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Opposing Interstate 69: the NAFTA Super Highway

Tennessee, 06.01.2005 15:12

On Wednesday, December 29th a group of activists came through Nashville to speak about the construction of Interstate 69. Interstate 69 is a new proposed highway being built that plans to extend from the Canadian border, across the United States, through Tennessee, to end at the Mexican border. This summer, thousands of people plan to converge in Indiana where the construction of the "NAFTA Super Highway" has been contested. Embracing a variety of approaches the activists plan to put a stop to I-69 and deal a crucial blow to the FTAA.

Cavlan Committee Challenges Senator Dayton

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 06.01.2005 15:06

The Michael Cavlan for United States Senate campaign challenges Minnesota U.S. Senator Mark Dayton to join Representative John Conyers, Jr. and the congressional Black Caucus in challenging the results of the 2004 presidential election. On January 6, 2005, Congress will meet in joint session to certify the 2004 presidential election. On that day, if one member of the House and one member of the Senate object to the certification of the vote, then all members of Congress will finally discuss these issues.

hacienda luisita shooting

QC, 06.01.2005 14:19

Two strikers shot in Hacienda Luisita barricade

From the Newswire

Perth, 06.01.2005 11:18

Howard shows his heartless hand.

The Road to Auschwitz: Eugenics and the University of Michigan

Michigan, 06.01.2005 06:38

All the justifications that German physicians and eugenics advocates used to rationalize their programs were already extant in America. Even the most heinous of German eugenic actions had its American counterpart.
--Jeffrey A. Hodges, “Dealing with Degeneracy: Michigan Eugenics in Context”

Eugenics originated in Great Britain but it took root and flourished first in the United States decades before it was implemented in Nazi Germany. The first eugenic sterilization bill in the United States was introduced in the Michigan legislature in 1897. It was publicly supported by at least one eminent U-M alumnus--Clarence A. Lightner--but it was not adopted.

Victor C. Vaughan was Dean of the U-M medical school from 1891 until 1921, served on the Michigan State Board of Health for many years, was President of the American Medical Association from 1914 until 1915, and served on the Advisory Council of the American Eugenics Society from 1923 until 1929. Thanks, in part, to the determined advocacy of prominent national figures like Vaughan, the Michigan legislature did adopt a sterilization law in 1913.

Rep. Conyers to challenge stolen Ohio election Thursday

Michigan, 06.01.2005 06:31

Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), who headed up hearings by the Democratic staff of the House Judiciary Committee into the vote in Ohio, will be presenting his report on the fraud, abuse and misconduct of that crucial state's election this Thursday (Jan. 6), and will be calling on his colleagues in the House and Senate to challenge the 20 Republican Ohio electors allegedly chosen in that presidential vote.

Schoolbus drivers fight back against attacks

Boston, 06.01.2005 04:55

Boston's unionized school-bus drivers and monitors are fighting back in the face of a series of vicious racist and anti-union attacks by the mayor, the City Council majority and Boston's leading tabloid.

Central Portland PUD activists interviewed on portland indymedia web radio

Portland, 06.01.2005 04:02

Tonight i had the pleasure of interviewing Theressa Litoski and Norris Thomlinson, who are active with the Central Portland Public Utility District (PUD) campaign. During our conversation we discussed the history of the ballot measure (including the previous Willamette Electric PUD initiative, which was thrown off the ballot last year), the current state of the effort, and future plans / next steps. Theressa and Norris also shared their opinion of the Willamette Week article about PGE that just hit the stands today.

TO LISTEN to the interview, which is about 40 minutes in length, click here.

full article

[ Pancakes for Public Power! fundraiser | Central Portland PUD website ]

Council passes &quot;emergency ordinance&quot; authorizing PPB cops for Presidential Inauguration

Portland, 06.01.2005 02:29

Today, the city council just agreed to send our police to protect a President that, not only did 3/4 of us Portlanders oppose in the last elections, but whose Secret Service has become infamous in the last four years for suppressing public dissent at any appearances of Administration VIPs.

Today I got a good lesson in how government works. By "emergency ordinance" (therefore exempting the item from public review and second reading by the council) the city authorized sending 20 PPB cops to DC to assist the Secret Service at the Presidential Inauguration. This is the same Secret Service under whose authority the PPB sent its officers to brutalize Portlanders protesting the same president's visit to our town in 2002, resulting in a third of a million dollar legal settlement against the city.

New ACLU Report Highlights Gonzales Role in Detainee Abuse

DC, 06.01.2005 02:02

Free Movies this Friday!

