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Southern Oregon Stands Together to Challenge the Bush &quot;Mandate&quot;

Rogue Valley, 21.01.2005 13:42

Over 300 people gathered in Medford yesterday to mark the occassion of George W. Bush's second inauguration. In a direct response to the "mandate" Bush claims to have won in November, progressives of all stripes marched together from Hawthorne Park through downtown Medford to the sounds of one lone bagpipe. Upon arriving at Vogel Plaza, the crowd fell into silence, joining Women in Black for a 30 minute vigil for peace. Speakers representing movements for peace, social justice, gay rights, immigrant rights, workers rights, veterans, election reform and the environment addressed the losses suffered under the Bush adminstration and spoke of hopes for a united progressive movement to reclaim this country.

One of the Most Powerful at the Vigil

DC, 21.01.2005 12:31

Bill Mitchell donates the boots of his fallen son, Michael Mitchell, to tthe AFSC's "Eyes Wide Open" exhibit

Anti-War Actions

Sydney, 21.01.2005 12:28

Anti-war activists take action against ANZ

Inaugurate the People

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.01.2005 12:21

More than 400 protestors turned out in Santa Cruz for a march and rally to coincide with the 2nd inauguration of George W. Bush as President of the United States. People gathered on the steps of the Santa Cruz County Courthouse and heard musicians and speakers, before collectively taking an oath of office as President Pro-Tem of the United States. Since no bible's were on hand, a copy of Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States" was used.

Soon after, the crowd made its way to the Town Clock, site of the Collateral Damage statue, where a number of drummers and other musicians performed. Speakers there cited a need for better health care, slammed Bush's environmental record, and called for an end to the US military occupation of Iraq. George McGovern, former South Dakota Senator and the Democrat Party's presidential candidate in 1972, addressed the crowd, and said members of the Bush Administration are masters of fear and deception.

Audio: FRSC: Inaugration Demonstration call-ins
Photos: Counter-Inauguration pix, part 1 I part 2
Video: Freedom, January 20, Santa Cruz
Audio: Counter-inauguration protest wrap

Contra a Indiferença

Portugal, 21.01.2005 11:51

Contra a Indiferença

Discussion: courage is contagious

Portland, 21.01.2005 09:28

John Murphy writes: We still have time to learn from the past. Revolutionary situations are rare in history, and when they spring up we must be ready. I firmly believe that someday we will get our chance - we must prepare for that day so that we can make the most of it. The first step is to fight uncompromisingly for political independence from and unending hostility to the two wings of corporate America. No matter who they throw up as the "greater evil" in 2008 to frighten us into the arms of the Democrats, we must immunize ourselves and carry that banner of "audacity, audacity, and still more audacity!"

'Camilo Torres' writes: I don't feel like I have any great insights to offer on how we can move forward right now...

However, here's something I do know: ... Fear is contagious, but so is courage.

One of my most vivid experiences of this was in Seattle in 1999. I'll never forget how we surrounded the King County Jail where hundreds of our comrades were locked up, and how the call went out for people to blockade the front doors of the building. This was after a week of massive police brutality against thousands of peaceful protesters. Many of us were understandably fearful of the police reaction if we heeded the call. Suddenly, out of the crowd, an eighty year old woman in a wheelchair wheeled herself to the front. The energy in the crowd was electric. Five thousand hesitant people suddenly had a single thought and a single resolve: If she could do it, why not me? How could I not??!

Inagurate This

Houston, 21.01.2005 09:13

Resistance springs up all over to the Bush inaguration

Post J20 Solidarity - Support your jailed comrades!!

Portland, 21.01.2005 07:15

Rally tomorrow at noon at the downtown courthouse / justice center (1120 SW 3rd Ave or right around there) to support the people still being held and greet those getting out.

There will be an emergency meeting tommorrow night at the Cascadia Rising infoshop 6:30pm at 1540 SE clinton --- we need lots and lots of help with things like fundraising for legal support. Please come and help support your comrades!!

Protestors find few holes in Bush’s Inaugural security

Boston, 21.01.2005 07:13

Compiled from reports from Dave Reckoning, Petrina Vegan, and Cory from Boston Indymedia, as well as DC Indymedia’s Newswire. Thousands of protestors converged on the inaugural parade route today, mixing in with the lines of other Americans who were able pass the homeland security screening and pay the $60 entry fee to get parade-side. At a dawn rally in Malcolm X Park, South West of the parade route, police estimated 10,000 people. Estimates during the day were more difficult due to the wide perimeter around the parade route.

