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US Fires On Car Carrying Italian Journalist

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.03.2005 02:20

On Friday March 4th 2005, American troops fired on a car rushing Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena to freedom after a month in captivity, wounding her and killing the Italian intelligence officer who helped negotiate her release. On February 4th, Giuliana, who was working for the Italian newspaper Il Manifesto, was kidnapped in Baghdad and on February 15th, she appeared on a videotape begging for her life and for Italian troops to leave Iraq. While the US claimed that they fired on the car because it was speeding towards a checkpoint, Giuliana Sgrena has said that they were past the last checkpoint and the US shooting was most likely intentional and intended to discourage others from negotiating to free hostages.Some 190 foreigners have been kidnapped in Iraq in the past year but the number of Iraqis seized is far greater. Hotels in Jordan are thronged with middle-class Iraqis who have fled in fear of being kidnapped.


Barcelona, 07.03.2005 02:00

8 març 2005: tot*s som dones

dones lliures per ser i per fer

actes: +O+Barcelona [3-11Mar] Actes CAJEI ::: cafè del divendres ::: [8Mar] manifestació ::: [8-10Mar] Setmana de les dones a les Corts ::: [12Mar] jornades dones en lluita, lluites de dones +++ VI Vaga mundial de dones +++ Dones i Revolució. Jornades de debat +++ dones del 36-39 a les biblioteques+o+Vilafranca [8Mar]setmana antipatriarcal +o+Tortosa [8Mar]dia de la dona +o+València [4-12Mar] I jornadas antipatriarcales: Mujer y ecología ::: [8Mar] manifestació +o+Mallorca [7-10Mar]setmana de la dona

poemes i cançons: Amore:::esclaus:::i'll tell you why

altres: 8 de Marzo de 2005, Día Internacional de la Mujer Trabajadora ::: Voleu adherir-vos al manifest del 8 de març? ::: Neix una ràdio de dones: "radio paca" ::: encara injustícies a la feina ::: la precarietat és violència(xarxa contra tancament d'empreses) ::: 16-03-2005 - Grup de Dones Voluntàries per donar a suport a dones que pateixen violència de gènere ::: Relevo de la carta mundial de les dones per la humanitat ::: miratges a la memòria ::: "mujer palabra" ::: llenguatge inclusiu ::: Gladys Marín ha mort

+info :: >>>dones


Barcelona, 07.03.2005 02:00

8 marzo 2005: tod*s somos mujeres

mujeres libres para ser y para hacer

actos: +O+Barcelona [3-11Mar] Actos CAJEI ::: café del viernes :::[8Mar] manifestación ::: [8-10Mar] Semana de las mujeres en les Corts ::: [12Mar] jornadas mujeres en lucha, lucha de mujeres +++ VI Huelga mundial de mujeres +++ Mujeres y Revolución. Jornadas de debate +++ mujeres del 36-39 en las bibliotecas +o+Vilafranca [8Mar]semana antipatriarcal +o+Tortosa [8Mar]dia de la mujer +o+València [4-12Mar] I jornadas antipatriarcales: Mujer y ecología ::: [8Mar] manifestación +o+Mallorca [7-10Mar]semana de la mujer

poemas y canciones: Amore:::esclaus:::i'll tell you why

otras: 8 de Marzo de 2005, Día Internacional de la Mujer Trabajadora ::: Queréis adheriros al minifiesto del 8 de marzo? ::: Nace una ràdio de mujeres: "radio paca" ::: aún injusticias en el trabajo ::: la precariedad es violencia (xarxa contra tancament d'empreses) ::: 16-03-2005 - Grupo de Mujeres Voluntarias para dar apoyo a mujeres que sufren violencia de género ::: Relevo de la carta mundial de las mujeres para la humanidad ::: Espejismos en la memoria Espejismos en la memoria ::: "mujer palabra" ::: lenguaje inclusivo ::: Gladys Marín ha muerto

