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Colombia, 13.01.2005 08:36

Caso Granda
Miente otra vez el gobierno de Uribe


Houston, 13.01.2005 08:09

We Still Don't Want Him...

Memorial Equality

Boston, 13.01.2005 07:55

Should a Man Who Led in the Struggle Against Racial Inequality be as Equally Celebrated as a Man Who Led in Europe’s Genocidal Conquest of the “Americas”?

Dispatch from Eco-Defense Political Prisoner Jeff &quot;Free&quot; Luers

Portland, 13.01.2005 07:19

"Yesterday, on January 6th, 2005, Craig "Critter" Marshall, my co-defendant walked out of prison after serving 41/2 years. I can only imagine what that felt like. Back in the day Critter was one of my closest friends, and while many are aware that he and I have had a falling out, I am truly glad his time is done and he has gone home. (My old friend if you are reading this, I wish you all the best.)

Now that Critter is out I can't help but wonder why I am still here. We were arrested at the same time, charged with the same offenses. Up until the very end he & I refused to cooperate with the state. Yet, the state in Critter's case decided that the exact same fire was only "conspiracy to commit arson" and "possession of destructive devices".

I've half a dozen theories as to why things played out the way they did. The one fact I know is not once did the state offer to treat my case as Critter's. I'm doing 17 years more for the same actions and same evidence. 22 years for actions that hurt no one and caused less than $50k in damages.

[ more on free ] I [ more on critter ] I [ pdx indy prisons and prisoners page ]

Tenncare Enrollees and Advocates say Tennesseans Will Die if State's Health Insurance Program is Eliminated

Tennessee, 13.01.2005 05:38

Protesters Hold Die-In During Black Tie Affair Dozens of Nashvillians gathered Wednesday night across the street from a swanky black tie gathering of state legislators and the governor to protest the estimated 300,000 Tennesseans who are projected to lose their health insurance this year after Bredesen's announcement Monday of massive cuts in Tenncare, the state's public health insurance program. A wide array of organizations were represented at the demonstration, including Tennessee Citizen Action, Tenncare Saves Lives Coalition, Nashville Peace Coalition, Tennessee Green Party, Tennessee Disabilities Coalition, Tennessee Alliance for Progress, Nashville Peace and Justice Center and many other groups. The corporate press and corporate television covered much of the demonstration. Sherry Sloan, who attended the demonstration, summed up her feelings about the event by saying, "With Phil Bredesen as Governor who needs a death penalty."

Open Park Offers Inauguration Week Public Wi-Fi Service on Pennsylvania Ave. Parade Route and Capitol Hill

DC, 13.01.2005 05:37

WASHINGTON, Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- The Open Park Project, a local nonprofit, announced the provision of a free, carrier grade hotspot for Wi-Fi service during Inauguration Week along the Pennsylvania Avenue parade route giving the general public, event bloggers and the press on-site, high-speed access to the Internet.


Argentina, 13.01.2005 04:25

The Shell Game of Reform Has Mobilized Tons of Energy for A Feeble Outcome

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.01.2005 03:08

We've had more than 200 years of reform methodology, and look where it has gotten us. As soon as reformers can finally stop one abuse of authority, a hundred more surface and immediately flower. Duh, maybe it's time to see the system as it really is!

[ anti-politics forum ]

Bloomberg Does Bronx

NYC, 13.01.2005 03:01

(from the Open Newswire): The South Bronx was transformed into a police state, as the Mayor delivered his State of the City address at Hostos Community College. Neighborhood people were denied the opportunity to hear Bloomberg in their own community as a coterie of mostly white pass carrying denizens emerged from subways and black limos and breezed through the barricades. Picketers and a banner drop highlighted the outside activities.

SDIMC Counter-Inaugural Film Night - 1/19

San Diego, 13.01.2005 02:09

Wednesday, January 19th, the San Diego Independent Media Center will present a night of Counter-Inaugural film in opposition to the illegitimate coronation of George W. Bush.

7pm, Voz Alta, 1544 Broadway

Three films:
Empire State, lotus' 25 minute film about the RNC
Unconventional TV, imc coverage of the RNC
J20 DC: 2000 Inauguration

Disater / Occupation

Perth, 13.01.2005 02:01

Aceh Faces Double Disaster: Tsunami and Occupation

Tsunami Benefit Concert

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.01.2005 01:15

Recording artist and producer Sista Monica Parker is spearheading a community charitable musical event. It’s a Tsunami Disaster Relief Benefit Concert on Sunday, January 23, at 6pm (doors open at 5pm) in Santa Cruz, CA at First Congregational Church. Joining her will be Grammy award nominee Linda Tillery from the Bay Area. Singer Valerie Fiddmont, Watsonville Taiko Drummers, Rev. David Grishaw Jones, Rev. Deborah Johnson, artist Carol Bowie and many other community members all volunteering to “Singing In The Spirit”.

