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Pack the courts-APOC trials starts Monday, 2/7

NYC, 07.02.2005 13:52

It is important for everyone to come tomorrow to the beginning of the APOC trial. Lets show some active Solidarity people! Show up at: Brooklyn Criminal Court, 120 Schemerhorn, Monday, February 7th, 2005 at 9AM

On November 16, 2003 a group of people of color came together to celebrate, enjoy themselves, and raise money for Anarchist People of Color (APOC) to recoup travel expenses. People through out the organizing community in NYC and beyond were present. Plain clothes police officers showed up to the benefit party hosted by Critical Resistance and within the course of minutes were followed by 20 police cars. They indiscriminately sprayed chemical agents and beat members of our community.

UPDATE: The APOC trial may be delayed until March 14. Please stay tuned to this page for updates.

Stan wojenny w Nepalu

Poland, 07.02.2005 13:22

We wtorek, pierwszego lutego, w Nepalu wprowadzono stan wojenny. Wszystkie środki komunikacji zostały odcięte zaraz po tym, jak król Gyanendra ogłosił odwołanie parlamentu i podstawowych praw konstytucyjnych. Połączenia lotnicze zostały zawieszone, drogi zablokowane, a inne środki transportu są opóźnione. Uzbrojone siły przeciwdemonstracyjne stoją w gotowości. Przywódcy głównych partii politycznych, związków zawodowych i studenckich przetrzymywani są w aresztach domowych lub tymczasowych. Wojska stacjonują w siedzibach wydawnictw każdego dziennika w celu cenzurowania materiałów. Strajk maoistów obserwowany jest na zewnątrz Kathamandu.

Selma, Oregon: Report-back from rally to save the Wild Siskiyous

Portland, 07.02.2005 07:04

The rally to save the Wild Siskiyou's was held yesterday just outside Selma Oregon. The Rally drew car pools of forest supporter's and defenders from the Siskiyou's area, Ashland, Eugene, and Portland. The Rally had a diverse group of folk's, cool music, dancing trees and salmon, and inspiring speakers. In the background was the wild and endangered Siskiyou National Forest. The rally gave a feeling of empowerment and awareness of what is at stake if we don't act now. It served as a call to action to preserve this wild, beautiful and brilliant national forest. It ended by providing everyone a way in which they could plug into various actions to save a unique and completely wild national forest from taming. read more >>

Story+Photos at Rogue Valley IMC: [ Biscuit Protest Draws Crowd ]

related: [ Rides south from PDX needed for Biscuit timber sale activists! ]

Portland Rally to Demand Post-Fire Accountability from the Regional Forest Service, Tues. Feb. 8thJoin your fellow undomesticated city-dwellers on Fat Tuesday to support the Forest Service in canceling the largest timber sale complex in history. Ranks of scientists have argued against the sale, but that hasn't kept dozens of Editorials citing fictitious science or "common sense" from appearing in pro-logging newspapers around the state. Meet at Noon at the OK Corral, I mean, the Forest Service Region 6 HQ SW 2nd between Oak and Stark streets, on Tuesday, February 8th. details >>

[ O2 Collective | Siskiyou Project | Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center \

previous features: [ The Biscuit Timber Sale: So It's Come To This... (2/2/05) | Biscuit Fire Old Growth Reserves Face Imminent Logging (1/28/05) | The dire plight of native forests in the Biscuit: Siskiyou Project's Rolf Skar interviewed on pdx indymedia web radio (1/25/05) | Biscuit Timber Sale Emergency (1/16/05) | Indi Blockade Keeps Biscuit Shut Down (8/4/04) | Largest logging project threatens Kalmiopsis - FS should extend Biscuit comment period (1/2/04) ]

Sacramento Board of Supervisors to Consider Medical Cannabis

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.02.2005 07:00

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors will be meeting to consider an ordinance regulating medical cannabis dispensaries next Tuesday, February 8th at 2:15 PM, in room 1450 of 700 H Street in Sacramento. The ordinance would regulate locations and operation of dispensaries in the county. Time is subject to change as the agenda comes out. Last year the County suspended marijuana dispensaries in the county pending recommendations from a group that was going to study medical marijuana possibilities for the county.

Giant KFC Protest in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.02.2005 07:00

Over 100 activists descended upon the KFC at Eddy and Polk in San Francisco Sunday February 5th for what normally would have been the noontime lunch rush. It was enough to cover all four corners of the intersection. Many long-time animal activists remarked that this was the largest animal rights demonstration that they had ever attended. High turnout was largely due to the fact that this weekend PETA held the first of eight 2005 "Helping Animals 101" two-day conferences just a few blocks away. It was the first demo ever for approximately half of those out there, and organizers hope that these newly-minted activists will help strengthen the ongoing PETA-initiated KFC demos around the Bay Area which are sponsored locally by grassroots groups such as Bay Area Vegetarians, Animal Rights Alliance, and East Bay Animal Advocates.

