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Colombia, 10.03.2005 16:20

Todos los movimientos sociales se unen

Novas medidas draconianas em vista

Portugal, 10.03.2005 15:30

Novas medidas draconianas em vista

Anti Sweatshop DVD Australia

Melbourne, 10.03.2005 12:02

Kids make anti sweatshop fashion statement

Echos of international women's day

United Kingdom, 10.03.2005 09:21

Actions and gatherings have happened all over the world on this year's 8th of March. In Istanbul, a group of around 150 people gathered in Istanbul on Sunday 6th of March 8. Police intervened after protesters refused to disperse and detained 59 people, including 29 women. Muslim Turkey has promised to do more to improve the plight of women as it legislates reforms required by the European Union before the government begins membership talks in October.

In Ecuador, it is remembered that most of the "drug trafickers" are poor and single mothers who, fed up of telling their children that there is no food today, risk their bodies and lives by swallowing drugs in order to transport them, on behalf of fat cats that never get caught.

In Santiago de Chile, more than 150 organisations seconded the march.

In Madrid no actions were reported - a Community Centre was evicted on the 8th of March.

There have been actions, amongst others, in Argentina 1 (in spanish)|2, in Euskalherria (also in spanish), Portugal (in portuguese),

In San Francisco, CA, USA, a colourful demonstration took 1|pics 2 <"">

women's solidarity, UK and international event listings

Blogger Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison in Iran

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.03.2005 08:30

On February 22nd, Arash Sigarchi, an Iranian blogger and human rights activist, was sentenced to 14 years in prison on charges of "espionage and insulting the country's leaders." This sentence would appear to be an effort by the government of Iran to send a message to other bloggers and independent government critics in that country.

California Police Pursuits Cause for Concern

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.03.2005 08:00

3/09/05: This Sunday, the Oakland Tribune printed an article about car chases in California, reports came out about a man who was shot to death that day by a police officer after a chase between the Peninsula and San Francisco.

22 Arrests to Stop Controversial Logging in Biscuit

Rogue Valley, 10.03.2005 07:21

The public movement to stop the largest logging project in modern history is entering a critical new phase as logging within federally designated old growth reserves proceeds. Nonviolent civil disobedience actions, aimed at keeping chainsaws out of the fragile post-burn recovery area have already resulted in 22 arrests. Citizens have vowed to redouble their efforts to stop this destructive incursion into previously protected public lands.

Three City College Students Charged With Felonies For Counter-Military Recruitment Protest

NYC, 10.03.2005 07:01 has learned that the New York police have arrested three counter-military recruiters in New York and filed felony charges against two of the students.

Nick Bergreen, Justino Rodriguez and Hadas Thier, all undergraduate students at the City College of New York, were arrested Wednesday during a protest at the school. Bergreen and Rodriguez have been charged with felony assault; Thier was charged with obstruction of a government administrator.

San Diego Latino Film Festival!!

San Diego, 10.03.2005 06:31


San Diego, CA – The Media Arts Center San Diego is proud to announce the 2005 San Diego Latino Film Festival with more than 100 films from Mexico, Cuba, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Spain and the U.S. This prestigious, and internationally recognized film festival is the longest running Latino festival in Southern California. With a projected audience of over 17,000, SDLFF is also one of the largest. Attending filmmakers and fans will see over 100 films including: Voces Inocentes (Mexico) Machuca (Chile), Puños Rosas(Mexico), and Perfecto Amor Equivocado ( Cuba). In addition, as part of SDLFF’s "Guest Director" series, acclaimed director Luis Mondoki (Voces Inocentes, Gaby: A True Story, Trapped, Angel Eyes) has curated a series of three 35mm classics that influenced his career.

Maia Ramnath speaks about her recent travels to the West Bank with the ISM

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.03.2005 04:01

George Cadman of Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.1 fm interviews Maia Ramnath about her recent travels to the West Bank with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). Maia is a UCSC grad student and activist in the global justice and antiwar movements. She has travelled to the West Bank twice, first in the spring of 2002 during the major Israeli army invasions of Palestinians towns and most recently in Dec 04 and Jan 05. (1:02:39 / 57.3 MB)

Audio: Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3

The ISM was founded in late 2000 by Palestinian and Israeli peace activists, who came together with the intent to end Israel's military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, which they say is the main obstacle to peace. Civilians from all over the world travel to the Occupied Territories to provide protective accompaniment for Palestinian civilians, as well as to engage in acts of nonviolent direct action.

