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Now is the Time to Stop the Border Fence!

San Diego, 04.03.2005 01:45

Here is some of the list traffic from and other emails today. It is unfortunate that everyone is so snowed about the need for a triple fence to stop terrorists. We have to get the Senate to say no to the bill that would exempt this fence from environmental laws.

Contact the County Supervisors and contact Boxer and Feinstein!

International Women's Day in San Diego, March 8th

San Diego, 04.03.2005 01:45

The Algebra Project Strikes Again

Baltimore, 04.03.2005 01:45

For two years, the Baltimore Algebra Project (BAP), a tutoring and advocacy program, has protested the State Board of Education's refusal to make deficit appropriations to the Baltimore City Public School System. The group's latest effort was a rally at City Hall followed by a march to the State Board.

Mindless Media, Stewart Case &amp; Blair's Apology

Baltimore, 04.03.2005 01:45

When new homes were torched in MD, the local TV talking heads wrongly blamed “Eco-terrorists!” The influence of the Right Wing-dominated media and draconian new laws on our culture can’t be underestimated. Just look at the unfair conviction on conspiracy charges of Lynne Stewart. British PM Tony Blair has apologized for the unjust jailing of Irish defendants back in the 70s. Years from now will an American president being doing the same thing?

Baltimore Algebra Projects gives city failing grades

Baltimore, 04.03.2005 01:45

The Baltimore Algebra Project held a rally on Wednesday, February 2, 2005 demanding more funding for the Baltimore City Public schools.

The Ehrlich Report

Baltimore, 04.03.2005 01:45

A regular commentary on public affairs. This month--an alternative to the president's state of the union address.

Austin, TX: John's Indyconference Dispatch #1

Baltimore, 04.03.2005 01:45

Indymedia doesn't meet often. Getting everyone scattered throughout the world, or even throughout a single continent, in the same place, at the same time, when you are trying to gather together a dispersed network of individuals and autonomous collectives, and with little to none in the way of money to make this happen, has proved difficult. The usual lure is a major counter-summit or protest, when the movement converges, so does Indymedia, but amid the tear gas and the frantic recabling of the temporary radio studio, relaxed long-term discussions of vision and structure usually fail to manifest themselves. This weekend in Austin there's a space and a time to have some of these discussions: about a 125 people have made it to Texas as part of the Indyconference, which is proving to be a mixture of a somewhat straightforward conference on alternative media with a more freewheeling parallel track of unofficial IMC network meetings and workshops. Sadly, whether due to lack of funding or communication, most of the imc's and imcsista's here are from the U.S. But while not ideal, that's ok, there's a lot to be talked about and a lot of information to share just among the dozens of imc's in this country. Even finally be able to connect a real face to an irc nick or an email address you've been working alongside for years is satisfying and strangely vertiginous.

Ireland's war on Afghanistan on trial this week

Ireland, 04.03.2005 01:44

Dubsky -v- Ireland - Four Courts, February 8th-11th War on Trial in Ireland. A judicial review of Ireland's participation in the US war in Afghanistan will be heard in the Irish High Court on February 8th, 9th and 10th. The case was initiated over two years by Eoin Dubsky, who joined with many others to protest against the US military overflights and refueling when in 2002 most refused to recognise Ireland's part in the bombing of Afghanistan. Previous pre-trial hearings were successful in forcing the State to produce information on US military activity in Shannon. The case primarily concerns the orders (or waiver of orders) which were made by the Irish government to allow US military flights pass through Ireland for the war in Afghanistan without Dail consent or UN resolutions. An estimated 400,000 American troops have passed through Shannon Airport alone since September 2001. The true number of weapons and explosives which have passed through is unknown. Unlike the Iraq war, the Irish government never sought the assent of the Irish parliament to allow Ireland's airspace and airports be used for American military flights relevant to the Afghanistan war. In the aftermath of September 11th the Government said normal conditions were waived in respect of aircraft operating in pursuit of the implementation of the Security Council Resolution 1368 "to bring to justice the perpetrators of 911" yet the attacks Afghanistan and Iraq and now Iran have nothing to do with combatting terrorism." Blank Cheque: Revisiting Ireland's decision to refuel US warplanes). Disclosure from cases did reveal that for a period US military troops and cargo passed through Shannon without permissions. Eoin was arrested for painting peace slogans onto a USAF C-130 at Shannon Airport three days before initiating his case in the High Court, September 2002. In the six months that followed the airport was the sight of many protests and vigils, a peace camp and further direct actions (including Pitstop Ploughshares and Mary Kelly). This judicial review does not effect his previous case and his criminal record (for damaging the warplane). Whether the case will have an effect on US military overflights and refueling depends on what we do with it. There was little response to Ed Horgan's judicial review over Iraq, which established that a neutral country cannot allow movement of substantial armed troops and munitions through its territory but was defeated because Justice Kearns said that Ireland neutrality is only "aspirational" and we are not under any obligation to obey customary international law. Action: Come along to Court 13 or 14 (ask for Dubsky -v- Ireland), The Four Courts, February 8-11th to lend support.To contact Eoin phone: +33 6 86789118, +353 87 6941060 Further Info Public Meeting on Shannon Warport This Friday Feb. date fixed for Dubsky v Ireland in High Court Full report on Dubsky Vs DPP in regard to USAF Plane Spray Painting

A Different Kind Of 'Route Irish'

