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Die Sicherheitskonferenz 2005 in M�nchen

Germany, 09.02.2005 12:11


Aktuell: Laut VeranstalterInnen haben 7000 Menschen am Samstag gegen die Sicherheitskonferenz demonstriert, dabei kam es nach Angaben der Roten Hilfe" zu Polizei�bergriffen mit vielen Verletzten, Einschr�nkung der Demonstrationsfreiheit, massiver �berwachung und �ber 50 Festnahmen (Video). Die Polizei sprach von 46 Festnahmen und zwei verletzten Beamten.

Wie die Jahre zuvor, findet auch dieses Jahr die NATO-Sicherheitskonferenz in M�nchen statt.
Vom 11. - 13. Februar treffen sich im Hotel Bayerischer Hof f�hrende Politiker, unter anderem auch der Generalsekret�r der Vereinten Nationen Kofi Annan, um die "Friedenskonferenz", wie sie von Organisator Teltschik genannt wird, zu veranstalten.
Zus�tzlich ist M�nchen an diesem Wochenende auch der Schauplatz der "Finanzierungskonferenz Nordafrika/Mittelost", auf der f�hrende Wirtschaftsvertreter aus Deutschland und Europa anwesend sein werden, um unter dem Motto "Mehr Sicherheit durch Investitionen" zu tagen.
Gegen beide Veranstaltungen hat sich, wie die Jahre zuvor ein breites B�ndnis gebildet, das Aktionen und Demonstrationen angek�ndigt hat.

Aktuelle Berichte:
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Einsch�tzung | | Sonderseite von Indynews

M�nchner Ermittlungsausschuss/Legal Team: Tel +49-(0)89/4889638 +

FRSC: Interview with Tracey James of Slave Revolt Radio

Santa Cruz, CA, 09.02.2005 09:13

Skidmark Bob interviews Tracey James of Slave Revolt Radio in the studio of Free Radio Santa Cruz and talks about the show, the War in Iraq, Condi, Berkeley liberation Radio.

Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3

[ Slave Revolt Radio I FRSC Archive for Slave Revolt Radio I Free Radio Santa Cruz ]

Medical Marijuana Week 2005

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.02.2005 07:38

Americans for Safe Access and the California Marijuana Party will be sponsoring a variety of events during Medical Marijuana Week, from February 12th-19th. Events are planned in cities all over the Bay Area that week, ranging from a party in a bar to seed planting to court dates, and more. Events will include a women's caucus, a veterans' action, benefits, and the 2nd Annual 215 Bash, which will honor Ed Rosenthal. Full list of events | Poster

Queer Law Students Want to Kick the Military Off Campus

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.02.2005 07:24

Queer law student groups from UC Berkeley, Golden Gate University, UC Hastings, New College, Santa Clara and the University of San Francisco, terming themselves the Coalition of Queer Law Student Associations (CQLSA), are protesting the military recruitment at the 21st Annual Northern California Public Interest/Public Sector (PI/PS) Legal Careers Day. The protest challenges the decision of organizers of PI/PS day to allow the military to recruit at the event despite the recent Third Circuit Court of Appeals recent ruling that universities have a First Amendment right to bar military recruiters from their campuses to protest the Defense Department's policy of excluding gay people from military service

Marriage Equality California Says, &quot;It's Freedom to Marry Month!&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.02.2005 06:46

February 12th is the one-year anniversary of when Mayor Gavin Newsom and the City of San Francisco began to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Marriage Equality San Francisco says, "February is Freedom to Marry Month... a great time to focus on increasing awareness and understanding of the importance of civil marriage rights for everyone regardless of gender. Take action, write letters, come out to more people as lgbt or as an ally on this issue, speak from the heart whenever possible, donate money, call in your Valentine dedication on radio shows, get the bumper sticker on your car or T-shirt on your back, publicly celebrate your anniversary, host a fundraiser, do whatever you can …."

