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Womyns Issues

Manila, 08.03.2005 17:22

March 8- International Womens Day


Colombia, 08.03.2005 17:20

Desde la indignación


Urbana-Champaign, 08.03.2005 17:01

UC Books to Prisoners is holding a Book Drive. We are accepting donations of all your used hardback and paperback books. (No magazines).

Eugene Parks Memorial

Madison, 08.03.2005 17:01

Over 600 people gathered packed into the auditorium at Memorial High School Sunday (March 6, 2005) afternoon to remember the late community activist Eugene Parks who died last week on the final day of Black History Month.

Asamblea Indymedia

Peru, 08.03.2005 16:21

( ( ( i ) ) )

Cinco faliacias

Colombia, 08.03.2005 16:00

Cinco faliacias en negociación con paramilitares

Europa: a deriva securitária

Portugal, 08.03.2005 15:00

Europa: a deriva securitária

É o lucro, estúpido!

Portugal, 08.03.2005 14:20

É o lucro, estúpido!

Europa: a deriva securitária

Portugal, 08.03.2005 14:00

Europa: a deriva securitária

Totales Versagen der demokratischen Kontrolle

Germany, 08.03.2005 12:20

Erneut ignoriert die EU-Kommission die Position des EU-Parlaments in Sachen Softwarepatente. Die ungeliebte Richtlinie soll nun mit Gewalt durchgedr�ckt werden.

Update 7.3.: EU-Rat segnet Softwarepatente in 1. Lesung ab | Vorgehen des EU-Rates l�st gro�e Emp�rung aus
Update 8.3.: EU-Parlament pr�ft G�ltigkeit des Ratsbeschlusses

no-softwarepatents | | Free Software Foundation | Softwarepatent-Nachrichten |
Aktuelles �ber Softwarepatente | Indymedia-Feature vom 20.12.2004 | Linksammlung

Hemp Industry and Supporters Hopeful About California Hemp Legislation

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.03.2005 08:30

A Press Conference was held in Sacramento on February 23rd to announce the introduction of AB 1147, which is a new piece of industrial hemp legislation in the state of California. Assemblyman Mark Leno was joined by representatives of the Hemp Industries Association, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, Nutiva, and others to state their support for legalized industrial hemp farming in California. If the new hemp bill becomes law, farmers would be able to apply for state licenses to grow hemp. The law would be similar to regulations on industrial hemp in other countries such as Canada and the European Union.

Mc Libel 2

Istanbul, 08.03.2005 07:21

Mc Libel ikilisinin zaferi

Challenging the culture of war

Melbourne, 08.03.2005 06:21

Dissent on trial: Women for Peace in court

Goiânia - eylem

Istanbul, 08.03.2005 06:01

Devlet şiddeti Goiânia'yı yasa ve öfkeye boğdu

Brezilya, Goiânia

Istanbul, 08.03.2005 06:01

Brezilya, Goiânia'da tahliye şiddeti


Colombia, 08.03.2005 06:00

8 de marzo Día Internacional de la Mujer

8 de Marzo

Colombia, 08.03.2005 05:30

Feliz Día de la Mujer

Día Internacional de la Mujer: 96 años despues

Argentina, 08.03.2005 05:00

Martes 8 de Marzo de 2005
Día Internacional de la Mujer: 96 años despues

Día Internacional de la Mujer: 96 años despues

Argentina, 08.03.2005 05:00

Día Internacional de la Mujer: 96 años despues

Old Growth Reserve Logging Begins at Biscuit

Rogue Valley, 08.03.2005 04:31

11 Arrested at Fiddler Timber Sale Blockade

John West of Silver Creek Logging Co. anticipated a fight over Fiddler Mountain. With 85 loggers ready to go, he consistently expressed his intent to begin logging once a court mandate allowed controversial old growth reserves timber sales in the Biscuit Fire area to proceed. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued that mandate this morning, opening the fight West promised.

As dawn broke at the Green Bridge over the Illinois River near Selma this morning, 75 people gathered to block old growth reserve logging at the Fiddler Timber Sale. Forest Service law enforcement officers and Josephine County Sherrifs escorted loggers to the site at 6:30 am where they encountered a large crowd effectively blocking all access to the sale units.

After issuing an order to disperse, 72-year-old Selma resident Joan Norman sat in the middle of the bridge, refusing to move. "We have no laws in our forest so we will be the law," said Joan Norman, before Forest Service law enforcement officers carried her off to be arrested, charged with interfering with an agricultural operation. Two other individuals were arrested at the Green Bridge.

Bush Shifts Top Government Positions Even Farther To The Right

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.03.2005 04:00

On March 7, Bush nominated John Bolton to be the new U.N. Ambassador. Bolton is a leading hawk on Iran, Iraq and North Korea, admired by many Republicans and neo-conservatives He has in past been quoted as saying there is no such thing as the United Nations and reportedly said in 1994 that it would not make any difference if the UN headquarters in New York lost 10 of its storeys.

