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Carta de la HEEND

Puerto Rico, 13.02.2005 08:38

Carta de la HEEND al Sr. Victor Rivera

The Future of the World Social Forum Process: Modest Reforms Needed

Boston, 13.02.2005 06:03

Porto Alegre—With the fifth edition of the World Social Forum, a certain maturation and even “graying” has occurred. For some, the Forum is now passé, awaiting its demise before an ascendant and inevitable new “new.” For others, the Forum has become an annual reunion, a time to swap stories and reconnect with old friends. Over time, however, a serious, multifold critique has developed and needs to be addressed if the forum process is to remain useful. This is particularly urgent because the problems identified as compromising the WSF’s moral authority and political efficacy continue to grow.

Autonomy from Tijuana to Buenos Aires!

San Diego, 13.02.2005 03:43

San Diego Indymedia brings you two films about the practice of Autonomy, from Tijuana to Buenos Aires.

Wed., February 16th
Cada uno su granito de arena

Maclovio Rojas Espacio Cultural y Político
7pm -  donation

"Cosme Damián Sastre Sánchez" Exhibición del documental: "Cada uno su granito de arena" De la cineasta Bert Bierd Sobre la lucha de 16 años del Poblado Maclovio Rojas Se contara con la presencia de residentes del poblado, así como de la directora del documental, para preguntas y comentarios. (Version with subtitles) - review

Wed., February 23rd
The Take

7pm -  donation

In suburban Buenos Aires, thirty unemployed auto-parts workers walk into their idle factory, roll out sleeping mats and refuse to leave. All they want is to re-start the silent machines. But this simple act - the take - has the power to turn the globalization debate on its head. Armed only with slingshots and an abiding faith in shop-floor democracy, the workers face off against the bosses, bankers and a whole system that sees their beloved factories as nothing more than scrap metal for sale. With The Take, director Avi Lewis, one of Canada's most outspoken journalists, and writer Naomi Klein, author of the international bestseller No Logo, champion a radical economic manifesto for the 21st century

Religious Parties Pushing For Islamic Law In Iraq

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.02.2005 03:41

Cricket is allowed but chess is "absolutely forbidden". Women may not shake hands with men. Music is permitted but only if it is not for enjoyment. Men cannot pray when wearing earrings. These are the views of the most powerful man in Iraq. ... As the election victory of the Shias has confirmed, the most influential figure in Iraq, dressed in tattered grey robe and black turban, is Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. - UK Independent

Suicídio no EP de Sintra

Portugal, 13.02.2005 03:33

Suicídio no EP de Sintra


Barcelona, 13.02.2005 01:59

Feminicidios: cuando por ser mujer te va la vida en ello

Cerca: Feminicidios en Cataluña i en Europa, algunos datos:::última muerte

Otros lugares:Crímenes contra mujeres en Juarez:::primera muerte del 2005 en Juarez:::y encima, en Juarez...marcha machista!+++ feminicidio diario en Guatemala+++Leyla condenada a la lapidación:::Nigeria, lapidaciones y pena de muerte+++ Infanticidios selectivos: feminicidios también

Noticias relacionadas:Centros de atención a mujeres agredidas:::paliza a la novia sólo por ser la novia:::violación durante detención incomunicada:::violencia sexual como tortura:::las mujeres dicen no a la constitución europea:::tampoco lo aceptes!

+info :: >>>mujeres


Barcelona, 13.02.2005 01:57

Feminicidis: Quan per ser dona t'hi va la vida

Aprop: Feminicidis a Catalunya i a Europa, algunes dades:::Darrera mort

Arreu:Crims contra dones a Juarez:::primera mort del 2005 a Juarez:::i a sobre, a Juarez...marcha machista!+++ feminicidi diari a Guatemala+++leyla condemnada a la lapidació:::nigèria, lapidacions i pena de mort+++ Infanticidis selectius: feminicidis també

Notícies relacionades:Centres d'atenció a dones agredides::: pallissa a la xicota, només per ser la seva xicota:::violació durant detenció incomunicada:::violència sexual com a tortura:::les dones diuen no a la constitució europea:::no ho acceptis tampoc!

