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Solidariedade com Ant��nio Ferreira

Portugal, 11.07.2004 13:44

Solidariedade com Ant��nio Ferreira

Jackson County Employee Solidarity Concert

Rogue Valley, 11.07.2004 11:54

Anyone But Bush Tour 2004

Anne Feeney and Chris Chandler are baaaack!!! here in Medford on the west coast swing of their final tour together.

Thursday, July 15, 7:30 PM
Hawthorne Park, near swimming pool
501 East Main, Medford

LATE NEWS DEVELOPMENT: It has just been learned that Jackson County Employees and County Management were able to reach a tentative contract agreement on Friday, July 9th at 8 p.m.. The three year agreement includes a 3.5% wage increase in the first year and cost-of-living increases tied to the Consumer Price Index in years two and three. Action by members led to successfully fighting off most take-aways. More tentative agreement info here:

Pictorial report-back from the Western Regional Rendezvous on the Chetco River

Portland, 11.07.2004 10:34

The GE Action Roadshow is underway

Aotearoa, 11.07.2004 07:43

After launching in Nelson we then visited Takaka where during the day locals entertained everyone with fantastic anti-GE music, videos and poetry we held a talk in the evening from which Takaka formed their own anti-GE group. Want to Help? Any and all assistance is needed and gratefully appreciated!... Come and see us, hand out fliers, arrange a venue, get people together for an action, cook us dinner, donate us some (vegan) food, raise us some funds... etc theres lots to do!

radioActive benefit - David Rovics, Prince Myshkins and George Shrub

San Diego, 11.07.2004 07:00

Live Concert for radioActive Radio!

David Rovics
The Prince Myshkins
George Shrub
(the world's only singing CIA agent)

Wednesday, July 14th, 7pm to 10pm // @ Korova's Coffee Bar

4496 Park Blvd. // $5-7 donation.

Bay Area Organizes to Protest RNC in New York City

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.07.2004 06:54

Bay Area Residents Plan Travel to New York to Protest the RNC

Attorney Lynne Stewart on Trial

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.07.2004 01:21

Bay Area Organizes Around Case of Activist Attorney Lynne Stewart

Lynne Stewart on Trial, Bay Area Supports

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.07.2004 01:20

Bay Area Organizes Around Case of Activist Attorney Lynne Stewart

Regarding Iraq: A Reminder

Portland, 11.07.2004 00:30

Faulty Intelligence Obvious BEFORE Attack

Portland, 10.07.2004 23:50

Ecuador IMC activist assassinated

Portland, 10.07.2004 23:20


Sydney, 10.07.2004 21:44

IMC Ecuador Volunteer Murdered

Support the DNC Resolution to Uphold Constitutional Rights of Protesters

Boston, 10.07.2004 21:30

A resolution to Uphold the Constitutional Rights of Protesters goes before the Boston City Council in a matter of days. Aimed at stopping the increasing trend of police repression seen during the FTAA in Miami and the G8 in Georgia The resolution will need your help in order to pass.

If this resolution passes it will be one of the most strongly worded resolutions in the country against the repression of protesters, setting a precedent for other cities to follow. As a city council resolution, it may not be able to reign in the FBI/JTTF & Secret Service, but the reality is that the feds need local agencies to carry out many of their repressive tactics. In the final section, the resolution draws clear lines against police brutality, harrassment of protesters, false arrests, use of force, etc.

Save Our Civil Liberties Petition
Full Text of Resolution (PDF)

palestinian hunger strike

Houston, 10.07.2004 20:43

Houston Hunger Strike to Stop the Apartheid Wall

Striking Chilean Workers Attacked, 10.07.2004 20:12

150 workers at the Indalum factory in Santiago, Chile went on strike on Friday July 2, seeking higher wages. Since that date, they have faced repeated attacks by customs officers. More than fifty workers have been injured, ten have been imprisoned and one has been hospitalized.

MIT charges dropped against Aimee Smith

Boston, 10.07.2004 19:31

#media_4743;left# A month after being arrested while distributing flyers at MIT, former Green-Rainbow city council candidate Aimee Smith has learned that charges against her have been dropped. She says she was ���not surprised��� that her case was dropped, but not satisfied, either: ���We are looking into ways to seek redress to insure that MIT will never again use false arrest to silence people.���

Everybody in Khakis: A Call for an Invisible Bloc at the RNC

NYC, 10.07.2004 16:44

(from the Open Newswire): With the Republicans in the hostile territory of NYC at the end of August, and the very real threat that police will try to lock even hundreds of thousands up in "protest pens" -- we need to be flexible when figuring out how to get around the NYPD tactics of confinement coupled with extreme brutality towards those who refuse to be penned.


Dress in the most bland, casual-yuppie attire you can imagine. Layer. Make the cops confused.

A Black Bloc is a target symbol that will prove entirely ineffective against the NYPD's well-practiced crowd supression techniques. They will cordon the streets around the Bloc and arrest ever single person there. Have no doubt.

