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inmigración (es)

Barcelona, 15.01.2005 03:24

[22-23Ene] jornadas estatales de lucha contra la ley de extrangería

[22Gen_17h] Barcelona :: Manifestación en Plaça Universitat

Karl Rove to be honored in NYC for his contribution to civil rights

NYC, 15.01.2005 03:11

(from the Opewn Newswire): Karl Rove will be honored by CORE, as part of their Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration, in NYC this Monday. CORE sees Karl Rove as a champion of civil rights apparently, and is honoring him along with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Dr. Norman Borlaug. Somehow, this addition of Karl Rove does not seem to fit the true character of Dr. King. The same man who oversaw the voter disenfranchisment of black voters in Florida and Ohio is being honored by a civil rights group. You can call CORE's National Chairman, Roy Innis, at (212) 598-4000 or e-mail him at corenyc (at) And if anyone wants to head on over to the reception to greet Mr. Rove, it'll be held at the New York Hilton Hotel & Towers 53rd Street & Avenue of the Americas.

immigració (ca)

Barcelona, 15.01.2005 02:55

[22-23Gen] jornades estatals de lluita contra la llei d'extrangeria

[22Gen_17h] Barcelona :: Manifestació a Plaça Universitat

&quot;No More Human Sacrifices&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.01.2005 02:15

On Jan. 13th, immigrant workers, day laborers, SRO tentants, homeless and poor folks took their voices to the mayor's office in City Hall to demand that Mayor Newsom restore funding for the city's community health clinics, AIDS/HIV programs, at-home nursing, senior escort program, Tenderloin self-help center, and other vital health and human services he is slashing, and find other sources of new revenue aside from MUNI fee hikes. With the mayor's office closed and barricaded by sheriffs, the gathering filled the hallways outside the second-floor office; eventually a spokesman for the mayor came outside to accept a written list of demands and promised he would pass it on to the mayor. Read more | Photos | Poverty and Housing news

&quot;No More Human Sacrifices&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.01.2005 02:03

On Jan. 13th, immigrant workers, day laborers, SRO tentants, homeless and poor folks took their voices to the mayor's office in City Hall to demand that Mayor Newsom restore funding for the city's community health clinics, AIDS/HIV programs, at-home nursing, senior escort program, Tenderloin self-help center, and other vital health and human services he is slashing, and find other sources of new revenue aside from MUNI fee hikes. With Newsom's cuts seen as a human rights issue and serious hardship for the city's poorer residents, including women with children, many protesters described themselves as city voters bamboozled into supporting a mayor who would "move the city forward." The gathering filled the hallways outside the mayor's closed and barricaded second-floor office; eventually a spokesman for the mayor came outside to accept a written list of demands and promised he would pass it on to the mayor. Read more | Photos

The Road to Auschwitz: Eugenics and the University of Michigan

Michigan, 15.01.2005 02:00

All the justifications that German physicians and eugenics advocates used to rationalize their programs were already extant in America. Even the most heinous of German eugenic actions had its American counterpart.
--Jeffrey A. Hodges, "Dealing with Degeneracy: Michigan Eugenics in Context"

Modern eugenics originated in Great Britain but it took root and flourished first in the United States decades before it was implemented in Nazi Germany.1 The first eugenic sterilization bill in the United States--perhaps, in the world--was introduced in the Michigan legislature in 1897 by Representative W. R. Edgar, M.D., a Republican, who seems to have been unduly vexed by "that pernicious habit 'Onanism' " i.e., masturbation. The bill passed in the House and failed in the Senate by only six votes. It provided for the involuntary "asexualization"--removal of the gonads--of "persons, whether male or female" being discharged from the Michigan Home for the Feeble Minded and Epileptic, recidivist felons, and rapists.2 It was later publicly supported by at least one eminent University of Michigan (UM) alumnus--attorney Clarence A. Lightner.3

Sexualidad, hoy

Puerto Rico, 15.01.2005 00:15

Sexo Oral

Sexualidad, hoy

Puerto Rico, 15.01.2005 00:13

Sexo Oral

Tualatin Valley Skins at Gabriel Park, Again

Portland, 14.01.2005 23:02

To any and all whom it may concern. The Nazis have rescheduled their flyering session for Saturday January 15th at Gabriel park, so this thing ain't over yet. Everyone who was there last weekend, come back. Everyone who wasn't, bring a friend. Everyone who reads this, pass it

on. There isn't much time to plan counter-actions, so get on it immediatly. We all got awful full of ourselves when they didn't show. Let's skunk them two weeks in a row and see how nice that feels.