Central Valley Says No to Bush Agenda

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.01.2005 07:12

A few hundred people came together to protest the inauguration in the state capital in Sacramento. Marching from Cesear Chaves Park to the Federal Building, the spirited march contained various community groups and collectives. A rally was later held, pictures here. In Modesto, a protest has been called at 7pm.

Proyeccion MIAMI MODEL

Peru, 21.01.2005 06:23

Proyeccion de video y conferencia

&quot;Insurgents&quot; Delay &quot;Second Coming&quot; of Bush

DC, 21.01.2005 06:08

The dreams of the faithful who came to honor the Christian crusaders were shattered today amid chants and tear-gas, when what was expected to be a grand victory march down Pennsylvania Avenue descended into an embarassing public spectacle for the president that temporarily brought his motorcade to a complete hault. With all eyes on Washington, DC, viewers across the nation and around the world were treated to parade images of waffing smoke and pepper spray, as police battled protesters right on the inaugural motorcade route. At one point, the fence barrackades on Pennsylvania Avenue about a mile ahead of the presidential parade were brought down by demonstrators during a prolonged clash that first slowed the president's motorcade, ultimately bringing it to a stand-still.

Bostonians Protest the Inauguration of President Bush

Boston, 21.01.2005 02:51

On Thursday, January 20, the day President Bush was inaugurated for his second term and thousands marched in opposition in Washington DC, about thirty hardy souls braved the bitter cold to stand from 5:30 to 6:30 in Copley Square, protesting here in Boston. Although the protest was organized by United for Justice with Peace (UJP), the main local anti-war coalition, the signs people bore showed that they had a variety of concerns--not just ending the occupation of Iraq, but also domestic issues such as the attacks on civil liberties and reproductive rights and the destruction of the welfare system. Organizers with UJP that I spoke with expressed not only their opposition to the Bush administration’s policies, but their fears that the Bush administration is making a concerted, purposeful assault on what’s left of democracy in this country.

J20-westwood protest

LA, 21.01.2005 02:37

3000 Protest Bush in Westwood

Film: Rabbit-proof Fence

Michigan, 21.01.2005 01:52

Critical Moment presents a free screening of Rabbit-Proof Fence in honor of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

7:30 PM on Thursday January 27, 2005 1040 Dana Building, School of Natural Resources Northeast corner of the Diag on U-M Central Campus in Ann Arbor [map]


Coronación Bush II

Puerto Rico, 21.01.2005 00:51

Bush II y la Guerra de los ricos

Police beat, pepper-spray anarchist march

DC, 21.01.2005 00:45

Anarchist protestors were met with police violence at D & 4th streets NW in downtown DC this afternoon.

Concentración en apoyo a las radios libres

Euskal Herria, 21.01.2005 00:28

Hoy viernes, día 21 de enero a las 20 horas frente a la sede de Radio Nacional de España en Bilbao (C/ Licenciado Pozas 15). Para defender la necesidad de tod=s a tener sus propios medios de comunicación populares y participativos al margen de los grandes emporios mediáticos que inundan radio, televisión y prensa del pensamiento único.

Las radios libres como instrumento que da voz a l=s sin voz están siendo atacadas continuamente pues interesa callar, para mostrar la gran paz social que existe en esta ficticia democracia. Desde el estado capitalista mediante su vocero oficial RNE y los medios de comunicación cuyo cometido es enriquecerse a toda costa (como toda empresa) y no radiar la verdad, se esta llevando a cabo una campaña para criminalizar esta forma de comunicación horizontal y autogestionada, mediante denuncias, amenazas y silenciar el dial a golpe de kilovatio.

Las radios libres como reflejo de los movimientos sociales son necesarias para avanzar en la lucha, ¿o acaso Luis del Olmo, Gabilondo o Maria Teresa Campos van a comentar tus actividades, van a denunciar tu injusta situación...?