+info :: >>>dones

U of M Union fights for trans rights

Michigan, 13.02.2005 01:00

Non-discrimination clause, health care among the issues in contract negotiations Originally printed in Between the Lines 2/10/2005 (Issue 1306) ANN ARBOR - The university that extended employment protection to gay and lesbian graduate employees in 1975 is refusing to do the same for transgender employees in 2005. Nor are University of Michigan negotiators willing to discuss the Graduate Employees Organization's demand that the university's health insurance cover transition-related health care, according to GEO lead negotiator Andre Wilson.


Colombia, 12.02.2005 23:48

¿Se traba el TLC?

Progressive Outreach: Report from the Cumberland Greens Bioregional Council Winter Gathering 2005

Tennessee, 12.02.2005 23:04

I made a personal commitment 3 years ago to network with groups outside the Libertarian Party in an effort to build coalitions. In that spirit, I have been working to schedule a Green-Libertarian “summit” in middle Tennessee for about 6 months. My intent was not to debate philosophy, but to focus on areas where we agree and work for positive change. After all, I figured if the Green and Libertarian Presidential candidates could campaign and appear on TV together, we could meet in a civil manner locally?


San Diego, 12.02.2005 22:18

There will be a Rally in supoport of marriage equality for all @ 12:00pm Noon @ the San Diego County Administration Building 1600 Pacific Highway – South Parking Lot (corner of Ash & Pacific Highway, across the street from the "Star of India" ship and Holiday Inn on the Bay) Bring signs, banners, etc. and some may be provided.

Não ao TLC

Brasil, 12.02.2005 21:41

Sétima rodada de negociações é marcada por protestos

Sex and The Indy

NYC, 12.02.2005 21:13

Politically minded people talk a lot about justice and changing the world, but sex continues to be a thorny subject. For example, the Indypendent received numerous complaints from readers upset to see a graphic ad for a local sex-toy shop. Our collective discussed the situation over several weeks and decided that rather than pull the ad, we'd engage the readers on the topic of sex.

You may be offended; you may be excited. But we hope that this collection of articles starts some interesting and necessary conversations about sex in all of its varied forms, bringing us a bit further toward a fuller understanding.

Sex at the Barricades || Come One Come All || Having Your Cake || Not Nice || Watch Out For Bedbugs || Tie Me Up, But Don't Tie Me Down || The Spice of Life || Not the Good Kind of Pain || Queering Power || Getting Paid to Play || Back Door To Bliss || FDA Stymies Choice || Go Against the Flow || Hot Off the Rack || Homemade Lovin' || These Boots Were Made For Polishing || Left Wing Love Story || Silhouette Sex || Breaking Away in Barcelona || Screwed By Gender and Charging For It

Plus our bi-weekly wrap up of local, global, and national news. [Download the PDF]


Sydney, 12.02.2005 20:06

TJ Hickey Memorial

Thinking About Gannon-Gate

NYC, 12.02.2005 18:21

(from the Open Newswire): Why shouldn't James Guckert (aka 'Jeff Gannon') have been allowed in the White House briefing room?

Multiple questions surround the rapidly blossoming press White House scandal: did Guckert blow the CIA cover of Valerie Plame? Or not? What's Guckert's connection to the raft of homosexually-themed military escort websites registered under his name? What is 'Talon News'? How does the Guckert case relate to other recent Bush-admnistration propaganda scandals? What's his connection to Karl Rove and the rightwing PR machine? The real question, though, is far harder to answer: what does it say about the state of American journalism when a fraudulent, partisan journalist is unmaked by insurgent, partisan bloggers? On what grounds can those of us in the radical media criticize J.D. Guckert?

March 19 - US Troops Out Now!: Loring Park, Minneapolis 1 PM

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 12.02.2005 16:34

On the weekend of March 19/20 anti-war protests will be held around the world to mark the second anniversary of the start of the U.S. war in Iraq. The local rally will gather at 1:00 PM at Loring Park.

