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Roma-Genova a/r

Italy, 13.07.2004 08:52

Da Roma a Genova

Jewish San Francisco Activist Denied Entry into Israel

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.07.2004 05:55

Jewish San Francisco Activist Denied Entry into Israel

Halliburton, you have a problem

Houston, 13.07.2004 05:52

Halliburton, you have a problem...

Jewish San Francisco Activist Denied Entry into Israel

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.07.2004 05:37

Jewish San Francisco Activist Denied Entry into Israel

4,000 U.S. Scientists Accuse Bush Administration of Distorting and Misrepresenting Science

Madison, 13.07.2004 04:49

The Union of Concerned Scientists has blown the whistle on the Bush Administration for interfering with the integrity of the scientific review process on issues such as mercury contamination of the environment, public health and safety issues and global warming. In releasing of its latest report last week, "Scientific Integrity in Policymaking: An Investigation into the Bush Administration's Misuse of Science", the Union of Concerned Scientists recommends Congress hold oversight hearings on the administration's action "because of the enormous consequences scientific decision making can have on matters of human health, economics and the future well being of American citizens".

Datenschutz im Pr�ventionsstaat

Germany, 13.07.2004 03:03

Die Gefahr der Schaffung eines sogenannten �berwachungs- oder Polizeistaates wird seit den Anschl�gen vom 11. September 2001 immer �fter in den gesellschaftlichen Diskurs ger�ckt. Schnell treten �ngste vor Gesellschaftsutopien wie in George Orwells "1984" oder "Fahrenheit 451" von Ray Bradbury an die Oberfl�che. Schnell f�hlt man sich erinnert an die Schrecken des Nationalsozialismus oder die Datensammlung der Staatssicherheit und des MdI in der DDR.
Weniger pauschalisierend und oberfl�chlich ist der politikwissenschaftliche Begriff "Pr�ventionsstaat". Dieser soll hier anhand von Beispielen aus der Bundespolitik und der Einschr�nkung des Datenschutzes erl�utert werden.

Iniziative Genova

Italy, 13.07.2004 01:12


Puerto Rico d��a a d��a...

Puerto Rico, 13.07.2004 00:54

Guayama: Pueblo de Satos, Molinos y Brujer��as

Spoiling the critics' easy answers

Madison, 12.07.2004 22:39

For Greens, choosing Cobb is the next step toward a more open and democratic America.

July 18: Activists To Stage First International Disability Pride Parade in Chicago

Chicago, 12.07.2004 22:16

People with disabilities, their families and supporters will gather from across the region this Sunday, July 18 for the inaugural nationwide Disability Pride Parade -� part of a week of actions to celebrate people with disabilities and build their fight for rights and dignity. Step-off is at noon from Solidarity Drive near the Museum Campus, with a post-parade celebration on Soldier Field's Stadium Green from 1-4 p.m.

Participating groups include Access Living and Chicago�s mighty ADAPT chapter, which led the March 20 anti-war march to mark the one-year anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Vietnam Veterans Against the War is supplying a rally speaker and a marching contingent at the request of organizers, who have seen a growing number of vets join their community in the wake of injuries they�ve received in the war in Iraq. And organizers have extended an open invitation to the public: everyone who believes that Disability is a natural part of human diversity and supports Disability Pride is invited to be a part of the parade. Find out more.

Your Civil Rights May Be Briefly Delayed: MBTA Security Inspections &amp; the 4th Amendment

Boston, 12.07.2004 22:11

A permanent policy of random searches of baggage on the T not based on probable cause or any suspicion at all is inconsistent with the general spirit of liberty, violate the Fourth Amendment privileges of T passengers, and serves only the selfish interest of expanding police power at the expense of Bostonians.

Mikva Report on County Fire: Investigation or Coverup?

Chicago, 12.07.2004 22:10

Nine months after a highrise fire killed six people in the Cook County Administration Building, the "Mikva Panel" -- commissioned by Cook County to examine the conditions that led to the deaths -- finally released its report last week. That report comes in the wake of months of wrangling between Cook County, the building's politically connected management firm, the fire department and the police department about responsibility for the workers' deaths...and what steps should be taken to prevent another tragedy.