Información en directo por Frecuencia Modulada e Internet:
irola FM 107.5 koska irratia FM 108


Sydney, 20.01.2005 20:44


DC Update

NYC, 20.01.2005 20:11

Just a quick and not-comprehrensive update on protests of the Bush inauguration in DC. Marches and rallies throughout the morning. Several groups of protesters from Code Pink were removed from the inaugural ceremony [Pics]. Reports of protester confrontations with police throughout the city; at least a few reports of protester groups "rushing" inauguration "checkpoints." Pepper-spray use is confirmed in DC.

We encourage people to visit [DC IMC / Breaking News] || [Portland Live Webstream] || [Infoshop News Updates]

Caso Disco Luau

Peru, 20.01.2005 17:57

Lo que paso en la discoteca LUAU y la "equidad"

Caso Disco Luau

Peru, 20.01.2005 17:57

Lo que paso en la discoteca LUAU y la "equidad"


Uruguay, 20.01.2005 17:29

Integrante de radio comunitaria condenado en Goiás

especulación y ocupación (es)

Barcelona, 20.01.2005 14:04

la especulación continúa >> nosotr*s también

la especulación :: Nómadas urbanos (l*s 'okupas' más antigu*s también son desalojad*s) + Sigue la represión contra el CSO La Discòrdia + El Lunes 17 quieren comenzar los DERRIBOS en el Cabanyal + Tura promete mucha más contundencia contra los okupas violentos en Barcelona + L’Ateneu Llibertari de Viladecans ya tiene fecha de desalojo + una del Nadal.(alcalde de Tarragona)

nosotr*s :: Acción de rechazo al 22@ en la UPF + Desalojadas 14 personas en el Forat + 22Gen - pim pam PAUM! ::: bicicletada contra la especulación -Mataró- + C.S.SECO hace una llamada! + nuevo foro sobre el mobbing inmobiliario + Kafeta Pro-encausad*s (okupació) cada miércoles de 19:00 a 22:00 en L' Ateneu Santboià + Jornadas segundo aniversario de KOP-ALTA TENSIÓ (Prat) + Llamada a Abandonar los Debes + S.O.S. Vall Fosca + cine y debate: Ciudad, urbanismo y especulación + Okupaciones y desalojos 2004 + L*s vecin*s de Vallcarca denuncian "la especulación ocultada" de la reforma + Dosier "Bajo las zarpas de la especulación"

+info:: >>>especulación

especulació i okupació (ca)

Barcelona, 20.01.2005 13:41

l'especulació continua >> nosaltres també

l'especulació :: Nòmades urbans (els 'okupes' més antics tambè son desallotjats) + Segueix la repressió contra el CSO La Discòrdia + El Dilluns 17 volen començar els ENDERROCAMENTS en el Cabanyal + Tura promet molta més contundència contra els okupas violents a Barcelona + L’Ateneu Llibertari de Viladecans ja té data de desallotjament + una del Nadal.(alcalde de Tarragona)

nosaltres :: Acció de rebuig al 22@ a la UPF + Desallotjades 14 persones al Forat + 22Gen - pim pam PAUM! ::: bicicletada contra l'especulació -Mataró- + C.S.SECO fa una crida! + nou foro sobre el mobbing immobiliari + Kafeta Pro-encausats (okupació) cada dimecres de 19:00 a 22:00 a L' Ateneu Santboià + Jornades segon aniversari del KOP-ALTA TENSIÓ (Prat) + Crida a Abandonar los Debes + S.O.S. Vall Fosca + cinema i debat: Ciutat, urbanisme i especulació + Okupacions i desallotjaments 2004 + Els veïns de Vallcarca denuncien "l'especulació amagada" de la reforma + Dossier "Sota les urpes de l'especulació"

+info:: >>>especulació

Warning! - anti-MLKJ racist hate material being circulated in Madison

Madison, 20.01.2005 13:28

On Sun. Jan. 16th a racist flyer declaring Martin Luther King Jr. to be a "philanderer, drunk, liar, plagiarist, and cheat" was found posted at UW-Madison's Memorial Union...