Audiencia fallida

Argentina, 09.02.2005 06:15

Audiencia fallida en Orán

Argentina, 09.02.2005 05:49

Miércoles 9 de de Febrero 2005 | AUDIENCIA POR EL JUICIO DEL TABACAL
La Loma: el juez pateó la pelota afuera

Bolívia: Como anda a gestão da Água?

Portugal, 09.02.2005 04:48

Bolívia: Como anda a gestão da Água?

Portlanders rally downtown to demand immediate cessation of logging in The Biscuit

Portland, 09.02.2005 00:32

About 40 protesters came out for the noon protest rally at the US Forest Service bldg. The morning fog had lifted, but the dry air was quite cold. We created our own warmth with our energy directed against logging of old growth timber in the Siskiyou's. Among the sign carriers were several mask wearers, an owl face and a Mardigras one. Others chalked graffiti at the building's entrance. read more >>

About 50 people gathered downtown this afternoon in front of the Forest serVice Building to demand that all logging end in the Biscuit Fire area of the Siskiyou region. Currently, the Bush Administration's Forest serVice, with the cooperation of most elected Democratic Party officials, is attempting to subject the area to the largest timber sale ever. Using bad science and misleading rhetoric, friends of the lumber industry in Washington D.C. have presented the plan as a way of preventing fire. This, despite the findings of Fire Ecologists who have shown that natural burns are an essential component of forest health, and that the federal timber sale program is nothing more than corporate welfare.

A visiting activist from the Siskiyous described the forest in the Biscuit as "beautiful, green and lush. You don't need a degree to see it's a healthy forest. Already new trees taller than us are growing where they want to bulldoze." (The activist was on stilts while making this observation.) In reference to the Forest serVice's apprisal of the area, which they erroneously claim needs to be logged, the activist added, "We don't believe their lies."



most recent related feature, with background: [ Selma, Oregon: Report-back from rally to save the Wild Siskiyous (2/7/04) ]

organizations fighting to save the Biscuit: [ O2 Collective | Siskiyou Project | Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center ]

Fundamentalist Group Tries to Silence Small Theater Company

Portland, 08.02.2005 21:40

Connect the Dots Theatre Company, a small community theatre organization, has been targeted in recent days by a small group of local fundamentalists who are using letters, phone calls and e-mails to harass the theatre company and attempt to erode their financial support from local businesses.

This is the second year that Connect the Dots and the Women's Crisis
Support Team have participated in the international observance of
"V-Day," which focuses attention on the many hidden instances of rape and violence against women worldwide. Tickets for last year's CTD production of "The Vagina Monologues" sold out in three days, and the hastily added "donations-only" dress rehearsal was also sold out. Despite this year's campaign against CTD by the small group of attackers, ticket sales for the production in a new, larger venue are going well, with sold-out status expected within a day or so.

FCC hears Low Power FMs

DC, 08.02.2005 21:23

Five years after Low Power FM stations were granted the right to exist by the Federal Communication Commission or FCC, the FCC has invited those new stations to the capitol. Selina Musuta of the dc radio coop has more.

Petition Requests Legislature Enact Global Warming Legislation

Madison, 08.02.2005 21:15

A petition drive was started this past Saturday and Sunday by members of the Madison area Preserve Our Climate (POC) Coalition asking for the Wisconsin Legislature to create and enact on global warming legislation. The petition was initiated in conjunction with a workshop the POC Coaltion was conducting for the public at the UW Memorial Union in Madison.


South Africa, 08.02.2005 20:20

Financial Exclusions set UKZN abalze

Message from Nepal

DC, 08.02.2005 19:41

Internet back up. Journalists have been arrested. Leaders of the Nepali Congress may join with the Maoists to unseat the king. [This is from a recent contributor to Indymedia.who sent me an email this morning. I withheld the jjournalist's name and other information to protect his/her identity.]

Road Block Tour Hits Ann Arbor February 19th

Michigan, 08.02.2005 18:14

A presentation on Plan Puebla and highway i-69
Saturday Feb 19th 7pm
ICC Education center (behind 1510 Hill)
Cost: Free

"As they create global connections between their zones of production and consumption, we must create connections between the local and global struggles against neoliberalism, ecocide, and corporate globalization."