Nepal's Military Government Arrests Prominent South Asian Editor

Madison, 08.03.2005 02:00

Our correspondent in Kathmandu reports in an interview for WORT's Public Affair show that the editor of the regionally prominent magazine, Himal South Asia, was arrested this evening in Kathmandu, Nepal.

8 de marzo

Euskal Herria, 08.03.2005 02:00

El 8 de marzo se celebra el Día Internacional de la Mujer (¿Por qué el 8 de Marzo?). Día en el que los gobiernos alardearán de haber promulgado leyes de igualdad que están incompletas; los medios de comunicación continuarán sirviéndose de una publicidad denigrante y de un lenguaje sexista; tod@s analizarán lo mucho que hasta ahora se ha conseguido, en la mayoría de los casos sin tener en cuenta que la igualdad entre hombres y mujeres sigue siendo una quimera.

*Irunea-Gaztelu Plaza-20.00h.
*Gasteiz-San Anton-20.00h.
*Baiona-Herriko Etxea-18.00h.

Más información:
Mujer y pobreza, 8 de marzo; cronología, Información sobre los derechos humanos de las mujeres y los temas globales, Organización no gubernamental especializada en el campo de la igualdad de oportunidades entre hombres y mujeres, Mujeres en Red, Independencia económica de las mujeres como precondición en su liberación.

Police/Community Relations

Sydney, 08.03.2005 00:21

Macquarie Fields resident interviewed

8 de marzo

Argentina, 07.03.2005 23:20

Día Internacional de la Mujer Tabajadora

Benefit concert for KEF! and FLOC next Saturday night!

Tennessee, 07.03.2005 23:01

There will be a benefit concert for Katuah Earth First! (KEF!) and the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) on Saturday, March 12 at The Local Performance Hall 231 E. MLK Boulevard, Chattanooga. Performing bands will include HAHN (of Chattanooga), Obadiah (of Knoxville), and The Citigo String Band (also of Chattanooga). There will also be radical videos and literature available. The show is being organized by volunteer KEF!ers. Aaron Jacobson, staff organizer for FLOC, will be on hand beginning at 7:00 PM to informally brief attendees about the ongoing FLOC struggle. Then around 9 PM, we will commence to throw down.

BlackBox Radio 3/8/03

Michigan, 07.03.2005 23:01

BlackBox Radio airs Tuesday at 6PM on WCBN-FM (88.3FM in Ann Arbor). BlackBox Radio is produced in the studios of WCBN and can be heard every Tuesday from 6:00-6:30PM. It is also be available for download from the MichiganIMC.

On this week's show: Neighbors complain about odors from a compost facility in Salem, Michigan, BlackBox investigates the story behind the Cuban 5, and the Taco Bell Truth Tour hits Memphis, Tennessee. And, of course, more local, national, and international headlines.

BlackBox Radio is an all-volunteer group comprised of students and non-students from the Ann Arbor area. There are opportunities to get involved in many ways, including research, field recording, interviewing, audio editing, and more.

Listen to the show! [high quality (27.7MB) | lower quality (13.8MB)]

To send feedback or learn more, email radio AT

Exclusive Interviews with Hezbollah Leaders

NYC, 07.03.2005 23:00

Lebanon's conflict deepened Sunday when Hezboallah put out a call for massive street demonstrations Tuesday to protest the departure of Syrian troops from the country. Hezbollah led the armed resistance that forced Israel to end its occupation of south Lebanon in 2000. Though it is now a legally recognized political party in Lebanon with a 12-seat bloc in parliment, Hezbollah and its satellite television channel have been designated terrorist organizations by the United States. New York City independent journalist and peace activist Trish Schuh traveled to Lebanon in the summer of 2002 and again last month and spoke with leaders of this controversial resistance movement. Interviews 1 2 || Q&A on Syria's Role in Lebanon || The Lebanese Civil War || Beirut Indymedia

Crisis económica y despidos a trabajadores

Puerto Rico, 07.03.2005 22:21

¡Que la crisis la paguen los ricos!

Airport Police move swiftly to suppress evidence. Is there a &quot;torture jet&quot; behind that warplane?

