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2004 Ten-year Global Average Temperature: Highest of Record

Madison, 03.02.2005 21:32

Hydrologist Pat Neuman, Chanhassen, Minnesota, has updated his 10-year running average global temperature graph using 2004 NOAA temperature data. The graph shows that, based on 10-year average calculations, the last 15-years, from 1995 through 2004, have been the warmest years since global temperature record keeping began.

Encuentro por la tierra

Argentina, 03.02.2005 20:19

Manos callosas y contrapoder

Clogged Caps

Houston, 03.02.2005 20:03

Houston IMC and Reset Media bring you: Clogged Caps 3

Secret Trial Detainee Wins Significant Court Victory

Hamilton, 03.02.2005 20:02

Canadian Government Decision to Deport Mohammad Mahjoub to Torture Found to be "Patently Unreasonable," but Constitutionality of Deportation to Torture Remains to be Tested in the Courts

-- In a significant victory for Canadian secret trial detainee Mohammad Mahjoub, federal court Justice Elinor Dawson has ruled that an immigration department's deportation order that would have sent Mr. Mahjoub back to torture or worse in Egypt is "patently unreasonable."

Mahjoub, an Egyptian refugee held without charge or bail since June, 2000, will now have his case remitted to Immigration for another decision, but in the meantime he remains stuck in solitary confinement at Toronto's Metro West Detention Centre.

[NDP Resolution Against Secret Trials]

Respected Comrade Targeted by Racist Police

Portland, 03.02.2005 19:59

An injury to one is an injury to all. Alton has been threatened in his car by police before. He called the police and made it clear that he would not let them murder him. Being commited to defending yourself is distinctly different from "threatening to attack a police officer." That the officers in question knew of his statement, made at a previous profiling incident, is further evidence of a criminal conspiracy among racist police.

White Supremacist National Alliance Again Distributing Leaflets in West Michigan

Michigan, 03.02.2005 19:39

The white supremacist group, the National Alliance, is once again distributing leaflets (previous Media Mouse update on the National Alliance) in the West Michigan area according to reports in the corporate press. In a post on the web site for the National Vanguard, the National Alliance's magazine, National Alliance members in Michigan reveal that they are emboldened by WOOD TV 8's coverage of the leafleting. They claim that the report by "a Jewish television reporter name 'Jam Sarder'" showed a "distinctly unappealing White women apparently involved in multiple interracial relationships" while conveying their message of white purity and detailing how they favor "a proud White America."

Despite considerable infighting within the group and a membership of only 1,000, the National Alliance has been fairly active in the past year promoting "white rights" and the supremacy of the white race. Throughout the mid-1990s Michigan had considerable National Alliance activity and it seems to be picking up over the past year, with leafleting and even "organizing" meetings being held in Michigan.

Encuentro por la tierra

Argentina, 03.02.2005 19:19

Manos callosas y contrapoder

Report back for &quot;State of Union&quot; demos...

DC, 03.02.2005 17:29

This is my own experience of what happened as I was protesting tonight's state of the Union address.

BlackAdemics Hit WPFW!

DC, 03.02.2005 17:16

DeCipher: The Music, The Movement, The Message hit WPFW this week. Here is the Tuesday night launch of BlackAdemics. The new hip-hop block on WPFW opened this week. Monday night began with the All-Stars night, the weekly meeting of members of each night's shows. It was a huge success despite the attempts of some to stop the show's proper airing. Audio

Stanley &quot;Tookie&quot; Williams to Appeal to Supreme Court to Save His Life

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.02.2005 07:43

February 2nd: The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today declined to grant a new hearing based on Stanley Tookie Williams' claim that prosecutors violated his rights when they dismissed all potential black jurors for his trial. A three-judge panel of the court had previously approved his execution without giving full consideration to the issue of the selection of the jury. Williams's attorney, Andrea Asaro, will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Counter-Recruitment Training Seminar to Be Held in Hayward on February 5th

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.02.2005 06:46

A Counter-Recruitment Training Seminar will be held on Saturday, February 5th, at Chabot College in Hayward. The seminar is scheduled to take place in Room 916 of Building 900 (near Parking Lot G), from 10am to 2pm. The Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors and its student group Military Out of Our Schools will present alternative possibilities to joining the military in a seminar that is geared towards parents, grandparents, and interested students in this event, which is cosponsored by Code Pink Hayward and Chabot's Students for Social Justice group.