Sgo. del Estero Movilización por Osvaldo Britos

Argentina, 10.03.2005 03:30

Caso Britos: 17 Años de Impunidad

Consejo Europeo Aprueba Patentes de Software

santiago, 10.03.2005 03:21

Grupos pro software libre piden a sus respectivos paises que voten no a la ley en el parlamento europeo

Caso Britos, protesta en Sgo. del Estero

Argentina, 10.03.2005 03:20

Caso Britos: 17 Años de Impunidad

Lucha docente

Argentina, 10.03.2005 02:22

“No hay tregua” gritaron 10 mil personas en Rosario

xarxa i llibertat (ca)

Barcelona, 10.03.2005 02:00

hacklabs :: tecnologies i xarxes d'ensamblat col·lectiu d'autonomia digital

Un espai de deconstrucció i construcció >><< Activisme digital i telemàtic

algunes activitats :: 24-26.10.03>>Hackmeeting 2003 10-12.12.03>>Contracimera WSIS 23.12.03>>Copiar no és il·legal, fes servir software lliure! 09.03.04>>Directiva Propietat Intel·lectual al parlament europeu 19.03.04>>Dones i tecnologia 19-20.03.04>>Irs Jocs Fractals 14.04.04>>Com fan bondat, els hackers? 23.04.04>>curs de shell-scripts 13.05.04>>Acció Contra les patents de software 20.05.04>>taller d'edició (i captura) de video digital 29-30.10.04>>Hackmeeting a Sevilla 23.11.04>>Kafeta a la Banka Roota 13.12.04>>ATAC SENSEFILS: Jornada de Seguretat Wireless

11-13Mar_BCN :: II Jocs Fractals - GenereJant Xarxes (Kernel Panic)

+info:: >>>xarxes i llibertat -- -- hacklabBCN : kernelpanic -- audios I Jocs Factals

redes y libertad (es)

Barcelona, 10.03.2005 02:00

hacklabs :: tecnologías y redes de ensamblado colectivo de autonomía digital

Un espacio de deconstrucción y construcción >><< Activismo digital y telemático

algunas actividades :: 24-26.10.03>>Hackmeeting 2003 10-12.12.03>>Contracumbre WSIS 23.12.03>>¡Copiar no es ilegal, usa software libre! 09.03.04>>Directiva Propiedad Intelectual al parlamento europeo 19.03.04>>Mujeres y Tecnología 19-20.03.04>>Irs Jocs Fractals 14.04.04>>¿Cómo se portan bien, l*s hackers? 23.04.04>>curso de shell-scripts 13.05.04>>Acción Contra las patentes de software 20.05.04>>taller de edición (y captura) de video digital 29-30.10.04>>Hackmeeting de Sevilla 23.11.04>>Kafeta en la Banka Roota 13.12.04>>ATAQUE SIN HILOS: Jornada de Seguridad Wireless

11-13Mar_BCN :: II Jocs Fractals - GenereJant Xarxes (Kernel Panic)

+info:: >>>redes y libertad -- -- hacklabBCN : kernelpanic -- audios I Jocs Factals


Argentina, 10.03.2005 00:00

Miércoles 9 de 2005 |A 97 años años de la matanza
Día Internacional de la Mujer

marcha docente

Argentina, 10.03.2005 00:00

"No hay tregua" gritan 10.000 manifestantes

Media Activist and Independent Journalist Jenka Soderberg to Speak on Palestine and Media

DC, 09.03.2005 22:01

Freelance journalist Jenka Soderberg has spent the past four months covering the occupation of Palestine for Indymedia and Pacifica's Free Speach Radio News. On Thurday evening at 7:30 pm she will speak about doing media in a conflict zone, and the relevance of media in shaping our preceptions of conflict. Thursday, March 10th, 7:30 PM at the Institute for Policy Studies 733 15th St NW in Washington DC

Protest at Santa Cruz Taco Bell Transformed Into a Celebration!

