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Women Can Be Fired for Refusing to Wear Makeup, Court Rules

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.01.2005 08:42

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on December 28th, 2004 that a female employee fired for refusing to wear makeup cannot sue her employer for sex discrimination. In 2000 Harrah's Resorts put into place a “Personal Best” policy that required female employees to wear their hair "teased, curled or styled," and wear "foundation/concealer and/or face powder, as well as blush and mascara," nail polish, and lipstick, while male bartenders only had to wear their hair above the collar and keep their nails clean and neatly trimmed. Darlene Jespersen, who worked the same bartending job in Reno for over two decades, was fired when she objected against the new standards. The 2-1 decision rejected Jespersen’s lawsuit against Harrah's, saying that she had not shown that feminine standards were significantly more burdensome than those imposed on men. In the dissenting opinion, Judge Sidney Thomas stated, "Harrah's fired Jespersen because of her failure to confirm to sex stereotypes, which is discrimination based on sex and is therefore impermissible under Title VII (of the US Civil Rights Act)."

Abbas To Become Palestinian President

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.01.2005 08:00

1/9/2005 Polls were forced to stay open for several hours longer than scheduled due to a massive turnout (especially in rural areas). According to exit polls Abbas is headed for big victory as was expected. While there were no major disturbances during the voting, Palestinians have accused Israel of not carrying out a promised easing of its military grip on the West Bank and Gaza for the vote.

Welcome to dadaIMC!

New Hampshire, 09.01.2005 08:00

You have now successfully installed the dadaIMC software codebase for your Independent Media Center. This welcoming "feature" may be removed by an Administrator or Editor. Administrators are encouraged to join the dadaIMC discussion list to participate in the community. Questions or problems should be addressed to the mailing list, or the developer may be contacted directly at support(at)


Greve de fome no EP de Coimbra

Portugal, 09.01.2005 05:07

Greve de fome no EP de Coimbra

Aceh Faces Double Disaster: Tsunami and Occupation

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.01.2005 03:20

1/8/2005: When the tsunami and 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck on December 26th, four and a half million Acehnese were already living out a disaster. Despite a massive nonviolent independence movement that peaked after the fall of U.S.-backed Indonesian dictator General Suharto, the Indonesian military (TNI) has renewed warfare with the armed Free Aceh Movement (GAM). The occupied province was militarized by 50,000 TNI troops in May 2003, who have conducted a war to "exterminate" the GAM, widely reported to have included rape, torture and murder of Acehnese civilians, notably organizers, journalists and human rights activists.

Escrache a Ibarra

Argentina, 09.01.2005 02:35

Sábado 8 de enero | Es responsable político de la masacre de Cromañón
Si no hay justicia hay escrache a Ibarra

Interview With Christine Datz-Romero, co-founder of the Lower East Side Ecology Center

NYC, 09.01.2005 02:20

New Indy intern Melanie Picard interviews Christine Datz-Romero, co-founder of the Lower East Side Ecology Center. Tomorrow, January 9,the center is holding a recyling event outside Union Square Park, on Broadway and 17th street. A truck will be waiting from 9am to 5pm to receive any computers that are no longer being used. During the last round of the Ecology Center’s computer drive, they received 10,000 pounds of computer equipment. Q: What exactly is the Ecology Center? A: We are a non-profit community-based group that offers recycling programs, like composting. In 2002 we started an electronic waste program. We also offer environmental education and we provide a public open space.


Barcelona, 09.01.2005 00:16

Bojkoto: _Made in CIRE_

Antaŭ nelonge CIRE (Centro de Iniciatoj por la Resocianigo) agis kiel peranto por vendi la laboron de la malliberuloj al privataj firmaoj. Nun la publika entrepreno kiuj profitas el la atelieroj de la kataluniaj malliberejoj komencis novan iniciaton pri memstaraj fasonado, fabrikado kaj komercigo: Made in CIRE. La unua produkto de tiu gamo estas la "kataluna sako". Per hipokritaj argumentoj pri la senliberigaj punoj ne kiel celo, sed nur kiel rimedo kaj pedagogia instrumento, CIRE klopodas plifirmiĝi kiel monopolo de la laboro en la malliberejoj, profitante la malmultekostajn kaj submetitajn laborfortojn.