Street Level TV One-Year Anniversary Screening: Feb. 6

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.02.2005 06:44

2/6/2005 Come out and celebrate a year of independent media and community coverage at Artist's Television Access in San Francisco, this Sunday, February 6. For the past year, StreetLevel TV has been bringing the Bay Area local and global coverage of resistence in the streets, censored news, and grassroots voices actively engaged in the fight for justice.

Liverpool Defy-ID Group Take Part In National Day Of Action!

United Kingdom, 03.02.2005 06:30

Today, Friday 28th of February was the National Day of Action against government plans for a compulsory ID card and ID database. Our group was only set up in early January and quickly and successfully organised a worthwhile protest here in Liverpool.

Nepalese King Sacks And Arrests Government, Cuts Phone Service And Rounds Up Human Rights Activists

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.02.2005 05:56

On February 1st 2005, King Gyanendra of Nepal sacked the government, suspended democracy for three years and declared a state of emergency. Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and other leading members of the Congress party have been placed under house arrest and most of the the rank and file members of the Congress party have been put in jail. Human rights activists said a number of prominent campaigners had been taken in for questioning by the security services. "Nepalis have had their most basic rights taken away. With his newly restored medieval powers, Gyanendra has 'suspended' not only the right to free speech, but freedom of thought. He has subjected the press to strict censorship. The papers carried fawning accounts yesterday of the king's announcement that he was taking power. The king 'suspended' the right to assemble peacefully, and the right to privacy." Phone and internet services have been suspended and most Nepalese outside of Nepal are unable to communicate with their relatives.

Foie Gras Victories Growing

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.02.2005 05:50

Even with the

Respected comrade targeted by racist police.

Portland, 03.02.2005 05:33

An injury to one is an injury to all. Alton has been threatened in his car by police before. He called the police and made it clear that he would not let them murder him. Being commited to defending yourself is distinctly different from "threatening to attack a police officer." That the officers in question knew of his statement, made at a previous profiling incident, is further evidence of a criminal conspiracy among racist police.

Pela libertação d@s magonistas pres@s!

Portugal, 03.02.2005 05:28

Pela libertação d@s magonistas pres@s!

CUWiN Annaounces Public Release of Free Open Source Wireless Networking Software:

Urbana-Champaign, 03.02.2005 05:17

Imagine a free wireless networking system that any municipality, company, or group of neighbors could easily set up themselves. Over the past half-decade, the Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network (CUWiN) has been developing an open source, turnkey wireless networking solution that exceeds the functionality of many proprietary systems. CUWiN's vision is ubiquitous, extremely high-speed, low-cost networking for every community and constituency. Following in the footsteps of Linux and Firefox, CUWiN has focused on creating a low-cost, non-proprietary, user-friendly system. CUWiN's software will share connectivity across the network, allowing users to buy bandwidth in bulk and benefit from the cost savings. CUWiN networks are self-configuring and self-healing -- so adding new wireless nodes is hassle-free, and the system automatically adapts to the loss of an existing node. And, because CUWiN networks are completely ad-hoc, there's no need for expensive central servers or specialized administration equipment.


Peru, 03.02.2005 04:58

Humedales y contaminacion

Wisconsin Receives First Statewide Air Quality Health Advisory, More Likely, Unless ... ?

Madison, 03.02.2005 04:47

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources issued its first ever statewide air health advisory on Tuesday, February 1, which remained effective through Wednesday, February 2, until 3:00 PM. It was the combination of moist, warm air with stagnant weather conditions, together with the input of particulate emissions from power plants, motor vehicle operation and other fuel burning sources, that led to the Orange level health advisory, according to DNR's Larry Bruss of DNR Air Management. "We we can expect to see many more air quality health advisories in Wisconsin in the future if we do reduce motor vehicle emissions, along with the millions of tons of coal burned in power plants", said Mike Neuman of the Madison area Preserve Our Climate Coalition. Increased greenhouse gas emissions from additional sources of fossil fuel burning in the state is likely to contribute to accelerated global warming, which could possibly increase the potential for air quality health advisories in the Midwest even more, Neuman said.