This benefit concert is in support of disaster relief for the victims of the Tsunami/Earthquake. There will be singing, meditation and individual performances to create and unite in the spirit of community and charity.

All proceeds go to the victims of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami via Oxfam International, Save The Children, United Church of Christ and Habitat for Humanity International.

Crisis in Oakland Schools

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.01.2005 22:54

On 1/12/05, 4-8PM at Oakland High School (1023 Macarthur Blvd), the Oakland School Board will hear commentary on Randy Ward's attempts to close at least 5 more schools and turn 13 Oakland schools into "internal charters" with undermined union rights. Dr. Ward was sent to Oakland to put the school district on a sound financial basis, but has still not produced a Fiscal Recovery Plan since arriving in June, 2003. Meanwhile, Ward is instituting vast changes in Oakland's public schools, from closing schools against the community's wishes to instituting unequal funding for schools. A rally and march against the closures and privatization has been called for Monday, Jan. 17th at 14th and Broadway, and the Oakland Education Association will host a community meeting on Jan. 19th. Read more | Alternative plan | More info | Education news

Crisis in Oakland Schools

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.01.2005 22:21

On 1/12/05, 4-8PM at Oakland High School (1023 Macarthur Blvd), the Oakland School Board will hear commentary on Randy Ward's attempts to close at least 5 more schools and turn 13 Oakland schools into "internal charters" with undermined union rights.

Pgh IMC video screenings

Pittsburgh, 12.01.2005 20:32

Sunday IMC video screenings

Day Laborers Arrested for Loitering While Seeking Work to Appear in Court Thursday

DC, 12.01.2005 20:23

WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA: Eleven of 25 day laborers arrested earlier this winter at the intersection of Route 1 and Longview Drive will appear in court at 9:00 AM on Thursday January 13, 2005 on misdemeanor loitering charges stemming from two mass arrests, one on October 19, 2004 and a second arrest on November 15, 2004. Day-laborers were arrested while peacefully seeking employment adjacent to the property of a Woodbridge, Virginia 7-11. Seven workers taken into police custody during the mass arrests were transferred to the custody of federal immigration authorities, marking the beginning of frightening new trend of cooperation between county police and Immigration and Naturalization Services.

Jóvenes tiran bombas dentro de Plaza las Américas

Puerto Rico, 12.01.2005 20:21

Jóvenes tiran bombas dentro de Plaza las Américas

Indymedia Scotland focus on it's own independent site

United Kingdom, 12.01.2005 20:00

please click here and use the Scotland Indymedia site as that is where the Scotland Indymedia collective is devoting it group resources and energy, and is site that is promoted in Scotland.We strongly recommend youSign up as user to rate articles and edit own postsand then Publish Articlesand contribute MediaPlease when giving web address for indymedia Scotland use url:

Inaugurate the People - Reclaim Our Democracy!

Santa Cruz, CA, 12.01.2005 19:11

Join us on Thursday, January 20th, at the County Courthouse, 701 Ocean Street in Santa Cruz for a good old fashioned rally, from 4:30 PM to 5:45 PM, and culminating with a mass swearing in of all those present as Collective President Pro-Tem of the USA.

then, at 5:45, we will march to the Collateral Damage Sculpture/Town Clock Park, corner of Water and River Streets, to mourn and honor the victims of war, call for an end to the Iraq Occupation, and lay flowers of remembrance in silence and reflection

at 6:30, we will proceed across Water Street, to the Sister Cities Circle next to the Post Office - together we will rekindle the torch of our giant Statue of Liberty Puppet, bringing her spirit and her purpose back to life!!

See Also: Mass Demonstrations in DC, LA, and San Francisco on Inauguration Day

East Gippsland forest defence

Melbourne, 12.01.2005 17:10

Sixty Conservationists Stop Logging in Old Growth Forest


Athens, 12.01.2005 16:46

The first six demonstrators are on trial

Democracy Ball- Eukraine Style Jan 22 in Minneapolis

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 12.01.2005 15:48

A group of dedicated activists have emerged from the Cry Justice Conference and are now planning events. The conference itself was very well attended and had a very high level of energy. The below event is just the start of what will blossom from this high power event.