Innenministerkonferenz in Kiel beendet

Germany, 10.07.2004 13:45

  • Polizei und Nachrichtendienste bleiben vorerst dezentral.
  • Index-Datei f�r Systemgegner und Islamisten wird eingef�hrt.
  • Zentrales Analyse- und Lagezentrum wird in Berlin aufgebaut.
  • Rechtliche Grundlagen f�r genetischen Fingerabdruck bei polizeilicher EKD-Behandlung geschaffen. Richterlicher Erlass oder schwerer Tatverdacht k�nftig nicht mehr n�tig.
  • DNA-Daten werden 20 statt 10 Jahre gespeichert.
  • KUNO-System (Polizei Sachsen) soll Internet- und Kreditkartenbetrug eind�mmen.
  • EC-Kartenzahlung nur noch mit Online-Bonit�tspr�fung.
  • Eind�mmung von Einzugslastschriften.
  • Lauschangriff wird vorerst nicht ausgeweitet. (update)
  • Transformation Rechtsstaat zu Pr�ventivstaat.
  • Pressefreiheit in Deutschland gef�hrdet.
  • Abschiebung afghanischer Fl�chtlinge nicht vor Fr�hjahr 2005: Keine Einigung erzielt.
  • 500 Demonstrierende anl�sslich der Konferenz gegen Abschiebung afghanischer Fl�chtlinge.(Fotos: 1 | 2)
siehe auch: Vom Rechtsstaat zum Pr�ventionsstaat | Datenschutz im Pr�ventionsstaat

save angelo

Qc, 10.07.2004 10:38

Save Angelo!

save angelo

Qc, 10.07.2004 10:37

Save Angelo!

Fault Lines Issue #2

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.07.2004 09:19

Fault Lines: newspaper published by San Francisco Bay Area Indymedia

banner rosario

Argentina, 10.07.2004 03:31


Inundaci��n en Patagonia

Argentina, 10.07.2004 02:17

Viernes 9 de Julio
Postales de Bariloche

Overseas Filipino Workers Watch

10.07.2004 01:43

Japan: Massive Deportation of Immigrants Shattering Lives

Cesare Battisti as a test of Political Asylum - European &quot;anti-terrorism&quot; laws

10.07.2004 01:16

In Italy, hundreds of activist of the 70s are still in jail today for their participation into violent actions in the post-68 Italian upheavals (which lasted over 10 years) and unfair trials. A few hundreds managed to flee and were offered asylum in France by then president Fran��ois Mitterand in the early 80s, the theory being that forgiveness and amnistia were the best way to calm down things. This policy has been followed over 20 years by various French governments and always confirmed and it had never been challenged by the Italian governments.

Following its very aggressive stance againts lef-wing activists in Italy, the Berlusconi government now seeks a revenge and tests the opportunities offered by the new European anti-terrorism legislation (inspired by the US "Patriot Act"). The purpose is obviously intimidation of activists, which is why we should feel concerned by this old story as much as with the current trials in Genoa.

Cesare Battisti is only the most famous of the Italian refugees, because in his new life as an exiled person, he has become a reasonably successful author of books. Two other people are on the list of the Italian request, but much more feel threatened ; all have renounced violent armed action, although they don't renounce their ideals; a lot have taken wife/husband and have children.

Sign the petition against the expulsion

Feature on IMC-Paris(French)

Via Libre | |

Harassment of DNC Protesters Escalates

Boston, 10.07.2004 01:11

#media_4730;left# ** Emergency Release From Boston ** Please Forward Everywhere.

Despite the Boston Police Department���s stated commitment to protect people���s First Amendment rights during the DNC, the BPD has, in conjunction with other law enforcement officers in New York City, started a campaign of preemptive action that could chill protest participants' lawful speech activities during the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

Discussing The Indymedia Project

Melbourne Indymedia, 10.07.2004 00:19

Oceania Indymedia Conference July 15-18

Growing Your Own Tobacco Workshop

Portland, 09.07.2004 23:46

War Tax Resistance Workshop July 21st

Tennessee, 09.07.2004 20:58

Karl Meyer has had an interesting life. He has been arrested and sent to jail more than thirty times for non-violent resistance, including a recent six month stint in Federal Prison for crossing the line at the School of Assasins in Columbus, Georgia. He has started an experiment in Nashville called the Nashville Greenlands, an anarchist cooperative house for activists and house of hospitality. He has hiked from San Francisco to Moscow and is a fifty year veteran of the Peace Movement. He has also refused to pay his Federal Income Taxes for much of his adult life in protest and resistance of the amount of Federal Income Tax dollars that go to the military industrial complex and support violence and terror around the world. Karl is a member of the War Resisters league and will be leading a workshop at the Nashville Peace and Jusice Center on War Tax Resistance. This workshop will be presented as a how-to introduction to War Tax Refusal and will begin at 6:45pm on Wednesday July 21st after the meeting of the Nashville Peace Coalition. The Nashville Peace and Justice Center is located at 1016 18th Ave So. For more information please call 321-9066 . . . or visit

Protest Camps News Roundup

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

Blackwood Tree Camp: Eviction Alert: Wednesday 17th March! On March 11th, Costain's solicitors succeded in an appeal to overturn Blackwood camps high court permission to appeal against their eviction order. The camp has put in another appeal!. Meanwhile around 50 bailiffs have been protecting chainsaws as trees are felled at an increasing rate, including one with someone in it! (see reports
short .mov clip).

