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globalization (en)

Barcelona, 18.02.2005 20:20

Why do they want to impose a YES vote? Come, inform yourselves and speak!

Acts in february : Barcelona 3, 11 i 12 : 5 : 17 ::: Poblenou ::: Terrassa ::: Tarragona y Reus ::: Igualada ::: Manresa ::: Gelida ::: Vallès ::: Mallorca ::: la Ribera ::: Països Catalans

Noticias relacionadas : The constitution is not the only possibility ::: 15 reasons for a NO vote to the european constitution ::: 10 things YOU can do to support a NO vote ::: Cenrtal Act of 11th of February at the Palau Sant Jordi in favour of the constitution ::: Artists and celebrities boycott ::: Common Agricultural policy ::: Reduced european education ::: 15% of europeans are at risk of poverty and social exclusion ::: Armed conflicts and natural resources ::: Labour rights ::: women say NO ::: Humor

more info : globalización ::: Campaign against the European Constitution

virinoj (eo)

Barcelona, 18.02.2005 19:50

Virinmortigoj: Kiam ina vivo riskas

Proksime: Virinmortigoj en Katalunio kaj Eŭropo, kelkaj datumoj ::: Lasta mortigo

Ĉie: Krimoj kontraŭ virinoj en Juárez:::Unua mortigo dum 2005 en Juárez ::: Kaj krome, en Juárez... masklisma manifestacio! +++ Virinmortigo ĉiutage en Gvatemalo +++ Lejla kondamnita je ŝtonumado ::: Niĝerio, ŝtonumoj kaj mortopuno +++ Laŭelektaj infan- (kaj ankaŭ in-) mortigoj

Rilataj novaĵoj: Helpejoj por batitaj virinoj:::Li batas ŝin ĉar estas lia fianĉino ::: Oni perfortas ŝin dum izolita aresto ::: Perforto kontraŭ virinoj kiel torturo ::: Virinoj diras NE al tiu Traktato pri Eŭropa Konstitucio ::: Ankaŭ vi ĝin ne akceptu!

+infoj :: >>>virinoj

latinoamérica (ca)

Barcelona, 18.02.2005 19:42

Asesinatos de trabajador*s sin tierra por la policía militar brasileña

Goianamás de 800 detenid*s ( 4 colaboradores de imc-brasil) + Apoya a l*s detenid*s + Despliegan 2.000 militares en Amazonia tras asesinatos por tierras + Ocupación en Goiânia enfrenta al terrorismo estatal

Movimiento de los Sin Tierra :: una concepción de lucha y sociedad + MST - 20 años de lucha por la tierra + MST se moviliza en todo Brasil por el cumplimiento del Plan de Reforma Agraria + Lula y el MST + los sin techo e indígenas se suman a las movilizaciones del MST + Llegan a 35 las haciendas ocupadas por el movimiento sin tierra + Con 57 ocupaciones celebran los Sin Tierra jornada por la reforma agraria + Los trabajadores sin tierra incrementan las ocupaciones de fincas para presionar a Lula + otras noticias MST

+info:: Multinacionales + Amazonia + Noticias de Brasil + >>>latinoamérica + mst + imc-brasil

llatinoamèrica (ca)

Barcelona, 18.02.2005 19:41

Assassinats de treballador*s sense terra per la policia militar brasilera

Goianamés de 800 detingut*s ( 4 col.laborador*s de imc-brasil) + Recolza als detinguts + Despleguen 2.000 militars a l'Amazònia després d'assassinats per terres + Ocupació a la Goiânia enfront el terrorisme estatal

Moviment dels Sense Terra :: una concepció de lluita i societat + MST - 20 anys de lluita per la terra + MST es mobilitza a tot Brasil pel compliment del Pla de Reforma Agrària + Lula i el MST + els sense sostre i indígenes es sumen a les mobilitzacions del MST + Arriben a 35 las hisendes ocupades pel moviment sense terra + amb 57 ocupacions celebren els Sense Terra jornada per la reforma agrària + Els treballadors sense terra incrementen les ocupacions de finques per pressionar a Lula + altres notícies MST

+info:: Multinacionales + Amazònia + Notícies de Brasil + >>>llatinoamèrica + mst + imc-brasil

Flugennock's A16.2 posters are &quot;street-ready&quot;

DC, 18.02.2005 19:25

Y'know, I never normally cared much for sequels -- well, except for "Airplane 2"...