[31an dec] Barcelono : Nek pli da malliberuloj, ne pli da malliberejoj. Jaén : Kontraŭ-karcera bataltago. [13an jan] Barcelono : Kontraŭsubpremaj tagoj en la Barcelona Aŭtonoma Universitato

+infoj:: >>> kriminaligo

Bush Backs Asbestos Companies

NYC, 08.01.2005 21:53

(from the Open Newswire): "My father died in 2000 of mesotheilioma, a cancer caused by asbestos. He was an insulation worker for 34 years. We filed a lawsuit and won a settlement. I decided to put most of the money back into radical political causes (I am broke now). So one of the companies involved in our lawsuit has been bought by Halliburton and now the Bush administration is working to save them." "For the past four years, this specific company has fought against paying the money that they originally agreed to pay the families of victims that died of diseases that resulted from asbestos. As a result of legal battles like this one, our family only received a portion of the agreed upon settlement, on grounds that these companies are bankrupt. This seems silly since Dowl Chemical and Halliburton are making billions and that the same bankrupt companies are subsidiaries of these rich multi-national corporations. The following NY Times article fails to mention that exposure to asbestos leads to 300-400% increase of the likelihood of developing gastro-intestinal or respiratory cancers. Of course in 1999, the WTO fought against France banning asbestos, stating that banning this harmful material would be a 'trade restriction.'"

J20 :: January 9th organizing meeting for direct action and civil disobedience

Portland, 08.01.2005 21:47

January 20th, Anti-Inauguration Day of Action Want to be involved in the action, but don't have a plan or group to work with? Come to the Sunday, January 9th organizing meeting for coordinated direct action and civil disobedience. 5:00pm at the Cascadia Rising Infoshop (1540 SE Clinton). This will be the only meeting of its sort so please attend or contact us.

How much longer are we going to just watch as Bush continues to crush civil liberties, increase corporate rule and destroy natural ecosystems? How much longer are we going to watch Bush continue his never-ending "war on terrorism" and attempt to criminalize abortion? How much worse does it have to get before we resist? [ Read More ] [ March against imperialism on January 20!]

escrache a Ibarra

Argentina, 08.01.2005 21:17

Sábado 8 de enero | Si no hay justicia hay escrache a Ibarra
Minuto a minuto

Women Can Be Fired for Refusing to Wear Makeup, Court Rules

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.01.2005 20:47

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on December 28th, 2004 that a female employee fired for refusing to wear makeup cannot sue her employer for sex discrimination. Darlene Jespersen had been employed by Harrah’s Resorts as a bartender in Reno for over two decades. In 2000 Harrah's put into place a “Personal Best” policy that required female employees to wear their hair "teased, curled or styled," and wear "foundation/concealer and/or face powder, as well as blush and mascara," nail polish, and lipstick. Male bartenders at Harrah's were only required to wear their hair above the collar and keep their nails clean and neatly trimmed.

ACEH: EPICENTER OF DISASTER: a teach-in on the history of Aceh and the present catastrophe

NYC, 08.01.2005 17:22

When: Saturday, January 8, 2005 1:30-4pm Where: The Community Church of New York, 40 East 35th Street in Manhattan
featuring: AMY GOODMAN, of Democracy Now
ALLAN NAIRN, award-winning journalist and activist
WARZAIN, Acehnese activist, and other speakers

Aceh, the province on the westernmost tip of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, was right near the epicenter of the largest earthquake and was also impacted by the largest Tsunami waves. The coastline of Aceh was shattered, countless villages were wiped off the map, and much of the capital, Banda Aceh, was flattened. The Indonesian government has confirmed over 100,000 deaths in the country; most of these dead are in Aceh.