The city of Portland passed an anti-hate resolution on January 5th. So call and email them and demand that they stand by it and address this issue with something other than police to protect the fascists. This is our city, let's do something about it.


related articles: [ NAZIS AT GABRIEL JANURARY 15TH? I Tualatin Valley Skins in Eugene! I TUALATIN VALLEY SKINS At Gabrial Park This Saturday? I Scum Skinz will try again next week I Protesting Racism In South West Portland ]

Abwasserbehandlung im l�ndlichen Raum

Germany, 14.01.2005 22:12

1995 waren 93 % der Einwohner in den alten Bundesl�ndern an �ffentliche Abwasseranlagen angeschlossen, w�hrend es in den neuen Bundesl�ndern nur 62 % waren. Schon 3 Jahre sp�ter waren diese Werte auf 95 bzw. 71 % angestiegen. Heute gibt es gesetzliche Vorgaben f�r die Reinigung von kommunalem Abwasser und auch f�r h�usliche Kleinkl�ranlagen.

Haben Zweckverband oder Kommune beschlossen, eine zentrale Entsorgung zu bauen, darf der B�rger keine KKA betreiben. Die Beh�rden verweigern die "Wasserrechtliche Erlaubnis" unter Hinweis auf die vorhandene Planung. Es gibt einige wenige Schlupfl�cher.

Weitere Artikel auf indy:
Was ist denn GATS?
Abwasserma�nahmen in den neuen Bundesl�ndern 08.12.2004 | Abwasser in Mecklenburg Teil 2 10.12.2004 | Abwasser in Mecklenburg Teil 3 13.12.2004 | Abwasser in Mecklenburg Teil 4 08.01.2005 | Abwasser in Mecklenburg Teil 5 11.01.2005 | Abwasser im l�ndlichen Raum 6 14.01.2005

Cesar Zelada Libertad!

Peru, 14.01.2005 21:23

Cesar Zelada Libertad!

Cesar Zelada Libertad!

Peru, 14.01.2005 21:23

Cesar Zelada Libertad!

Cesar Zelada Libertad!

Peru, 14.01.2005 21:21

Cesar Zelada Libertad!

Cesar Zelada Libertad!

Peru, 14.01.2005 21:21

Cesar Zelada Libertad!

Mel &amp; Floyd, Jan. 14th 2005

Madison, 14.01.2005 21:17

This week's show once again features Mel & Mr. Smarty Pants. Enjoy the show!

Local Anti-ID Group Formed - Identity Card Bill Being Rushed Through Parliament

United Kingdom, 14.01.2005 20:00

The Governments proposed Identity Card Bill has now entered the comittee stage where a comittee will spend just two and half weeks examining it before it goes on to the third reading. Despite having major implications for every person in the UK, this bill is being rushed through parliament. Liverpool Defy-ID has been formed to organise local resistance and action to stop the proposed bill becoming law. This is part of a growing nationwide network of resistance to a bill which would give the state unprecedented surveillance powers over all of us. In the current climate of eroding civil liberties and lack of democratic accountability, it seems obvious that these powers will be used to extend government invasion into our daily lives, re-inforce social inequalities and stifle political dissent.

