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Brugs stadsbestuur wil verbreding Vaartdijkstraat

West Vlaanderen, 23.01.2005 09:58

Brugs stadsbestuur wil verbreding Vaartdijkstraat

Open Letter to Tom Potter from the People's Lawyer, Alan Graf

Portland, 23.01.2005 08:54

I was out in the streets on January 20, 2005. I was there with some of my fellow National Lawyers Guild observers (thank you Lewis and Clark law students). I have also read Catwomyn's post and pretty much agree with everything she said. I want to add a few things.

First, before I get carried away, kudos to you Mayor for stating that the city is ready to buy PGE and take it away from the Texans. Good Job!!!

Now the police--having studied hundreds of hours of videotapes of police behavior from the August 22, 2002 protest (A-22) and the March 2003 (I-war) protests, from my viewpoint, I believe the police have improved somewhat in their tactics with protestors and demonstrations. At the A-22 and I-war protests, the police were complete brutes. They were driven by Kroeker's plan and directive to militarize the police and make them in effect an occupying army--in some ways, eerily similar to our own army in Iraq.

This last protest, I noticed that, at least from my perspective, that no pepper spray was used for crowd dispersal and no rubber bullets, sage weapons or other such arsenal was used as well. Bravo!! I also might add that I feel a tad bit responsible for the omission of these weapons having just cashed the $300,000 check you sent to my office the other day while I total up my attorney fees in anticipation of the next check I will hopefully be recieving from the city...


related: [ Team of Activists and National Lawyers Guild Attorneys Bring City of Portland to its Knees ]

[ | Northwest Constitutional Law Center ]

University of Minnesota Anti-Inaugural Protest

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 23.01.2005 07:32

Seventy-five people braved the cold and snow to protest Bush’s inauguration. Unlike the pretentious corporate-sponsored affair in DC, the University of Minnesota event included some speeches on Northrop mall about the harmful nature of Bush’s policies followed by a march to a local army-recruiter’s office on Washington Ave.

Pro-Choice March In Seattle

Portland, 23.01.2005 06:03

Today, on Jan. 22, 2005, a rally and march in support of women's reproductive freedom rights were held in downtown Seattle. Approximately 250 people showed up in the rain for the rally and march, along with maybe 50 Seattle Police, in regular uniforms, on bikes, motorcycles, and horses, and in cars and black vans. There were several speakers and performers, and signs (with their own raincoats) aplenty.

After the rally, a march took to the streets, stopping traffic in all directions, marching with a police escort. Buses, taxis, and cars creeped slowly along behind the march. At one point, the march left its proposed route to go down an alley, to represent no more back alley abortions. The march then hit a steep incline that went on for two blocks. The Seattle Bike Police came around the corner, and began to bike up the hill, but some began to peter out and had to walk their bikes midway in exhaustion. (It was just a fun side event to watch.) The march blocked traffic in downtown Seattle for approximately 30 minutes.


[ Other articles by kirsten anderberg ]

Activism against Gentrification, and the Gentrification of Activism

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.01.2005 05:40

A group of anti-authoritarian activists, affiliated with Anarchist People of Color (APOC) and Gay Shame: A Virus in the System, who are working against a gay "business improvement district" (BID) development/gentrification plan which would raise living costs in a heavily working-class/immigrant community in Oakland, came together to write about their ongoing discussions, and speak to concerns which they say have been silenced by development proponents and anti-gentrification organizers alike. Read the article

Crimes da Monsanto- O circulo vicioso dos transgenicos

Portugal, 23.01.2005 05:03

Crimes da Monsanto- O circulo vicioso dos transgenicos


Houston, 23.01.2005 03:56

Fahrenheit 9/11 and Indymedia unite at River Oaks Theater at Midnight

Thousands Turn Out in San Francisco to Defend Roe v. Wade

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.01.2005 02:31

1/22/2004: Several thousand people gathered for a Roe v. Wade Anniversary Demonstration that included a rally on Market Street and a march to the location of an anti-choice rally. After the march, participants lined the Embarcadero as the "pro-lifers" paraded towards the Fisherman's Wharf tourist district. The route of the parade was stopped twice by pro-choice protesters. Police kept the women's rights advocates out of the street as much as possible, divided them up on sidewalks, and escorted the anti-choice march through Fort Mason, down Marina, to the park area where a post-march celebration of hatred of women's right to choose when to have a child was held.

San Diegans Reclaims the Streets on J20!