Santa Cruz, CA, 09.03.2005 22:01

The Comercio Justo Rally and Protest at the Mission St. Taco Bell in Santa Cruz has been transformed into a celebration. Taco Bell has agreed to some of the Coalition Of Immokalee Workers demands and the CIW has called off the boycott. Taco Bell has agreed to a raise of one cent per pound of tomatoes which will mean roughly $20 more per day for farmworkers. Taco Bell has also agreed to work towards improvements industrywide in fast food. Taco Bell is owned by Yum Brand Foods, which is the largest corporation in fast food, bigger than McDonalds.

The Santa Cruz Rally will still meet at 3:30 pm at the Mission St. Taco Bell, but will then cross the street and gather at the small park by the Community Garden. The scheduled speakers, including the mayor, will still speak and there will be a discussion and celebration.

Coverage from Austin Indymedia: Farmworkers Take Down Taco Bell | Trabajadores Agricolas Derrotan a Taco Bell

Audio: Santa Cruz Rally on March 11th Transformed Into Celebration | Peace Talks: Support the CIW | Interview about Boycott on FRSC

CIW Press Release: Coalition of Immokalee Workers and Taco Bell Reach Groundbreaking Agreement

[ Coalition of Immokalee Workers | Student/Farmworker Alliance | 2005 Truth Tour | US Indymedia Topic Page ]

Pitstop Ploughshares Put The War On Trial

Ireland, 09.03.2005 22:00

On 3rd February 2003, as part of ongoing resistance at Shannon Airport, the Pitstop Ploughshares disarmed a US warplane. Within the month, three of the four companies contracted at the time to ferry US troops and weapons had left Ireland. The trial began on Monday March 7th and is expected to last for just over a week. Watch this space for daily updates as things progress: Today:"A legal controversy arose when the defense asked that a number of photographs of war-injured children and two documentaries about destruction in Iraq be admitted into evidence." Read more here Day Two:"The defense attorneys stated that the case revolved around "the reckless damage beig wrought on a defenseless population," the prosecution made no effort to restrict this line of defense". Read more here Day One: "That could really read 'Day Zero', because nothing much happened down there at the Four Courts..." Read the report and details of solidarity actions down under here and here Every (court) day: Supporters Gather at The Spire,O'Connell St. from 9am Peace Walk to Court, 10am Remembering The War Dead', Four Courts, 10.30am Flashbacks: Original Report of the CW5 Action: here

Consejo Europeo Aprueba Patentes de Software

santiago, 09.03.2005 19:32

Grupos pro software libre piden a sus respectivos paises que voten no a la ley en el parlamento europeo

Protests Planned At G8 Ministerial Meetings

United Kingdom, 09.03.2005 19:30

In the run up to the this summer's July G8 Summit in Gleneagles (Scotland), ministers from the eight more powerul economies are holding their 'mini-summits' around the country.

This March London sees two related meetings. The Employment Ministers of the G8 nations are meeting on the 10th and 11th to make decisions, amongst other issues, about "where, how and under what conditions do we work, what happens if we don't work, and what awaits us upon retirement". A protest has been called for Thursday 10th at 12pm outside the Department of Trade & Industry, where activists will be launching a 'New Deal for the Death'.

Coinciding with the International Energy and Environment Ministers' Roundtable (see DEFRA link) on 15th-16th March, a Counter Summit called Moving Beyond the Greenwash is being held on Monday the 14th, with an open invitation to climate change activists, people from environmental NGO's, local groups and anyone interested to find more about climate actions in the run up to the G8 Summit. The following day on Tuesday 15th a Climate Change Noise Protest is planned.

March 17-18th sees the G8 Environment and Development Ministers Meeting in Derby. On Thursday 17th March a Critical Mass Bicyle Protest and Street Party is planned against global famine, climate change and oil wars. Other planned G8 Ministerial meetings include the G8 Finance Ministers in London (June 10-11th), the G8 Justice & Interior Ministers in Sheffield (June 16-17th), and the G8 Pre-Summit Foreign Ministers meeting in London (23rd June). For more protests and events follow the 'read more' link...

Econ 101: Opportunities After Economic Collapse

Baltimore, 09.03.2005 18:01

A review and commentary on "The Take," a documentary story of worker and community expropriation of factories and service industries after the 2001 economic collapse of Argentina. Shown Saturday, March 5, at Red Emma’s Bookstore and Coffee House.