The emergence of multinational bodies (e.g. the World Trade Organization) and the creation of massive free trade zones (e.g. ASEAN, EU, or NAFTA), which have heralded the emergence of a new era of unfettered corporate domination of the earth, are not the only or even the most important aspects of globalization. Instead, we must also begin to examine and resist the gigantic infrastructure projects that are necessitated by the exponential expansion of trade across borders.

AUDIO FILE: City of Portland Voter Owned Elections

Portland, 08.02.2005 18:13

On February 3, 2005, a forum was held at First Unitarian Church in Portland in order to explore the benefits of Voter Owned Elections as proposed by Portland Commissioner Erik Sten and City Auditor Gary Blackmer. This forum was sponsored by the Portland Alliance for Democracy.

After introductory remarks by David Delk of Portland Alliance for Democracy three speakers took turns explaining the proposal and their reasons for supporting it. First to speak was Janice Thompson, executive director of Money In Politics Research Action Project a non-partisan, not-for-profit group whose goals are to increase accountability and opportunities for participation in politics. Janice explains the details of the proposal, that it is a sensible reform that is proving itself as a viable alternative to "business as usual" in Maine and Arizona politics. Candidates have a new way to run for office without money.

story+audio >>

[ Other posts from Jim Lockhart ]

A Funny Thing Happened on Jury Duty

Portland, 08.02.2005 18:05

The first trial was for a man accused of selling crack - second offense - and carrying a gun. During that jury selection the Judge asked if anyone believed drug enforcement laws were too harsh or not harsh enough. I raised my hand and explained that I felt it is wrong that we have our prisons 75% full of drug addicts when there are so many corporate criminals who are given a slap on the wrist after stealing hundreds of millions of dollars. The judge said "Alright Mr. Burbeck, you are excused".

I later found out that this was his second trial on the offense. He was a member of a gang, and the first trial was thrown out due to jury tampering. I also found out that he was later found guilty.

'Popular Mechanics' readies major hit piece against 9/11 skeptics

Portland, 08.02.2005 18:03

The Hearst-owned Popular Mechanics magazine takes aim at the 9/11 Truth Movement with a cover story in its March 2005 edition. Sandwiched between ads and features for monster trucks, Nascar paraphenelia, and off-road racing are twelve dense and brilliantly designed pages purporting to debunk the myths of 9/11.

The article's approach is to identify the 9/11 skeptics movement with a series of mostly physical-evidence issues, while entirely ignoring vast bodies of evidence that only insiders had the means, motive, and opportunity to carry out the attack.

The article gives no hint of the put options on the targeted airlines, warnings received by government and corporate officials, complicit behavior by top officials, obstruction of justice by a much larger group, or obvious frauds in the official story. Instead it attacks a mere 16 claims of its choosing, which it asserts are the "most prevalent" among "conspiracy theorists."

Show support at Rennie's trial thurs., stop police brutality

DC, 08.02.2005 16:06

Social Justice Veteran Ossie Davis Mourned

Atlanta, 08.02.2005 14:25

#media_7887;right# Ossie Davis, a Georgia born veteran of the Social Justice Movements during the Civil Rights era is remembered. [Article] by n shia.

Legislative Update for Georgia State Legislature Days 9-12

Atlanta, 08.02.2005 14:25

Legislative Update for Georgia for days 9-12 focusing on legislation affecting the Criminal Justice system and prison/prisoner issues. Georgians for Equal Justice Action Center Legislative Action Alerts: 1: Funding for Public Defenders on the Chopping Block! 2: Anti-Choice Legislation headed to Senate Floor!

Local Independent Journalism

San Diego, 08.02.2005 10:22

Recent stories by a local independent journalist. . .