DC Hotel Strike Could Tarnish Presidential Inaugural events

DC, 14.01.2005 19:28

After nearly four months without a contract – and with area hotels gearing up for next week’s Inauguration festivities – hotel workers are stepping up pressure on hotel management to win a fair citywide hotel settlement. More than 3,500 local workers may strike 14 hotels before the Inaugural events if they are not able to secure a fair contract settlement by January 15, reports UNITE HERE Local 25, which has been negotiating with the hotel association since August 2004. Informational leafleting began last Friday and continues this week at the 14 luxury hotels.

clogged caps 3

Houston, 14.01.2005 19:24

Thursday, February 10- 8 pm

Biscuit Old-Growth Unprotected

Rogue Valley, 14.01.2005 17:51

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals lifted its temporary restriction on
logging in Old-Growth Reserves at the Biscuit timber sale. With some
logging already ongoing, this decision opens the floodgates for seven
(7) separate timber sales, affecting thousands of acres of wild,
old-growth forests surrounding the world-class Kalmiopsis Wilderness

Mel &amp; Floyd, Jan. 7th, 2005

Madison, 14.01.2005 17:30

Sorry about the late post. Here is last week's Mel and Floyd show. The program plays every Friday at 1pm Wisconsin time on WORT 89.9 FM.

Trabajadores defienden su trabajo

Argentina, 14.01.2005 17:04

Viernes 14 de enero| Enfrentan vaciamiento y violencia patronal
Trabajadores de Parmalat e Infosic contra los despidos

Trabajadores defienden su trabajo

Argentina, 14.01.2005 16:54

Viernes 14 de enero| Enfrentan vaciamiento y violencia patronal
Trabajadores de Parmalat e Infosic contra los despidos

Protest the Fake Election &amp; Demand REAL democracy in Iraq: Minneapolis January 29

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 14.01.2005 16:29

Saturday, Jan. 29th @ 1pm Lagoon & Hennepin, Uptown (in front of the library)

Rally for Our Reproductive Rights: Minneapolis January 21st

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 14.01.2005 16:23

A pro-choice march is taking place the 21st.

Anti-Inaugural Ball: Minneapolis January 15

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 14.01.2005 16:22

Saturday, January 15th 7-11pm @ the Nice White House 4201 22nd Avenue, Minnepolis, MN (between Cedar and Hiawatha on 42nd)


Brasil, 14.01.2005 13:52

Governo libera soja transgênica por mais um ano

Feb 5th is the 12th Annual Regional 12th Annual March &amp; Rally for Leonard Peltier Feb 5th

Portland, 14.01.2005 13:39

There is no doubt that our world has become an increasingly dangerous place to live in. Global conflicts spread like wildfires, and their impact has even reached our homeland. It would be too simplistic to name any single reason for the problems of the world, but it is clear that the policies of the government of the U.S. hold a large share of responsibility for the condition in which the world finds itself.
The political repression carried out by the FBI has never ended. It was seen this year with the FBI's intimidation of antiwar protesters who planned to protest at the national conventions of the two major political parties. Though the FBI claimed it needed more power, money and agents to deal with the threat of terrorism after 9-11, the agency still had the time, money, and forces to harass people who questioned
the war in Iraq.
The government used the war in Iraq in the interest of bringing global U.S. company's huge profits, and on the Pine Ridge
reservation that same government carried out its repression in the interest of U.S. energy corporations. since the first two AIM members
were found not guilty by reason of self-defense, then Leonard has been in prison all these years for aiding and abetting an act of self-defense! The Oglala People are unconquered -- and Leonard Peltier will not give up the fight for justice.
We call on you to join us at our Annual Regional Tacoma March and Rally in Solidarity with Leonard Peltier. Unite with us then, in an expression of the real Interests of the American People that are peace, justice and well-being of all. Change will take one step at a time, but in order to revoke the polices of war and greed and the forced submission of the people to the interests of a few, that change must begin here at home -- and it includes justice for Leonard Peltier.<br>
<b>Related: <a href="">"></a> | <a href=" Help">">Help Needed for The March</a> | <a href=" Dec">">Dec 15 Press Release</a> <a href="">Tacoma Peltier Support Group Listserve</a></b>

Wild Oats Fires IWW Organizer in Ohio Valley

Portland, 14.01.2005 13:25

It was 6 months January 10, 2005 that I will have been fired from Wild Oats under what many believe to be questionable circumstances. Not only has Wild Oats ignored the unions attempt for the exact reason for my termination, they have also ignored the hundreds of Wild Oats shoppers who have demanded an answer.

If Wild Oats can be pressured to change a policy about what type of traps they use for rodent problems by animal rights groups surely they can change a policy on how they treat workers who wish to be represented by a union. If it were not for mine and about a dozen others open and public display of union activity I would not have been fired for following managements own policy of discounting spoiled produce at $.10 per pound.