Bearknoll Winter Ecology Tour

Portland, 12.01.2005 15:25

The monthly Bark field trip for January visited the Bearknoll Timber Sale in the Mt. Hood National Forest. This sale would log 531 acres and combined with four adjacent sales would constitute a loss of 5,134 acres from this very diverse area.

Besides an education on this particular timber sale, hike leader Rolf Skar also provided information on the ecology of forests in winter. At 4000 feet in elevation, this hike was in snow, and it snowed during portions of the field trip. Forests in the winter have their own particular magnificence, and the ecology of these areas at this time of the year provide a whole new perspective on the interdependence of species, flora and fauna, in Nature. Though severely curtailed due to the cold and shortness of the day, there is still much activity in the winter forests. The drama of life and death, of feeding and being fed upon, all continue as during other times of the year, but with a flavor particular to winter.

related: [ BARK I Forest Service Releases Bearknoll Timber Sale ] [ more articles by Jim Lockhart ]

Mysterious &quot;Meme-o-Matic&quot; on 28th and Burnside

Portland, 12.01.2005 15:24

Biking by the Laurelhurst Theater on NE 28th and Burnside in Portland this afternoon, I noticed an extremely interesting and enigmatic object on the sidewalk: The Meme-o-matic. The Meme-o-matic is apparently the work of some creative guerrilla artists, who saw fit to heavily modify a sidewalk newspaper box and chain it down at the corner of East Burnside Street and 28th Avenue. The Meme-o-Matic seems to take alternative media to a completely new level, consisting of an ambiguous and mysterious mechanism which receives public submissions and churns out more media.

This author encourages readers to pay a visit to the Meme-o-matic as soon as possible before the authorities decide to remove this subversive street presence. And if you dare, "submit," and see what happens.

Remove the Military Bases-Open Panel Thursday

San Diego, 12.01.2005 13:39

A group of former military officials and civic leaders appointed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger heads to Oceanside and San Diego next week to ask local leaders for ideas on how to shield local military bases from the next round of closures and cuts.


Activists Annoy OHSU Employees

Portland, 12.01.2005 13:07

A gaggle of around 10 activists went around in Beaveron hunting down the homes of OHSU animal abusers.

5 houses were visited by the activists, Tuesday night. They yelled into a megaphone the about the horrible injustices against animals that the employees were guilty of. Further activists continued to chant. Neighbors came out to inquire as to why there were people yelling at a house, and were given much information about who their neighbors are. For more information about OHSU visit

Wobbly Karaoke!

Portland, 12.01.2005 12:51

Tomorrow evening you and your friends are invited to a fundraiser event for the Portland IWW Hall: Wobbly Karaoke! You heard right, karaoke. Bring lots of small bills and pay to make your friends and favorite revolutionary industrial unionists sing the songs of your choosing. Also, beware the swift justice of "the Karaoke Jail", staffed by members of the IWW General Defense Committee.

Where: Paragon Club, 815 N.Killingsworth St.
When: Thursday, Jan. 13, 8:00pm
Who: All workers age 21+ (smoking environment)
More info: 503-231-5488

phone: phone: 503-231-5488
address: address: IWW Hall, 616 E. Burnside St., Portland, OR 97214

Aceh Enfrenta Desastre Duplo: Tsunami e Ocupação

Portugal, 12.01.2005 09:11

Aceh Enfrenta Desastre Duplo: Tsunami e Ocupação

Camp Pendleton Marine Brings The War Home

San Diego, 12.01.2005 07:41

A veteran police sergeant has been killed in an ambush shooting at a Northern California liquor store, according to authorities. They say the suspect is a Marine who may not have wanted to return to the front lines in Iraq.

DC Trans Community Considers New Legislation

DC, 12.01.2005 06:43

On the heels of a legislative victory in Illinois, members of DC transgender communities and allies gathered to discuss possible changes to the District’s human rights code to more explicitly protect transgender people from discrimination.

Destacados mapuche

Argentina, 12.01.2005 06:26

Miércoles 12 de Enero 2005 | POR TIERRA EN EL CAMPO Y LA CIUDAD
Encuentro indígena, campesino y popular en Río Negro

Contra la explotación de las multinacionales

Puerto Rico, 12.01.2005 05:57

Jóvenes tiran bombas dentro de Plaza las Américas

Pentagon Considering &quot;Salvador Option&quot; for Iraq

DC, 12.01.2005 05:55

The Pentagon is reportedly considering employing a "Salvador Option" in Iraq, that would model new counter-insurgency tactics there on US support of death squads and paramilitaries in Central America in the 1980s and 90s.

