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Churchill to Speak at UW-Whitewater

Madison, 15.02.2005 20:14

Amidst controversy, name-calling and a general spirit of ignorance surrounding Ward Churchill and his writings, UW-Whitewater Chancellor Jack Miller has decided to "allow" Churchill to speak. His talk, "“Racism against the American Indian” will be on Tuesday, March 1st, at the Roseman Auditorium, 7:00 pm.

Soldier\\\'s Uniform Display Ignites Freedom of Speech Battle in Sacramento

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.02.2005 19:14

2/15/05: A display of a soldier's uniform on the gable of a house in a quiet neighborhood in the Land Park District of Sacramento has ignited a battle between anti-war activists and Bush administration supporters over the First Amendment. The conflict has created a media circus of TV cameras, newspaper reporters and talk show radio hosts in front of the house many days over the past week. Stephen and Virginia Pearcy, both lawyers who work in Berkeley, decided to put up a uniform of a U.S. soldier hanging on a noose, with the sign "Your Tax Dollars at Work," at their house in Sacramento. After a group of right wing supporters gathered at the house last week while the Pearcys were absent, two individuals, captured on TV cameras, took the display down. Read the story HERE

Downey Killer Cop Protest

LA, 15.02.2005 18:48


Soldier's Uniform Display Ignites Freedom of Speech Battle in Sacramento

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.02.2005 18:07

2/15/05: A display of a soldier's uniform on the gable of a house in a quiet neighborhood in the Land Park District of Sacramento has ignited a battle between anti-war activists and Bush administration supporters over the First Amendment. The conflict has created a media circus of TV cameras, newspaper reporters and talk show radio hosts in front of the house many days over the past week. Stephen and Virginia Pearcy, both lawyers who work in Berkeley, decided to put up a uniform of a U.S. soldier hanging on a noose, with the sign "Your Tax Dollars at Work," at their house in Sacramento. After a group of right wing supporters gathered at the house last week while the Pearcys were absent, two individuals, captured on TV cameras, took the display down. Read the story HERE


Argentina, 15.02.2005 17:23

Ward Churchill Yanked from UO Conference

Portland, 15.02.2005 15:48

The University of Oregon has canceled an appearance by University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill, who has come under a McCarthyist-style attack from the right wing for an essay about the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. [ 9/11 investigation page ]

Churchill, an ethnic studies professor, was scheduled to appear at an April 1 conference on race and immigration issues in the post-Sept. 11 era. The UO's Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics yanked him off the schedule, thanks to the braying of right-wing radio and TV personalities such as Bill O'Rielly, Lars Larson, and others.

Say what you will about Churchill -- I take issue with him myself. What is happening here is nothing less than a full-frontal attack on free speech and the right of dissent. The right wing is succeeding at shutting down and marginalising a vocal critic of the Bush administration and the policies of U.S. imperialism. I don't agree with everything Churchill says, and I'd be willing to argue with him myself over the "Eichmann" comment.

read more + take action
related: global imc feature I more on Ward Churchill

Bark February Field Trip to Mill Creek Timber Sale

Portland, 15.02.2005 15:09

The February Monthly Bark Field Trip was to the Mill Creek Timber Sale, located about 15 miles south of Hood River, a few miles east of Highway 35. Twenty seven people attended the Hike, which was led by Sandi Scheinberg, Executive Director of Bark. Besides discussing this particular timber sale, Sandi talked about endangered species, the importance of snags to wildlife, the impact of roads on species, and throughout the hike, pointed out and identified various animal tracks. Among these were deer, snowshoe hare and lynx.

Throughout the hike Sandi discussed various aspects of forest ecology, and how the timber sale could impact individual animal species and the diversity of species whose delicate balance of complex components accounts for the "forest" as we experience it. For instance, roads cut an impenetrable swath through the landscape that often will sever populations of small animals, who will not venture out into the openness of the road bed for fear of predators. Logging also opens up large patches of the forest which create much the same problem. A deer can cross the road, a salamander or insect may not.

read the full article...AUDIO: Mill Creek Field Trip I related: all stories by Jim Lockhart I pdx imc forest defense page

Surviving Uganda

NYC, 15.02.2005 13:40

(Indypendent stff writer Neela Ghoshal writes in the latest issue): GULU, Uganda—At night fierce winds batter the graying tarp of the UNICEF tent at the Noah’s Ark Children’s Center in Gulu. Fifty teenage girls huddle in stiff wool blankets on the floor, undisturbed by the 6 a.m. call to prayer from a nearby mosque, and the pounding of soldiers’ boots from calisthenics. At seven, they slowly roll from their makeshift beds, fold their blankets and trickle outside, joining hundreds of boys and girls pouring out from identical shelters. Shivering in thin dresses and T-shirts, they begin the long journeys back home to their villages.