Because of its corruption and its repressive attitude toward the Acehnese, the Indonesian government cannot be counted on to provide proper assistance. According to a report from one independent journalist in Banda Aceh, much aid is piling up unused at military bases and airports. He also reports that every night military forces are looting those homes still standing in Banda Aceh.

The teach-in will cover the impact of the tsunami on Aceh as well as how the history of Aceh's oppression has affected the present situation. The event is free, but it is also a fundraiser for grassroots Indonesian and Acehnese organizations doing relief work on the ground in Aceh, so bring your checkbook.

Jan. 6 Ohio Vote Protest video hilites

DC, 08.01.2005 16:16

From our Better Slightly Late Than Never Department: Ohio comes to DC; protest celebrates Sen. Barbara Boxer finding backbone, challenging '04 Ohio Presidential vote count in Congress.

Council blocks anti-corporate sites

United Kingdom, 08.01.2005 15:30

COMPUTER software blocking access to anti-corporate political sites has been installed by a local authority in West Sussex, a newsletter has revealed.The Porkbolter, a campaigning satirical sheet in Worthing, came across the sinister development after a young reader complained he had been unable to access its site.

550 More SD Workers Laid Off at Kyocera

San Diego, 08.01.2005 14:58

After firing 168 workers Monday, San Diego cell phone maker Kyocera Wireless told 550 additional workers yesterday that it intends to lay them off, also in a cost-cutting move.


Athens, 08.01.2005 14:49

Εκλογές μετ' εμποδίων

Ed Garvey's Actions Undemocratic

Madison, 08.01.2005 07:22

Ed Garvey didn't allow the Green Party a representative at "The People's Legislature" on Tuesday Jan 4, though he did have Ed Thompson representing the Libertarian Party despite the fact that there were far more Greens in attendence than Libertarians. While using our support on paper to legitimize the event as multi-partisan, Garvey intentionally kept the us out of any role in organizing it.


Arizona, 08.01.2005 06:56

Arizona Events Scheduled

Animal Liberation Resources

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.01.2005 05:15

Newsflash!! New resource for Animal Rights!
The San Francisco Bay Area IMC has expanded to include a special Animal Liberation page., an open-publishing website, is providing a new home for animal activists, organizers, and the animal-conscious in the Bay Area and Northern California. Check it out for the latest on upcoming actions, news reports with photos and video, and a broad list of resources for vegetarian and vegan living.

IMCs with Active Animal Categories: [ Portland I Indybay I San Diego I United Kollektives ]

Feel free to post links you would like to see on this page in the comments below.


Brasil, 07.01.2005 22:13

Trabalhadores e trabalhadoras desocupam Belmeq, mas continuam em greve

Doorbraak Lappersfortdossier?

West Vlaanderen, 07.01.2005 21:43

Doorbraak Lappersfortdossier?

What's Hopping at the NYC IMC?

NYC, 07.01.2005 19:40

There's a lot happening at New York Indymedia over the next few weeks. Here's a brief rundown of what's going on at E. 29th St.

Radical Reference Skill Share. Monday, January 10 at 7:30 pm.

IMC Wide Open House. Tuesday, January 11 at 6:00pm. Want to get involved with Indymedia but not sure how? Members of various IMC working groups will be on hand to talk to the NYC community about Indymedia.

Indypendent Community Reporting Workshop. Saturday January 15, 22, and 29 at 2pm.

IMC movie night. Monday, January 17 at 7:00 pm. Get ready for the GWB inauguration! Double screening of 2000 counter-inaugural flicks including IMC-Video's "Not My President".

Greens paved the way for historic electoral vote challenge

Portland, 07.01.2005 19:32

[Yesterday]'s historic Electoral College vote challenge would not have happened without the leadership of Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb, who initiated the recount of Ohio's presidential vote and is demanding a second recount in federal court because the first recount was conducted in violation of state and federal law.