Ireland, 07.03.2005 22:20

Ed Horgan arrested for taking a photograph. Peace activist Ed Horgan (ex Irish Army Commandant) has been arrested at Shannon Airport for taking a picture of a US Hercules aircraft. This picture was taken in a public area. It looks as though the Irish State will stoop to nothing in its desparation to hide the evidence of illegal US troop movements. A private jet similar to the ones chartered by the CIA for illegal transport of prisoners for the purposes of torture was also spotted by him. He was unable to confirm this because he was arrested. Answers to our SpotTheCrime competition should be sent to:: email: Phone: 01-6194020 / 4021 / 4043 Fax: 01-6764048 Valid entries should contain only one X marking the criminal action. Employees and relatives of employees of An Dáil are precluded from entry. Expletives will render the entry null and void. Participants may enter any number of times. From the newswire (Tim Hourigan): Just got a phone call from Ed Horgan. He was gathering more evidence of the crimes at Shannon when he was set upon by the Airport Police. Ed was told that Airport "Police Inspector" John Martin, Garda Morrissey and Garda Coleman were taking him into custody for taking a photograph of a US militatry Hercules. UPDATE: It also appears that Ed saw a plane very similar to the CIA torture jet that has been using Ireland as an essential part of its war crime infrastructure. The arresting officers cited Section 33 of the Air Transport and Navigation Act, which only restricts photographs in certain areas (such as the airfield) not on the public roads. Under Section 59 of the same act it says "lest there be any doubt, the road, is, for the purpose of any enactment, a public place." On Friday 4th March Edward Horgan went to Shannon by prior arrangement to collect Eoin Dubsky's personal items (held at Shannon Garda Station since Eoin did some redecorating on a US Hercules warplane). While awaiting a phone call from Garda Sgt John O'Sullivan, he went to the airport to buy a newspaper and check if any US military, chartered US troop-carriers or illegal prisoner transport aircraft were at the airport. As he approached the airport he noticed what appeared to be Gulfstream executive jet, similar to the N379P used for the transporting of prisoners for torture, landing on the main runway. He also noticed a Hercules C 130 parked close to Gate 40. He was waved through the road checkpoint on the approach road to the airport. He then went up to the public viewing gallery and noticed that the GulfstreamExecutive jet was not anywhere to be seen (it may have been taken immediately into one of the hangers). He also, along with others in the viewing tower, observed the other aircraft at the airport. He noticed a US Air Force C-130 Hercules with the markings ANG Minesota, 61004. He then went to the area of the car parks outside the main terminal building, and was observing the US Hercules C 130 when he was approached by a Garda Morrison, who was later joined by Garda Coleman, and by Airport Police Inspector John Martin. He was followed into the terminal building and was detained by the Airport police. His camera and binoculars were taken from him at this point. He was asked to go to Inspector Martin’s office, and when he protested, he was informed that he would be taken there forcibly if necessary. He was then taken under detention or arrest, to Inspector Martin’s office where he was formally arrested under the Air Transport Navigation Act. He was then taken under arrest to Shannon Garda Station. His mobile phone was removed from him by Garda Coleman while he was in the Garda car under arrest. At Shannon Garda station he made contact with his Solicitor Patrick Daly, who spoke to the arresting officer and to the Sergeant in charge. He was released from custody at about 12.40, and told that his camera and binoculars were being sent to the Garda Technical Bureau in Dublin, for examination. He was also told that a file would be prepared and a decision made on whether to charge him or not, based on that file.

Fear and Despair at the Burgh Quay GNIB

Ireland, 07.03.2005 22:00

A Day's Diary of an Anti-Racism Activist in Ireland Anti-Racism activist, Rosanna Flynn, tells the stories of Asylum Seekers awaiting their fate at the Burgh Quay Garda National Immigration Bureau in Dublin.... Thursday 9:45am: Anti-Racism activist, Rosanna Flynn of Residents Against Racism, tells the stories of Asylum Seekers awaiting their fate at the Burgh Quay Garda National Immigration Bureau in Dublin.... I went to the GNIB at Burgh Quay Dublin to meet three people told to be there at 10am. First met Latafia from Nigeria and her husband A. They married in Ireland three years ago and A. has had a deportation order. Latafia has to have an operation soon and she is unable to conceive. Naturally she wants her husband with her. As she said, he is a good man who has stood by her through her health problems and what is the use of her being able to conceive. Without him she can't anyway. P. is also Nigerian and has two children born in Nigeria. One year ago her Irish-citizen baby died shortly after birth. The immigration officer questioned her about this, within the hearing of 6 or 7 people. The place was crowded. The officer did this in a most insensitive way. Because the baby died, she has no case as the mother of an Irish child. Her dead baby doesn't count. It is as if he never lived. On The Run In Paris... ''...After exploring the Eiffel Tower we walked back to the Metro and found them again. Being a connoisseur of kitsch I had to buy a mini-Tower. I asked one of the men for the 1€ replica and then asked if I could take his picture. In a blink of an eye the ten men were running away from us down the street. Soon we witnessed Paris Police in a van on the scene as the men zig-zagged across the busy street to avoid capture.....'' Read More & Photo Series... Listening to this reduced our next Nigerian mother, V., to tears. She said: 'If she has 6 children, they will not replace the one who has died. She will think of that child everyday for the rest of her life.' V. herself has two children, one born in Ireland. She was due to be deported before the new ruling and has been in hiding, helped by good friends, also Nigerian asylum seekers, who met her for the first time in Ireland. Now she has applied for her own residency status because she has an Irish child. Her children are not with her all the time, there is no room - another good asylum seeker takes care of of them. She sees them often and when she must leave, the older one asks 'When are you coming back?' So many in the afternoon, I almost lose count. Two other Residents Against Racism members come down to Burgh Quay. One Irish and one a Nigerian father of Irish children. One woman, C. who walks with a stick and looks frail, has two lovely daughters, one in primary and one in secondary school, they are with her. The younger girl tells me she loves playing gaelic football. Both have been in school for years and do very well. They are like the typical Irish schoolgirls. This family are so well integrated the school support for them and many people in the town in back where they live have petitioned the government for them to stay. They would be a credit to any community.... Another young Nigerian woman, A. again is totally integrated. She is allowed to work as she has been here before the law forbidding asylum seekers to work was passed. She also studies and pays her own fees. Like most people I met today she is very well educated. L. and E. from Galway and Limerick are single men from Nigeria who didn't attempt to become fathers of Irish citizen children. They are typical of the many men I have met over the last weeks. It is not true that most asylum seekers misuse the system to get residency as parents of Irish citizen children. That is what the government told as was happening before last June's referendum. These are some of the cases dealt with Thursday. Not all, by any means. The place was crammed with people and RAR can only touch the tip of the iceberg. The awful thing is we know similar cases are played out all over Europe. Thursday was a lesson in human misery. All these people we met are due back to Burgh Quay, most next week. They all live one day at a time. 12:30am Friday Night: One of the other cases not mentioned above called us, C. living in the midlands is in total trauma and is threatening suicide, 'They will take care of one of my children if I am dead' she says. Listening to her voice on the phone it is obvious that she has taken medication and we worry but could not get her on the phone again later. We spoke until about 1:30am. This morning early we speak with her doctor. We are convinced she is having a nervous breakdown - she is not eating and worried that she slapped her son for nothing. The guilt has pushed her to the edge, in our opinion. She left a violent husband to come to Ireland and is terrified more for her children than herself. She has a good Irish friend who I hope can care for the kids if C. is hospitalised. Another call, someone in hiding who didn't go to Burgh Quay, 'Can you advise me how I can get my ten year old son adopted by my friend who has full status here? Then I will go and he will be safe.'