Pitt Street Social Centre, Hebden Bridge

United Kingdom, 15.02.2005 09:20

Residents of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire have opened a temporary "Pitt Street Social Centre", offering tea, cake, videos, workshops, a Free Shop, and a chance for residents to discuss how to stop council sell-offs and the "gentrification" of the former mill-town.

When the Pitt St building became the most recent of public buildings to be put on the market, frustrated locals asked Calderdale Council for time to put forward an alternative plan to keep it as a community resource. However, in their rush to make a quick buck, the Council steam-rollered opposition, and went ahead with the sale.

"Where has the money gone and who are the new owners? We’ve been asking questions but no-one seems willing to tell us anything. How dare our representatives continue to completely ignore our needs and views? It’s just more council corruption." said Katrina, a local involved in the occupation.

This is the second occupation of a public building that has been sold off by the council, in the last year. For five days in April 2004, hundreds of local people were involved in the occupation of the old Hebden Bridge Tourist Information Centre, turning it into the People’s Information Centre. And residents are well aware that other buildings are in line for possible sell-off, including the library and the council offices.

&quot;Wal-Mart Not Welcome Here&quot; Rally

Michigan, 15.02.2005 09:00

PITTSFIELD TOWNSHIP-On Thursday, February 17th, a Wal-Mart corporate representative will be traveling down Michigan Avenue and visiting the proposed site with representatives of Atwell-Hicks, the developer. Residents are organizing a “Wal-Mart Not Welcome Here” rally. If you are concerned, plan to be at NE corner of:

Michigan & State St.
Wednesday, February 16th 8 am – 10 am

Arrive early and stay as long as you can – coffee & donuts. Make a sign & bring it!

More info: Pittsfield First

Michael Medved in Lake Oswego Tuesday

Portland, 15.02.2005 05:17

Right-wing radio host, author, and cultural critic Michael "it's cool to be conservative" Medved will be speaking at the Lake Oswego Christian Supply located at 17777 SW Lower Boones Ferry Road. Meet Michael and have him sign a copy of his newest book, "Right Turns - Unconventional Lessons from a Controversial Life."

Medved is the author of such conservative classics as "Hollywood vs. America: Popular Culture and the War Against Traditional Values" and "Saving Childhood : Protecting Our Children from the National Assault on Innocence" and has written for USA Today and The New York Post.


BlackBox Radio 2/15/05

Michigan, 15.02.2005 04:47

BlackBox Radio airs today at 6PM on WCBN-FM (88.3FM in Ann Arbor). BlackBox Radio is produced in the studios of WCBN and can be heard every Tuesday from 6:00-6:30PM. It is also be available for download from the MichiganIMC.

On this week's show: BlackBox Radio celebrates WCBN FM Ann Arbor's fundraiser week with a show that highlights its history, its personalities, and its current eclectic programming. Plus more local, national, and international headlines.

BlackBox Radio is an all-volunteer group comprised of students and non-students from the Ann Arbor area. There are opportunities to get involved in many ways, including research, field recording, interviewing, audio editing, and more.

Listen to the show! [high quality (27.5MB) | lower quality (13.7MB)]

To send feedback or learn more, email radio AT

Oaxaca - Repressão Estatal e Resistência Indígena

Portugal, 15.02.2005 04:45

Oaxaca - Repressão Estatal e Resistência Indígena

Opposite Propaganda: Celebrating Feb 15, 2003 with &quot;The Fourth World War&quot; in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 15.02.2005 04:12

This month at the Dinkytowner Tuesday February 15th at 8:00 PM "The Fourth World War" and the Indymedia Newsreal Tens of millions came out on Feb 15, 2003 to oppose the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq. We celebrate the continuing resistance with a showing of big noise film's "The Fourth World War" Music provided by DJs from Free Radio Twin Cities, 93.1 FM