"Clearly, by demanding a recount and an investigation into the widespread irregularities with the presidential vote in Ohio, the Green Party paved the way for today's challenge to Ohio's Electoral College votes," said Cobb.


related: [ Exit polling gag order | Tubbs Jones-Boxer Challenge in Congress a Big Progressive Win | Voting irregularities summary | Well, There It Is Lads and Gents....The Glorious American Democratic E | Oregonian and TV news more subversive than we are! | wyden is a scumbag ]

Without reproductive rights, women are factory farmed

Portland, 07.01.2005 19:30

Woman can use herbs and Menstrual Extraction to control their own fertility safely at home (up to 7 weeks into pregnancy) without having to ask for permission or having to face a bunch of fundamentalist crazies when going to a clinic.

For more than twenty thousand years, women and men worshipped the Goddess. Women were revered, had reproductive rights and controlled the Doorway of Life. However, the uterus was appropriated beginning 5,000 years B.C during the rise of patriarchy, a male-supremacist social system.

For millennia patriarchal invaders murdered Goddess worshippers and installed violent male gods (The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler).

After the rise of patriarchy, midwives continued to administer birth control and abortion herbs. However, women's' reproductive knowledge was once nearly lost forever.

Pacific Lumber Plays Musical Judges in Treesit Case

Portland, 07.01.2005 19:28

Eureka, CA - Two years ago on my birthday, I was sitting 150 feet up a 1,200 year-old redwood, where I had been for ten months without touching the ground. It was January 3, 2003, and I was watching redwood forest on the hillside below me getting cut down by Maxxam's Pacific Lumber (PL).

This year on my birthday, I went to court for a hearing in the lawsuit brought against me and about 30 others for the crime of watching and opposing PL's destructive clear-cutting, (or for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, as in the case of some of my co-defendants). Five of us have filed counter lawsuits against PL, and the extractors who forcibly removed us from ancient trees PL intended to (and in most cases, did) cut down.

The issue before the court on Monday was whether it was lawful for Brian Carter, attorney for the extractors, to disqualify Judge W. Bruce Watson. The move to disqualify came just two days after a Dec. 6 hearing in front of Judge Watson, who indicated he would grant permission for citizens sued by PL to file counter-lawsuits.

Out with the Old, in with the New

Atlanta, 07.01.2005 17:16

Gathering in St. Marys, GA looks to build culture of peace in shadow of Trident nuclear submarine base. #media_7723;left#The Alternative New Year’s Gathering held in St. Marys, GA every year offers peace and justice activists a time for reunion, reflection and rejuvenation. Situated in Crooked River State Park, this year’s annual retreat attracted organizers from Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina who took the opportunity to network, discuss the events of 2004 and plan for the future. It was also a weekend to remember that St. Marys is home to the King’s Bay Naval Base and its Trident Submarines, the second most deadly concentration of nuclear firepower in the world.

Opposition Grows Against Tualatin Valley Skins in Southwest Portland

Portland, 07.01.2005 16:48

As the word spreads about the counter-demonstration of the Tualatin Valley Skins (TVS) on Saturday, January 8 at 12 noon in Gabriel Park, community support is increasing. Fifteen members of the Ad-Hoc Coalition Against the Tualatin Valley Skins went door-to-door in the southwest neighborhood around the park on Sunday, January 2, and informed nearly 300 residents of the planned protest. Daren Nicholson, a student at Oregon Health Sciences University said, "We received overwhelmingly welcome and positive responses, with many people pledging to be part of a visible presence at the park on Saturday." read the full announcement..
[ endorsers list I pdx indy anti-racism page ]

related articles: Coalition Plans Mass Protest of Skinheads in SW Portland I AudioOnDemand - Coalition Plans Mass Protest of Skinheads in SW Portland I anti-Nazi action I Call Out For Anti-Racist Groups/People!!!! ACTION NEEDED!!!! I Januray 8th DIRECT action against facism I Nazi Skinheads in Portland I Aryan Nation Coming to Town

Still More on Pier 57

NYC, 07.01.2005 15:10

Yet more evidence of irregularities and illegalities associated with the police use of Pier 57 as a detention facility during the RNC. The sixth and seventh parts in an ongoing investigation.