The feared illegal eviction did not take place on Monday 8th, however increased numbers of bailiffs, police, and contractors have been cutting down the larger trees. Work was recently stopped on Saturday 7th, while on Friday afternoon Costain sub contractors (Walters) drove a tractor through a human chain of activists who were preventing logs from leaving a field (read report).

A High Court reprieve from eviction was granted on 4th March - the case will go back to court the week of March 22nd, however Costain and sub-contractors continue to illegally destroy protected species habitat. The word is that a team of 36 chainsaws will be deployed soon, while rumors say the team of bailiffs at Blackwood are earmarked to later move on to evict Nine Ladies protest camp.

Also see
Destruction Pictures |
Bristol Indymedia Feature reports |
Sub-contractor details |
CorporateWatch on Blackwood.

Sherwood Campaign: 10th March: Council requests that Bellway reconsider development plans!. They have asked them to come back in one weeks time to propose a timescale for new proposals.

8th March: There are strong indications that an eviction is probably imminent, with the authorities scheduling the necessary preparatory meetings in the next days. On 25th February, Rob, a young lad in his early twenties, lost his footing on a walkway almost 50ft up when he slipped on an icy platform , he suffered multiple injuries, but has recovered well.

At Ossary Road in London, the last area of land being squatted against Asda/Walmart, has been served court papers, with an eviction expected on 11th March. This comes after one and a half years of campaigning and resistance against 6 evictions.

The Bilston Glen Protest Site has recently held an open day, while activists at Nine Ladies anti-quarry protest site are continuing their campaign and expect results of an appeal at the end of the month (see latest pics and report).

Also see Protest Site FAQ |
Protest Camp List |
Road Alert |
How to counter common motoring myths

20th Anniversary of Miners Strike

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

On March 1st, 1984, Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Party announced the closure of Cortonwood colliery in Yorkshire - signaling her government’s determination to ram through a massive programme of pit closures and destroy the power of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM). Miners had no choice but to fight, or see their lives and communities devastated. The longest major industrial battle in British history had begun - a battle that still defines the political landscape of today.

20,000 People injured or hospitalised
200 People served time in prison or custody
2 People killed on the picket line
3 Died digging for coal during the winter
966 People were sacked for striking

The full force of the state was used against the striking miners. 20,000 police were coordinated by Scotland Yard and they used massive computer-backed data gathering for intelligence. Tactics such as road-blocks, political questioning, curfews, beatings, illegal fingerprinting and photographing, snatch squads, phone taps, infiltration and agent provocateurs were widespread. Alongside this was the mobilisation of the media and the law. In the press, Thatcher compared the pickets to IRA bombers.

The strike involved enormous hardship, with many receiving no strike pay or benefits. Yet despite all the state could throw at them, for a year the miners and their communities stood firm in a magnificent display of solidarity. But it wasn’t just the miners themselves - the women played a central role. They transformed the strike, and it transformed them. At a meeting at the Easington Miners Welfare, Mick McGahey, Vice President of the NUM, referred to the "housewives in the County who understand the problems." One woman replied, "We no longer regard ourselves as 'housewives'. We are soldiers in the struggle."

Anniversary events are planned around the country - see events listing and pics | another report

Also see The Justice for Mineworkers Campaign website.

International Women's Day 2004

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

Monday March 8th was International Women's Day, and the 5th Global Womens Strike. International Women's Day was born in 1909 following protests by American women workers in the textiles industry, against sweatshops and child labour. It is now celebrated all over the world and was first celebrated in Britain in 1926.

Coinciding with this women around the world in sixty countries including America, Argentina, Uganda, Peru, Philadelphia, San Francisco, in Guyana, in southern India, in Trinidad and Tobago, in Spain, staged the 5th Global Women's Strike - a movement
co-ordinated from london - with the slogan 'Invest in Caring not Killing' (see strike demands).

In london several events took place, from street theatre highlighting the anti-immigration policies of fortress europe to the serving of a Supboena on Prime Minister Tony Blair and his master George W Bush, charging them with Crimes At Home & Abroad. A trial was held in trafalger square supported by the Iraqi Women’s League and the All African Women’s Group. Due to their failure to attend both blair and bush were found guilty in the absence - resulting in an immediate loss of office, imprisonment and having to pay compensation for all those everywhere who have been hurt by their actions! (see pictures).