Córdoba: Campesinas y campesinos procesados

Argentina, 15.02.2005 03:05

Córdoba: Campesinas y campesinos procesados

Córdoba: Campesinas y campesinos procesados

Argentina, 15.02.2005 02:57

Martes 15 de Febrero de 2005
Córdoba: Campesinas y campesinos procesados

Santa Cruzans for Responsible Planning Kick Off Anti-Hotel Petition Drive

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.02.2005 02:34

On February 14, Santa Cruzans for Responsible Planning (SCRAP), a local grassroots organization backed by former Santa Cruz Mayors, held a news conference at the entrance to the Santa Cruz City Wharf. This was the official kickoff for a community-wide referendum campaign to halt the single largest development in the city since UC Santa Cruz. If the group can acquire at least 4,000 valid signatures, the "Coast Hotel" issue will be placed on the ballot for a city-wide vote.

Opposition to SCRAP's referendum campaign includes the developers (of course!), current employees of the Coast Hotel who would like to have more work in the winter months and SEIU Local 415.

The proposed development calls for a 270 room hotel, 6-level parking garage and a 23,000 square foot Conference Center.

Photos: Santa Cruzans for Responsible Planning vs. Workers and Bosses
Photos: SCRAP Kicks Off Anti-Hotel Petition Drive

Coverage of the 1/25/04 SC City Council Meeting: [ Meeting on Hotel-Convention Center Project I City Council Approves Coast Hotel Project Despite Widespread Community Opposition ]

Court Rejects ACLU Lawsuit To Derail Oregon Campaign Finance Reform Initiative

Portland, 15.02.2005 01:41

The Marion County Circuit Court has rejected a lawsuit filed by the director of the Oregon Chapter of the ACLU and an employee of the group, seeking to prevent supporters of campaign finance reform in Oregon from collecting signatures on Initiative Petition No. 8, which is ready to be circulated.
"The ACLU in Oregon views stopping campaign finance reform as part of its job," said attorney Dan Meek, whose arguments prevailed in court. The Oregon ACLU also filed lawsuits to prevent collection of signatures on campaign finance reform initiatives in 2002, which ACLU also lost, after having imposed litigation costs on supporters and delayed the signature collection effort for several months. "I do not expect the ACLU to let another court order stop them," said Meek, predicting that ACLU would appeal the court decision to the Oregon Court of Appeals and from there to the Oregon Supreme Court.

AUDIO: Global Sex Trafficking Industry with Kathryn Farr

Portland, 14.02.2005 23:31

Local Portland author and retired professor of sociolgy at PSU, Kathryn Farr, gave a talk wednesday night, Feb 9th, at In Other Words Bookstore on the global sex trafficking industry.

The talk was well attended by men and women and people of all ages. It was quite insightful into a topic that is rarely discussed. She started the book in 2002 after retiring. This is Farr's first book, after having written numerous articles and essays on topics such as women and violence. Click on the link below to listen to the talk unedited. --> LISTEN HERE! <--

Rosario: Despidos en Sulfacide

Argentina, 14.02.2005 22:57

Lunes 14 de febrero | Rosario: Procesamientos y violento desalojo
Despidos en Sulfacid

Comunidad lésbica, gay, bisexual, transexual y transgénero (LGBTT) en Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, 14.02.2005 22:16

Voz de una Transex-ser humano

Santa Cruz Protests Chicken Torture

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.02.2005 22:03

On February 12, animal rights activists protested at the KFC on Mission St. (Hwy 1) in Santa Cruz, to call attention to the horrendous practices of KFC chicken suppliers. Protestors are angry over the practices by KFC of containing chickens in small wire cages, painful debeaking, and often times boiling chickens alive. About 25 people and two chickens marched from the health food store on Laurel and Mission, to the KFC a half mile down the road. Report with pictures here. More pictures. Audio report from the protest.