Argentina, 09.03.2005 17:20

Documento de Indymedia Córdoba

10th Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners

Michigan, 09.03.2005 17:01

ANN ARBOR, MI – The Tenth Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners will take place March 22 to April 5 at the Duderstadt Center (formerly the Media Union) Gallery on the University of Michigan North Campus at 2281 Bonisteel Blvd. The exhibit is free and open to the public. Gallery hours are from 10am to 7pm Tuesday-Saturday and 12pm to 6pm Sunday-Monday, with an opening reception March 22 from 5:30 to 8pm.

Desalojo junin

Argentina, 09.03.2005 17:00


Coalition of Immokalee Workers Ends Taco Bell Boycott

Michigan, 09.03.2005 16:02

Today, after four years of struggle, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) has ended their boycott of Taco Bell after winning major concessions from the company. Taco Bell, amidst an ongoing grassroots campaign organized by the CIW, has agreed to work with the Florida-based farmworker organization to improve wages and working conditions for farm workers in the tomato industry.

Breaking News: Protesters Stop Logging at Fiddler Timber Sale This Morning

Rogue Valley, 09.03.2005 15:22

Reports from the field indicate that four people have locked down to the Green Bridge, blocking access to the Fiddler Timber Sale.

Several Forest Service law enforcement vehicles were escorting loggers to the sale this morning when one person locked down to the lead law enforcement vehicle while it was crossing the bridge.

Three additional people then locked down, to what it is unclear. The bridge has been cleared and roped off as a 'crime scene.' At least one arrest has already been made. Please stay tuned for further updates as more information comes in from the field.

Chossudovsky em Portugal

Portugal, 09.03.2005 12:00

Chossudovsky em Portugal

globalització (ca)

Barcelona, 09.03.2005 10:00

"Setmanes Fantàstiques" amb el Corte Inglés

El Grup d'Empreses, "El Corte Inglés", una de les multinacionals més importants de l'Estat(controla més del 90% dels grans magatzems espanyols) i amb un gran volume de facturació i beneficis (576,05 milions d'€ nets el 2003) al mercat estatal, amaga rera la seva tant "benèfica imatge" una política empresarial d'explotació als seus treballadors així com de part activa de la dominació neoliberalista a nivell mundial. O como Empresa de la guerra: Informàtica El Corte Inglés, SA desenrotlla sistemes d'informació per l'àrea de Defensa i és membre del "Círculo de Tecnologías para la Defensa y la Seguridad".

En l'àmbit internacional: Denunciem l'explotació a la que sotmet a les dones marroquís a les fàbriques d?Atawassoul (Tanger). Per aprofundir-hi "Moda que aprieta" + la campaña "Roba Neta". També internacionalment se la coneix pel finançament de "think thanks" a l'Amèrica Llatina.

+info:: >>>globalització

globalización (es)

Barcelona, 09.03.2005 10:00

"Semanas Fantásticas"con el Corte Inglés

El Grupo de Empresas, "El Corte Inglés", una de las multinacionales más importante del Estado (controla más del 90% de los grandes almacenes Españoles) y con mayor volumen de facturación y beneficios (576,05 millones de € netos en el 2003) en el mercado nacional, esconde detras de su tan "benefica imagen" una política empresarial de explotación a sus trabajadores así como de parte activa de la dominación neoliberalista a nivel mundial. O como Empresa de la guerra: Informática El Corte Inglés, SA desarrolla sistemas de información para el àrea de Defensa y es miembro del Círculo de Tecnologías para la Defensa y la Seguridad.

En el ámbito internacional: Denunciamos la explotación a la que somete mujeres marroquies en las fábricas de Atawassoul (Tanger). Puedes profundizar en el estudio "Moda que aprieta" + la campaña "Roba Neta". También internacionalmente se la conoce por la financiación de "think thanks" en América Latina.

+info:: >>>globalización

Birmingham Social Centre Reclaimed for Community

United Kingdom, 09.03.2005 07:20

After 6 months of occupation, the squatted Nursery Social Centre in Birmingham is to be voluntarily vacated by the occupying Collective, after they convinced the council to hand over the building to a community project [see report].

After resisting three eviction attempts [pics] the Collective have agreed to move on to pastures new on the condition that the building be returned to social use by the council. The Collective felt, along with local people, that the building should not be left empty again. Birmingham City Council has finally arranged for the RITE Project (which works with young people excluded from the education system) to use the building until 2006. The building is then due to be demolished, pending a public enquiry, as part of the controversial Bristol Road expansion. The Collective are keen to point out that the social use of the building would not be on the council agenda if they had not taken Direct Action, highlighting the misuse of public buildings by local authorities.