Movimentos Sociais realizaram protestos no FSM

Portugal, 03.02.2005 03:17

Movimentos Sociais realizaram protestos no FSM

globalización (es)

Barcelona, 03.02.2005 01:08

¿Por qué quieren imponer el SI? ¡Ven, infórmate y habla!

Actos en febrero : Barcelona 3, 11 i 12 : 5 : 17 ::: Poblenou ::: Terrassa ::: Tarragona y Reus ::: Igualada ::: Manresa ::: Gelida ::: Vallès ::: Mallorca ::: la Ribera ::: Països Catalans

Noticias relacionadas : La constitución no es la única posible ::: 15 motivos por el NO a la constitución europea ::: 10 cosas que TU puedes hacer por el NO ::: Acto central el 11 de Febrero en el Palau Sant Jordi a favor de la constitución ::: Boicot a artistas y famosos ::: Política Agraria Común ::: Retroceso educativo europeo ::: 15% de los europeos en riesgo de pobreza y exclusión social ::: Los conflictos armados y los recursos naturales ::: Los drerechos laborales ::: Las mujes dicen NO ::: Humor

más info : globalización ::: Campaña contra la Constitución Europea

globalització (ca)

Barcelona, 03.02.2005 01:06

Per què volen imposar el SI? Vine, informa't i parla!

Actes a febrer : Barcelona 3, 11 i 12 : 5 : 17 ::: Poblenou ::: Terrassa ::: Tarragona i Reus ::: Igualada ::: Manresa ::: Gelida ::: Vallès ::: Mallorca ::: la Ribera ::: Països Catalans

Notícies relacionades : La constitució no és l'única possible ::: 15 motius pel NO a la constitució europea ::: 10 coses que TU pots fer pel NO ::: Acte central l´11 de Febrer al Palau Sant Jordi a favor de la constitució ::: Boicot a artistes i famosos ::: Política Agraria Comuna ::: Retrocés educatiu europeu ::: 15% dels europeus en risc de pobresa i exclusió social ::: Els conflictes armats i els recursos naturals ::: Els drets laborals ::: Les dones diuen NO ::: Humor

més info : globalització ::: Campanya contra la Constitució Europea

Painting with the Zapatista in Scotland

Scotland, 03.02.2005 00:23

“The art world belongs to everybody. It is not just for the illuminated that have access to the so-called temples of art. It’s like the history made by the people and now it is up to us to make worlds where many worlds fit, to paint them, to sing them, to write poems to the free men and women and to sing and sing. Let the words and the music and the poems and the colours announce that art belongs to everybody and is for everybody, like this world, like these dreams, like freedom!”. Gustavo C. P.

[Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group | Glasgow Zapatista Solidarity Group | Indymedia UK Zapatista news section | Indymedia Chiapas ]

Portland Janitors Vote to Strike--Rally on Thursday!

Portland, 03.02.2005 00:11

Janitors working in luxury high-rises of powerful downtown developer Melvin "Pete" Mark voted Sunday to authorize a strike in protest against cleaning company Servicemaster Swan Island, alleging intimidation, coercion and being forced to work "off-the-clock."

On the heels of an historic $22 million dollar legal settlement for janitors in California in which several corporations who outsource their cleaning were held liable for their contractor's rampant legal violations, downtown Portland janitors are taking steps to address their cleaning company's alleged lawbreaking, authorizing a strike against unfair labor practices. Many of the janitors coming forward to testify work in buildings owned by Melvin "Pete" Mark's company.

  • WHO: Justice for Janitors
  • WHAT: Rally for Justice
  • WHEN: Noon, Thursday, February 3rd
  • WHERE: Columbia Square - 111 SW Columbia St
"We are protesting the unfair, illegal tricks Servicemaster is trying to pull to stop us from blowing the whistle on poor working conditions," said Juana Guerrero, one of the striking janitors. "They think they can intimidate and harass us into keeping quiet about earning only about $26 dollars a day."