February 26th, Day Of Solidarity Open House

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.02.2005 18:49

February 20th, 2005 marks the 4th National Day of Solidarity with Muslim, Arab and South Asian Immigrants, as is called for by the Blue Triangle Network. Samina Faheem is the founding Executive Director of the American Muslim Voice, and Co-founder of Fear To Friendship, a group dedicated to subsiding the fear after 9/11 by forming life long friendships. She has invited the community to a Day Of Solidarity Open House in Palo Alto on Saturday, Feb 26th, 2005. Ms. Faheem Sundas has requested that people who plan to attend RSVP.

2005 Day of Remembrance Recalls Gov't Mistreatment of Japanese Americans

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.02.2005 18:43

On February 20th, 2005, the Nihonmachi Outreach Committee (NOC) will presents the 2005 Day of Remembrance, “Democracy and Dissent,” at the San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin at 5:30pm Details The program will include: speakers, cultural performances, a candlelight procession, and a reception.

First Amend Forum: Patriot Act and Libraries

Rogue Valley, 18.02.2005 18:42

from the Jackson County Library Website

First Amendment Forum examines library First Amendment freedoms in multiple community venues.

"Libraries, Censorship and the Internet in the Era of the Patriot Act," will be the topic for 2005's Thomas W. Pyle First Amendment Forum to be held at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, OR and the Jackson County Central Library in Medford on March 1 and 2.

At the City Hall meeting in Bend - Voices against WalMart

Portland, 18.02.2005 17:59

Mayor Friedman called the meeting to order. At that point he had us all stand and do the pledge of allegiance. Several proposals were presented and passed fairly quickly. Mayor Friedman then opended the discussion for citizens to speak with a three minute limit. Several people stood up and addressed the issue of WalMart:

Dayton Heron: Pointed out that if a profit making entity asked for a contribution from a city asked for a donation, it would be turned down. He said that WalMart's pay is so low that most of it's employees have to live is subsidiesed housing and have to depend on public medical aid, a contribution from the community. He held up a book called "Better not Bigger" and recommended that the city council read it. He said that taxes spent to improve the community lead to growth, not profit oriented corporations.

Ms Conway: (Vice Chairman of Central Oregon Jobs with Justice) Will they be requesting tax breaks? Well they cut payments to suppliers (As they have done numerous times in the past?) 3 jobs are lost where every 2 are created. Workers have to rely on public assistance. WalMart creates a domino effect.

Dana Wells: WalMart has already impacted me. She had worked for a company in the Northwest but in 2004 she was told she was not needed anymore because of the competitive activities of WalMart.


A follow up on the WalMart Meet

New Judge Hears Pacific Lumber Fraud Case

Portland, 18.02.2005 17:55

Eureka, CA - A long-awaited hearing in the controversial Fraud lawsuit against Pacific Lumber (PL) was held in Eureka Wednesday morning in front of a new judge. Retired Lake County Judge Richard L. Freeborn, made his first public appearance in the case following the disqualification of Judge Christopher Wilson.

The "Demurrer" motion filed by PL was the second such attempt to have the historic case thrown out of court. PL's first "Demurrer" was largely rejected by Judge Wilson in May 2004 following a politically turbulent nine-month delay.

In the People vs. Pacific Lumber, the DA claims PL committed fraud by grossly understating the percentage of logging-induced landslides to the California Department of Forestry (CDF) during negotiations leading to the purchase of Headwaters Forest.

Both sides argued over the sufficiency of PL's belated correction of landslide data to the local CDF office instead of delivering it to the lead office in Sacramento where negotiations were taking place. Stoen said that to conceal the fraud, PL needed to show it corrected the data, but that it did not want to "do it effectively," which would have threatened the high logging rate sought by the Houston-based Maxxam Corporation, which controls PL.

Howard Dean and the people of Portland vs. Richard Perle

Portland, 18.02.2005 17:54

My school had received tickets to the Dean, Perle debate. Seeing that I was the most politically involved in the school, they gave me free tickets. Walking down the street, I wasn't sure what to expect. As the crowd moved into the theatre friends were talking loudly to each other. The house lights dimmed and the debate was ready to start. Dean was welcomed with a standing ovation, while Perle was greeted with a pity clap. Perle opened talking about how making reactions before we know the facts is a good thing. Of course, that was not a cloud pleaser. It was either this speech or the next speech that the crowd became involved. People started commenting on Perle's speech. People were getting pretty pissed off as well as I was, but I do respect the ground that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. All of a sudden, a man burst out of the crowd, and threw what looked like were boulders from where I was sitting, at Perle. He missed both times.