From the Newswire

Perth, 07.02.2005 06:45

Australia Jails its Own Citizens in Baxter

Audiencia en Orán

Argentina, 07.02.2005 06:36

Salta: instancia clave en la lucha por La Loma

Giant KFC Protest in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.02.2005 06:19

Over 100 activists descended upon the KFC at Eddy and Polk in San Francisco Sunday February 5th for what normally would have been the noontime lunch rush. It was enough to cover all four corners of the intersection. Many long-time animal activists remarked that this was the largest animal rights demonstration that they had ever attended. High turnout was largely due to the fact that this weekend PETA held the first of eight 2005 "Helping Animals 101" two-day conferences just a few blocks away. It was the first demo ever for approximately half of those out there, and organizers hope that these newly-minted activists will help strengthen the ongoing PETA-initiated KFC demos around the Bay Area which are sponsored locally by grassroots groups such as Bay Area Vegetarians, Animal Rights Alliance, and East Bay Animal Advocates. More Photos

Noticas detacadas

Argentina, 07.02.2005 05:15

noticias destacadas

Argentina, 07.02.2005 05:02

Mais um ataque autárquico a um pulmão da cidade

Portugal, 07.02.2005 04:33

Mais um ataque autárquico a um pulmão da cidade

Comunidad santurcina resiste expropiaciones

Puerto Rico, 07.02.2005 04:24

"Prepárense para la defensa de Santurce"

Tutmondigo (eo)

Barcelona, 07.02.2005 01:51

Kial ili volas altrudi nin baloti JESE? Venu, informiĝu kaj parolu!

Februaraj agadoj: Barcelono 3an, 11an kaj 12an : 5an : 17an ::: Poblenou ::: Terrassa ::: Tarragona kaj Reus ::: Igualada ::: Manresa ::: Gelida ::: Vallès ::: Mallorca ::: La Ribera ::: Kataluna Landaro

Rilataj novaĵoj: Tiu ĉi konstitucio ne estas la nura ebla ::: 15 kialoj por baloti NEE al la Eŭropa Konstitucio ::: 10 aferoj, kiujn VI povas fari por la NE ::: Centra agado la 11an februaro en Palau Sant Jordi por la Konstitucio ::: Bojkoto al artistoj kaj famuloj ::: Komuna Agra Politiko ::: Eŭropa eduka regreso ::: 15% de la eŭropanoj riskas malriĉiĝi kaj sperti socialan ekskludadon ::: La perarmilaj konfliktoj kaj la naturaj rimedoj ::: La laborrajtoj ::: Inoj diras NE ::: Humuro

Pliaj infoj: tutmondigo ::: Kampanjo kontraŭ la Eŭropa Konstitucio

Sabeel Conference Brings Renowned Peacemakers To Atlanta

Atlanta, 07.02.2005 01:38

#media_7893;left# Colombia Theological Seminary in Decatur hosted a large scale gathering of peacemakers this weekend. The event was a first for Atlanta, uniting members of many different faiths as they coordinate their efforts to end the Occupation of Palestine. The event comes just a few days after a coalition of Israeli peace groups called for sanctions to be imposed upon Israel [Press Release] On the eve of the conference, many participants, including keynote speaker Jeff Halper of the Israeli Commitee Against Home Demolitions joined in an interfaith vigil outside the Israeli Consulate in Midtown Atlanta. [Photos and Story] Earlier in the week, Professor Halper spoke at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in northeast Atlanta [Full Story and Photo] Sabeel is an ecumenical grassroots liberation theology movement among palestinian christians. Friends of Sabeel - North America organizes conferences that gather peacemakers from around the world to promote a just, comprehensive, and enduring peace.