Department of Buildings Confirmed No Certificate of Occupancy Issued For Pier 57; Mayor Intervened To Halt DoB From Releasing Further Information; Links Between DoB and HRPT Come To Light

HRPT Sent Formal Complaint Letter To NYPD About Use Of Pier 57; NYPD List Of Modifications To Pier Does Not Include Clean-Up Of Contamination

President Bush in Macomb today

Michigan, 07.01.2005 14:58

#media_2922;left# Anyone up for some community service? The Oakland Press/ Macomb Daily are reporting that President GW Bush will be entertaining up to 1000 invited guests at Macomb Community College center campus in Clinton Township on Friday. According to an article written by Chad Selweski a staff writer for The Macomb Daily, many in attendance will be from the business community and the topic will be W’s favorite subject “frivolous lawsuits” . Apparently that’s why Michigan’s economy is in such bad shape and why so many people don’t have health care. The “mid-day” event will be in the Performing Arts Center, the same auditorium Laura Bush held a campaign rally the day before the Nov. 2 election. It’s very possible that people from the peace community will also be there to greet the President to MCC.

SCPD General Orders now Online

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.01.2005 08:07

Santa Cruz Copwatch is pleased to announce the availability of part of the Santa Cruz Police Department General Orders as of 12-29-2004 online.

If you have ever had any questions as to the proper Santa Cruz Police procedure and behavior according to local, state, and federal laws, the SCPD General Orders is probably the most thorough and detailed document available to find the answer. It is also sometimes helpful in finding out what the city expects the behavior of the public to be in certain situations.

The General orders are available at:

Evolution Control Committee at the Che Cafe!

San Diego, 07.01.2005 06:50

Event at the Che Cafe on Monday, January 10th featuring experimental media and electronic music, political satire, performance art, and humor.

State to seize Detroit?

Michigan, 07.01.2005 05:47

The ‘R’ word — receivership — popping up in major media

DETROIT — As the New Year dawns, the specter of state receivership has raised its head in the debate over Detroit’s fiscal crisis, hot on the heels of a similar recommendation for the Detroit Public Schools.

“A state-appointed receiver could operate in the practical world, apart from politics,” said Nolan Finley, editorial page editor of the Detroit News Dec. 12. “The receiver would have the freedom to cut spending until it matches revenues by laying off city and school workers, eliminating services and closing schools, selling assets and going to court to force work rule changes.”

Represión a una semana de Cromañon

Argentina, 07.01.2005 05:44

Represión y detenciones masivas. Agresiones a la prensa y a abogados

City Council Makes Move to Redevelop Dream Inn to Five Story Convention Center, Make Your Voice Heard Jan. 20

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.01.2005 04:17

Within Santa Cruz County there is an entity separate from the City yet still directly connected to it. This entity is the Redevelopment Agency. The purpose of the redevelopment agency is to, separately from the City, "improve" blighted areas, not to blight improved areas -- yet it has just this in mind.

In an sneaky deal between the Redevelopment Agency and the Coast Hotel, plans have been devised to demolish the current hotel and its parking lot and replace it with a five-story convention center and gigantic matching parking structure. Because of its controversy the City has been planning in secrecy for about two years, and information about it has just been released to the public. Aside from incredibly biased photographs portraying the plans blocking Cowell's beach from public access, included in this package is a payoff for the Redevelopment Agency alone -- no direct revenue is paid to the City yet at the same time the City would be forced to pay for the construction.

Previous Coverage: California CoastWatcher on Santa Cruz City Council

O que está por trás do acordo entre patrões e sindicatos ?

Portugal, 07.01.2005 02:57

O que está por trás do acordo entre patrões e sindicatos ?