Ireland, 04.03.2005 01:44

Can Shannon Airport be Transformed into a Sanctuary for War Resisters? What if the funnel to Iraq, called Shannon Airport, were to be transformed into a sanctuary for US Troops resisting the Iraq War by requesting asylum in Ireland? The 'Route Irish' to Sanctuary Project: Webpage Other Links... Harry Browne writes: 'Don't Get Back on that Plane' Soldiers: Seek Asylum in Ireland - CBS News: ''The Pentagon says more than 5,500 servicemen have deserted since the war started in Iraq.'' (Dec. 8, 2004) Frida Berrigan writes: 'Meet the New Conscientious Objectors' - Voices In The Wilderness The 1951 Convention ''....a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of ... political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country ... owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to it.'' - 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees - History of the 1951 Convention Criteria for the Determinationof Refugee StatusScroll down to 'B. Deserters And Persons Avoiding Military Service' and read paragraphs 167 to 174 The Dublin Convention Under the Dublin Convention, the Republic of Ireland will be the EU member state responsible for processing Asylum claims from Americans as Shannon Airport will be their first port of entry: ''The Member State responsible for controlling the entry of the alien into the territory of the Member States will be responsible for examining the application for asylum....'' San Remo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea, 12 June 1994 ''If the inspection reveals that the aircraft is not a medical aircraft, it may be captured, and the occupants shall, unless agreed otherwise between the neutral State and the parties to the conflict, be detained in the neutral State where so required by the rules of international law applicable in armed conflict, in such a manner that they cannot again take part in the hostilities. - Paragraph 183 In 2004 more than 158,000 US Troops flew through Shannon Airport, most on their way to Iraq. During much of that same period of time approximately 5,500 US Troops have deserted, gone into hiding, sent to jail and some have escaped to Canada. What if the funnel to Iraq, called Shannon Airport, were to be transformed into a sanctuary for US Troops resisting the Iraq War by requesting asylum in Ireland? Audio of the press conference on launch of invitation to make Shannon a Sanctuary of Peace for US Military Resistors.(32/2005) This is the new effort by the Dublin Catholic Worker and other anti-war activists and politicians announced in Dublin on Feb 3rd - the second anniversary of the Pit Stop Ploughshares disarmament of a US Navy Plane at Shannon. Damien Moran of the Dublin Catholic Worker said ''We encourage members of the US Military refusing to participate in this illegal war to seek asylum in Ireland. We encourage members of the US Military landing at Shannon Airport to refuse to reboard the planes bound for Iraq.'' Irish activist Michael Birmingham, back since last May after 20 months in Iraq, believes that the Irish people can use their close connections with Americans to help end the war: ''It is very important that we here in Ireland do what we can through our many contacts in the United States to get the message out to the soldiers that there is an opportunity for them not to go to Iraq.'' Ed Horgan, former Irish Army Commandant and anti-war activist explained, ''As a former soldier I am very slow to recommend that any soldier should desert his army or his country. But this is an exceptional case, the war in Iraq is unlawful and it is immoral.'' The Dublin Catholic Worker will be coordinating with groups such as the Limerick based Midwest Alliance Against Military Aggression and Dublin based Residents Against Racism to connect them to legal assistance, housing and help in escaping from Shannon Airport. Offers of pro-bono defence have also been offered by a number of lawyers. North-Central TD, Finian McGrath, speaking at the press conference, said ''It is incumbent on Gardaí to respect the asylum requests by US Soldiers at the airport. We need to have the follow up support, legal advice to ensure that that person is well after when he's here and going through the asylum process.'' Ed Horgan was optimistic and believes there will be popular support for US Soldiers staying in Ireland: ''Obviously, the Irish Government shouldn't allow US Troops to pass through Shannon, at all. But the Irish people and those in this effort will provide facilities and contacts and help for US Soldiers that jump ship at Shannon.'' Senator David Norris agreed but predicted difficulties for the Irish Government if US Troops apply for asylum in Ireland, ''I guarentee you that the Irish Government will be leaned on in an unmerciful way by the Pentagon and the US State Department.'' Furthermore, Norris believes there will be strong support from many politicians but would be afraid to say so publicly, ''A large number of party members who would be sympathetic to what we are saying on an individual basis but they are 'whipped in' from the top [of their parties] and the impetus is shamefully a financial one.'' ''This is not in any way an 'Anti-American' suggestion.'' Michael Birmingham explained, ''This is very much about showing solidarity also with young American men who, as soon as they leave Shannon Airport and land in Baghdad Airport and drive down 'Route Irish' - will be in a war zone with no way out and will be forced to do things that they and their families would be absolutely apalled by if the knew the truth of it.'' Damien Moran, following up, stated ''As St. Patrick's Day approaches we appeal to the Irish government to extend a 'Céad Mile Fáilte' to the brave military resisters in the U.S. refusing to participate in this illegal war.'' American Refugee Claimants and US Prisoners of Conscience Brandon Hughey - Applied for refugee status in Canada. Jeremy Hinzman - Applied for refugee status in Canada Camilo Mejia - On May 21, 2004, 28-year-old Sgt. Camilo Mejia was sentenced to one year in prison for refusing to return to fight in Iraq. Pablo Paredes - On December 6, 2004 he reported to for duty and refused to board the ship to protest the current US war. Kevin Benderman - faces a possible court-martial after failing to deploy with his unit.