Vigil for Global Justice on Sunday January 16th

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.01.2005 05:53

A January 16th "Rally Against Global Terrorism" is planned in Berkeley to protest Congresswoman Barbara Lee's vote against the apartheid wall. A Vigil for Global Justice will be held on January 16th, from 12-3pm, at Berkeley's Martin Luther King Park, on MLK Way between Allston and Center in Berkeley.

Numbness and Resolve

DC, 12.01.2005 05:46

A little about a lot of things from a DC resident: Election 2004, Willie Horton, Gay Marriage, Racism, White Gullibility. The struggle continues. Appropriate to MLK and Inauguration. Audio: Short | Long (3:27 and 4:25 MP3)

'Washington Sculpture Center' - just north of Washington National's right-field fence

DC, 12.01.2005 05:07

Located at 1338 Half Street and just north of O Street in SE which is where the right-field fence for the Washington National's Baseball Stadium ( is scheduled to be built the 'Washington Sculpture Center' ( is prime property for displacement and demolishment. And, of course, redevelopment. Always viewing such massive neighborhood changes as a perfect opportunty for any and all to embrace 'new beginnings' and, in the process, for all affected parties to benefit, prosper and 'move forward' would it not be a wonderful result if the builders of the Washington National Baseball Stadium commmisioned and/or collaborated with the 'Washington Scupture Center' in the designing and construction of some of the vacinity's parks, sculpture gardens, and/or works of art?

Journalists on the take for the bush regime?

Portland, 12.01.2005 04:44

WASHINGTON, DC ? In light of recent reports that conservative journalist and pundit Armstrong Williams received $240,000 from the Department of Education (DOE) through a contract with Ketchum Public Relations, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) today has filed a series of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to 23 government agencies, including all cabinet agencies."This type of covert propaganda, has no place in a healthy democracy," Melanie Sloan, executive director of CREW said today. "It is particularly outrageous that the government continues to engage in this sort of illegal activity despite the fact that the GAO has said that it is illegal."


Aceh Faces Double Disaster: Tsunami and Occupation

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.01.2005 04:44

1/8/2005: When the tsunami and 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck on December 26th, four and a half million Acehnese were already living out a disaster. The occupied province was militarized by 50,000 TNI troops in May 2003, who have conducted a war to "exterminate" the Free Aceh Movement (GAM), widely reported to have included rape, torture and murder of Acehnese civilians, notably organizers, journalists and human rights activists.

KFC Dubbed &quot;Kentucky Fried Cruelty&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.01.2005 04:39

1/10/2005: Over 750,000,000 chickens raised for KFC every year endure egregious and unnecessary abuses. Undercover investigators and former employees have documented numerous such abuses in KFC supplier slaughterhouses and other facilities. KFC has so far refused to implement comprehensive guidelines developed by its own animal welfare panelists to prevent these and other abuses. In response, organizations such as Bay Area Vegetarians and others throughout the United States and abroad are supporting People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' campaign against KFC's inhumane practices and calling for welfare reforms. Locally, regular monthly demonstrations have occurred in front of KFCs in San Francisco, San Jose, Pacifica, and Santa Cruz, with plans to expand the actions to Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Cupertino and more.

Refugee Rights / Indigenous

Perth, 12.01.2005 04:39

BAXTER 2005 Convergence of Human rights

Mass Demonstrations in DC, LA, and San Francisco on Inauguration Day

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.01.2005 04:34

International ANSWER has called for a mass demonstration on January 20th, 2005, the date of George Bush's inauguration into his second term, to say, "End the occupation of Iraq - Bring the troops home now!" ANSWER hopes to have thousands of people in a permitted protest, lining the inaugural route in Washington, DC, and there will also be protests in Los Angeles and San Francisco on that day. The ANSWER Coalition in the SF Bay Area is calling for a 5pm protest at Civic Center in San Francisco. (Flyer) A Still Not Our President! Counter-Inaugural protest will be held in Modesto on January 21st.