Plan de Trabajo y Negociación del Nuevo Convenio Colectivo del Magisterio con el Departamento de Educación

Puerto Rico, 07.02.2005 01:14

"Si Puedes leer esto agradécelo a un maestro"


Argentina, 07.02.2005 01:13

Viernes 4 de febrero | Reclamando las calles
Llega el carnaval

Bring Peace Talks to Seida Please

United Kingdom, 07.02.2005 01:01

Twenty Israeli military vehicles and two bulldozers have been occupying the village of Sieda in the northern Tulkarem district since early this morning placing the village under curfew and conducting house to house searches.Electricity and the water supply in the village have been cut off. The Israeli military has closed all entrances to the village and are occupying the boys' school. Two family homes, belonging to Mohammed Zaki Raddad and Hussein Raddad are also occupied. Villagers fear that the bulldozers are there to demolish the homes of families of men wanted by the Israeli army. Volunteers from Canada, England and Denmark, who work with the International Solidarity Movement, are present in the homes where the Israeli soldiers are occupying the roof and ground floor of the homes, trapping the family inside on one floor. Israeli soldiers have invaded the village every night since the Eid, searching homes and harassing villagers. The soldiers have told the villagers they intend to remain in the village for at least three days.

January in Palestine

United Kingdom, 07.02.2005 01:01

In the month of the elections a volunteer reports [text and pictures] "... Of the 27,000 East Jerusalem based Palestinians eligible to vote only 5000 were allowed, due to Israeli registration complications. At the Jaffa Gate polling station a paltry 8 people managed to cast a ballot, with those arriving to vote being sent away to polling stations outside of East Jerusalem. Some settler children, wearing yellow stars, were harassing voters and electoral observers outside the Jaffa gate post office...."Meanwhile an ISM volunteer in a village under military curfew without electricity or water asks Bring Peace Talks to Seida Please.

llega el carnaval

Argentina, 07.02.2005 01:00

Viernes 4 de febrero| Reclamando las calles
Llega el carnaval

Slaughter's Proposals for &quot;Rethinking The War on Terror&quot; Need Rethinking

Tennessee, 06.02.2005 22:06

When I received notice of the lecture "Rethinking the War on Terror" I was hoping for a refreshing new perspective on the "war on terror," which has been hyped by the Bush Administration as a legitimate war for the past three years. This "war" which has resulted in the deaths of over 100,000 Iraqis and has cost the national treasury hundreds of billions of dollars has been presented as a new kind of warfare, which is really just an old kind of warfare in disguise. In 1964, when Lyndon Johnson was president of the United States, there were only 35,000 American troops in Vietnam. By the end of his administration there were 600,000. His war, was a "war on terrorists", Vietcong, or as they were called by Robert MacNamara, "Guerilla Insurgents." Sound familiar? Apparently nothing has changed in forty years.

Catholic Workers Arrested at Sudanese Embassy

Worcester, 06.02.2005 21:25

Worcester Catholic Workers Arrested at Sudanese Embassy in D.C.

Audiencia en Orán

Argentina, 06.02.2005 20:43

Salta: instancia clave en la lucha por La Loma

Nurse Protest

LA, 06.02.2005 19:04


Time Magazine's &quot;Twixters&quot; Label for 24-28 yo's Coping With The Bush Economy: My Advice

Portland, 06.02.2005 18:54

The Jan 24th edition of Time's cover story was dedicated to mid-20-somethings unable to find work, despite a 4-year degree, record tuition debt, and traditional trends of getting married, having kids, and buying houses by the time they are 22...

I would argue that what we are seeing is the inevitable impact of Bush Admin fiscal policy that rewards corporations for sending jobs overseas, tightens funding for educational grants and low interest student loans, and caters to global capitalism, rather than serve the electorate and nation it is responsible for.

Searching for the article, which Time won't display online without a $4.95 fee, I found a multitude of conservative editorials aimed at the article. They saw it as "liberal bias" from Time, which is far from a "liberal" establishment, but cited psychologists, sociologists, and economists, who felt that this generation's woes were the result of overzealous corporate marketing and a paradigm shift in when people should start getting married and conceiving potential draftees and taxpayers. Overwhelmingly, the conservative feedback was negative.

I believe this is extraodinarily unfair to 20-somethings who have been victimized by this administration and its policies. Without going into how educational dollars should be spent or any critique of the global economy itself, I feel compelled to offer these "Twixters" some advice which I formulated for myself as a student during the first Bush Admin.


[ Other articles by Robert Ted Hinds ]

Catholic Archdiocese Asks Governor to Address Global Warming

Portland, 06.02.2005 18:50

Wow! In spite of the shameful decision to declare bankruptcy and ignore their responsibility to the community in that respect, the archdiocese just did a really cool thing. Their Office of Justice and Peace just sent the following letter to Kulongowski, Gregoire, and Schwarzenegger. Awesome! Dear Governor; Catholic social teaching calls for bold, generous and compassionate action on behalf of the common good. One of the seven major principles of Catholic social teaching invites the faithful to care for God's creation. As Catholics, we are motivated by a profound respect for creation and the desire to protect our environment for future generations.