Meanwhile the fight in London to return St. George's Theatre in Tuffnel Park to community use contines [see Latest Updates].

See also Indymedia Free Spaces Section

2005 New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival

New Orleans, 09.03.2005 03:02

2005 New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival

From the Newswire

Perth, 09.03.2005 02:01

Perth Social Forum is the new black

Protests Against London Olympics 2012

United Kingdom, 09.03.2005 01:30

On Saturday 19th Fenruary a demonstration against the potential London Olympics took place with around two hundred people matching through east London. The day before people also protested outside the hotel where the IOC Olympic Evaluation Commitee were staying, hanging banners and making lots of noise. There was also a bicycle ride noise protest [reportand pics]. The network NoLondon2012is concerned about the environmental implicationsof a London games, the loss of emenities and housing during construction and the diversion of funds from grassroots projects. The protests follow previous actions in London and the long running campaign against the 2004 Olympics in Athens.


Greenwash Guerrillas Tackle Polluters Again

United Kingdom, 09.03.2005 01:30

picture.jpg On February 23rd, the 'Greenwash Guerrillas' were out and about again, this time visiting the second day of the 'Ethical Corporation Business/NGO Partnerships and Engagement London 2005 Conference', happily subtitled "How to make sure everyone gets what they want". They timed their entry into the Swiss Cottage Marriott Hotel to coincide with a co-presentation by BP and Flora & Fauna International, but were soon ejected by the energetic hotel security and police. The Greenwash Guerrillas say that leading corporate polluters, such as Rio Tinto, BP and Shell - to name just a few - are using events lsuch as this to try asnd hide their environmentally devastating activities behind a phony environmental and social facade. See report. for more see

Irish Embassy Occupied in Anti-War Action

United Kingdom, 09.03.2005 01:30

picture. British anti-war activists occupied the Irish Embassy in London on Wednesday 2nd March to protest the possible ten year jail sentence facing Ireland's Pitstop Ploughshares defendants when they go on trial in an Irish court on March 7th. See report and pics The criminal charges facing the Irish peace activists (Deirdre Clancy, Nuin Dunlop, Karen Fallon, Damien Moran & Ciaron O'Reilly) arise out of their disarming of a US Navy Plane at Shannon Airport on Feb 3rd 2003. The Irish Government continues to facilitate the US Military at Shannon Airport with thousands of US troops transiting through Shannon to and from Iraq each month. Just after the embassy opened for business, the protestors peacefully chained themselves together inside of the building in Grosvenor Place, whilst others have hung a banner reading, "PITSTOP PLOUGHSHARES: NOT GUILTY" outside. See Indymedia Ireland | Trident Ploughshares

Direct Action Blockades Against GM

United Kingdom, 09.03.2005 01:30

[from: liverpool imc]. At 3am on Saturday 26th February, a coalition of environmentalists used direct action to blockade Sainsbury's huge regional distribution centre at Emerson's Green, causing disruption to Sainsbury's retail supply across the South-West and beyond. Braving sub-zero temperatures and snow, campaigners blockaded the entrance to the depot, locking themselves together for three hours with steel tubes [see reports 1 | 2 | 3]. There were six arrests. Campaigners are demanding that Sainsburys honour their undertaking to stop marketing dairy products from animals reared on genetically modified soya and maize. Currently the use of animal feed is keeping GM in the food chain despite overwhelming opposition from consumers. Sainsburys have also been heavily criticised for driving down prices for dairy farmers who are demanding a fair price for GM free milk. A few days later, on Thursday 3rd March, around 25 camapigners also shut down the Sainsbury's depot in Haydock, Merseyside [report | pics]. People blockaded the depot by d-locking themselves to gates and blocking the main gate with a vehicle that others then locked themselves too. The blockade lasted for around two and a half hours before specialist police units cut people free. The actions followed multiple blockades and actions against Sainsbruy's last year - See [Feature from July 04] and previous blockade of Merseyside depot [1 | 2]. On Wednesday 23 February, hundreds of people also took part in a mass lobby outside parliament [report and pics] to demand the right to choose GM-free food, as well as strict laws to prevent GM contamination and make companies liable for any contamination that does occur. While nearly two thirds of people in the UK want tough laws to prevent GM contamination, the Government is apparently planning a legal framework that would allow widespread contamination. A roving bus load of cows also visited supermarkets around Cardiff, awarding the worst offenders with the "Greenpeace Cowpat Award for Supporting GM milk". See also: Corporate Watch Farm report (pdf) Genetics Action Sainsubry's briefing (pdf) Biotech IMC