Chicago Indymedia stringer "Drunk Bastard" has been tirelessly covering this evolving story, and reports on this latest effort to 'investigate' the fire, point fingers -- and dodge responsibility. Read more.

Read previous reports in this series:

Breaking News

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.07.2004 21:49

The Media Fear Mongering Begins

NYC, 12.07.2004 21:46

The demonizing of protesters has begun. The NY Daily News ran a front-page "story" today on the nefarious plans of "internet-using anarchists." "Fringe elements are hoping to spark major disruptions at the Republican National Convention with a series of sneaky tricks - including fooling bomb-sniffing dogs on trains bound for Penn Station, the Daily News has learned." (Apparently "learned" means being told at a police press conference. Who knew?) The article's only support for its assertions is reference to postings urging protesters to cover their clothes in gunpowder to throw off bomb-sniffing dogs or leave "traces of ammonium nitrate" on trains and quotes from Police Comissioner Ray Kelly and two anonymous police officers. No url is provided for the postings. A 17 year old Indymedia reader has this to say about the Daily News article: "It was almost like reading a COMIC BOOK. TOTALLY B.S." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.|| An anarchist response|| "Law of the Fist"

Justice for Rudy Cardenas

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.07.2004 21:20

San Jose Demands Justice for Rudy Cardenas

Bay Area Organizes to Protest RNC in New York City

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.07.2004 21:20

Bay Area Residents Plan Travel to New York to Protest the RNC


Portland, 12.07.2004 20:02

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Thessaloniki, 12.07.2004 17:48

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Justice for Palestine: Tear Down the Apartheid Wall

Santa Cruz, CA, 12.07.2004 16:11

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, the Netherlands, gave its advisory opinion on the Apartheid Wall in Palestine on July 9th. In light of the recent opinion from the ICJ, the Israeli government is trying to manipulate the truth and disguise the colonial foundation of its racist apartheid policy. It has depicted a decision by its own High Court to move 30km of the Apartheid Wall as a Palestinian ���victory���, but Palestinians see how, on the contrary, this decision validates Israel���s claim that the Wall is solely a security measure and how it states that the Wall can be built on Palestinian land. The Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign calls on all people to remain critical of the ICJ opinion. Help bring the Palestinian grassroots struggle against the Apartheid Wall to the forefront of global action and amplify the claims of those resisting on the ground: Tear Down the Apartheid Wall! Stop the Occupation! Sanctions and Boycott on Apartheid Israel! Audio: Jamil Dakwar of Human Rights Watch speaks about the recent decision in the ICJ [ International Court of Justice (ICJ) I Apartheid Wall I Stop The Wall ]

Save Angelo

Qc, 12.07.2004 15:45

Save Angelo! Pull out Philippine troops from Iraq!

Save Angelo

Qc, 12.07.2004 15:43

Save Angelo! Pull out Philippine troops from Iraq!

What Motivates Solo Women Street Performers?

Santa Cruz, CA, 12.07.2004 15:32

In 1992 (pre-google days), I spent 3 months in college doing individual study/research on the historical documentation of women street performers. Not only was there nothing on women street performers in library archives, sans a tale or two of women troubadours from long ago, but there was a serious lack of documentation of street performer (or ���busker���) history altogether. The lifestyles of street performers are romanticized or shamed, but the fact remains: there is a mystique around street performance since so few know who we are, why we became street performers, and why we keep doing it. Solo women street performers are especially mysterious to the mainstream, as we break gender stereotypes. I have started getting firsthand interviews with all the street performers I have known in my 25+ year career as a busker, so that more documentation will exist for students in the future. This article evolved from interviews with two infamous women street performers that I have shared venues with over the decades. [ Kirsten Anderberg's Articles ]

Tribes Host protest in Southern Oregon and Scotland for Klamath Salmon

Portland, 12.07.2004 15:30

Save Angelo

Qc, 12.07.2004 15:25

Save Angelo! Pull out Philippine troops from Iraq!