The US Catholic Bishops endorsed a response to the issue of global warming at a meeting in June, 2001. In a document entitled Global Climate Change: A Plea for Dialogue, Prudence, and the Common Good the US Catholic Bishops stated:

"We accept the consensus findings of so many scientists and the conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as a basis for continued research and prudent action...


Coming out on Civilian Police Review

Urbana-Champaign, 06.02.2005 18:40

On Tuesday February 8 at 8 pm the Champaign County Coalition for Citizen Police Review will host an open "Forum on Community-Police Relations" in the Urbana City Council Chambers, 400 S. Vine, Urbana. The event will be filmed for broadcast on Urbana Public Television. The group will also release the results of a municipal candidate survey on citizen police review.


DC, 06.02.2005 17:07

DC Nazis meet their match.

Remembering Ossie Davis (1917-2005)

NYC, 06.02.2005 15:58

[From the Open Newswire] When I heard the news today of Ossie Davis' passing, I couldn't help but think of his wife Ruby Dee. They were married in 1948, a marriage that lasted 56 years. Ossie Davis was a human treasure our country should always remember and be proud of. He will be missed in many active movements and communities working for social justice and freedom.

Catalyst Radio for 2/4/2005

Michigan, 06.02.2005 15:54

This week Catalyst radio speaks with David Sanchez Juliao and Dr. Emilio A. Garcia-Mendez, who are the keynote speakers at the GVSU 8th annual Conference on the Americas. In the News Analysis segment, the GRIID crew look at recent local media coverage of Social Security Reform, Lockheed Martin and the F-35 program, and the Iraqi "election."

Catalyst Radio is a 30 minute weekly radio program of the Community Media Center airing every Friday at 9:30 on WYCE 88.1 FM Current and past episodes of Catalyst Radio can be downloaded and listened to at the audio archives section of the Catalyst Radio website.

United Kingdom, 06.02.2005 12:30

More strangeness from the Occupation in Palestine

United Kingdom, 06.02.2005 12:30

Reports of humanitarian work in the west bank between the 7th & 18th of Jan 2005

Unicycle 24hr World Record for Tsunami relief

Aotearoa, 06.02.2005 09:39

Ken Looi of Wellington, New Zealand was unicycling round and round in circles for a day and entered the Guiness Book of Records this morning.

Read about his progress on the log and thrill at the political attention one man's mission can bring in New Zealand, be shocked by cross-dressing and gender-specific clothing prejudice, agonise with Ken as he hits 'the wall' and bakes in the 30 degrees Wellington summer.

Rally Against Racism,Thursday 11AM,SW College

San Diego, 06.02.2005 09:17



11:00 AM




O referendo da Fortaleza Europa

Portugal, 06.02.2005 07:12

O referendo da Fortaleza Europa

On 2/8 free ourselves from Copyright tyranny

San Diego, 06.02.2005 07:00

This could be a seminal moment in technology liberty

Eyes on the Prize is the most important documentary ever made about the Civil Rights Movement--but copyright restrictions have kept it from the public for the past 10 years. We can't let that continue. On February 8th help us bring this film back to a nationwide audience. Find the film in a library and organize a screening in your city or town.

On Feb 8th we have a chance to free ourselves from the tyranny of copyright law which prevents incredible material like this from being seen and distributed by the people who created it. The entity which holds the rights to the song "Happy Birthday" can prevent work like this from being distributed and that is a crime.

Wimin's rights - 'The canary in the human rights coal mine'

darwin, 06.02.2005 06:35

Why men should support wimin's rights

Nepalese King Sacks And Arrests Government, Cuts Phone Service And Rounds Up Human Rights Activists

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.02.2005 04:05

2/5/2005: A student demonstration at Prithvi Narayan Campus in Pokhara was fired on by a military helicopter gunship leaving several protestors badly injured if not dead; all FM radio broadcasts outside of Kathmandu are blocked and those broadcasting in Kathmandu play only entertainment-oriented programmes; the BBC FM station recently established in Kathmandu is forbidden from broadcasting the news in Nepali; news stands outside of the Valley have been closed; and a 72-hour blockade on long-distance public bus travel in and out of Kathmandu is in place.Read More On