*VICTORY*: Liberator Brewing Removes Foie Gras from Valentine’s Day Menu

Portland, 18.02.2005 17:48

Liberator Brewing in Troutdale, OR has made the responsible and compassionate choice to stop supporting the foie gras industry. They serve as a model for the rest of the world by raising personal and professional standards regarding the way we treat animals.

As stated on their [Liberator Brewing] website:

Due to concern over serving foie gras on our valentines menu we have decided not to offer this dish.

We would like to assure you that the farm we were going to purchase the livers from insisted that their farming practices were ethical and humane. We did not intend to offend any with our menu choice. Our patrons concerns and values are extremely important to us, so please in the future feel free to express them.

We will not now or in the future ever serve foie gras.

US Citizens Testify to State Department About Israeli Imprisonment

DC, 18.02.2005 17:45

Quicktim mpeg4; 99 MB; 9:30 minutes

UW Professor hopes to electrocute pigs for a safer tomorrow

Madison, 18.02.2005 17:16

UW-Madison professor John Webster recently received a half-millioin dollar grant from the Department of Justice to conduct research on the effects of police stun-gun tasers on pigs. The study has caused an outcry among animal rights activists. WORT's In Our Backyard spoke with Lori Nitzel of Alliance for Animals on Thursday, February 17.

Vagina Monologues performed at Edgewood, despite challenges

Madison, 18.02.2005 17:09

Students at Madison's Edgewood College staged a performance of the "Vagina Monologues" on Monday night, February 14. Edgewood joined hundreds of colleges around the country that perform the Monologues in February. But this year's performance was harder to get off the ground than usual. Nathan Moore reports for WORT. Story length: 4:05 File size: 3.75 MB

National Lawyers Guild's National Day of Outrage for Lynne Stewart's Conviction

NYC, 18.02.2005 16:07

On Thursday night at the Community Church of New York in Midtown Manhattan people and lawyers gathered to hear Lynne Stewart speak, on the occasion of the National Day of Outrage following her being found guilty for being a lawyer to her client. There was information being handed out concerning the details of the Federal Government’s case against her, and pamphlets asking for support for the Lynne Stewart Defense Committee. Many children were in attendance as they were stomping and stamping in the back row and several cameras taped the meeting. [Excerpts from the Speech]

Year-round Cat Hunting in Wisconsin?!

Madison, 18.02.2005 15:15

The DNR's Conservation Congress will be considering a proposal regarding the legal designation of feral cats at the annual Spring Hearings on April 11, 2005. The proposal is clearly designed to be the first step in allowing the unregulated hunting of feral cats. In addition, it would also apply to cats without collars and cats not under the "owner's direct control."

Ελεύθερος ο Πολύκαρπος Γεωργιάδης

Thessaloniki, 18.02.2005 12:05

Μετά το δικαστήριο στις Σέρρες στις 16/2/2005


Colombia, 18.02.2005 08:17

Ternura sin Verdad ni Reparación

Victory for McLibel 2

United Kingdom, 18.02.2005 07:20

This morning (15th February) the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg declared that the notorious and long running McLibel case was in breach of the right to a fair trial and right to freedom of expression. The McLibel 2 (Helen Steel & Dave Morris) had launched legal proceedings against the UK government arguing that the marathon 'McLibel trial' which lasted 313 days - the longest trial of any kind in English legal history - and UK libel laws, breached the European Convention on Human Rights Article 6 (right to a fair trial) and Article 10 (right to freedom of expression). PRESS RELEASE

CIPO-RFM to speak in the UK

United Kingdom, 18.02.2005 07:20

Activists from Mexican indigenous direct action group CIPO-RFM will be visiting the UK for the first time on a 5 date speaking tour to promote their struggle against globalisation in Oaxaca.Admission to all the dates are free and two short films made by activists will also be shown. They hope to raise awareness about the recent increase in state repression being suffered by Mexican activists. There will also be a benefit gig on feb 18th in London. Tour Dates and more information

From the Newswire

Perth, 18.02.2005 06:27

Police violence disrupts peaceful protest

Liberal campuses a right-wing lie: Conservative campus network increasing

Madison, 18.02.2005 06:13

As the 2005 spring semester begins, students across the United States will confront an increasingly sophisticated multi-million dollar right-wing campus network bankrolled by some of the largest conservative philanthropies, think-tanks and corporations.