Author Speaks on Revolution in Nepal

Queer Democrats endorse Filner for Congress

“Kerry Won” Palast tells Church Audience

“Oil Factor” Explores Motives in Terror War

San Diego Activists Report from Colombia, Iraq

Queer Keep Pushing Marriage Issue

Fundamentalists Try to Silence Small Grants Pass Theater Company

Rogue Valley, 08.02.2005 10:09

Monday, February 7, 2005, Grants Pass, OR - Connect the Dots Theatre Company, a small community theatre organization, has been targeted in recent days by a small group of local fundamentalists who are using letters, phone calls and e-mails to harass the theatre company and attempt to erode their financial support from local businesses.

Salut Eccosse! This is Indymedia Toulouse calling Indymedia Scotland...

Scotland, 08.02.2005 09:29

Welcome to room 340, in the immense art and activist squat that is Myrys mix'Art; an oasis of the free and fantastic in an otherwise arid desert of posh shops and chic cafes. Enter through the grand foyer, surrounded on all sides by immense hanging canvasses: ignore the bar, the music and the food, and come up to the third floor. Somewhere down a dark corridor you'll find Inymedia Toulouse, surrounded by mountains of reclaimed computers and printers. For a virtual tour of the building…

ELF Targets Urban Sprawl, FBI Targets ELF

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.02.2005 07:24

The Earth Liberation Front, (ELF), has claimed reponsibility for vandalizing and attempted arson of several vacant under construction houses in Placer County. Citing urban sprawl and destruction of green space, the group has published a communique detailing their actions and why they decided to try and halt sprawl. In response to the actions, the group has recieved the "eco-terrorist" label from the media, and now an investigation by the FBI.

Homeless vs city hall

Houston, 08.02.2005 07:24

Be an ally to the homeless: Show up at city hall today at 1pm

BlackBox Radio for 02/08/05

Michigan, 08.02.2005 05:14

BlackBox Radio airs today at 6PM on WCBN-FM (88.3FM in Ann Arbor). BlackBox Radio is produced in the studios of WCBN and can be heard every Tuesday from 6:00-6:30PM. It is also be available for download from the MichiganIMC.

On this week's show: Michigan Peaceworks counters State of the Union Address, Professor Jessica Stern on the culture of terrorism, and Dave Foreman explains the theory behind Rewilding America. Plus, more local, national, and international news.

BlackBox Radio is an all-volunteer group comprised of students and non-students from the Ann Arbor area. There are opportunities to get involved in many ways, including research, field recording, interviewing, audio editing, and more.

Listen to the show! [high quality (27.4MB) | lower quality (13.7MB)]

To send feedback or learn more, email radio AT

encuentro lat

Argentina, 08.02.2005 04:52


Peru, 08.02.2005 03:33

Culturas: Se acabaron las quenepas

Puerto Rico, 08.02.2005 03:28

Culturas: Se acabaron las quenepas


Portugal, 08.02.2005 03:26


XVI Festival de la Juventud y los Estudiantes

Puerto Rico, 08.02.2005 03:19

Hacia un diálogo de juventudes de los pueblos

XVI Festival de la Juventud y los Estudiantes

Puerto Rico, 08.02.2005 02:31

Hacia un diálogo de juventudes de los pueblos

No sacrifice for banks

Michigan, 08.02.2005 02:06

DETROIT — While city budget deficits may leave bus riders on the corner, banks are booming with city business.

Se acabaron las quenepas

Puerto Rico, 08.02.2005 01:37

Se acabaron las quenepas

Se acabaron las quenepas

Puerto Rico, 08.02.2005 01:34

Se acabaron las quenepas

Detention in Australia

Melbourne, 07.02.2005 22:54

Australian Immigration abducted local woman

Hacia un diálogo de juventudes de los pueblos

Puerto Rico, 07.02.2005 22:53

Hacia un diálogo de juventudes de los pueblos

CALL TO ACTION: Allies Needed TONIGHT at Scotts Valley School Board Meeting

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.02.2005 22:47

For the last two and a half years at Scotts Valley High School, teachers have been fighting intolerance targeted specifically at LGBTI & Questioning students, out teachers, and allies. teachers have placed posters regarding respect for the LGBT community in their classrooms, PA announcements sponsored by the student diversity group regarding LGBT community events, and classroom distribution of the SVHS student newspaper, which has run student-written editorials representing both sides of various LGBT issues.