Marriage Equality California Says, It's Freedom to Marry Month; Others Protest

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.02.2005 07:55

February 12th marks one year since the City of San Francisco began a brief period of issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Marriage Equality San Francisco says, "February is Freedom to Marry Month... a great time to focus on increasing awareness... of the importance of civil marriage rights for everyone regardless of gender. Take whatever you can."

MECAWI Film Series Features &quot;Preventive Warriors&quot;: A Documentary on the National Security State

Michigan, 12.02.2005 07:27

MECAWI Film Series Documentary
Wednesday Feb. 16,2005, 7:00 p.m.
"Preventive Warriors"
WSU Undergraduate Library
Community Room, 3rd Floor

As part of our ongoing series of enlightening film presentations, the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice (MECAWI) invites you to attend a free screening of the film: "Preventive Warriors": a documentary on the National Security Strategy of the Bush Administration by Michael Burns.

The National Security Strategy (NSS) released by the White House in September 2002 lays out a plan for preventive warfare in which the US government reserves the right to attack any nation that aspires to be a potential military rival or threat. This film explores the theoretical and practical underpinnings of this document, which encapsulates the current direction of US foreign policy--a policy that has been exposed as being both immoral and illegal under international law.

Employers Might Not Get Pissed as Often if Industry Gets its Way

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.02.2005 07:09

In 1990, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that drug testing without suspicion of use does not violate the Constitution's Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches. Executive and judicial moves paved the way for the unprecedented growth of workplace drug testing within the public and private sector. About 50% of large employers today require drug testing as a predocndition to employment. About 400,000 of the nation's 1.6 million or so federal workers suffer through some form of drug screening.

Serious Troubles at Oakland Animal Shelter

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.02.2005 05:56

After numerous reports from citizens and former employees of abuse such as leaving live dogs in freezers with dead dogs, wrongful euthanasia, and other problems at the city's Animal Shelter, Oakland City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente announced that he will be holding a special Town Hall Meeting on hiring a new Director of the Shelter. The former directory left the position last June and a replacement has yet to be found. Lori Barnabe, a veterinary technician and animal control officer with Oakland from 1999 through 2004, detailed her concerns about shelter management to Oakland city officials last month. “We’re taking these charges very seriously,” said Oakland Deputy City Administrator Niccolo De Luca. In his call for the public meeting, De La Fuente stated, "I have received very troubling reports of animal cruelty, questionable euthanasia practices, disrespect of pet owner rights, and a lack of accountability at the Oakland Animal Shelter. The current hiring process for a new Shelter Director presents an opportunity for citizens to voice their concerns and to tell our City Administrator about the type of leader she should hire. We want citizens to share their vision of how this Shelter should be run effectively, respectfully and humanely."

H.R. 418 Passes House, Immigrants Endangered by Bounty Hunters

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.02.2005 05:12

February 11, 2005: The United States House of Representatives voted yesterday to approve H.R. 418, which would "establish and rapidly implement regulations for State driver's license and identification document security standards, to prevent terrorists from abusing the asylum laws of the United States, to unify terrorism-related grounds for inadmissibility and removal, and to ensure expeditious construction of the San Diego border fence." It would make states verify that they're not giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants and it would grant judges broader power to deport political asylum seekers they suspect may be terrorists. H.R. 418 also would waive environmental hurdles in order to allow the completion of a fence along the U.S.-Mexican border south of San Diego. The legislation, which was called the Real ID Act by its sponsor, Judiciary Committee Chairman F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R-Wis.), passed by a 261-161 vote and next it must be passed by the Senate.

tv comunitaria

Argentina, 12.02.2005 04:41

Experiencias de televisiones altermativas


Houston, 12.02.2005 04:38

National Independent Media Conference Coming to Tejas

love won out

Houston, 12.02.2005 04:21

Houstonians plan to confront religious bigots

Palco Oriental enfrenta processo de expulsão

Portugal, 12.02.2005 02:29

Palco Oriental enfrenta processo de expulsão

Rage Against Hallam

United Kingdom, 12.02.2005 01:20

Join the televised rally at 6pm on the 14th Feb at The National Centre For Popular Music, when Hallam will be re-opening the centre as a students union. The NCPM was built from lottery funding, so some consider that its true ownership is that of the people.The National Centre for Popular Music (NCPM) was built over five years ago as a visitor attraction centre for Sheffield using over £18 million of public money. The original project failed for various reasons and, for a number of years, this iconic building has been abandoned largely empty and unused at the heart of Sheffield's Cultural Industries Quarter (Sheffield is a city of many quarters!) — an area in which Sheffield's creative and digital industries are concentrated.