Servicemaster of Swan Island, the cleaning company employing the janitors, last week agreed to settle two pending charges with the federal National Labor Relations Board regarding allegedly illegal threats made to janitors. More charges are to be filed this week alleging instances of coercion and intimidation. Additionally, some surveyed Rose Garden janitors have also reported instances of having to show up to work and wait "off-the-clock," in apparent violation of Oregon state law and are weighing options to recoup back wages that Servicemaster may owe them.


The Biscuit Timber Sale: So It's Come To This...

Portland, 02.02.2005 23:21

This is about the planned conversion of all native forests to tree plantations. The timber industry has been working on this for a long time, originally by cutting down massive numbers of trees at an accelerating rate, and more recently by devising justifications to continue cutting in previously uncut native forest, in the face of growing public opposition.

The timber companies that profit from the extraction of timber from public forests play their loggers' concerns about diminishing job security off against the dastardly environmental organizations, and play the concerns of public off against the government, who they seek to control via massive campaign contributions.

As I was growing up, I was always told that the management of forests was getting better, that clearcuts were a thing of the past. That never was true, and certainly isn't today. Logging has never progressed at a sustainable rate, and never will, until the timber companies acknowledge that they can't just continue to demand more forest to cut when they run out of the old. When their old justifications blatantly fell apart, and the Northwest Forest Plan kicked in to do _something_ about the decline of native forest ecology in te mid-nineties, the industry moved towards fire-scare strategies, of needing to cut forests down before they burst into flames, and throw an element of danger into the lives of people who, for the most part, live hundreds of miles away.

National Conference on Organized Resistance 2005

DC, 02.02.2005 23:19

NCOR 2005 The National Conference on Organized Resistance (NCOR) has been happening every winter on the campus of American University in Washington DC since 1998. It aims to provide a space for activists to meet each other, have in-depth discussions, analyze our strategies, tactics, beliefs, learn a few new skills, and give everyone a lot to think about after an inspiring weekend. Activists of all ages or levels of experience are welcome, as are curious non-activists and anyone looking to resist systems of oppression and create something new! Last year about 1500 people participated in NCOR, we hope that you'll join us this year, February 3-6, 2005.

Ch. 13 Cameraman Creates a Story for Himself

Houston, 02.02.2005 22:46

Ch. 13 Cameraman "Marshall" Creates a Story for Himself

&quot;The Spectrum&quot; hits Ann Arbor

Michigan, 02.02.2005 22:33

Published by the Black Student Union at the University of Michigan, The Spectrum is a monthly newsletter-slash-magazine that serves as a forum where people of color are able to articulate specific issues and concerns that affect their communities, and are prone to receive little or no coverage by other local publications. The Spectrum features articles from students as well as faculty and staff members on a variety of world, national and local topics.

The February issue of The Spectrum is currently available at various community spaces and residence halls on the University of Michigan's campus in Ann Arbor.

The entire issue can be read online in Adobe Acrobat format by clicking here (32.1 MB).

Mandate Premiere at Time's Up Bike Space

NYC, 02.02.2005 21:50

On Thursday, February 3rd at 7 PM, ‘Mandate?’ will make its New York City premiere at the Time’s Up Bike Space at 49 East Houston St (between Mott & Mulberry). The film premiere will followed by a report back from the inauguration

'Mandate?', a half-hour documentary by the Mad Love Collective (members of Indymedia Video and the Glass Bead Collective), shows resistance at the January 20th inauguration of George W. Bush. The film shows the issues behind the re-election of Bush and the reaction from protestors to the most expensive inauguration in US history.

Come to the film event early and attend the Epicenter: Aid for Aceh afterwards! For more information, e-mail

Video from Inauguration

A Night at the Rio to Benefit Free Radio Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 02.02.2005 20:50

In response to the FCC raiding Free Radio Santa Cruz on 9/29/04, Utah Phillips called up FRSC with the idea of a benefit concert to help get our pirate station sailing the airwaves again. Many people throughout the Santa Cruz area donated their time and resources to organize a fantastic musical benefit on December 10, 2004.