Comunidad lésbica, gay, bisexual, transexual y transgénero (LGBTT) en Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, 14.02.2005 22:01

Voz de una Transex-ser humano

Fresno Activists Converge for Independent Media

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.02.2005 21:48

About 100 participants from low power FM radio stations, alternative newspapers, newsletters serving the homeless, public access cable TV activists, representatives from Indybay Indymedia, and more networked and learned new skills at the first conference of its kind in Central California. Participants came from Davis, Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, Merced, Fresno, Visalia, Bakersfield, and as far South as Manhattan Beach in Southern California, talking and organizing around various issues involving independent media. The conference was organized by the Community Alliance newspaper in Fresno, and began with an analysis of corporate media and called for alternative/independent journalism. Report here.

Despidos en Sulfacid

Argentina, 14.02.2005 21:43

Lunes 14 de febrero | Rosario: Procesamientos y violento desalojo
Despidos en Sulfacid


Argentina, 14.02.2005 19:38


DC, 14.02.2005 18:27

Lawyers Susan Dunham and Dan Schember are investigating the arrests of approximately 72 persons in the Adams Morgan neighborhood in the District of Columbia on the night of January 20, 2005. Their investigation is on behalf of several persons who were arrested and who have sought their advice. The purpose of the investigation is to assess whether a civil lawsuit on behalf of those arrested should be filed against the District of Columbia for money damages, expungement of arrest records, and change in police practices.

NYC IMC Readers Weigh in on 'The Gates'

NYC, 14.02.2005 14:58

"What does it all mean?" asks Paul Werner in a post to our Open Newswire. "It’s called The Gates and it consists of 7,500 structures colored and shaped like a simplified version of the torii gates found in and around Japanese shrines, except these are shrouded with orange cloth that’s supposed to billow in the wind, and they’re spread out all over Central Park in New York City. When first I saw them last week the cloth wasn’t up yet, and they looked like an endless row of security portals." Wyzas adds: "So the Gates are up, and everybody is cheering that it's beautiful, and harmonizes with the park and all that shit. After decades of being refused permission by the City. Mayor Bloomberg decides to approve Christo's latest edition of his Gates. He knows a good thing when he sees it, tourist dollars." But Fix disagrees: "Hey look, none of this makes Bloomberg's decision to not allow RNC protestors in the park OK, but to draw parallels seems a bit obtuse ...What I saw was a lot of folks gathering and wandering about outdoors on a day when normally many of them would be glued to TV's." [Read More]

Americans for Safe Access File Lawsuit Against CHP and Governor

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.02.2005 08:18

At 10am on Tuesday, February 15th, Americans for Safe Access (ASA) will announce at a press conference that they are filing a lawsuit against the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The seven legal medical marijuana patients and caregivers whom ASA is representing say that the CHP broke the law in confiscating their marijuana during traffic stops. Read more

From the Newswire

Perth, 14.02.2005 07:12

David HicksTrial Looms

UCSC Students and Workers ask the new Chancellor: Where Is The Love?

Santa Cruz, CA, 14.02.2005 05:45

Where's The Love? UCSC Students and Workers Got Some Action This Valentine's Day!

On Monday, February 14th, the Student & Worker Coalition for Justice, AFSCME Service Workers, CUE Clericals, and other campus unions "welcomed" incoming Chancellor Denise Denton on her first day at UCSC.

Several hundred students and workers marched from McHenry Library to Kerr Hall. At Kerr, the Budget Office was noisily occupied, with the large crowd flowing out onto the upper patio.

Photos: [ 1 I 2 ]

See Also: Labor Struggles Continue at UCSC

Spineless Democrats to Join in Gay Hate Fest: TN Hate Amendment Goes to Committee Wednesday

Tennessee, 14.02.2005 05:15

Republican State Rep. Dunn, sponsor of the Hate Amendment this year, last year and as many years as it takes, plans to get the amendment passed "quickly, quietly, and in a bipartisan manner." The plan is to get it into committee this week. Why does Dunn imagine the gay marriage ban will pass “quickly” and “quietly”? When the measure passed last year, it passed with no discussion. There were also no committee rooms packed with members of the progressive community, no demonstrations in the street, and certainly there was no public condemnation by our Democratic Governor. It passed the Senate with a 29-1 vote; in the House it was 85-5.

Olympia Pizza Time Workers go on Strike; Support needed

Portland, 14.02.2005 03:51

Pizza Time workers presented a list of demands to Shane Bloking, the new owner of the Olympia Pizza Time at Old Town, after a week of mismanagement, bad judgment and the firing of two competent employees. Shane Bloking deteriorated product quality, employee morale and refused to agree to the workers demands presented to him on saturday the night of February 12, 2005. Olympia Pizza Time workers were forced to go on strike to get all demands met.