Second Eugene Wild Oats to Close--New Natural Foods to Open

Appalachia Apocalypse: A Call for Action

Portland, 14.01.2005 13:14

Most Americans have never heard the words "mountain top removal." It's the dirty little secret that our government wants to keep hidden from the eyes of America and the world. The people of Appalachia need your help. Our homeland is being turned into a sacrifice zone for cheap electricity. There is a not only a dreadful ecological toll to Mountain Range Removal--but it has a human face as well. This is a call to action.

The industry is presently committing genocide in Appalachia, destroying a people more ancient than the nation, and hiding it behind the ecocide that so many Americans have come to accept as the cost of doing business. Our struggle with the coal barons has been ongoing since the late 1800's. They have murdered our people, burned our homes, robbed our children's future, and denied our basic human rights, while the U.S. government has turned a blind eye. Now it has come to this: mountain top removal threatens to end our existence forever, the finishing touch to culture genocide.

Mountain Justice Summer is a direct call to action for the people to stand up to the attempt at destruction of a people and a cultural heritage i.e., mountain range removal. We must have your help to fight. Others ask for your money. We need you. With a little help we can break the back of this massive destruction that lays waste to our Appalachia communities. We are asking for volunteers to dedicate a summer to our efforts. We see our call to action as an emergency plea, in desperate circumstances -- to rachet up the resistance to the atrocity of Mountain Range Removal before it's too late.

More info at: [ | NJS Newsletter ]

Related: Nevada and Indonesia mining toxins from Newmont Inc

Qualified Auto Technicians Are Hard To Find

Portland, 14.01.2005 13:01

We are in big trouble. I've been working in the business for about 27 years as an auto technician, and I finally decided it was time to write about this business of ours after experiencing a lot of different events in my professional life. There is a new trend in our profession, one that should have been started long ago. The trend is to desperately train people young and old to be "technicians". Why this need to train people to learn how to work on the cars of today you ask: simply because there are not enough qualified techs out there to fill the demand. Some people tell me, Pedro if you get out, five will come in. Really? I don't think so.


Istanbul, 14.01.2005 11:25

Yiyecek Sağlık Rüşvet

Tod@s somos inmigrantes.

Euskal Herria, 14.01.2005 11:22

22 y 23 de enero del 2005 jornadas estatales de lucha

Para el 22 y 23 de enero se están organizando unas jornadas de lucha a nivel estatal contra la ley de extranjería. El llamamiento hecho por parte de la asamblea por la regularización sin condiciones de Barcelona ya ha sido secundada por colectivos afines en Andalucía y Valencia y se espera su difusión a otras zonas del Estado.

Para las personas y organizaciones que suscriben el llamamiento, la Ley de Extranjería y elReal Decreto que la ratifica no solo afectan a las personas inmigradas sino al conjunto de la sociedad. El mantenimiento de la economía sumergida con centenares de miles de personas trabajando sin contrato ni derechos redunda en la bajada general de los salarios y la precarización de las condiciones de trabajo de todos y todas los trabajadores. Por otra parte, una sociedad que mantiene a un importante número de sus miembros discriminado y privado de derechos es además de antidemocrática, incapaz de garantizar los derechos y reclamar los deberes de todos.

Regularización para todos y todas
Derogación de la Ley de Extranjería
Por la igualdad de derechos

Andalucía se une a la jornada contra la ley de extranjería

Valencia participa en la jornada estatal contra la ley de extranjería

Informac ión sobre el encuentro estatal contra la ley de extranjería

22 y 23 de enero, jornada estatal contra la ley de extranjería

Más información

Mayor Potter to ride Critical Mass in January?

Portland, 14.01.2005 07:37

New Portland Mayor Tom Potter has tentatively agreed to ride Critical Mass in January. This could herald a rebirth in Portland Critical Mass. In the email below from the Mayor's office, January Critical Mass is on the Mayor's calendar, tentatively. It's hardly an etched in stone commitment, but it's more respect than CM has gotten from the Mayor's office in we know not how long. (well, okay, we do know how long, since Vera Katz became Mayor) This bodes well that the city government is willing to work with the cycling community to end the police harassment of Critical Mass. Will the Mayor actually attend? We'll see.