Save Angelo

Qc, 12.07.2004 14:49

Save Angelo! Pull out Philippine troops from Iraq!

RESIST the regime - July 13 in Duluth

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 12.07.2004 14:48

July 13 visit by George Bush to Duluth to be met with large protests. A mass, non-partisan rally organized by Progressive Action will take place from 4-5 p.m. on Tuesday at the Duluth Civic Center (5th Avenue West and First Street, downtown.)

Save Angelo! Pull out Philippine troops from Iraq!, 12.07.2004 14:39

Calls to pull out Philippine troops from Iraq are mounting as the life of Filipino truck driver Angelo De la Cruz is still in limbo. Angelo was taken hostage on July 8 by Iraqi rebels who are demanding the pullout of the 51 Filipino soldiers and policemen by July 20.

At least 3,000 Filipino's are currently working in Iraq, many of them on US military bases. They are part of the almost one million Filipino migrant workers in the Middle East who fled the poverty and lack of job opportunities in their own country. Angelo De la Cruz, for example, is a poor 47-year-old father of eight from the town of Mexico, Pampanga.

Pictures: 1 | 2 | 3


Is the Bush Regime Getting Ready to Suspend the Presidential Elections?

Arkansas, 12.07.2004 14:25

For months now, the Bush Administration has been warning Americans of an impending terror attack - an attack, likely at the hands of al Qaeda, which will probably take place in the fall as an attempt to disrupt the November elections. Now, in a move unprecedented in U.S. history, the Bush Cartel appears to be looking at ways in which to cancel or postpone national elections if their ���predicted��� terror attack occurs.

Ripreso il LSO

Italy, 12.07.2004 13:07

Rioccupato l'ex collocamento di Via Gioberti

Nunca M��is! (reiniciando...)

Galiza, 12.07.2004 12:26

Nunca M��is! (reiniciando...)

inmigration (en)

Barcelona, 12.07.2004 07:26

If they expel an immigrant, they expel us to all

>>> [13thJuly 2oh] In front of French consulate (Rda.Universitat,22 b): Concentration of support and solidarity with "Sans Papiers" under arrest in Paris

>>> [18Julio 12h] Beach "Nova Mar Bella": Paterem el f��rum!!!

:: Paris (urgent): Brutal repression against "sans papiers"

Hunger strike in front of the cathedral ::: Beginning of the hunger strike of "without papers": razorwire ::: Two hundreds of "without papers" in hunger strike in the stairs of cathedral ::: /a>The "without papers" they decided to follow with the hunger strike ::: "without papers": second day in hunger strike ::: Video of the "bicicletada" in favor of the immigrants ::: The hunger strike of the immigrants finishes

:: Other news: Proposal from generalitat to central government ::: mobilizations of immigrants in the Australian Continent

:: Texts: In Barcelona with "chilaba" ::: Before immigration, solidarity, never compassion ::: Lesson of the "without papers"

>>> + info: Immigration + media gallery

inmigraci��n (es)

Barcelona, 12.07.2004 07:24

Si expulsan a un@ inmigrante, nos expulsan a tod@s

>>> [13Julio 20h] Delante Consulado Franc��s (Rda.Universitat 22 b): Concentraci��n de apoyo y solidaridad con los "Sans Papiers" detenidos en Par��s

>>> [18Julio 12h] Playa "Nova Mar Bella": Paterem el f��rum!!!