World Social Forum 2005: An Irish Eyewitness Report

Ireland, 04.03.2005 01:44

The Movement Deepens - Mere Gestures on Poverty from Bush, Blair and Lula Will Not Suffice The fifth World Social Forum (WSF) which took place last week in Porto Alegre, Brazil was a vital event for all those who are concerned with the state of the world. The WSF showed clearly that five years on from the Seattle protests, the ‘alter-globalisation’ movement continues to grow in strength and importance. 120,000 registered for the forum, almost 200,000 took part in the opening march and three hundred and fifty two proposals and calls for action came out of the more than 2000 panels and workshops that took place. The fifth World Social Forum (WSF) which took place last week in Porto Alegre, Brazil was a vital event for all those who are concerned with the state of the World. The WSF showed clearly that five years on from the Seattle protests, the ‘alter-globalisation’ movement continues to grow in strength and importance. 120,000 registered for the forum, almost 200,000 took part in the opening march and 352 proposals and calls for action came out of the more than 2000 panels and workshops that took place. The fifth WSF was an inspirational event. In this piece I write about three important issues that capture that inspiration and also address the question of where do the movements go from here? They are firstly, the important diversity and strength of the movement shown in the opening demonstration, the call that came from the final assembly for global action on March 19th against the occupation of Iraq and finally, the debate over the future direction and strategy of the WSF movement. Diversity and Strength of the Movement- Lets Keep it Growing The opening demonstration was a clear manifestation of the important diversity and strength of the movement. Almost 200,000 people took part in the march. It was a sea of colour and noise, united in chanting ‘um otro mundo e possivel’ (another world is possible!). There were gay and lesbian groups, trade unions and workers such as the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the World Trade Union Forum with its banner ‘workers unite in solidarity for a fair world’. Also there, were Christian peace groups, indigenous peoples from Latin America and Asia (most visible were the Dalits from India), NGOs like Action Aid, student groups, anti-war movements, African movements against the debt and women’s organisations. The popular support amongst Brazilians for the forum was visible from the banners they hung from their windows and bridges and, beautifully, an old couple who leaned out of their apartment window banging pots and pans in solidarity with the marchers below. It is vital that everyone continues to build this movement as diverse and united as possible so that we can continue and strengthen the global offensive against neo-liberalism. There will be many opportunities in the near future to do this here in Ireland and abroad. Examples include the mobilisations on March 19th, the mobilisation against Bush and the G8 Summit in Scotland in July (see and opposing the EU Constitutional referendum. Internationally, the movement will also be mobilising for the Summit of the American Governments in November in Argentina and against the meeting of the WTO in Hong Kong in December. March 19th- Global Day of Action-Troops Out Now-No More Wars Secondly, the final assembly of the social movements which involved campaigners and activists from all five continents made a call for the “people in every country to mobilise for a global day of action against war on March 19th demanding troops out of Iraq now and no more wars”(see for details of the call). Over 30 countries are already committed to participating, including Iraq, Palestine, Argentina, Brazil, India, US (400 cities), Italy, Ireland, Japan, Philippines, Australia, Sri Lanka, Hungary, Poland, Venezuela and many more. A similar call was made in January 2003 for global action on February 15th 2003 which resulted in a historic day where over 40 million marched against war. Medea Benjamin, (Global Exchange and United for Peace and Justice) from the USA said at the assembly, “a country like the US that sends its young people particularly the poor and immigrants to fight a war based on lies is decaying from within. A country spending €270 million a day on a war in Iraq when we are closing our schools and hospitals at home is decaying from within. We are working together to have the empire decay from within and from resistance outside. On March 19th the organisation I represent United for Peace and Justice with over 1000 organisations as part of it – will get 1 million people on the streets in over 500 US cities to protest against the occupation of Iraq, Palestine and empire.” Here in Ireland the Irish Anti-War Movement is encouraging everyone to march in Dublin and Belfast on March 19th against the occupation of Iraq and Palestine and for and end to US military landing at Shannon airport (see Which way now for the Movement Finally, there was a clear difference of perspectives over the future direction of the movement. Some organisers of the WSF such as Bernard Cassan (Campaign for the Tobin Tax, France) and prominent NGOs want the movement to focus on pressurising government leaders like Bush, Blair and Lula (President of Brazil) into signing the Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP). They want to avoid the movement focussing on the war and uniting the struggles together, whether in opposition to Lula’s reforms or to capitalism itself. They organised the forum according to the principle of horizontal self-organised zones. This meant that the venues were some distance apart geographically and each one discussed only one individual theme over the entire week. This limited the possibilities of campaigners against poverty, the environment and indigenous movements uniting with, for example anti-war and anti-capitalists into common struggles and critiques. There were only two large rallies where such unity of purpose could have been forged. Both, however, were the very tightly organised and controlled rallies of the political leaders Lula and Chavez. Interestingly WSF principles state that political parties and representatives are not supposed to be given official representation at the forum. Chris Nineham and Alex Callincos from the UK wrote about this after the fifth WSF; “The famous 'Porto Alegre Charter' - the Charter of Principles of the World Social Forum - bans 'party representations' from participating and forbids social forums to take decisions. The prominence of the parties of the radical left at the European Social Forums in Florence and London was strongly criticized for violating the Charter. How then to justify the fact that, on the day the WSF proper began, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva addressed what was notionally a seminar, but was really a mass rally of the ruling Workers Party (PT), within the WSF? Lula is not only leader of the PT, but President of the Republic of Brazil. His participation in the Forum doesn’t seem very 'horizontal'. In our view it was a mistake to impose a ban on parties, since political organizations are inextricably intermingled with social movements and articulate different strategies and visions that are a legitimate contribution to the debates that take place in the social forums. In fact, the Porto Alegre Charter has always been circumvented, but the Lula rally has made the resulting hypocrisy absolutely flagrant. It would surely be more honest to amend or scrap this tattered ban”. Indeed some of the leading intellectuals and organisers of the WSF broke the consensus, horizontal, open space model of the WSF and issued a statement on democracy, debt and the Tobin tax that appeared to be on behalf of the forum. A Deepening Radicalisation Cannot be Avoided However, this attempt to channel the movement towards simply pressurising heads of government did not dampen the increasing radicalisation at the base of the movement. Considerable work by anti-war activists from the UK, Greece, the Philippines and the USA meant that the main call from the assembly of the social movements was the call for the global day of action on March 19th against the US occupation of Iraq. When one talked to many participants at the forum and observed the opening demonstration and the meeting of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, it was clear that those at the base of the movement felt that gestures from government leaders will not be enough to end poverty. They said that in order to end poverty, it is necessary for the masses of people and workers to struggle themselves, rather than relying on heads of state, to end war, neo-liberalism and ultimately replace capitalism. They talked about their disillusionment with Lula’s unfulfilled promises of action on poverty and hunger and asked how could Bush and Blair, responsible for the murder of over 100,000 innocent people in Iraq be serious about ending poverty? This sentiment was visible throughout the forum, among the 200,000 people took part in the opening demonstration and the 25,000 who filled the youth camp. It was visible in the contributions from the MST (the landless peasants and workers movement of Brazil), in the spontaneous demonstrations against the war and the occupation of Palestine; in the meetings where thousands, young and old, sat and stood in 40 degree heat to debate and discuss poverty, power and revolution and, in the tens of thousands who queued for hours to hear Brazilian President Lula, and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez speak. Lula and Chavez –Two Different Worlds Thousands of Lula’s Workers’ Party (PT) faithful were bussed in to the Gigantinho Stadium before he spoke. The gates were closed when the stadium was only three-quarters full but thousands more still queued outside. Chants of ‘ole, ole, ole, ole, Lula, Lula’ rang around the stadium but were not unanimously supported and 200 or so activists booed Lula’s entire speech. Lula was defensive and he condescendingly turned to those booing and said ‘you are immature, and will grow up and then we will be waiting for you to come back to us” There is growing disillusionment with Lula’s PT government. It has broken promises made before its election just over two years ago, signing an agreement with the IMF, attacking pension rights and backing the employers in a bitter strike of bank workers. A number of deputies expelled from the PT have formed a new party: P-SOL, that was very visible throughout the WSF. Despite all this it was obvious that Lula still commands huge respect and support from the workers and poor of Brazil. Chavez, Chavez However, it was at the meeting of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez that the grass roots anti-capitalist sentiment was most visible. 20,000 people, predominantly young packed the stadium (which should put lie to those who describe all young people today as ‘apathetic youth’). Their radical and anti-imperialist chants rang around the stadium before he arrived. They sang; ‘ole, ole, ole, ole, Chavez, Chavez’; and in reference to Lula’s recent education and workers legislation reforms: “1,2,3,4,5..1000..Stop the reforms or we will shut down Brazil”. A large section of the audience chanted, “Lula nao, Chavez si” (Lula no, Chavez yes), to booing from some other sections, showing that you can criticise his reforms but not Lula himself. A Break with Neo-Liberal Capitalism They demanded not mere reforms but a break with neo-liberal capitalism. The 20,000 voices joined in unison singing the Internationale. Hugo Chavez’s speech was much more left-wing than Lula’s, even though he said that each country in Latin America had to proceed according to its own conditions. He also showed a worrying attitude towards some other regimes, saying: ‘there is a good president in Russia, Mr. Putin’, and when he uncritically praised China's fast economic growth. This aside, Chavez is undoubtedly the Latin American leader most in touch with the new movements of resistance against neo-liberalism and imperialism in Latin America.. He said in his speech “We must reclaim socialism as a thesis, a project and a path, but a new type of socialism, a humanist one which puts humans, and not machines or the state ahead of everything. That’s the debate we must promote around the world.” His aim is to use a block of poorer governments as a lever against US power. He wants to build up unions and civil society to support his reforms in Venezuela. These reforms have, however, been very ‘top-down’ in their approach. While Chavez’ anti-imperialist stance and social reforms should be supported, the growth of independent movements of the poor and workers is necessary so that when Chavez or other leaders bow to neo-liberal pressure or when US imperialism intervenes, there is an organised force of workers to resist and build a new world from the bottom up. Conclusion The World Social Forum continues to be an inspiration for all those struggling against neo-liberalism and imperialism around the world. It is a vital space for the movements to come together and show our strength, forge common actions, learn from practical experiences and discuss strategy and the politics of hope and resistance. We must therefore continue to build and support social forums around the world like the WSF and ESF. There are clearly divergent views over the future strategy for the movement. These are vital debates that need to be discussed openly. Our common enemies imperialism and neo-liberalism have lost all legitimacy. They have the lost the battle for the hearts and minds of the worlds population. The World Bank, the IMF and the WTO are failures. But they are far from defeated. We should support and build the common actions like the G8 mobilisation in Scotland called by the Global Call for Action against Poverty. But we should not simply ask the global leaders to wear white ribbons and make nicely worded statements on poverty. Many of those who organised the WSF clearly want our movement to focus its energy on such calls that quite explicitly support social liberal governments like Lula and Blair. But these leaders have shown through their actions in Iraq or through the Lula government sending troops to Haiti that any kind words uttered are only a diversion from the reality. These leaders are liars, mass murderers and serve only the interests of the rich and powerful. Those at the base of the movements see this clearly and are clamouring for much more than words. As a representative from the MST (movement of workers and peasants without land) said to me: “We are in opposition to the current government of president Lula because they are implementing anti-worker policies, they have not met their promises from before the elections. Our struggle by workers and peasants is a fight not just against the Brazilian economic system but against capitalism which is the source of our problems.” By Rory Hearne Delegate from the Irish Anti War Movement to the recent World Social Forum. He is also deputy president of USI (Union of Students in Ireland) and member of the Socialist Workers Party. Views expressed are his own. A documentary of the Forum is being made and I will be available to introduce it at public events etc. Contact: Extensive Archive of IndyBay Coverage of the 2005 WSF Here

Mara Salvatrucha, Social War and the Decline of the Revolutionary Movements in Central America