Sam Adams has verbally said that he would like to attend, but nothing in writing has been seen yet.


[ PDX Critical Mass (recently revived website -- keep it up, will ya?) ]

Counter-Inaugural holds press conference

DC, 14.01.2005 06:56

Speaks to the actions planned for January 20th and beyond

Here Come the Wobblies!

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.01.2005 06:43

“I’m an anarcho-syndicalist. This is what we do. For me, this is another day at work.”, says IWW organizer Harjit Gill in the cover story of the Sacramento based newspaper 'News and Views'. The article details history of the IWW, it's current move toward organizing more service industry jobs, and it's vibrant history. For the full article and pictures, go here.

From the Newswire

Perth, 14.01.2005 04:27


israil duvarı

Istanbul, 14.01.2005 00:55

Yahudi eylemci İsrail duvarını dava ediyor

Sea Levels Rising as Earth hots up

Melbourne, 14.01.2005 00:51

Global Warming: Drought Increasing, sea levels rising

WWMLKD: What would Martin Luther King Do?

Boston, 14.01.2005 00:14

Last year around this time, as throngs of protesters chanted and booed on the streets nearby, President Bush placed a wreath on Dr. King¹s grave in Atlanta. The President had said of King earlier that day that he wanted to "honor his life and what he stood for." Now, as we usher in the President for a second term in office, it¹s time to ask whether he has lived up to Dr. King¹s legacy. On his watch working people and poor people, disproportionately people of color, lost ground. "Every American deserves to be an owner of the American dream," said President Bush, but a great racial divide remains. If Bush wants to make this a nation where we can all be owners, he should be asking "WWMLKD?"

New Indypendent Now Available

NYC, 13.01.2005 22:52

The latest issue of the Indypendent is now online at the website, featuring coverage of Bush's radical Social Secturity corporatization plan, an interview with anti-inauguration protesters, and much more.

Building on Wellington Bypass route occupied: 10 arrested, 2 barricaded inside

Aotearoa, 13.01.2005 22:45

Despite 10 arrests so far anti-bypass protesters are continuing to occupy a building sheduled for demolition this week.

The occupation began at 5am today, when a group of activists locked on to the roof of 2 Oak Park Ave, as well as inside the building and then set up a tripod to block vehicle access. Most people were removed by 11am, except for two people who remain barricaded inside part of the building.

Police have tried bashing holes through walls, angle grinding the door and jimmying off the door to remove the remaining activists but all efforts have so far failed. The protestors remain in good spirits with plenty of food and drink.

Arrests also include three people from the support protest outside the building. It is unknown what charges they are facing.

A support crew is currently at the corner of Oak Park Ave and Vivian St, and need more people to head down. There are also requests for extra banners, water, food as well as umbrellas etc to provide shelter from the sun.

Check this site for regular updates - information will be posted as it comes to hand.

Supression threat in Scott murder case

darwin, 13.01.2005 22:14

Suppression order threat in Scott murder case

J20: Turn Your Back on Bush

DC, 13.01.2005 21:43

Join thousands of folks from at least 41 states to stand in opposition to the Bush admin. by turning your back on Bush on Inauguration Day. Adhering to principles of nonviolent action, thousands of TYBoB participants will literally turn their backs on Bush at a set time as he rides along the Inaugural parade route -which is TYBoB is calling the Inaugural "Charade" route since this "visible manifestation of our democracy" (according to Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge) is three-quarters blocked off by fences and bleacher seats which require purchase of advanced tickets $$. Wash DC coordinator:


Barcelona, 13.01.2005 20:33

Contra el plan caufec

14 Enero,12h delante juzgados bcn: Concentración por el juicio a los detenidos contra el plan caufec

próximas convocatorias: 15 y 16 Enero Acampada::21 Enero: xarla y fiesta en el centro social la bankarrota de cornellà (carrer Rubió i Ors 103)::26 Enero: xarla de la plataforma diagonal Ponent::Cada miércoles asamblea en Cal Suís

acciones anteriores: Ida al pleno de Esplugues::: Pinchos y charla contra el plan::: Fin de Año contra el plan caufec:::Plantada de árboles contra el plan

