Anti-Capitalist Symbols 'Hijacked' for G8 2005 (J18 and Ya Basta!)Media War Against G8 Protestors Begins (secret anarchist training camps)Bono praises brown - clinton praises blair - global poverty love in! Cards for G8 LocalsInternational Dissent!/Anti-G8 Meeting in Feb 2005Alternative Versions of Band Aid 20 - Do they know it's christmas/a>As the various mobilisations against the summit gear up for 2005 it's clear there's going to be a massive security operation in scotland - so far estimates put the security cost alone at £150M. Hundreds of local residents will have to register with police for photographic ID cards in order to remain in their homes and to pass through checkpoints and roadblocks.UK prime minister Blair, together with Gordon Brown are pushing the public agenda in advance of the G8 saying they will focus on aid, trade and debt with special attention paid to africa, as well as climate change. A massive governemnt PR operation is now underway, making the most of the support that's coming from celebrities like Bono and Bob Geldolf, who are heading the publicity campaign around the Make Poverty History Coalition - a large coalition of NGOs, churches, unions and other organisations. The make poverty history coalition aims to encourage the governemnt in its stance over poverty but to also try to push it to go a little further and to try and hold it to account the previous promises it has made.Other mobilisations are not so focussed on supporting the UK government. Groups involved in both the Dissent Network and the G8 Alternatives Network have both pledged to disrupt the summit as well as promoting practical alternatives in a series of awareness raising events, counter conferences and local community projects. Yet more mobilisations include anti-war activists, anti-nuclear campaigners and environmentalists who are planning on blockading faslance nuclear submarine base as well as taking action to highlight climate change.Protests are planned in several cities, with Edinburgh expected to play host to some of the larger demonstrations with well over 100,000 people expected from just one of the mobilisations alone.The UK took over the presidency of the G8 in on January 1st. On New years Eve the make poverty history coalition will screen a film on the giant video screens in Trafalger suare in london and also in edinburgh...immediatly after midnight and Auld Lang Syne. The video will feature a montage of world leaders making promises about ending global poverty, contrasted with images of children scavaging at a rubbish dump in the Philippines - it will highlight the fact that every day 30,000 children die from starvation and malnutrition which is preventable.Britain also takes over the six-monthly presidency of the European Union on July 1st 2005

Stop Global War - No Nato convention in Venice!

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

The NATO parlamentary took place in Venice's Lido between the 13th and 18th of November 2004. Social movements, NGOs, civil associations and activists called for a mass prostest and demonstrations against NATO and global war on Saturday the 13th. Read background information and an open letter to the city explaining the reasons for the mobilisations.The two main days action took place as follows: • Friday 12 - 'Grassroots sanctioning against a militarized city': Timeline of events. Photo Gallery and Video of the actions against the delegates' hotels.• Saturday 13 - 'In Falluja people die, In Venice you won't celebrate': Timeline of events. Photo Gallery and Videos 1 | 2 | 3.

Protests at Band Aid Whitewashing Poverty Issues

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

On the 14th November outside the recording studios in Hampstead where "Do They Know It's Christmas" - Band AID 20 (named after the 20-year anniversary of the original) was being re-recorded, demonstrations took place by protesters arguing that Band Aid is little more than a screen "whitewashing the real issues behind world poverty". Shouts of 'real aid, not band aid', 'don't whitewash Africa' and boo's were audiable over the screams of fans and onlookers. One protester was arrested for handing out leaflets explaining the reasons for the protest - [read full report]. Protesters from the Dissent! Network, organising against the G8 Summit, argue that the song is obnoxious, patronising and out of date with the real situation in Africa"This isn't about creating a record to support people in Africa- this is a kodak moment for Bono, Midge Ure and for Blair to manipulate public opinion and push through a destructive economic agenda to serve Western economic interests."As Britain gears up for the G8 summit next July, Blair's government together with Bono and Geldof are doing everything they can to convince the public into believing that real action is being taken on issues such as Climate change and poverty in Africa.The original Band AID single produced in 1984 raised £9.5 million. The 2003 G8 summit in Evian cost £400 million. The security budget for the 2005 summit in Scotland is set at £150 million. The war in Iraq has so far cost the UK taxpayer £80 billion pounds and rising. The continuing loss of life due to poverty and war is unquantifyable.International development campaigners - the World Development Movement (WDM) - also condemned the lyrics as promoting a "negative and inaccurate picture of Africa and its problems." The organisation, which has been campaigning on issues effecting Africa for over 30 years and was one of the founders of both the fair trade movement and Jubilee 2000, drew attention to several lines in the song which it described as "patronising, false and out of date".Director of WDM, Mark Curtis said on Tuesday 14th: "The song perpetuates the myth that Africa’s problems can somehow be blamed on lack of rainfall and failed harvests. It conjures up an image of a continent inhabited entirely by starving children with flies on their faces sitting in the sunbaked bed of a dried up stream.""African poverty is not an unfortunate accident of geography and climate. It is largely the result of damaging policies such as free trade forced on Africa by rich countries."Several initiatives are now underway to re-write the lyrics - upload your own, or send lyrics or recorded audio files to