New Yorkers Express Solidarity With Goiania Landless Workers

NYC, 07.03.2005 21:01

New Yorkers Friday expressed rage to the Brazilian Consulate about a recent slaughter of landless squatters in Goiania, Brazil. Extremely cold winds did not deter solidarity with Brazilian land struggles and with NYC Indymedia journalist Brad Will, who was beaten in custody after the murderous Feb. 16 raid on Sonho Real encampment by Goias state military police. Police killed at least two and arrested 800, leaving 12,000 homeless and many wounded or missing. Fifty unidentified bodies now lay in the morgue.

Update on BTHS Teacher Outburst

NYC, 07.03.2005 21:01

(from the Open Newswire): Two weeks ago I wrote an article about a teacher who pulled a chair from underneath a student who refused to stand for the national anthem. The incident was caught on tape. About a week after I first posted the article, the corporate news picked up on it and reported it. The responses to this event on the NYC Indymedia comments section have ranged from outrage at Mantel for his treatment of his students, to praising Mantel for "teaching these little punks some respect". The people who are angry at Mantel and Brick Twp. High School have lashed out at the school for their failure to adequately discipline Mantel for his behavior, which many say should be considered assault. Others have praised the school for not disciplining Mantel, and loudly claimed that if it were their children refusing to stand for the national anthem, they would have beaten them senseless.

Amy Goodman Rallies Support for Free Speech TV in Madison

Madison, 07.03.2005 21:01

Over six hundred people attended the Amy Goodman and Free Speech TV event sponsored by WORT, WYOU, and the Madison Campaign for Free Speech on Cable TV at the Barrymore Theatre on Saturday March 5th. The Madison Campaign for Free Speech on Cable TV collected over three hundred postcards at the event in support of bringing Free Speech TV to Charter Communications Inc.'s Madison cable line-up as a fulltime channel. Audience members left charged to call Charter Communications at 1-800-581-0081 to request a fulltime Free Speech TV channel.