In solidarity with imprisoned women every where, protestors also gathered outside of Holloway Women’s prison with pots and pans making a noise protest and bearing a banner which read "The rich get Richer the poor get imprisoned" [audio]. Some protestors also tried to block the advance of Securicor Prison vans carrying the women to captivity.

The Transport and General Workers' Union also launched a petition for the UK Government to declare International Women's Day a paid National Bank Holiday for all UK workers, as it is in a number of other countries. The petition will be distributed to trade unionists up and down the country and presented to Downing Street on 8th March 2005. British workers have just eight days a year in bank holidays, the lowest number of any country in the EU - a representitive said:

"Women now make up more than half the UK workforce, yet continue to be
discriminated against by pay, sexual harassment, working time and lack of senior representation. We need to assert women's political and social rights and what better way to do this than have an annual day to celebrate women's contributions?"

Global Reports:


Tokyo, Japan
Santa Cruz Feature
Argentina Feature, (2)
Los Angeles Feature
Russia, (2)

See Indymedia Coverage from previous International Women's Days:

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan Statement

Vancouver interview with Claire Robillard

CodePink Action in Washington USA
CodePink UK Call for March 20th Anti-War Protest

Hunger strike asylum seekers close to death

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

A protest has been announced by a Glasgow based Refugee Solidarity Campaign for Thursday 18 March 11.30 a.m. in Edinburgh.

Three Iranian Kurdish refugees, who have been refused asylum in Glasgow, Britain, are on hunger strike. The Three men, Faroq Haidari, Farnborz Gravindi and Mokhtar Haydary, have now been on hunger strike for about 3 weeks. They have apparently now stopped taking fluids, and are in a really bad way. Friday, the 5th of March, two of the men blacked out and were admitted to hospital.

The men are faced with a harsh choice, as once refused asylum they have no right to work, housing or benefits of any kind. They must choose whether to return to Iran and face arrest, imprisonment, torture - perhaps death, or stay and starve on the streets of Scotland.

Around 200 people attended a hastily organised solidarity demonstration the evening of Tuesday, March the 2nd, outside the city chambers (council offices). In a statement read out to protestors, the men say they would rather die than return. Supporters say they are close to death. Faroq Haidari, Farnboz Gravindi and Mokhtar Haidari are getting weaker by the hour. More information: [1,2]

The European Social Forum is coming to town!

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

On the weekend of March 6/7 the European Assembly of the European Social Forum (ESF) came to London to
decide whether the UK proposal to hold the ESF in London this year would be accepted. Late on Saturday
afternoon, after difficult and at times heated debate it was agreed that it would be.

The accepted bid is for a forum on October 15-17, centred at Alexandra Palace, with fees
around £30/40 for unwaged/waged (£10 cheaper if pre-paid), accommodating 20-40,000 people without using "spillover areas" (more). This contrasts with Paris where the average fee was around 10 euros and 52,000 people attended - but the Paris organisers were given millions of euros from the government.

&quot;Tell The World It Was A Coup!&quot;

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

"My picture was taken with President Aristide... The men came with guns and took the picture. They said they will kill me." Haitian domestic servant

"During the night of the 28th of February 2004, there was a coup d'etat. One could say that it was a geo-political kidnapping. I can clearly say that it was terrorism disguised as diplomacy." Ousted Haitian President Aristide

As the dust settles in the aftermath of the ousting of Haitian president Aristide, it appears that far from being the product of a popular uprising the change of government is another instance of US sponsored 'regime change'. Speaking in exile from the Central African Republic Aristide has claims he was kidnapped in the course of a coup d'etat, a claim supported by eyewitness reports that Aristide was forced out of Haiti at gunpoint by American soldiers. In a telephone conversation with Congressmember Maxine Waters Aristide also claims he was threatened by US diplomats.

One disturbing report has echoes of previous brutal episodes in Haiti's recent history. One of Haiti's 400,000 restaveks (unpaid domestic servants) is reported in hiding in Northern Haiti after death squads targeted her . They looted her school where they found a photograph of her giving flowers to President Arstide. The girl is 12 years old.

Full Report | Aristide Speaks From Captivity : Audio |

External links: Kevin Pina on Otto Reich in Haiti | Reuters: Thousands take to the streets | Haiti Action Committee | Bush's Latest Coup Against Democracy | Democracy Now!

Caterpillar Plant Shut Down

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

Around a dozen people walked calmly into the Caterpillar defence plant in Shrewsbury at around midday on Tuesday, occupied various areas within the complex and shut it down for the entire afternoon. Several protester locked themselves onto factory fixtures using bicycle locks. The action took place exactly one year after US peace activist Rachel Corrie was crushed to death under a Caterpiller bulldozer in Palestine. Protesters tried to talk to workers about Caterpillars role in killing people but management closed the plant and ordered the staff to leave after triggering the fire alarm. All the protesters were later arrested and released at around 11pm, bailed to return to face charges of attempted burglary. Police also confiscated mobile phones and video footage taken during the action.