Atlanta, 06.01.2005 01:58

"Bringing Down A Dictator" -Sound like a good idea? See how a nonviolent popular movement removed Slobodan Milosevic from power in Serbia in 2000 -- with U.S. support. (Is the same thing happening in the Ukraine? Why not Ohio?)

Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.01.2005 00:56

At approximately 1:30 p.m. today six large military helicopters were sighted flying over the Santa Cruz mid-county area. They seemed to be flying especially low and, as such, were extremely noisy and obtrusive.

When I contacted Santa Cruz County's emergency services (911) department, the attendant told me that they had no notice of exercises to be carried out in the area or prior warning about the choppers. She mentioned that she had never seen (such a thing) it before, but felt that there was no cause for alarm, that "they were just passing through."

Coalition Against Election Fraud Urges Senators Not to Certify Illegal Electoral Votes

Boston, 06.01.2005 00:47

Seeking at least one U.S. Senator to take a stand on January 6 against illegal electoral votes, ten local activists with the Coalition Against Election Fraud (CAEF) headed to Washington D.C. on Tuesday to meet with Senators on Capitol Hill. Coalition members also braved the snow today as they continued their vigil outside of Senator John Kerry’s Boston home and met with an aide at Senator Edward Kennedy’s Boston office to plead their case.

Council passes &quot;emergency ordinance&quot; authorizing PPB cops for Presidential Inauguration

Portland, 06.01.2005 00:43

Today, the city council just agreed to send our police to protect a President that, not only did 3/4 of us Portlanders oppose in the last elections, but whose Secret Service has become infamous in the last four years for suppressing public dissent at any appearances of Administration VIPs.

IndyConference seeks to bring together Indymedia

Tennessee, 05.01.2005 22:27

Activists come from across the continent to discuss our progress as a media democracy movement, as well as look at ways we can improve our content and effectiveness as a radical media network.

VoterFraud Demonstrators Gather to Demand Electoral Reform

Tennessee, 05.01.2005 22:11

On the day before the electoral college votes are counted in Washington DC, demonstrators for electoral reform gathered in front of their Senator's offices across the country to demand clean elections. In Nashville, Tennessee demonstrators gathered in the cold and rain in front of Senator Llamar Alexander's office and later in front of Senate Majority leader Frist' office on White Bridge road.


South Africa, 05.01.2005 20:06

Water war brews in Bayview as council cuts off residents

Student Residence on CHARAS Site Nixed

NYC, 05.01.2005 19:56

(from the Indypendent): Councilwoman Margarita Lopez, a long-time activist in the four-year fight to reclaim the old P.S. 64 building from developer Gregg Singer, announced a remarkable victory to a cheering crowd of Lower East Side residents at a Dec. 15 community meeting. “Today, Mr. Singer’s request for a permit to demolish and build a dorm tower was disapproved by the city,” she said, as the meeting of about 50 local citizens whistled and clapped in the auditorium of the new P.S. 64 school on E 10th St., one block from the original building on E 9th St.

State Agency May Not Have Enforced Law For Detention Facilities During RNC, Says They Will Not Investigate Pier 57

NYC, 05.01.2005 19:04

(from the Open Newswire): Recently obtained documents from the State of New York Commission of Correction (SCOC) raise serious questions about the use of Pier 57 to detain protestors during the Republican National Convention. A review of these documents indicates that multiple violations of guidelines for standards at detention facilities, and possibly even violations of New York State law and the New York State Constitution, may have occurred during all phases of the use of the pier as a detention facility -- from the selection of the site, to construction and renovation, to the circumstances of detention and the conditions at the site. Also called into question is whether the SCOC enforced guidelines for detention facility standards. The SCOC has declined to launch an investigation into these matters, according to sources involved in these matters.

Emancipation Day Becomes Official Holiday in DC

DC, 05.01.2005 18:55

On January 4, Emancipation Day became an official holiday in Washington DC. Mayor Anthony Williams (D) signed B15-827, the District of Columbia Emancipation Day Amendment Act of 2004 into law on Tuesday, making April 16 of each year an official District holiday. “This historic signing and official recognition of the DC Emancipation Day public holiday commemorating the District of Columbia as the first jurisdiction in the nation to have its 3100 slaves freed on April 16, 1862, nine months prior to the freeing of all slaves in the United States, is a great achievement for the preservation of DC history and world-wide education,” said Councilmember Vincent B. Orange, Sr. (D-Ward 5) in a press release issued by the mayor. Councilmember Orange was the author of the legislation.