New Years Day Battery Hen Liberation

Aotearoa, 07.01.2005 02:39

It was a Happpy New Years indeed for 22 battery hens liberated in Auckland in the early hours of New Years day! Auckland Animal Action received the following anonymous communique early this morning: In the early hours of New Years Day, the Animal Liberation Front gained entry into Eggs R Us in Henderson Valley, West Auckland. 22 hens were liberated and have since been placed into new, loving homes. Video footage and photographs were obtained which will be used to further expose the atrocity that is battery farming. Eggs R Us are well known for the disgusting conditions in which they keep ‘their’ thousands of hens. This farm has been targeted many times in the past few years and have had dozens of birds removed from their premises. After each action, they attempt to increase their security. But each time, activists have got past these increased security measures, which have included guard dogs, electric fencing (inside the sheds!), and locks.

Stolen pResidential election certified by Congress despite history-making objections

Portland, 07.01.2005 02:13

Today was a historic day and you directly helped bring it about! Not since 1877 have the electors been challenged in this manner. Today Senator Boxer and Representative Tubbs-Jones challenged the electoral votes from Ohio. As per process, the Senate and the House of Representative moved to their appropriate chambers to futher debate the issue.

During this time 10 Senators came forward (including Ron Wyden), came forward and spoke about the horrible problems in Ohio and elsewhere! In the house even more came forward to speak against the electoral votes from Ohio. Again I cannot emphasize enough on how historic this action was.

In the end both chambers defeated the challenge.

read more >>CSPAN censors Sen. Barbara BoxerCSPAN originally announced that one channel would be covering Senate and one covering the House counting of the Electoral Votes. Fair enough I thought. Next, before that, CSPAN2 actually had half of Sen. Boxer's press conference describing myriad problems with the Ohio voting infrastructure that showed systemic vote fraud.

HOWEVER, IT WAS CENSORED. DURING THE BOXER PRESS CONFERENCE, which was framed as a series of questions about all the different levels of fraud, CSPAN TWO CUT AWAY FROM HER, MUTED a Senator's voice to nothingness, and an anonymous voice came on and described "at this time, Senators and Representatives are moving to their respective houses, etc." and we saw several minutes of senators and representatives walking over, without anything actually going on, while someone made a decision to remove Sen. Boxer's statement from the visual live record, and move her to a smaller MUTE screen in the bottom left-hand corner while we saw silent Congress people walking, and walking, and walking. The walking had very important sound coverage. Sen. Boxer did not!

read more >>Meanwhile, where is Senator Kerry?Meanwhile, Senator Kerry is on an extended Mideast photo-op, "thanking the troops for their service." Apparently he'll be following the Electoral College vote and the Senate confirmation hearings for our new attorney general, Alberto Torquemada, on his Blackberry.

'Sean4489' writes: John Kerry is a piece of shit
Why the hell did I vote for that piece of shit? How convienient for John Kerry to be overseas supporting the troops rather than fighting for Americans' right to vote. This is a feeble attempt by JK to try to avoid the vote fraud issue and still appear to be fighting for democracy (ie, staying out of the controversy so he can run again in 2008). Well, I for one will not vote for JK, and I will tell others to do the same. I should have voted for Nader.


related: [ Sen Wyden endorses Rep Conyers' Report, but certifies election | Stop hoping for a legitmate government, it will not happen | 1 real Republican in House opposes VOTE FRAUD versus Rep. Party that Descends into Nazism | The U.S. Senate Has Just Murdered American Democracy | Live coverage via C-span 2 on Vote Challenge | Four More Senators Join Electoral Objection | Breaking news: Kucinich To Join Challenge To Ohio's Electoral College Vote | Other senators ?to support Boxer in challenge? | Boxer Signs Objection to Ohio Electors ]

Local protest helps inspire Green party policy change

Hamilton, 07.01.2005 02:01

In 2002, the Green party of Canada adopted a resolution of support for Canada's commercial seal hunt. The vote was 26 to 0 in favour. Opposition grew to this resolution however, which ultimately led to a reversal of position at their convention in Calgary earlier this year.

Among those opposed was Hamilton's own CAGED animal rights group. They led a protest in May asking the Green leadership to reconsider their position during their visit to Hamilton.