Feb 21 is Ashamed He's Our pResident Day

NYC, 18.02.2005 05:49

Bands Against Bush NYC and Not In Our Name announces Monday, Feb. 21 show: “ASHAMED HE’S OUR PRESIDENT DAY” New York, NY – New York City organizers of Bands Against Bush and Not In Our Name announces “Ashamed He’s Our President Day” at The Knitting Factory Main Space on Monday night Feb 21st starting at 7 pm. The Knitting Factory is located at 74 Leonard St in NYC. The night will feature performances by Shellshocked, Fleming, Gladshot and The Black Spoons. Tickets are $7. A portion of the proceeds will go to Not In Our Name. **According to a new Zogby poll, 31% say they are ashamed of our president**

Blackwater is coming to town....Blackwater is coming to Recruit...

DC, 18.02.2005 05:11

I would like to have the largest, most professional private army in the world." - Gary Jackson, president of Blackwater USA "We have established a global presence and provide training and tactical solutions for the 21st century. Our clients include federal law enforcement agencies, the Department of Defense, Department of State, and Department of Transportation, local and state entities from around the country, multinational corporations and friendly nations from all over the globe." - Blackwater corporate website PROTEST BLACKWATER USA! SATURDAY FEBRUARY 19TH 9:45am TO 11:00am @ the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, 22nd & M Streets, NW Washington, DC. (on 22nd between M and L)

Punir a Dignidade e Impôr o Silêncio

Portugal, 18.02.2005 04:35

Punir a Dignidade e Impôr o Silêncio

¿Otro mundo es posible?

Argentina, 18.02.2005 04:33

¿Otro mundo es posible?

¿Otro mundo es posible?

Argentina, 18.02.2005 04:12

Viernes 18 de Febrero de 2005
¿Otro mundo es posible?

Receiving low power FM stations

DC, 18.02.2005 01:42

Here are some tips for receiving WSQT 87.9 or any other low power or distant FM station.

Pledge Drive

Houston, 17.02.2005 23:26

Support Indymedia Radio and KPFT this Monday at 6:30


Brasil, 17.02.2005 23:02

Repressão estatal cobre goiânia de luto e protesto

Violent Eviction In Goiania, Brazil

United Kingdom, 17.02.2005 22:20

A large military police operation took place on the morning of February 16 to evict the land occupation of Sonho Real(Real Dream) in the city of Goiânia, Brazil. Two people got killed, over 800 people got arrested and several people are wounded, five of which severely. Among the arrested there are two Indymedia volunteers, one from Goiânia and one from Indymedia New York.For more information and updates see: Indymedia Brazil and Indymedia Global

CIPO-RFM to speak in Cambridge.

United Kingdom, 17.02.2005 22:20

Activists from Mexican indigenous direct action group CIPO-RFM will be visiting the UK for the first time on a 5 date speaking tour (including Cambridge: Wednesday 23rd February, 8pm Films, Bharat Bhavan -- old Mill Road Library) to promote their struggle against globalisation in Oaxaca. Admission to all the dates are free and two short films made by activists will also be shown. They hope to raise awareness about the recent increase in state repression being suffered by Mexican activists. There will also be a benefit gig on feb 18th.[More information...]

United Steelworkers of America Rally in Murfreesboro in Support of Bridgestone/ Firestone Workers

Tennessee, 17.02.2005 22:12

A national Day of Action was held Wednesday, Feb. 16, in support of 6,000 members of the United Steelworkers of America (USWA) who work at U.S. Bridgestone/ Firestone (BFS) tire-making facilities. Union members and supporters across the country demonstrated at Nissan dealerships, where many BFS tires are sold on new cars, urging support for a fair union contract at the tire company.

&quot;Free Trade&quot;, Free Timor, Free to Starve

Melbourne, 17.02.2005 21:07

East Timor: a tiny half island of surplus humanity

Proceso Político en contra de activistas juveniles

Euskal Herria, 17.02.2005 20:45

Desde el cierre del periódico vasco independentista y de izquierdas Egin que se realizó en 1998, y los subsiguientes procesos legales abiertos contra diversos colectivos progresistas que trabajan por la defensa los derechos políticos, sociales y culturales de Euskal Herria (País Vasco) la sociedad vasca ya conoce las graves consecuencias que han tenido el macrosumario 18/98 y como consecuencia del mismo el resto de los macrosumarios abiertos en la Audiencia Nacional, con el enjuiciamiento, detención y/o encarcelación de más de 200 personas; con la criminalización e ilegalización de varias entidades y medios de comunicación; con diferentes denuncias de tortura... A lo largo de este año pondrán en marcha la segunda fase de esta injusta ofensiva, dando comienzo a los juicios de todos estos macrosumarios.