Ireland, 04.03.2005 01:44

Chicken Bus Diaries: December 2004 . Once this was a place of great hope. During the late 1980’s, the Sandinistas were consolidating the revolution in Nicaragua, the FMLN were on the brink of overthrowing the government in El Salvador and the radical movements in Guatemala and Honduras were gaining ground. Today it is a region convulsed by massive delinquency and chronic state corruption whose economies are surviving tenuously on remittance money sent by migrants. The defeat of the revolutionary movements has ushered in an era of social disintegration resulting in a veritable neo-liberal dystopia. Diary Extract: I scurry over to barrio Martha Quezado – Gringolandia - where once there was a scattering of bars and cheap hotels, the main hang for all the international solidarity activists, Central American guerillas and various renegades and desperados. Today it’s a curious mix of back-packers and local hipster hangouts. The infamous Sara’s bar, where once you could sit around a merry table of quite serious international revolutionaries plotting all kinds of trouble, there is a bunch of ubiquitous students of Spanish and a group of Australian tourists talking about new age spirituality. Up the street, I can’t find the Bobby Sands Bar. Maybe it’s that cell phone dealers store. Or maybe it’s the cobblers. The barrio is unrecognizable. I am quite lost in a place where once, 15 years ago, I spent many days and nights of intrigue and adventure. I stumble upon an Irish bar called The Shannon. Now here’s a pleasant surprise! Lured by the prospect of a cead mile failte (big welcome), I take a peep. But this new bar is fancy, and populated by a hip crowd. Its reminiscent of a typical Irish theme bar you encounter anywhere across the globe, corny Guinness posters and soccer paraphernalia decorating the walls. I’m disappointed to be told by the standard gorgeous barmaid that they don’t actually serve Guinness. It’s not like the ramshackle Bobby Sands Bar of yesteryear, filled with provos on the run romancing heart-wrenching Salvadoran political refugees. So I decide that this place, this pastiche representation of a global Irish bar is a symbol of all that has changed in Managua. A neo-liberal outpost trading a cultural brand, profiting upon other peoples misery. I engage the owner, a Corkman, in flippant conversation and he further compounds my analysis by telling me that he’s here for the Craic (fun), the cheap beer and the beautiful women, all present here in abundance. I’m appalled: so this is the new Nicaragua, where once there was authentic international solidarity as people shared a common purpose, coming together in the bars at night to exchange experiences of struggle and plot. Now there’s a bunch of random trendy people gathered in a commercial space to have vacuous fun. Revolutionary Nicaragua is dead and gone; it’s with the Bobby Sands Bar in the grave. Read The Complete Diary Here

&quot;We Are Hireable On Demand...Exploitable At Will And Fireable At A Whim&quot;

Ireland, 04.03.2005 01:44

Precarity in the workplace, casualisation, temping, aka McJobs, the thoughts of its victims, and some considerations on the role of students in this. Hands up who remembers back in the day, at the height of hype on the IT economy, when every half witted career guidance counsellor in the country did their best to pilfer leaving cert students of their dreams by forcing them into dead end computer courses in preparation for a career in call centers? The mass media cheer-led us into a new millennium and we awaited the collapse of work as we knew it Jim, ready to lap it up in the leisure society, with dreams of flexible working from home wearing headsets and tapping keyboards. Then the repetitive drone of the dot com boom was suddenly slapped aside and the realization dawned that while Gates may have got his millions - millions of others were left with nothing but repetitive strain injury and flexiploitation. It’s admirable the myriad of ways they make us swallow their bullshit. They repackage it every once and awhile in a never ceasing effort to make old lines of conflict and tensions once spotted, less obvious. Related Links: Class Struggle in the New Economy A Ballad Against Work Prol Position, home of the Hotlines inquiry into resistance in call centres. Slavery Calling The Simon Jones Memorial Campaign a campaign against the casualisation of labour, named after a man killed in a 'workplace accident', due to casualisation and workfare. Video games on the theme of precarity Working in a Music Store Interview with a HMV worker. Green Pepper interview with Chainworkers Douglas Coupland coined the achingly appropriate term ‘McJob’ for the monotonous dead end short-term employment that so much of Generation X fell into and we now take for granted. He presented the McJob as a slacker lifestyle choice that facilitated an escape from the cage of traditional career choices allowing us to define ourselves as something other than our job descriptions that’d see us all going the Willy Loman way. As a result he certainly fell for the worst excesses of post-modernity as a method taken on by power and capital to impose a frightening new method of work discipline and organization on us. This increasingly obvious face of work in advanced capitalist countries has had a number of different terms attached to it by arse-hole academics each vying for position to create the latest ‘post-whatever the fuck’ trend in the ivory tower. While simultaneously turning themselves into supposed experts on the reality the rest of us live. The best term for the McJob phenomenon is the most obvious - precarity. It is a system of employment, where locally we are mobilised to be on our toes constantly by short term contracts in one end of the service industry or other. There is also the purposeful undermining of traditional forms of worker’s organisation in how workplaces are organised and a de-teething of unions nationally by forcing them into bed with the bosses through social partnership. Globally it is a field where capitalism laps up technological innovations to disperse production throughout the globe. So Nike engage in the immaterial production of a brand, while someone else produces the actual product. Politically, precarity manifests itself as social democracy retreats ever further up its own ass as the middle management of capitalism, in the face of a private sector itching to tear apart the security of the welfare state. Those that have entered the labour force in past few years are among the first generation since 1847 that doesn’t have to piss off to England or the States to find work, but the first to wave farewell to a ‘job for life,’ and instead suspiciously eye up insecurity, short term contracts, rent slavery and shite public services as privatisation is used to shift capital into private hands in case we get too uppity. Employers use students* precariously preferring them to employees that may need stability or security. Usually finding work in the worst swamps of the service sector such as pubs, call centres or high street chains, open to abuse as seasonal workers and then fucked out. One student in a call centre “was taken in, in kind of a draft for want of a better word, with seven or eight students and then there was one girl, like who was from Ballymun…and she’s like ‘Well they never called me back – they must have forgot!’ It was clear that they called all the students back but they hadn’t called her back.” One former HMV worker just out of UCD described how “the team leader structure and the way the three floors in the building were divided created an air of division" which disrupted his attempts to start a union in pursuit of basic rights. “There was 25 or 30 people laid off on Christmas Eve and I was the first to be informed of my laying off. They didn’t like my attitude. The company exploited its brand image, so people really want to get a job there, people didn’t want to jeopardise their job by raising objections. There’s a reward scheme or structure whereby people who adhere to company policy and wear the HMV logo with pride will be rewarded in the fact that they’ll receive some façade of a promotion, be that team leader or in the case of seasonal workers, being kept on for a longer period.” A friend has experiences of being put through the Marks and Spencer’s Retail Academy. Forced to greet customers as part of a routine interview in a shameless attempt to squeeze unpaid labour out of him as the brash youthful face only to eager to help on the shop floor, struggling to hide the comedown from hell. Branding is production remember. There are more insidious bastards who use computerized personality tests - it may well be off the mark but that’s not the point. All they want is to check if you go along with the rubbish where they tell you about your 'personality' without rolling your eyes to heaven. And this even before you start work. In one call centre training “lasted about seven days, they go through all the products and are constantly just told about CC LTD**, CC LTD…then there was this stupid video that runs through all major events in Irish history and CC LTD is there beside ridiculous shit like Mary Robinson getting elected and then maybe something happens to CC LTD that year and that’s thrown in as if it was an equally huge occasion in Irish history just bullshit like that. Real bullshit, basically the main training is to make you feel as if you are part of something, That corporate idea.” Taking up a path first beaten by WalMart, TK Maxx in Dublin refer to their staff as ‘associates’ rather than workers or employees. On one hand, management use bullshit training regimes and exercises to reduce start off wages, yet simultaneously use technology to de-skill workers in an effort to reduce their control over production. But as usual most real training comes from work colleagues. A call centre employee described how ‘“you finish making a call there’s this thing where you’ve got 20 seconds to type up if you made a sale, to catalogue all the info. If you don’t catalogue all the information in that twenty seconds you get fined, it’s a section of your bonus, once you close it another call comes in immediately.” The McDonalds mode of automating food processing defines the trend. Ironically, in the first major boom of call centers in Germany, there were 'scandals' of companies grabbing up to 50,000 DM (25,750 Euros) per newly created job and ‘skilling up workers’ where a 40% turnover was considered normal. In an ideological climate that dismisses state intervention, this is a rather bizarre wealth redistribution to the corporations. Most people one day bullshit a path out of shit jobs like HMV that subsidise some tosser of a landlord in Rathmines into something more ‘grown up’ the overall rhythm of work doesn’t really move an inch. If your not one of those creatine fuelled little shits on the 46A. Or if you can’t scab a job off the aul’ lad of some chicken brained L and H type that’s been bred from the cot to pounce around and lord over the rest of us with all the intellectual agility of a legless monkey. Get used to the idea that an arts degree’s real value is as quality roach material to complement a life time of drudgery in jobs with a ‘please deposit brain here’ slot at the front-door. Yet have you ever noticed how in convenience stores there’s always more cameras trained on the staff than the punters? Doing a McJob is like returning to school, idiots make you wear uniforms and use bull shit award schemes like gold stars on copy books after a spelling test to instill discipline and loyalty: "There’s a chart put up every day of how much you’ve sold the day before so that instills competition first of all, that’s the main way. So every one can see where they are ranked, even though there are only ten people on a team. But in fairness my team seems to fail quite badly.” Just as in school where authoritarianism is greeted with subversion on a level that can sometimes reach unbelievable planes of piss-taking there a hints of a similar pattern in call centers: “The main thing every one that works in there talks about is how much we hate it. I’m serious, maybe 60 or 70 of the time we have socialized on breaks and stuff we spent bitching about it...These jobs sap any energy out of you it’s the exact opposite of pressure if you know what I mean. Total monotony. Pressure is the wrong word to use, maybe it will get pressured, I don’t know. We take the piss out of people’s names, we shout at each other on the phone, try to make other people laugh on the phone. It happens loads, it cuts off around two percent of the calls and then that person will never answer their phone to CC LTD again.” *This is one of the most notable things about the current state of the labor market. I couldn’t find statistics through google on it however, but I’m sure someone can post a link up here with some ** The real name of this company has been changed to protect the identity of the staff member. The film Precarity will be screened in NUI Galway and UCD shortly as part of the New Antagonisms series of films and discussions.