Action coverage Photos |
Audio Interview | articles 1 | 2

Background and history Caterpillar | Rachel Corrie

External links
Stop Caterpillar

Other related posts
'The dialogue of bombs & the underreported nonviolent resistance'

ISM Action Alert: Activist Arrested By Army
Why Seeking Justice for the Palestinians Is the Jewish Cause
Palestinian Olive Oil Project in the UK
Physicians for Human Rights: Another day in the Occupied Territories

Price of an orange

Tenth anniversary of Operation Roadblock against the M11 link road.

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

This is the second part of a series of articles on the tenth anniversary of the protests against the construction of the infamous M11 link road that was bulldozed through East London. Following the siege and eviction of Wanstonia, we decided that, for the next part of the campaign, we wouldn't passively wait for the next house demolitions to be carried out by the thugs hired by the Department of Transport. All of us were absolutely determined to stop this iniquitous road scheme from progressing further and we wanted the campaign to be much more proactive. We staged Operation Roadblock as a month long period of continuous direct action against all the destruction caused by the road. This part of the protest resulted in more and more people becoming involved for the first time in direct action campaiging on many other issues besides transport.

Read more on this event and pictures

Protest at BP Tangguh Gas 'Greenwash' Meeting

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

On the 10th March, London Rising Tide were on hand to meet and greet NGOs and 'socially
responsible' investors attending a meeting organised by BP and the
'Tangguh Independent Advisory Panel' (TIAP). The meeting was concerning
the Tangguh Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project in Bintuni Bay, West
Papua (Indonesia), a development in which BP has a controlling stake,
(and in which British Gas also has a large holding).

Despite Met Police and BP security, London Rising Tide held aloft their banner, which read 'NGOs fuel climate chaos'. Prior to the meeting inside London Rising Tide had
distributed and circulated information about the Baku Ceyhan pipeline
and about Tangguh to all invitees.

According to an ironic BP report, the development,
tapping Asia's largest untapped natural gas fields cites some of the
following environmental impacts: Gas emissions including sulphur
dioxide, carbon dioxide, waste from gas drilling including mercury and
contaminated activated carbon, placing a higher burden on local
ecosystem, interfering with local fishing, shrimping and ecology of the Bay. The local communities remain poorly informed of such enterprises that affect them and their future. Chief NGOs collaborating with BP on Tangguh appeared to be the World Wildlife Fund and Conservation International.

Read full report and background

Also see:
London Rising Tide |
Burning Planet |
Report by Down to Earth

Mass blockade at Menwith Hill US base, Friday March 19th

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

On Friday March 19th Yorkshire CND held a mass non-violent blockade at the key US military base Menwith Hill, near Harrogate, Yorkshire, UK. They blocked 3 gates completely causing tailbacks for hours and massively disturbing the shift change-over. Menwith Hill felt compelled to issue a statement which is amazing since they never, ever speak to anyone.

"BLOCK THE BASE" started in freezing driving rain by 5am in the morning with protesters who had stayed in Leeds overnight blockading the base. Many protesters were met by police waiting for them. Yet they managed to block all four gates, many locking into place. Throughout the morning the protest was joined by more people.

The shift change, between 5.30 and 7.30, was a traffic jam. Police had moved pretty fast to try and clear two gates. Reports were they were pretty brutal with dangerous use of cutting equipment. Yorkshire CND said that despite liason some of the police behaved disgracefully and there were definite cases of extreme excessive force and violence. They want as much information and pictures as possible from anyone that was there to collect evidence. [more in article]. By 7am most of the protesters at gate one had been removed and were waiting wet and cold to be arrested. In all 30 people were arrested. Others gates were still blocked. Protesters were still arriving and demonstrating all around the base.

SeeTimeline of events

Reports and Photos: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 ]

Anti-War Protests Mark One Year Anniversary

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

Protests have taken place in over 300 cities across the globe with millions of people marching on the first anniversary of the attacks upon Iraq (see global protest pictures).

There were protests in several cities around the country, including Glasgow [1,2, 3]

2, 3,

In London the Stop The War Coalition demonstration saw tens of thousands filling the streets throughout the afternoon in a march from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square (see photo reports:


5| 6| 7| 8| 9| 10| 11| 12| 13| 14| 15

Videos: 1 |

2 | 3

Read report of an arrest after videoing a police FIT team.

Earlier two Greenpeace climbers had scaled Big Ben to unfurl a banner reading "Time For Truth".

(NB the Indymedia UK servers were down for much of the day and throughout much of the evening)
See also:
Video from Dublin | Video & Photos from NYC | Report and Pics from Barcelona | Photo Gallery from Madrid 1+2+3

Blackwood Tree Camps Evicted - Campaign Continues

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

Update: 29th March: The Campaign Continues! There are still around 50 trees to be defended, and there are still camps, tree houses being built, and actions taking place - read Blackwood Protest Continues and Status Report. Contractors Costain will also be holding a public meeting to address concerns and answer questions from local residents regarding the Sirhowy Enterprise Way, at 7pm, on Tuesday, March 30, at the Costain's site office, Cwm Philkins, Oakdale.