Though the leaders had come to bolster Green support for the byelection in east Hamilton, opposition to the seal hunt become a prominent item on the agenda. The protest also drew interest from out of town media who were covering the Green leadership's arrival.

Thanks to the work of CAGED, as well as many others such as Freedom for Animals in Toronto and many individuals across Canada, the vote was 98 to 7 in favour of a new resolution.

Building local capacity in disaster response

Melbourne, 07.01.2005 00:29

Friends of the Earth Launches Tsunami Appeal

Public Transit Advocates Descend on the State Legislature

Pittsburgh, 06.01.2005 22:28

Public Transit Advocates Descend on the State Legislature

Providing Hot Meals to Tsunami Survivors

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.01.2005 22:01

Food for Life is currently serving more than twenty thousand freshly cooked vegetarian meals per day and is the only aid organization independently providing freshly cooked meals, consisting of rice, dhal and vegetables, directly to the victims in Sri Lanka and India. Often the dry rations that are being distributed from other sources are relatively useless because of a lack of facilities with which to cook. Most of the refugees are women and orphan babies and children and they have taken shelter in hospitals, schools and temples that were not washed out by the waves. Food for Life plans to increase the number of meals they serve as they get more resources and travel to different affected areas. They also supply medical items, sleeping mats, bed sheets, etc, as needed. There are numerous worthy NGOs offering aid to the victims of the recent tsunami that deserve support. For additional information on this particular effort and on how you can assist it, Read More

Boxer's Blow: Senator Challenges Ohio Electoral Ballots

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.01.2005 21:14

California Senator Barbara Boxer was the sole U.S. Senator to join with other U.S. Representatives in contesting Ohio's electoral ballots.

As a result of the objection, both Senate and Congress were dismissed to their respective houses and started a mandated two hour debate on the subject. After the debate, they will resume the joint session; despite the objection, the election is expected to be certified today.

[ Black Box Voting I pdx-imc's election fraud page I us-imc's election 2004 page ]

Asian Tsunami Disaster

Sydney, 06.01.2005 20:13

The complexities of delivering aid in Acheh


Colombia, 06.01.2005 17:43

Febrero 2 Contra el TLC, el IVA y las alzas

Boxer Signs Challenge to Ohio Vote

San Diego, 06.01.2005 17:24

Senator Barbara Boxer signed the challenge to certification of Ohio's electoral votes, forcing a two hour debate in both the House of Reps and the Senate. The text of the letter she sent to Ohio Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones, obtained from her website ( follows.

Test intro for South Coast page

United Kingdom, 06.01.2005 16:30

A welcome message from the people at SouthCoast IndyMedia Centre. This early days yet, but nevertheless we would welcome comments, article ideas and newswire posting to the site. Obviously the focus is on news from the SouthCoast, so if you've recently taken part in an action in the SouthCoast please get in touch.

Indypendent to Host Free Community Reporting Workshop Series Starting January 15

NYC, 06.01.2005 15:53

Interested in journalism but not sure how to get started? The Indypendent will hold its second annual winter community reporting workshop series from 2-5 p.m. on Saturdays January 15, 22 and 29. Over the course of three sessions, we will work on the basics of story development, interviewing, research and editing. There will be lots of participatory, hands-on exercises.

If you've been holding back on writing stories or want to bolster your basic reporting skills, this is a great opportunity. Several longtime Indypendent staffers as well as journalists from Democracy Now, Free Speech Radio News and The Norwood News will be helping out with the workshop. All classes are free. Limited spaces available. For an application, email or call 212-684-8112. Don�t hate the media. Become the media!

Policia Municipal Asesina Joven

Peru, 06.01.2005 15:49

Christian Venancio Asesinado por Policia Municipal

The Anti-War Majority

Urbana-Champaign, 06.01.2005 15:48

Sat. Jan. 8 from 2-4 PM local anti-war activists will demonstrate on North Prospect against war and occupation, armed with new poll results that show: they're the majority now!

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