Más Información en:
Dossier sobre el sumario 18/98 [Gara]
Gazteria Aurrera

FBI Calls in Federal Grand Jury to Investigate Sacramento

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.02.2005 20:03

Since the end of December three ELF actions have occurred in the Sacramento area. Two attempted arsons at developments in Auburn and Lincoln were claimed by an ELF communiqué sent to the Auburn Journal and the Sacramento Bee. A third successful arson at an apartment complex in Sutter Creek was discovered with graffiti that said “WE WILL WIN-ELF”. Recent bomb parts have been found on the steps of a court house and a DMV station, even though Lewis was in jail. The bomb parts are pipe bombs, things that have never been used by the ELF and go against their non-violent, (towards living things), code of ethics. On Tuesday February 8 the FBI arrested Newcastle resident Ryan Daniel Lewis in connection with a recent ELF action. Lewis is being charged with arson and attempted arson of a commercial building. Lewis is charged only with the attempted arson in Auburn and the FBI continues to investigate all three incidences. Lewis was arraigned Thursday and appointed a federal public defender. The FBI has yet to reveal what evidence, if any, it has against Lewis. The criminal complaint against him and the search warrant were sealed in US District court in Sacramento. The FBI investigation into the ELF actions is ongoing. The US Attorney has also convened a grand jury to investigate the recent ELF actions. They have begun visiting area anarchists, suponeaing witnesses, and will hear testimony on February 24th. If you are from the Sacramento area and have been visited by the FBI about this, please get in contact with Sacramento Prisoner Support. Read report here.

New Judge Hears Pacific Lumber Fraud Case

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.02.2005 19:15

Eureka, CA - A long-awaited hearing in the controversial Fraud lawsuit against Pacific Lumber (PL) was held in Eureka Wednesday morning in front of a new judge. Retired Lake County Judge Richard L. Freeborn, made his first appearance in the case following the disqualification of Judge Christopher Wilson.


Uruguay, 17.02.2005 19:07

Inminente masacre en asentamiento de Goiânia (Brasil)


Uruguay, 17.02.2005 18:13

Brutalidad policial en las Llamadas

The Terrorists Who Murdered My Brother

Portland, 17.02.2005 18:04

The pharmaceuticals industry, according to Congressional testimony by the FDA's own senior scientist in charge of drug safety, has so penetrated the regulatory agencies and halls of power that they can intimidate any scientist at FDA who too often refuses to approve their products.

The latest CNN episodes this evening are reporting on the payoffs that drug companies have routinely been making to doctors for prescribing their products, disguising them as reimbursements for "clinical trials." Dr. David Graham, the senior FDA scientist just profiled on 60 Minutes, fought against the approval of Vioxx, which he correctly predicted was highly dangerous. Before its manufacturer, Merck, withdrew it out of fear of liability, he estimates it killed 50,000 people. But not before Merck collected billions on it, of course.

Iatrogenic injuries -- injuries caused by drugs used completely legally and as prescribed by doctors -- are estimated to be the fourth leading cause of death in the US, right after heart disease, cancer, and stroke. We know why. It is no secret when you can tune in to CNN and 60 Minutes to hear all about it.

ROADBLOCK Tour in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Saturday, Feb. 19th

Michigan, 17.02.2005 16:34

As they create global connections between their zones of production and consumption, we must create connections between the local and global struggles against neoliberalism, ecocide, and corporate globalization.

2pm :: Detroit :: 3535 Cass Ave (1st block north of Cass and MLK) :: Free
7pm :: Ann Arbor :: ICC Education center (behind 1510 Hill) :: Free

Cooperative Pie

Portland, 17.02.2005 15:28

Have I mentioned that capitalism is a crock? Oh, yes, come to think of it, I suppose I have brought that up a time or two over the last eighteen or so years of broadcasting dissent. It's one of those topics that almost no one wants to hear—after all, isn't capitalism sort of inevitable—human greed and all?