+info ::: >>>ecologia


Barcelona, 13.01.2005 20:31

Contra el pla caufec

14 Gener,12h davant jutjats bcn: Concentració pel Judici als Detinguts contra el pla Caufec

properes convocatòries: 15 i 16 gener Acampada::21 gener: xerrada i festa al centre social la bankarrota de cornellà (carrer Rubió i Ors 103)::26 gener: xerrada de la plataforma diagonal Ponent::Cada dimecres assamblea a Cal Suís

accions anteriors: Anada al ple d'Esplugues::: Pinxos i xerrada contra el pla::: Cap d'any contra el pla caufec:::Plantada d'arbres contra el pla

+info ::: >>>ecologia

Loitering Case Against Immigrant Laborers in Woodbridge, VA to be Dismissed

DC, 13.01.2005 20:23

Police agree to cease harassment of Latino day laborers at local 7-11 Commonwealth Attorneys for Prince William County agreed today to drop charges against a group of immigrant day laborers, all of Latino background, who were the arrested for loitering at a Woodbridge 7-11 last fall. In a hearing this morning in General District Court in Manassas, the judge agreed to continue the case for 30 days, at which time the loitering charges will be dropped. Local police have now agreed to stop harassing the workers, who gather each morning at the 7-11 to be picked up for day work. An agreement with the operators of the 7-11 is also expected soon.


Istanbul, 13.01.2005 19:44

Aceh çifte felaketle karşı karşıya: Tsunami ve İşgal

Illinois finally grants Human Rights to GLBT people

Urbana-Champaign, 13.01.2005 19:24

I heard that the GLBT Human Rights bill that the 85 Percent Coalition and others have been fighting for for so long has finally passed and I gathered together this set of links as an initial report. I suspect someone closer to this struggle will write a more in depth report soon.

We have met the enemy, and it is US (corporate media)

Portland, 13.01.2005 09:37

Do we have a free press today? Sure we do. It's free to report all the sex scandals it wants, all the stock market news we can handle, every new health fad that comes down the pike, and every celebrity marriage or divorce that happens. But when it comes to the real down and dirty stuff... that's where we begin to see the limits of our freedoms.
On December 18, I attended Gary Webb's memorial service in Sacramento, along with about 250 other people.

In 1996, Webb wrote a series of articles ("Dark Alliance") for the San Jose Mercury News reporting that, in the 1980s, "a San Francisco Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to... street gangs of Los Angeles and funneled millions in drug profits to an arm of the contra guerrillas of Nicaragua run by the Central Intelligence Agency" and the "cocaine that flooded in helped spark a crack explosion in urban America... "

The "contra guerrillas," of course, were the Reagan administration CIA-nurtured darlings who sought to overthrow Nicaragua's leftist Sandinista government.

The story, obviously, was huge. Too huge, as it turns out, for certain powerful sensibilities. The disinformation machine soon was cranked up full tilt, and shortly after the series' publication, the Big Three in American newspapers -- the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post -- shamefully dedicated time and column inches attacking the veracity of Webb's assertions instead of pursuing the story. His professional coup de grace was administered by his own editor, Jerry Ceppos, who journalistically ran for cover and left the Pulitzer-winning reporter twisting slowly, slowly in the wind.

<<

[ more articles about Gary Webb | more articles by Mark Drolette ]

&quot;Europe Warms to Bush&quot;

Portland, 13.01.2005 09:04

"Europe Warms to Bush" Is the title of a commentary piece from the Sunday, Jan. 2 Oregonian. The illustration accompanying this piece shows a cartoon Blair with a cartoon Bush, with arms locked, which by itself is not unusual or an unfair depiction. But then it shows Jacques Chirac flanking Bush, also with arms locked. The illustration takes up about half the page, which is strange for such a short and trivial article.

This article was taken from the LA Times by the Oregonian, but the editors should keep in mind that just because an article finds it's way into one of the "papers of record" that's no reason to go ahead and print it.

[ more article by JR ]

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