:: Par��s (urgente): Brutal represi��n contra los "sans papiers"

Huelga de hambre delante de la catedral ::: Comienzo de la huelga de hambre de los "sin papeles": Seguimiento ::: Dos centenares de "sin papeles" en huelga de hambre en las escaleras de la catedral ::: /a>Los "sin papeles" resuelven seguir con la huelga de hambre ::: "Sin papeles": segundo d��a en huelga de hambre ::: Video de la bicicletada a favor de los inmigrantes ::: Finaliza la huelga de hambre de los inmigrantes

:: Otras noticias: Propuesta de la generalitat al gobierno central ::: movilizaciones de inmigrantes en ocean��a

:: Textos: En Barcelona con chilaba ::: Ante la inmigraci��n, solidaridad, nunca compasi��n ::: Lecci��n de los "sin papeles"

>>> + info: Inmigraci��n + galeria media

inmigraci�� (ca)

Barcelona, 12.07.2004 07:10

Si expulsen a un@ immigrant, ens expulsen a tot@s

>>> [13Juliol 20h] Davant Consolat Franc��s (Rda.Universitat 22 b): Concentraci�� en recolzament i solidaritat amb els "Sans Papiers" detinguts a Par��s

>>> [18Juliol 12h] Platja "Nova Mar Bella": Paterem el f��rum!!!

:: Par��s (urgent): Brutal repressi�� contra els "sans papiers"

Vaga de fam davant de la catedral ::: Comen��a la vaga de fam dels "sense papers": Seguimient ::: Dos centenars de "sense papers" en vaga de fam a les escales de la catedral ::: /a> ::: Els "sense papers" decideixen continuar amb la vaga de fam ::: "Sense papers": segon dia en vaga de fam ::: V��deo de la bicicletada a favor dels immigrants ::: Finalitza la vaga de fam dels immigrants

:: altres not��cies: Proposta de la generalitat al govern central ::: mobilitzacions d'immigrants a oceania

:: textos: En Barcelona amb gel-laba ::: Davant la immigraci��, solidaritat, mai compasi�� ::: Lli���� dels "sense papers"

>>> + info: Immigraci�� + galeria media

StreetLevel TV

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.07.2004 07:07

StreetLevel TV Hosts First Volunteer Orientation

Jewish State Denies Entry to Jewish Activist

San Francisco, 12.07.2004 06:19

Jewish State Denies Entry to Jewish Activist From San Francisco

Ley de acreditacion

Chile, 12.07.2004 05:33

Mi��rcoles 7 Julio

Estudiantes a la calle

Aborto: Un debate pendiente

Argentina, 12.07.2004 05:08

Lunes 12 de Julio
Aborto: Un debate pendiente

Aborto: Un debate pendiente

Argentina, 12.07.2004 04:38

Lunes 12 de Julio
Aborto: Un debate pendiente

War Feels Like War

Houston, 12.07.2004 03:17

Saturday, July 24, 7:30 pm

War Feels Like War

Houston, 12.07.2004 02:39

Saturday, July 24, 7:30 pm

Torturers In Our Midst?

Richmond, 12.07.2004 02:24

When the pictures of prisoner torture from Abu Ghraib broke, most of us were enraged and ashamed of our country. Here in Richmond, we were unaware that this international tragedy had a direct link to our hometown. CACI, the private military contractor deeply implicated in the abuses at Abu Ghraib, has offices in our fair city at 700 E. Main Street downtown. On the face of it, CACI is just a computer services firm that does most of its business with the military. The public didn't even know CACI was in the prisoner interrogation business until it was revealed that the army's report on Abu Ghraib names one of their employees, Steven Stephanowicz, as the individual who ordered much of the torture. The military police that carried out Stephanowicz's orders will be tried for their acts, but a legal loophole allows him and other contracted interrogators to walk free. In the meantime, the government hasn���t suspended CACI's interrogation work. The company still has 27 interrogators in Iraq. And in the two months since the revelation of CACI���s involvement in Abu Ghraib, the government has awarded the company two more multi-million dollar defense contracts. Apparently it is now the responsibility of citizens, not the government, to make it known that a corporation should not repeatedly violate the Geneva Conventions and send us the bill. An anti-war march on July 3 brought about 500 people to the doorstep of CACI���s Richmond offices. Groups from DC and Northern Virginia have protested outside the company's corporate headquarters in Arlington. Even if our government doesn't seem embarrassed to do business with the likes of CACI, we in Richmond can - and should - hold ourselves to a higher standard. The Virginia Anti-War Coalition, a recently formed group that organized the march, will host a public hearing on CACI Wednesday July 14 at 7 p.m. at the Pace Center, 700 W. Franklin Street. ---- (A version of this article appears in the current issue of SLANT, a free local print publication.)