A commenter writes: Great pictures from a fantastic evening! Initially, I wasn't excited about going to see folk music, but the show completely overwhelmed me. ALL of the performers were AMAZING (including Faith Petric, the 89-year-old Wonder Woman, who sang the most honest song about the male-dominated priesthood I have ever heard!). I left the show energized, feeling more connected with *all* generations of progressive people. (I think it was *the* thing that finally shook off my month-long Post-Election Hangover, too. Thanks.) Did I hear talk about this becoming an annual event???? ;-)

Photos from the Benefit: A Night at the Rio with FRSC and Friends
Audio: FRSC Live Music Benifit at the Rio

[ Free Radio Santa Cruz I Donate to FRSC I FRSC Schedule ]


Arizona, 02.02.2005 20:32

Hundreds of Sandhill Cranes are hunted each year in Arizona - Earth First! hopes to get the hunt killed

25th Poor People's Day Feb. 9th and 10th

Atlanta, 02.02.2005 17:56

On February 9th and 10th, the Up and Out of Poverty Now Coalition will mobilize organizers, advocates, and citizens from across the state for the 25th Annual Poor People’s Day at the Capitol. There will be a day of education and workshops on Feb. 9th, and a march to the Georgia State Capitol to rally and lobby on Feb. 10th. Some of the issues to be addressed will be Education, Criminal Injustice, Healthcare, Women’s Rights, Housing and Disability Rights.

Georgia State Legislative Updates

Atlanta, 02.02.2005 17:54

Georgians for Equal Justice Updates on the Georgia State Legislature for [days 1-3], and [days 4-8]. Most of the first week of this legislative session was dedicated to electing new committee chairmen and making new rules. One of the rules to note is called the “hawk” rule, which will allow for the Speaker to appoint floating committee members to enter a committee and vote at any time. [AJC "hawks" article] Legislative Action Alerts: 1: Fight bill that would silence the voices of working people 2: Sierra Club warns against Georgia land ripoff bill

subMedia and the Push Push theater to screen 'Eyes on the Prize'

Atlanta, 02.02.2005 16:48

#media_7878;right# subMedia and the Push Push theater to screen Eyes on the Prize Date and time: Tuesday February 8th, 9pm Location: Push Push Theater Address: 121 New Street Decatur, GA 30030 For more information visit and

Two Army Recruiting Centers Vandalized, Teen Held on 150,000 Bail

NYC, 02.02.2005 16:09

Two Army recruiting stations, one in The Bronx and one in Manhattan, were hit by vandals in unrelated attacks on Sunday, a law-enforcement source said. David Seigel, 19, of Litchfield, Conn., was arrested and charged with vandalism for allegedly throwing a burning rag at the recruitment post in Parkchester at around 7:30 a.m. yesterday. According to CBS News David is being held on $150,000 bail. He was caught when to Metro Transit Authority Police Officers saw him crouching in a doorway wearing latex gloves. A note in his bag said that the attacks were committed for anti-war reasons.


Colombia, 02.02.2005 16:08

Darién: ¿A quién beneficiará la Panamericana?

Protection sought for Hamilton wetland habitat

Hamilton, 02.02.2005 13:23

A delay in the removal of the toxic Rennie street dump may have an unforseen benefit: it allows time for Hamiltonians to save the habitat of an elusive species and strengthen environmental protection. The effort to remove the toxic Rennie Street Dump, part of the larger expressway project, will adversly impact Van Wagners and Red Hill marsh. Expressway connections to the Queen Elizabeth Way will also destroy wetland habitat. Given the massive upheaval the valley is facing, the importance of the area appears to have been overlooked or ignored. But there are four significant species of turtle which are native to the area. In particular, the Spiny softshell turtle is a nationally and provincially protected species. Though it has not been officially recorded there in some time, the city of Hamilton's Final Terrestrial Resources Technical Report admits to their former presence and quotes a previous study which states that they “Possibly still occur here”. The turtle's elusive and aquatic nature also makes it hard to detect. The turtle had previously been "lost" for twelve years in the Cootes paradise area.


Athens, 02.02.2005 12:31

Σε δίκη ο Π. Γεωργιάδης


Colombia, 02.02.2005 09:17

Primera Consulta Popular frente al TLC

más desplazados

Colombia, 02.02.2005 08:40

Aumentaron el 38.5 % nuevos desplazados por la violencia en 2004

Skaters For Public Skateparks

Portland, 02.02.2005 07:17

PORTLAND, Ore., February 1, 2005 - Skaters for Public Skateparks (SPS) today launched a new informational tool to help public officials and municipalities make key decisions about the site selecting and construction of skateparks in their regions.