Solidarity to the arrested demostrators of June 21st

Thessaloniki, 12.01.2005 02:23

Actions of solidarity all over Europe

Represión en Cutral Co

Argentina, 12.01.2005 02:08

Neuquén: represión con olor a petróleo

Walk for Life Comes to San Francisco on January 22nd

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.01.2005 01:41

January 22nd, 2005 will be the the 32nd anniversary of the Roe v Wade, the court decision that legalized abortion in the United States. "Walk for Life West Coast", a city-wide anti-choice event, is also scheduled for that date. One pro-choice activist says, "It's clear that women (and men) who have had abortions need to continue to defend our right to reproduce on our own terms." Walk for Life's website states: "Walk to show that women--and all people--deserve better than abortion. Walk to proclaim that Life is the best and only choice!"


Brasil, 12.01.2005 01:15

"Temos inteligencia e capacidade para dirigir nosso proprio destino"

Tom Ridge Announces Inauguration Security Plans

DC, 11.01.2005 22:54

With a little bit more than a week to go until George W. Bush’s inauguration, DC and federal police are meeting daily to finalize security plans that they have been working on for more than 8 months. Anti-Bush protesters are worried that first amendment rights on inauguration day could be trampled. Selina Musuta of the dc radio co-op reports from Washington, DC. Audio

IWW: NYC Starbucks Charged by Labor Board

NYC, 11.01.2005 22:07

New York, NY- The National Labor Relations Board has issued a complaint against Starbucks alleging that the company has been, “interfering with, restraining, and coercing employees in the exercise of the rights guaranteed [by federal labor law].” Starbucks Union Organizer to Stand Trial in RNC Case || Fighting For a Union: An Interview with Starbucks Workers Union Leader Daniel Gross || Two IWW Union Organizers Arrested at Starbucks Protest || Defend IWW Member and Starbucks Worker Daniel Gross

BlackBox Radio 1/11/04

Michigan, 11.01.2005 21:51

BlackBox Radio airs today at 6PM on WCBN-FM (88.3FM in Ann Arbor). BlackBox Radio is produced in the studios of WCBN and can be heard every Tuesday from 6:00-6:30PM. It is also be available for download from the MichiganIMC.

On this week's show: The University of Michigan's proposed Gender and Sexuality academic requirement, the Toledo antiwar protest, and the University Musical Society's Arab Music Festival- plus more local, national, and international news.

BlackBox Radio is an all-volunteer group comprised of students and non-students from the Ann Arbor area. There are opportunities to get involved in many ways, including research, field recording, interviewing, audio editing, and more.

Listen to the show! [high quality (27.4MB) | lower quality (13.7MB)]

To send feedback or learn more, email radio AT

New Features on San Diego Indymedia!

San Diego, 11.01.2005 21:36

We've done a ton of work in the last few weeks to make San Diego Indymedia more usable and more accessible, as well as to make it easier for people to get involved with us.

The main feature we've added is translations. Now, in the left column, there is a language selection box. When choosing Español, you'll be presented with our site en Español, including all buttons and forms. If you find an error in our translation, please email it to us. Also, we added the "Add A Translation" feature so that every story has an "Add A Translation" button. This way, people can easily add translations to stories so that when a user goes to the spanish section of the site, the articles are en Español also.

What does this mean? We need translators! Are you bilingual? Are you interested in helping us tear down the borders that separate our community? Are you dedicated to challenging racism by building understanding? If so, email the new San Diego Indymedia Translation group at imc-sd-translation at .

Chertoff: &quot;Lock 'em Up Until We Figure Out What's Going On&quot;

NYC, 11.01.2005 20:16

While he may not have rented a love nest across the street from Ground Zero, the nomination of Michael Chertoff as the new Homeland Security Director should chill the heart of progressives everywhere. Chertoff has been a key advocate of the USA Patriot Act, opposed allowing judges discretion in implementing death sentences, argued in an amicus brief he co-wrote for a case before the Supreme Court that there is no constitutional right to be free of "coercive questioning" by the police, and has been a proponent of information data-mining. Chertoff also worked for two years as the Republican Special Counsel for the Whitewater Committee and is a close friend of former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, much like Bernard Kerik.

Most disturbing, though, was the role played Chertoff, while Assistant Attorney General for the DOJs criminal division, in the rounding up and imprisonment of hundreds of Muslim-American immigrants in the aftermath of September 11. The Justice Departments own Office of the Inspector General issued a scathing report in the summer of 2003, alleging that many immigrants who had no connection to the terrorist attacks of September 11 languished in federal lock-up for months at a time under an official no bond policy that actively opposed their release.

Imprisoned in the Land of the Free (John Tarleton and Megan Shea) || Breaking the Silence (Gabriel Woodhouse) || Secret Detentions Take Toll on Families (Maia Ramnath) || Hard Times in Little Pakistan (Sarah Stuteville)

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