Early in the morning on Tuesday 23rd March, around 70 Police, Bailiffs and specialist climbers and tunnellers began evicting the tree camps at Blackwood in South Wales - where locals have been campaigning against a new road for over a decade [Pics]. Around 10 people were arrested as they resisted in the trees, on walkways, in nets and in a tunnel, some after breaching cordons. At Camp Kerry, one brave activist still remained at the end of the day, and was able to climb down without being arrested. Most of the trees were destroyed, but campaigners say they will continue to resist.

See Report
and Pictures

Also see collected reports (and pics):

Evictions continued throughout Wednesday as Bailiffs cut people out of lock-ons and most of the remaining trees were destroyed. Some campaigners remain camped on private land next to the road route and are determined to continue opposing the road scheme. See

Meanwhile in London an attempted eviction was also taking place in Kentish Town. At mid morning bailiffs arrived at several flats that have been home to a group of squatters for some months. Some of the occupiers took to the roof, whilst a crowd of around 100 people gathered in the road in front of the building.

Fur Cough

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

Harvey Nichols owns 5 shops in the UK and animal rights groups protested outside them for months as they sold clothes made of rabbit, fox and raccoon fur. A few days before a national day of action, the company officially withdrew all its fur and announced that it would not be selling it again.

Manchester's Campaign Against the Fur Trade group have been involved in a national campaign that has relentlessly targetted this company. Every Saturday, protestors peacefully stood outside, handing out leaflets and talking to shoppers, encouraging them to complain to the management about the fur inside the shop.

Report |
Manchester Animal Protection |
Campaign Against the Fur Trade | Worcester: PIA Shoes Ditch the Fur

Marshalls, Hands off 9 Ladies!

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

An office occupation of a Marshalls PLC building took place on Thursday 25th March in Elland, West Yorkshire, as a group of up to 25 activists from Yorkshire, Manchester, Derbyshire and Lancashire decided to ram home the message that corporate exploitation and destruction of our woodlands will not go unchallenged (see photos). The following day people also blockaded and occupied a Marshalls depot in Mansfield Woodhouse.

Marshalls is a huge multinational company specialising in landscape and construction materials, especially stone. Marshalls is a particularly 'hot' target at the moment as its subsidiary Stancliffe Stone is behind the plan to quarry the hillside below Stanton Moor, right next to the Nine Ladies Stone Circle. This insidious plan to quarry a place of rare natural beauty in the middle of the Peak District National Park has been up to now unsuccessful due to the fight put up by the people at the Nine Ladies protest camp. Marshalls
however has recently stepped up the pressure to evict the camp and go ahead with the quarrying despite objections from a whole range of actors. Read Latest Camp Update including photos (27/03/04)

Related News:

Sherwood Tree Camp: Possible Eviction Alert (week beginning 29/03/04), despite a 30 day "safe period", during which an independant survey is being conducted - read campaign report update.

A new tree occupation started on Thursday 25th March against the
proposed F5 road scheme, planned for the A1159 Priory Crescent north, Southend on Sea, Essex. Meanwhile Bilston Glen Protest Site has a Free Cafe on Saturday 4th April

Older 9 Ladies feature |
Nine Ladies Anti Quarry Campiagn
Marshalls PLC website

Bayer Come a Cropper

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

Bayer have withdrawn the only GM crop with (partial) commercial approval. They blame government regulation and caution for holding up the crop which is now technologically and economically obsolete. However it has taken five years to get just one crop this far, which has been the result of the delays caused by the many crop trashings, lobbying, blockades, research and not a little consumer pressure.

When a government announces commercialisation of a GM crop, and then three weeks later, the very large multinational company responsible withdraws it from commercialisation, it would be a fair assumption that someone, somewhere, has put a spanner in the works.

Press Hysteria Ahead of Dublin EU Mayday

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

Press hysteria and propaganda around this years Mayday has been mounting over in Ireland, where the latest headline to hit the streets revealing that troops will be drafted in to "Put Down" EU protests!

All of the media reporting so far about Mayday in Dublin has concentrated almost exclusively on "violent" protesters, while no evidence has been presented of a real risk of violence, and barely a mention has been made of the reasons that people will be protesting.

Indymedia Ireland comments:

"The corporate media is creating the climate for repression. They are trying to drive people away from protests and creating the climate where the police can smash the protests with force."

See Indymedia Features, Analysis, and Reports:

Irish Independent Piles On The Mayday Hysteria Mar 27

Demonstrators Challenge Anonymous Smear Campaign Mar 26

What to do about 'Anarchist Menace' Corporate Journalists? Mar 23

Pre-EU Mayday Press Propaganda! Oh YES! - Associated Newspapers in Ireland

Requiring Army Deployment? Was her Editor Drunk Too?