Houston, 12.07.2004 00:44

Tejas mobilizes for the RNC

Report-back from Growing Your Own Tobacco Workshop

Portland, 12.07.2004 00:12

Stealing From The Poor, The Section 8 Scandal

Boston, 11.07.2004 18:23

#media_4412;left# The sanctomonius pimps for the Bush administration have been making the rounds lately trying to counter the recent news stories showing up from here to hell that have exposed the plight of the nearly 2 million Section 8 renters that are now being threatened with homelessness because of the recent actions of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) officials. More than $22 billion dollars in federal money is being diverted to ���homeland security��� with $2 billion of that amount coming from HUD's much needed budget that in part provides funding for the nation's homeless shelters and the poorest of renters in America. Being a barometer of what is likely to happen across the nation, as an example, Massachusetts would have been forced to rescind vouchers from 3,700 families because HUD's new policy created a $3.1 million gap in Section 8 funding.

New York Gets Ready for the RNC

Michigan, 11.07.2004 15:57

The 2004 Republican National Convention will be held at Madison Square Garden in New York City, August 30 through September 2, 2004. Organizers have been preparing for mass marches, direct action and street theater for nearly a year. And NYC IMC and its paper, The Indypendent, will be on the ground covering it all.

The NYC Grassroots Media Coalition, which includes the New York City Independent Media Center, is working to provide convergence spaces for independent reporters from August 27 to September 4. The Grassroots Media Coalition is asking independent journalists from out of town to register here.

[Interviews with anti-RNC organizers | "We Choose the World" | noRNC Poster Collective]

Michigan activists are mobilizing to go to New York for the RNC protests. To contact them, email mm2bbdown -at-

AAACP &amp; Palestine: Break the Silence Report No. 2

Michigan, 11.07.2004 15:49

It's been almost two weeks since the first action of "Break the Silence" to encourage our friends in the Ann Arbor Area Committee for Peace (AAACP) to make it a better, more democratic peace organization and to implement the AAACP's own "Call for Peace in the Middle East."

That same day we got a response. What happens when you criticize a peace group for its silence and silencing on the Palestine-Israel conflict? Some people try to silence you!

Arlington West 4th July

LA, 11.07.2004 15:23

Arlington West - America��s Wake Up Call

Madison Kipp - The Struggle for Clean Air

Madison, 11.07.2004 14:22

Before she goes to bed, Anne Chacon puts a gas mask on her face. "The air gets so bad in here at night that it really hurts to breathe," she said. Chacon lives next to the Kipp factory. Chacon's gas mask protects most of these chemicals. "If I didn't have these I probably couldn't sleep at all." Chacon and other residents under the group Clean Air Madison are challenging Kipp and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in court. This riveting half hour episode examines closely a situation common to everybody in an industrial society.

 Download an MP3 of the program
 Listen to the show in RealAudio

David McReynolds, Peace Activist, Announces for US Senate as a Green

Hudson Mohawk, 11.07.2004 14:19

Longtime peace activist David McReynolds announced today that he is running for US Senate from New York as a Green Party candidate. "The overwhelming issue confronting the United States is the militarization of this country," stated McReynolds. "One result of this militarization is that when the nation faces a genuine crisis, as it did on September 11, 2001, the only response that comes to mind is military action - in that case the invasion of Afghanistan. Because of this military mind-set, George Walker Bush was able to gain broad support when he launched an aggressive war against Iraq. Currently tens of billions of dollars of national treasure are being drained in Iraq, the lives of our own troops, and the lives of many Iraqis, are being wasted as a result of this criminal adventure.

Protest HLS Client: Sumitomo

Portland, 11.07.2004 13:50

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