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Beverly Harris, Black Box Voting Expose Sat/2

San Diego, 26.02.2005 09:02

Beverly Harris, Executive Director of Black Box Voting, is coming to San Diego. She will speak on “Empowering America to Take Back the Vote.” Harris is the leading advocate for safe, accurate and verifiable elections in America. An investigative reporter by trade, and the author of Black Box Voting: Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century,. she, currently, is investigating the improprieties of the 2004 Presidential Election. She is also involved in several lawsuits against Diebold Elections Systems.

A Cruzada Moral do Papa

Portugal, 26.02.2005 05:40

A Cruzada Moral do Papa

Luis Eduardo Guerra Assassinated In Colombia

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.02.2005 05:33

2/25/2005: SOA Watch received news this week from the Colombia Support Network of the murder of Luis Eduardo, one of the leaders of the San Jose de Apartado Peace Community in Uraba, Colombia. Luis died with seven other civilians, including three children, at the hands of the 11th Brigade of the Colombian Army.

Symposium on the Deportation of Southeast Asian Refugees at UCB on February 26th

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.02.2005 05:29

On Saturday, February 26th, there will be a Symposium on the Deportation of Southeast Asian Refugees, titled Exiled Once Again. This annual event will examine "US Immigration Law, its impact on the Southeast Asian community, and the pending deportations of more than 1,500 Southeast Asian refugees." The Symposium is being organized by Boalt Hall's Asian Law Journal. One panel will discuss the political and historical contexts of deportation policy in the U.S., and another will address issues of community activism and education. Read More On Indybay's Immigrant Page

Soldiers Uniform Display Ignites Freedom of Speech Battle in Sacramento

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.02.2005 05:26

2/15/05: A display of a soldier's uniform on the gable of a house in a quiet neighborhood in the Land Park District of Sacramento has ignited a battle between anti-war activists and Bush administration supporters over the First Amendment. Stephen and Virginia Pearcy, both lawyers who work in Berkeley, decided to put up a uniform of a U.S. soldier hanging on a noose, with the sign "Your Tax Dollars at Work," at their house in Sacramento. A pro-war rally gathered in front of the Pearcy's house while they were away and two individuals, captured on TV cameras, took the display down. On Saturday February 12th, the Pearcys, with the support of members of Veterans for Peace, put a new uniform display on the house. However, this time the uniform was placed with a new sign saying "Bush Lied I Died". On Monday the 14th, a man identifying himself as"Mike" was captured by TV cameras taking down the display for a second time. A candlelight vigil was held on February 15th in front of the Pearcys' home supporting their right to to oppose the war in Iraq. Read More | Photos

Luis Eduardo Guerra Assassinated In Colombia

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.02.2005 05:02

SOA Watch received news this week from the Colombia Support Network of the murder of Luis Eduardo, one of the leaders of the San Jose de Apartado Peace Community in Uraba, Colombia. Luis died with seven other civilians, including three children, at the hands of the 11th Brigade of the Colombian Army.

Democracy Advocates to Observe Anniversary of Ouster of Aristide

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.02.2005 04:54

The Haiti Action Committee has announced a Monday, February 28th rally and march, beginning at 4:30pm, to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the the U.S.-led coup in Haiti. The coup occurred when a contingent of U.S. Marines kidnapped President Jean-Bertrand Aristide from his residence, put him on a plane and expelled him from the country. Hundreds of thousands have been driven into internal exile, thousands have been killed in political violence and hundreds of political prisoners have been incarcerated during the ensuing occupation. The Haiti Action Committee wants people to march with them in solidarity with the Haitian people.

Elecciones en Sgo. del Estero

Argentina, 26.02.2005 04:19

Sabado 26 de Febrero 2004 | Elecciones en Santiago del Estero
Grandes apuestas y un seguro perdedor

HIV/AIDS: Debt, IMF, World Bank, and Patents

DC, 26.02.2005 04:06

The Indian Parliament convened today for their first session of the year to debate on the budget. This year they will also face controversial legislation that was signed by the president in late December that would allow patents of pharmacuetical drugs. Meanwhile in washington, dc, students and youth are gathering Saturday to march for debt cancellation, an end to drug patents, and other issues that are tied to addressing the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Selina Musuta of the dc radio coop reports from Washington, DC.