+info :: >>>mujeres


Barcelona, 07.03.2005 02:00

8an de marto 2005: Ni ĉiuj estas virinoj

Liberaj virinoj por esti kaj por fari

aranĝoj: +O+Barcelono [3an-11an mar] Aktivaĵoj CAJEI ::: Vendreda kafo ::: [8an mar] Manifestacio ::: [8an-10an mar] Semajno de la virino en Les Corts ::: [12an mar] Tagoj "dones en lluita, lluites de dones" (batalantaj virinoj, bataloj de virinoj) +++ 6a monda virin-striko +++ Virinoj kaj Revolucio. Debatotagoj +o+Vilafranca [8an mar] /a> +o+Valencio [4an-12an mar] 1aj kontraŭpatriarkaj tagoj: Virino kaj ekologio ::: [8an mar] Manifestacio :::

Poemoj kaj kantoj: Amore:::esclaus:::i'll tell you why

altres: 8an de marto 2005, Internacia Tago de la Laboristoj-Virinoj ::: Ĉu vi volas aliĝi al la manifesto de la 8a de marto? ::: Naskiĝas virina radio: "radio Paca" ::: Ankoraŭ nejustaĵoj en la laborejoj ::: Malfirma dungado estas perforto (reto kontraŭ la fermado de entreprenoj) ::: 16-03-2005 - Grupo de Volontulaj Virinoj por apogi la virinoj suferantaj perforton ::: Stafetkurado de la Monda Ĉarto de la Virinoj por la Homaro ::: Memor-miraĝoj

+infoj :: >>>virinoj

Protest march against DOW

Aotearoa, 07.03.2005 01:01

NEW PLYMOUTH: 80 people joined a protest march against DOW including local residents, Vietnam Veterans, Sawmill Workers Against Poisons, Greenpeace and Paritutu Dioxin Investigation Network. The march was led by Vietnam vets and residents holding a banner which read 'DOW Poisoning People Daily'. People came from all areas of the North Island to protest against DOWs refusal to set up a nationwide fund to compensate workers, individuals and families poisoned by 2,4,5-T and 24-D. The march finished at DOWs headquarters where speeches were heard from local Vietnam Veterans then a moving ceremony was held to commemorate the victims of dioxin poisoning. Local Paritutu resident and World War II Veteran, Ray Kennedy, was wheeled to the front gates. Followed by a convoy of other residents, he laid a wreath in memory to people throughout New Zealand whose lives have impacted and have lost loved ones. "The March highlights Dow's avoidance of liability and the unwillingness of the Government to seek recompense as promised from Dow. This leaves the emotional, physical and financial burden on the people of Aotearoa," said Andrew Gibbs, Paritutu Dioxin Investigation Network. Wanganui PUBLIC MEETING - March 7, 6pm - Memorial Hall - Watt St - SCHOOL VISIT Turakina Maori Girls College, Marton March 7, 12.30pm Wellington - PUBLIC MEETING - March 8, 6pm - Turnbull House - 11 Bowen St

Immigrants Rally in Queens

NYC, 06.03.2005 22:31

NEW YORK, March 6 - Hundreds of immigrants marched through the streets of Corona and Jackson Heights, Queens to protest the recent crackdown by the Department of Motor Vehicles on nearly 300,000 driver licenses held by immigrants.

La marcha de la CGTP

Peru, 06.03.2005 21:21

La Marcha de CGTP....


Portugal, 06.03.2005 20:30


Solidarity Protest at Brazilian Embassy

DC, 06.03.2005 18:01

Lost Film Fest

Houston, 06.03.2005 18:00

Thursday, March 17th - 8 pm

Earth Defense

Manila, 06.03.2005 15:21

Mindanao: Environmentalists Rock the Mining Act!

Australian anti logging action

Melbourne, 06.03.2005 14:21

In pursuit of the woodchip boss

Quem julga estes criminosos?

Portugal, 06.03.2005 14:00

Quem julga estes criminosos?