San Diego, 23.01.2005 02:06

San Diego, January 20th 2005 – After the SDCPJ rally and the Ground Zero Players Cacelorazo in downtown San Diego, hundreds of people stepped off the sidewalk at Broadway to begin the Reclaim the Streets party. From 7-9pm, people moved up and down 4th ave, circling around, facing off lines of cops, sometimes outmaneuvering them, other times walking right into them traps. Bikers, musicians, jugglers, dancers and more filled the streets with life in direct contrast to the contained commerical atmosphere of clubs and shops all around them. Three people were arrested at the party, all already out on bail.

Reclaim the Streets! | Reclaim the Streets handout | Photos 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | Audio 1 - SD IMC press conference concerning arrest | Audio 2 – Sounds and Interviews | Call for evidence for bogus arrest of indymedia journalist


Manila, 23.01.2005 00:15

Toxicologist warns of \'pesticide tsunami\'

Conservationists attacked

Melbourne, 22.01.2005 23:20

Government gives a green light to forest violence

A Critique of Authoritarianism in the Gay BID Anti-Gentrification Campaign

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.01.2005 23:12

A group of anti-authoritarian activists, affiliated with Anarchist People of Color (APOC) and Gay Shame: A Virus in the System, who are working against a gay "Business Improvement District" (BID) development/gentrification plan which would raise living costs in a heavily working-class/immigrant community in Oakland, came together to write about their ongoing discussions, and speak to concerns which they say have been silenced by development proponents and anti-gentrification organizers alike. "[What] we have laid out is, in fact, an attempt to make our organizing and the activist work we do, in some ways, like the kinds of worlds we hope to create and inhabit... It is... imperative that the methodology of our resistance is modeled after a non-hierarchical structure that displaces power from the top-down scheme that we are all too accustomed to." Read the article

Abortion Supporters, Opponents Gather on 32nd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Tennessee, 22.01.2005 22:55

January 22, 2005 marks the 32nd anniversary of Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court decision which revolutionized women's lives giving them the federally protected legal right to control of their bodies and protecting their right to terminate a pregnancy.

Now Is The Time

Michigan, 22.01.2005 20:19

MLK DAY Keynote at Jackson Community College
Now is the time for some serious conversatin about how to grow our souls. Grace Lee Boggs explores the questions raised by MLK in his last three years of life.

As we say in the Call to the Beloved Community:

“Three years after 9/11 the wounds of people, inflicted upon one another and on our earth long before the Twin Towers fell, have clouded our minds and hardened our hearts. In the name of fighting terrorism we have made the world less safe. By meeting violence with ever-greater violence we have ended or ruined the lives of thousands of young people and tens of thousands of Iraqi children, women and men. Engulfed in a quagmire from which there seems to be no exit, we are a polarized people. The divide between rich and poor is greater than at any time in the past 60 years.”


belgrade, 22.01.2005 20:01



belgrade, 22.01.2005 19:57


Images From DC

Urbana-Champaign, 22.01.2005 19:42

Below are some images from DC. Video will be made available soon. Click on pics for better quality. In solidarity-UCIMC DC Reporters

Debate: Youth Riot after Counter-Inaugural Ball

NYC, 22.01.2005 19:24

(from the Open Newswire): "Finally when the show ended at around 11:15PM about 100-150 people poured out of the church and onto the street. There was a struggle at first in keeping the group together but as movement began down Columbia road the crowd was tight knit and gaining more energy. The crowd began marching through the Adams-Morgan neighborhood at 11:22PM. They carried torches and banners, blocking both flows of traffic as they shouted, "Who's Streets? Our Streets!" in unison." But a DC IMC reader writes: "As much as I hate the state and its oppressive security apparatus, those so-called “anarchists” are going to make me like the police. I don’t live in Adams Morgan. But if I did, I’d be grateful that a throng of violence-prone teenage hooligans high on testosterone has been thrown in jail and thus prevented from rampaging in my neighborhood." Also see: "Post Inauguration Anti-Authoritarian March"

Over 300 join Minneapolis Inauguration Day protest

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 22.01.2005 17:44

300 join Minneapolis anti-war protest.