Elecciones en Sgo. del Estero

Argentina, 26.02.2005 04:05

Sabado 26 de Febrero 2004 | Elecciones en Santiago del Estero

Lake Cowal

Sydney, 26.02.2005 03:52

Lake Cowal and Murray River Educational Tour

Judges Tosses Out Latest NYC Indymedia Subpona

NYC, 26.02.2005 01:59

In an important victory for Indymedia and other radical journalists, a U.S. District Court Judge has quashed the latest in a string of subpoenas received by the NYC Independent Media Center.

The subpoena from the City Law Department arose from a civil suit in which New York City is a defendant. In it, the City demanded voluminous information, including all of the IMC's news reporting, emails, and web pages relating to the 2002 World Economic Forum. The City subpoenaed a number of different organizations, including the National Lawyers Guild, in an attempt to determine who organized an Animal and Earth Liberation March.

NYC IMC made three arguments in seeking to quash the subpoena: first, that the material sought was largely irrelevant to the case; second, that the City of New York could obtain the information it sought just as easily as NYC IMC; third, that a first amendment reporter's privilege protected the NYC IMC.

The US District Court judge agreed with NYC IMC that the material was of marginal relevance and also that the material was publicly available and thus obtainable by the City. While the judge did not directly address the question of reporters privilege, neither did he dismiss the argument outright. All but one of the other subpoenas were also quashed.

NYC Indymedia received pro bono counsel from the NYCLU and the law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton and Garrison.

• subpoena served on NYC IMC [pdf]
• NYC IMC's memorandum explaining why it should not be compelled to respond to the subpoena [pdf]
full record of NYC IMC subpoenas
history of legal attacks on the Indymedia network

Springfield communities respond to police commission decision in Greer police brutality case

Boston, 26.02.2005 00:04

Once again Springfield cops have been let off after brutally beating a Black man. But, as this outrage resonates in the community and more police terror is brought to light, a multi-faceted campaign led by oppressed communities and their allies are fighting back. The Springfield Police Commission voted 3-2 on Jan. 31 to let off four white cops accused of beating and choking Mr. Douglas Greer, a principal at a local charter school Nov. 4. According to Greer, principal of Robert M. Hughes Academy Charter School, he was viciously beaten by the cops Nov. 4. Greer, who has diabetes, drove his car into a South End gas station after feeling ill. A worker at the gas station called police after he failed to rouse Greer, who had lapsed into the early stages of a diabetic seizure.

Relanzan Agencia Infosci

Argentina, 25.02.2005 23:26

Viernes 25 de Febrero 2005 |PERSONAL CONTRA LOS DESPIDOS
La agencia Infosic volvió a funcionar

Relanzan Infosic

Argentina, 25.02.2005 23:21

Viernes 25 de Febrero 2005 |PERSONAL CONTRA LOS DESPIDOS
La agencia Infosic volvió a funcionar

Activist Sentenced to 5 Years for Molotov Attack on Army Recruitment Station

NYC, 25.02.2005 23:01

A man opposed to the war in Iraq will spend the next five years in federal prison for throwing a Molotov cocktail through the window of a local armed forces recruiting station in Vestal, NY, near Binghamton. After serving 5 years behind bars, Brendan Walsh of Endwell, will be supervised for 3 years.

A poster on our open newswire writes: "Brendan Walsh is a hero and deserves support. If anyone has or can find an address for him please post it here."

Masacre en Brasil

Puerto Rico, 25.02.2005 22:53

Sobre la masacre y trabajadores desalojados

Nashville-based Cumberland House Publishing to Release Right Wing Demagogue Jerome Corsi's book &quot;Atomic Iran&quot;

Tennessee, 25.02.2005 22:31

Local Activists Considering Picket or Boycott As if things hadn't gotten any worse, the right wing demagogues who are trying to get rid of Social Security by attacking the AARP are waging a second front on Iran, perhaps beginning the public relations process they deem necessary to usurp the public trust. Nashville based Cumberland House Publishing has recently announced that it will be releasing the new book by Jerome Corsi titled "Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians." Corsi is the co-author of "Unfit for Command" which was part of a PR campaign by the Republican Party to bash Democratic Candidate John Kerry during the 2004 presidential campaign. The book was an attempt to bash Kerry, a decorated Vietnam Veteran, during the campaign which culminated in the debacle surrounding Sinclair Broadcasting's attempts to air the television program "Stolen Honor, Wounds That Never Heal."