Anti coal protesters lock on to Solid Energy: support needed

Aotearoa, 06.03.2005 11:20

At 12 noon on Sunday the 6th March, 4 protesters locked themselves on to the entrance way of Solid Energy's head offices in Christchurch. Supporters pitched tents and held banners, while all are preparing to spend the night at the site. The activists are opposing Solid Energy's proposed Cyprus Mine; an open cast coal mine to be situated at Happy Valley, on the West Coast. The Environment Court is set to hear appeals against the mine from tomorrow morning. Those locked on to the building plan to stay throughout the hearing as a constant reminder to Solid Energy that their proposal to mine Happy Valley is strongly opposed, both within and outside the court process. More info and pictures to come, please come down (clarence st by the train station) and support, especially for Mondays picket!

Local activist detained upon entry to Israe;

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 06.03.2005 06:20

press release about local activist detained in Israel.

Hip Hop Community Rallies

NYC, 06.03.2005 04:31

NEW YORK, March 4 - About 200 people gathered today in Union Square in solidarity against the corporate and racist HOT 97 radio station, which claims to be the home of hip hop.

ecologia (ca)

Barcelona, 06.03.2005 01:00

>>>>lokalment>> defensem el planeta

>>>>transgènics>> Catalunya i el món lliures de transgènics! ×× l'agricultura ecològica contra els transgènics ×× manifest de Fraga antitransgènics ×× Agricultura a €uropa ×× Monsanto contra els camperols ×× La venda de llavors obre les portes de la selva lacandona a Monsanto ×× Història d'uns camperols ecologistes ×× Colonialisme genètic dels EEUU ×× Plataforma transgènics fora!

[07-12Mar] Setmana de mobilització antitransgènica

>>>>pla caufec>> crònica de l'acció del 28.02 ×× Encara estem encadenats a l'ajuntament d'esplugues ×× 25F: berenar actiu ×× dimarts: mou-te contra el caufec ×× sentència absolutòria pels detinguts ×× crònica del judici als detinguts >>>>tèrmica de cubelles>> STOPENDESA es felicita per l""Efecte ICb" ×× Adhesions al Manifest ×× El ple de l'ajuntament, a favor del desvallestament de la tèrmica ×× Iniciativa per Cubelles fa una crida a desmantellar la central tèrmica >>>>altres lluites lokals>> Manifestació contra l'ús de pell animal de Bennetton ×× No a la línia Sentmenat-Bescanó-Baixàs ×× Salvem Els Muntanyans de Torredembarra! ×× El voluntariat salva La Murta del foc ×× [Penedès] “On som i cap a on anem” ×× 4 de març, torna la Massa Crítica

+info:: >>>ecologia + BiotechIMC

ecología (es)

Barcelona, 06.03.2005 01:00

>>>>lokalmente>> defendemos el planeta

>>>>transgénicos>> Catalunya y el mundo libres de transgénicos! ×× la agricultura ecológica contra los transgenicos ×× maniefesto de Fraga antitransgénicos ×× Agricultura en €uropa ×× Monsanto contra los campesinos ×× La venta de Seminis abre las puertas de la selva lacandona a Monsanto ×× Historia de unos campesinos ecologistas ×× Colonialismo genético de los EEUU ×× Plataforma transgènics fora !

[07-12Mar] Semana de mobilización antitransgénica

>>>>plan caufec>> crónica de la acción del 28.02 ×× Aún estamos encadenad*s en el ayuntamiento de esplugues ×× 25F: merienda activa ×× martes: muevete contra el caufec ×× sentencia absolutoria para l*s detenid*s ×× crónica del juicio a l*s detenid*s >>>>térmica de cubelles>> STOPENDESA se felicita por el "Efecto ICb" ×× Adhesiones al Manifiesto ×× El pleno del ajuntamiento, a favor del desmantelamiento de la térmica ×× Iniciativa por Cubelles hace un llamamiento a desmantelar la central >>>>otras luchas lokales>> Manifestación contra el uso de piel animal de Bennetton ×× No a la linea Sentmenat-Bescanó-Baixàs ×× Salvemos Els Muntanyans de Torredembarra! ×× El voluntariado salva La Murta del fuego ×× [Penedès] “Donde estamos y hacia donde vamos” ×× 4 de marzo, vuelve la Masa Crítica