Back On The Bins :::: Campaign Hits The Streets Again

Ireland, 04.03.2005 01:44

. When the anti bin tax campaign went quiet after the Autumn / Winter of 2003, they were expected by the pundits to return after the local elections in June 2004. Despite a flurry of activity around the estimates the fact that the Council was biding its time meant the campaign focussed on the courts and the council chamber. All the bins were being collected and the courts at least were of some use - with a precedent set that threw the council into legal quandaries as it seemed to imply that 2 years bin tax (2001 / 2002) were invalid and people could claim it back. Joan Collins, in this Audio interview gives her take on whats happening as the city campaign returns to the streets to deal with bags left behind. They're marching this Saturday at 2pm from the Garden of Remembrance and txt msgs are floating around encouraging bags and wheelie bins to be brought along for the spin. There have been protests around the country in Cork and the Newswire reports bizzare sightings of anti dumping helicopters in Kerry. The reality of dirtier towns, burning rubbish and the disappearing waiver for pensioners is becoming apparent. Report on the March in Dublin, 26th Feb 05

Irish Intelligence Agencies And The Stasi , A Comparison.

Ireland, 04.03.2005 01:44

'Sounds like Poland' sez Wag 'Next thing someone will stick their lists on the internets' Some thoughts on reading the book 'Stasiland' on a society dominated by the secret police. From the newswire: Some thoughts on reading the book 'Stasiland' on a society dominated by the secret police.Extract: The first thing to note about Irish intelligence agencies is that it might be a naive assumption to think that they are controlled by Irish people in Ireland. It turns out that the control of the main domestic intelligence agency 'Security and Intelligence' , then known as C3 , was formally handed over to the British government in the form of MI5 at a secret meeting at Baldonnel airport in early 1974.(7) The reason given was naturally the suppression of terrorism. Turns out that at that time the main terrorism in the state was being carried out by the British intelligence agencies themselves , including the attacks that lead to the passing of the 'Offences Against the State" act.(8) It seems that this agreement is still in force.C3 in turn controlled Garda Special Branch and some army officers from Irish army intelligence known as G2 found themselves unpromoted because they were 'cautious of the apparently unquestioning alliance between some senior Garda officers and British intelligence.' An interesting phoenix article that discusses this subject notes this information given from a legal source who has seen the evidence given to the Barron enquiry on the Dublin and Monaghan bombings: "For years, a cabal of senior Garda officers, controlled by a foreign intelligence agency (MI5) directed state policy in many crucial areas, often against the better interests of citizens who were quite unaware of what was happening.” Maybe people wouldn't stand for the kind of practices that occurred in East Germany, but they aren't likely to be objecting to something they know nothing whatsoever about. The article goes on to state that army intelligence officers from G2 believe that one senior garda, in cooperation with MI5, had tried to oust the then taoiseach Jack Lynch. MI5 in the UK meanwhile are known, as the article points out, to have bugged 10 Downing Street and broken into the private home of Harold Wilson, one of the few recent British prime ministers to question the atlantic consensus. Not long ago I read a report of an Irish business man who wanted to speak to somebody in charge of security at Dublin Airport as he wanted to question some point about the ID he had shown. The person he was introduced to turned out to be English and admitted that he worked for a British intelligence agency .A statement from the Gardai , I think , was issued later claiming he had been on some 'training exercise' in Ireland.(9). For Article In Full Click Here Wikipedia Article about The Stasi

VIDEO: &quot;The Last Jingle Jangle Of The Auld Triangle&quot; (Mountjoy Closure &amp; Super Prison Construction)

Ireland, 04.03.2005 01:44

Short film about Mountjoy closure & building of new super prison in north Co. Dublin Video for you to download. File is over 175 MegaBytes in size, so realistically it is not viewable if you only have a dialup connection - broadband or network connection to the intenet is a pre-requisite. Does the introduction of PPP schemes into prison building also signal the introduction of private prisons? Security companies like Wackenhut and Group4 operate prisons in the UK and USA. Private prisons are routinely condemned by human rights groups. But what are the alternatives to building a new superprison in north Co. Dublin? What other options are open to the Minister for Justice?In this short film, Joe Costello from the Labour Party (a regular commentator on prison issues and prisoners rights), Rick Lines from the Irish Penal Reform Trust, and Seanie Lambe from ICON (Inner City Organisations Network, a community organisation based in the Summerhill area) give their opinions on the closure of Mountjoy. Issues discussed include the implications of private companies' involvement in the construction of the new prison, what will probably happen with the existing site, and different initiatives that could be put forward to combat crime at its source, rather than continually incarcerating people & building bigger prisons. Click on the Feature Continued Link for Full Intro and Infromation on how to Download Video for you to download. File is over 175 MegaBytes in size, so realistically it is not viewable if you only have a dialup connection - broadband or network connection to the intenet is a pre-requisite. In 1847 the British Authorities passed a law enabling the Commission of Public Works to purchase land for a new prison. Two thousand pounds was granted by the Treasury for the construction of Mountjoy. The original site for the prison was at North Wall Quays, so prisoners could be easily loaded onto convict ships in the harbour. The lack of a fresh water supply, coupled with the foul smell from the river which would make life unbearable for inmates, meant that the prison was moved elsewhere. Mountjoy Prison opened its doors in March 1850. It is located on the banks of the Royal Canal in Phibsborough, a northside inner suburb of Dublin. Since 1850, over half a million prisoners have passed through its doors, mostly from working class communities around the city. Now, after more than 150 years, the Minister for Justice has decided to close the prison. A new super-prison is to be built in rural north Co. Dublin, roughly 12 miles from the city centre. The new prison is to be built under a PPP scheme - a Public-Private Partnership. This means a private company will be given the contract to construct the prison in conjunction with the state. In the last ten years with the advent of the Celtic Tiger economy, property prices in Dublin have skyrocketed. Inner city working class areas, previously neglected, have experienced massive redevelopment, primarily consisting of expensive apartments and office spaces. In many cases, people on lower incomes or those that have grown up in these areas are pushed out of the market. Mountjoy is very close to Dublin city centre. The lands around the prison are worth a considerable amount of money. The sale of the prison to private investors could generate millions of Euro for the state. This is considered to be one of the reasons for the sale of the prison. Does the introduction of PPP schemes into prison building also signal the introduction of private prisons? Security companies like Wackenhut and Group4 operate prisons in the UK and USA. Private prisons are routinely condemned by human rights groups. But what are the alternatives to building a new superprison in north Co. Dublin? What other options are open to the Minister for Justice? In this short film, Joe Costello from the Labour Party (a regular commentator on prison issues and prisoners rights), Rick Lines from the Irish Penal Reform Trust, and Seanie Lambe from ICON (Inner City Organisations Network, a community organisation based in the Summerhill area) give their opinions on the closure of Mountjoy. Issues discussed include the implications of private companies' involvement in the construction of the new prison, what will probably happen with the existing site, and different initiatives that could be put forward to combat crime at its source, rather than continually incarcerating people & building bigger prisons. The film is just under 18 minutes long and is in the MPEG film format (MPEG1). You can download the film by right-clicking or Ctrl-Clicking here and saving the target onto your computer. It will play with most if not all operating system media players. The MPEG1 film is a PAL VCD-Compliant file, so you can burn it onto a VCD and distribute it cheaply. If you are interested in a DVD or VHS copy of the film for screening then please contact Indymedia Éire.