Pizza Time workers walked out and hoisted "Pizza Crime" signs and declared they are on strike. Pizza Time workers were joined by more than 30 community members who all walked the picket line on 4th and Jefferson. We would like to personally thank all those who supported us and shared with us hot cocoa and cider, and slices of Old School Pizza. Striking Pizza Time workers were also greeted on the picket line with cheers and honks from people in cars, people enjoying the rock show at the Manium, window shoppers, and Olympia's Police officers and firefighters.

Portland Man to be Sentenced Tuesday for Smokestack Banner in Pennsylvania

Portland, 14.02.2005 03:48

A Portland man will be sentenced Tuesday along with 5 co-defendants for an action hanging a banner from a smokestack at a coal plant in PA last summer. Josh Raisler Cohn will likely be sentenced to 30 days imprisonment at the Greene County Prison.

info from greenpeace's website: After hanging a banner on the 700-foot smokestack of one of the dirtiest coal plants in the country to protest the Bush administration's energy plan, six peaceful Greenpeace activists were charged with multiple state and federal felonies. Federal and state officials dismissed the most serious charges, but other charges remain.

Rennie Grandison Trial Update

DC, 14.02.2005 03:21

Arthur Miller Ends 89 Year Run

Santa Cruz, CA, 14.02.2005 02:16

"You make an issue. The issue isn't there, just lying around waiting to be picked up off the sidewalk. It is what the author is intense about in his life."

Last night (2/11/05) the curtain came down on the life of playwright Arthur Miller. His most renowned works dissect social and political issues from an intimate viewpoint.

March 5th: An Evening with Amy Goodman &amp; Free Speech TV

Madison, 14.02.2005 00:29

Brought to you by WYOU Community Television, WORT-FM Community Radio, and the Madison Campaign for Free Speech on Cable TV Join us in a celebration of community and independent media! Amy Goodman, host and producer of Democracy Now!, will speak about media in a time of war and the growing independent media movement. The evening will include films from Free Speech TV's programming line-up and information on the efforts of the Madison Campaign for Free Speech on Cable TV to bring the network to local cable.

Hysteria Collective Addresses Safer Spaces

Portland, 14.02.2005 00:12

Due to the large amount of community concern and feedback we feel it is important to address why Hysteria, a collective confronting sexual assaut, does not work with perpetrators. And why we enact a safer space policy at all our events that does not allow known perpetrators to attend.

Hysteria was formed as, and continues to be, a collective that works with survivors of sexual violence, not perpetrators. Initially we came up with a collective boundary that said we would not work with perpetrators at all. However, over the past year and a half we have found this impossible to avoid. We do talk and provide resources to perpetrators when needed, but we still realize how important it is not to do too much of that work. We are a collective that wants to focus our time and energy on survivors and community education. We do not want our energy to go into perpetrators; we want our energy to go into survivors and safer spaces.

hysteria articles with comments: We're doing the Consent Workshop again! 12/9/04 I Consent Workshop 11/25/04 I Solidarity with IMC women 1/20/04

Actualizacion de sf-active a 0.9.4

Peru, 13.02.2005 21:47

Actualizacion de sf-active a 0.9.4

radioActive Radio benefit Show this Thursday!

San Diego, 13.02.2005 20:53

radioActive sanDiego Benefit show! Come out and support local, autonomous, community media and really great radio in San Diego!

Thursday, Feb 17th 7pm-2am
KAVA LOUNGE * 619.543.0933 * 2812 KETTNER BLVD, SD, CA

Line up:
7 - 8pm Spoken Word by Voz Alta's Third Word Collective
8 - 9pm Gage (world dance grooves)
9 - 10pm Bunky
10 - 11pm Hijos de la Malinche
11 - 12am The Cuban (experimental electronic goodness)
12 - 2am KC & Kien w/ MC Craig (hip hop)

Lynne Stewart Guilty; Faces Up to 45 Years in Jail

Michigan, 13.02.2005 20:39

In a blow to the ability of lawyers to defend clients suspected of terrorism, a jury in Manhattan today found radical lawyer Lynne Stewart guilty of aiding terrorists. She was found guilty on every charge as were co-defendants.