The media madness will be familiar to those who have followed the sad excuse for journalism rolled out every year, for the last four years, ahead of Mayday protests in London, which has been riddled with factual mistakes, bare faced lies, so called intelligence from so called "intgelligence sources", and quite ridiculous claims.

So far this years coverage from this side of the Irish Sea has focussed on the "Mayday Cancelled" statement from some members of the Mayday Collective, which says that the usual large autonomous protest in London is not being planned this year by the Mayday Collective, and explains some of the reasons for that, citing increasing levels of police repression, and calls for a more open dicsussion of politics and goals. Thus far coverage from the BBC and the Evening Standard has failed to mention the Mayday EU events in Dublin
(see reports

Events in Dublin framed as "Say no to Fortress Europe - A Mayday No Borders weekend", include a week of cultural events, exhibitions, screenings, workshops, and much street theatre and visual actions focussing on asylum seekers and refugees, housing, recycling, anti-war and public/private space. There's also a Critical Mass Bicycle protest, a Noise protest at the EU Ministers Dinner, a No Borders Camp, and a Reclaim The Streets Party (see Audio/Video).

The usual Dublin Mayday march by Trade Unions has been cancelled,
making way for the official EU enlargement celebrations, however the Another Europe is Possible Coalition will still be demonstrating on May 1st with a carnival parade in central Dublin. Meanwhile the BBC/RTE 10,000+ "Beautiful Night" concert has been cancelled after the Irish Cabinet decided the closure of O'Connell Street and adjoining areas for five days before the event would be unacceptable.

Indymedia Ireland will be reporting the protests, as well as holding a series of events entitled "Another View of Europe" (April 23rd - May 3rd), including screenings, exhibitions and workshops from the European Independent Media network, with a major theme being Independent media from the countries joining the EU, as well as events at the Sustainable Living Convergence Festival.

In London plans for the traditional TUC backed Trade Union march are going ahead, assembling at Clerkenwell Green at 12 noon and
marching to Trafalgar Square where there will be speakers from the Stop the War Coalition, Globalise Resistance and Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London. There has also been a Disarm DSEi Mayday Action call in London for April 30th [Flyer]. There are also plans for Mayday events in other towns and cities across the UK, including Lancaster.


Mayday No Borders weekend in Dublin (main site)

Indymedia Ireland EU / Mayday Section |
Indymedia UK Mayday 2004 Section

Wombles Mayday Section |
TUC March in London

Eco Homes Land Occupation Protest

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

Update April 15: Direct action over Easter weekend saves the Roundhouse [Photos and Reports

Over Easter, sympathisers from across England and Wales, are converging on
the Pembrokeshire National Park to protest at the ordered demolition of Tony Wrench's
roundhouse (see previous feature)

and the double
standards displayed by the planning authority who have given outline permission for a Bluestones holiday centre in
the park, consisting of 340 log cabins imported from Eastern Europe, and 60
studio flats.

The protesters plan to occupy land in the Park, erect another
turf-roofed roundhouse, and to hold an "Ideal Low Impact Home Exhibition" (see info).

See The Land Is Ours


Massacre in Fallujah Continues, Still no Ceasefire.

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

Update4: Saturday the 17th of April - Jo's account of the continued siege and her kidnapping and release."You look for ways out. You wonder whether they're going to kill you, make demands for your release, if they'll hurt you. You wait for the knives and the guns and the video camera. You tell yourself you're going to be OK."

Update3: Tuesday the 13th of April - Jo Wilding's amazing eyewitness reports of the situation in Fallujah are now available. She describes American attacks on unarmed civilians and ambulances in Fallujah: "Snipers are causing not just carnage but also the paralysis of the ambulance and evacuation services. The biggest hospital after the main one was bombed is in US territory and cut off from the clinic by snipers. The ambulance has been repaired four times after bullet damage. Bodies are lying in the streets because no one can go to collect them without being shot." Hundreds of people are being killed - the situation in Fallujah is catastrophic.

Update2: Tuesday the 13th of April - Due to the refusal of new Iraqi army units to attack Fallujah, the U.S. is now hoping to recruit senior former commanders from Saddam Hussein's Ba'athist security forces to ensure that there are "well-formed Iraqi chains of command."

Update1: Monday the 12th of April - Eyewitness acount from Dahr Jamail in Fallujah. Dahr Jamail is the Baghdad correspondent for the New Statesman.

Sat 10th April: As anti-occupation demonstrations erupted all over Iraq, the town of Fallujah, a flash-point for resistance was besieged by three battalions of American troops. The death toll in the town so far is being reported as 500 dead and 1200-1700 wounded. There were unconfirmed reports of B-52 bomber strikes and U.S. Apache helicopters attacking civilians as they try to flee the city. Eyewitness reports from Iraq contradicted American generals who claim that they are currently observing a ceasefire.