Irish Embassy In London Occupied By Anti-War Protesters

Ireland, 04.03.2005 01:44

“Prevention of a War Crime is not a Crime" Six Trident Ploughshares activists have occupied the Irish Embassy in London. They are demonstrating their solidarity with the widely popular cause of the Pitstop Ploughshares activists who are going on trial next week in an Irish court. The Ploughshares activists believe that the disruption of US munition and troop transport through Shannon Airport helped to prevent the crime of genocide being carried out against the Iraqi people. British anti-war activists occupied the Irish Embassy in London today to protest the possible ten year jail sentence facing Ireland's Pitstop Ploughshares defendants when they go on trial in an Irish court on March 7th. The criminal charges facing the Irish peace activists (Deirdre Clancy, Nuin Dunlop, Karen Fallon, Damien Moran & Ciaron O'Reilly) arise out of their non-violently disarming a US Navy Plane at Shannon Airport on Feb 3rd 2003. This highly popular action had an immediate positive effect in reducing Ireland's complicity in war crimes as it led to a withdrawal (at that time) from Ireland of three of the four companies contracted to freight US troops and weapons through Shannon airport. The Irish Government continues to facilitate the US Military at Shannon Airport with thousands of US troops transiting through Shannon to and from Iraq each month. From the newswire: Just after the embassy opened for business, the protestors peacefully chained themselves together inside of the building in Grosvenor Place, whilst others have hung a banner reading, “PITSTOP PLOUGHSHARES: NOT GUILTY” outside. Joss Garman, speaking for the demonstrators, explained, “The Pitstop Ploughshares - who damaged the plane at Shannon airport - acted to uphold International Law, and to prevent Irish complicity in genocide. Far from breaking the law, they were upholding it, because the war in Iraq was clearly illegal. It clearly isn’t right that peace campaigners should face years in prison, whilst Bertie Ahern remains at large.” He added, “We wanted to add our voices to those of Desmond Tutu and Martin Sheen, in proclaiming, “Prevention of a war crime is not a crime.” In many ways, the runway at Shannon airport could be compared to the railroad to Auschwitz, after all, 100,000 people are dead.” For information/interviews: Joss Garman 07815 004 578 For professional photographs and video footage: Hugh Warwick 07815 042 452 Mainstream Media Coverage Here

Belfast - Now The Most Racist City In The World According To Der Spiegel

Ireland, 04.03.2005 01:44

200 Falls Road Residents Mobilise in Protest Against Rascist Attack on Home of Four Lithuanians Having been termed as the most racist city in Euorpe by the International media, Belfast is now being termed as the most racist city in the world. Over two hundred residents from the Beechmount - Falls Road area mobilised last night in protest at the recent racist attack on the home of four Lithuanians. Addressing the crowd Sara Boyce {ARN steering group and West Belfast ARN} stated that:'Only last week, a German magazine claimed Belfast was the most racist city in the world. What happened here at the weekend does little to dispel this claim. Ethic minorities throughout Belfast are being routinely victimised, whether it is through having their homes attacked or being called names when walking the streets'. Local Sinn Fein Councillor Tom Hartley called on the local community not to allow a gang of thugs to destroy its good name: 'We need to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Lithuanians forced from their homes and show them that what happened is despised by the wider community. People of all ethnic minorities are welcome in West Belfast. This area is not a cold house for anyone. The group that carried out the attack are not just racist - they have also continually attacked members of their own community.' Continue reading about the work of the Anti-Racist Network and about their upcoming 'Love Music Hate Racism' March 6th concert in Belfast at the 'feature continued' link below. ORIGINAL NEWSWIRE ARTICLE AND GIG DETAILS BELOW Having been termed as the most racist city in Europe Belfast is now being termed as the most racist city in the world. In today’s 'Daily Ireland' newspaper, it states that a leading International magazine has branded Belfast the most racist city in the world. In an article in the leading German magazine 'Der Spiegel' about political developments in the North, Belfast was branded, 'the world’s most racist city'. ARN Steering group member Barbara Muldoon said that the perception of Belfast as the race hate capital of the world was an easy one to sell. 'Many people would see that as a fair comment' 'There are more racist attacks on ethnic minorities in Belfast than in other cities' But those attacks are being carried out by the same small group of people and it is important to recognise that'. 'It's that small group that colours the perception abroad' The ARN have been at the forefront of the stand against racism and racist attacks over the last year and a half. This has been recognised both in Ireland and Internationally. Yet recent statistics show that that stand needs not only to continue but to enlarge as we seek to create new associations around the North to attempt to push back the tide of racist brutality.. Therefore we urge people to continue to join us. Below I give but a brief report on our actions and activities to date. In effect since the Jan 27th rally and within the space of six months we had seen the closing of the Belfast BNP branch, the ceasing of organised overt racial attacks in specific areas for a time thus providing breathing space for ethnic minority communities. We have seen mass mobilisations of thousands of citizens in Belfast partaking in ARN marches and rallies. We have also seen our local responses and mobilisations involving many many hundreds of local people within working class communities at a local level. This has indeed lead the media at home an Internationally to state that 'A movement against Racism is born in Northern Ireland or, 'Catholic and Protestant unite in a Growing Movement against Race -Hate attacks. etc etc We also have provided active support and shelter for those put out of there homes, we have participated in trade union and local community marches and protested at detaining centres at the Belfast International airport. We have seen the empowerment of some working class communities against attacks; we have seen us moving the trade union movement into action in support of our stand on several occassions as well as trade union councils and trade unions (workers organisations). We have seen the censoring and full withdrawal of racist statements from the UUP to the SDLP, and also the standing firm and putting our 'head' above the water to stand visual and vocally against paramilitary attacks. We have organised street protests and agitation, paint outs, white line pickets, public meetings, spray paintings – street art, poster and leaflet campaigns, stalls, and have seen the sending out of the police (state) and statutory bodies' big guns to attempt to counter our arguments. We have asked the hardest of questions and expected and got answers We have ssen the police, paramilitaries, far right organisations, state bodies, at times being put on the back foot, the ceasing of organised racist attacks for specific periods in specific areas. The concentration and public focus directed at the socio and economic conditions - deprivation of working class communities, i.e. the lack of housing, facilities and actively seeking to raise and to campaign on these issues. The raising of Fortress Europe, real support and defence drawn up for those attacked, the organisation of anti racism gigs of many hundreds of people at venues around Belfast, the expansion of the ARN into associations around Belfast and beyond, bringing the immediate situation to the worlds TV screens, solidarity with other wider issues, creating cross community support and activity, gathering and receiving solidarity from across the globe, at times beginning to push the tide of racism back, and much more. The ARN is a grass root campaign - movement, which has and will continue to take that stand against the continual racism and racist attacks. We are an anti racist activist campaign who does not seek to move on to pastures or opportunities anew - we have and are in for the long haul - unlike others. This week for example. Dear Friends, The third LMHR gig is on this Sunday. We have a great line up of artists who will provide a great night of music and craic. It is a night to pencil into your diaries as my wife and I have already done, as so to raise finance for the ARN. This, while of course in the process meeting many of our activists and supporters at a great night out. Having myself organised the first two LMHR gigs with others, it is a great to see Music journalist Charlotte Dryden organising this one, our third, for the Network. Hope you can lend your support, and hope to see you there. All the best Davy Carlin, Chair, ARN Love Music Hate Racism" gig, Belfast The Limelight, Belfast on Sunday, the 6th March. Organised by the music journalist Charlotte Dryden. Music from 'The subtitles', 'Tin Pot Operation' and a headline act that can only be announced closer to the date. In addition DJ's Charlie & Sarah will be performing. Doors 8pm. Tickets cost £4. Link Also, - South Belfast meeting Friends, there will be a meeting of the South Belfast ARN this Thursday 3rd March at 7pm. The venue will be 30 University Street (which is the offices of the {NI Travellers Movement). We will be discussing, amongst other things the "Love Music Hate Racism" Gig that will be taking place in the Limelight on Sunday 6th March. See you there, Mark Barbara Mick So if persons wish to join us in our continued stand then e-mail either myself or the network at Finally also on the other half of the page on Daily Ireland was a good report on Communities against the Water Tax {CAWT}, {which I will support actively -} The report stated that CAWT - 'Has been at the forefront of the campaign' {Water Tax} 'And that it represents some of the poorest communities in the North'. Again a worthy campaign to get involved in. D