Shell: The New Aristocracy in Mayo

Ireland, 07.03.2005 20:20

The story of Shell's attempt to re-develop Bangor Erris, North West Mayo: Interview with Maura Harrington, local campaigner, and a photo story of the sites to be vandalised and being vandalised. On Wednesday March 1st at 11 a.m. Shell again attempted to access the lands of farmers in Rossport, north-west Co. Mayo. They were refused access, told that they did not have proper consent to work on the land. The land in question is on the route of a high pressure up stream pipeline which is to bring untreated gas from the Corrib Gas field to a massive on-shore refinery at Ballinaboy. This is a repeat of Shell’s earlier attempt to access the lands in January. The previous Saturday there was an NUIG Ecology Society fact finding mission to the Bangor Erris area to see what Shell propose to do. Here follows a photo story of the development and the text of an interview we made with Maura Harrington, a local campaigner. Related Links: On the cushy deals multinationals are getting: Gas Lads | The Great Oil and Gas Rip-Off | The Biggest Scandal of Them All | Some History: The environmental and social costs of living with Shell Previous Indymedia Stories Shell in Mayo: An Update | Corrib Gas Go Ahead Granted to Shell A Tourist Guide to the Area Erris and Bellmullet, Co.Mayo Hi Maura, could you explain a bit about why people oppose this development and the environmental costs and associated health and safety dangers? That’s a fairly tall issue but, the first thing I’d say is in terms of the environment, as it is defined and normally used at the moment, I consider it a kind of inversion, because to use Bertie Ahern’s infamous phrase about snails and swans it is not essentially about snails and swans per se, as it is about the quality of the entire environment which sustains them and by sustaining them sustains us. It is the whole interaction of the environment as a holistic system. In terms of the proposed gas refinery here it is proposed for an area which has absolutely nothing like that, in that it is completely rural and at the time that industrialisation could have helped the people here it didn’t happen through political neglect and this is the same type of political neglect that would now try to foist on an area, that has a natural resource of its own right in terms of its quality of air, soil and water, and now at the very time it is coming to an end of that kind of dirty process of doing things elsewhere, it is now that they are attempting to impose it on the people here. It would have at least 30 million cubic feet of emission per day, that’s a horrendous amount of stuff spewing out in the middle of what is now at least unspoilt. This is into Broadhaven Bay? No this is the emission into the air around Ballinaboy, it will not just stay the air of course, it will move as the air current moves it, and Ballinaboy is no more that one and a half or two kilometres as the crow flies from Carrowmore Lake which is the source of the regional water supply. The lake itself is largish but very shallow which means that its area will absorb the emissions but there isn’t the depth of water to deal with them, if they could be dealt with anyway. At the same time there will be waste water discharged into Broadhaven Bay and because the tidal nature of Broadhaven Bay is more circular than straight out to sea most of those emissions through water will come back in and lodge in areas around the shore. At the same time you have what is an unprecedented high pressure pipeline running through the villages of Glengad, Rossport and Gortacragher and well this pipeline; the difficulty here at the moment is to get the message out to people who have only a passing knowledge of this, this pipeline is not like the Bord Gais pipelines. It is in private ownership and the pressure of gas inside it is totally different and the pressure inside it can be up to four times greater than that of the biggest Bord Gais pipelines in the country. You normally have one bar pressure bringing the gas into houses in towns. You have transmission pressure of up to 70 bar in the big Bord Gais pipelines, this pressure in this pipeline is between 150 bar and 345 bar, at the maximum that is 5,000 pounds per square inch pressure. It’s a horrendous concept and it is proposed to be built in an area of proven natural instability and they still think they can go ahead and do it. Can you explain a bit about the proven natural instability and the bog surface that both the pipeline and the terminal or refinery are being constructed on? The proposed landfall for the pipeline is at a place called Glengad or Dooncarton, it’s called by both names, and it was Dooncarton Mountain which experienced horrendous peat slides on the 19th of September 2003. Now the pipeline is proposed to come in at the toe of the slope of Dooncarton , right at the bottom of it, it would travel parallel to Dooncarton for about a kilometre, about a 1,000 metres, then cross over into Rossport. Now first of all to come into the inner shore there will be blasting required and there will be blasting required at the site in Rossport, where it’s gonna hit the land over there. The local communities are naturally very worried as to what the effects of that blasting may be on an area which has already experienced such devastation and is a very short time in recovery. Again the up stream route itself is proposed to run through some areas of reclaimed bog, that is working farmland, but also through some areas which are deep, deep, bog, at least 20 foot deep, and in that instance nobody who knows the bog can see how Shell’s contractors can propose to anchor that pipeline safely, through that terrain. It has not been done anywhere else. I mean Andy Pyle of Shell on local radio was defending it saying that of course Bord Gais pipelines go through peat, but that is the old lie, of this pipeline being the same as a Bord Gais pipeline, it is not, and anyway Bord Gais pipelines would not run through such depth of peat. The terminal itself is being constructed on bog, you were saying earlier that the method they are using for this has only been used in laboratories previously. Yes, because of the refusal by Bord Plenala the first time, which related primarily but not solely to the volumes of peat, of bog, to be desegregated and dumped, this time around they came up with a solution, so-called, of removing approximately half a million ton of bog from Ballinaboy to a cut away bog area in Bord na Mona at Srahmore 8 miles away and then they also said they wouldn’t be removing quite as much peat as before. It was supposed to be 660 thousand cubic meters the first time. So what they are not removing they propose to stabilise by mixing it with cement. Now there have been laboratory experiments done in Sweden but they have been largely laboratory, there have been a couple of very small field trials done in Trinity, but they have been tiny by comparison, and they are only the first step on from laboratory trials. Here in Ballinaboy Shell propose, and it was accepted by the An Bord Plenala capitulation, to try this: what is essentially a very large field test, but to use it as a basis for building a gas refinery on it, and not alone that, but the flare tower, which would have to deal with releasing the pressure from the high pressure pipeline, they prose to build that on top of what they call stabilised peat. But when you mix cement with bog, the bog is acidic, the cement is alkaline, so you have a chemical reaction which produces heat and releases certain elements including hexavalent chromium which is deadly if it gets into the water courses. But in the EIS they all say well hexavalent chromium will travel for about one meter and then sit, this is very well behaved hexavalent chromium, and then not go near any water courses. Anyone who believes that will believe in flying pigs. The one final thing about so-called stabilisation is that is this mixing of bog and cement works better at the higher level than when it goes further down and it has to go from the top down to bed rock if it is to be properly stabilised. Its strength fails as it goes further down so it is a recipe for potential disaster. Can you tell us a little more about the effects on Carrowmore Lake? Carrowmore Lake is of massive importance for all the people of the region and this would include the many people who thought there were benefits and dollars to be got from what’s now known around here as the gas. Those people have now changed their minds as well, when they see the dollars aren’t coming. The only thing at this stage we would be assured of getting from the gas is I believe the further contamination of Carrowmore Lake. As I say it is largish, shallow, it is also a spring fed lake as well as fed from the rivers going into it, nobody knows the exact location of all the springs which feed it, we do know that the Ballinaboy river, which is going alongside the terminal site, into the