Barcelona, 22.01.2005 17:16

Kontraŭ la plano “Caufec”

14an januaro, 12a h antaŭ la barcelonaj juĝejoj: Amasiĝo okaze de la proceso kontraŭ la arestitoj kontraŭ la plano “Caufec”

Venontaj kunvokoj: 15an kaj 16an januaro Tendumo::21an januaro: parolado kaj festo en la Socia Centro “La bankarrota” de Cornellà (strato Rubió i Ors 103)::26an januaro: parolado de "plataforma diagonal Ponent"::Ĉiumerkrede asembleo en Cal Suís::

Antaŭaj agadoj: Irado al Ple d'Esplugues::: Ŝaŝlikoj kaj parolado kontraŭ la plano:::Jarfino kontraŭ la plano “Caufec”:::Plantado de arboj kontraŭ la plano

+infoj ::: >>>ekologio

Activist tactics

LA, 22.01.2005 10:56

ACTIVISTS DISCUSSION: Where do we go from here?


Houston, 22.01.2005 08:13

Benefit Concert Friday at Helios

Santa Cruz IMCistas Report from D.C.

Santa Cruz, CA, 22.01.2005 07:59

Local activists danielsan & brian went to Washington D.C. to provide alternative news and information about the actions and events coinciding with the coronation of King George II. Among the tactics used to dispatch news out of our nations occupied Capitol were phone calls to free radio santa cruz as well as publishing serveral articles on santa cruz indymedia's open publishing newswire.

They attended a Code Pink action where the groups chapters from across the country organized a chilly welcome for attendees of the Gold and Boots Ball the night before the Coronation, greeting fur-and-heel-wearing, cowboy themed tuxedo couples and corporate gentry with Hallibacon, snout-wearing well-wishers, and stacks of cash with everyone's favorite Dick printed on them. [ read more and view photos ]

danielsan & brian also attended a Black Block March to the security perimiter as the official Inaugural Parade began. Several skirmishes with police resulted and the march was turned back from the security perimeter. Smaller groups eventually broke through the fence, burned some pieces of red, white, and blue cloth, clashed with pepper sprayering riot cops, and mingled with lines and lines of Bush supporters waiting to get through security. [ read more and view photos ]

One of the most fun and creative actions of the week might have been the Backbone Campaign's trip to the Democratic National Headquarters in Washington D.C. A huge spine wound its way to the national headquarters of the Democratic Party the day after the Unauguration, a special delivery that recieved no notice from the office-bound democrats. Activists from all over the country carried the spine, singing (to the tune of that Hip Bone song--you know, "the hip bone's connected to the.... thigh bone"). I think it's called "Dry Bones" [ read more and view photos ]

[ Code Pink I Inaguration Media Coalition I Counter-Inaugural I Infoshop I Backbone Campaign I DC Indymedia ]

TFP recusa introdução de OGM em Portugal

Portugal, 22.01.2005 07:20

TFP recusa introdução de OGM em Portugal

Immigrant Leaders Gather to Discuss Issues and Concerns in Tennessee

Tennessee, 22.01.2005 07:20

The second annual Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition Convention was a success, according to organizer David Lubell of TIRRC. Over 150 immigrant and refugee leaders and their allies from all regions of Tennessee came together in Nashville to identify issues of importance to their communities, and to develop a plan of action to address these issues.

Milwaukee Protestors Take to the Streets!

Madison, 22.01.2005 06:24

In what was the largest direct-action in recent Milwaukee history, nearly 40 protestors took to the streets after a rally on Thursday, January 20th.

Massive Banner Dropped in Milwaukee

Madison, 22.01.2005 06:17

On the morning of Thursday, January 20th, the KMC dropped a large banner made of nineteen upside-down American flags with the words ?END EMPIRE? painted upon it. We make this statement as an act of resistance against the largest, more dominant military empire in history. Since its inception, the United States has aggressively expanded its borders, pushing indigenous peoples off their land and destroying the sovereignty of other nation-states.

Productores de hambre, cosechadores de miseria

Argentina, 22.01.2005 04:32

Productores de hambre, cosechadores de miseria

Productores de hambre, cosechadores de misería

Argentina, 22.01.2005 04:26

Sábado 22 de Enero de 2005
Productores de hambre, cosechadores de miseria

Rural Washington Citizens Mourn Dead U.S. Troops

Portland, 22.01.2005 02:57

On Thursday, January 20, soon after George Bush was inaugurated in Washington D.C. citizens of the town of Twisp in North Central Washington gathered to mourn the dead U.S. solders and Iraqi's by erecting a ceremonial grave yard in the town commons. Crosses and Crescents were set up and pictures of dead and maimed U.S. troops and Iraqi citizens were pinned to the wooden grave markers.

A variety of sentiments were shared at the somber creation of the cemetery including sorrow over needless loss of life and anger with the government that has forced this violence upon the world.