The FBI party - Saturday 27 November, Tufnell Park

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

Indymedia will be five years old on 30 November, the anniversary of the Anti-WTO protests in Seattle [1st ever post on IMC]. Plus the FBI has seized a London-based server that was used by 20 IMC's worldwide. So we'll combine the celebration with the need to raise money for new servers and invite everybody to the Fifth Birthday of Insurrection Party after the Anarchist Bookfair: 8pm - 4am, St George's Church, 49 Tufnell Pk Rd, entry by donation. All proceeds to fund new IMC servers. The rampART is offering limited crash space by prior arrangement for people coming to London for the Anarchist Bookfair... The line-up is: Fun-Da-MentalRhythms of Resistance Samba BandThe Rub (electronic set)Penny Rimbaud (Crass)The UnpeopleThe InternationalzAngelSpecial guest: the Federal Bureau of Investigation Please come, have fun and support Indymedia. If you like the site then help us getting a new server off the ground. If you can't come, consider setting up a monthly direct debit with what you can afford - see here for IMC-UK's account details. Or donate one-off via the Sheffield Indymedia PayPal account:

Protests at Band Aid Whitewashing Poverty Issues

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

On the 14th November outside the recording studios in Hampstead where "Do They Know It's Christmas" - Band AID, was being re-recorded, demonstrations took place by protesters arguing that Band Aid is a screen "whitewashing the real issues behind world poverty". Shouts of 'real aid, not band aid', 'don't whitewash Africa' and boo's were audiable over the screams of fans and onlookers. One protester was arrested while handing out leaflets explaining the reasons for the protest - [read full report]. Protesters from the Dissent! Network, organising against the G8 summit next July, argue that the song is obnoxious, patronising and out of date with the real situation in Africa. Several initiatives are now underway to re-write the lyrics - upload your own, or send lyrics or recorded mp3s to

Indymedia FBI Party - Five Birthdays of Insurrection

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

Saturday 27 November, 7pm till late, St George's church, 49 Tufnell Park Rd, London N7. Entry by donation, all proceeds to fund new IMC servers.Indymedia will be five years old on 30 November, the anniversary of the Anti-WTO protests in Seattle. Plus the FBI has seized a London-based server that was used by 20 IMC's worldwide. So we'll combine the celebration with the need to raise money for new servers and invite everybody to the Fifth Birthday of Insurrection (FBI) Party, after the Anarchist Bookfair.Line-up: Fun-Da-Mental, Rhythms of Resistance, The Rub, Penny Rimbaud, The Unpeople, The Internationalz, Angel. rampArt will stream the party and offers accomodation for anarchist bookfair weekend. They are also having a pre-bookfair social on the friday night. Meanwhile in Berlin: Another IMC birthday party.