lake, forms 27% of the catchment. That river has not been properly monitored by any statutory agency since last October, the EPA, which is supposed to be responsible for testing water sources on behalf of the council, while they say they carry out tests we haven’t seen the results of them so there is a complete disconnection between any responsibility being accepted by anybody who is dealing with Shell on behalf of the people who have to deal with the consequences of the lake being damaged. Now for the past two years it has had an algae bloom on it and that had never happened before, it has sustained angling before for years and years, but there has been no angling on the lake for the past two summers and the EPA’s explanation for that is because of a peat slide which occurred in the area in 1997. But I would ask that given that the status of Carrowmore lake has been degraded since 2000 and given that the water quality in the Glenamoy river has been degraded and both of those are facts and the only common denominator between the two is the Civil Engineering activity at Ballinaboy, I don’t think it is illogical to say that da bhri sin Ballinaboy is the culprit, and that you are gonna get worse. But surely this is an economic black spot where lots of people have to either migrate or emigrate for employment and surely there are economic benefits associated with this development? I’m afraid not, that is the spin which was accepted at the beginning, but it has now become very obvious, given what has begun at that proposed site at Ballinaboy, there are at the most I would say half a dozen locals employed there, there is something like 100 or 150 working at the site at the moment, they are being bussed in from Ballina everyday, I don’t know where they are coming from, some would be from Galway, some from Clare, they are not local they are obviously people who have been contracted to Roadbridge, they are the lot doing the work, and there is no real local employment. There is no local spin off, because one of the great economic benefits as trumpeted in the EIS was to be that of the sale of sandwiches in the local shops, now it transpires that a person who has a close connection with the County Manager has got the catering contract on site at Ballinaboy. So how did the campaign start? The campaign started initially, when Enterprise Oil, as it was at the time, announced the good news for the Erris region that they intended to pipe the Corrib Gas ashore in Erris and this was in the summer of 2000, at the time nobody in the area had the faintest conception of what the pipeline entailed. I tell the story against myself, when I heard it I quite literally thought that we might be getting the piped gas the same as the water supply. I really did think that with the gas coming into Erris that there would be gas, piped along country roads into the houses, which I know now was a ludicrous notion. But at the time a lot of so-called movers and shakers, and those who are considered influential bought into this, and they came out in favour of it, this included both Church and State, moulders of opinion, because they thought it would be a very good idea, and because they don’t have what it takes to admit they were wrong they are still caught in that spin of the oil companies. What have been the high points of the campaign so far? High points, the major one would have been the refusal of permission by An Bord Plenala in April 2003. This was accompanied by the inspector’s report which ran to 377 pages, the independent consultant’s report which was over 100 pages as well. So you consider that there was 500 pages of solid forensic examination of the proposal and in very simple terms they said it was the wrong place for such a development. But then of course that was quickly followed by a Fianna Fail and vested interests’ rally in Bellmullet in July of that year. When you had O’Cuiv and Fahey from Galway down in Bellmullet, and the then Fianna Fail TDs for Mayo, which included Beverly Cooper-Flynn at the time, and John Carthy, weren’t there at all. What international links have you been building with this campaign? From an early stage in the campaign when we met with Majella McCarron, who had 30 years experience in Nigeria and who personally knew Ken Saro Wiwa, we made links with her in 2001, and she provided a link to ECCR, which is based in Oxford, they are the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility, and they are Christian Churches as the name implies. They arose from the Nigerian scandal of ten years ago now, when they decided rather than remove their pension investments from Shell they would keep Shell in their portfolios and work as a shareholder pressure group. They were our first international link. It was through them and thanks to them that I attended the Shell AGM in London last year. At that AGM I made lots of other international contacts the chief of which would be Global Community Monitor which is based in San Francisco. What kind of reception did you get at the Shell AGM? It was interesting from the Irish perspective cause people are used to any meeting you attended you can ask your question if you are not satisfied with the answer you can pursue that. I followed the same track at the AGM. I asked a question; it was at the time that the directors’ remuneration was being voted, so I asked if the directors were aware of the health and safety implications of the proposed up stream pipeline. The question was fielded by the chairperson Lord Oxbourgh to the head of Shell Transport and Trading who proceeded to waffle blithely on about what an important development the Corrib thing was for Ireland and it would supply two thirds of Ireland’s energy needs, which again was pure waffle, so I came back on him on a point of order and I was lucky in fact to get the mike back, it was a roving mike. I just asked him how .87 tcf of gas could provide for two thirds of the energy needs of the country. At that he had to kick to touch and say he would discuss it with me afterward. But it seems that was considered greatly daring by those attending the meeting because it seems people don’t come back with a point of order, they say their little bit, they get their pro forma answer and they go away for another year. So I was lucky in that that drew attention to me at the meeting which meant that the activists from others parts of the world knew here was someone else who could be joined up with. You mentioned earlier about being in front of bulldozers, could you tell us a little about that? That happened in July 2002 and it is a small scale version of what Shell do globally, they had begun to do horrible damage at the beach in Glengad, they had broken through the sandy cliff base, and they had a digger, pulling down the shore, so we were there that morning, a group of us from about 8 in the morning, we were walking along the shore to show and establish that the public had a right of access along the foreshore. The digger was just kinda on the shore and Shell they called the Garda, so the Garda came spoke with us, spoke with the oil company lot and the Garda were given a guarantee that the digger would be moved up, off the shore, onto land, and at that everybody left, those of us who had been walking the beach and the Garda and we saw the digger being pulled up, that was fine, we went away. I went into my school but before I left there to go home I drove back through Glengad and lo and behold the digger was further down the shore. So I went down on my own and it was a local person driving the digger, he is actually related to be, a Sweeny, and what I said to him, though I doubt he heard as he had the engine going at the time, I mentioned my grandfather, god rest him he is long dead, I told him Anthony Sweeny would come back and haunt him, whatever Anthony Sweeny’s spirit did it was enough for yer man to switch off the machine leaving the bucket touching the ground and just instinctively I hopped up on it and sat on it, and I had my mobile phone so I just rang around and more people came to stay with me. What would you like people who are not in the immediate Bangor Erris area, but sympathetic to the campaign, to do? Well I would first of all extend a very warm welcome to them to please come here. I know that to come to Erris you have to make a conscious effort to do so because we are not on the way to anywhere other than to America, but I do believe that if people who have, if only a passing interest in the subject, if you could given the opportunity, when the weather improves, which it does sometimes in Erris, if you could make the journey down. >br> You come to either Ballina or Castlebar and into a place called Bangor Erris and once you get there you can follow the Shell signs which would bring you to the centre of this inglorious activity and certainly I believe that once you see the area you will agree with us that it is not the place for a gas refinery and an unprecedented high pressure up stream pipeline.