Weltweit wird gegen die Amtseinf�hrung des US-Pr�sidenten protestiert

Germany, 20.01.2005 10:55

Gestern wurde in den Vereinigten Staaten der "gew�hlte" Pr�sident, George W. Bush vereidigt. Proteste in Washington, US- und weltweit begannen bereits in den letzten Tagen. Gestern wurden die ersten Aktivisten verhaftet, nachdem sie in Washington Transparente aufgehangen haben. Die Stadt ist in einen Hochsicherheitstrakt verwandelt worden, mehrere als Zehntausend nehmen an den zahlreichen Demonstrationen und Ungehorsams-Aktionen teil (regelm�ssige Updates / Zusammenfassung). Rechte Gruppen mobilisieren derweil gegen die Proteste.
Berichte und News bei: und, sowie anderen lokalen US-IMC's

Live-Radio-Stream im Netz: von Indymedia-Washington (Webseite), von Indymedia-Portland und von Indymedia-SanDiego.
TV-Stream: C-Span Sonderseite (rtsp unter linux)

Regelm��ige Updates der aktuellen Situation
Berichte bei im Vorfeld: Update #1 und Update #2

Regelm��ige Update von

Documentary Film <i>Worlds Apart: 9-11 First Responders Against War</i> Premieres in Portsmouth

New Hampshire, 20.01.2005 09:16

NH Film maker Tom Jackson premiered his just-released documentary, Worlds Apart: 9-11 First Responders Against War, in Portsmouth, NH on January 4th to a crowd of 60 people at South Church. Worlds Apart focuses on a particular group of heroes emerging from the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, first responders, and how they have dealt with all that they experienced on September 11th and since then.

Convergence Observance

DC, 20.01.2005 09:01

Even with 100 square blocks shut down and the tightest security in history, president bushes second inauguration will be met with national resistance. Amna Kazmi and Sherise Martin have more...

J20 - Anti-Inauguration Day of Action

Portland, 20.01.2005 06:20

Cascadians are taking to the streets, with arms locked together, to say no the inauguration. In solidarity with folks in Washington DC, and around the nation, the people of Southern Cascadia will take to the streets and actively resist. Protests have been organized and promoted here in these cities:

today's breaking news archive

related articles:: [ JAN 20 CRITICAL MASS I How's It Looking for J20? I Freewayblog the Inaugural and win $100! I Anti-Inaugeration Carnival I Republican Websites Hacked in Protest of Inauguration I SEIU 503, District 4 Endorses J20 March/Rally ]

Jail Phones, Next Move

Urbana-Champaign, 20.01.2005 04:37

All jail inmate calls from the county jail, even local calls must be placed as collect calls. The charges for these calls is highly inflated from what would normally be charged for collect calls. The telephone company, who has an exclusive contract with Champaign County then kicks back $14,000 each month to the County. CU Citizens for Peace and Justice is advocating for change by asking caring community members to speak out at the County Board meeting this Thursday, Jan. 20 at 7pm.

Imigrantes: o drama da habitação

Portugal, 20.01.2005 04:04

Imigrantes: o drama da habitação

sobre publicacion

Argentina, 20.01.2005 02:43

Rev Billy Jan 26: Weed and Seed the Village

NYC, 20.01.2005 02:06

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir St. Mark's Church in the Bowery January 26 2005 8:00pm $10 (no-one turned away), 10th St and 2nd Ave Reservations: 917-825-3562 |


belgrade, 20.01.2005 00:14

Peti meðunarodni Omladinski kamp SSF-a


belgrade, 20.01.2005 00:11

Privatnici kao kaznena ekspedicija

Reci NE disanju!

belgrade, 20.01.2005 00:07

Reci NE disanju!

Protesters the big &quot;tease&quot; in evening news, Public security suffocating and obscene for what amounts to a private event

DC, 19.01.2005 22:51

Security is the heart of a local NBC affiliate news story, and the only identifiable threat? Those among the nearly half of the voting public, and also among the non-voting and disenfranchised public, that do not support George Bush and care to come to town to show it.

Anti-Inaugural Protests Kick Off Wednesday Night Outside the “Black Tie and Boots” Inaugural Ball

DC, 19.01.2005 22:19

“Black Gold* and Boots Ball” will feature Hallibacon, the Halliburton mascot, and other war profiteers that expect to make a killing during the second term of the Bush administration. Wednesday, January 19, 6:30 PM Wardman Park Hotel, 2660 Woodley Road, NW, Washington, DC, outside the “Black Tie and Boots” inaugural ball.

Welcome to dadaIMC!