transexual, lésbico y gay (es)

Barcelona, 03.03.2005 23:17

aDiós iglesia homofóbica

iglésia y homosexualidad: la fagc denuncia la "cruzada" de la iglesia católica contra los homosexuales::: la iglesia ante la homosexualidad::: Homosexualidad, concentraciones, mentiras y manipulación de la información+++ Homofobia delante de la Catedral::: la "sin razón" ::: El papa considera el matrimonio homosexual como la encarnación del mal :::El Arzobispo de Pamplona vaticina «epidemia de homosexualidad» ::: El Vaticno dice que con los matrimonios gays «se hace circular una moneda falsa»+++ federaciones de gays piden no marcar la casilla de la iglesia en la declaración del IRPF

Viernes 4 marzo Xarla "estrategias y luchas contra la homofobia" + Fiesta de la FAGC

+info:: >>>sexualidades

seksemoj (eo)

Barcelona, 03.03.2005 23:17

aDiaŭ homofobia eklezio

Eklezio kaj samseksemo: FAGC (Geja Liberiga Fronto de Katalunio) denuncas la "krucmiliton" de la katolika eklezio kontraŭ la samseksemuloj:::La eklezio antaŭ la samseksemeco:::Samseksemo, amasiĝoj, mensogoj kaj manipulado de la informoj+++Homofobio antaŭ la katedralo:::La "Malpravo":::La papo konsideras la gejan edziĝon kiel la enkarniĝon de malbono:::La ĉefepiskopo de Iruña prognozas «epidemion de samseksemo»:::Vatikano diras, ke la gejaj edziĝoj «estas cirkuligo de falsa mono»+++Gejaj federacioj petas ne elekti la ĉelon de la katolika eklezio en la deklaracio de la imposto pri la rentoj

Vendredon 4an de marto, prelego: "Strategioj kaj bataloj kontraŭ homofobio" + Festo de FAGC

+infoj:: >>>seksemoj

transexual, lesbic i gay (ca)

Barcelona, 03.03.2005 23:17

aDéu església homofòbica

església i homosexualitat: la fagc denuncia la "croada" de l'església catòlica contra els homosexuals::: l'església davant l'homosexualitat::: Homosexualitat, concentracions, mentides i manipulació de la informació+++ Homofòbia davant la Catedral::: la "sin razón" ::: El papa considera el matrimoni homosexual com l'encarnació del mal :::l'Arquebisbe de Pamplona vaticina «epidemia d'homosexualitat» ::: El Vaticà diu que amb els matrimonis gais «es fa circular una moneda falsa»+++ federacions de gais demanen no marcar la casella de l'església a la declaració de l'IRPF

Divendres 4 març Xerrada "estratègies i lluites contra l'homofòbia" + Festa de la FAGC

+info:: >>>sexualitats

Demonstrators Protest Anti-Gay Legislation

Tennessee, 03.03.2005 22:41

Tennessee State Legislature Considering Ban on Gay Adoption, Gay Marriage In response to homophobic legislation being run through the Tennessee State Legislature, the Tennessee Guerilla Women called for a demonstration in front of the State Capital on Tuesday, March 2nd. About seventy people were in attendance with signs and chants like "Every Child Deserves a Mother or Two" and "Two Fathers Are Better Than None". The demonstration was called after a two weeks of sustained lobbying by organizations such as Tennessee Equality Project regarding a vote in the House Subcommitee Monday which moved a ban on Gay Marriage to the Legislature. The anti-gay legislation is expected to pass the House at which point it will be put on a popular ballot for the 2006 elections. Another measure before the legislature is a proposed ban on gay adoption.

Editorial Aniversario

Argentina, 03.03.2005 21:06

Jueves 3 de marzo de 2005 | 1er aniversario de Indy La Plata
Aprendiendo a andar (y a desandar)

spekulado (eo)

Barcelona, 03.03.2005 20:20

Kontraŭleĝa vakigo de la OSC L'Estella de Mataró

Vendredon la 18an de februaro oni vakigis la okupitan socian centron L'Estella kaj la okupitan loĝejon Kal Ronc. Ni denuncas la kontraŭleĝan agadon, ĉar la polico, komandita de la juĝeja sekretario, vakigis la ejojn per juĝista ordono, kiu permesis nur identigi la okupantojn. Kurioze, SR Constructors jam havis maŝinojn kaj laboristojn atendantajn por eniri. Neniam ni ricevis iun ajn komunikon pri la afero. Dum la maŝinoj ekdetruis ĉion, la kontraŭtumultaj policanoj ne permesis al ni repreni eĉ ne unu havaĵon. Kaj en ĉi tiu momento ni ne scias, kie ili estas, kaj ĉu ni povos repreni ilin. Ni ekprocesas kontraŭ la vakigo.
::TTT-ejo de l'Estella:: Komuniko::

3an de marto: Denunco de la kontraŭleĝaj vakigoj de Mataró.
5an de marto: se oni eldomigas nin, ni okupos stratojn kaj placojn.

Rilataj novaĵoj>> Novaĵo el Europa Press :: Persona kroniko de la vakigo :: Fotoj de la amasiĝo en la sama tago :: Aktivaĵoj en la OSC L'Estella :: Esprimu vian indignon al la politikaj respondeculoj :: Manipulado en la ama$komunikiloj

+info:: >>>spekulado

Protest FRIDAY at Brazilian Consulate

NYC, 03.03.2005 19:16

On February 16th, New York City Independent Media Center journalist Brad Will was arrested while videotaping the Goiás (Brazil) state police’s violent eviction of a peaceful, autonomous land occupation in the city of Goiânia, central Brazil. He was beaten, kicked, smacked and hurt, and his camera was stolen. Brad reports that they are doing nothing to return it, and an eyewitness says they smashed it. It is reported that up to 50 people remain missing, and 20 bodies lie in the morgue unidentified after police razed the settlement of 3,000 homes to the ground. FRIDAY, March 4 3 pm – 4 pm The Brazilian Consulate General in New York City 1185 Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Avenue, bet. 46th & 47th St.), 21st Floor

squats (en)

Barcelona, 03.03.2005 18:16

Illegal eviction of CSOA (occupied autonomous @rt social centre) l'Estella in Mataró a small town outside BCN

Friday 18th February they evicted the CSOA l'Estella and the occupied home Kal Ronc. We denounce the illegal evicition by the Mossos d'Esquadra, (Catalan "national" police force) directed by the judiciary, acting on a judicial order which only permits under law "de jure" the identification of persons who were on the property. Curiously, at that very moment SR (a construction company) had their worker team and machines ready to go. At no moment did we receive any proper notification. Meanwhile the machines began to destroy everything like destroying it all (what machines do) , the anti-riot squad didn't allow anyone to re-enter the building to even gather up their possessions. And till now we don't know what condition our possessions are in, or if we will see it again. We are beginning legal proceedings against the eviction.
::CSOA Estella's home site :: Comunication from the CSOA::

March 3: Denouncing the illegal evictions in Mataró.
the 5th of March: if they evict houses, we shall okupy streets and squares.