Reestructuración y despidos en PRT Verizon

Puerto Rico, 07.03.2005 20:01

Reestructuración y despidos en PRT Verizon

Reestructuración y despidos en PRT Verizon

Puerto Rico, 07.03.2005 20:01

Reestructuración y despidos en PRT Verizon

Que la crisis la paguen los ricos!!

Puerto Rico, 07.03.2005 20:01

Que la crisis la paguen los ricos!!

Que la crisis la paguen los ricos!!

Puerto Rico, 07.03.2005 20:01

Que la crisis la paguen los ricos!!

É o Lucro, Estúpido!

Portugal, 07.03.2005 13:30

É o Lucro, Estúpido!

Taco Bell Truth Tour 2005

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.03.2005 11:00

The 2005 Taco Bell Truth Tour kicked off from Immokalee, Florida on February 28 and headed two different directions en route to Louisville, Kentucky--home of Yum! Brands corporate headquarters. Yum! is the parent company to Taco Bell which is itself one of the most profitable fast food chains in the world. Tomato pickers in Florida, organizing for better working conditions and wages for over a decade, have called a boycott against Taco Bell. Most tomato pickers in Florida are migrant workers and are vulnerable to exploitation. Aside from fighting for an increase in wages which have stagnated for over 25 years, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers have helped to uncover multiple cases of modern day slavery.