Many of the harshest charges against Stewart were originally dismissed, but in a surprise move, then-Attorney General John Ashcroft filed new charges against the lawyer.

from the AP: "A veteran civil rights lawyer was convicted Thursday of crossing the line by smuggling messages of violence from one of her jailed clients -- a radical Egyptian sheik -- to his terrorist disciples on the outside."

In a development on Feb. 8 that may provide grounds for an appeal of the verdict, members of the Jewish Defense Organization (JDO), a right-wing terrorist organization, posted fliers on the Manhattan courthouse door calling for Stewart's death.

From the Archives: Aschroft Files New Charges || Democracy Now Interview

More on this story from: SF Bay Area IMC | NYC IMC | Portland IMC

Election Dysfunction: Rogue Valley Indymedia Video Report

Rogue Valley, 13.02.2005 20:37


Benton County resident Blair Bobier, the Media Director for the Green Party's 2004 presidential campaign and an expert in electoral reform who spent several weeks in Ohio working on the presidential recount came to Southern Oregon on 2/11/05 and gave us a presentation about what went wrong in Ohio and how we can fix our dysfunctional election system. The 7:00 p.m. presentation was in the Stevenson Union, on the Southern Oregon University campus.

Prior to Blair Bobier's presentation Rogue IMC Volunteers were able to conduct a 16 minute video interview which you can see here. It is delivered in 3 parts in Quicktime Video and we ask you to take a look now

&quot;3 activists arrested at Supreme Court&quot; - UPDATE

DC, 13.02.2005 20:13

Wednesday and Thursday will live in my memory for a long time. David Mitch and I protested the continuing torture of prisoners of war by our government. These actions are completely immoral and in direct violation of the Geneva Conventions, and they are being defended by our new attorney general.

UIA Gets Most Votes But Fails To Capture Majority

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.02.2005 18:57

2/13/2005: Iraq's election results have been announced, but Iraq's future remains unclear. It appears that Iraqis have voted overwhelmingly to throw out the US-installed Ayad Allawi and a near majority have voted for the United Iraqi Alliance (UIA). The second plank in the UIA platform called for "a timetable for the withdrawal of the multinational forces from Iraq", but as with the UIA's other pledges to expand the public sector, keep the oil and drop the debt, this promise is unlikely to be kept if the US has its way and Iraq's current finance minister Adel Abd al-Mahdi is chosen by the UIA to lead Iraq.

televisiones alternativas

Argentina, 13.02.2005 18:29

Domingo 13 de Febrero 2005 | NO ODIES A LOS MEDIOS, SE LOS MEDIOS
Experiencias de televisiones alternativas

Will the Draft Come Back?

New Hampshire, 13.02.2005 17:28

NH resident and longtime anti-conscription activist Michael Ferber examines whether conscription will return.

Chronology of Events for the Library Expansion Project

Urbana-Champaign, 13.02.2005 16:15

A detailed chronology of important events surrounding the Urbana Free Library expansion project based on documentary evidence from the News-Gazette, and video recordings of Urbana City Council meetings.

Satterthwaite Campaign Misleading Urbana

Urbana-Champaign, 13.02.2005 16:14

The Satterthwaite for Mayor campaign recently sent a postcard to registered voters in Urbana that has sparked a controversy over the accuracy of its claims. The card claims Satterthwaite was a strong supporter of the Urbana Free Library expansion project. Many others involved in that project, and documented facts concerning its history, contradict those claims.

No More Slave Chocolate! - Valentine's Day Action, Mon. 2/14 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Gilman &amp; State

Madison, 13.02.2005 16:00

Over 43% of the world's chocolate comes from the Ivory Coast, where they are still using child slave labor. A 2001 report by the U.S. State Dept. revealed that up to 15,000 children aged 9-12 had been sold as workers to cocoa, cotton, and coffee plantations in the north of the country. Forced to work instead of going to school, most of these kids do not even know what chocolate tastes like! Help spread the word that slave chocolate is not the right way to celebrate love and affection on Valentine's Day! Join us as we let folks on State St. know about fair trade chocolate alternatives that don't rely on the exploitation of children in West Africa.

Devin Brown

LA, 13.02.2005 11:30

Devin Brown Shooting - Debate and Outrage Continue

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