+info:: >>>ecología + BiotechIMC

ekologio (eo)

Barcelona, 06.03.2005 01:00

>>>>loke>> ni defendu la planedon

>>>>Transgenaĵoj>> Katalunio kaj la mondo, liberaj de transgenaĵoj! ×× La ekologia agrikulturo kontraŭ la transgenaĵoj ×× Manifesto de Fraga kontraŭ la transgenaĵoj ×× Agrikulturo en €ŭropo ×× Monsanto kontraŭ la kamparanoj ×× La vendado de semoj malfermas la pordojn de la ĝangalo Lacandona al Monsanto ×× Historio de ekologiismaj kamparanoj ×× Platformo "For transgenaĵojn"!

[07-12Mar] Semajno de kontraŭtransgenaĵaj mobilizoj

>>>>Plano caufec>> Kroniko de la agado de la 28a de februaro ×× Ni ankoraŭ estas ĉenitaj en la urbodomo de Esplugues ×× 25F: Aktiva kolaziono ×× Marte: moviĝu kontraŭ caufec ×× Absolva verdikto por la arestitoj ×× Kroniko de la proceso al la arestitoj >>>>Centralo de Cubelles>> STOPENDESA ĝojas pro la "Efekto ICb" ×× Aliĝoj al la Manifesto ×× La plenumkunsido de urba konsilantaro, por la malkonstruo de la elektrotermika centralo ×× Iniciativa per Cubelles alvokas por malkonstrui la elektrotermikan centralon >>>>aliaj lokaj bataloj>> Manifestacio kontraŭ la uzado de feloj far Bennetton ×× Ne al la elektrolineo Sentmenat-Bescanó-Baixàs ×× Ni savu Els Muntanyans de Torredembarra! ×× Volontula agado savas La Murta de incendio ×× [Penedès] “Kie ni estas kaj kien ni iras” ×× 4an de marto, revenas Massa Crítica (Krita Maso)

+infoj:: >>>ekologio + BiotechIMC

Catalyst Radio Special: Norman Finkelstein Interview

Michigan, 06.03.2005 00:01

This week Catalyst Radio interviews noted author and activist Dr. Norman Finkelstein on Israel, Palestine, and the United States. In the Interview, Dr. Finkelstein talks about the differences and similarities of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the U.S. occupation of Iraq. He also speaks about the relationship between U.S. policy makers and the pro-Israel lobby as well as his upcoming book, "Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History". The interview is approximately 30 minutes and can be downloaded here.

Catalyst Radio is a 30 minute weekly radio program of theCommunity Media Center airing every Friday at 9:30 on WYCE 88.1 FM Current and past episodes of Catalyst Radio can be downloaded and listened to at the audio archives section of the Catalyst Radio website.

March 10: Amy Goodman in Ann Arbor

Michigan, 06.03.2005 00:01

Thursday, March 10, 2005
100 Hutchins Hall, UM-Ann Arbor
Free and Open to the Public

Amy Goodman, "Independent Media in a Time of War and Elections"

A Howard R. Marsh Lecture

Amy Goodman hosts the radio and TV program Democracy Now! and is co-author with her brother David Goodman of the book, "The Exception to the Rulers: Exposing Oily Politicians, War Profiteers and the Media That Love Them."

Mel and Floyd: March 4th, 2005

Madison, 05.03.2005 22:00

Hello Minions! Its flu season on Mel and Floyd. The duo were in rare form this week with a super hilarious show. Mel & Mr. Pants take on the post office of the future, credit card debt, FCC censorship, spy suits, and a name-this-monkey contest. Also, Mel flops on a joke. Enjoy! (Sorry for the late start! The audio file begins about 10 minutes late with Mel wrapping up some sort of a story with an, ahem, unusual punchline.)