The Power of the (indymedia) Press

darwin, 09.03.2005 01:02

Power to the People - campaign win

Jazz Funeral for Democracy

New Orleans, 09.03.2005 01:01

Jazz Funeral for Democracy on Inaugeration Day

Art of War : Black History Month

New Orleans, 09.03.2005 01:01

Art of War : Black History Month

The Color of Violence III

New Orleans, 09.03.2005 01:01

The Color of Violence III

Desde Euskal Herria a la cumbre del G8 en Julio en Escocia

Euskal Herria, 08.03.2005 22:30

En 1990, el G7 se reunió en Londres. Ni una sola protesta. Ocho años despues, 400 organizaciones de todo el mundo se coordinaron bajo el paraguas de la Acción Global de los Pueblos (PGA-AGP) para juntar a más de 50.000 personas en Birmingham (Reino Unido) para hacer frente al G8. Desde entonces, las cumbres y las conferencias de la élite global han sido resistidas en cada país en el que han intentado reunirse. Esta resistencia ha conseguido, con éxito, deslegitimar estas instituciones y reforzado los movimientos sociales que los atacan.

Del 5 al 8 de julio próximos tendrá lugar en Gleneagles, Perthshire, Escocia la Cumbre del G8 para el 2005. Desde diversas organizaciones se está llamando a un Día de Acción Global para el día de apertura de la cumbre.

Esta próxima semana nos visitará una persona de la Red Dissent y se han organizado una serie de charlas, debates y talleres en diferentes lugares de Euskal Herria con la intención de reflexionar sobre que significa este movimiento antiglobalización y si se pueden continuar resistiendo y empujar por un cambio social que sea algo mas que un día de acciones espectaculares y una represión cada vez mas intensa.

Mas información:
Red Dissent
G8 Alternatives

Democracy: Yet another thing we stole from the Indians

Tennessee, 08.03.2005 21:01

When former Secretary of State Colin Powell went before the UN to make the case for war in Iraq, he called the US a young country but the world’s oldest democracy. On the 27 Jan. 2005 edition of Talk of the Nation on NPR, Samuel Issacharoff, law professor Columbia University, said that the American election of 1800 was the first peaceful governmental transfer of power in the history of the world. He also said that democracy has not been successful in countries with incomes under $3000 per year.

US Tells UN Gathering that Beijing Declaration Did Not Include Right to Abortion

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.03.2005 20:20

The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women has been holding its forty-ninth session. The February 28th-March 11th gathering has been held to review and appraise the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action from the 23rd Special Session of the UN General Assembly. Read more The Beijing Declaration was adopted at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995. In addition to the declaration review, the Commission planned this month to consider "Current challenges and forward-looking strategies for the advancement and empowerment of women and girls."

Consulta TLC

Colombia, 08.03.2005 19:00

¡El TLC a Consulta Popular!

Logging Begins in Old Growth Reserves

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.03.2005 18:20

Old Growth Reserve Logging has begun on Fiddler timber sale unit 11 about 1 3/4 miles above the National Wild & Scenic Illinois River on the road to Babyfoot Lake (also known as the T.J. Howell Memorial Botanical Drive). The old growth forest making up unit 11 was burned by the Forest Service in fire suppression efforts during the Biscuit Fire.

Chemical prisons

darwin, 08.03.2005 18:02

New NT group to challenge drug control

UN Debate on Trafficking Continues

DC, 08.03.2005 18:01

The 49th meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women has been meeting in New York City this week, as FSRN reported yesterday. One hot topic at this years gathering is the issue of human trafficking, which has become a major concern for global governments in the ten eyars since the influential 4th Conference on Women in Beijing. Arguments about what trafficking is, and how best to respond to it, are playing out at the conference. Darby Hickey of the DC Radio Coop has been at the UN. Audio

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