Sheriff Answers Questions Surrounding Jail Suicide

Urbana-Champaign, 12.02.2005 01:16

Jail Suicide Updates: Sheriff Takes Some Responsibility in Layfield death. Major Conflict of Interest is revealed Champaign had three apparent suicides last year and Champaign County Sheriff Dan Walsh is taking some responsibility for procedural lapses that took place when the last death occurred. The death of Terrell Layfield, which happened in the downtown facility on December 4th, was discussed at a press conference held by the Sheriff on Wednesday Feb. 9th. Sandra Ahten of CU-Citizens for Peace and Justice attended the press conference and provided information for this report. Press Conference.mp3 (listen to the full press conference here)

Medical Marijuana Week 2005

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.02.2005 01:16

Americans for Safe Access and the California Marijuana Party will be sponsoring a variety of events during Medical Marijuana Week, from February 12th-19th. Events are planned in cities all over the Bay Area that week, ranging from a party in a bar to seed planting to court dates, and more. Events will include a women's caucus, a veterans' action, benefits, and the 2nd Annual 215 Bash, which will honor Ed Rosenthal. Full list of events | Poster

Organizers and Activists Speak at NCOR

DC, 12.02.2005 00:59

The National Conference on Organized Resistance celebrated its sixth year with hundreds of workshops and thousands of attendees. This piece is approximately 28.5 minutes long. Feel free to replay for non-commerical use.

mov. Frente D. Santillan

Argentina, 12.02.2005 00:51

Jueves 10 de febrero de 2005 | En denuncia por recibir alimento en mal estado y por el cobro de planes atrazados
Piqueteros se movilizaron a

Queer Fist Confronts Gaystream

DC, 12.02.2005 00:19

As many mainstream gay groups face setbacks in their battles for marriage rights, radical queers are increasing their visibility. One group from New York City, Queer Fist, has been busy taking action to critique the positions of organizations like the Human Rights Campaign. Darby Hickey of the DC Radio Coop brings this piece on an action by Queer Fist in Washington DC.

Blood on Bush Statue

Houston, 11.02.2005 22:02

Bush Statue Downtown is Covered in Red Paint

NO TLC en Colombia

Peru, 11.02.2005 21:38

Movilizaciones contra la ronda de negociaciones

NO TLC en Colombia

Peru, 11.02.2005 21:38

Movilizaciones contra la ronda de negociaciones

movilizaciones contra TLC en colombia

Peru, 11.02.2005 21:36

Fotos desde la Ronda ....

movilizaciones contra TLC en colombia

Peru, 11.02.2005 21:29

Fotos desde la Ronda ....


Brasil, 11.02.2005 21:20

Ocupação em Goiânia vive clima de terror

SPI Plans Intensive Old-Growth Logging

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.02.2005 21:12

Public comments are needed on an extreme logging plan proposed by Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI). For two years, SPI has been pushing for a 540-acre logging plan that would clear-cut on steep slopes that “frequently exceed 100%,” according to a regional manager at the Department of Fish and Game. The plan, which is laid out over the Davis Creek and Bear River watersheds, proposes to cut 29 units to create a patch work of clear-cuts in old-growth forest that is home to threatened and endangered species, including Northern Spotted Owl, Golden Eagle, Mountain Beaver, Sonoma Tree Vole, Chinook and Coho salmon.