Taco Bell Truth Tour 2005

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.03.2005 11:00

The 2005 Taco Bell Truth Tour kicked off from Immokalee, Florida on February 28 and headed two different directions en route to Louisville, Kentucky--home of Yum! Brands corporate headquarters. Yum! is the parent company to Taco Bell which is itself one of the most profitable fast food chains in the world. Tomato pickers in Florida, organizing for better working conditions and wages for over a decade, have called a boycott against Taco Bell. Most tomato pickers in Florida are migrant workers and are vulnerable to exploitation. Aside from fighting for an increase in wages which have stagnated for over 25 years, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers have helped to uncover multiple cases of modern day slavery. Read More on Indybay's Labor Page

Radical Performance Festival, March 18th-19th

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.03.2005 09:30

Cultural Links will sponsor the 8th annual Radical Performance Festival on March 18th and 19th in at the SomArts Cultural Center in San Francisco. The show on Friday night will include Sparlha Swa, Shailja Patel, the Brass Liberation Orchestra, Ashley Brockington, SoulOgraphy, Julia Butterfly, the Vietnamese Artists Collective, Arts in Action poets, and others. Saturday night's performance will include Sistas in the Pit, Copper Women, Colored Ink, Matt Gonzalez, Kreatibo, Blue Buddha, Samsara, Deep Dick Collective, Dancers Without Borders, Pick Pocket Ensemble, Art in Action Poets, and antics by the Big Tadoo Puppet Crew. The two shows will benefit Art in Action Youth Scholarships and the From Attica to Abu Ghraib Conference

Ward Churchill At UW WhiteWater

Madison, 07.03.2005 07:00

Here's audio of Ward Churchill's talk at Whitewater campus of UW.

Nepal Correspondent on Repression and Response in Nepal

Madison, 07.03.2005 07:00

Interview with a correspondent in Nepal for WORT-FM about the current situation of repression in the countryside and upheaval within the political parties.

Ceres Community Reacts to Department of Justice Organized Meetings

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.03.2005 06:00

With Police in Modesto and Ceres stepping up "gang sweeps" in various areas, the Department of Justice has organized a series of meetings to discuss various issus of "public safety", and community based tensions. Community organizers have more concerns, largely those of racial profiling by the police, harassment, police misconduct, and police carrying large automatic weapons. Last week, the DOJ conducted a large meeting in which various questions were withheld from a panel it had selected, ignored and opposed the Brown Act, the Cheif of Police refused to answer questions from people in the community on an open mike, and several community members walked out of the meeting. This weekend, more meetings took place, with activists continually calling for and end to racial profiling and harassment. Reports 1, 2, 3.

International Women's Day 2005 - Stand Up for Our Rights

Aotearoa, 07.03.2005 04:01

Few people today think that women are inferior to men or that they should be paid less, but women on average are paid 20 per cent less than men. There are women in top positions such as the Prime Minister, the Governor General and the Attorney General – but for the majority of women gender inequality remains a daily reality. Sole parents, invariably women, are among the worst off. We have a Labour government that has maintained the severe benefit cuts of 1991 and has policies aimed at harassing beneficiaries such as Jobs Jolt and a new scheme of “home visits”. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY EVENTS FORUM: Monday 7 March 7.30pm @ Trades Hall 147 Great North Road Grey Lynn Susan St John speaking on women and child poverty. Unionist and Alliance president Jill Ovens will be speaking on the housing problem. PLUS Naomi Klein’s film on Argentina THE TAKE RALLY: Tuesday 8, International Womens Day March, Aotea Square 5.30pm. MC Michelle A’Court, Speakers, Open Mike, Music – the Coolies.

John Negroponte, William Brownfield and Death Squads Inc.

NYC, 07.03.2005 04:01

Current U.S. ambassador to Iraq John Negroponte has been nominated by President Bush to be chief advisor and the first National Intelligence Director, with authority over 15 formerly independent intelligence agencies. So just who is he? For starters, John Negroponte is a multi-millionaire who has made a lot of money off of owning stock in companies that benefit directly from the war and occupation of Iraq. In Iraq, he has been linked to a proposal where U.S.-funded Central American-style death squads or the so called "Salvador option" has been put forward as a way to quell the Iraqi insurgency against the U.S. occupation.

Anti-Imperialist Anarchists take part in the St. Pat's For All Parade

NYC, 07.03.2005 04:01

New York City's Anti-Imperialist Anarchist contingent took to the streets of Sunnyside Queens today as part of the St. Pat's For All Parade. The contingent, which included the Rude Mechanicals Orchestra and the Hungry March Band, provided a lively and festive element to Queens' yearly all-inclusive celebration of Irish heritage.

Global Women's Strike Calls for Int'l Women's Day Protest

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.03.2005 02:20

On March 8th, a Global Women's Strike will take place in over 60 cities around the world. The San Francisco protest on that date will start at 3pm at City Hall (Civic Center/Polk St), and march to the SF City Jail (850 Bryant) for a 4pm rally. This year the Strike will focus on demanding: "A Living Wage for All our Work & Pay Equity in the Global Market; End Poverty and War! Invest in Caring Not Killing!" More Demands of the Strike The Global Women's Strike started in 2000 with women taking action together on or around March 8th. It has grown every year since, particularly in countries in the Global South.

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