Community Based Radio in Salida

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.01.2005 18:41

Can you hear it? In Salida, something new is being heard at 106.1fm. A new Low Power FM (LPFM) radio station serving the Salida community has finally been granted a permit to broadcast by the FCC. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for our community.” Rev. Sandy Johnson stated. “We will be able to broadcast informative, educational and diverse programming not heard on the radio in our area.” Programming ranges from news and talk oriented shows to local and independent music. The station officially began broadcasting August 17th, 2004 and is actively seeking independent programming and funding support. “The airwaves belong to the people, not the corporations. This is a unique and rare opportunity for us to have a microphone to share educational and entertaining programming with the community.” Programs include Democracy Now!, Indymedia feeds, local Pagan programming, interviews with people on local issues, and Counter Spin, (just to name a few). Read full story here.

Environmental Activism

Sydney, 05.01.2005 18:29

Gunns Blazing: Boycott Tamar Ridge Wines

Boxer “Seriously Considers” Election Challenge

San Diego, 05.01.2005 17:53

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer is “seriously considering” joining a challenge by several members of the House of Representatives to the results of the 2004 Presidential election, her press secretary, David Sandretti, said Wednesday morning, January 5. Local activists in San Diego held sit-ins at Boxer’s office Monday and Tuesday, January 3 and 4, to persuade her to join the challenge.

Photos from the rally:

US Indymedia: Will Boxer Stand Up During Electoral Vote Certification?

NYC, 05.01.2005 17:08

(from US Indymedia): Boston- 04 Jan 2005 A credible source who attended last nights vote fraud rally in Boston reports that founder,David Lytel announced that Sen. Boxer will "protest the vote" in congress.

"I just got back from the rally in Boston at Faneuil Hall. There were about 400 people there and many fine speakers. Perhaps the most exciting news is that David Lytel, the founder of ReDefeatBush, said that senator Barbara Boxer said she WILL step up to protest the vote. This of course elicited a lot of cheering. You can report that I (and about 400 others) saw and heard David Lytel say this loud and clear. Whether it will actually happen remains to be seen, but he certainly seemed to believe it close to 100%.

[Read More] || Vote Cobb Website || Brian Lehrer Show "Recount Update" ||

True Spirit of the Black Panther/ A Call for Unity of All People by Sister Nzingha!

DC, 05.01.2005 16:23


Peru, 05.01.2005 16:14


La oligarquia sigue viva

Peru, 05.01.2005 15:58


Forest Service Releases Bearknoll Timber Sale

Portland, 05.01.2005 15:32

The Forest Service released another egregious timber sale in Mount Hood National Forest, and this time convienently over the holiday season when the public was unlikely to notice. Public pressure early in the process has forced the Forest Service to drop much of the sale, but there are still many problems remaining that need to be addressed. BARK has been working on this sale from the inception and are calling upon the local community to help stop this sale and preserve our heritage.

Bearknoll Timber Sale is 531 acres and located in the White River watershed. Bearknoll is very diverse, with 12 species of conifers in the planning area, more than in most areas of Mount Hood. Bearknoll is located on the transition between Eastern and Western forest habitats and rests between low and middle elevations, with even Ponderosa Pine and Pacific Yew growing a few feet apart.

[ Latest news from BARK, incl. upcoming events I Oregon Forests Named as One of Nation's Biggest and Best Forests ] I [ more forest defense stories from pdx indy ]


Peru, 05.01.2005 15:27



Peru, 05.01.2005 15:21



Peru, 05.01.2005 15:21


Media as the Judge: The case of accused Eco-Terrorist Tre Arrow Speaking Tour

Portland, 05.01.2005 13:29

Tre Arrow, an environmentalist, refugee and political prisoner, has been incarcerated in Canada for over nine months. He's awaiting an extradition hearing which would see him returned to his native country, the United States. While incarcerated, Mr. Arrow's case has gained international attention. The United States Government is seeking Mr. Arrow's extradition in connection with the destruction of logging equipment in Oregon, 2001.

This case is highly political, and Mr. Arrow is repeatedly and constantly referred to in the corporate media as an 'Eco-Terrorist'. Although Judge James Redden, in his ruling on the 2001 arson case against Jacob Sherman, stated that "The term 'terrorist' is not to be used in reference to this case or the defendants," the FBI and the Corporate Media continue to sell news by branding Mr. Arrow as an Eco-Terrorist.