New Hampshire, 19.01.2005 18:56

You have now successfully installed the dadaIMC software codebase for your Independent Media Center. This welcoming "feature" may be removed by an Administrator or Editor. Administrators are encouraged to join the dadaIMC discussion list to participate in the community. Questions or problems should be addressed to the mailing list, or the developer may be contacted directly at support(at)


Atlanta Prepares For Inoguration Protests

Atlanta, 19.01.2005 14:45

#media_7814;right# Atlanta's Counter Inogural Activities will begin Thursday January 20th with a march and rally (from CNN 11:30 a.m. to the State Capitol) and conclude with a Counter Inogural Ball at the 5 Spot Lounge in Little 5 Points. Citizens from around the state will join other cities around the country will gather to say that the Bush Administration has no mandate for his agressive Right-Wing agenda. For more information on the Counter Inogural activities, see


LA, 19.01.2005 14:19

Remembrance of Martin Luther King

Protesters in DC Gear Up for Inauguration

NYC, 19.01.2005 13:49

As another wave of car bombings in Baghdad today killed scores and Condoleezza Rice refused to admit any administration mistakes in Iraq, activists in Washington DC are gearing up to protest Pres. Bush's inauguration.

Indypendent Interview with anti-Inauguration organizer
How to Get There
Independent Media Space Opens
Local Outreach
Anti-Opression Guide to DC Inauguration
Weather Forecast

There will also be a local anti-Bush rally in Jersey City, NJ.

DC Indymedia || US Indymedia

Putin do MTK, nie do Oświęcimia

Poland, 19.01.2005 13:22

27 stycznia będzie miała miejsce wyjątkowa rocznica - 60 lat temu Armia Czerwona wyzwoliła obóz pracy i zagłady w Oświęcimiu. Z tej okazji przyjadą do Polski i odwiedzą Oświęcim liczne osobistości życia publicznego z całego świata, w tym Prezydenci : RP Aleksander Kwaśniewski, Rosji : Władimir Putin oraz Izraela Mosze Kacaw. Mniej więcej w tym samym czasie w kilku miastach Polski (Białystok : sobota 22.01, Kraków : środa 26.01 Gdańsk: czwartek 27.01,) odbędą się protesty przeciw uczestnictwu W. Putina w obchodach jubileuszu. Skąd ten opór?


Brasil, 19.01.2005 08:19

Rodovias paralisadas por justiça

Rally Against Bush! Jan 20

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 19.01.2005 07:00

Counter Inaugeration Rally **************************** SPEAK OUT against BUSH **************************** Thursday, January 20 Noon (12:00pm) University of Minnesota, Northrop Plaza

Public Meeting: Beat Back the Bush Attack!

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 19.01.2005 07:00

Public meeting – Beat back the Bush attack! Thursday, January 20th, 7pm Coffman 303 University of Minnesota, East Bank

Shut down PG&amp;E Contingent at MLK march

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.01.2005 06:04

Children, Moms from Bayview Hunters Point and allies marched on MLK day to demand environmental justice! "We wanna be asthma free, shut down PG&E!" we chanted from 4th and Townsend to the Bill Graham civic auditorium. And not without a few photo ops with Gavin Newsom! Members from the "Shut down PG&E" contingent met up with Newsom to question his lipservice on the issue. Gavin assured us he was on our side of the issue, by stating that the PG&E Hunters Point Power Plant, the oldest and dirtiest plant would be shutdown in the next year.

Shut down PG&amp;E Contingent at MLK march

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.01.2005 05:37

The Ruatoki valley blazes as Tuhoe stands tall

Aotearoa, 19.01.2005 04:23

The Tuhoe people of the Urewera region have suffered since a Crown invasion and persecution from the 1860's. It is January 16th 2005 Sunday in the Ruatoki valley. A Waitangi Tribunal hearing has been called. Tuhoe are waiting to meet the visitors many are on horseback. Determined to remind the Crown of these many wrongdoings, Tuhoe have come out in force. A young Tuhoe tribesman, tino rangatiratanga flag in hand, riding a horse bareback, gallops down the valley to where the Crown is waiting reminiscent of times of when prophet-warrior Te Kooti rode thru these tribal lands during his armed-guerilla campaign to save Maori lands from an increasingly greedy British settler population. The flag flutters a symbol of resistance against colonisation and the Crown sponsored theft of indigenous lands. Dozens of Tuhoe on horses follow behind him.

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