Lost Film Fest

Houston, 05.03.2005 21:00

Thursday, March 17th - 8 pm

Schools as prisons

LA, 05.03.2005 20:01

THE CRIMIANLIZATION OF YOUTH: Are public schools run like prisons?

Marhaba Europe- budujemy sieć oporu przeciw &quot;zderzeniu cywilizacji''

Poland, 05.03.2005 18:31

Grupa działaczy z Bliskiego Wschodu podróżuje po Europie od połowy
października 2004 do kwietnia 2005. Informuje o ruchach społecznych,
formujących się w opozycji wobec starych i nowych form opresji i dyskryminacji, od izraelskiej wojskowej okupacji do patriarchatu, od
prześladowania mniejszości seksualnych do wojen o ropę. W skład grupy
wchodzą 4 osoby: palestyński uchodźca - pracujący w ISM (Międzynarodowy Ruch Solidarności), izraelski buntownik, przedstawicielka nowych ruchów
społecznych w Libanie oraz działaczka z Europy, z dużym doświadczeniem
zdobytym w podróżach po Bliskim Wschodzie.

Doyle Selling-out on Minimum Wage!

Madison, 05.03.2005 18:01

Doyle is in the process of making a deal with Republicans to preempt local minimum wages in exchange for their support of his extremely modest statewide increase to $6.50, without indexing. Please call the Governor's office immediately at 608-266-1212 and say that you oppose preemption on minimum wage!

We Demand! Radio - Interview with Mary Kirkendoll

Madison, 05.03.2005 18:01

We Demand! Radio airs every Friday, 5-6pm on WSUM 91.7FM Madison Student Radio.


Colombia, 05.03.2005 17:00

Infamia no entierra memoria

Social Issues

Manila, 05.03.2005 16:02

Napocor to recoup P0.40/kWh PPCA cap, electricity rates to increase by P0.91/kWh in the next few days

media and terror

QC, 05.03.2005 16:02

No to State Terror Against Media and the People

Indigenous Australia

Sydney, 05.03.2005 16:01

Aborigines charge Australia with racial vilification and genocide at UN

Anti-Bigot Action confronts Destiny Cult and the National Front, in defense of civil rights:

Aotearoa, 05.03.2005 16:01

Proving once again that a small group of people can make a huge difference, those who gathered under the banner "Defend Diversity" were successful in stalling the homophobic right-wing march for over an hour, and disrupting the fiery sermon of hate. Anti-Bigot Action confronts Destiny Cult and the National Front, in defense of civil rights: Proving once again that a small group of people can make a huge difference, those who gathered under the banner "Defend Diversity" were successful in stalling the homophobic right-wing march for over an hour, and disrupting the fiery sermon of hate. The counter demonstration and its sister rally "Don't Hate, Celebrate" being held at the University of Auckland were undoubtedly successful, smashing through the illusion of the Destiny Cult's image as a legitimate embodiment of Christian Values. Defend Diversity began with sidewalk chalk and banners that pointed out the contradictions of Christian fundamentalism (Religious Fascism). The authoritarian nature of Destiny Cults message struck a chord with the white supremacist, neo-Nazi group, the National Front, who were with them in solidarity.

Beirut Indymedia Movie Screening Moved to Bluestockings, Still Sunday 7 p.m.

NYC, 05.03.2005 16:01

Join Beirut Indymedia reporter Afamia Kaddour this Sunday at 7 p.m. at Bluestockings as she screens "Leaded/Unleaded", a documentary news report about a May 2004 military assault on on a poor slum area around Beirut that left five demonstrators dead and dozens more wounded. Afterwards, Kaddour will talk more about the current upheaval in Lebanon.