Tre Arrow Audio Interview From Hospital Bed | Tour Dates & information | Holiday Fast & Greeting from Tre at

Indian Ocean Tsunami Tragedy

Melbourne, 05.01.2005 11:21

Massive public support for Disaster relief effort

Join the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day March &amp; Rally, January 17

Michigan, 05.01.2005 08:01

The Detroit MLK Committee is organizing the second annual march in honor of the peace and social justice legacy of Dr. King on January 17, beginning at Noon in the Central United Methodist Church, downtown Detroit.

We are glad to report that plans for this year's MLK Day March and Rally are proceeding very well. We look forward to an exciting afternoon of provocative speakers, inspired artwork and music.

We will gather in the Central United Methodist Church, located on Woodward Ave. and Adams (just south of Comerica Park), at Noon. We will then march thru downtown to the Labor and Underground Railroad Monuments at Hart Plaza, before returning to the Central United Methodist Church for an afternoon rally featuring a broad array of peace activists, community organizers, progressive clergy, students and artists.

Guerneville Protests Against Fur Industry

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.01.2005 07:41

There is nothing soft or cuddly about the fight over furs in Guerneville this holiday season, as animal rights activists square off against the newly opened Kings & Queens Vintage Clothing store. The dispute escalated earlier this week when about 10 members of Sonoma People for Animal Rights, waving posters and pictures of wild animals suffering in traps, were met by about 20 counter-protesters shouting and carrying signs, such as "I like fur" and "I eat meat." The potentially polarizing effect of long-term protests is becoming a concern for many, including the Russian River Chamber of Commerce and other gruops. Full story here.

Three Men Killed by Bay Area Police in Four Days

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.01.2005 06:29

1/4/2004: The San Jose Mercury News has reported three Bay Area police officer-involved deaths in the last 3 days. Two men died in San Mateo County on January 2nd after police were called for help with mental crisis situations. Tasers were used in both fatal cases on Sunday.

Is Cuba Next?

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.01.2005 02:05

A summary and analysis of the Bush administration plan for regime change in Cuba.

The new government will restore ownership of houses and plantations to former owners, create a major program to vaccinate Cuban children (the most vaccinated children in the world), establish capitalism, and, of course, privatize resources, health care, education, etc., etc, etc. We will establish.” a Transition Coordinator at the State Department to… continue regular transition planning and coordination with other U.S. Government agencies.”

Almost laughably, the plan includes teaching the Cubans how to hold free and fair elections.

The new government will have no place for current government officials and specifically advises that the “transition government... bars Fidel and Raul Castro from any role in a future government... targeting regime officials for U.S. visa denials... visa denial watch lists will be provided to other nations...”

Although the Commission isn’t candid about how the ultimate step to occupation is to be accomplished, it does acknowledge that “there will be resistance to the transition… will therefore require the presence of effective, professional Cuban security institutions (read US trained and equipped army) that are committed fully to supporting the democratic transition…Military modernization will also be important...”

If that doesn’t sound like déjà vu, nothing does. And, in case you think this was all a campaign tactic to win votes in Miami, consider that since November 2nd, rather than backing down, the administration has stepped up its rhetoric, its prosecution of travelers, and its roadblocks to trade.

Poor non-white people always suffer more

darwin, 05.01.2005 01:04

Racism, political and bureaucratic bungling exposed as tsunamis death toll rises

Imagine a Sustainable Champaign County

Urbana-Champaign, 05.01.2005 00:20

Imagine a Sustainable Champaign County ... that's the name of a county project to identify local environmental concerns and strategies to deal with them. The panel has been working on this for a while and has come up with a detailed report. I have included a link to the report and to the News-Gazette coverage of the panel's work. The panel appears to be an attempt to corrall diverse stakeholders, including farmers, environmentalists, and urban planners. According to the NG story, it not only stresses sustainable land use and resource conservation, but also mixed-use urban planning strategies to combat sprawl. I encourage anyone with an interest in these issues to review the report.

Maine Woods Named One of Nation's Biggest and Best Forests in New Report

Boston, 05.01.2005 00:05

The Maine Woods was named as one of the nation’s “Keystone Forests” by the environmental group Greenpeace today. In a new report, "America’s Keystone Forests: Mapping the Next 100 Years of Forest Protection," Greenpeace identifies the biggest forest areas left in the United States that provide the best habitat for the most diverse species. Of the 11 forests named, the Maine Woods stood out as the keystone forest made up of the highest percentage of private land. Most of the other keystone forests consist primarily of public lands.