"There is a huge void when it comes to easily accessible information about the 'who, what and where' of public skateparks," said SPS Executive Director Kent Dahlgren. "We are pleased that we can offer this excellent source of skatepark information to public officials and city administrators who may be considering building a park in their town."

Maclovio Rojas Documentary and Exposition

San Diego, 02.02.2005 07:00

Did you know that there is a Zapatista community in Tijuana? Did you know that they have been struggling against the illegitimate Mexican government for 16 years? Do you know that you can help? How? One way is supporting next Saturday's event at the headquarters of the Zapatista Front for National Liberation's office.

Reporters In Haiti Under Attack

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.02.2005 06:11

Journalist Abdias Jean of Miami radio station WKAT 1360 was killed by "security" forces in Village de Dieu during a police sweep of that populist district on Friday, January 14. An eyewitness testified that before he was executed, the journalist begged, "Don't kill me, I am a journalist. Why should I be killed like that?"

Reporters In Haiti Under Attack

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.02.2005 05:34

Journalist Abdias Jean of Miami radio station WKAT 1360 was killed by "security" forces in Village de Dieu during a police sweep of that populist district on Friday, January 14. An eyewitness testified that before he was executed, the journalist begged, "Don't kill me, I am a journalist. Why should I be killed like that?"

Affordable Housing Coalition to March on City Hall Tomorrow

NYC, 02.02.2005 04:02

A coalition of more than 60 community groups, housing-advocacy groups, labor unions, AIDS organizations and clergy will march across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. to demand that city officials free up hundreds of millions of dollars revenues from Battery Park City to finance affordable housing for middle and low-income New Yorkers. Five to ten thousand people are expected to attend. The marchers will also urge officials to preserve rent controls, adopt zoning plans that include affordable housing, help the city gain control over rent laws that are currently under state jurisdiction and ensure that AIDS patientsin temporary housing get priority on permanent housing. These are "things local officials can act on right away," march organizer Jennifer Flynn explains in this week's Indypendent. Housing Groups Battle for Battery Park $$ || Whose Side Are They On? Mayoral Hopefuls Seek Landlord Dollars, Tenant Votes || The Housing Crisis: What Needs to Be Done? || Take That! Bush Threatens New Round of Housing Cuts || Housing First || New York City AIDS Housing Network || Subscribe to The Indypendent

TennCare Enrollees Drop Banner during Governor's Speech

Tennessee, 02.02.2005 00:48

Nashville, TN: Tenncare Enrollees dropped banners that read: 323,000 AT RISK and ONE DEATH EVERY 20 HOURS during Governor Bredesen's annual address to the State Legislature Monday Night. Enrollees are upset over Governor Bredesen's plan to drop 323,000 Tennesseans from Tenncare, the state's public health insurance program. "Private health insurance companies have been allowed to externalize the costs of sick people onto the state of Tennessee for fifteen years. The Governor is not standing up for socialized medicine. We either need insurance for all Tennesseans or we need the private health insurance companies need to cover those of us who are 'uninsurable'," said Lucy Parsons, a Tenncare enrollee who participated in Monday's banner drop.

Eviction of the Silver Squat

United Kingdom, 02.02.2005 00:00

The Silver Squat, which was located in an old silversmiths building near Sheffield train station, was finally evicted on Monday 24th January. The court case for the eviction took place the previous week. To mark the ending of the squat, a farewell gig was hosted there the night before. By One O'clock on the Monday the gates were open and the baliffs were in. It is not clear what the land will be used for, but there is a high probability that it will be redeveloped in to more 'lifestyle' flats.

San Diego Anarchist Gathering

San Diego, 01.02.2005 22:28

The purpose of the San Diego Anarchist Gatherings is to come together to
build community based on mutual respect and consensus, encourage
collective structure, and apply anarchist ethics to everday situations. At
the gatherings, we will continue to create an ideal autonomous community
through different activities and workshops.

What Can You do to Help Houston Homeless

Houston, 01.02.2005 21:37

What Can You do to Help Houston Homeless?

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