Direct Action Against Environmental Destruction

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

Roundup of recent actions and campaigns: Ship Blocked Against Marine Quarrying: Ministers are planning to give the go-ahead to strip clean a vitally important area of the English Channel (the Median Deep - halfway between the Sussex coast and northern France) by mining nearly 200 million tonnes of gravel from the seabed to satisfy the house-building boom on the Southeast. The good news is that residents of Sussex are not taking this lying down. On 11th November, the latest in a series of actions against the dredging saw people using bicycle locks to close the Newhaven Swing Bridge on the A259 in East Sussex, blocking the departure of a Hanson dredging ship at high tide on Sunday. Morecambe Bay Bridge Project - Directors Resign After Protests: Two directors of a company planning to build a bridge across one of Britain's last wildernesses, and most protected wildlife area, have resigned after local protests. English Nature have expressed their opposition to the Bay Bridge scheme, which is nevertheless being spun as a 'green bridge' because of wave turbines that may be built at the same time. On 4th November, local people with banners and drums stopped work at Renewables Northwest - the General Manager there, Julian Carter was also a Director of BABC, the company behind the bridge project - he resigned later that day [see report and background]. Protests also took place at the Lancaster Environment Centre, whose Director Bill Davies was also a Director of BABC [see report and background] - he resigned a few days later. Hastings Bypass Turns in Link Road: Anti-roads campaigners had thought they had seen off the Hastings Bypass, but now part of the route has been resurrected as the Bexhill Link Road. This scheme has some of the worst environmental aspects of the original scheme ­ cutting through ancient woodland and endangering wetland bird species. There’s a route walk on Sunday 21st Nov [see SchNEWS | related news at Road Alert] Save Coate Water Country Park from Development: On Saturday 13 November, local campaigners surrounded the lake at Coate Water Country Park in Swindon with a chain of over a thousand cardboard cut-out hands, each with someone's personal message of why Coate Water is special to them. The campaigners are trying to save the park (a Site of Special Scientific Interest) from the development plans of the local council [see report and pics | Save Coate Campaign] Residents Oppose Illegal Tree Felling: On Saturday 30th October hundreds of local residents demonstrated in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, against illegal tree felling at the Millpond site that took place on 19th October - then many residents tried to obstruct the chainsaws - several residents were assaulted, and although they stopped the chainsaws, many of the trees had been cut down [see Pics 1, 2 | Background] See also: Barnstaple Western Bypass Gets Go Ahead Scotland: Dump protesters take direct action against landfill company Oxford Friends of the Earth oppose county rubbish incineration plans Manchester Uni students protest against tree trashing "Esso-sponsored" Scientists @ the Campaign Against Climate Change march

Case Against UK Dublin Mayday Protestors Thrown Out of Court

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

A few days before the Mayday protests in Dublin earlier this year, 2 protestors from the UK, Polly and Joe, were arrested in the vicinity of a derelict building under suspicion of trespass. They were initially denied bail and and kept in jail for a full week. When they were granted bail, stringent conditions were attached, requiring them to surrender their passports, remain in the country instead of returning home and sign on in a police station every week. Polly and Joe had to remain in Ireland for seven months - finaly their court case took place on 10th November and all charges against them were thrown out by the Judge, not least beacuse no solid evidence could be presented by the prosecution [see reports 1, 2]. Thirty people were arrested during Mayday, many of whom still have to sign on at police stations and many of whom are still being dragged through the courts. Supporters say they were made victims of media sensationalism and made scapegoats by the State in an attempt to justify draconian and military tactics deployed during Mayday in Dublin. Related News: One of the four people who were surrounded by police and arrested at Kings Cross station [pics 1, 2] on Sunday Oct 17th on their way to the European Social Forum closing demonstration, walked free from court on Monday 17th Nov. The defendent returned from Greece to attend court, only to find the prosecution dropped the case, saying they would be providing no evidence to support the charges [see report].

Bayer Abandons GM crops in India and UK

United Kingdom, 02.01.2005 05:00

15th Nov: In an admission of immense significance to the entire genetic engineering industry, Bayer Crop Science has conceded to Greenpeace India that all of its projects on genetically engineered crops in India have been "discontinued" [see newswire report | Bayer Admission Letter (pdf) | Greenpeace Statement] "We don't need genetically engineered crops to feed India," said a genetic engineering campaigner for Greenpeace India. "Around the world, in fact, the promises made by the genetic engineering industry have been unfulfilled, whether of increasing crop yields or reducing pesticide use." This retreat follows other recent decisions that set Bayer back - on 9th November Bayer Crop Science removed the last 2 GM crop varieties still in the approval process for the UK National Seed List [see report]. Previously in March 2004, the company announced they would be pulling out of GE crop research in the UK. A few months later, in June, Bayer announced they would not pursue commercialization of GE canola in Australia. Bayer's letter to Greenpeace India following direct action against the company, concedes that research into engineered cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, tomato and mustard seed has all been halted. "It is clear that popular resistance to genetic engineering is not diminishing as the industry had hoped it would," said Doreen Stabinsky, GE campaigner for Greenpeace International. "No matter what country we're talking about, consumers are on the same page. They don't want to eat genetically engineered food. That's good news for farmers and good news for the environment." For more see: Indymedia UK Biotech Section | Biotech IMC | Genetics Action | CBGnetwork

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