Brasil, 25.02.2005 22:14

III Encontro Latino-Americano de Organizações Populares Autônomas

Marsden B power plant blasted

Aotearoa, 25.02.2005 21:11

After occupying the proposed coal-fired Marsden B power station just south of Whangarei three Greenpeace activists decided to descend from what was their 50-metre high home for nine days. “Marsden B is a dirty, polluting power project, a climate killer and will leave a toxic legacy. If the Government is serious about Kyoto then it should stop this project now” said environmental activist Kate Lowe.

Lowe is one of the activists who, well equipped with climbing gear and food for several weeks, climbed the building on the day the Kyoto protocol came into effect. Their demand: that the Government stop Mighty River Power’s plan to convert Marsden B from oil to a coal-fired power station, because of the millions of tonnes of climate-changing carbon dioxide that it will produce in its lifetime.

Occupation blog

Israel plans to build over 6 ,000 more settler homes in West Bank

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.02.2005 20:24

2/25/2005 6 ,391 homes for settlers are slated to be built this year, a sharp increase over 2004. Statistics on the website of the Israel Lands Authority (ILA), whose 2005 construction plan was cited by Yediot, showed the government agency marketed 1, 783 new housing units in the West Bank in 2004 and 1 ,225 in 2003.

La DEA, Tingo Maria, La coca y el cuco

Peru, 25.02.2005 19:53

La DEA, Tingo Maria, La coca y el cuco


Peru, 25.02.2005 19:44


re/de claiming the line / re/de clamando la linea

San Diego, 25.02.2005 19:43

Friday, Feb 25th 2005
re/de clamando la linea/
re/de claiming the line
four part poetry series
(not your average poetry reading)
8pm ($5.00 donation)

Friday, February 25, 2005, 8:00 p.m., Adrian Arancibia,
Juan Coronado. and more

Voz Alta - 1544 Broadway - East Village (northwest corner of 16th and Broadway) - Nextdoor to Landlord Jims Bar

Voz Alta will feature current and former members of the
Taco Shop Poets along with emerging local poets in re/de clamando la linea/ re/de claiming the line a four part poetry series. re/de clamando la linea/ re/de claiming the line documents the experience of living on the border, re/claiming urban space and de/claiming the physical border transforming notions of identity and re-territorializing space from taco shops to the academy.
Where do we locate ourselves within the discourse of globalization, new chicano identities, redevelopment and displacement of our communities? re/de clamando la linea/ re/de claiming the line attempts to answer these questions. The poets in this series have performed throughout the Southern California each with a claim to San Diego, these are stories with a history and new beginnings all calling San Diego home.

Friday, March 18, 2005, 8:00 p.m., Tomas Riley, Lizz Huerta, Diego Davalos
Saturday, April 30, 2005, 8:00 p.m., Adolfo Guzman-Lopez, Amaranta Cabellero, Michael Cheno
Friday, June 17, 2005, 8:00 p.m., Miguel Angel Soria,
Joseph Macias, Marta Gonzalez

Catalyst Radio for 2/25/2005

Michigan, 25.02.2005 17:59

This week Catalyst radio speaks with Rosalynn Bliss, local organizer for the annual International Women’s Day events. In the News Analysis segment, the GRIID crew look at recent local media coverage of the appointment of John Negroponte as National Intelligence Director, a local march against violence, and crime.

Catalyst Radio is a 30 minute weekly radio program of the Community Media Center airing every Friday at 9:30 on WYCE 88.1 FM Current and past episodes of Catalyst Radio can be downloaded and listened to at the audio archives section of the Catalyst Radio website.