Related news>> Notícia d'Europa press :: Chronical (yea another page of the epic of mi$€ry) of the eviction :: Photos of the concentration that same day :: Activities which were carried out by CSOA l'Estella :: expressing your indignation to the politicians responsible :: Ma$s media manipulation

+info:: >>>squats

Who Profits? Who Pays?

Melbourne, 03.03.2005 17:48

Opposing Australian war profiteers in Iraq

Israeli Air Force &quot;Refuser&quot; is in Madison

Madison, 03.03.2005 16:57

More than 800 soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces have refused to serve outside Israel's 1967 borders. Among them is Yonatan Shapira. WORT's Lea Zeldin spoke with Shapira on WORT on March 2.

Workers in California Struggle to Save Lunchbreaks

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.03.2005 15:19

3/3/05: Unions in California are keeping a close eye on Governor Schwarzenegger these days. On December 10th, he declared a state of emergency and announced that he was going to take away California workers' lunch breaks. He was forced to rescind the "emergency" status of his rule changes, but he is still attacking the guaranteed right to a lunch break for California workers.

Marcha Campesina

Argentina, 03.03.2005 14:12

Jueves 3 de Marzo de 2005
Córdoba: Marcha Campesina


Athens, 03.03.2005 12:30

Εκεί που ανθεί η έννομη παραβίαση των ανθρώπινων δικαιωμάτων

Human Rights

Perth, 03.03.2005 12:21


Joint Terrorism Task Force Harrassing Activists in NYC

NYC, 03.03.2005 12:09

(from the Open Newswire): Below is an email from a local socialist about a visit he got from the Joint Terrorism Task Force. It is important that people *not* let these people into their homes. Tell them to go away and call a lawyer. The NLG can be reached at 212-679-6018. This appears to be in reference to the arrest of a young man in the Bronx accused of damaging a military recruitment center. "On Friday, February 25, 2005, two FBI agents came to my home in Brooklyn. I was at work and they began to question my partner about Solidarity, the socialist organization I belong to, and its possible connection to a young man who was arrested for allegedly vandalizing a military recruitment center in the Bronx, NY."


Brasil, 03.03.2005 11:56

Ato contra o aumento da tarifa

Beijing+10: US Offers New Resolution on Trafficking

DC, 03.03.2005 06:43

Trafficking is a hot topic at this years Conference on the Status of Women at the UN, known as Beijing +10. The US government has offered a new resolution on trafficking, which contradicts current UN protocols on the subject, say human rights advocates.

“Aristide in, CIA Out!” – Washingtonians Commemorate the One Year Anniversary of Aristide’s Overthrow

DC, 03.03.2005 06:42

dont kill kids

Houston, 03.03.2005 05:07

Supreme Court declares execution of juveniles unconstitutional, Texas gets confused

Balneario de Isla Verde, también a la venta

Puerto Rico, 03.03.2005 04:09

Rescatemos el Balneario de Isla Verde


Istanbul, 03.03.2005 02:21

Uruguay ordusu Kongo'da: Cezasız kalan cinsel suçlar


Istanbul, 03.03.2005 02:19

Kıbrıs Indymedia'dan seçim sonrası değerlendirme


Istanbul, 03.03.2005 02:13

Japonya Kürt mültecileri sınırdışı etti


Brasil, 03.03.2005 01:44

Deputados aprovam liberação dos transgênicos

The Roadblock Tour - March 5

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 03.03.2005 01:16

March 5, 6:30pm - The purpose of the Roadblock tour is to begin a discussion about international superhighway projects, and the role that they play in corporate globalization. We will also explore the history of resistance to road projects and the potentials that exist today to undermine these socially and environmentally devastating superhighways.

Iraq War Teach-In at U.W.-Eau Claire on March 13-16

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 03.03.2005 01:16

The Eau Claire teach-in "Iraq After Two Years of War" will include a keynote by John Stauber on media "weapons of mass distraction," panels on the effects of war (with military families and veterans), issue workshops, and two rallies.

NTEU FIGHTS the Department Homeland Security Push to Limit Workers Rights

DC, 02.03.2005 23:17

The National Treasury Employees Union or NTEU, which represents over 150,000 federal employees, held their annual meeting in Washington, DC this week. They also gathered to let Congress know that they do not support new Department of Homeland Security personnel rules that would limit employees rights. Selina Musuta of the dc radio coop has more from the capitol.

Community Meeting on Access to Emergency Contraception

Urbana-Champaign, 02.03.2005 21:56

A community meeting was held on Access to Emergency Contraception (EC). Several speakers described EC and its availability at the local, state, and national level. The keynote speaker was Destiny Lopez, who focused on the campaign to make EC more available in New York City and the state of New York, and the attitudes Latinos often have toward EC.

Community Meeting on Access to Emergency Contraception

Urbana-Champaign, 02.03.2005 21:55

A community meeting was held on Access to Emergency Contraception (EC). Several speakers described EC and its availability at the local, state, and national level. The keynote speaker was Destiny Lopez, who focused on the campaign to make EC more available in New York City and the state of New York, and the attitudes Latinos often have toward EC.

Rally to Stop Mammoth Biscuit Timber Sale

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.03.2005 21:52

The campaign to stop the largest logging project in modern history is entering a critical new phase, as designated Old Growth reserves go on the chopping block staring March 7, 2005. Campouts and mass demonstrations are planned in response to cutting this once protected area of National Forest.

Baxter05: Cops look to control desert protest camp

Melbourne, 02.03.2005 21:32

Will the Cops Choose where you Camp at Baxter?

Farmworkers Stage Demonstration, Call for Boycott of Taco Bell

Tennessee, 02.03.2005 21:03

"Boycott Taco Bell" was the message the Coalition of Immokalee Workers brought to the Taco Bell Franchise in Nashville Tennessee Tuesday. Workers are urging a boycott of Taco Bell because Taco Bell buys tomatoes from Yum Foods, a company which the workers say exploits their labor.

especulación y okupación (es)

Barcelona, 02.03.2005 20:54

Desalojo ilegal del CSOA l'Estella de Mataró

El viernes 18 de Febrero desalpkaron el CSOA l'Estella y la vivenda okupada de Kal Ronc. Denunciamos la ilegalidad de que los Mossos d'Esquadra, dirigidos por el secretario judicial, desalojaron con una orden judicial que sólo permitia la identificación de la gente que estaba dentro. Curiosamente, SR Constructors ya tenia la maquinària y obreros fuera esperando para entrar. En ningún momento habíamos recibido ninguna noticificación al respecto. Mientras las máquinas comenzaban a destruirlo todo, los antidisturbios no nos permitieron entrar a recuperar ninguna pertenencia. Y hasta ahora, no sabemos en que estado están, ni si las recuperaremos. Estamos iniciando un proceso legal contra el desalojo.
::Web de l'Estella:: Comunicado::

3 de Marzo: Denuncia los desalojos ilegales de Mataró
5 de Marzo: Si nos desalojan las casas, okuparemos calles y plazas

Noticias relacionadas>> Notícia de Europa press :: Crónica personal del desalojo :: Fotos de la concentración del mismo dia :: Activitades que se hacían en el CSOA l'Estella :: expresad vuestra indignación a los responsables politicos :: manipulación en los ma$media

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