After a brief interchange between citizens and one of the town's two police officers, the activity was allowed to continue unhindered. The cemetery will be up for 24 hours for all interested to view and pay their respects.

WSQT on the Counterinaugural-and the Inter-County Connector

DC, 22.01.2005 01:20

These audio programs are WSQT's take on the events of yesterday, their implications, and the need to build on these events and keep organizing on an every day basis.

PHOTOS of Cops using pepper guns on protesters in DC

DC, 22.01.2005 01:09

Demonstrators broke a window in the barricad separating the imperial parade from the citizens. Police responded by bombarding the crowd with streams of pepper spray (aiming for their faces). Once the window was opened the protesters did NOT attempt to pass through or rush the police line on the other side. It was a symbolic act against the fences and barricads of the empire weather they be physical, economic or political.

John L. Hess (1917-2005): Journalism Takes a Big Hit

NYC, 22.01.2005 01:02

(from the Open Newswire): American journalism lost one of its finest practitioners, The New York Times lost its conscience, and I lost a good friend and mentor last night with the death of John Hess, who died in his sleep at the age of 87.

Parry Center Rally: 13 Arrested

Portland, 22.01.2005 00:26

The Parry Center Rally today was great! 13 people were arrested at the office of Peter Northrup, a Parry Center board member during a lively downtown protest today. After rallying in the South Park Blocks, over 150 marchers took over the lobby of the 1000 Broadway building, singing songs and chanting for nearly an hour.

A group of workers and community supporters (including two pastors) headed up to the 17th floor to speak with Peter Northrup. AFter the door was slammed in their face, they sat down and refused to leave. Eventually, all were arrested and charged with trespassing. Overall, it was a great action. Let's hope that the Parry Center gets the message and decides to settle this strike.

add more information...
related articles: [ all parry center articles ]

New episode of Catalyst Radio online

Michigan, 22.01.2005 00:21

The new episode of Catalyst Radio, the weekly radio program of the Grand Rapids Community Media Center, is now available online. Catalyst Radio is a 30 minute weekly radio program on WYCE 88.1 FM every Friday at 9:30 a.m. featuring information on local events and independent news. "As the media landscape continues to be consolidated, local perspectives, voices and information will be more and more critical" says CMC's executive director, "this program is a continuation of the Media Center's mission to, "Build Community through Media by amplifying local messages".

The program format consists of news analysis by the Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy, a feature interview with a social change organization, activist, or educator, and a wrap-up with a calendar of community events. This weeks show features an interview with GRIID director Jeff Smith, who recently traveled to Guatemala to learn more about the effects of the proposed Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). Current and past episodes of Catalyst Radio can be downloaded and listened to at the audio archives section of the Catalyst Radio website.

York59 bleibt! Aktuelle Zusammefassung

Germany, 21.01.2005 23:03

Aktuelle zusammefassung zuden Geschenissen rund um die York59 in Berlin.
Die Yorck59 in S�d-Kreuzberg ist ein Selbst verwaltetes Projekt in X-Berg. Dort wohnen nicht nur 60 Menschen zwischen 0-43 (darunter auch 10 Kinder), sonder dort gibt es auch Raum f�r politische und kulturelle Veranstaltungen. Au�erdem treffen sich dort verschiedene Gruppen, wie z.B. die AntiRassitischeInitiative Berlin(ARI), der Nachrichtenpool Lateinamerika und die I.A.A.D.H..


Manila, 21.01.2005 22:36

Burmese Migrants Faces Deportation After Tsunami

&quot;Insurgents&quot; Delay &quot;Second Coming&quot; of Bush

DC, 21.01.2005 20:43

The dreams of the faithful who came to honor the Christian crusaders were shattered today amid chants and tear-gas, when what was expected to be a grand victory march down Pennsylvania Avenue descended into an embarassing public spectacle for the president that temporarily brought his motorcade to a complete hault. With all eyes on Washington, DC, viewers across the nation and around the world were treated to parade images of waffing smoke and pepper spray, as police battled protesters right on the inaugural motorcade route. At one point, the fence barrackades on Pennsylvania Avenue about a mile ahead of the presidential parade were brought down by demonstrators during a prolonged clash that first slowed the president's motorcade, ultimately bringing it to a stand-still.

Mel &amp; Floyd, Jan. 21st, 2005

Madison, 21.01.2005 20:32

Beware! A certain cubic cartoon character is soaking the moral values out of America's youth! It seems that Spongebob Squarepants is converting our children into tolerant, peace-loving, non-gay haters. Mel & Mr. Smartypants have the story on this week's Mel & Floyd.