Uruguay, 25.02.2005 17:32

Goiânia (Brasil): el estado en guerra contra los pobres

The Value of Ward Churchill

Madison, 25.02.2005 16:12

A commentary on Churchill's value to our own thinking and why, for that reason, we should support him.

Waukesha Catholic Worker Arrested At The Pentagon

Madison, 25.02.2005 14:06

Judith Williams got busted along with two other SOAW activists for kneeling down in front of Tuesday morning rush hour pedestrian traffic at the Pentagon. She was jailed for a couple hours and now must go to court this May on two charges. I forget the specifics.

Iraq-pillagers continue to be targetted

United Kingdom, 25.02.2005 13:00

Thanks to the Coalition Provisional Authority's Order 39 the occupation of Iraq has coincided with a mass selling-off of Iraq's public assets. Here in the UK there has been an ongoing campaign opposing this process; a process which amounts in international law to the illegal pillage of Iraq.

Weekend Plans in the Wild Siskiyou!

Rogue Valley, 25.02.2005 11:11

Saturday, February 26 - Sunday, February 27
Please support local organizing efforts in the Biscuit!

Thanks to everyone who has already contributed to the fresh momentum to halt the horrific logging plans in the wild Siskiyou. To stop logging and prevent further destruction of these sensitive ecosystems, Siskiyou supporters must participate in some capacity now. Volunteers are needed for forest watch, leading hikes, media and event coordination, and direct action.

This weekend several events in the the Illinois River Valley offer an opportunity to get involved and meet other organizers engaged in the campaign to protect the Wild Siskiyou. On Saturday the Biscuit Alliance is hosting an evening of live music, food, and speakers at the Takilma Community Center, near Cave Junction. The evening will feature music by Darryl Cherney and the Chernobles after a veggie dinner starting at 6 p.m. The next morning a group hike into a threatened forest will begin at 10 am.

For more information about the event, please check out the Biscuit Alliance web site ( To make a donation or get more involved, please write

National Eating Disorders Week Observed in the Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.02.2005 08:41

National Eating Disorders Week will take place from February 27th through March 5th. Events are scheduled all over the Bay Area for that week.

Save Our Bog... say no to environmental destruction meeting in Bemidji

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 25.02.2005 07:13

Meeting: Save Our Bog; March 8, 2005; Bemidji, Minnesota Tuesday, March 8 5:45–7:45 p.m. Aquila Building 301 2nd Street NW Downtown Bemidji

Jail Phone Victory!

Urbana-Champaign, 25.02.2005 06:18

Advocates for eliminating the practice of Champaign County accepting a kickback from the jail phone provider saw victory Thursday night as the Champaign County Board voted to completely eliminate the “compensation.” Champaign County has been accepting compensation for their phone contract since at least 1998.

65 Horas, Salvo Disposição em Contrário

Portugal, 25.02.2005 04:54

65 Horas, Salvo Disposição em Contrário

Matan a pacifistas

Colombia, 25.02.2005 01:21

Masacre en San José de Apartadó

First Green Precinct Committee People!

Urbana-Champaign, 25.02.2005 01:17

On Friday, Green Party Candidates from the 2004 County Board races will appoint precinct committee people for the Green Party in Champaign and Urbana, now an established party under Illinois Law for those county board seats.

Suburban Ecosystems

Perth, 25.02.2005 00:33


Environmental Tour, Australia

Melbourne, 24.02.2005 23:23

Activist Road Trip pulls in to Melbourne

Anti-war Activists in Court

Melbourne, 24.02.2005 22:36

Opera House Anti-War Activists lose appeal

Packed Public Workshop on Pacific Lumber Logging Plans

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.02.2005 21:08

A jam-packed audience attended a public workshop that aired concerns surrounding controversial logging plans by Maxxam/Pacific Lumber and the flooded-out residents who oppose them. In front of a standing room only crowd that spilled into the lobby, opposing sides gave their best to convince the North Coast Regional Water Board that they should – or shouldn’t – approve permits for waste discharge for logging in two impaired Northern California valleys.

indymedia (es)

Barcelona, 24.02.2005 20:49

Nueva política editorial de Indymedia Barcelona

Saving TennCare is a Civil Rights Issue

Tennessee, 24.02.2005 20:45

This article contends that the fight to save TennCare is an instrumental civil rights issue. Unfortunately, Governor Phil Bredesen has refused to see the connection between civil rights and maintaining a health care safety net for Tennessee's most vulnerable populations. This will leave a permanent stain on his legacy.