A parent, Mr. D'Andrea, who is working closely with the right-wing Pacific Justice Institute, has now threatened to sue the district over its supposed promotion of a "gay agenda."

There is a special board meeting that has been called for Feb 7 at 6:00 pm at Scotts Valley High School's Student Union. Anti-gay activists have vowed to show up in force.

Your presence during this special meeting will show that there is support for a safe learning environment for all students.

Leer mas en espanol

The Second Annual New York City Grassroots Media Conference

NYC, 07.02.2005 22:46

The New York City Grassroots Media Conference is now accepting proposals for workshops, discussions, panels, multi-media and art that address the focus of this year’s event:

How can independent media best serve the needs of communities organizing around grassroots issues of justice and equality?

Visit for a detailed description of the criteria and guidelines for how to participate in the 2005 Conference. Please contact the organizing collective with any questions and concerns. Email or call Paper Tiger at 212-420-9045

Conferencia de Prensa CPN

Puerto Rico, 07.02.2005 21:20

Conferencia de Prensa CPN

Remembering Ossie Davis: 1917-2005

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.02.2005 17:51

"Actor and civil rights activist, Ossie Davis has died. He was found in a hotel room in Miami Beach Friday, where he was making a movie. He was 87 years old. For five decades, Ossie Davis had a distinguished career as an actor, playwright and director. Along with his wife, Ruby Dee, he was a renowned civil rights activist and an unforgettable figure in the African American struggle for equality. He performed in some 80 movies, including six with director Spike Lee. Two months ago, he and Ruby Dee, were honored at the Kennedy Center for their lifelong contributions to theater, television and film, as well as for being models of courage and grace in the long struggle for equality in the United States."

Metro Pulls Anti-Arab Ads

DC, 07.02.2005 17:21

* EXAMINER ADVERTISEMENTS PULLED, ADC PROTESTS SAME AD IN THE WASHINGTON, DC PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION After serious criticism from the Electronic Intifada, numerous civil rights groups, and concerned citizens, the San Francisco and Washington Examiner newspapers agreed to remove highly controversial advertisements depicting Palestinian children as terrorists. However, the ads were also displayed in several public transportation (known as the 'Metro') stations in the Washington, DC area.

14th st Target public hearing - solidarity needed

DC, 07.02.2005 17:14

Caminhar Perguntando

Brasil, 07.02.2005 17:04


The View From Bethlehem

DC, 07.02.2005 16:34

Suher Qumsiyeh describes the view from the roof of her mother's home in Bethlehem: the rapidly expanding Jewish colony on the neighboring hill, and the separation wall/fence under construction that bars Palestinians from their land and from Jerusalem.


Peru, 07.02.2005 16:02

Humedales en Ventanilla y el peligroso negocio de SEDAPAL

Appalachian Environmentalists call for Action Against Mountain Top Removal Strip Mining

Atlanta, 07.02.2005 15:26

#media_7876;left#Environmental preservationists in the Appalachian region are concerned about the environmental effects of strip mining by coal companies, and are calling for a day of action on February 10th. [Press Release] The Appalachian Mountain Preservation Council is asking people to call, fax, send letters/email demanding responsible environmental practices from corporations benefiting from the strip mining practice in the region on Feb 10. For more information about mountain top removal strip mining, you can visit [link 1] or [link 2]

Carta abierta sobre el racismo en la Isla

Puerto Rico, 07.02.2005 15:25

Carta abierta de organizaciones sobre racismo en Puerto Rico

Social Justice Veteran Ossie Davis Mourned

Atlanta, 07.02.2005 15:03

#media_7887;right# Ossie Davis, a Georgia born veteran of the Social Justice Movements during the Civil Rights era is remembered. [Article] by n shia.

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