Citizens to Bush: ‘Hands off Social Security’

Michigan, 11.02.2005 21:11

DETROIT – Protesters organized by the National Campaign for America’s Future chanted “Privatization, no way; Social Security is here to stay” outside Cobo Hall Feb. 8. Inside, Pres. George W. Bush addressed the Detroit Economic Club about his plans to privatize the social security system by allowing workers to put their contributions into private investment schemes.

“The current system is working fine, and has been for 70 years,” Byron Frazier of Michigan Citizen Action said. “We’re scared to death of what this man is proposing.” Linda Teeter added, “One out of three people in most cities like Detroit depend on Social Security. The only people who would benefit from Bush’s scheme are Wall Street and the president’s large contributors.” The organization can be reached at 313.963.4250.

Sixty year Birthday celebrations held for Bob Marley at 9:30 club in Washington D.C

DC, 11.02.2005 21:04

Mel &amp; Floyd, February 11, 2004

Madison, 11.02.2005 20:23

It's monkey time with Mel & Floyd... This week's a pledge drive edition, as Mel & Mr. Pants gun for support for Madison's one-and-only community radio station, WORT. The pledges come whizzing in. Meanwhile, the duo take time to critique the Superbowl halftime show, suggest a voodoo remedy to the country's political ills, and tell the story of "monkey pay-per-view". All that and more, on this week's Mel & Floyd.

Indypendent legal columnist Ann Schneider analyzes the Lynne Stewart case

NYC, 11.02.2005 20:08

Ann Schneider writes the People's Lawyer column for The Indypendent and is a longtime member of the National Lawyers Guild. She followed the Lynne Stewart case closely and writes that the government's vendetta against Stewart was "a thoroughly opportunistic affair" that has done great harm to the 6th Amendment right to an attorney.

Tryon Life Community Farm continues to build support despite judge's eviction ruling

Portland, 11.02.2005 19:23

Residents of Tryon Life Community farm were just advised that Multnomah County Circuit Judge Hannon chose to overlook procedural and substantive objections and order the residents evicted. TLC Farm is rapidly becoming one of the city's most widely supported centers for environmental education and sustainability demonstration, and has assembled financial backing to purchase the land. However Karl Marlantes, the landowner, has said he needs to evict the residents to make it easier to turn the land into a housing development. Residents plan to appeal.

How I Became a Banner Dropper

Tennessee, 11.02.2005 19:16

"We are not to be thrown away due to lack of profitability. Many of us are women and men who have not counted the millions of hours of free work that we have done for society- so why are you counting our every breath, and how much it might cost you?" I am a Tenncare enrollee because I am "uninsurable" according to the private health care insurance companies that run my world. Prior to that diagnosis, I had tried to get on Tenncare as a low income person, but the rolls had been closed to that group almost as soon as they opened. The point is, I could have been paying in to Tenncare for a full ten years before I actually was enrolled.


Colombia, 11.02.2005 18:42

Miles protestaron contra el TLC

Precair Forum

Netherlands, 11.02.2005 14:08

Flexibiliteit is het nieuwe toverwoord. Het klinkt positief en dynamisch, de standaard verkoopspraatjes doet het nog beter klinken. Flexibiliteit als het instrument in dienst van de werkende mensen, die daardoor zelf bepalen waar en wanneer ze werken en zich ontspannen, flexibiliteit in werktijden als DE mirakeloplossing die jonge moeders arbeid laat combineren met zorg voor hun gezin, flexwerk dat vrouwen kansen biedt in roldoorbrekende jobs, flexwerk dat nieuwkomers de kans geeft zich snel in te burgeren en een leefbaar inkomen te verwerven...