Buenos Aires: La policía Federal Golpea mujeres y niños

Argentina, 24.02.2005 14:19

Jueves 24 de Febrero 2005| DESALOJO VIOLENTO
Buenos Aires: La policía Federal Golpea mujeres y niños

Safe Drinking Water in Jeopardy

Rogue Valley, 24.02.2005 14:12

HB 2025 threatens the safety of drinking water supplies to all Oregon communities larger than 10,000. Despite the fact that mandatory fluoridation proposals have been twice soundly defeated, this bill could pass if folks who value safe drinking water do not speak up NOW!

FRSC: Interview with Ron Anicich of Bad Cop, No Donut!

Santa Cruz, CA, 24.02.2005 12:42

Skidmark Bob interviews Ron Anicich of Bad Cop, No Donut! before a media attack. Toronto Police Chief Julian Fantino says Bad Cop, No Donut! promotes hatred of the police [see: Get 'hate mongering' off air: Fantino]. Ron talks about the show and support from CKLN. It will be intresting to see how this develops.

A commenter writes: Another critic who needs our support and solidarity! Put him on the list with Ward Churchill and Lynne Stewart, with Free Radio and WAMM. Seems like critics are getting silenced quick and fast in the third Bush administration.

Bad Cop No Donut, for those who aren't aware, is an excellent weekly digest of nationwide accounts of Police Brutality, from lawsuit settlements and legal decisions, to off duty officer conduct and corruption, to taser use, deadly force, and stories yet to be told.
Anicich gathers all the PIC [Prison Industrial Complex] news he can find and puts together a weekly compilation.

Audio: Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 (18.4 MB)

Free Radio Santa Cruz airs Bad Cop, No Donut! every Thursday at 1:00pm PST
101.1fm in Santa Cruz, California

See also: [ Salinas man dies after getting hit by taser stun gun I The Shocking Truth about Tasers ]


Sydney, 24.02.2005 11:36

Will and Dave's Court Result

SIEV X - Book launch

darwin, 24.02.2005 09:40

Tony Kevin to launch his book, �A Certain Maritime Incident - the sinking of the SIEV X�

CNI, the Holocaust and Pete McCloskey

DC, 24.02.2005 09:18

The Council for the National Interest is categorically appalled by what happened to the Jews in Europe during World War II, which is called the Holocaust, and recognizes the utter horrors of state sponsored terrorism against a race, national or religious group whenever or wherever it occurs. In the memory of many of us, it happened to Jews, to black South Africans, Kurds, Tutsi, Muslim Bosnians, Chechens, and to Palestinians, which is called the Nakba or Catastrophe. In our grandparents’ time, it happened to Armenians, and before that, to native Americans and Africans during the Middle Passage.

2/24 Books Not Bars Town Hall Meeting in Oakland

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.02.2005 07:26

On Thursday, February 24th, Books Not Bars (BNB) will hold a Town Hall Meeting in Oakland. BNB says, "2005 has already been a head-spinning year for juvenile justice reform... weeks ago, State Senator Gloria Romero introduced a bill that calls for closing CYA’s Chad facility and 'redesigning or rebuilding' all the facilities within 3 years...the CYA lawsuit settlement brought plans for a whole new juvenile justice model for the state. The Books Not Bars "Alternatives for Youth" campaign invites everyone to come out for a big campaign update and celebration of our victories so far. Find out what is happening and how you can get involved." Books Not Bars is planning a series of events throughout the year as part of a campaign to close the California Youth Authority's youth prisons, and to transform juvenile justice.Books Not Bars is requesting that people RSVP before coming. Read more

VICTORY in Chris Otten's trial for last year's Mawanaj incident

DC, 24.02.2005 06:59

Chris Otten's trial finally ended today in complete VICTORY! The judge cut off closing arguments and ruled for acquital.

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