Also this week: a recap of the in-hog-uration; more on Alberto "Torture Boy" Gonzales; Condoleeza Rice's hearings; Pentagon plans for a "gay bomb" to fight the "War on Terror"; Bush denies being "born with a silver foot in my mouth"; meteorites on Mars; monkey news, and so much more.

Counter-Inaugural Protesters Bring Diverse Messages to Nashville J20 Demonstration

Tennessee, 21.01.2005 20:14

On the day George W. Bush was being sworn in for a second term, approximately 100 protesters gathered in front of the Federal Building in downtown Nashville joining in solidarity with counter-inaugural demonstrations nationwide. The protesters in Nashville represented a diverse coalition of organizations including the Gathering to Save Our Democracy, No Moore Bush, Nashville Peace Coalition and Clarksville Freethinkers.

Illinois Governor Signs Non Discrimination Bill Into Law; Gay Rights Activists in Champaign-Urbana Worked For Bill’s Passage

Urbana-Champaign, 21.01.2005 19:50

After three decades of work, activists today were finally able to celebrate as Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich signed into law a bill amending the Illinois Human Rights Act to add protections against discrimination for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (lgbt) residents. The Senate passed the bill January 10 by a vote of 30-27 and the House passed the bill 65-51 on January 11. The new law goes into effect June 1, 2005. (In photo below, activists pose at the victory party. Photo by Nick Mann)

Inauguration Protest in Knoxville in Solidarity with the World

Tennessee, 21.01.2005 19:45

Today, between 30 and 40 people stood together in front of the John Duncan Federal Building in downtown Knoxville to protest the inauguration of George W. Bush. Many said they were there because of the war in Iraq.


DC, 21.01.2005 19:44


Post J20 Solidarity - Friday Noon Rally at Downtown Courthouse

Portland, 21.01.2005 18:39

Rally tomorrow [Friday] at noon at the downtown courthouse / justice center (1120 SW 3rd Ave or right around there) to support the people still being held and greet those getting out.

There will be an emergency meeting tommorrow night at the Cascadia Rising infoshop 6:30pm at 1540 SE clinton --- we need lots and lots of help with things like fundraising for legal support. Please come and help support your comrades!! Related Article: Rally at courthouse tomorrow (1/21) noon

Report-backs from January 20 Inauguration actions

Portland, 21.01.2005 18:38

[2:56pm] - The rally at Terry Schrunk Plaza featured speakers and music criticizing Bush administration policies. Many speakers from different organizations made statements, and there was much music, creative lyrics and crowd participation. As usual there were many signs portraying how people felt about the war and George Bush. A large area was strung with Tibetan Peace Flags, each flag representing U.S. soldier killed, and another area with flags representing the many innocent Iraqis killed.

I've posted some photographs here that I hope will provide a feeling of the event

Portland Morning Banner Drops
[12:06pm] - The Association for Cascadian Liberation successfully dropped banners from several bridges around Little Beirut between 8 and 10 am, despite heavy police presence. read more >>

more, from first part of day: [ An old woman speaks (1:00pm) | Downtown PDX Update (1:31pm) | One arrest at PSU Students for Unity (2:56pm) | 3:30 @ Burnside & Park Ave. -Hundreds Gathered Already (3:51pm) ]

[ J20 Breaking News Archive ]


Colombia, 21.01.2005 17:47

En la marcha voces de respaldo recibieron los Embera Katío en su lucha por la vida

Atlantans Say Bush and Perdue Have NO Mandate

Atlanta, 21.01.2005 17:30

#media_7824;left#Atlantans marched from CNN news headquarters to the Georgia State Capitol to say that Bush and Perdue have no mandate to roll back environmental regulations, erode civil liberties, cut health care for the poor and elderly, cut Social Security for the elderly, take away a woman's right to choose, deny civil rights based on sexuality, wage illegal wars and spend our children's futures. [AUDIO] [PHOTOS]


Brasil, 21.01.2005 15:38

Sem-Tetos realizam congresso e retomam ocupações em Salvador

Washington DC Inaugural Protest Pictures 2005

DC, 21.01.2005 15:25

These pictures were taken of the huge protest rally/demonstration in Washington DC. These are pictures and numbers the mainstream media does not want you to see. Add them to your story about DC Protest


Istanbul, 21.01.2005 14:58

Dünya Sosyal Forumu’nun 5. Kıtalararası Gençlik Kampı

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