Queer Law Students Want to Kick the Military Off Campus

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.02.2005 03:04

Queer law student groups from UC Berkeley, Golden Gate University, UC Hastings, New College, Santa Clara and the University of San Francisco, terming themselves the Coalition of Queer Law Student Associations (CQLSA), are protesting the military recruitment at the 21st Annual Northern California Public Interest/Public Sector (PI/PS) Legal Careers Day. The event, an all-day career fair for public interest oriented law students hosted by the Public Interest Clearinghouse and nine Northern California law schools, is scheduled for Saturday, February 12th at UC Hasting College of the Law. The protest challenges the decision of organizers of PI/PS day to allow the military to recruit at the event despite the Third Circuit Court of Appeals recent ruling in Fair v. Rumsfeld that universities have a First Amendment right to bar military recruiters from their campuses to protest the Defense Department's policy of excluding gay people from military service

Paro en el subte por los salarios

Argentina, 06.02.2005 02:53

Sábado 5 de febrero | Mientras la empresa especula con aumentar las tarifas
En el subte paran por los salarios

Paro en el subte por los salarios

Argentina, 06.02.2005 02:45

Sábado 5 de febrero | Mientras la empresa especula con aumentar las tarifas
En el subte paran por los salarios

Paro en el subte

Argentina, 06.02.2005 02:35

Sábado 5 de febrero | Mientras la empresa especula con aumentar las tarifas
En el subte paran por los salarios

Cause for Alarm

Houston, 06.02.2005 01:37

The Alarm promotes radical Local organizing in a Global framework

Interview: Naomi Klein and her new Movie &quot;The Take&quot;

Boston, 06.02.2005 01:08

Naomi Klein and Indymedia go way back to our beginnings in Seattle, where she was covering the nascent globalization movement as a columnist for the Toronto Star. Both Klein and Indymedia have grown since then, and maybe the tireless Klein has paced us. She has followed her book “No Logo” in 2000 with “Fences and Windows” in 2002, all the while writing hundreds of articles in publications like The Nation, The Guardian UK, Harper’s, The Toronto Globe and Mail and many others. Now she and her husband, Avi Lewis, have produced “The Take,” a documentary about the occupied factory movement in Argentina. The film has graduated from the film festival circuit into the theatres, and it will be playing at the Brattle all this week (see for times). In her spare time (what little is left) she has been working on a new book about the Washington consensus and it’s effects on countries that are in transition to democracy. In between writing her new book and promoting her new film at the Brattle’s opening night, she found a good chunk of time for an old media comrade, the amorphous Indymedia network.

Mel &amp; Floyd, February 4th, 2005

Madison, 06.02.2005 00:01

This week on Mel & Floyd: We all know that Joe Lieberman is a Republican in Democratic clothing, but this seals it - at the State of the Union speech, Our Great Leader wrapped both hands around the Connecticut Senator's head, and planted a big kiss on him, Godfather-style. Bleck! This week, more dissections of the State of the Union, Kim Jong-Il chooses a successor, "get a trim like Kim" - a haircut for the Socialist lifestyle; Arkansas dog drives car into building; and cartoon readings. All that and more on this week's Mel & Floyd. Enjoy!

Biet Sahour, Palestine Feb 2 2005

DC, 05.02.2005 23:17

This is the journal of a friend of mine currently living in Palestine.

J20: The Music Video

DC, 05.02.2005 23:14

This video is dedicated to everyone who came out to DC for J20. Cheers. Watch The Video... Video by: Kontra & Steph Music: Monument, Mirah


Uruguay, 05.02.2005 22:12

Militares uruguayos en el Congo: ¿también allí impunes?

Two Upcoming Pickets to Support Unpaid Day Laborers

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.02.2005 21:50

Fernando Perez is a day laborer who is owed over $2000 for work that he did in San Bruno over the course of a month. On Wednesday, February 9th, supporters will meet at 8am at the trailers of the Day Labor Program in San Francisco's Mission District to carpool to the work site. They plan to hold a picket to demand the wages that are owed to him.

New York State Judge Rules that Same-Sex Marriage is Legal

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.02.2005 21:47

A New York State court ruled on Friday, February 4th that same-sex couples must be allowed to marry. State Supreme Court Justice Doris Ling-Cohan said in the decision that the basic freedoms that are granted to same-sex loving people under the State Constitution were violated when same-sex couples were not given the right to marry in New York State. The ruling said the Constitution requires same-sex couples to have equal access to marriage, and that the plaintiffs in the case must be given marriage licenses.

Stanley &quot;Tookie&quot; Williams to Appeal to Supreme Court to Save His Life

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.02.2005 21:44

February 2nd: The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today declined to grant a new hearing based on Stanley Tookie Williams' claim that prosecutors violated his rights when they dismissed all potential black jurors for his trial. A three-judge panel of the court had previously approved his execution without giving full consideration to the issue of the selection of the jury. Williams's attorney, Andrea Asaro, will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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