Reports spent during the Festive season In Palestine

United Kingdom, 04.01.2005 21:30

Reports from the villages of Palestine from the 20th of December through to the New Year. On arriving here the first thing that I realise is that there is so much to do here because the military repression occurs throughout this land on every level. Not just in the incursions and massacres that we see so often on TV but in simple things that we as non Palestinians take for granted like there being a separate and inferior road system for Palestinans to use, and the fast super high way settler roads for those with the Isreali car nuimber plate. The Apartheid here is a rigorous and active racism.

Copwatch reveals that City of Portland will send local cops to DC for Inauguration

Portland, 04.01.2005 21:13

Portland is planning to send 20 officers to be part of the "Presidential Inauguration Task Force (PITF)" who will be deputized as US Marshals and under the direction of the US Marshals, Metropolitan Police Department (Wash. DC cops), US Park Police and, you guessed it, the FBI.

The contract covers the dates of January 15 to January 21 and requires the City to cover the salary of the cops, including overtime. The Feds will cover the airfare, living expenses, and any expenses if the officers have to go to court (like to testify why they pepper sprayed babies in Washington DC).

I think that in a time of City budget crunch, when citizens are complaining there aren't enough police in their neighborhoods (even if that's not particularly a philosophy we agree with) and there are unsolved murders, when the cops themselves constantly complainm about being understaffed, and when a political battle over the Joint Terrorism Task Force just pushed its renewal off the agenda for the first time in 4 years, this is a very unwise move.

I'm sad to report that Chief Foxworth has already signed the agreement.

I hope other people can join me at City Council tomorrow, otherwise contact info is below for the new council.

The Yellow Ribbon Paradox.

DC, 04.01.2005 20:06

The following paragraphs completely fail to be well-written, proofread, or professionally composed. However, in light of recent debate, I do hope to provide some sort of psuedo-organized statement of perspective.

The Return(s) of St. NickelUS

Urbana-Champaign, 04.01.2005 19:09

...and the return of Channel X after a holiday hiatus.

Another election stolen while America sleeps

Portland, 04.01.2005 18:42

We've been robbed again, and yet most voters probably know little about this latest episode of electoral travesty. The most under-reported story of 2004 is what happened pre-, during, and post-election Nov. 2. Yet the story of irregularities and fraud, occurring in many ways and in many different regions, may be a hard one for the public to follow, as the story line is complex, and the information is out there, but mainly in the alternative media.

Neither The Oregonian nor The New York Times have covered the topic in depth. Even the Nation only ran a simplistic piece by David Corn, who pooh-poohed the vote protest and echoed the Boston Globe in making the issue seem only of importance to internet conspiracists.

A movement of frustrated voters has risen around Oregon. "Clean Vote" sprang from the Multnomah County Democrats, with the catalyst being activist Bill Dodds. Portland's Action Speaks is a non-partisan group, which sprang from the efforts of Code Pink and others, with the principal spokesperson of Johnny Marie. Truth-in-Voting is active in Eugene, and has published a guest column in the Eugene Register-Guard.

These groups rallied at our state capitol on both Dec. 12 and 13, in synchronicity with the national vote protest movement. The Sunday event (Dec. 12) coincided with the "51 Capitol March" protests at the federal capital and other state capitols, and attracted over 200 people from around the state. Katy Eymann, activist and wife of Secretary Bradbury, was one of the many speakers; she pointed out that Oregon is one of only six states in the nation that do not have a lawsuit pending over vote irregularities!


[ Portland Alliance ]


No los mato el incendio, los mato la corrupción

Argentina, 04.01.2005 17:43

"No los mató el incendio, los mató la corrupción"

Zen and the Heart of a Social Rebel

Melbourne, 04.01.2005 17:34

Augusto Alcalde on Zen and Social Change

Call for Help - Local blind activist needs a wheelchair

DC, 04.01.2005 17:24

DC Guerilla Poetry Insurgency Struck Again Tonight

DC, 04.01.2005 17:21

Aided by the Rhythm Workers Union, the insurgency dropped a few "bombs" in the middle of the Dupont Circle. Spirits were high. The weather was warm, considering it's January. And the poets were in peak performance mode.

Eyes Wide Open: Memorial in DC Jan. 17, 19-21

DC, 04.01.2005 17:20

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) will honor fallen U.S. military personnel and Iraqi civilians with its traveling memorial display: Eyes Wide Open: The Human Cost of War, which will be on display at the National Cathedral on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 17, and at the National City Christian Church from January 19-21.

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