De realiteit ziet er echter helemaal anders uit, flexibiliteit staat niet in dienst van de mens, maar van het kapitaal, flexibiliteit is een instrument van uitsluiting en achterstelling, flexibiliteit creëert een nieuwe onderklasse van precairen, namelijk de pool van wegwerparbeiders die vooral bestaat uit laaggeschoolden, vrouwen, nieuwkomers en ouderen. Flexibiliteit is ook een schitterend instrument om verdeeldheid te zaaien binnen de werkende klasse door rivaliteit tussen "vasten" en "precairen" aan te wakkeren. In de realiteit is flexibiliteit zo goed als synoniem voor precariteit. Flexibiliteit bepaald hoe mensen werken, leven en wonen. Daarom wordt op zaterdag 12 februari in Amsterdam, op de Plantage Doklaan 12, een forum over precariteit georganiseerd, in navolging van initiatieven uit het zuiden van Europa zoals Euro Mayday 2004 die stilaan ook richting noorden opschuiven. Het wordt namelijk tijd dat precaire arbeiders zich ook hier zelf gaan organiseren.

[Precair Forum]


Sydney, 11.02.2005 13:40

American Anarchist Speaks at Jura Books

Malcolm X Grassroots Movement Members Arraigned

NYC, 11.02.2005 12:12

At about 12:15am Wednesday morning, Feb 9, three men were arrested in their Bedford - Stuyvesent neighborhood while attempting to film police activity. Djibril Toure, Dasaw Floyd and Lumumba Akinwole-Bandele and are part of CopWatch, a police monitoring project organized by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement.

Lynne Stewart, NLG lawyer, struck with outrageous conviction under Patriot Act

Portland, 11.02.2005 08:33

Lynne Stewart, an attorney who has made a name for herself defending prominent leftists including black nationalists and members of organizations like the Weather Underground, was outrageously convicted today, February 10, 2005, of smuggling messages from one of her jailed clients to his terrorist disciples. Stewart was originally arrested in April 2002 on charges of aiding terrorism, charges which were dismissed by a Federal judge in Manhattan in July of 2004.

This is a dark day, and my heart is heavy for Lynne, who has been singled out for persecution by a government which, while going to war in other parts of the globe under the pretense of protecting and expanding the freedom of those peoples, is slowly pinching off that freedom in this country. I really can't see how what they call the "Dark Ages" in Europe under the tyranny of monarchies, aristocracies and the Church could have been any darker than the era which is yawning before us.

I had the good fortune to interview Lynne in April of 2003 in the Portland Community Media studios here in Portland. The interview was cablecast on Public Access channels in the Portland area as "Defending The Right To Defend." Lynne Stewart impressed me as a wonderful, gracious and warm person, a grandmother, whose championing of human rights has brought her into the sights of John Ashcroft, who went out of his way to make a spectacle of her arrest and prosecution.

story+audio >>

more: [ National Lawyers' Guild Press On Lynne Stewart | Lynne Stewart Convicted On All Counts | previously posted stories on pdx indy ]

[ ]

Protest at the Mission St. KFC

Santa Cruz, CA, 11.02.2005 08:09

In 2004, Bay Area Vegetarians joined organizations throughout the United States and abroad in supporting People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' campaign against KFC's inhumane practices and calling for welfare reforms. The campaign continued on Saturday, February 12, as several dozen animal rights activists protested at the Mission St. KFC..

Over 750,000,000 chickens raised for KFC (Yum! Brands) endure egregious and unnecessary abuses. Last year, PETA released a disturbing video taken by an undercover investigator in a KFC supplier slaughterhouse. Employees were deliberately kicking, stomping on, and slamming live chickens against a wall, spitting tobacco into their eyes, and ripping their heads and beaks off with their bare hands. Previously, a former employee of another top KFC supplier came forward with accounts of employees using "dry ice bombs" to blow chickens apart, snapping their legs for fun, and intentionally scalding them to death in feather removal tanks. These abuses are in addition to KFC suppliers’ routine practices of callously shackling chickens upside down, often breaking their legs in the process, and slitting the throats of conscious birds.

KFC has so far refused to implement comprehensive guidelines developed by its own animal welfare panelists to prevent these and other abuses. Until it does, compassionate people everywhere are protesting and choosing to steer clear of the Colonel.

Photos: [ 1 I 2 I 3 ]
Audio: KFC Protest in Santa Cruz

[ Progressive Animal Rights Alliance I KFC Demo in Santa Cruz - Oct 2004 I Giant KFC Protest in SF (2/5/05) I Kentucky Fried Cruelty ]

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