Greed is certainly a human condition—so are anger, lust, ennui, bitterness, et cetera, but we don't seek to build an economic system on those feelings. Greed happens, but only under conditions of unbalance. There's a reason it's considered a negative emotion.

Capitalism isn't natural. It's a feudalist hangover, an uncured social disease that has yet to be eradicated. It demands ever-more extreme propaganda, ever greater lies, ever greater accumulation of wealth and power in the parasite class. It is for capitalism, and its steroidal tumor-growth, corporatism, that we march off to unjust and immoral wars while mass extinction rules the day and the polar caps melt right off the planet. We have been trained to believe that any objection to capitalism is extreme, insane, and traitorous—while the truth is that capitalism is treason to humanity.

Let's destroy capitalism.

ELP Calls for Political Prisoner Support

Portland, 17.02.2005 15:18

Yesterday, as part of his plea bargain, American ALF activist Josh Demmitt handed himself into prison to begin a 30 month prison sentence for an arson against an animal testing facility.

Yesterday a number of USA Greenpeace activists appeared in court accused of hanging a banner on a power station chimney that has been described by Greenpeace as one of the dirtiest coal fuelled power plants in the USA. The message on their banner read "The Bush Energy Plan Kills, Clean Energy Now." Having done their stunt the activists climbed down the chimney only to be arrested on felony charges under the US Patriot Act and threatened to 90 years imprisonment! The only person who was unable to reduce their sentence to five days imprisonment was former Peace activist prisoner Josh Raisler Cohn who has been given a 30 day sentence.

Portland IMC Prisons & Prisoners Page | Break The Chains | |

Genua 2001 in der Nachspielzeit oder der kollektive Ged�chtnisschwund

Germany, 17.02.2005 13:39

Das folgende Interview wurde am Rande einer Informationsveranstaltung (im Rahmen einer Veranstaltungsreihe zum Tag des politischen Gefangenen 2005 - am 08.01.2005 im Berliner Mehringhof von der Gruppe G�teburg/ Genua Soli - mit Laura Tartarini (Rechtsanw�ltin aus Genua) und Luka (einem Mitarbeiter vom "Rechtlichen Sekretariat", einer Gruppe aus Genua die die Prozesse beobachtet) gef�hrt. Es ging dabei um den Stand der Prozesse im Rahmen der Ereignisse in Genua 2001, bei dem Haftstrafen von 6-15 Jahren drohen.

The Witch Hunt Against Ward Churchill

Michigan, 17.02.2005 13:19

"We’re a tolerant society here, but some things cannot be tolerated."

Bill O’Reilly, Fox News discussing University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill
February 11, 2005

An intense battle is being fought out right now over whether anyone will be allowed to express ideas that challenge the U.S. empire, its operations, its motives and its official history.

With growing insistence, rightwing "cultural warriors" have demanded that college campuses be purged. And now this whole campaign has been kicked onto the national political stage. Fox News is on the case, and two Republican governors have demanded that radical professors be fired.

The Project has been Digitized

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 17.02.2005 12:00

The Project The purpose of The Project, a student organized newspaper from UC Santa Cruz, is to document and inspire strategic radical actions that are relevant to local, regional, and global socioeconomic justice. We believe independent media plays a crucial role in facilitating dialogue, organizing mass mobilizations, and encouraging daily acts of resistance.

The February 2005 edition of The Project can be found at various locations on and off campus, such as cafes, mailrooms and libraries, and is now available online at Santa Cruz Indymedia.

The Project has been Digitized

Santa Cruz, CA, 17.02.2005 12:00

The Project The purpose of The Project, a student organized newspaper from UC Santa Cruz, is to document and inspire strategic radical actions that are relevant to local, regional, and global socioeconomic justice. We believe independent media plays a crucial role in facilitating dialogue, organizing mass mobilizations, and encouraging daily acts of resistance.

The February 2005 edition of The Project can be found at various locations on and off campus, such as cafes, mailrooms and libraries, and is now available online at Santa Cruz Indymedia.

Violent Eviction in Goiânia, Brazil

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.02.2005 10:30

Feb. 16th: This morning a 2,500-strong military police operation evicted the Sonho Real (Real Dream) land occupation in the city of Goiânia, Brazil. Two people were killed, over 800 arrested and many wounded, including five very seriously. Among the arrested were two Indymedia reporters, one from Goiânia and one from Indymedia New York.

White man speak with forked tongue

darwin, 17.02.2005 09:47

Kumbutjil Association's caution vindicated

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