Brasil, 05.03.2005 16:00

CPI da Terra investiga a violenta reintegração de posse ocorrida em Goiânia

Secuestran y golpean a la esposa de un Obrero de Zanon

Argentina, 05.03.2005 16:00

Viernes 4 de Marzo 2005 | ATAQUE PARA-POLICIAL
Secuestran y golpean a la esposa de un Obrero de Zanon

Deteniene al abogado del Movimiento Campesino de Córdoba

Argentina, 05.03.2005 16:00

Viernes 4 de Marzo 2005 | GOLPES Y DETENCIÓN
La policia detiene al abogado del Movimiento Campesino de Córdoba

1º año de indy LP

Argentina, 05.03.2005 16:00

Jueves 3 de marzo de 2005 | 1er ANIVERSARIO DE INDY LA PLATA
Aprendiendo a andar (y a desandar)

Deteniene al abogado del Movimiento campesino de Còrdoba

Argentina, 05.03.2005 16:00

Viernes 4 de Marzo de 2005
Policia detiene al abogado del Movimiento Campesino de Córdoba


Argentina, 05.03.2005 16:00


Dia Internacional contra a Tortura

Portugal, 05.03.2005 16:00

Dia Internacional contra a Tortura

Speak Out Against Racism and the New McCarthyism at Columbia

NYC, 04.03.2005 18:21

Several primarily Arab and Muslim professors of Middle Eastern studies at Columbia are the targets of a witch-hunt by well-funded rightwing groups, tabloid newspapers, and even some New York City council members. Already one professor has been fired from a city teaching program—simply for criticizing Israel’s occupation of Palestine. It’s time to speak up against the attack on Columbia’s professors. Free speech is not intimidation. Dissent is not intimidation. But threatening professors for exercising their rights is. Join us to stand up for our professors and speak out against racism and the new McCarthyism at Columbia.

Grand Rapids Women's Events for March

Michigan, 04.03.2005 15:01

GRAND RAPIDS- March is Women's History Month and March 8th is International Woman's day. In light of this, several events have been planned by local organizations and women.

Special Movie Screening! Beirut Indymedia Reporter to Show Documentary, Give Talk Sunday at NYC-IMC Office

NYC, 04.03.2005 15:01

Join Beirut Indymedia reporter Afamia Kaddour this Sunday at 7 p.m. at the NYC indymedia office on 34 East 29th St. as she screens "Leaded/Unleaded", a documentary news report about a May 2004 military assault on on a poor slum area around Beirut that left five demonstrators dead and dozens more wounded. Afterwards, Kaddour will talk more about the current upheaval in Lebanon.


Portugal, 04.03.2005 12:20


Stay Informed

Sydney, 04.03.2005 10:21

New Publication On ASIO's Anti-Terror Powers


Sydney, 04.03.2005 10:21

Easter Baxter Convergence - from nsw to baxter05

March 18 Detroit Demonstration Against War

Michigan, 04.03.2005 06:01

A broad coalition of peace and social justice organizations and community activists will hold a mass demonstration to protest the second anniversary of the United States invasion and occupation of Iraq, calling for the troops to be brought home now.

In the city of Detroit we are drawing the link between the declining living conditions, rising unemployment and the collapse of the municipal infrastructure with the ongoing misdirected national priorities advanced by the Bush administration which is plunging the country into deeper social and economic crises.

Demonstration to Stop the War & Bring the Troops Home Now!
Friday, March 18, 4:30 p.m., Gather, Picket "Spirit of Detroit" Woodward at Jefferson
Mass March at 5:30 to Central United Methodist
Rally at 6:30, Featuring Camilo Mejia, War Resister

Mel and Floyd, 2/25/05

Madison, 04.03.2005 04:01

Mel and Floyd are back with nuggets of wisdom on the marriage of Price Charles and what's her face, our Great Leader's trip to Germany, Hunter S. Thompson's passing and much...much more :}

When Farmers Die: the Agrarian Crisies, Farmers Suicide and the Media in India

Madison, 04.03.2005 04:01

Renowned development journalist P. Sainath talks at UW Madison on farmer suicides in India in the context of globalization and growing inequality worldwide.

Taser Palooza Comes to Madison

Madison, 04.03.2005 04:01

Madison Police held a public forum at the Monona Terrace Convention Center last night justifying there recent use of tasers against unarmed civilians. Most audience members left shocked themselves.

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