Ewa Jasiewicz, who worked with Voices in the Wilderness and Occupation Watch in Basra and Baghdad, got back from Iraq 2 months ago. She writes:
I just spoke to friends in Baghdad - Paola Gaspiroli, Italian, from Occupation Watch and Bridges to Baghdad, journalist Leigh Gordon, England, (NUJ, Tribune, Mail on Sunday) and a Palestinian friend with family in Falluja and friends in the Iraqi Islamic Party. Both he and Leigh have been ferrying out the injured from Falluja to Baghdad for the past three days. Ambulances have been barred from entry into the blood-drenched city. Here is their news, which they told me over the telephone on Friday the 9th of April.

Eyewitness Reports: Paola | Friend | Leigh Gordon

Audio Reports: Ewa Jasiewicz, Glasgow [1, 2, 3] | Paola Gaspiroli, Iraq

Other Reports:
What You Can Do | View from Baghdad | Baghdad Burning
| Palestine and Iraq
| Mission Accomplished? | Jo Wilding on Hostages | From Liberation to Jihad | Background Info on Fallujah

Meanwhile, on Sunday 11 an emergency demonstration took place outside Downing St in London. Around 80 people gathered in a picket to show their repulse to the latest military attacks against civilians in Iraq. Photos: 1 + 2.

SchNEWS 10th Anniversary Tour

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

SchNEWS is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a tour across the UK from April 10th to 30th.
The weekly direct action news sheet was born in a squatted Courthouse in 1994 as part of Justice?, Brighton's campaign against the
Criminal Justice Act. It has been part of the anti road protests [M11 1 + 2,
Newbury], the big Reclaim The Streets events of the nineties, worker’s struggles such as the Liverpool Dockers, fights against privatisation of public services and many activities around
social centres and sustainable futures.

Since the PGA conference in 1998, SchNEWS includes global news: the Global Street Party at the G7 Summit in Birmingham, J18, the WTO protests in Seattle, Nov 1999, which brought the anti-capitalism movement to the attention of the world and marks the beginning of the indymedia network.

In the spirit of the 90s uk protest movements, SchNEWs links up party & protest, and excels in a tongue-in-cheek approach to authorities (crap arrest of the week). The anniversary tour includes workshops on alternative media, short films, info on the upcoming G8 summit in Britain [dissent], launch of the Indymedia handbook, music, party ...

schNEWS tour
dates | Tour info | Fantastic Night with SchNEWS!

Mexico - Zapatista demonstration attacked by gunmen

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

Easter Saturday, 10th of April, a peaceful demonstration of Zaptistas got attacked with stones, guns and fireworks in the highlands of Chiapas near San Cristobal de las Casas.

Result of the ambush: 29 Zapatistas injured, and 3 seriously, one with life threatening injuries.

More information, reports and pictures on Chiapas Indymedia or on La Jornada, [en] | Photo gallery Jechvó/Zinacantán

Update (13.4.2004): Manuel Gomez Hernandez, one of those wounded in the attack , is in critical condition in hospital with a machete wound to the head, it is in the balance whether he will survive or not.
The Zapatistas in the hospital in San Cristobal de Las Casas are suffering poor medical attention and even worse are being harrassed constantly by the police.
125 zapatista families have fled their homes in the municipality of Zinacantan, Los Altos, Chiapas, fearing attack by militants of the PRD (Revolutionary Democratic Party).
A press conference by ngos including the network of community human rights defenders and solidarity protests are called for.

Sign an international letter of support with the Zapatistas (esp) from Barcelona's Zapatista Solidarity Collective.

International TV Turn Off Week

United Kingdom, 09.07.2004 20:40

What happens during a seven-day experiment in life without TV? A whole new space to think emerges. You find yourself passing time in ways you never expected. And you start to wonder: when I reach for the remote, who is really in control?. Last April 5 million people switched off.

April 19-25 2004 marks this year's annual TV Turnoff 2004, a seven day celebration of tube-free existence. What will you be up to? Meeting neighbours, smashing up TVs, or just opting out? Maybe you could just switch to Manchester's Beyond TV and London's Pirate TV. Whilst you decide you could have a look at these action ideas, or to some related website links, or even you could download and distribute these MP3's and spots 1 + 2.

Fewer and fewer people control the media that shapes our worldview. And nowhere does this play out worse than on our televisions, where the corporate agenda reigns supreme. The media's role seems to primarily be that of feeding society with one-way stories, infotainment and mind-numbing hype. To keep us amused, but rarely informed or inspired. How can we move past this malaise, beyond the hollow din of reality shows and celebrity news, and back to a life that matters?. TV Turnoff 2004 is no ordinary social ritual, it is a statement against the dead-end couch culture. And when millions of people let the screen fade to black this year, they’ll also be helping to build the Media Carta movement, a campaign for the right of all citizens to access society’s most powerful forms of communication.

White Dot - The International Campaign Against TV | TV Turnoff Network

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